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  1. Evan Moor and Critical Thinking Co have Daily Paragraph Editing and Editor in Chief. They're paragraphs though.
  2. Whay are the issues? BA is pretty tough and conceptual... So what are the areas he's having trouble with? Or are you just wanting a program that properly explains every problem before they're presented? (If so, I don't recommend Math Mammoth)
  3. I will likely buy level 5 for my 6th grader as extra practice and review. She loves the look of TGATB, and I think the fun and pretty exercises will work well for her to do on her own. I'll probably buy for my 2nd grader too, just because I buy all the things and why not.
  4. My will be 2nd grader is in a Spanish immersion school, so she'll be doing that most of the day, but I'm mean and do work with her after school and during breaks. So her load is lighter compared to a fully homeschooled kid. LA- TGATB 2, but will likely break into Killgallon and FLL1 as well, along with Syllables Spell Success for English phonics. Tons of reading and read alouds. I want to transition her to chapter books and away from audiobooks. Handwriting - Evan Moor Math - Start BA3, wherever she is after summer. Science - if she wants extra science, I'll figure it ou
  5. Also, their placement tests allow for a 75% score to move on if I remembre. It's encouraging because other programs want mastery to move on, so you get mostly too easy material mixed with 1 troubled area.
  6. I agree with MM. Weirdly, it's tough and high concept, but I have a 5th grader too (in progress ADD/dyslexia diagnosis) who is thriving with it doing it 2x a week for 30 min. at her tested level. It's behind her other program, but the one on one reinforcement has been great. We are doing it alongside Teaching Textbooks, also with Prodigy and ST Math. (She likes TT! It is an easier program, as in it doesn't explore theory or expect kids to understand what or why just hHOW to do it) It's a lot of math.... but she has such a hard time remembering what she learns. She can DO the alg
  7. I've found Saxon as PDF downloads online easily. Mostly by googling Saxon whatever PDF
  8. I can't believe I've already planned out next year, but this is what I hope for: Latin - Lively Latin Math - Finish up TT7 by Oct, then TT PreA, also MM6, Prodigy, and ST Math 6 Writing - IEW, with some WWS1 here and there, and Killgallon elementary History - Bookshark G Ancients Lit - Bookshark G readers, read alouds, and whatever random read alouds I pick to do in addition. She doesn't read herself on level, so I read aloud or do audio books for her. Spelling - Sequential Spelling 2 and Spelling You See F Grammar - Fix It 1 or GFTWTM, I'll try both and se
  9. I like it for my not mathy kid. She does well, but it teaches the way I (and likely you) were taught in public school. So it's not strong in explaining why math is done the way it is, it just teaches you the method. For example, you're just shown the algorithm for doing long division - not why it works. So my kid can do long division in her sleep, but not explain why it works in any capacity. That's fine with me, but might not be for you. Also, you have to adjust the grading settings imo to get an honest look at how they're doing. It's set at getting 2 chances per problem, which let
  10. YouTube lectures to listen to. Usually they'll be community college courses, but for Economics it's likely all the same. Just search the specific topic and go. Books can be so dry, but if you have someone teaching it to you it's much easier, and college courses are mostly lectures - so all audio. For his future - I think now with recordings, YouTube, all the tech, there're so many more options than that generic talk to text speech. There will be a lot of online lectures and info to listen to over and over until he can either write down his thoughts as notes or recite them in his he
  11. Yes, thank you so much for all your advice and knowledge. I knew something was off and was brushed off by her teachers and I failed to advocate for her when I still felt like things were off. Good news, she's capable of discussing what is and isn't an issue, and I think you're on to something with her eyes. I talked to her today about how she seems to have an easier time reading and understanding her science book than her chapter book, and asked if she preferred one over the other or something. She told me she likes the big letters. Guys, the science font is huge, early reader font. She c
  12. Isn't TGATB in the process of redeveloping their curriculum too? Idk what level you'd want, but they are selling their stock of k-3, and developing their 4pt2 and plan on selling that single issue and then it's done. I think they plan on having an entirely new curriculum in 2022 for all levels. Just in case you don't want to start something you can't continue. I have TGATB 2 and 3 I bought like, 2 months ago bc my 6yo hated MUS. She loves BA and she's flying through and weirdly able to apply what she knows when I give her more conventional math worksheets. We supplement
  13. I haven't finished reading but you are SO right. I did call about an eval and got a referral, so this ball is rolling. You are SO right, so far my only argument against meds has been "what if we could manage without" - literally I didn't even think of drug side effects, I was concerned about me feeling like a failure for not being able to alter the chemical makeup in my kid's CSF instead of thinking to weigh results of her on meds vs. side effects of her on meds. I can get them, and see how she does after a month. I'm a self centered fool, thanks for spelling it out that this isn't about
  14. Thank you for responding! We did the MWIA and she scored 19%, which I found interesting because her accuracy was great and until I did the calculations I assumed she was a-okay. I'm willing to dive in and give a month or so to strictly phonics instruction. You mentioned refraining from outside reading, could you elaborate for me what counts as outside reading? Should I just read her personal stories aloud to her, or do I need to also read all directions/instructions/etc. so the only interaction she has with words is within the phonics program? Second and final question, how mu
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