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  1. Yes, thank you so much for all your advice and knowledge. I knew something was off and was brushed off by her teachers and I failed to advocate for her when I still felt like things were off. Good news, she's capable of discussing what is and isn't an issue, and I think you're on to something with her eyes. I talked to her today about how she seems to have an easier time reading and understanding her science book than her chapter book, and asked if she preferred one over the other or something. She told me she likes the big letters. Guys, the science font is huge, early reader font. She c
  2. Isn't TGATB in the process of redeveloping their curriculum too? Idk what level you'd want, but they are selling their stock of k-3, and developing their 4pt2 and plan on selling that single issue and then it's done. I think they plan on having an entirely new curriculum in 2022 for all levels. Just in case you don't want to start something you can't continue. I have TGATB 2 and 3 I bought like, 2 months ago bc my 6yo hated MUS. She loves BA and she's flying through and weirdly able to apply what she knows when I give her more conventional math worksheets. We supplement
  3. I haven't finished reading but you are SO right. I did call about an eval and got a referral, so this ball is rolling. You are SO right, so far my only argument against meds has been "what if we could manage without" - literally I didn't even think of drug side effects, I was concerned about me feeling like a failure for not being able to alter the chemical makeup in my kid's CSF instead of thinking to weigh results of her on meds vs. side effects of her on meds. I can get them, and see how she does after a month. I'm a self centered fool, thanks for spelling it out that this isn't about
  4. Thank you for responding! We did the MWIA and she scored 19%, which I found interesting because her accuracy was great and until I did the calculations I assumed she was a-okay. I'm willing to dive in and give a month or so to strictly phonics instruction. You mentioned refraining from outside reading, could you elaborate for me what counts as outside reading? Should I just read her personal stories aloud to her, or do I need to also read all directions/instructions/etc. so the only interaction she has with words is within the phonics program? Second and final question, how mu
  5. I don't remember where I found it, but I saw a unit study on dragons someone was doing somewhere, and a huge portion of it ended up being tied to the Middle Ages and then in comparison to the ancient Chinese dragons. Dragon folklore and symbolism and yada yada. It was cool though, enough that I remember it now! Cool things in Asia during this time were Ghengis Khan and even the rise of Japanese feudalism and the super cool samurais! Not to mention, gunpowder and mass printing was invented during this time. Why did Europe struggle with advancement while Asia did not? Hmm my mind is working
  6. Thanks for responding, I'm reading through these now myself. I should clarify that I'm not actually a foster or adoptive parent. She's my neice who we took from my in laws to raise as ours when she was almost 5 due to their inadequate care. There's been no custody or social services, we just decided we could and would raise her, and that's been that. It's an uncommon situation, and figured foster or adopted parents would have similar struggles, but we are not either. If you don't mind me asking some questions about your choice to medicate. The ones you haven't bothered to, I'm ass
  7. What resources have you used for nonsense words? I usually see just a lost of words but no plan. We did Phonics Pathways over the summer, but that doesn't have nonsense words - that's probably how she was able to do it all pretty easily.
  8. Elizabeth, I have actually worked through some of your materials (the syllable success one we did twice, most recently last April and saw a big improvement!), and I had done the MWIA test before and the results weren't super off last time, so I'm going to reissue it now because things seem to have gotten worse. When we first found your site, I wasn't even considering homeschool I just wanted to catch her up to reading on level, and it would be 2 years later that I end up here. Crazy what a small world it is. She phonetically can sound words out well, her main issue with fluency is she cha
  9. No, public school didn't fail her. Her POS birth parents who abandoned her after birth with elderly relatives who neglected her did. She didn't even have PBS to fall back on, she was minimally interacted with and played candy crush most of the day. I didn't read the rest of your post yet because that really bothered me. Even though her teachers blew me off, it wasn't the school. I didn't advocate for her hard enough when she was young, mostly because I didn't know what the hell I was doing. She will be returning to public school, I think that's the best fit for our family and goals
  10. Okay, I know I'll receive some side eyes off the bat, but I have no network of people to ask. I'm newish the to parent thing, and this is the only responsive group I know of, so work with me. How do you approach your children who are consistently behind? I have a 10yo DD (5th grade) who came to us at 5, unable to count or sing the alphabet. She was in public school until last year, and we've been homeschooling exclusively this year because I felt it would benefit her to have 1 on 1 teaching (with me) and the public school is distand learning. However, K-4 she's been behind (I'd say
  11. We do a lot of fried rice and stir fry and such. Basically a lot of Asian inspired dinners. I use shelled edamame, tofu, or a meat subsititue for the protein, and add in the sliced, cooked meat for my son and husband who "need" meat. This is the most comprehensive list, and I do a lot of this myself. I also do burrito bowls, with rice, beans, roasted corn/onions/peppers, guac, and salsa. Add chicken or beef for thise who want it. So, so good. The idea of making separate dishes, like casseroles seems so cumbersome tbh!
  12. Beside the girl just wanting to go to the pub, https://youtu.be/soI0q3CBliE I really love the little boy who refuses to be on the naughty list, https://youtu.be/AFZOakF5Yhc
  13. Me too. Her one about wanting to go to the pub is my favorite video ever.
  14. They recently redid TGATB level 4, it's more cohesive and adds more writing. Worth looking at.
  15. Thanks for telling me about TGATB being on sale. I got the 2 and 3, even though I see they're redoing them. For the price I can just take and leave what I want, and I hoard curriculum as it is so yeah. Thanks!
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