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  1. No experience with a vitamix, but I liked your thread tag! Sorry it's a problem. I agree they should last near forever at their price...
  2. So many! I think my first choice would be a Patagonia trek. Oh my, I just spent too much time looking at different itineraries and the spectacular scenery. I better do this one quick though, because my knees give me more and more trouble every year when I hike downhill. Then, when I can't taking hiking vacations anymore, I'd love one or more of those European river cruises, visiting multiple countries, or the Russian one on the Volga from St Petersburg to Moscow. My parents actually did a "bike and barge" canal cruise in Holland that sounded fantastic, and as it was during tulip time, was stunningly beautiful as well. Bikes are not so hard on knees, and they offer electric-assist for a (IMO) well worth it upcharge... I'm supposed to be working on taxes, and I keep looking at gorgeous waterfalls/mountains/lakes instead!
  3. Except for the lunchmeat, I would just cook the meat this morning and eat or freeze it cooked and eat the rest when/as you can. If something tastes off, toss it then. But I'm not as cautious as most.
  4. Thanks--just ordered some too!
  5. @Ottakee, MI stats for hospitalizations are here:,9753,7-406-98159-523641--,00.html I didn't search around long, and didn't find a chart that compares hospitalization/ICU/vent utilization day to day, but you could keep a chart of your own numbers. I live in IL, which has really increased testing in the last week or so, and the percent of positive tests daily has dropped from about 20% to 15% with expanded testing. Our number of new cases per day is NOT decreasing despite what I think is fairly good social distancing compliance in my county. Which is disheartening.
  6. I started following Jennifer L Kasten on Facebook, and she had a long post/article on 4/25/20 about children, looking at 57 articles published so far. She's an MD, and seems pretty much without an agenda in her analysis. I'd encourage you to go to her page and read, as I don't know how to paste a link to that specific post of hers. But my takeaway a few days ago was that children were actually pretty bad at transmitting Covid 19.
  7. My family's new favorite is Korean Beef Bowls. You could probably throw frozen broccoli in the baggie and heat all at once.
  8. I only post here rarely, but here's a fun little story about books that I just came across: 🙂
  9. I "liked" your post because I admire how hard you are working. I think setbacks on the weekend are probably not unexpected, and am so glad you are pressing forward with healing. Thanks for sharing your journey.
  10. Saw this article on the BBC Website. Haven't really read this thread or this article with any attn to detail, but might be informative: (Title: Coronavirus and Sex: What you need to Know)
  11. It's encouraging to read how hard you are working on getting healthy and having right thinking. Don't let setbacks get you down--your family, friends, and we here at WTM are here to support you!
  12. I personally like the ones with lock lids, because I take my crock pot to potlucks, chili cook-offs at work, youth group dinners, etc. The one you linked looks pretty pricey. I do wish mine was programmable so I could start it when I'm not home.
  13. Those were impressive. Quite a challenge to convert research to dance. Just watched with my science inclined teens who both dance.
  14. When we were in Philly and went to NYC last year, we took some kind of regional/commuter transport, NOT Amtrak, and it was WAY cheaper. We got dropped off by my brother in Trenton NJ, but I think one can take SEPTA to Trenton, and then easily transfer NJ Transit from Trenton to NYC (Penn Station, I think?) We had more people so the $30?/ticket difference really made it worthwhile.
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