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  1. I've had this whirlpool washer for a year, and I dislike it immensely. I did several hours of research--Consumer Reports, Best Buy reviews, etc. Just yesterday I washed placemats with a medium-full load. I took out placemats that must have gone in with a few grains of dried rice, and I had to scrape off rice mush, and re-wash them. In the winter my darks load always has considerable white "dust" lines on some of the leggings, which I'm presuming is from the dry skin on the inside of them, that get washed out, but not washed away. I don't call that washing... I've washed items which, when I've taken them out, still have dry spots. I replaced a 30 year old washer that could not be repaired. It washed a load in 20 minutes. This one often takes 1:30 if I have to run the extra rinse, and deep water, and pre-soak, which is obviously not particularly water saving, and makes laundry take the whole darn day. Actually, now that I'm writing this out, I'm going to call Costco service since I have the extended warranty, because everyone else gave this washer 4.5 stars... Maybe I'll get lucky and find some part is defective...,-intuitive-touch-controls.wtw7500gw.html
  2. If you are going to soon have a dedicated guest room, I'd get a queen bed, or my second choice, a another twin/trundle combo. At one time we had a full in the guest room, and to my horror, some friends made a "bed" on the hard floor for the husband to sleep on. If they would have mentioned something we would at least have given them extra linens and our air mattress :-(.
  3. I am so sorry for the loss of your mother. I'm so glad you were able to love her so well through her illness and have the wonderful relationship that you did. Many hugs. It has NOT been very long since she died, and I think you are having very normal responses to the loss. I would be very gentle with yourself, and give yourself a lot of grace. I just see you added the post about purpose. Certainly that likely has a large role as well. Your roles are changing. Some people need to keep busy more than others, and find a new outlet for their energies. It may be a good idea to start brainstorming on what your next steps/years might look like. I'm impressed with your insight that you got from writing! Best to you, Mom 0012.
  4. I have an earlier version of this: I like the infrared aspect that makes it harder for food to burn. I've been very happy with it. I got it about 8? years ago, and last year did have to replace a rusted part that was easily available and inexpensive on the website. Not a fan of the quality of their grill covers--not made to withstand multiple midwestern winters, I guess. We have a family of 4, and it's a great size for us, or probably up to 8. We grill a lot when we have company too.
  5. just sent $5 off 15, which is what I had on my desk. You might still want someone to send the 20% though, if that will be better deal. Kind Regards, Karen
  6. Know I'm kind of late to this thread, but the high school I work at gets calls regularly from people asking for their vaccination records. I believe it's state specific, but IL must keep these for 60 years, and we frequently pull them from the archives and fax them to people.
  7. Years ago we got audio downloads from Lamplighter Books, which also offer stories in book form. We listened to a couple of them, and I think they were sort of old-fashioned heartwarming moralistic stories. One girl really like them, one didn't, and I don't remember much about them. I remember they were recommended by a lovely friend as being good for building Christian values. Just looked and they still exist.
  8. camoflaged! Also have white tile and ughh!
  9. I also LOVE my heated mattress pad. I con feel the wires when i run my hand over it, but not when I'm lying down. Our whole family has them, with no complaints. My husband also wears a hat on cold nights.
  10. I would take photos, and leave my name and number. I fortunately haven't ever had anyone harassing me on any issues, so that didn't cross my mind. (And RE the other thread, I also don't ever think of needles being disposed of in garbage cans, and in the past regularly pushed down paper towels...!)
  11. If you do drive in, I've had good success using SpotHero (online or app) for parking, or Millenium Park garage can work well too. Presuming you are going in summer, there's a fountain (kind of) in Millennium Park that kids wade/play in--folks even bring swimsuits. Also, Maggie Daley Park (also part of Millenium) is a fantastic, interesting playground for multiple ages. I second the aquarium and the Field Museum. For the Shedd and Science/Industry, I'd advise going as early as possible cause they get crowded! A favorite of our family at MSI is the submarine exhibit, which your boys might like if you give a little background and stop at the preliminary exhibits before actually seeing the sub (which I think is worth it to pay the extra admission for). Also boat rides are fun. There's a water taxi which is the least expensive way to ride, but outfits on the river or Navy Pier also interesting tours, though your kids may be a little young. I don't think Lincoln Park Zoo is that great, as zoos go, but it is free (though parking is not). The Art Institute is free for kids and you can google around for kid friendly activities there (Thorne miniature rooms, touch gallery).
  12. is a good tool to use to compare banks, with reviews, interest rates, minimum balances, etc. listed. We use Synchrony. Don't know why my husband chose it--might be because we also have CDs, and they had best rates on those, and competitive on savings at the time? I'm sure there are a number of good choices.
  13. I have Dutch heritage, and we and grandparents give our kids presents from Sinterklaas and us on St. Nicholas Day instead of Christmas. Once kids hit school, we changed it to a weekend night near that day :). I did not grow up doing this, but my husband and I thought celebrating this way might make Christmas more of a holiday about Jesus's birth, and less about gifts, though we still exchange at Xmas with the extended family. Plus, not so many toys at once. So really, more about what we wanted for our family than celebrating the Dutch tradition...
  14. Jean, I have no input as far as blood sugars, etc. but can I commend you for all your diligence? Meeting your step goal for 280+ days, eating right 80% of the time--You are working amazingly hard and I'm impressed! I hope you can find answers and feel better/meet your goals, because you sure are putting good effort forth.
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