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  1. Hugs, Panda! (and I agree with your thread tag! :))
  2. Any books or games or puzzles or music you have a history of sharing and enjoying together? Reading a passage, or listening to a song, or playing a turn or two of a game might bring joy and some structure to the visit ("we talk for a couple minutes, listen to this song, then we say goodbye and leave before tiring g'pa too much") And I am so sorry your family is going through this, but grateful for the love and thoughtfulness you have and are modeling.
  3. My Aldi has not had canned tomatoes the last 3 weeks I've been there. I can still find them at Jewel, but they're more expensive there, of course!
  4. I'd say yes to the card, no to the call. Maybe the call can happen in a few weeks if things calm down a bit. Let the inner circle friend know your availability for meal train, helping with yard work or child care during appointments or treatments if you are wanting to do that kind of thing. Hugs/prayers for you and them.
  5. Per my Johns Hopkins free contact training class, if the last exposure to the positive person was >48 hours before that person had symptoms, there is no need to isolate/test. Close contacts are traced only for the previous two days before symptoms developed. Like the above poster said, if your son comes down with Covid, it's likely NOT from that specific band mate who was unlikely to be contagious when they were together.
  6. Has it been mentioned that one can buy an AG doll (Molly) for Courtney to play with. Comes in a little box, with a little book and catalog...
  7. Last night was the first time I made Pakistani Keema, which I was introduced to in a thread last week. The family liked it, but it took FOREVER for the potatoes to cook. (The recipe had no added liquid, so I added some water but not enough. I didn't get that about the recipe--thoughts anyone?) Tonight was Limehouse Chicken (boneless thighs) with asparagus and rice. A bit labor intensive, but very flavorful.
  8. We are working on crate training a 5 yo foster dog, a 60 lb boxer/shepherd mix, maybe? She still needs to be bribed to go in, but she's sleeping there every night now. I watched the video that was recommended in a pamphlet on the crate box "ABC's of Crate Training" at Midwest Homes 4 Pets website. It took us about a week before I felt like we could leave her overnight in the crate.--Our dog has major separation anxiety and cries a lot at night (or anytime we leave the room (roll eyes), and I didn't want her to associate the crate with feelings of abandonment. We hid lots of treats in the
  9. I will recommend one of my favorite authors-Wallace Stegner. I can't decide which work is my favorite: Crossing to Safety- story of friendship between two couples, and how they handle what life throws at them. Love, loyalty, ambition, disappointment. Angle of Repose- a retired professor is writing a biography of his grandparents and their experience settling in the West in the 1800s. Both these books are so well written, the characters wonderful but flawed, settings wonderfully contribute to the stories.
  10. Hmm, No recent experience. Sixteen years ago we got a pink tub professionally refinished white(spray enamel paint of some sort, I think). We used the tub lightly--a couple times a week for a kid bath, and showered in in probably 3x/week for 10 years (and then sold the house). I only and always used the recommended product on it, which was something non-abrasive. It was a spray, not like softscrub or comet or anything like that. It did have one scratch/gouge about an inch long from when dropped a pair of scissors in the tub (I have no recollection why...), but it didn't peel or chip around
  11. Regarding current events from a moderate Christian perspective, Christianity Today has a podcast called Quick to Listen, that I typically find thoughtful and informative. I think it's about an hour, but i listen usually on 1.5 speed and then it's just the perfect of time for me to bike the by my house!
  12. Well, I cry during a LOT of movies, which my kids hate. We somewhat recently watched The Art of Racing in the Rain, which was billed as a heartwarming family movie. The children were not pleased by by movie choice or my stifled sobs...
  13. No experience with a vitamix, but I liked your thread tag! Sorry it's a problem. I agree they should last near forever at their price...
  14. So many! I think my first choice would be a Patagonia trek. Oh my, I just spent too much time looking at different itineraries and the spectacular scenery. I better do this one quick though, because my knees give me more and more trouble every year when I hike downhill. Then, when I can't taking hiking vacations anymore, I'd love one or more of those European river cruises, visiting multiple countries, or the Russian one on the Volga from St Petersburg to Moscow. My parents actually did a "bike and barge" canal cruise in Holland that sounded fantastic, and as it was during tulip
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