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  1. Lol! I'm not sure if the goal is the 5 paragraph essay is the formula,so much, or the ability to quickly organize and convey information. I know many here hate them- 5 paragraphs rarely fit a natural paper, but I do think that they provide a good structure- clear thesis, organizing information into groups that belong together, transitioning from one subtopic to another, throwing out stuff that doesn't really fit into your topics or thesis, staying on topic, supporting your thesis with details, data, etc. Once you are able to clearly organize information into appropriate subtopics, your paper can be expanded or condensed as needed. I did think of one other thing to add- knowing your audience and keeping writing more formal if necessary. ALL of my kids use slang in their writing and I'm always having to go in and explain why we can't use a phrase in certain types of writing.
  2. After they are good writers, then they just keep practicing. A good writer has few grammatical errors and can fix them if plugged into Grammerly. They can write a 5 paragraph essay quickly on any topic they are familiar with. They know how to research, cite sources, and organize a longer paper.
  3. I guess I am in the opposite place. I love my house, how close we are to family, my acres of farmland. I hate how isolated we are, how every single trip to a store takes hours from my day, how far we are from hospitals, Drs, specialists, shopping, car repairs- everything! I also don't feel I fit in well with people around here. But here I am, snd we don't have any good options for leaving (COL is very low, this is a generation farm). So, what can you do? I admit I don't like it. I need my DH to admit that it complicates my life to live here, and limits opportunities our kids have. I have to accept the driving, bc its the only option. There are days I don't like it and just need to vent. I dream of moving, but doubt its realistic. I guess try to find acceptance, but vent when needed, and drive to the places you want to visit!
  4. I apparently have an unpopular opinion, but no, I wouldn't make them continue masking. My big kids and I are all vaxed, my DH and I are low risk anyway. When my area had a big spike recently, I did go back to masking in stores for a few months- BUT I had a bunch of plans and just did not have time to get sick. Once our plans were over and hospitals weren't crowded (I follow them on FB), I loosened back up. Covid is here to stay, this isn't ever going to 'be over'- at some point we will have to go back to living our lives. Friends and social things are important, maybe more that we had thought before. If I or someone in our home were immune compromised, I would mask. I am not doing indoor activities with my younger kids- but they are Sooooooo over the no friends stuff. My oldest went off to college. She is vaxed and has been sick s few times already with something- who knows what. I'm not sure masking the last 2 years helped, bc she's not been exposed to anything and is now in a communal living situation, getting sll sorts of germs. I told her to expect to be sick- Covid, Flu, allergies, colds- all kinds of sickness- this entire first year.
  5. Good luck! I, too, was looking for an update.
  6. I don’t think they are failing math, and I can't tell if you need to change programs or not. An easier program might make for an easier year. I tried AOPS one year with my oldest, but it wasn't a good fit even though she was 'gifted' according to the school. She didn't like it at all and got very frustrated with it. If your guys are frustrated, I would consider trying something else like Crocodiles and Coconuts. I have 8th grade twin boys, and puberty is making school very different this year. They must be moving all the time, they are argumentative, annoying, loud, easily frustrated, and unwilling to follow directions. Its puberty and I think giving them time to mentally adjust without extra hard math can be a good choice. With my oldest, we got to this point and then redid PreAlgebra with a different program to give her an easy math year, and time to learn to manage her hormones. Wise choice! All of this to say, listen to your kids. Are they frustrated? Are they just not mature enough? Do they like the challenge? Are they happy with AOPS or are they tired of it? And I have to add that mine do not write out anything! Driving me crazy and the cause of many silly mistakes on homework and tests. They often find perimeter instead of area, volume instead of surface area, forget to type in something correctly on the calculator. For homework once they hit Algebra 1, I give them the answer key snd expect them to check each answer that same day and correct if needed. If they can't figure it out, I help. We are not doing AOPS, but I think its still a good way to learn to watch for silly mistakes.
  7. So glad she is on the mend- I've been thinking of her- and you! It sounds so simple to get medical care, but it really isn't. When mine was sick last week I spent several hours trying figure out options. No telehealth bc of running nose and cough. She needed tested, but its over a mile from the dorm and kiddo was too sick to walk and friends had class. There were no open spots left, so she would have had to get dropped off and then wait her turn- word was about a 3 hour wait. I called other options in town, too. Ended up just saying forget it - rest up use OTC meds!
  8. I have 13 year old twin boys. Video games are the topic of a lot of conversations 😉 If you want them to talk about other things, you will need them to engage in other activities.
  9. This was me last week- and it was awful! DD called me in the middle of the night- TWICE. I was so worried! Thankfully mine is finally feeling better thus weekend. She missed several classes, scored bad on tests this week- all because she's been so sick. Took about 10 days to recover. No advice, because I was worried sick for about 4 days. I sent mine delivered food and OTC meds.
  10. I mentioned Chikdrens place 18 Slims earlier- thought I'd add they have an adjustable waist.
  11. Sometime Children's Place can be off on sizing, so you could order again and try yo pick out the skinnier ones. American Eagle usually have skinnier jeans. Aeropostle also has smaller waisted jeans.
  12. I dont think its inappropriate, but I'm not planning to go back until move-out. I'm not sure visitors can even go in right now?
  13. Congratulations! Everything is beautiful!
  14. Good luck on the PSAT- that can lead to major scholarships! If she likes taking them, then have her do them all.
  15. Have you called the health department? Ours does vaccines, and if you were worried they could just come out to the car. You do have to call and make an appointment, and certain days they are only doing Covid clinics, but my kids have gotten vaccines there over the last year- in and out in 15 minutes!
  16. I've had 4 teens get it. Out if those, main complaint was a sore arm for a few days, fatigue and a bit cranky. Some said the first dose was worse, others had a rougher time with the second dose.
  17. I find it sickening that our society is encouraging MtF to play in any sport, and considering it fair. This is just beyond my comprehension.
  18. Gently, he is 91, and his chance if dying from any disease is much higher than someone younger. I watch 2 near-ish to me hospitals that are releasing data each week. About 8-10 percent of the hospitalized for Covid have been vaccinated. The dying from Covid is about the same, but ages are all much older than the non-vaxed and died. There are and will be vaccinated people who still die from Covid. You are still safer getting the vax, but you are not 100% safe. I have elderly grandparents of similar age. My grandpa is in excellent health, takes no medications, still has all his mind, exercises, etc. I still consider him an at-risk person because of his age. I also think he has limited time, regardless, so I'm not going to stop him from going places he wants to. He did that for over a year. The vax is the best option he has at a normal life. Take it, then live your best life and don't worry. (Mine has received the 3rd booster dose)
  19. I think its important enough to try to test in Jr year at least. Many scholarships are still based on test scores, placement into some classes depend on either ACT test or the colleges can give their own placement test. While many schools have gone test-optional, I don't think it hurts to have scores- especially for homeschoolers. I live in a very low regulation state, and without testing I don't see how colleges can evaluate a students academic readiness. We, unfortunately, get lots of parents who just don't teach much beyond pre-algebra level in math, use very basic science programs- if they bother to do a program at all. There is so much variation between what I do, and what others in our local co-op do. Colleges need to be able to see the more academic homeschool students- and thsts where testing and DE come in (at least for me). If you have local DE or AP options, now is the time to start looking into those. My oldest did 2 years of DE. My second hasn't started yet, in large part due to Covid putting so much online, but I hope to have a few Sr year! Both will also have test scores.
  20. For me, its related to our pull out in Afghanistan. I look at pictures and know history will repeat itself- and it could be worse. We did nothing to combat the true enemy- radical Islam- its continued to grow and thrive. Articles about women and girls over there- their fears- mixed with 9/11 articles- its terrible. I expect another bad attack within 5 years. My DH and I were just talking this morning about how it seems surreal, even looking at the pictures- that this could happen in our country. Everyone focuses on the Twin Towers- I'm more bothered by the one that hit the Pentagon and the one set for the White House. We are more fragile than we think!
  21. I have both a newer Dyson and a new Shark Navigator with the hair cutting rotator (genius!). The Shark is easier to clean the filters on, its very easy to use the hose without it tipping over, and switching back and forth from hand tools to the floor is super easy! The Dyson has more suction, so its better if you don't plan to use the attachments. Its a bit.... floppier? It tips over easily. The attachment thing is ridiculous! You have to pull put the long stick thing, which means I skip it unless I have to 😉 i bought the Dyson back in the fall when my old one died, but recently I really needed a second vacuum and got the Shark. I like it much better than I thought I would! I dont know that I would call one better than the other. I wish I could have the ease of use of the Shark, with the suction of the Dyson. Both have filters that are washable, as well as Hepa filters that you can change out. I think she Shark is a little easier to clean, but not enough to make me pick it over the Dyson for that reason alone. If you have a lot of hair, my pick would be the Shark- the hair free roller thing really works! My favorite feature! The Dyson, you have to cut the hair off 😉 If you plan to use the attachments, get the Shark. Dyson just falls over and much harder to use!
  22. This is misogyny. If faced with an obviously male person in a restroom, I would be extra polite to them FOR MY SAFETY and I would consider them a potential threat. That doesn't mean I am judging them or their lifestyle or that I think they will hurt me- its me doing what women always do- what we teach our girls to do- and that is to get out safely by assessing risk and adjusting my outward appearance. My husband was pretty clueless as to what it feels like to be vulnerable as a woman until our girls were in their teens. He realized how physically useless we are against a male who wants to be violent, grab us, touch us, follow us- even if we do nothing to invite that attention. Having teen girls driving, going out in public, it changes your perception. My DH is a well muscled guy, if someone threatens him he can bull right back up. Women can't do that.
  23. I think we need to stop and ask ourselves what discrimination is, and if this fits the definition. Often in these types of discussions, people bring up pronouns, passing, etc. I think we first need to stop acting like surgery or drugs changes a persons sex. It doesn't. It changes how they look (present, pass), but nothing can ever truly change your sex, its coded into your DNA. Transwomen are not biological women and they never will be, no matter when they start drugs, what surgeries they have, or what they look like. They are not trapped in the wrong body, they are unhappy with the body that their genes are coded for- but it is the correct body! The genes didn't mess up! We should not be able to just go change that on a birth certificate or driver's license- it HAS a meaning. I do think you should be able to remove the designation to X if you do not want to be referred to as your given sex, but the entire world cannot just forget that it exists. You don't get to appropriate another's term- female- just because you want to. That is exactly what this is. Appropriation. Call yourself a transwomen- that's what your definition is. And recognize that by choosing that, there are some safe spaces you cannot go. You are not a biological female. The whole "treatment " and the words used need to change. I cannot believe that it's mentally healthy to believe you can change yourself through drugs and surgery, and I think its malpractice to do those things, particularly on young people with mental health issues. I do not wish harm towards transpeople, I don't think they should be denied housing or not be able to buy clothes in certain stores, etc. I do think in prisons and college dorms- there should be a separate floor for trans-identifying people. They should not get to mix in with female inmates. In segregated bathing/swimming areas, even changing rooms and restrooms- that they should choose what would make biological women feel safer. Its unfair to appropriate our term, then invade our spaces, while claiming how feminine you are! Thats misogyny 😉
  24. I pay for Prime and have for years, but my area also takes a week to 10 days. Its very annoying and I find myself buying less from them, and more in store at Walmart or online from Target.
  25. Thank you for the update! I hope that this incident causes women to start standing up for our right to have a safe space, free from male genitalia. After reading this thread I have spent a lot of time reading about this issue- to be honest I hadn't really given it a lot of thought since it wasn't directly affecting me. What I have found has made me feel an entire generation of women are being preyed upon by a faulty science, poor mental health, and now a society that guilts us into feeling uncomfortable and accepting it. This is not progressive. This is not going forward.
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