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  1. My brother and sister are alumni.. they LOVED Baylor. Waco is a great 'town'-- it has TONS of things to do -- it is NOT a small town in the middle of nowhere. Easy (with in 2 hours) to get to Dallas/Ft Worth. Easy to get to Austin/Hillcountry-- even easy to get to East Texas (a very pretty part of the state). What other Texas colleges is he interested in? My youngest has made several recent college visits around the state (even though she chose Colorado State)-- my older girls are both college grads (Texas schools).
  2. I like Amazon's Top Christian-- I have an Echo and a sub-woofer in my kitchen area... I play music ALL. THE. TIME (when I'm not teaching!). If you find a song you like you can go to Amazon Music and check out the artist's other works and start building a custom playlist. I found my favorite energizing song-- Switchfoot's Native Tongue on Top Christian....
  3. My oldest dd is a professional photographer. It is NOT uncommon for the photography contract with bride and groom to give exclusive rights-- meaning no others are allowed to photograph or record the event. Lets say Sally and Tom are getting married and use Z-photography with the above contract. Aunt Betty sneaks a non-flattering picture and posts on Facebook. Everyone at wedding knew that Z-photography was taking pictures so they assume Z-photography took the non-flattering picture. Z-photography can loose potential business. The above scenario DOES happen! Usually the 'unplugged' wedding's bride and groom are getting a much better price with the professional photographer with the 'exclusive' contract...
  4. He was in the middle of a rural country road-- unable to get up (too dizzy due to concussion). DD almost ran over him (road is narrow, winding and it was almost dusk). Next vehicle to pass would have probably killed him (most are large farm trucks). There was no shoulder to move him too-- and even then he would not have survived without being taken to a rescue center... nothing a mommy deer could have done!
  5. My dd is 30 weeks pregnant and had a very bad day at school today-- she is a dyslexic teacher at a very impoverished middle school... On the way home she saw an injured fawn -- who had just been hit by a car (about 1 year old-- still some spots on rump). She could not just pass by (rural road)... so she picked him up (50 or so pounds!) and loaded him in the back of her SUV... When she got home with him DH and I thought she was crazy! He was able to move his legs and neck-- but clearly there was a head injury (he was DIZZY) and he could not stand... he had minor injuries to his legs and a few road rash... he looked like he was dying-- but he would rest a few minutes then try to get up again... DH called some places (all just closed for night) and finally after an hour dd found a rescue center just over an hour away who would take him. We were skeptical -- he really did not look like he would survive... Well-- they just got home (DH drove her and the fawn)... the fawn has a concussion-- but other injuries are NOT life threatening! He has a chance if he can stay quiet for a few days... DD can finally relax from her hard day-- Her maternal instincts got a work out today!
  6. My youngest daughter has RND. Reflex Neurovascular Dystrophy If she gets a small paper cut when her RND is flaring her body will react as if her arm was cut off-- the pain is AMPLIFIED. There is no cure and no medication available for children with this condition (adults with similar can take narcotics for some relief). It began suddenly when she was 14 (9th grade). Left alone, RND can contribute to PERMANENT muscle loss and bone-growth issues. My dd did go through extensive sensory therapy (PAIN therapy)-- it was so hard on her but it did help her pain awareness and built up her pain threshold so she can tolerate it more-- it did NOT lead to a decrease in pain-- just an increase in her ability to handle it. DD is a Sr in high school this year. She plans to major in Neuro-Biology and go into research specifically for RND.
  7. Story of my life. Here are just a few... 1. Picking up a baby blanket-- I blew a disk in my back (ended up with spinal fusion) and tore the fascia in my left foot (non-surgical and required a non-weight bearing cast for 11 months!). 2. Jogging on a walking trail-- running late for a class and decided to jog on our walking trail-- I"m the one who had informed the family that under no circumstances were they allowed to run or jog on it until the mulch came in to level the ground near some tree roots... I did not listen to myself. I had significant tendon damage in my left wrist and almost lost the use of my thumb-- surgery required to fix. 3. Falling ONTO moving treadmill-- I got off just fine! Way to early in the morning and I was not wearing the idiot emergency cable... got off to bump machine a bit to the right and my right big toe caught the treads on the way back on... my left arm got caught around the treadmill brace and was nearly torn off. I ruptured my bicep and shredded my rotator cuff (plus lots of little things). 5 months of physical therapy and my bicep went back together-- rotator cuff needed surgery. I lost mobility of left arm after surgery and 6 months later I'm about 70% back. Incredibly PAINFUL injury especially after surgery!!! I've been in measurable pain constantly for over a year now-- but it is finally starting to subside!
  8. No real help about the Kia-- but we went from a Suburban to a Mazda 9. It is MY car and I love it! The third row seats in the 9 are much more comfortable/roomier than most of the competitors.
  9. We've been using an ATT hotspot as our home internet (we are very rural!). It has served us well and has much faster speeds than our other local options (still not great compared to big city speeds). We all have ATT iphones as well-- but use the hotspot at home. Someone is streaming all.the.time and we 've had no issues (we've had it just over one year).
  10. Please do not go out-- especially to a populated room like a Church. I'm sorry you are feeling stir-crazy-- but hang in there. It is not worth passing this crud onto someone else at Church (infants/elderly) who may have a compromised immune system. Pamper yourself at home and concentrate on getting back to 100%.
  11. Here is the link to a solutions manual at ABE books... Used starts around $4.00
  12. Me too please! All 3 girls 17-29 and parenting is HARDER than ever!
  13. The teacher book would have answers to the evens-- other than that it is the same as the student text. I would think the student solutions manual would be the thing to get-- it would have worked out solutions to the odd problems as well as chapter review and practice tests... Usually the isbn for the solutions manual is either on the back cover or just inside the text.
  14. If I tried to charge $30-65 per hour I 'may' get an occasional client-- but no repeat business. I live in a small town just outside a big city. There is one part of the big city where tutors get paid big $$ but they also deal with spoiled 'rich kids' who don't I'd have to commute an hour each way... If it was my neighbor I would probably have an idea of what they could afford...around here I'd probably go with $60-75 per week if he was a motivated student and I had limited prep. $140 per week (4 hours at $35 per hr) for 4 weeks is $560... for that here you can take a 16 week remedial math class at the local CC and have access to unlimited one-on-one tutoring at the CC math center between classes... I'd look at what your local CC would charge...
  15. You just described my youngest dd last year! This year (her Sr year in PS) she is only taking one AP class (other ones offered will not transfer for credit to her Uni of choice)-- she LOVES her 'regular English class, her 'regular' Government/Economics class and her 'regular Science classes... she is also noticeably more RELAXED and her anxiety is way down. DD says that she now feels a sense of accomplishment from the challenge of her Jr. year--- so no regrets. I'm just glad to have my dd back! On another note-- my middle dd was homeschooled grades 1-5 then at PS for 6-9... she got a few weeks into an EXTREMELY rigorous 10th grade year and BEGGED to come home (and we let her!) She ended up taking a very light 10th grade year then she earned 28 credit hours of dual enrollment for her Jr and Sr years... There is not a one-size-fits all solution... but I bet your dd does fine either way!
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