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  1. My youngest is graduating this year. Currently her university (Colorado State, Ft Collins) is still planning on in-person classes this fall. If anything changes students will be given options such as gaps or online. She will be applying for a gap year/gap semester if classes are not in person. She has a specific science degree she is after and it requires lab classes that cannot be emulated online and these begin her first semester as a freshman.
  2. Using a Queen XL as is would not work well-- it will come off of the corners too easily. A quick fix would be to make several pleats or darts along the 'short sides' to help ease in the extra fabric.
  3. My dd(27) is on this. She gained 15-20 pounds in the first 2 months. After the 2nd week she started having major insomnia. About 8 weeks in she started having tummy issues. DD has anxiety and depression issues and had a baby in December (so postpartum). She started having stress seizures and was put on this. She is still having seizures daily (but not as many). Lack of sleep is the biggest component of her anxiety/depression right now! She is hoping Dr will move her off of it and perhaps try a different one or go back to just the anti-anxiety med. - About 20 years ago I was on it for a brief period. I had chronic dry mouth and absolute NO 'tea' drive almost immediately. All went away when I stopped.
  4. Hays county here... I'm immunocompromised so I'm staying in-- well there is a small chance that we will go over our friends' house Saturday. They have been sheltering in place too so I consider them low low risk-- we would probably stay outside by the fire pit. I'm NOT going shopping anytime soon! My dd has a State Park Pass-- she went last week and hopes to go to another park this next week-- She would go tomorrow but she forgot to make reservations and can't get into anything close by this weekend.
  5. My youngest is graduating from a Texas PS in May. Today they announced that commencement will be at our high school football stadium. Each student will be allowed 2 guests. The ceremony will also be live-streamed. Guests will sit in stadium (every other row) with other social distancing. At least it is something...dd is excited to at least be able to wave at her friends!
  6. Do you have a needle and thread? If so you can fold the elastic on itself (like a Z) and then use a few stitches to hold the tuck does not have to be fancy...
  7. Clothing a 4 month old and 18 yr old... The 18 yr old is thankfully the same size she was last year as she LOVES clothes-- so she is making due without issue. If she gets to go off to college this fall we will invest in some new clothes for her at that point. She has started going through her closet and is taking out items she does not expect to wear again-- she will give a few friends (most have younger sisters) 'first pick' then we will donate the rest. I think it would be a nightmare to have to shop without trying items on for her! The 4 month old is another story-- he is now wearing 12 month size. We were blessed with LOTS of new and gently used baby clothes-- but the majority were up to 9 months. We were also spoiled because many of the gift clothes were CUTE sets. I just ordered 3 jammies, 3 T-shirts and 4-shorts (inexpensive Garamimals mix and match) from I know they will fit and should keep him clothed for a few months. (We do have some other T-shirts and pants from the gently used pile as well as our last trip to Walmart in March)... We just do a LOT of baby laundry! And the best part is he could care less what he wears! Yesterday I packed up a HUGE bag of baby clothes 0-9 months. I'm hoping to find someone local who can use them-- or I'll donate them to my church or the local Catholic church (both take donations).
  8. I was going to say just this--- you have described a typical dyslexic student. Dyslexia is NOT about letter reversals-- that is one tiny symptom that few dyslexics deal with! Dyslexia is about working memory-- in particular with written words and numbers. Dyslexia is NOT a learning disability-- it is a learning DIFFERENCE! Most people with dyslexia have very high IQ's --- they are extremely intelligent, but their brain processes written work differently than non-dyslexic people. Students with dyslexia often come across as 'lacking skills'-- but the tools used to 'teach and evaluate' these skills were designed by and for non-dyslexic people! This is why he can see 7+2 but cannot recall that it equals 9 (but he can figure it out!). This is why he can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about Star Wars (highly visual and auditory stimulation is processed and remembered easily)! -- My middle daughter (homeschooled) was a very early reader. When it came to memorizing I thought she was just stubborn. She knew her math facts and phonics-- but I used a multi-sensory approach because her older sister was on the spectrum and I taught them together. It wasn't until high school that she became overly frustrated-- she NEVER read for personal pleasure-- only for academic gain. She spent hours to do an assignment that 'should have taken' 20 minutes. She scored pathetically low on college placement tests-- she never finished a section before time was up... but she was also the TOP STUDENT in all of her DE classes. She was admitted to college under probation and graduated with honors (and several awards). When she started working on her Masters in the UK things began to make sense-- she was double majoring in cognitive linguistics and ESL... one of her mentors ended up being one of the foremost dyslexic specialists in the world! That is when DD discovered that she was dyslexic-- and everything started making sense!
  9. She had her first session with a new therapist today-- this one seems encouraging (like he might even help!). Her seizures were infrequent for a while-- but started up last week-- one day we lost count... The last 2 days have been better-- none so far today! Thank you for your encouraging thoughts and words (and prayers!)
  10. My oldest dd was furloughed from her studio job (benefits so far by no pay)-- she is a photographer. Thankfully she is a minimalist and owns a modest garden home with very low mortgage. She was able to rent a room to a displaced college student for what her mortgage payment was. The stimulus check will tide her over for a few months and she has a modest savings so she is OK.
  11. I wanted a mask without pleats that had ONE thing to tie (casing) that also had place for wire and pocket for filter... These are what I'm making:
  12. We have had ours for YEARS-- love Cutco! I purchased most of mine on Ebay... (we purchased starter sets for our 2 older daughters when they left home). We use the table knives every day (often for just regular food prep instead of a paring knife)... great for steaks too! I ditto the cheese knife being a favorite-- it cuts so smoothly (great balance and wedge)--but it is EXTREMELY sharp so caution is necessary. I keep most of mine in a 'tray' inside our pantry on a wall...
  13. what curriculum are you currently using? What type of practice are you wanting? Word problems? basic problems (non word problems)? Are you wanting problems only or are you wanting supplemental lessons? --
  14. Algebra 2 comes after Algebra 1 Algebra 2 with Trig has some chapters of Trigonometry at the end of the text-- in most cases it is not a full Trig program (but good intro). The Trig in these helps students moving on to a good Physics class the following year as they may not get to the Trig part of Pre-Calc in time to coordinate with the needs of the Physics class. After this the course names get a bit tricky! At the high school level: College Algebra is not Algebra 2-- it is a continuation of Algebra 2 and it is sometimes called 'Algebra 3'. It is one semester of a Pre-Calc course. Trig is Trig-- a one semester course the 2nd part of a Pre-Calc course Calculus would come next if needed -- At the college level they have even a wider variety of math courses depending on the requirements for different majors. One of my daughters only had to take 'Algebra for College Students'-- this was a repeat of Algebra 2 mixed with part of a statistics class. Pre-Calc comes in all sorts of flavors-- the students can tailor the class to their needs and abilities. A one semester Pre-Calc is most often a review... Not all majors require Trig and Calculus-- usually only those that require physics (so most STEM) For business majors they usually take Statistics and College Algebra then go to Business Calc --not the same as 'regular' or engineering calc (high school calculus is almost always engineering calc).
  15. High school Math credits should be awarded by the completion of course not by the time spent. A student who spends 2 years on Algebra 1 and 2 years on Algebra 2 has not really worked 4 levels of high school math-- just 2. My oldest dd did this-- only Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 worked very slowly... she ended up in college just fine and even graduated with honors (her degree only required College Algebra (another name for this course is Algebra 3). There is no need to pad a transcript. Trigonometry is a full one-semester credit course not dependent on when completed (high school or college). If you give a credit for Trig make sure your program is a full course-- The Trig in many high school texts is introductory... College Algebra is also Algebra 3 (a one semester extension-- not repeat-- of Algebra 2) and combined with Trigonometry make a full Pre-Calculus credit.
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