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  1. If you love your motorcycle riding then the Texas Hill Country is for you. While it can be hot is is not as humid as the Houston area or near the coast-- but those places are just a few hours away. I live near the town of Wimberley-- a cute 'tourist' town with a town square full of quaint shops and such. We get lots of biker groups most weekends-- the ride through the hill country is amazing just about any time of year. Today there were a lot of bikes on the road-- temp is in upper 50's with a mostly clear sky... The rides are particularly awesome in early spring (March/April) when wild-flower season begins-- the colors are around through November when the red oaks and elms turn colors. Big cities are close like Austin (30 minutes), San Antonio (1 hour) Dallas/Ft Worth (3-4 hours depending on route and traffic), Houston (3 hours). Lots of work for electricians-- lots of growth in/near the big cities mentioned above-- but still some great small/medium towns that are great to live in.
  2. SAT prep books will be of little use if this student does not understand basic Algebra. Is this student being recruited for a US school? If so she will need algebra in order to pass her college level math classes... I suggest tutoring her through a solid algebra 1 course and tossing in some basic Geometry if she is deficient in that area.
  3. Jann in TX

    Dr. Hive, my tongue feels burned but it's not!

    Same here I had a hysterectomy last year and have had this sensation most mornings since-- and sometimes throughout the day. I'm having it right now too!
  4. Jann in TX

    Dr. Hive: my friend’s hands were blue/white

    My youngest dd's hands do this quite often. She has RND 'Reactive Neurovascular Dystrophy' this is the adolescent version of Reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSD). When dd's hands turn blue it is because her vascular system is clamping down and shutting off the blood supply to her hands (or another body part-- but for dd it is typically hands/arms or legs/feet). At this time dd is very susceptible to pain stimuli (which is probably what started the vascular clamping). Stress/anxiety can also trigger an episode. Blue hands are a sign that there is some sort of circulation issue going on (there are LOTS of possibilities besides Renaud's --RSD , arthritis...) -- the OP's friend's hands are being denied oxygen for some reason. She needs to bring this to the attention of her GP.
  5. Jann in TX

    Sleep deprivation from snoring spouse

    I have my own bedroom after spending YEARS on the couch almost every night. I have a nicely decorated room with a queen bed (matching headboard/night stands)-- sitting area and closet (but I still keep my clothes in the master's walk in closet as I prefer the shower in the master bath over the hallway bath. DH and I have no issue finding time for visiting and tea. I do miss our 'pillow talk' and cuddles... My room does double as the guest room-- but this is only a few times each year. My husband has terrible apnea. He has had 2 surgeries that helped for a few years-- but he did NOT have the one surgery he has needed since he was in high school (under-developed lower jaw)-- he opted for braces back then.. having his tonsils out helped-- he also had some throat/sinus stuff done about 10 years ago. Our oldest dd had the same issue as DH (under-developed jaw) and she snored terribly as a teen-- she is also an aspie-- so not sleeping really added to her issues! The surgery was not easy-- but not really painful either (a few weeks with a soft-food diet and lots of rubber bands in her mouth)-- the swelling and bruising was the worst part-- 2 months later she was a totally different person as she was finally getting a good night's sleep-- no issues since! DH just does not want the swellling/bruising... DH (because of his jaw) was never able to find a CPAP machine that would fit-- it has been about 5 years since he tried-- I've been urging him to try again. DH now officially has heart disease-- so he told me last night he wants to look into it again-- but WILL NOT do another sleep study unless it is one done in our home.
  6. Statistics is not part of Algebra 1 or Algebra 2-- so it is rare to see more than a glance in a traditional text book. Statistics is a different/separate subject that 'uses' math. Algebra 1 is like the ABC's of equation manipulation-- by Algebra 2 students are moving onto simple sentences (problem solving). Pre-Calc would be paragraphs with Calculus and other college maths being the essays. I would classify Statistics as creative writing-- decent statistical application/analysis problems require a solid knowledge of Algebra 2--and some Pre-Calculus. Some states and standardized tests (like ones who use or are based on common core) are trying to force an additional course into an already full high school math sequence-- Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus--and now Statistics! I have nothing against statistics--in fact I kind of like the subject-- but it is hard to whittle away parts of other foundation topics to make room. Forcing younger students to take Algebra 1 seems to be the biggest trend --one I'm sad about as the majority of these younger students are not thriving-- or they are getting by on patterning and watered down material instead of conceptual understanding. They are being pushed ahead while making B's and C's when just one more year of mental maturity would result in then being A students with a MUCH higher understanding of the material. In the more traditional math sequence, basic statistics (mean, median, mode, stem and leaf plots...) are introduced in middle school... now days many students are SKIPPING a level or two of middle school math in the rush to get to Algebra and teachers are being forced to find a time/place to insert statistics. I'm not a fan of integrated maths- at least the ones currently in use in the USA-- the majority of students really need topics like 'linear equations' covered more than once in high school in order master the material. With the above being what it is-- I would supplement as time permits-- it does not take long for older (high school) students to pick up on the basics of statistics-- and since they are budding consumers they may actually find it fascinating how statistics can twist the way data is presented. My youngest dd is a Junior in PS (they use traditional texts). I'm having her supplement with a few Khan Academy lessons-- 8th grade math for students NOT taking Algebra 1 that year contains quite a bit of work with statistics-- since she skipped that level and took Algebra 1 she did not get those topics (with the exception of one or two days in 7th grade).
  7. Jann in TX

    She did it -- mommy brag inside

    My oldest dd is an aspie. She is the reason we homeschooled. I remember crying one day when she was in 8th grade after she asked me what a 'frak-T-on' was (she was finishing pre-algebra at the time-- she had a partial seizure and had completely forgotten what a fraction was). DH actually over heard the conversation and wondered if she would ever be able to support herself as an adult... DD is now 28 and has lived on her own (with a bit of parental support) for the past few years. Today she found out that she is now the official studio manager at the photography studio she has been working at since she graduated college (she did that with honors!). This is her DREAM JOB. She will be 100% financially independent-- has insurance benefits too! I'm so proud of her!!!
  8. Jann in TX

    After Saxon 8/7

    I'm a Math teacher with 30+ years of teaching experience. I also homeschooled my two oldest daughters 13 years (and graduated them from our homeschool). I taught Saxon (high school levels) for over 10 years-- private schools and small groups/co-ops. Way back in the late 1980's it was one of the FEW programs available for homeschoolers. My oldest girls used Saxon through 87 then it STOPPED working for them. One was totally confused and needed to camp out on concepts (traditional style). The other dd was just plain BORED to death. On advice from a homeschool boardie we switched to Lial's Basic College Math (similar to 87 in scope). It was a breath of fresh air for ALL of us! Both of my dds stayed with Saxon through high school. Both made easy A's in their college math classes-- so Lial worked great for them. I switched about 17 years ago to teaching from Lial for my high school classes-- I've been very pleased from the teacher point of view too. In my teaching experience with HUNDREDS of students about 30% of average to above average math students would do BETTER (understanding/retention) if they used a program other than Saxon (meaning a more traditional program). My daughters fell into that 30%. I personally do not think Saxon is superior or really that awesome but it CAN be a good program IF your student learns in that style. As a homeschool mom I was glad to have a choice. I totally agree with your tutor-- Saxon does not give students time to work through (and reason through) a concept before moving on. It gives bits and pieces of DIFFERENT concepts and then about 1/3 to 1/2 way through the text it begins to mash them together in the 'REVIEW' section without any instruction. Students are supposed to naturally put the parts together from say lesson 11, 17 and 32 in order to work a problem from lesson 50's review section. It is a BORING program. Each lesson is in the same cookie-cutter format... I have had a FEW students who loved the repetitive aspect of the layout and who could naturally remember the mini lesson pieces and then put them together into new problems WITHOUT instruction-- but this was pretty rare. Those students would have had success using ANY program. For the OP's son-- I would look at Lial Pre-Algebra (edition number does not matter-- I use the older 4th edition with my classes). This would be a bridge between 87 and Algebra 1. It is one of my favorite texts for middle school.
  9. Jann in TX

    Should I get reading glasses? (I am very nearsighted)

    It is not that uncommon. I go to an ophthalmologist and I wear progressive lenses. At my last visit the Dr suggested I get a separate pair of reading glasses--AND possibly a separate pair of computer glasses. Another option would be a progressive pair that has computer distance and reading distance-- these would only be used while I'm at the computer. I have 2 very different eyes-- one is near-sighted and one is far- sighted-- neither eye sees well at normal reading or computer distance. One pair of progressives cannot do everything I need! My new prescription is great for daily tasks--OK for computer-- but I just cannot read with them-- so I'll be ordering reading-only glasses-- and I'm tempted to get computer-only glasses as well (since I'm online 5-8 hours each day).
  10. Jann in TX

    Countertop preference?

    I've had Silestone for 16+ years and still love it! No chips or cracks-- still cleans up with basic cleaners (nothing special)-- still as shiny as new!
  11. Jann in TX

    Do you use dressers?

    We do not use dressers. DH and I have one wall in our master bath that is cabinets (3 tiers high). We each use one cabinet for our undies, socks and t-shirts. Our other clothes are kept in the closet (hung). Youngest dd keeps her clothes in her closet on shelves or hung.
  12. Jann in TX

    Craft or something for teens to do on new year’s eve

    If it is cold/cool where you live they can make loom hats-- there are lots of online videos like this one that will take them step by step. One skein of yarn will make a few hats-- but warning-- the best hats are made by using 2 strands at a time-- so you can go from both 'ends' (inside and outside ends) or you can get two skeins and keep it simple (and make more hats and maybe matching scarves!). You can purchase additional 'hooks'-- one should come in the loom kit-- so they can work on different sizes at the same time-- or you can use your discount coupon and get a second set of looms... Once you get the hang of it (VERY SIMPLE) a hat can come together in an hour or so.
  13. Jann in TX

    Why do my cupcakes always burn?

    Bake in center rack-- They burned because your pan was too close to heating element. Cook in center position so heat can circulate evenly. If you want cupcakes with a domed top cook at 340-350 F. If you want cupcakes with a flatter top cook at 325-330F.
  14. Jann in TX

    Talk me into go to Hawaii

    GO! Kauai is our family's favorite island (we've been there twice)-- totally a tropical experience (prettiest island!!) -- so many nice hikes in the NE sides coast/cliffs and then in the canyon... Maui has some very scenic areas-- but too much commercialism in main hotel/beach areas. Oahu was OK-- Honolulu is just a regular big city-- Pearl Harbor was good to see. Will probably not visit that island again. The 'big island' Hawaii was pretty cool-- we stayed almost a week on the wetter Hilo side at a place overlooking a waterfall (got to see volcano erupting at night)-- then we drove across the island (middle looks like Texas and there was fresh SNOW on the mountain peaks!) and stayed another few days on the dryer Kilo side-- nice weather, snorkeling... interesting 'rock' graffiti... Totally a different experience than Florida!
  15. Jann in TX

    My sugar cookies started a fire...

    Update!!! As of 11:59 pm last night we now have a working oven/mic combo!!! Now I get to learn all about how to use the beast! Never used a convection oven before... the microwave is so much faster than our old one-- so need to get used to new times for things... - Weird/cool thing I found out... the microwave goes into 'cooling' mode when it times out... this forces the fan... If you put a cup of water with some pumpkin pie spice and a splash of vanilla in it for 2 minutes and then let the 'cooling' feature continue another minute or so the kitchen smells wonderful!
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