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  1. Sounds like major EF/attention to detail issues. For Math-- I would go with a traditional program --it hangs on one topic and each lesson builds on the previous lesson. Saxon teaches within the 'review'. After lesson 30 or so the 'review' problems start combining pieces from previously unconnected lessons. There are NO examples or lessons for the students-- the problems just gradually morph. Just the placement of a subtraction sign seems like no big deal for an adult-- but for the student it can be a major change to the problem!
  2. Well MY Speed Queen is efficient AND it spins out clothes better than ever imagined-- I guess you could come to Texas and visit me and see-- DH would be glad to talk gadgets with you! Maybe mine is a fluke-- but I seriously doubt it. We did not have the funds for a Miele-- plus I HATE front loaders.
  3. Ummm my clothes are spun 'dryish' in my Speed Queen... best spinner I've ever had... if you hang up a towel to air dry there are no drips.... Washer cylcles take 30 minutes-- drying takes about the same because washer did the work. No way are they using 20-50 gal of water. We use about 2 TBS of detergent for an x-large load. --- Wanted to add that we have a Miele dishwasher. It is a great machine--QUIET!!!--excellent job in efficiency mode (1 hr cycle). Cleaning the filter takes less than 3 minutes and is no big deal. We have a local service person too-- but should not be needing him!
  4. Just found out ours does that-- soak as long as you forget to lower the top... we had this experiment last night...
  5. Speed Queen! DH found a place in San Marcos, TX that purchased a military contract-- (2000 old machines used 4-5 years). The shop refurbishes them with a warranty-- sets go for around $800-850. PS-- they still have a few hundred sets left! When we sold our last house the new owners insisted we leave our washer/dryer even though our set was 25 years old (Whirlpool). We LOVE LOVE LOVE our Speed Queen set-- so fast and the clothes are CLEAN.
  6. In my youth I had dark chestnut brown hair. In my late 40's when I only had a little grey I used a box and was satisfied. As more grey came it I loved my hair the week after I colored it-- the next few weeks I HATED it-- too much grey showing at roots and it seemed that I was constantly touching up and missing spots! At a haircut my stylist suggested that I go with highlights and low lights to 'blend' instead of trying to get 'full coverage'. This worked for me for almost 10 years. I had my hair done every 8-10 weeks... LOVED it! The COVID shutdown happened just a few weeks after my first grandchild was born-- DH and I are his primary care givers (DD has health issues)... this combination led me to let my coloring grow out-- it was pretty easy to do because of the highlights and low lights--I did not have a true 'line' that I would have had if I had all over color. Now I'm embracing my grey. My hair is still a bit darker than when I had the highlights but the grey is there-- silver highlights! I occasionally use a purple shampoo and that brightens it up it it starts to look dull. I'm 56, a grandmother and I've been married 36 years. Youngest dd has been away at college one year. I was ready (saves money too!)... I still look young for my age-- but that maybe because I never go out without the diaper bag!
  7. Married 36 years... We have been through a lot- and are going through a lot right now-- the stress is exhausting so not too much sizzle-- we consciously work at making time. Mostly we are friendly. Honestly the stress has been so much that being 'friendly' is hard to keep up! We have 2 dd's with medical issues (one doing OK and one not). We are also primary care givers to our 19 month old grandson-- never thought that we would be married 36 years and changing diapers (potty training starts soon!). Every other week or so we get a night or two break when baby goes to his dad's...other than that we can only go out if we take the baby-he is in bed by 8:30 but by then we are exhausted or are trying to get caught up. I just finished cleaning the kitchen and DH just ran to the store for some milk...when he gets back he will go to his room and watch endless TV and I will go upstairs to my room (by baby's room) and read as this has been a very very stressful week.
  8. We've used Home Depot for flooring in our last 2 houses. We love their 'unlabeled' brand carpet. It us usually in a separate display (like a rotating box). Fantastic price and very good quality. We have also used HD for LifeProof vinyl flooring (just had DDs room done in that last week). EVERYONE is having labor issues-- so install time will vary. Sometime this fall we will be putting carpet in several rooms of our new house (plus the staircase). We will use Home Depot.
  9. Jann in TX


    Meh... DH and I wanted to like it. DH fell asleep in the middle of episode 1 and 2... We ended up turning it of half-way through episode 3. It just could not hold our interest.
  10. Intermediate Algebra is Algebra 2 College Algebra is Algebra 3 or the first half of Pre-Calculus (does not include Trig semester). I would recommend Intermediate Algebra-- it is not worth skipping Algebra 2 unless you have an extremely strong student who can go over that material by themselves BEFORE taking College Algebra. College Algebra will continue where Algebra 2 left off-- it contains little to no review. I would not trust a short multiple choice test for placement.
  11. My youngest attended PS. Our typical 'new school year shopping trip' started with 2 new pairs of jeans and one new pair of neutral slacks (she liked to dress 'business casual' some days). She already had lots of T-shirts but we would add 4-5 new blouses that she could wear with the jeans or slacks. For shoes-- one athletic pair and one semi-casual (typically flats that she could wear with jeans or slacks). It was usually time to update 'unmentionables' too. DD's wardrobe did not have to be 100% replaced-- we just added to it as needed-- but the back to school shopping was pretty standard.
  12. Our family is a German Shepherd family-- DH and I have had four GSDs and two 1/2 mixes (corgie-shepherd and lab-shepherd). We love our large dogs-- current GSD is solid white and 140 pounds! We have traveled with pups--staying at rental homes or our family cabin (not hotels). We mapped out our routes with rest areas in mind-- stopping every 2 hours or so with pups under 1 year and at least every 3 hours with older dogs. On one of our trips we found a day-kennel at our destination (with good reviews) and were able to have some no-dog time at the beach (we also had dog time a different day but that was a lot of work!). Other times DH would take the pup and I would do something with the kids then we would switch...not as much fun but doable. -- On a side note-- if your GSD is 5 months old already you are running out of time in the 'sweet spot' for socialization. It is much easier to train a dog to be social when it is a pup! We would invite our neighbors to come outside when we 'walked' our pup to get them used to other people. We also had a trainer friend with a 'bomb proof' older dog -- being around her helped get our pup used to other dogs. In short we had to actively plan activities for human/dog socialization as having a large breed dog is a big responsibility! Most aggressive dogs (aggressive towards strangers/other dogs/animals) are good with their own family... Our current GSD was a shy pup-- he did great with our family but did not like other people-- especially men (he LOVED teen girls though!). It took a LOT of work to get him socialized where we could walk him and not be afraid of other people or other animals getting close to him. He is 9 years old now and about as bomb-proof as they come.. We recently moved from the country into an urban neighborhood. Our dog has easily made friends with our neighbors' dogs (mostly the mid- large breed ones with manners) and will ignore the small yappy dogs. He is also comfortable meeting new neighbors (men, women and children). He adores our 18 mo old grandson who lives with us... He even gets along with the 2 cats our dd brought with her when she moved back home. Awesome dog (and beautiful too!) but it was a LOT of work!!! I hope you get to go on your trip--it can be a good experience if you plan ahead. If you decide not to take him-- leaving him with your sister seems like a good choice if possible-- since she was his breeder she should understand GSDs and how to work with them. Her dogs should also be social-- so they can help model that behavior to your pup.
  13. I used to make these all the time for my FIL before he passed... every New Year's Day (his birthday) I would bring him a walnut pie-- I used my favorite pecan pie recipe and just substituted walnuts... I've also made them with half pecans and half walnuts... still yummy! Hope you enjoyed yours!
  14. White towels would look nice and clean/fresh in that room-- then add pops of his favorite color-- or something bright/bold. They have some nice/fun shower curtains that have scenery on them--these can add color and make the room less 'sterile' looking. I'd also add some bling to walls and coordinating (colorful to match curtain) soap pump...
  15. We like caramel Rice Chex with pecans... This is made like caramel popcorn-- but we use a big box of Rice Chex instead of the popcorn and add in 1 cup of pecans (halves or pieces) during the baking period. This recipe is similar to the one I use--I do boil my mixture 3-4 minutes. Note-- I use the whole Family Size box of Rice Chex-- this is more (volume) than what the recipe calls for-- but we found it tastes better if the caramel coating is not as heavy. I use 1-2 roasting pans and bake for about an hour--stirring every 15 minutes. Pack in zip-lock sandwich bags or quart-sized bags for sale.
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