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  1. Thank you for all of your comments and suggestions. I have one sleeping shirt with a Velcro shoulder that I put in-- I'll look on Etsy/Amazon for a few more. I'm going with tube bras when I need to go out in public...(I can step into them) I have a few meals made-- youngest dd 17 gets to learn to cook (well she does know a little bit already). My oldest dd gave me a floor grabber for Christmas-- I need to hunt down that box! We have TONS of recliners-- but DH surprised me with an adjustable bed!! We ordered an ice-machine. I've been faithful to PT since the injury in September-- so I've got the routine down (I'm actually sad I cant go today!). I'm hopeful that I'll be able to teach next week-- but I have a plan B just in case.
  2. I'm having shoulder surgery (non dominant side) on Wednesday. Last September (6 months ago!) I fell getting ONTO a moving treadmill.... I got off of it just fine!-- but when getting back on my toe hit the tread and down I went. My arm was extended and I was holding a weight (kind you put your hand through). My arm tangled around an arm post on the treadmill. I felt the TEAR! It was 5:45 am and I'm not a morning person-- it so wasn't worth getting up early that day! I had tendon damage near my wrist and I 'blew' my bicep-- I knew that part right away. At the Dr the next day they asked if my shoulder was hurting-- I could not tell-- lower arm and bicep were flaring too much. Dr ordered MRI of shoulder just to make sure-- since I'm overweight and over 50 apparently shoulder injuries are common during falls... MRI showed 90% tear in rotator cuff (super.) I did not start feeling that pain for about a week-- then I wished I could go back to not feeling it! Tendon was frayed so I needed Physical Therapy before there was the option of surgery. I've spent nearly 6 months in PT-- and now I can hold up to 5 pounds for almost a minute... still in pain every day-- so time for surgery has arrived! I've had one previous tendon surgery on this arm and that hurt!!! for weeks... I'm supposed to be prepared for this to feel worse than the injury for MONTHS to come... Dr thinks I tore one of the bicep anchors- and will look at that along with the other sections of the rotator cuff before stabilizing the supraspinatus tendon where the hole/tear is. Did I mention that I do not respond to most pain meds-- fun times ahead... At least I LOVE my PT center. Most clients are over 80--- and just the sweetest people. I like every one of the trainers and my PT guy is awesome! Dr says I'll easily be there regularly through Christmas! Any tips or tricks to surviving this?
  3. I had 'Cat Scratch Fever'-- it is a very REAL thing! We picked up a new kitty from a shelter (so vaxed). I took him into the house for the first time-- our big dogs were outside. I asked my dds to keep the door closed-- but too late-- my middle dd-- then 8 yrs old-- opened the door and the dogs ran in-- straight for me. Cat climbed ME as I was the tallest thing around. He scratched my neck and face-- drew a bit of blood. Within MINUTES I had a fever and my jaw started swelling-- I could feel the heat! I was in my Dr's office 15 minutes later (luckily it was down the street and open!) -- I was given a shot and was on antibiotics for several weeks-- I narrowly missed out on an ambulance ride. Said cat and dogs became great friends and lived happily ever after (seriously BFFs!). I still have a scar on my jaw...
  4. Jann in TX


    Hi, I take biologics for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. I've taken 4 of the major ones including Humira. Humira made me sick-- like worst flu of my life sick. For some people this side effect will go away in a few days. After 6 weeks I stopped taking Humira. Symptoms went away with in a day or two of missing my first dose. Not everyone gets this side effect! On the bright side for me - Humira actually put my condition into a brief remission and I went almost one year before going back on biologics. I tried Humira again a few years later-- same thing (flu symptoms) so I quit after one dose. Enbrel worked the best for me-- no side effects just relief-- especially with the psoriatic arthritis- HUGE relief there! After a few years on Enbrel my body got used to it and it became ineffective (typical of all biologics). I'm case 1 for having a traumatic bone injury while on a loading dose of Enbrel-- since Enbrel is a TNFA blocker my body did not know my bones were injured. The Drs refused to believe that Enbrel was causing any issue and long story short-- it took about 6 months of me not being able to use my left hand and 8 Drs visits to convince someone to run an MRI... then I had surgery to repair the damage... now there is a warning on the label. All biologics can make healing from injury take longer-- or (as in my case above) healing to not happen at all! I'm now on Cosyntex. I get weepy eyes-- but not too bad. It does not help the arthritis as much but it is still OK for me.... until I hurt my shoulder in September. Drs said to keep taking the med. I finally chose to go off in January-- shoulder improved some-- but not enough-- I'm scheduled for surgery in 2 weeks! A month after surgery I plan on going back on it. For me the biologics not only clear my skin (cosmetic- yea right- I was 90% covered with psoriasis!) but they also preserve my bones and keep psoriatic arthritis at bay-- this means I will keep my hands working in my 'old age'... without the drugs I would have lost mobility in my hands by now! Biologics can work for many issues with inflammation. I tried all other options-- and I see overwhelming benefits-- so I choose to keep taking them.
  5. I love my Fiestaware. It took me about a year to build my stash using Kolhs Cash and watching sales. I paid no more than $25 per place setting. I have a service for 10 plus extra. I'm still collecting fruit and desert bowls... I may add on a few other serving platters/pitchers/butter things soon. I still have a few Corelle pieces in a different cabinet... but we use the FW most of the time. I have LOTS of different colors. Here is a current picture of my stash-- minus the full load in the dishwasher! I keep my mugs in a different place.
  6. I HATE my LG. I've had it for 7 years now It is French-door freezer on bottom. It runs great (quiet), ice and water dispenser have never been a problem. My issue is the CHEAP interior. Every drawer was broken within a month or so of the 2 year warranty running out. I recently lost the use of one shelf! Basically the whole inside is CHEAPLY constructed and not durable. These should last longer than 2-7 years! BTW-- there is no way to fix the shelving/drawer issue!
  7. Praying for my bestest board buddy and friend. You got this girl!
  8. I agree with Farrar that MEP will probably not line up with your local district-- you would still have gaps. Integrated math in the USA combines Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2 with at least a one-semester equivalent of statistics. Students moving from a traditional A1, G, A2 sequence would place into Pre-Calc just the same as a student who completed Math 1, 2 and 3 (integrated). The difference is integrated math 'crams' statistics into an already full sequence (my opinion of course). I suggest consulting your local district to see what program they will be using. If possible, see if you can check out a text to look at (or purchase one on Amazon). This will give you a better idea of what your son would be 'missing' if he transferred in after a traditional Algebra 1 course-- and you could insert mini-units to help fill the gaps before he begins PS. It is fine if your son has TOO MUCH of one topic-- but gaps can be embarrassing to the student in a classroom situation... Integrated Math 1,2 and 3 are becoming 'standardized' in the USA- meaning that the topics covered in one 'state approved' program will be the same (or very close) in a different 'state approved' program.
  9. No experience with TPS-- but I use a Wacom (Intuos CTL 480) with my online classes. I also prefer the felt nibs (plastic nibs scratch tablet surface and wear down faster for me). The thickness of the line is dependent on the application. I write 'thin' most of the time-- no issues. It feels very similar to a regular pen-- it is not bulky. It is the same diameter as my Pilot G2 ink pen...
  10. I've had several Hondas in the past and I was prepared to love the Pilot...SInce the Pilot is a bit bigger I thought that would in turn make it more comfortable-- but the Mazda CX9's third row was so much more comfortable-- AND I thought the CX9 drove better too. I've been VERY pleased with our choice.
  11. I love my Mazda 9. I really really thought I wanted a Honda Pilot but the 'toddler' third row just would not work for our needs (driving teens around). I help cart around our church's youth group regularly. I can get myself and 6 TALL teen boys inside without the 2 in the third row being squished. To fit 6 and 2 dogs you can leave part of the third row down for more cargo space. That is what we do on trips-- our dogs are 100 lbs and 150 lbs so we NEED the extra room in the back for them! The Mazda 9 was also a much more comfortable ride for everyone. I also loved the fact that it had a great warranty AND cost a lot less than the Pilot. I've had my 9 for three years now and still LOVE it. We also have a 4-year old Mazda 3 that is a cute sporty smaller version that will be youngest dd's car in a few weeks when she FINALLY gets her license! The Mazda 3 seats 4 comfortably-- even the person who sits behind DH (6'2 in) has legroom. No issues at all with our Mazda's-- they are great-running reliable cars.
  12. OK-- if that was the response I would heavily suggest speaking with a lawyer-- NOW. It can take YEARS for them to reimburse you-- and they will drag it out as long as possible. And YES to getting your insurance company to work on getting a new car from the other insurance company. In our case OUR insurance company gave us some money (not much but something) towards a replacement car-- then 2 years later the settlement reimbursed them... Our lawyer made sure the other insurance company had to pay 'pain and suffering'-- his cut came out of a portion of this. It would have been so much cheaper for the other insurance company if they had just taken responsibility and paid in a timely manner.
  13. If this is your first accident be aware of the OTHER insurance company-- they may call and try to force you to take a deal -- like give you 80% of the car's value and not a brand new car (like they should do!). If the driver has the same insurance company as you things will be a lot smoother.. if not watch out! They may also try to get you to take only PARTIAL coverage of medical bills... By force I mean call multiple times each day and use strong language like 'if you do not take this deal you will not get ANYTHING'.... Please be cautious-- My husband was rear-ended on a high way-- totaled our awesome Suburban. DH was taking 7 girls on a fun day trip-- 3 girls were taken by ambulance (one broke her back and will have pain the rest of her life but has mobility)-- the other had serious concussions. DH and oldest dd who sat in front both had terrible whiplash and bruising. It took 2 YEARS to get a settlement! We finally had to get a lawyer.
  14. What type-- bean, meat (beef or chicken or?) or combo?
  15. Wow-- sounds scary! Glad that you seem OK-- but I suggest getting checked out--- her insurance will cover it! Also-- be prepared -- if you are sore now you will be WORSE tomorrow. Go to a Dr and if you get cleared then see a Chiropractor. Sorry about your van-- hope you can get a new one quickly.
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