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  1. I just re-read your post. You need a graphics tablet-- it is a pen-like mouse. I have the Wacom Intuos CTL-480 There are several models that are more pricey-- but this low level one is perfect for teaching Math (pricier ones are for digital art). There is a small learning curve-- but it is SOOOO much easier and neater than using a regular mouse!!! Amazon, Best Buy... most tech stores...
  2. Try Low cost and the SMOOTHEST whiteboard around. I would use it for my online classes if it had a 'record' feature. They have a free trial. up to 5 in room at one time for $14 per month.
  3. Ours is a dedicated home theater room with awesome surround sound. We also have 'stadium seating'-- 2 rows with top row a few steps up so no heads in the way! We have graduated to nice leather recliners with cup holders and tray tables. The bottom row has a 3 seat sofa with cup holders-- the middle seat folds down for a table and place to charge stuff... Coolest thing is that we have ButtKickers-- the seats acutally SHAKE with the base of the audio-- Jurassic Park is soooo much fun! Ceiling and 2 walls are chocolate brown and the other 2 walls are burgundy. Carpet is some hideous 'theater' carpet DH and the kids picked (burgundy tones). We have a projector. Our screen is 10 feet across (not diagonally). When the current projector dies we may go smaller to a big screen TV-- maybe... Our great room (main living area) has 2 couches and a recliner-- fireplace and pool table... NO TV.
  4. I've been in PT for almost a year now due to a severe shoulder injury-- and will continue in PT at least through Christmas... I would not consider a PT assistant necessarily a 'career' track. I see a career as something that could potentially support a person/family. Something that offered growth potential without having to go back to school full time just to move up. I LOVE my PT and the assistants. All of our trainers(assistants) are 20 somethings and ALL are headed into another 'career'. PT assistants do not make enough money to support a family on-- it is great if you have a roommate and need a job to help put yourself through college... all of our assistants make about $15 and hour or less. My actual PT makes LESS than a local PS teacher and works more hours (no summers off!)-- he is looking at going back to college to get his teacher certification-- most likely to be a coach-- this would give him better benefits too.
  5. Hi-- I've been using the Holt 2007 text in my online classes since 2009. I cover chapters 1-11. We do a semester project (tessellation poster) that goes along with chapter 12-- but no homework or tests for chapter 12. I would not skip anything else in this program. In some chapters the last section is optional--it should be obvious that there is a disconnect between the main theme of the chapter. I suggest that my stronger students at least watch the Dr. Burger recordings for these instead of skipping them entirely. I typically assign the Reteach (invaluable!) and Practice B worksheets for every lesson. For most lessons I also assign the Problem Solving worksheets (last problems are ACT/SAT practice questions). The text was designed for the worksheets as main homework-- the text problems do not offer enough practice-- especially with the foundation level problems. Also almost all of the odd text problems have homework help-- including worked out solutions available along with the Dr Burger recordings (actually the SAME recordings as Thinkwell-- access is free if you have a student text-- codes are in each lesson)-- another reason why there is not enough practice in the text alone-- unless you are an exceptionally strong student. The text can be VERY busy-- but if it is used AFTER the lesson has been introduced (teacher/online Dr Burger recordings) it is a great resource. There are some foundational practice problems hidden in the text lesson under 'TRY THIS'.
  6. OK-- The Algebra for College Students text by Lial is the one that reviews high school Algebra-- it is similar to the Intermediate Algebra text I use for my Algebra 2 classes... For summer prep I would do a Getting Ready for Algebra 2 prep or perhaps do problems from Khan Academy's Algebra 2. Topics I suggest she review would be linear equations (writing equations of lines) and factoring (GCF and quadratics). The 'Algebra for College Students' texts (Lial or Gay) move through the basics of Algebra a bit faster than the Introductory Algebra and Intermediate Algebra (Alg 1 and Alg 2) texts by same authors do-- they also preview more Pre-Calc topics. Basically this will be your daughter working through Algebra 2 in one semester. I would list it as 'Algebra 2' on her transcript to avoid confusion. Pre-Calc algebra (College Algebra or Algebra 3) is a clear level above this text.
  7. Yes, 'College Algebra' can mean different things.... It can mean a review of Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 with a bit of statistics thrown in--(usually called Algebra for College Students). It can also mean the first semester of Pre-Calculus. If the next class at your dd's CC is Trig then it is! This would mean that your dd will be skipping a whole year of math (Algebra 2). If she is a 'naturally gifted' math student then she may be fine. If this is the case (first part of Pre-Calc sequence) then I would suggest she get the Intermediate Algebra text from the same author as what she will be using in the fall. She can take the summer to test through that text and fill in any gaps (she will have some!). If you (parent) are math savy, you can purchase the text she will be using as early as possible and then look through that. If it is a Pre-Calc level there will be very little review-- The placement tests tend to be multiple choice-- if it was heavy on equations then it is possible your dd 'reverse engineered' the answers by plugging them back into the original problem.... this makes a high score-- but may lead to false placement as your dd could be missing critical concepts. I tell my students all the time " Algebra is the process" (mechanics) it is not the answer!
  8. One of the universities I attended changed its name at a time when I was completing job applications... I ended up ordering all new transcripts (education job so they required them) and using the 'new' name on everything--- I thought about doing f.k.a. but just using one name looked more professional.
  9. I love the older Jacobs (2nd edition) Geometry. Great lessons and challenge sets. The newer editions are discovery based (but not in a good way like AOPS-- the lessons are not clear and neither is homework-- "Draw this and tell me what you think'-- Answer Key: answers will vary. Jurgensen's Geometry is an excellent text-- strong lessons with challenging problems.
  10. I have severe chronic psoriasis-- probably triggered from chronic strep I had as a child... Psoriasis is a GENETIC condition. Any treatment is a temporary patch. I've maxed out on all of the creams and have been using biologics (injections) for almost 15 years. Embrel worked the best for me-- but sadly, my body adjusted to it and it no longer works... There is a warning on the label about traumatic bone injuries not healing while on Embrel--- that was ME! (enter long story here). Humira made me VERY ILL-- like 24 hour a day flu for weeks-- BUT after only 4 injections I was clear for over a year (sickness went away about 3 weeks after stopping). Out of desperation I tried Humira again a few years ago-- I made it to 2 injections before I quit-- I was very ill again.... Stelara made my blood pressure dangerously high... Cosentyx is my current prescription (I get weepy eyes and a mild elevation in blood pressure) -- but I have a traumatic injury (shoulder) that I've been nursing since September (Surgery was in March)-- so I'm avoiding taking it if possible--- been off since November and psoriasis is just now coming back in a few areas-- so I'll probably go back on in May. --My advice would be for your friend to keep trying the biologics-- new ones are coming out all the time-- there is even a pill version now! Most manufacturers have plans for people with insurance that will cover the cost/copay... I pay $0-- to $30 per month for prescriptions that 'cost' $2500-3000 per month.
  11. I would recommend MathUSee It is a gentle approach. However, with special needs students, you do not have to go through the same traditional programs-- if your son has documented dyscalculia then he may never 'get' Algebra no matter what program you try-- there is a huge mental disconnect. I would shift focus from Algebra to every-day Math skills. Continually trying to get him to understand traditional high school level material would be extremely frustrating. Keep him progressing at HIS ability level-- teach him how to cope (life skills) and give encouragement. I have experience (as a teacher) with students who have dyscalculia...
  12. My dd has RND (a neurovascular pain disorder that can make moving difficult/painful at times) and went on a band trip to Disney 2 years ago. While she didn't want accommodations, she really was not able to keep up and some of the girls in her group began to resent her (set groups had to stay together)-- this is when a leader jumped in and told dd it was time to try a wheelchair. (i had a Dr note signed and had given the leaders $$ just in case). DD said the chair "saved Disney". She was able to have her place in line held (and a friend's too) while she waited or wheeled around until the appointed time (much more comfortable for her). She also received special attention from the characters... I must add that here was one time when she was dropped off with a leader's group for a few hours- but she ended up having a blast with the adults!
  13. When my older dds were teens we put money in the eggs-- DH and I would put our loose change in a jar during the year and we used that to stuff the eggs. We would also include a few eggs with $1 and a 'prize' egg with $5 or $10. Of course there would be a few jelly beans or chocolates along with the coins... Now with just one teen/child at home we no longer do egg hunts-- but I do put together a small basket for her. A few years ago our older dds began a 'new' tradition where the girls hid GIANT (15-18 in) eggs for DH and I to find. Inside mine I usually get a box of my favorite tea and DH gets his favorite candy in his... This year I've got 3 Giant eggs that I will fill with games (like Lawn Yahtzee with giant dice) and a bit of candy for the girls to 'hunt'. We have 9+ acres so lots of creative places to hide them! Not sure if there will be a parent hunt-- the girls do not want me to get hurt (recent shoulder surgery)...
  14. One week longer is not a huge wait time--I'd go with who you know you and your son are comfortable with and trust-- so Dr. I have nothing against PA's -- My shoulder surgeon is a 'man of few words'-- very sweet-- but not an 'explainer'. He is paired with a wonderful PA assistant who is awesome at explaining. I rather see her for my appointments!
  15. I think the lace blobs were supposed to resemble flowers-- they were similar lace to what is on bodice-- sort of like they took a 3 inch circle of lace--then pinched/pleated it off center and tacked it on the dress randomly. There was another dress in a larger size at the store (Dillards) that was in better shape-- but the blobs still looked like blobs trying to be flowers. They were all over front and back of bodice with a few on the skirt and on shoulder straps. They were bulky/heavy looking compared to the tulle...The lace from bodice was extended onto the tulle skirt a few inches-- that part was a pretty effect (all the way around waistline) I cut the blobs all off (dress was actually OK then ) but dd wanted the texture so we shopped for something to replace them with-- the flowers with ribbon 'leaves' worked the best. I think the white of our flowers helped to lighten the bodice-- and I agree that the asymmetrical placement is what made it work!
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