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  1. We recently (end of December) moved into a city-- our neighborhood is small (under 100 houses) and is 'new' (homes less than 5 years old). Our dog is a pure White German Shepherd (parents and long long linage of white GSDs). He is GORGEOUS! Since we now live 'in town' and have a very small yard we have been taking him on daily walks. Every time we are out people always comment about him. This morning when we let him out we found out pretty quickly that our back/side gate had been opened-- but dog was still in our yard as he is trained to stay unless we 'invite' him out. Later in
  2. Some builders will not work with realtors. Period. A few around here will give a 'referral credit' to buyer's realtor. We have built 2 homes without realtors. There was no issue with the 'sale' that a realtor could have/would have helped us with-- it was very straight forward-- we were the ones selecting the upgrades and doing the negotiating (one builder held firm the other gave us a 'deal'). On both homes we had a price contract BEFORE the build started-- so there were no surprises later as long as we did not change any specs. We had a real estate lawyer draw up the papers...
  3. Parent must have valid TX drivers license...no offenses... I taught my 3 daughters (youngest is now 18)-- no issues... no 'waiting for permission'... My youngest was a PS student so I needed a verification of enrollment from her school... my others were homeschooled-- I needed my own VOE for them (might have been notarized) but again-- no big deal. No more hoops to jump through than my PS student had.
  4. This has been a 'no big deal' thing for our family-- just a quick signature thing... there are lots of programs to choose from-- even a 'free' one from state...
  5. Same here! Plus we still use the white Corelle we had before that...
  6. Bar Keepers Friend has a specific cook top cleaner (I used it today!). BKF has worked great-- but I think I prefer the Weiman kit with the special pad.
  7. You have a lot of texture/color going on in that room (too much really)-- you have a whole wall of brick and a whole wall of wood (that does not coordinate) plus flooring and paint colors... I'm totally for painting the wood--it would help bring your room together. I would suggest talking to a professional painter or someone at a paint store-- there are products that you can 'paint' over the varnish that will etch it in such a way that the paint has something to grab onto... if you do not sand the varnish off or use the chemical treatment any paint WILL scratch off. White would be m
  8. Our current great room is about that size... I like a small sitting group by the fireplace, one corner has a medium size breakfast area (6 chairs), the main area has an L shaped sofa grouping on one wall/corner and another sofa on the opposite wall-- if company come over we pull the single sofa over and expand the group. Until recently we had a pool table either in the main area (with sofa group on opposite wall) or with pool table in front of fire place (we RARELY used the fire place-- it is December 13 and we've been in the 70's this week!). When our house was staged for sale the realt
  9. I think you have received some excellent suggestions. I'm in the camp that it would be a great time to work on problem solving skills...If she likes to read then Life of Fred could be fun... keep the material to middle school level since she struggled a bit-- this will help her progress in application and gain confidence at the same time. You could also work through select chapters of the Lial Pre-Algebra text together if she needs targeted reinforcement. In spring or summer have her work through my Getting Ready for Algebra 1 Boot Camp.
  10. We LOVE Liberty puzzles-- they are worth every penny! I think we have 5 so far... and I've given custom ones as gifts. I will be disappointed if I do not get one for Christmas!
  11. My husband built our middle dd a queen over queen bunk bed when she was a pre-teen. They purchased plans online (not sure where) and had a lot of fun building it together-- then dd painted it all sorts of wild neon colors!!! Eventually dd took the bottom bunk out and made that her 'office'...
  12. Things sort of fell into place last night... looks like we are going the way of the majority here-- moving on Dec 22 and 23... (hopefully all on the 22). We are only moving one hour away... I'm taking ice chests and kitchen essentials down in my car the first morning. I'll drive back up to old house that afternoon and make one more trip in my car (Its pretty good sized-- a Mazda 9). Probably clothing and bedding essentials will go in my 2nd trip. (I'll have one of my dd's (and probably the baby) with me in the car). DH found a moving company--I can't load/unload boxes from car or t
  13. We will be closing on our current and new houses in 2 weeks. Our buyers are allowing us to say in/possession of current house until January 1st for no additional charge. We could potentially move into the new house Dec 22 or Dec 28 DH and I both have the week of Christmas and the week after Christmas off from work. Most of our house is already packed up. Either way I'm planning on only a very few Christmas decorations up-- a mini 'real' tree and our mantle train set. Would you rather move 2 days before Christmas or 3 days after Christmas?
  14. We put in 'luxury vinyl flooring' last month in most of our house (kitchen and bathrooms too)--and LOVE IT... it is 100% waterproof (not all vinyl is) and is very easy to care for-- it has a nice wood texture and is comfy to walk on... we also got it at Home Depot-- LifeProof brand. We purchased a few boxes ($50-60 each) and took them home to see what they would look like-- it took us 3 colorways to find the perfect fit. They took back the other boxes without issue (they were the ones who suggested we take it home and test out an area). We put carpet in the 3 kid bedrooms-- again Home Depot
  15. Awesome--so glad to hear your house sold easily too-- and that you found a great fit! Here is to smooth closings!
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