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  1. You just described my youngest dd last year! This year (her Sr year in PS) she is only taking one AP class (other ones offered will not transfer for credit to her Uni of choice)-- she LOVES her 'regular English class, her 'regular' Government/Economics class and her 'regular Science classes... she is also noticeably more RELAXED and her anxiety is way down. DD says that she now feels a sense of accomplishment from the challenge of her Jr. year--- so no regrets. I'm just glad to have my dd back! On another note-- my middle dd was homeschooled grades 1-5 then at PS for 6-9... she got a few weeks into an EXTREMELY rigorous 10th grade year and BEGGED to come home (and we let her!) She ended up taking a very light 10th grade year then she earned 28 credit hours of dual enrollment for her Jr and Sr years... There is not a one-size-fits all solution... but I bet your dd does fine either way!
  2. I agree about doing ALL of the problems in Saxon. This is a specific type of program-- it was designed for every problem to be worked... most PS texts were designed for only the ODDS to be worked for homework with the evens for teaching/tutorial/example work. With Saxon there is TEACHING within the problem set's 'review' problems... two problems may casually appear to be similar-- but just the simple move, addition or omission of a negative sign and the whole dynamic of the problem is changed. Concepts are combined in the review problems-- if you skip the review then you may be skipping important problem types! After lesson 30 the review is not really review! Saxon is a great program if it works for your student. If your student is struggling or is getting bogged down they would probably be better served with a different program-- this does not mean 'EASIER' program-- just different-- like in a more traditional text.
  3. The test books are 'single user'-- it is against copyright to use (scan and write on copy) then resell or even 'send in pdf form' to another person. You can purchase the tests from the link you posted...
  4. My dd (26) recently moved back home. She is expecting our first grandchild at Christmas. Good news is that she now has a full time PS teaching job!!! (Dyslexic teacher). Part of the package is insurance coverage for her. DD is currently on a market place plan. Does anyone know how the switch-over works? Ideally she would keep the market place plan until the end of the year-- she has already started paying the OB 'out of pocket'. While the school plan will be better her OB is NOT covered by it-- and she really really does not want to switch for the last trimester! Anyone know if it is possible for her to keep her market place plan then switch at the end of year?
  5. Another way to explain the difference using 2 variable problems... x + y = 3 is an equation. The = means that the left side and right side are balanced. You can manipulate the equation into many different equivalent forms such as: x - 3 = y, y = 3 - x and y = -x + 3 You cannot solve this type of equation unless you know one of the x or the y values OR if you have another equation in the same system. -- You can write the same equation as a function. A 'function' is a type of coding (think computer programing). It is a streamlined way to show that you are interested in ALL possible combinations that make the equation true. You can express the answer as ordered pairs and the equation will have a 'shape' (in this case a straight line). In the case of the original problem y is usually considered the 'result' variable so writing the equation in function notation would be: f(x)= -x + 3 or f(x) = 3 - x The f is the name of the function-- since the word 'function' begins with an f it is the most common name. If your equation was all about finding the distance if you plug in a value for x then your coding COULD look like: d(x)= -x + 3 <-- d is for distance! You can interpret this to be "You can find the distance (d) if you plug in a number for (x) into the following (=) expression (-x + 3) -- When I teach beginning functions I personify the problem: f(x) = 2x -5 would be "Frank is holding up a sign that says '2x - 5' f(3) = 2x - 5 would be Frank is holding up a sign that says '2x - 5'. How much would his sign be worth if you plugged a 3 in for the x? answer would be: f(3)= 2(3) -5 so f(3)= 1 -- g(a)= a + 7 would be George is holding up a sign that says ' a + 7' g(5) = a + 7 would be 'how much would George's sign be worth if you plugged in the 5 for the a... g(5)= 12 SOOOO the first letter in the function code is the NAME (often big problems will have many equations/functions interacting so we name the parts) the letter in the first parenthesis is the variable you can substitute a number for--OR if there is a number inside the ( ) it is telling you to use that number and substitute it for the variable in part after the =. The = is more of an arrow that points to the expression (sign frank is holding up). The math expression that has no value unless you switch out the variable for a number. For big problems that contain several functions (usually having a common variable) it is often easier to combine the expressions (signs they are holding up) and THEN substitute a value for the variable into ONE problem instead of substituting the value for the variable in all of the functions separately then combining the functions (this is especially true when your functions contain a lot of exponents!).
  6. I'll be a grandmother by Christmas. My dd will be single-parenting and has moved back in with us for the next year or so (daycare costs will be too high for her to afford on her first year teacher salary). Did I mention baby is a BOY-- I had 3 girls so this will be new territory! DD was gifted with several bags of baby boy clothes size NB-18 months-- other than sleepers she is set there (what baby needs 15 pairs of jeans in size 6-9 months!!!). DD has asked me to help put together a list of items she MUST have (minimalist). She is trying to put together a budget and the baby's father and his family are wanting to contribute towards some items (she will NOT be counting on him for any child support-- they will negotiate that and visitation in the next few months and hopefully he will give up most of his rights -- for reasons not to be discussed in a forum!). Besides the basics (crib, stroller, car seats) what would you consider essential? Also any suggestions for brand of crib or car seat? Stroller will need to have big wheels (off road) so we are limited in that choice-- joys of country life! Thanks for any suggestions-- this is going to be FUN!
  7. We were a Toyota family who switched to Honda. Oldest dd drives a Honda and middle dd drives a Toyota. Both are great cars. 4 years ago I thought I was going to get Toyota or Honda (my need for a Suburban and hauling horse stuff was over). I happily ended up with a Mazda 9 and I'm still without regrets today. I routinely transport several teens and the Mazda 9 just has more leg room for them in the 2nd and 3rd rows. It was also more comfortable for ME to drive. Now youngest dd has a cute sporty Mazda 3 (hatch)-- that is a fun car to drive. I think cars are like shoes-- you have to find the one that fits YOU-- your size, your needs...
  8. I would try an office supply store like Staples or Office Max/Office Depot. Many of them have larger scanners. Then you can use the scans for single pages in your photobooks. Next suggestion would be to do what Momto6inIN suggested and take photo's of each page.
  9. Most years we drive to Colorado (from central Texas) for our 'summer vacation'. FIL lives there part time (summers/fall) and we usually get a VRBO or AirBB nearby. It is beautiful once there but the drive there is BORING. The first day we are still in Texas and it is FLAT-- just plain boring driving. The last few hours (17 hour trip) usually start getting interesting. This summer dd had enrolled at an Anatomy Camp at Colorado State University in Ft Collins. We decided to pack our 'vacation' on but we were not looking forward to the BORING drive there and back along with the 4 days in a car with few stops of interest. SOOO DH took a look at his miles and points (he travels some for work) and suggested we fly out this year. DD and I schemed an additional plan that had us flying to California and then driving to Colorado from that direction. She also wanted to visit as many State and National Parks as possible! We had a BLAST-- and would very much like to repeat our adventure-- but take at least 2 weeks instead of one. Our flight to CA was delayed enough that we had to scramble at the airport and find an alternate flight-- found one that was direct and took last 3 seats. Problem Solved-- just a 1 hr delay. Got in at 1am on Tuesday. Tuesday we met up with one of my former students (a friend of dd) and went to Muir Woods-- a favorite childhood place of mine. We walked/hiked a few miles. That evening we went to San Francisco and walked around (another few miles!) and saw a beautiful sunset over the bay from one of the piers.... Wednesday we drove south on HW 1 and had lunch on the Santa Cruz boardwalk then drove down to Monterrey (stopping several times to walk around some beaches and take pictures)- we spent the afternoon at the aquarium then back in the car and started driving East. We spent the night just outside of Yosemite. Up early Thursday we got an awesome parking spot in Yosemite and did a great hike to Mirror Lake. We did a lot more walking (again a beautiful day!) then we drove east through the park. We drove over a flooded low water crossing while exiting the park (scary but police were directing cars over it) then headed for Bishop, CA our stop for the night. About 50 miles out of Bishop we turned a sharp corner (it was also raining and very dark outside) and DH drove over a small boulder from a landslide. The rental car drove OK but we knew there was some damage to the underside (huge piece of plastic torn off). As soon as we pulled into Bishop and our motor inn all of the transmission fluid poured out! No rental cars for 200 miles. No Uber or Lyft or even limo service available for 3 days. We took our only option and rented a 26ft UHAUL and drove that to Las Vegas (closest place to get a new rental-- and fortunately on our planned driving route (except we had not planned a stop there!). The UHAUL was brand new and we barely fit across the bench seat-- but it got the job done! Friday 5 hour drive to Vegas was 'fun' and we got a new rental car and started driving north-- after dinner DD noticed that she left her Ipad in the UHAUL so we drove back down south-- luckily they had not locked the door and Ipad was safely retrieved. This detour proved fortunate because as soon as we started driving again we noticed the check engine light was on in the rental.... back to the Vegas airport to get vehicle number 4 (at least car rental place was only 10 minutes away!). Our next destination was Zion National Park-- we missed the sunset at Zion-- and drove through some beautiful country in pitch dark-- but we made our scheduled destination for the night (amazingly!). Saturday we went to Zion-- it was more than crowded. We decided to just drive through the park instead (breath taking!!) and we were able to do a nice picnic and some short hikes along the way. We continued driving and made it to Avon, Colorado for the night. Sunday we made it to Ft Collins, CO in time for a nice lunch at a favorite restaurant and get dd checked into her camp-- she hopped out of the car and never looked back! DH and I stayed the night in town-- exhaustion was setting in! Monday we drove to Estes Park to meet friends for lunch-- then spent afternoon in Boulder walking around the shops. After dinner we went to an AWESOME Chris Tomlin concert at Red Rocks... so add another few miles of walking and TONS of stairs. Tuesday DH and I had a nice lunch in down town Denver then found a great little park just north of the airport to walk/hike a few miles at. It was a wetland conservation area so there were tons of birds--and very few people. We were surprised at how much we liked it. Our flight out was at night-- plane left on time but just after pulling away from the gate we were delayed 2 HOURS due to some thunderstorms in the area. We were home by 1am on Wednesday. It was an adventure-- so many beautiful things to see and MILES to walk/hike. I held up pretty well too-- last month I had another bad fall and messed up my right knee-- so I've been in PT for both my shoulder (recent rotatory cuff repair) and my knee. I faithfully used my walking stick and was able to keep up with DH and dd.-- AMAZINGLY we all kept our cool throughout the delays and unexpected detours. Lots of good memories we can look back on and laugh about! Today I'm downloading our photos and will start making a photo-book/journal of our adventure.
  10. Double vote for walk-in Ortho clinic. Urgent cares and ERs usually look only for broken bones. There are far worse injuries than broken bones! An Ortho clinic can check more. Your shoulder injury/pain symptoms sounds a lot like mine after my fall in September. Regular Doc ran x-rays and said nothing broken just rest. I went to Ortho who did MRI and found a torn bicep and a badly torn rotator cuff (he said maybe 80% torn).... 5 months of PT (bicep healed on its own!) then I begged for surgery for my rotator cuff and during surgery the Dr sait it was over 90% torn! I had FULL mobility (just a lot of pain) before surgery. After surgery I had zero mobility and have now (4 months later) reached 60% mobility-- but progress seems to be speeding up. The pain is a lot less too.
  11. Nix. Nit-picking. Use the lice comb and comb in tiny sections-- wipe on paper towel in between each time. We also dip comb in boiling water before wiping on paper towel. Fingernails can help the eggs to slide off the hair shaft... Do this in a bright/well-lit location. Blow dry hair and if you can, use a flat iron. Lice cannot stand heat! We changed bedding-- but did not go to extremes (like putting all toys in bags for weeks). Put a few drops of tea tree oil in her shampoo/conditioner for the next few weeks (before you apply shampoo to her head put it in your hand and add a few drops of tea tree oil-- the smell will go away in a few minutes!). I would do this for EVERYONE in the family. I think blow drying hair and using the flat iron helped the most!
  12. DH and I have a 'split king' in the master-- basically 2 XL twins using the same wooden king headboard/footboard/rails-- the bases are 'adjustable (and have a massage feature!). The mattresses are memory foam-- and are VERY firm. So much more comfortable than our traditional mattresses were! The guest bed is a queen-- it also has a memory foam mattress. It is more 'medium' - 'medium/firm'. Oldest dd has an XL twin in her master-- her room is smallish and she has no need for a larger bed. Her mattress-- yep- foam. It is firm (but not as firm as our master ones). DD also has an XL twin in her guest bedroom. It is my favorite of all (I'm debating trading her)-- it is a medium/firm and is quite comfortable for my bad back. DD is 5'7" and LOVES her XL twin-- same amount of room she would have if she shared a king size...
  13. I do most of what you are wanting in Preview. You can also copy parts of pages and paste into Pages (Pages is the MS Word of the Mac world)-- then save as PDF file (Pages can also save in MS Word format). Open PDF with Preview-- at this point I like to copy the document and work with the copy Select the top left icon and choose Thumbnails-- you can rearrange/delete. If you amended a page and saved it as a PDF file just open it up and choose Thumbnail view-- click and drag the Thumbnail to your main (working) document Thumbnail section and they are merged. I use the Mac tools-- I'm not an Adobe fan.
  14. I've struggled with this for 40 years now-- since I was a teen. I've also tried just about everything available. I get very tired of well-meaning people telling me a little aloe or colloidal silver will fix the issue. This is a GENETIC issue. I think environment/exposure can be a trigger-- but not a cause. Psoriasis forms at the base level of (mostly) skin cells-- topicals do not penetrate deep enough and creams/lotions just help the top scaling. I tried a very bland simple diet that had very little impact on my psoriasis--- it did have a NEGATIVE impact on my overall health (dry hair, no energy...I was miserable AND I still had plaques). I think these elimination diets are better served for those with eczema (more of an alergic/sensitivity reaction). The only thing that has helped me was going on a biologic-- specifically a TNFA blocker. When you have psoriasis parts of your T-cells are overactive-- the part that controls inflammation. You end up with immature skin cells surrounded by inflammation- they cannot fully develop and end up looking/acting as scabs (thicker ones) or dry skin (thinner ones). I've had flares where you could not put your hand on ANY part of my body without touching a plaque--- luckily my face was spared for the most part or I would not have left the house. Wearing long sleeves and long pants in Texas in the hot summer was not pleasant-- but peoples remarks (and staring in disgust) were worse. Then I found the biologics. Enbrel worked the best for me (no side effects) but after several years my body got used to it so it no longer worked-- Humira made me deathly ill (think worst flu in your life) BUT it cleared me after 6 weeks of use and I stayed clear for nearly a year-- not typical but AWESOME for me! Stellara raised my blood pressure... I'm currently on and off Cosyntex (sp?). I went off after my shoulder injury last fall-- but I've stayed mostly clear since (I think my body has other things to do with the extensive injury). All of these are injections-- giving yourself shots is NOT fun-- but for me it was a good choice. I'm actually ill less often while on them-- DH thinks it is because I have fewer open wounds (and he is probably right). The newest biologics are in pill form. Some promising results are out there-- but I'm not ready to try them yet. I must add that biologics do have risks-- I was the first person on Enbrel to have a traumatic bone injury-- since it is a TNFA blocker and your body produces TNFA to let your bones know when there is an injury so they will start healing I went several MONTHS in pain because the extent of my hand injury was masked due to the Enbrel. Now Drs know that when people are on biologics they do not present typically with bone injuries. I did go off of Cosentyx after my fall/shoulder injury last fall as a precaution-- I'm hoping to go back on it in the next week or so-- I have a few plaques on my elbows and under my fingernails (looks horrid and it hurts!)-- I also have psoriatic arthritis in my hands and the biologics actually help that and when I'm older/senior I'll have less joint damage and greater mobility. I think that psoriasis and most other auto-immune disorders are genetic mutations... the research is fascinating...
  15. Please go to the Ortho first-- let them order the MRI-- there are different views (contrast/no contrast) and other considerations. The Ortho will also have MUCH more experience in understanding the MRI results. A good ortho office will get you in quickly. There is so much more to back pain than bulging disks and arthritis!
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