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  1. Most of the GSD's we've had have LOVED chasing squirrels... our current one has never paid attention to them. Once one of our GSD's caught one-- he was so surprised he did not know what to do-- so he just licked it from top to bottom and let it go! This was the same dog who loved to hunt for mice under the bird feeder each night (midnight snack!).
  2. ((hugs)) So sorry you mom is going through all of this.
  3. I started out with every intention of sending my children to PS-- as I was a PS teacher... When my oldest was in 2nd grade her teacher pulled me aside and said that dd would be better off if she were homeschooled (this is from a teacher who typically would not support homeschooling). A few weeks later the school counselor made the same comment to me. Shortly after that my dd's psychiatrist (at evaluation) made the same comment-- and he was NOT a supporter of homeschooling. Finally my eyes were opened and I realized that my dd's learning style was not going to mesh with PS and I started
  4. I homeschooled for 13 years-- (2 of my 3 girls graduated from our homeschool). Both went on to graduate college with honors -- but homeschooling journey was not what I would call 'easy'-- high functioning autism and medical (and mental health) issues... Youngest dd was in PS all the way through. I've been teaching math to homeschoolers (other than my own kids!) for the past forever-- using online classes exclusively for past 18 years. LOVE the WTM-- it was a blessing to me in my homeschooling journey
  5. I have a dd who is going through similar (NEARLY IDENTICAL) issues (her first seizure was just over a year ago- It is extremely possible that your dd experienced a PNES seizure-- these are non-epileptic seizures (your body's reaction to excessive anxiety/stress). Not life threatening-- but can be life-altering. If it was a PNES seizure it does not alter brain chemistry (meaning no reset). LOTS of hugs headed your way--You can PM me if you would like. It can be VERY difficult to find out information about this disorder-- and even harder to find a DR who knows how to treat it... mos
  6. These are 100000% REAL SEIZURES-- they are not controllable and meet every definition of seizure. They are just not 'epileptic seizures'. Seizures from fever are also not epileptic seizures-- they can cause brain damage too... Seizures from medication or trauma are not epileptic seizures-- but they are still seizures and can cause further damage... You 'can' call PNES a 'mental illness'-- but that does not make these less REAL. She is dealing with repeated concussions and other bodily damage (talk to her chiropractor!!) because of these. In reality current medical authori
  7. Birth dad's job is 'hourly wage' (he does have college degree but is not using it). He does pay CS. He cannot afford both insurance and CS (our lawyer agrees). When the initial custody agreement was made dd was working a full time job (teacher)-- her employer had great insurance benefits for her and GS....that is now gone. CHIP's issue is that dd is not working. The exchange's issue is that dd is not working. Her type of seizures are more 'disabling' than epileptic seizures-- but they are not life threatening (like epileptic seizures). It takes 2-3 YEARS to get disability ben
  8. Baby has some sort of virus (not Covid). Dr was not overly concerned about the tremors since they lasted only a few seconds each-- and he only had them when his fever was spiking. Fever has come down and vomiting has stopped-- he has nibbled a few things. Pedialite pops have been a hit... he still looks miserable. -- Wednesday update-- no fever this morning. It took FOREVER to get him to sleep last night-- but he slept peacefully after that. I think he takes after DH who doesn't do 'sick' very well...
  9. Technically someone is supposed to be able to insure baby-- CHIP says exchange and exchange says CHIP... we feel like a ping pong ball!
  10. I wish it worked that way... dd must make a minimum of $18000 this year in order for her to maintain HER insurance... that is not going to happen-- so she will be uninsured-- and racking up tax penalties!!!! as of December 31. The 'exchange' has denied baby coverage even though mom has it (DH and I pay her premium)--baby had it for part of last year then it was canceled Jan 1. DD will not qualify for medicaid for another TWO YEARS....DH and I cannot afford to pay her medical care/ medications for that period. This is just not right.
  11. We have applied several times-- and were just denied again... You can be child of illegal immigrant and have insurance--you cannot be child of person medically unable to work...
  12. Baby on way to his old Dr about an hour away... going to be a $$$$ visit... DH and I will need to absorb it. His fever holding at 101 F AFTER meds (alternating Motrin and Tylenol). No way DD will let us take custody... going to birth dad and his wife is less than ideal and is not going to happen.
  13. Yes--bummer... OH she also needs to make $18,000+ this year or she will not be able to have health insurance ANYWHERE. She would love to work but can barely take care of her own needs (DH and I are raising the baby!). Even online work is not possible when her seizures can put her 'out of it' for hours at a time... She typically has 4-6 seizures a day-- many of them violent (where she hits head or something). I'd be DELIGHTED if her seizures were to suddenly stop.... chances are extremely low.... 2 more years to wait and pray-- in the mean time no insurance for her OR her
  14. DH and I are raising our GS (16 month old grand son) with a bit of help from his mom who also lives with us (she is disabled due to seizure disorder--having multiple non-epileptic seizures every day). This is the first time GS has been ill (other than mild teething stuff). He is running a 102.4 F fever --3 hours after Tylenol... he also vomited a lot last night. He is also having muscle spasms (most likely due to fever)--they only last a few seconds at a time. He has slept a little-- but wakes up screaming about every 2 hours. -- DH, DD and I are fully vaccinated agai
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