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  1. Lets start by clarifying-- Trigonometry is NOT Algebra-- why would you expect it in an Algebra text???? Some advanced students can move through Algebra 2 in a semester or 3 quarters so a FEW publishers will add a unit on Trig to fill out the year-- however it is rarely a complete course. Trigonometry is typically found in a Pre-Calculus course. Pre-Calculus is one semester of College Algebra (Algebra 3) and one semester of Trigonometry. Lial Pre-Calculus is a strong text-- it has strong/full/complete coverage of Trigonometry. The students who struggle the most in college
  2. When I homeschooled my oldest dds I worked for mastery. I did not officially test them until they began Algebra 1. I absolutely knew if they needed to camp out or move on with a concept. When they got to Algebra 1 and we tested if the grade was below a B we spent more time on that concept. (We ALWAYS re-worked any missed problem together and worked a few more of the same type as practice even if they scored an A...). This meant that oldest dd (learning differences) took 2 years to get through Algebra 1 and 2 years to get through Algebra 2 (her only high school maths!)-- she ACED her Colleg
  3. What I make almost every week: Creamy sweet potatoes-- add about 2 cups water, place metal trivet inside, add washed sweet potatoes (cut in large chunks). Cover and cook 16 minutes. Let natural release about 5 minutes. They are soft, fluffy and perfect for homemade baby food (primary purpose) or yummy side dish. Whole chicken-- rinse chicken and place breast down. Add 2 cups water. Top with onion (minced or sliced), some good shakes of poultry seasoning, maybe some garlic and cook for 30 minutes (up to 35 minutes if it is extra large). Manual or natural release, drain and reserv
  4. The Lial Pre-Calc text contains the whole Lial College Algebra (one semester) and the whole Lial Trigonometry (one semester) materials. For your daughter's goals I would start by working through the College Algebra (first half) part. Every odd is a bit much (unlike Introductory and Intermediate Algebra where it was just right). I would probably do a few of the first problems, more of the middle and then a few of the end of each lesson (if that makes sense). It is fine to take a year if you need too-- if you have a bit of extra time at the end of the year you could do a unit on probabi
  5. The concrete floors have had their time (18 years)-- no way to refinish them --a few years ago we had someone come out to 'refinish' the 3 smaller bedrooms and that was a disaster! HUGE waste of $$$ and the result was beyond horrid (lots of area rugs in use now). In our area most kid bedrooms are carpeted. That is something easy to change if buyers have need. The main areas are what we are more concerned about. The master bath is a big room-- extra tall ceiling and skylight... tub is in corner with half-walls of block windows-- so LOTS of light. The cinnamon floor stain was made to c
  6. We have decided to do some upgrades to our house of 18 years then sell and purchase a house without as much land (so downsizing in a way-- plus we would pay cash for new house!). Currently we have stained concrete floors (cinnamon color) in every room (4 bed 3 bath) and we really really need to put down new flooring before we sell. We will put carpet in 3 of the bedrooms. We would like vinyl planking in the main areas of the house plus the master bedroom. Great room, kitchen and breakfast area are all open to each other. Kitchen has white cabinets. The great room has a wet bar wi
  7. Main issue is that she has ZERO income-- COBRA is totally out of question $$$$. She is unable to work (seizures too frequent). She had to resign her teaching job. No way to work with middle school students when you have seizures several times a day! Disability takes at least a year to get going-- and it will be VERY hard to get. People like my dd just fall through the cracks. I know baby will be able to get insurance somehow-- but I think my dd is out of luck. I want to scream!
  8. DD 27 is living with us-- she has an 8 month old child. She is getting a small amount of child support... DD is unemployed-- she worked part of last/this year as a PS teacher then went on a medical leave due to 'stress seizures' after the baby's birth... Her insurance benefits through the school expire TOMORROW! Anyone have any idea of where she can get insurance for her and her child? With seizure disorders you have to be documented for one year before you can start applying for disability (6 months from now!). It may be possible for baby-dad to add child to his insurance
  9. I tore my RC and bicep in a silly treadmill accident 2 years ago. Recovery time was just over 1 year. I did EXTENSIVE PT for over 6 months -- the bicep healed but the RC did not-- Surgery recovery was PAINFUL-- and left me without the use of my arm for months... Thankfully it was my left side-- and I'm right handed. I chose to go the conservative route-- that partially worked!
  10. So sorry for your loss. Our horse, Jack, has a short tail in heaven... my older dd made me a beautiful necklace and bracelet...I have never worn them-- I cry every time I look at them...
  11. Mine was partial-- everything tasted bland for about 2 weeks--I could still smell the cat box... My sister is currently Covid + and has total loss of taste and smell.
  12. DD's university had more students back out (of rooming in dorms) at the last minute than anticipated, however, DD is in honors housing-- and they had fewer drop so there is a good chance DD will have single (double room space!) for at least the fall semester. The university housing does not want to change assigned dorms if at all possible because dorms are linked to 'learning communities' and like majors. I hope your son's new roommate works out-- my DH is still great friends with his last minute assigned roommate...
  13. First thing to remember is that there is NOT a standard way to work/write proofs. Student should avoid steps that do not lead to conclusion. Scratch paper is valuable in longer proofs! The diagram is one of the most important parts of the proof-- and it is often overlooked! Here are some basic steps I have my Geometry students use when writing formal 2-column proofs: 1. Copy the Given/Prove statements and diagram (first 3-4 lines) 2. Make the Statement Reason chart 3. List all of the Given information AND mark it on the diagram! 4. Look at the Prove s
  14. Update: Housing contacted DD after move-in and said that they would not charge her for private/single room (YEA!). There is still a small chance that they could assign her a roommate-- but it would be based on preference questions and approval meeting. Her dorm floor is small (not many rooms)-- only students from her floor are allowed in her dorm room. No one outside the dorm is allowed past the lobby... All of her orientation meetings are virtual-- but in small groups-- usually 10 students grouped by major and/or interest. The first night she ate dinner with a few students from
  15. I had nausea with my COVID experience... It came in waves-- mornings were better. I had a bad headache-- top of head--too. My fever was mainly in evening/night (got to 102F a few days). I had almost zero respiratory symptoms. The fatigue, aches and chills were the worst part (besides nausea/tummy ache). I've heard gastro was the less severe type...
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