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  1. Loyola Chicago and Seattle U were two of my soon-to-be college freshman’s safety schools. University of Portland was also on her list and it’s supposed to have a strong nursing program. It is in a residential area, but it’s easy to get to downtown.
  2. There are still a few moving pieces, but here is the current plan: Math: DO Algebra II English: Lit will be on our own. Writing likely Lantern English. May also do one eight week grammar course at LE to solidify capitalization and punctuation. Science: GH Chemistry in the Kitchen + LoF Chemistry or similar to cover some of the math. 10th grader is likely to go into STEM if her dance career doesn’t pan out so while I’m sure she will love the GH course, we’d like to cover the math basics too. History: American history focused on the voices of women and BIPOC Americans (co-op) Chinese: either continuing with the tutor she worked with this year or through OSU online Electives: 1/2 credit personal finance (co-op), 1/2 credit music appreciation (co-op), 1 (fine arts?) credit for her dance. She dances 15+ hours a week. It was her PE credit in 9th. She would really like to find time to do some programming, game design, etc, work but we will get these things going and see how the workload is first. Hopefully she can find a couple hours a week?
  3. It’s true. They wouldn’t know. However, I would like to put the work she did last year on her high school transcript. She has been doing high school level work for a few years now and feels ready to move onto college level work soon. In our state, there is a program that covers the cost of classes at community colleges. Only juniors and seniors are eligible for the program though, so she would like to be considered a junior in 2022-2023 to start taking DE classes without having to pay for the classes.
  4. I am not a homeschooling expert, however we had to reevaluate my daughter’s plans for her senior year this past school year. She only needed one credit to graduate, but she had planned on a dual enrollment heavy year anyway. The local community college was all online. She was absolutely miserable doing calculus and science in her room with only a textbook and no lectures and no feedback even from the science teacher. She didn’t even get her midterm back in that class until a week after her final. So we reevaluated. We made sure she got that last credit done. She ended up using Guest Hollow’s geography we had purchased her little sister. It was a big hit with both girls. She continued studying calculus on her own as she loves math. She was also really interested in Astronomy, so we found a class in that that was a lot more interactive than just sitting alone in her room with a textbook. She did other things of interest including drawing classes. After fall quarter she was convinced she either wanted to take a gap year or not go to college at all, but after pivoting and a more “out of the box” rest of the year, she is excited to start at a university in the fall! Sounds like you have a good plan to me!
  5. Wow! Thank you so much everyone! I asked my daughter how she felt about literature focused on humor, and she seemed very excited. I will likely have a few more questions as I try to design the class, but I think we are on to something that might just get her excited about reading again!
  6. Thanks for the reading hour idea. I really think it could work with my daughter as she enjoys most of the stuff she reads once she gets going. Also, thanks for the specific recommendations. She is doing American History focused on often overlooked voices at her co-op next year.
  7. Hi! My rising 10th grader used to be a voracious reader. However, over the last couple of years she has stopped reading for pleasure almost entirely. She will likely do dual enrollment English in 11th grade, and I feel like she is likely on track to do well in that class, so my main goal for this year is to try and rekindle her love of reading. I may not be successful, but I’d like to try. I am new to homeschooling high school, so I would really love advice on either how to design our own class or recommendations for classes you know of that might include very interesting stories that still have the kind of writing to help increase her vocabulary and broaden her views. Sci-if/fantasy, religious, short stories, poetry, anything is on the table. She is a very open minded kid with tons of varied interests, and she especially loves humor. I would like outside help with the grading of the writing part, but I could always outsource writing to Lantern English or similar. Thanks in advance for helping me brainstorm the final piece of the curriculum puzzle for her next year.
  8. After sleeping on it, I decided that answering this question about a fifth year would help a lot of other things fall into place so I edited my original post. I'm going to go read old threads and see if I can find the right fit literature class for her for next year, and if not, I'll be back with a new post about that. This is my third kid and neither of the older two graduated early. My other two are both so much more academically focused, but both were able to keep learning by doing DE. There is no great dance training nearby. 😞 Well there is a two year pre-pro program not too far away that maybe she could get into when she's 16-17, but it's unlikely as they almost never take local kids (probably because no local place has the kind of training you need to get into the program, sigh). We were planning on a gap year, but then figured if we didn't graduate her until after that fifth year it would give her the benefit of being able to apply to colleges a year later as well as keep open the option of taking college level courses on programming, game design, etc. while not losing her freshman status for college. I guess it might depend on whether she was going to do the project by taking classes or independently. Thanks so much for the thoughts! So many ways to go about homeschooling high school!!
  9. Mine graduating this year will also have 32. We didn’t pull up anything from middle school, but DE credits add up fast since I was told to give a full credit for each course they take.
  10. Thank you! That is very reassuring. I know I could just call the upcoming year her freshman year (and then roll up geometry and maybe biology if she didn’t do AP/DE bio later) so she could be 17 when she graduates instead of 16, but her plan A is to go away to continue her ballet training once she graduates so 16 would be better for that. Plus, she skipped 6th grade at her school before she came home so she would feel like she was held back if we made next year freshman year. I just didn’t want colleges to reject her for taking an extra year in high school since that may end up being the best path if she pivots away from dance.
  11. Hi! My youngest is 13 and finishing up her freshman year of high school. Since she is young, we are considering an extra year for a capstone-type project? She is very interested in everything about game design — game play, programming, art, sound design — though she is also a novice at all of it. Could she spend a year mainly focused on those things instead of only trying to squeeze them in with a full load of other classes? Would it be best to be a gap year project after applying to colleges and graduating, a super-senior year while applying to colleges, or maybe between sophomore and junior so she would then be a junior and doing mostly/all DE at a slightly older age. Anyone have thoughts on how colleges would view a fifth year spent focused on something that “out of the box” but still including all sorts of math, physics, writing, art, computer science, etc? Thanks in advance for any advice!
  12. I don’t have any advice. In fact, I’m about to post a very similar thread. I wanted to pop in to say too bad we (very likely) aren’t local to each other. I have a serious dancer who would love more dance friends. She also my last at home and likely to graduate early.
  13. I'm so sorry. Hugs.
  14. We have talked about medical illustration as it combines her love of drawing with her love of body related things. Good to know it pays well! Thank you!
  15. Thank you, Farrar. It is so hard to find the right balance when they have a passion that is very time consuming, must be done when very young, but there is no clear path forward. Like you said, she plans to pursue dance as long as it makes sense and does plan to go to college eventually, whether that is a class at a time as she is training and/or dancing professionally or full time once she moves on from this path. Who knows at this point?!? Thank you again for some much more to consider as we ponder her next steps!
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