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  1. Why would any professor be assigning group projects to college students in the middle of a pandemic? Even experienced professionals I know are having difficulty completing projects when meetings have to be done all online and collaboration is difficult.
  2. My aunt had six kids with two different men, but she left them all and ran off with another man. She lived as a drifter, homeless woman, and thief. After her third husband went to prison (again), she moved close to my mom (her sister) thinking my mom would take care of her. My mom tried to have a relationship with her sister, but it was toxic, so mom cut her out of her life. My aunt ended up in a government funded senior facility. Only one of her six children and one of her three living siblings (my mom) even cared enough to visit her in her last days and she died alone, leaving nothing.
  3. I'm sorry. It really has nothing to do with you. People are weird. I don't understand how wearing a face mask is such a big deal, especially if it will save lives and get rid of this stupid virus, but I came across an article that said the face mask issue was a problem during the Spanish Flu too! My church is requiring face masks, but knows some people have a problem with it and has stated, "We ask you to be patient and extend grace to others, particularly if their precautions are different than yours."
  4. Of my two left of home, one is doing OK, not great, but OK and the other could be better. The older one is an introvert and is busy with homeschool, college applications, and his hobbies. He's been able to do some youth group activities and some outdoor activities, so he has some social events, although of his two favorite activities, one stopped in March and may never return and the other has only had one outdoor event. The younger one is an extrovert and she's struggling a bit more. Her long time best friend dumped her for new friends right before the shutdown and her other good friend is bu
  5. Some of you may know the story of how Josh Groban became famous. He has an amazing voice (luck and natural talent) and he studied voice at an arts high school (hard work). When Andrea Bocelli was not able to attend a practice for the Grammys with Celine Dion, somebody recommended the 17 year old with the great voice and that's how Groban was "discovered". Josh talks about that as "preparation meeting opportunity" and I've always liked that phrase because it never hurts to develop your talents. That doesn't mean that opportunity will always show up though. If he had lived in some rural town ins
  6. Our mail used to be delivered after 4 pm every day, but it was very consistent. There were a few times that it was later. Now we get our mail in the early afternoon and the time is consistent again, just earlier.
  7. I think it's a bad business decision. I'm noticing more and more people I know who are deleting FB or using it far less than they did in the past. Some more conservative people I know are moving to other platforms and rarely using FB at all anymore. Young people are dumping it completely. Having FB as your only business contact may be a bad idea.
  8. She's so cute. There's no way you can be angry with her!
  9. I've snoozed about a third of my FB friends. Some people who are perfectly nice in person have become raving lunatics about a certain candidate and make every other post about that person. Even when I agree with the poster, I don't want my feed filled with angry political posts, so more than a few political posts from either side gets a person snoozed. I did finally unfriend someone the other day. She's not someone I ever need to interact with in person and she copied and pasted a long political post that was both divisive and personally insulting to me. I thought, "I don't need this. I barel
  10. Red herring? The argument FOR wearing masks is that it protects vulnerable people from a contagious disease in a pandemic. Bringing in other types of deaths from other risk factors doesn't have anything to do with wearing masks to protect from THIS risk.
  11. I've always lived in a battleground state. I get texts several times a day, my cell phone rings constantly with unknown numbers, and my mailbox is filled with political mail. We always get a lot, but it's more intense this year.
  12. Our stores still have closed dressing rooms. When I went to Kohl's the other day, they had someone at the door sanitizing carts and telling people that the fitting rooms were closed. DD and DS both needed some new clothes, so I measured them and used online size charts. Some of the things were bought in the store and others came today and seemed to fit OK.
  13. The coach, football player, and guy from church have all recovered. They were all fairly young and athletic. The pastor is recovering, Oh, he got Covid from his college age son who recovered quickly. The mother of DD's friend is up and down. Some days she feels better and other days she's too weak to get up. Other than the cousin who died, none of the others were hospitalized.
  14. After not having outside the house activities for so long, I'm struggling with new schedules too. The "repeat" function on my cell phone alarm is saving me! I set the time to get ready, the time to leave, and the time I need to leave the house for pickup.
  15. A long time friend posted online to say that her cousin died of Covid yesterday. The mother of one of DD's friends has Covid and the kids have mild symptoms. The pastor of our old church has Covid. I learned recently that a guy from our church had Covid a couple of months ago. Both a coach at the local middle school and a football player at the high school have recently had Covid. There seem to be more local cases or at least cases of people I know personally.😟
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