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  1. I'm following this carefully because I'm just about to head out for a vacation at SIL's place AND we're taking one of dd's friends. This is a SIL that we get along well with, but she's always lived in another state. We went years without visiting because all our time and money was used up by kids activities. SIL bought a condo at the beach to use for retirement and keeps telling us we are welcome to visit "any time". In the fall we asked if she was serious and she said yes, so we went for a week. She isn't yet living there full time, but came for several days and we had a great time with her a
  2. I had my first at 25 and my last child at 42. I had finished my undergrad degree but was still in school when I got pregnant with my first and had to quit due to bad morning sickness. I went back after child #2 and finished that degree when they were ages 2 and 4. So, I guess we were fairly young parents and fairly old parents and we won't finish parenting until we're in our 60's. There are good and bad to having kids in your 20's vs 40's and I think late 20's/early 30's is a good time to have kids because there's been time for education, but you're feeling so old when you still have kids at h
  3. No, no, no! That is NOT how a drug trial works! My son is a trial participant. He is a VOLUNTEER for the trial phase. He went in knowing that he could get either the actual vaccine or the placebo. It was double blind and even the people giving the shots didn't know who was getting the real thing. Everything is numbered so they can match it. He was paid a small amount of money to get the shot and then go in weekly for blood work and/or complete a survey about reactions, side effects, Covid symptoms, or whether he got Covid. When the companies got emergency use approval for the vaccines, all th
  4. Yes, I know someone who keeps posting all these weird youtube videos. I watch a lot of different news stations (including Fox) that lean both right and left and I'm not seeing it coming from there. Also, the Covid vaccine brings out strange actions. The formerly rabid anti-vaxxer is all about promoting the Covid vaccine now. The former vaccine positive are against getting the Covid vaccine because it's experimental*. The former slow vaccine people are either very pro-Covid vaccine or very anti-Covid vaccine and seem to have lost their moderate position. *On a side note, my ds who's been
  5. I'm curious if anyone here either lives in that school district or has been following what's been going on there. I know a woman who teaches high school history there, but I haven't been brave enough to email her and ask because she appears to be trying to stay out of it. The school board meetings look like a riot is about to break out and many of the parents seem really angry. It's like they poked the momma bears and it's not going to end well. A teacher who stood up at the school board meeting was fired and then reinstated by a judge. Other teachers are complaining about training that requir
  6. My DS has a STEM degree, but has been working a job that is so terrible that every member of the family has been begging him to quit. We told him we'd rather have him move home than continue to be abused (he was actually beat up in the parking lot by strangers while the security guard did nothing) for very low wages. A sibling offered to pay him the same amount to be a nanny just to get him out of that job. No breaks, no lunch, horrible hours, drunk boss, and no promised bonus, theft of property...at one of their other facilities the entire staff walked off the job. Tomorrow is his last day a
  7. I could have written all the bolded myself. My last corporate job was even working for an architect and I've been away from it so long I'm not sure I can, or even want to, go back to that kind of work. I graduated one this year, but he'll be living at home while going to school and I'll be homeschooling a freshman. I'm already thinking about what's next for me. I'll be in my 60's when my last child graduates from high school. I love homeschooling, but it's the relationships, flexibility, and learning whatever we want together that I love. I'm just not sure that all translates to teaching someo
  8. We did this too and it was helpful for awhile and then we became homeschoolers and it didn't matter much. DS was homeschooled, but he did a sport at the high school this year and being close was still helpful.
  9. Yes! I'm generally an introvert, but I keep going between being thrilled about doing stuff and seeing people and being overwhelmed by how much I'm suddenly expected to do. There wasn't any transition time. In April I was still sitting at home every day and then May came and it was graduation parties, church activities, dance recital, doctor visits, dinner with clients, birthday parties, and more.
  10. I was starting to feel really good about our Covid numbers coming down, but then DS came home from one of his activities today and told me one of the other boys said his father died from Covid. It had to have happened within the past two months. The boy is 15 and I believe he's autistic, a nice but very quirky kid who often needs extra support. His mom has been in the hospital long term, possibly with a brain tumor. The leader of the group saw the boy at the hospital and the boy said he'd missed activities because things hadn't been going well. He's now living with some other relatives, but I
  11. I'd love to see what they're getting that is making them add comments to their website! Our state doesn't have or recognize umbrella schools, so that's not even an option here and I don't know of any "clearinghouse, guild, or association" that even makes transcripts for people in my state. I do a subject transcript that lists each subject with courses taken under it and credits and grades to the right. It's easy to understand and I could easily provide course descriptions or a grade level transcript if required.
  12. Haven't you seen the meme that says, "Taco Tuesday sends a terrible message to our children. ...they need to know that tacos are an option every day."
  13. DS came into the room today and asked if we could have tacos for lunch because he really wanted tacos. A few minutes later, I got a text from our church youth leader saying they were having Taco Tuesday with games and tacos for teens at lunch time today. Maybe DS was praying about having tacos and God answered his prayer.😂
  14. DS is graduating with 28.5 credits. I think if you have more than a few DE credits, it would be easy to get to 32.
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