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  1. I sat down and talked DD yesterday about ideas for high school. Here's a first draft for 9th grade: Math: Mr D Algebra 2 Science: CK-12 Biology with Guest Hollow labs and extra activities History: Tapestry of Grace Year 1 Ancients English: WWS 2, a combination of Tapestry ancient literature and other literature, MCT Vocab. Foreign Language: ASL and probably German, but haven't decided on curriculum/provider Electives: Dave Ramsey Personal Finance; Auto UpKeep Extracurricular or PE: Dance
  2. In my area, there are Facebook lost and found pages. People in the area share the posts and they have a pretty good record of getting animals returned. Have they tried posting on those kinds of sites? Some of the animals are found a surprising distance away.
  3. I just got a text asking if I'd be interested in homeschooling an 8th grader who has ADHD and is not doing well with virtual school. I'm already homeschooling my advanced 8th grader and my senior who I'm working with directly on several subjects due to some goals he's trying to achieve. I'm tempted to tell her that I doubt they'd be willing to pay me what I'd want for private schooling someone else's kid. The person who asked me has already graduated several homeschooled kids and is homeschooling her own middle schoolers, so I guess she's already turned it down.
  4. I used cloth diapers for all of my kids starting with pins and vinyl pants to the snap pocket diapers. I loved BumGenius diapers and that's what I used with my youngest. My son and DIL tried a few different cloth diapers for my grandbaby and they ended up with BunGenius too.
  5. My DS is in the final semester of his senior year. We've had so many challenges this past year. DS has a nomination to a military academy, but we fear he won't get an appointment and it may be because he hasn't been able to raise his ACT (cancelled over and over and over), hasn't had access to the things he usually uses to stay in shape, hasn't been able to take his fitness test and with the deadline soon he'll have no chance to retake if he doesn't pass, and so many other smaller frustrations. He says if he doesn't get an appointment or prep school he'll just spend the next year taking some c
  6. Yes, I would buy them. You'll always need towels and you won't need to buy any for a long time.
  7. We got a package a couple of days ago. I got a package and thought that something was missing, but put off checking what else should have come from that company. There was a hoodie I ordered for DD and when I opened the package I said, "Merry Christmas! Here's a late present." I gave DS money to order some things he wanted for Christmas and they all came this week.
  8. I'm in pretty much the same condition and age range as you and, when I can convince myself to exercise, the rowing machine wins almost every time. I hate the treadmill. The rowing machine doesn't have to be intense, but can be if that's what you want. Also, the rowing machine has the advantage of arm exercise and aerobic exercise at the same time.
  9. Forget the trailer for a preschooler. Get a trail-a-bike! The child still gets to ride a bike and doesn't get left behind. The one we have is really stable and it's hard for them to throw the rider off balance.
  10. Our stimulus funds were in our bank account today. I'm still annoyed that DS, a high school senior, doesn't get anything again, as he could use it the most, but I'm not going to complain too much about getting some of our tax money back at a time when we can really use it.
  11. Ladder-backed woodpecker! I see him often hanging around in my front yard and he was the first bird I saw today.
  12. To be fair, one mom said she sometimes put "Excellent" stickers on her older student's papers and they seemed pleased with the praise from mom. I think that may have been what motivated the mom of littles to suggest the sticker chart, but still...🙄
  13. I wonder if it's the same FB group I'm on because, yes, someone did suggest this week that a mom motivate her teen with a sticker chart.
  14. I'm always so glad I found this forum. If I took only the homeschool advice I found on Facebook, I'd have seriously undereducated children. I'm all for using games, field trips, discussion, and fun projects, but I do it along with more academic work. Even so, I often worry that I haven't required enough or I've been too lenient in some areas and my children, who have high goals, are going to struggle. The parents of young children giving advice to parents of high schoolers is often just ridiculous.
  15. Me while reading this post: Add to Goodreads list...Add to Goodreads list...Add to Goodreads list...😂
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