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  1. Pinewood derby cars need to be weighted properly and have dry graphite on the axles or you risk them not making it down the track. It was originally designed to be a parent/child activity and it's really hard for a child to build one himself, but I guess it could work if you use a short track and aren't too concerned about how they look or how fast they go. Another idea is having a raingutter regatta. The boats are much easier to build, the "track" is much easier, and it can be fun in the summer.
  2. Our community does this too and I can't believe some of the things people take. The metal scrappers are out and they take every single bit of metal they can find for recycling. Usually, the only stuff left is truly junk.
  3. I might need to try this. DD's room is stuffed with things because she's artistic, uses everything for an art project, and decorates every inch of her space, but it's not filthy. Teen DS on the other hand is a total slob and very sentimental. When it gets too bad I make him dig through stuff on his desk and dresser and at least get the floor clean.
  4. I was going to say that my purging has come to a halt, but I did get some things out of the house. DS moved to another state and we had some other reasons to drive there. We were able to get rid of a large bin and a few smaller things that belonged to him as well as deliver some small furniture pieces we were storing for him.
  5. That's my problem. There's no way I'm giving him credit for the first semester of this year because he did so little. He's basically starting from the beginning of the book in the second semester and will end up with 1.5 years of physics. I have some things that will require a transcipt at the end of this year and I'm trying to decide if or how I'll show one semester of physics on the transcript.
  6. So we're getting a tax refund. Yay, right? We were going to put it all towards debt since we really, really need to reduce our debt from the long period where dh was un and underemployed after he got screwed over by a former employer (a whole other rant). Today dh had to take our 16 year old car for new brakes. He only did the backs because they were so bad that the guy at the repair place commented on how they were grinding metal to metal when he pulled into the parking lot. The front need replaced too, but can wait a little while. Oh, and our old cat has developed an URI, is having some trouble breathing, and needs to be seen by the vet. This is the story of our life. Whenever there's the smallest chance of progress... I'm trying very hard to just be happy that the new expenses can be covered by the tax refund and not added to our debt.
  7. Our ASM is a former SM whose son aged out 7 years ago. He enjoys seeing the boys grow into men and learning new skills, but he's getting older and has some health issues that prevent things like backpacking. Another former SM stays involved as a merit badge counselor and attends some camping trips and Klondike, but his sons aged out years ago. The Venture crew leader was a former SM and his sons are all adults. There's one more adult active with our troop. He's always willing to backpack or hike but, you guessed it, his sons aged out over a decade ago. Current parents want all these activities, but they never step up to help and don't seem to understand that the people doing all the work have jobs, houses, families and busy lives too. The boys have all these ideas of things they want to do and said they would do more if they had more dates available to work around their busy schedules. DH told them to bring him parents that would help because he can't be available every weekend. DH has started telling parents that if they want events to happen, he's not always available and they're going to need to do it themselves.
  8. I have been involved in Scouting for 23 years and dh is an Eagle Scout and long time Scouter. The program gave my oldest son some amazing experiences and he's an Eagle, and my others were also very active. My youngest son just got Eagle, is in OA, staffed NYLT, and is a Sea Scout. It's been a great program for him. He will age out of the troop later this year, but plans to stay in Sea Scouts. We've been getting more and more unhappy with the decisions from National over the past few years and how those decisions affect the volunteers and Scouts. They keep gutting the program because high adventure is risky and they let insurance dictate too much. The sudden and large increase in fees was unfair to Scouting families and is really just them putting the cost of the lawsuits on the backs of today's Scouts. Like Margaret, I'm angry about them putting Philmont at risk. That piece of property belongs to generations of Scouts and should not be lost because of poor decisions made in regard to The Summit. DH is the Scoutmaster of one of our local troops, but I'm hoping that as ds ages out, he will give up his position as Scoutmaster. We got involved because we wanted our children and their friends to an excellent Scouting experience, but most of the parents in our troop barely do anything and it's too much work for dh, especially as our children are in their teens and involved in many other activities and ds won't even be in the troop anymore. The problem now is that there's nobody else willing to step up as Scoutmaster and dh feels obligated to stay when he'd prefer to do more with ds and the Sea Scout ship now. BSA is still doing well in our area. Our small city has three active troops, a girl troop, 4 Cub packs, and a Crew. Our Council has 10,000 Scouts and three camps and none of the sex abuse claims come from our Council, so hopefully there's little impact locally.
  9. I've made several posts about my son's difficulty with physics this year. At first he was just avoiding it because of the math and he didn't make much progress at all. Thanks to the Hive, we used videos and signed up for the self paced class on virtual homeschool group and things are going much better. He's reading, doing the problems, doing labs, and passing the online quizzes. We essentially started the class over in the second semester of the year. I think it would be advantageous to just keep moving forward and take as long as needed to finish the course, likely taking a year and a half. How would I show that on his transcript? Should I just not show any physics this year and only put physics on his senior year? Should I show a one semester class called something like Intro. to Physics? Some of the public schools will divide classes like algebra into two year courses and label them Algebra A and Algebra B. I won't give him two credits, so maybe Physics A and Physics B would each be a 0.5 credit course? I want to give him credit for the work he's doing this semester without giving him more than he deserves. Taking the time to understand something is a benefit of homeschooling, but I'm not sure how to show it in his records.
  10. The National Park Service strongly advises against doing a rim to rim hike in one day, says "being unprepared can have catastrophic results", and you should spend a year preparing. My kids are experienced hikers, but I would underestimate their abilities when hiking in the Grand Canyon.
  11. Ugh, property taxes are killing us. We have a very moderate house, but our property taxes just keep going up and up. We pay more than an entire month's pay on property taxes. Most of it goes to the schools and I always think how my homeschooled kids could take a trip to Europe on what we pay to the local school district. I totally understand what you mean though. Everytime we think we're making progress on debt reduction, something happens to set us back again. Right now we're trying to keep our 16 year old car limping along for a couple more years because we need to pay off the other car. I wish I had learned more about financial management when we were just starting out.
  12. Yes, it's sad. BSA probably has some of the best child protection rules NOW, but in the past people didn't think much about putting those protections in place. Creeps knew that the nature of the program would give them opportunites to abuse. I'm not a fan of many of the things BSA National does because they don't seem to listen to the volunteers on the front lines, but they're doing this to try to save the program. Hopefully it won't affect local troops much.
  13. How exciting! DS is learning how to sail and it's an interesting activity.
  14. I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Sometimes it makes me feel really bad and I just want to get rid of it. Annoying politcal posts, posts that make me envious, tragic news stories and similar things make me want to log out forever. I often set it so I have to log in every time and that keeps me from too much mindless scrolling. Whenever I think I want to get off it completely, I get important information from Facebook that I wouldn't get otherwise. It could be costuming videos for dance, the dates of the activity signups, a community event, a social activity I would enjoy, or information about homeschooling such as law changes. I also have a few far away friends and relatives that I mainly keep up with on Facebook, so I just haven't able to completely give it up.
  15. I'm finding this thread fascinating. I didn't realize there was such a difference between Catholic and Protestant views of Sunday services. Many people in my church come early and stay late to socialize with others in the congregation and our pastor walks around between services welcoming people. (Of course, he doesn't interrupt anyone praying, meditating, or reading their Bible.) Years ago, some people I met before a church service one day were the ones who became friends and mentors and had a significant impact on my life, so maybe that colors my view. I do understand not wanting to be cataloged by ages and stages and our church does that a lot. When we first started at our church they had young families classes, college age classes, men only classes, retired age classes, and others. We ended up in a mixed class with people in all ages and stages of life and we loved it. We had just been through several late pregnancy losses and it was a bit too painful to be with the young families celebrating another birth or pregnancy almost every week. Another couple found it hard to be in the group with parents of teens and young adults while they were struggling with a young adult son. Others just preferred a mixed age and mixed gender class. We jokingly called ourselves the Misfit Class, but we had an excellent Bible study. Later, like you, we were the family with teens, infants, and toddlers, so where did we fit in? Now that we are older parents, we keep getting invited to a group geared to retired people that meets in the middle of a weekday. Our youngest won't be out of the house for years and dh isn't going to be able to retire anytime soon! Unfortunately, our church dropped most of the Sunday morning classes for the "trendy" weekday small groups and adding one more thing to our weekdays put us off from finding a group. We've been feeling disconnected from our church lately and finally reached out to a group leader who told us the group is probably going to break up. Yeah, too much work. As for name tags, I wouldn't mind them, but our church is fairly big and I can't see getting nametags to several hundred people for each worship service. I have trouble remembering names and tell people when I meet them that I'll likely ask their name several more times before I remember it. We've been there for over 20 years now and one of the assistant pastors still calls dh by the wrong name every single time. I forget the names of people I've known for years when I haven't seen them for awhile and sometimes wish there was a way to jog my memory!
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