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  1. I can't believe the mortgage holder didn't notice this and increase your escrow payment. I think somebody made a mistake by not doing that and is trying to save himself from the fall out.
  2. Our police just posted the following message. We have a river that runs through our downtown and they are there right now with the water rescue team. ***High Water Strong Current*** please be advised the the river is high & currents are strong. Over the last couple of days we have had 11 Water Rescue calls on the river. We are asking that you use caution & PLEASE STAY OFF THE RIVER until the waters recede to a safe depth. Enjoy the beautiful weather today ! Have fun! Stay Safe!
  3. I'm with those still waiting for summer weather to show up. At least the sun is shining today! On the menu? Leftovers for lunch and I haven't even thought about today's dinner yet.
  4. I woke up today to sunshine!!! It's still cool, but the sun is shining! Rain is predicted for the rest of the week, so I'm going to find something I can do outside today!
  5. Our local news station just reported that it's rained five days a week for the past three months. We aren't just imagining it. I would gladly send some of this stuff to Melissa in Australia or anybody else who needs it. I suffer from SAD in the winter and really look forward to summer sunshine. I hope we get some soon!
  6. I don't get it either, especially food truck events. It's not like I'm going to eat multiple meals just because I'm at a food truck event. We know a homeschooling family who has a food truck and they often set up at a brewery that doesn't have a kitchen and do pretty well there, but they really can't handle a large volume of people.
  7. Yes! I've had at least three flash flood warnings this afternoon. Please send us some sunshine! We'll trade all the rain you want for a little time with the sun!
  8. Is there anyone else in the midwest who wants it to JUST. STOP. RAINING? We haven't had even a hint of summer yet. It rains and rains and rains. The farmers are in a panic because it's the end of June and they still can't get their crops in. All of the fun outdoor activities are being cancelled. DS's outdoor swim meet was just called off due to thunderstorms. We were supposed to go canoeing this weekend, but the river that's normally 3 feet deep is at 15 feet and expected to rise higher. There's no way I'm risking that! Our city fire department's water rescue unit has had to rescue six tubers and kayakers from our local river in the past week and a half. Several swimming lakes and beaches have had to close, not just because of temperature, but because the entire beach or area surrounding the lakes are under water. Neighborhoods and roads are flooded all over the region. Somebody please turn off the water!
  9. It's been years since I've tried a push mower and it was harder to push and more work. I wonder if better design has made them easier to use now. Our yard is very uneven and hard to mow and I'm not sure if a push mower would be better or worse, but we often have to mow when the grass is still damp, so that might be a con. I wish I knew someone who had one and would let us try it.
  10. I live in a LCOL area, but people here live paycheck to paycheck too and it's difficult to live on one income. Jobs aren't plentiful (and often disappear) and they pay FAR less than similar jobs in California.
  11. I don't know. In my state, homeschoolers don't get any money at all and have to pay their own way for everything. Vendors love when homeschoolers ask them to provide classes. As you said, many don't get much business during the day when most people are at work or school and they are more than willing to fill that time by reducing the regular prices for homeschoolers.
  12. Our council has two crews at Philmont this week and the cost was $1950 per person for transportation, food, T-shirts, and Philmont costs. With the cost of providing or updating equipment like boots, socks, or backpacks and providing some personal funds, it could easily cost $2500.
  13. Oops, I meant CAN'T stay long enough to finish them. She could just do as many as possible while they are there.
  14. What about going to the swim lessons on vacation even if you can't stay long enough to finish them?
  15. Dh was complaining today about the annoying things his sister posts on FB. Other than him seeing her FB posts, we haven't had contact with her for at least 15 years. She uses and abuses people and there's no reason I have to put up with that. I don't regret it one bit and I highly recommend it. If the extended family doesn't like it, they're welcome to invite anyone they want to their parties, but they don't get to tell me who gets invited to my house. (Fortunately, in my case, the extended family feels the same way about her.)
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