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  1. Our community Facebook page already has people talking about a big party going on with 50+ people, no masks, and lots of drinking at one of the fraternity houses. Also, the adjoining county has a face mask mandate because their numbers are spiking and all of the "can't make me wear a mask" people have decided they'll come to my city. I'm not expecting the numbers of new cases to go down anytime soon.🙁
  2. 1. Most of the classes here have one teacher in a classroom (although our classes are smaller). 2. Where are they going to find those new aides? I have several teachers on my Facebook page who are already saying they aren't willing to go back and risk their lives and subs are always in short supply. 3. How are they going to pay those aides when, due to decreased income taxes this year, school funding is being cut? 4. I agree that many students won't go back, so maybe class size won't be such a problem.
  3. Oh, you must know my neighbor. He's positive that masks don't work and he's angry that his children won't be going back to school full time.
  4. The thing with international students doesn't make any sense to me. They have no control over which of their classes will be online or in person. Our local university has already said they will do whatever they need to do to make sure none of our international students are in a position where they have to leave. I'm friends with people who work in the office with international students and I'm sure they can find a way to get them into at least one in person class.
  5. I live near a university. Next month, thousands of students from all over the country (and world) will move into my city. I don't have a lot of hope that they'll all stay in dorm rooms and apartments when they get here. We need the students because the university is the largest employer in the county, but I'm afraid it may not go well.
  6. No, I would not expect an online tutor to have liability insurance. What kind of thing do they think you might be sued for, failure to do correct proofs?
  7. Thanks. The REI ones are way too expensive for us for recreational paddling and none of the Dick's stores near us have them available. DH says he hopes this means there will be a lot of gently used kayaks available next summer.
  8. My dh does the grocery shopping and he tells me it varies every time he goes. Sometimes it's ice cream and pasta and other times it's soap and paper towels that are missing from the shelf. We have been trying to buy a kayak for dd because, with everything cancelled for summer, we've been taking our canoe to a nearby lake and dd has to sit in the middle. There are no kayaks to be found anywhere near us.
  9. My DIL is a high school band Florida. They are planning to go back to school full time and she is working on band camp. I'm concerned.
  10. Very interesting and very accurate in my case. I'm still in the Acceptance stage, but slowly moving into the Growth stage although it probably wouldn't take much to push me back firmly into Acceptance or even back to Survival on occasion.
  11. Other than the ones already mentioned here (permission to use car, telling us where he's going and when he'll be back, following all laws), cell phones are never to be used when driving. If he gets a call or text or needs to call or text, he's required to find a safe place to stop first.
  12. I remember how disgusted I was when I first heard this story. I had boys the age of the boy she abused and they were definitely still children. Yuck! We recently had a local school *superintendent* who was sent to jail for relationships with multiple teen students from her district!
  13. They're trying to limit the amount of staff members there plus the staff has to both teach and do health checks between classes. DD told me that one teacher did notice that the next group were not distancing and let them know they need to stay on the marks.
  14. This is a hot topic in the neighboring community this week because one of the football players just tested positive for Covid. They've put 21 people who've been in close contact with him into quarantine. Parents aren't feeling confident that the schools are safe or that they'll stay open for long. I don't blame them because I don't think the students will follow the safety rules. I allowed DD13 to go back to dance this week because I felt the studio owner went above and beyond with safety requirements and I thought DD needed it for her mental health. The first time I dropped her off, the other dancers weren't following any of the safety rules. They were to line up outside on marked spaces wearing masks and were going to be taken in one at a time for health checks and hand sanitizing. They were outside standing next to each other with their masks pulled down.😕 I may have to tell DD that she's going to have to go back to online classes. If teenagers can't even follow the procedure for 10 minutes, school will be a nightmare.
  15. If Scout doesn't normally go outside, Obama may have been angry about Scout invading his territory. Cats are weird.
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