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  1. I'm not very involved in the local co-ops other than reading FB posts or knowing a few people in them, but I would say they are definitely not anti-vax! I really only know one anti-vax homeschooler. The other homeschoolers or former homeschoolers I know are either very pro-vax (one's dh is director of our health department) or have changed their mind over the years and are now pro-vax. I think it's a generalization that's more likely to be based on your local community.
  2. We have a graduate this year too and he's also lost so many important events in the past year. We've decided to have an event in our yard. I'm thinking a short ceremony where I talk about our years of homeschooling which will probably only be attended by a few family members. After that, I'm planning an open house with a display table of things he's done during high school, and snacks and cupcakes. We won't invite too many people and I'm not sure if more than a few will come anyway. I told DS that we will invite people and, whether anyone else comes or not, the four of us who live here will ce
  3. We also have a 17+ year old car and are hoping we can get at least another year or two out of it, but I understand why you don't want to buy another car. I've been thinking about what we'll do if we can't drive that car and, no, we couldn't get by on one car. We could probably walk to church, restaurants, or the library in nice weather if we really had to, but not a lot of other places and not for most of the year when sidewalks are icy/snow covered or the weather is cold/rainy/snowy. I live in an area with very poor public transportation. I'd have to walk miles just to get to a bus stop and
  4. I don't know of any club team that limits team members. More team members brings in more money to the club and increases the possibility of high scoring or placing gymnasts. They do give team awards, but they use the top three individual scores from each team so lower scoring team members don't even affect the team score.
  5. Gymnastics is an individual sport so there's not so much "winning games" or "dragging down the team's performance". Every single person on a gymnastics team will be at different places with different skills and needs to be coached that way too even if they're competing at the same level. Some will win almost every single time on one event and never even place in another event. Any gymnastics coach who can't deal with that needs to find a new job. Also, there is a huge difference between doing the sport recreationally and doing the sport competitively. Gymnasts who are used to the intensity a
  6. I don't know. My kids have had some less than stellar coaches. There's a high school soccer coach that I almost told off, but ds asked me not to intervene. Our gymnastics gym was mostly positive although sometimes I heard kids complain that one of coaches yelled at them a lot. When I saw her yelling it was usually not abusive, but more in frustration at an athlete either goofing off or not taking corrections which can be dangerous in the gym. I remember being a volunteer timer at one meet and there was a coach there that I felt did not treat his athletes well. He screamed at them for every err
  7. No! About every 10 years I think I have so much stuff to sell and I need the money so I should join the community yard sale. Every single time I regret it. I've told my family that if I ever want to do a yard sale again they are supposed to stop me. I drag all the stuff out, find a place to store it, price it, set it up, waste a (usually) nice weekend day, haggle over cents, make a couple hundred dollars if I'm lucky, drag most of it back in or load it in the car to take to the donation center, and then spend some of the money on pizza because I'm too tired to cook. We're in the middle of a pa
  8. In my experience, when someone complains and says "everyone" is complaining, that person is everyone. I have multiple dogs in my neighborhood. They bark. I wouldn't always be able to tell you which of the dogs were barking, so she's probably attributing every single bark to your dogs. While I agree that 6 minutes of non-stop barking is annoying, I don't think it's more annoying than loud parties or the absolutely awful high volume music that my neighbor played this weekend.
  9. No, we're not going anywhere. DS had two international competitions in two different states for two different activities cancelled last year and rescheduled for this year. Both of them have been cancelled again and we were planning to have them be family trips, so we're probably not going on a vacation.
  10. We've never used grocery pickup. It's a family joke that dh loves to go to the grocery store, so he probably wouldn't want to do pickup unless we were injured or ill and couldn't do it. During the pandemic he's gone to his second favorite store because it's less busy. He sometimes only sees 3-4 employees and nobody else,
  11. Maybe you get a discount since you don't get pi.
  12. On one page: PLEASE CLICK ON BRAND NAME AND YOU WILL GET ANOTHER VERSION OF THIS DESIGN THERE YOU WILL FIND RIGHT DIGITS OF PI DESIGN. On the other page with the same picture: THIS IS THE CORRECT FORMAT OF PI, WE PUT RIGHT FORM OF ACTUAL DIGITS OF PI Apparently, it costs an extra $2 to get the "correct format of pi"!
  13. I've been agonizing about this for months for DD who has always been homeschooled. She is our last child and will start high school in the fall. Teen social life revolves around high schools here. So many of the suggestions don't work for us. For some reason there's few teen girls at youth group. Our transitioning neighborhood is full of empty nesters and young children, but no teens. Anyone she starts to befriend at dance suddenly disappears and later we find out they went to a different studio or quit to join another activity. It's happened again and again and usually before she gets to the
  14. Oh, I know exactly what you're talking about OP. My DIL has been so annoying about us getting vaccines. First she wanted me to drive to another state! I told her we were hoping to get an appointment somewhere closer. Then she scheduled us for an appointment that would require two hours of driving. The next day we got a call about getting vaccinated 10 minutes from our house and then I had a horrible time trying to cancel the other appointment. Now that dh and I got our first shot and are scheduled for our second, she calls every day, sometimes mulitple times a day, to tell us about open appoin
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