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  1. That mom was me! B-) (Sorry about the calf, Margaret.) As I read through these responses, which are getting very creative, i realized that we, too, have had items of clothing show up mysteriously. One in particular that I can think of almost definitely came from the dryer. It was a pair of female underwear in a size that most definitely would not fit any females in my household. If we're going with the parallel universe theory, someone somewhere has lost their underwear! 😮 I think I'd rather lose my sock! 😉
  2. Thanks for all the tips and hints. Keep 'em coming! I know I'll find my rhythm. Right now it sometimes feels like 6/8 time with lots of staccato! LOL
  3. Thank you. Yep, I'm realizing I need to PLAN my off-work time VERY strategically. Also, because I'm in training at this job, I literally have homework that needs to be done in my off hours. Just not a lot of time for "extra" anything on the 12-hour days. Glad I have 3 days off in a row later this week, because I have other things that NEED to get done! 😉
  4. When I worked part time, a 12-hour shift was long, but doable, even on my feet for most of it. And now, with the full-time job, a 12-hour shift is not so bad, I can actually sit down for all of it if I want. Its the getting home at 7pm (had to run errands) only to realize I SHOULD go to bed at 8pm because I have to get up at 4am. Oi! For those of you who work long shifts, what helps you; stay energized, not gain a boat load of weight, get enough sleep, etc? TIA (thanks in advance)!
  5. Please know that I have arrived! 🙂 But my phone evidently won't call or text in these here hills. Yet the ether seems to! Anyway, I'm here.
  6. So I'll be the only WTMer in WY? Guess I'll have to start my own club! B-)
  7. Reading through the OPs posted timeline of articles (thank you for that, btw), I read this comment: "(The father) said home security video showed police had stated they had a DCS warrant for removal, but the family didn’t hear them because they were sleeping in the back bedrooms with their sick children." Yeah, I just don't buy that. I've watched demonstrations of a SWAT breach and have trained a bit in it. Before a SWAT entry, they knock VERY LOUDLY and call VERY LOUDLY making their presence known. Unless you're deaf, you WILL hear them at your front door, regardless of where you are in the house. I'm not saying calling in SWAT was justified. But I do tend to think there's still more to this situation.
  8. There is a gal I knew in junior high and high school who literally "yanked the wool over my eyes" TWICE. I don't even remember what she did exactly but I definitely remember how she made me FEEL. In the advent of Facebook, and the fact that we're part of the same high school class page there (we graduated the same year), she has tried to friend me twice. Both of which I have declined. It took me a long time to forgive her. And to forgive myself for letting her do that to me, especially more than once! Anyway, all that to say, I've forgiven her but I have NO interest in being her friend, virtually or IRL. Thankfully, I have not had to see her at a class reunion but that time may come. As for praying for those people, I understand the difficulty there. So, if I find I cannot pray for their benefit, I take the selfish route and pray for mine by literally praying, "God, give them a good whop upside the head!" Yes, that's what I actually pray. My take on it is this: God knows the situation, He knows that forgiveness heals the forgiver (and it may take some time to heal), and He knows the forgiver, loves the forgiver, and is willing to help the forgiver heal. Aren't we wonderfully blessed in that His Love for us is unconditional? Keep walking that journey, sister! You are healing, I promise. {{HUGS}}
  9. To the bolded: the police, once a warrant has been issued, cannot just ignore said warrant. Whether or not the warrant should have been issued is not the beat cops' decision. Enforcing the warrant is their JOB. It's a direct order with which they must comply. They cannot "just take the parents' word for it." While everything MAY have been hunky-dorey in the kid's household is irrelevant to the nature of the LEOs' job. As for this whole fiasco, I'm going with a previous poster's assessment as to "there must be more to the story." If everything WAS just fine in the family's household, why (seemingly) hide from a knock on your door? As for the gun on the bed, I am a proud supporter of the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and even I know that is an unsafe practice - having a weapon lying out in plain site. Part of me says it wasn't "inert" and that Dad had it our for a reason. At any rate, it seems there is more to the story than we, as the public, are being told.
  10. Welcome to the Lounge! Today's theme stems from having A LOT to do this week! I realized I need to scale down WAY more than I initially thought of what I'll be able to take with me when I leave next week. Oy! Plus, lots of laundry to do this week! What's got you overwhelmed this week? Here: see above. (the GOOD news is: you can only do stuff for TODAY. So concentrate on TODAY. Leave tomorrow for tomorrow.) What are you LOOKING FORWARD to this week? Here: this Sunday after church is the annual chili cook-off. We all enjoy that! What projects are you currently working on? Here: packing and donating! Talk to me! PS This will be the LAST Teachers Lounge until probably mid-April. I need to concentrate on some other stuff for now.
  11. Good to see everyone! Arcadia, thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures! Okay, off to close my eyes for about 10 minutes before we head off to the movies!
  12. Good morning and welcome to the Lounge! Quick update: next week the Lounge will be CLOSED, as I will be traveling and getting settled in at my destination. Cool update: I get to finally meet and visit with Margaret in CO! Yay! Today's them stems from the fact that I really need to exercise, even bought a Groupon to a place awhile back, but I am having a hard time being motivated to actually GO. Blah. What do you need to do today/this week but are having difficulty being motivated about it? Here: see above. Did any of you have a Spring Break or getting ready for one? Here: Mine will be next week as I travel. My son's will be in April when he has Tech Week for theater. It's best for our family if we DON'T add in school that same week. What's the weather like where you are? Here: beautiful spring weather with amazing scenery here in the desert. All the plants are BLOOMING because of all the moisture we had last fall and through our winter. So, as an herbalist, that makes me really happy - a plethora of medicinal herbs to wildcraft and make use of! Talk to me!
  13. Good morning and welcome to the Lounge! Time for more planning & prepping for various things. Thus the theme for today. Anyone else planning & prepping for something this week? Here: see above. What's the first thing you need to clean out for your plan & prep? Here: the trunk of my car. Anyone still feel behind in schooling? Here: me! Talk to me!
  14. Well the good news is you're close to the upswing and within the next week should really start to feel better! Yay! Netflix: Shetland, Father Brown Amazon Prime: Chuck, Psych, The Unit Whiskey Cavalier NCIS (also on Netlfix) Those are some that I like. YMMV. Hope you find something new and entertaining for yourself! And that you feel better SOON - which I think you will!
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