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  1. Yep. You can pretty much find somewhere in AZ that will fit/seem like the same climate as somewhere in all the other 49 states. Arizona Highways magazine did a layout on this years ago. We're a pretty diverse state in many, many ways. We also have many "non-native" plant species that have been so taken with the various soils here, that they've thrived and aren't going anywhere. Even so, many of those non-native species are actually medicinal herbs. so there is a positive to that. Even purslane can have some sedative properties from it, just from eating it.
  2. Jenny, you've mentioned a couple of times how the reconstruction surgery would be more invasive than anything you've yet gone through. To me, that's you trying to tell yourself you really DON'T want to go through with it. And there's no "should" here. It's totally your choice and it sounds like you just want to be DONE. So be done. I understand the self-consciousness of wondering what people think. I can tell you this - most people are too wrapped up in their own issues to really take notice of your chest area. I'm thankful you're alive! Even if I don't know you personally, I truly am thankful you're alive. Many people don't make it through the fight with the cancer. You've gone through the wringer and have come out the other side still fighting. Exhausted and close to worn out? Absolutely. Yet still pushing forward. YOU are a warrior. Give yourself grace. Give yourself time. If you want to schedule that consult, but still aren't sure if you want the surgery, schedule the appointment as FAR out into the future as you can. In the meantime, take time to journal, pray, meditate, discuss with friends if you want. Then, when it comes time to really make a decision, you will most likely be a in a much better place to do so. There is absolutely NO need to rush on this. Breathe. Now, breathe again. And again. You will figure it out. It doesn't have to be today. 😉
  3. Or, you buy same amount of food, only for the man-child to stare at it and say, "Do we have any food?" or "I don't know what to eat."
  4. The last two especially! My ever-growing-young-man wears a 15W in shoes already!
  5. Yes. Yes, you are. And it's just begun! Mwahahaha! 😉
  6. often hear, 5 minutes after a family meal, "I'm hungry." ...said son sleeps close to 10 - 12 hours a night. ...said son grows and thus... ...said son cannot NOT run into walls, doors, etc. Anything else?? B-)
  7. Jean, no mail service today as it's a federal holiday. 😉 But I suppose it's still okay to put the card in the mailbox. LOL for me today: *personal Bible study *laundry *taking care of sick hubby 😞 *making an herbal concoction (haven't decided if it will be a liniment or a salve yet) *did I mention laundry? *possibly studying *probably a bit of lesson planning *hopefully some writing
  8. No, there is nothing really "hard" going on in said person's life. I know them fairly well and they would tell me. As for "bring drinks", that did not mean alcohol. We took two bottles of sparkling cider and soda. Next time someone says they will provide appetizers, though, I am going to get clarification! LOL Thank you all for your input and responses.
  9. Found a pic of what was provided. Let's see if I can fivure out how to upload it here... Did it! And yep, that was all there was for appetizers.
  10.'s what happened, and, thus, why I asked the question. Every Christmas we go over to a certain person's house, as they have room to entertain and we don't really. We both agreed we wanted to do something "different" food-wise, something other than turkey or ham. Initially we had agreed on breakfast for dinner. Then two days before Christmas, said person said they "just wanted to chill" on Christmas, and let's bump our gathering to later in the week. No problem. I was really kind of glad for that myself, actually. A few days later, person invites us to come over "Friday or Saturday - I'll have the appetizers, you bring the drinks." Again, not a problem. Except that... the "appetizers" (for a known quantity of a total of 5 people) was maybe a 12 x 12 serving platter with a few veggies, a few spiced pecans, a dip, and a small portion (think 1 - 2 portions) of charcuterie (salami/pepperoni/cheese). That's IT. That was this person's idea of "appetizers". For a person who works in and has worked in a type of hospitality field for YEARS and is no stranger to hosting parties, I was really surprised (and disappointed, and HUNGRY) by this. I would have totally brought another couple of appetizers if I knew that was going to be the only food available. Anyway, that's why I asked. I was just so stunned by it all.
  11. When you're going to someone's house for a gathering (for 6 - 10 people) and they say they'll "provide the appetizers" to you, What does that look like to you? What do you expect?
  12. You are under absolutely NO obligation to neglect your health so that others can be entertained. Sounds to me like your family could just use some "just family" time. No extended family, just you. And sounds like you and your husband need time, both of you, to grieve what needs to be grieved. Don't worry about "looking bad" in the eyes of others. That's a reflection on them, not on you, if they feel that way. Please make YOU and YOUR family the priority.
  13. Love hearing about all these blessings!
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