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  1. This really speaks to me! I think you may be on to something. Perhaps, we should just "be still" and quiet. And just listen. Hmm. Thanks for that insight!
  2. I have one from Pampered Chef that I've had for years and love. It's all metal, no paint, and strong.
  3. The offensive lineman tackled me right as I woke up this morning, with his annoying mosquito buzz of where I am failing. Swatted him away forthwith since there was nothing I could do about that particular thing right that moment! Ugh. Hate waking up like that! Today: *make gluten-free double chocolate muffins X *take dd to her event this morning X *do some writing (might complete this novel yet!) *business meeting this afternoon *most likely taking ds to youth group tonight, unless dh gets home in time to do so. X (I can check it off because dh said he'll do it!)
  4. Can you tell I'm not fully awake yet? Had a hard time thinking of a creative theme for the Lounge today! 😉 What's for breakfast today? 2nd breakfast? Here: 1st: coffee. 2nd: who knows! What's on schedule today? Here: changed a meeting and good thing too since I forgot dd needs to be somewhere this morning! This aft: school and another mtg. Anyone ready for Thanksgiving, which is just over TWO weeks away! Here: GAH! No! Can this year slow down PLEASE? Oi! Talk to me! 🌽
  5. Hmm. I never really thought of cocoa as expensive. Perhaps we're thinking of it differently? What is your approximate budget for this each month?
  6. Boy has been battling something for about two weeks ( general cold virus I think) and now says his stomach doesnt' feel well. 😕 We might, eventually, get this term completed. Maybe.
  7. I like the hot cocoa mix idea, too, but my first vote is for cinnamon rolls. However, I know those can be a lot of work to make. Hot cocoa might be easier. You can put it in a Mason jar and wrap with a pretty ribbon.
  8. Had to make a caffeine run. And now we're back! Now to get teen on task before he spends all day in the bathroom ( I swear each time he goes in it's for a half an hour!).
  9. Hello, all! Yes, I'm back. If it may only be for today. I keep wanting a simpler life but it only seems to be getting busier. Hmm. Anyone else with me on this? The Desert Landscape part of today's theme comes from the fact that the dog and I just returned from a "preview" hike. I'm leading a Desert Survival Science, Homeschool Edition class this Thursday and wanted to make sure I had, for the preview class, a relatively easy trail to follow and enough plants to talk about! Thankfully, we found one! Even educated an older hiker while I was there. 🙂 What are you up to today? Here: hiking, quick trip to PetsMart with the dog, baking gluten-free muffins, school, writing, webinars, figuring out what's for supper, cleaning house. Any field trips this week? Here: not technically a field trip but our outside class on Thursday. Anybody tired yet? Here: ME! Talk to me! 👂
  10. *taking the dog for a "hike" shortly to plot out a path for Thursday's upcoming Desert Survival Class, Homeschool Edition *working on my NaNoWriMo project *school with the young man *plot/plan lessons for our Biology co-op *figure out what is for dinner *a webinar or two *clean part of the house
  11. Mind if I jump in on the conversation? More and more lately, I've noticed how much more I can get for my dollar in produce vs. meat. Now, being of O+ blood type, and a Midwestern girl at heart, I won't ever completely give up on beef; HOWEVER, I know I need to eat more veggies, SO I am slowly progressing towards eating more vegetarian-style, and only letting the carnivore come out once or twice a week. B-)
  12. 9 year olds and 15 year olds are cut from the same cloth. FULL of hormones! And they know everything, and we know nothing. It's beyond infuriating some days! Now, that being said, as a woman recently hitting menopause, the influx of hormones into the system SUCKS! Sometimes, some days, there is just NO controlling our hormonal attitudes. EVEN when we know better. EVEN when we know that the words about to come from our mouths are likely to make people get mad at us and get us into trouble. And yet, it happens anyway, despite what we "know." I don't remember what I was like at 9yo but I definitely remember 15. I didn't like me much so therefore most other people (especially family), didn't either. I'm betting there is something else going on with your 9yo that she hasn't told you yet. And she probably REALLY needs a HUG.
  13. Welcome to the Lounge! This will be the last Lounge for awhile. I'm going to take a sabbatical from most social media for awhile. Lately it seems that wherever I try to chat online, discourse is only allowed so long as it doesn't or might not offend anyone. I cannot control the actions or responses of anyone but myself. Sadly too many instances of that not being understood have happened to me lately. Therefore I will be seeking out a different venue for free thought and expression. May you all truly have a wonderful weekend and much better online experiences!
  14. The drug you were originally taking for Afib. Were you taking it twice a day? Would it be possibly to cut it down to once a day? I had to do that when they put me on a beta-blocker. Another type of heart drug that can negatively affect BP. When I went to once/day, it worked out much better.
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