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  1. Yes! The title for the Lounge is part of a song from The Sound of Music! And I've been on the Jungfrau train! So beautiful!
  2. Okay, all! I MAY pop in later today but it is a BUSY day. So if I don't get back, enjoy the conversation amongst yourselves! Jean in Newcastle, please lock up this evening - if you remember! πŸ˜‰
  3. Hello and welcome to the Lounge! For this morning's refreshment we have gluten-free, oatmeal, were supposed to be cookies...turned out more like crumble or loose brittle. Still edible and delicious though! Today's theme stems from the fact that I'm headed off here and there starting tomorrow. I will NOT be opening the Lounge for the next two weeks. So enjoy it while you can! πŸ˜‰ Do you know the relevance of the title of today's lounge? Here: it's immediately what I thought of when I thought about posting a "So long!" Teachers Lounge. Have you ever been to Europe? Here: yes! Germany and Switzerland, both of which were amazing and beautiful in their own right. Technically, I have been to England but it was only to go through Heathrow Airport. Never really saw any of it. Any conferences/conventions coming up for you? Here: this weekend: Train the Trainer! (public speaker training and so much more!); the following week, Sunrider International Convention. Busy month for me! Talk to me! 🐞
  4. I like the idea of school at Starbucks! Maybe we'll join you some morning! πŸ˜‰
  5. My head is now foggy. could be the gluten. Or could be the fact I just completed an online job application. I personally LOATHE applying for any job online. Can't I just turn in a piece of paper to an actual human already?? May be time for a nap already...
  6. Good morning! Welcome to the Hogwarts! er, I mean, the Lounge! Today's theme stems from the fact that I, evidently, woke up on the wrong side of the bed! Thankfully, no one else was awake to experience that - I just knew from the flumox going on in my brain! Therefore, I decided it was WORTH it to go to Starbucks today. Thankfully I had gift cards! Knowing it's probably all due to menopausal hormones, I treated myself to my favorite drink made with soy (and I know Sbux uses organic vanilla soy, which I prefer) and a bakery item. Organic soy for the win! Have you given yourself a treat lately? What was it? Here: see above! Plus, I'm going to a women's Bible study this morning at our former church. I really miss that church! What's your weather like today? Here: finally COOLER weather! In the high 70s to low 80s in the morning and under 100 for the highs. Might seem brutal to some of you but when it's been OVER 105*F for days.on.end, anything UNDER 100 is fabulous! What's your favorite bakery treat (full on gluten, gluten-free, vegan, whatever)? Here: I should not eat them as I am highly sensitive to gluten (not Celiac) but I really adore Starbucks' pumpkin scones! Talk to me! πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ
  7. Had to get out of the house for a bit. Went to the Dollar Tree- and actually found some relatively interesting books there! Plus bought lunch (pizza) next door. Now to eat lunch and then get started on schoolwork and housework.
  8. Yes, anxiety can present in a myriad ways. I highly recommend NOT going on any anxiolytics (anti-anxiety meds) as they can often exacerbate rather than help the situation. And what I've read most recently in my herbalist studies is that anxiety can be caused by physical illness and physical illness can be caused by anxiety. Figuring out which is which can be a very helpful first step!
  9. Prairiewind, I'm sorry you're dealing with chronic illness! Glad you can get out into some relatively fresh air and get some exercise, though! Wintermom, those are some very good points!
  10. Morning! The Lounge is now OPEN! The theme today is a S/O (spin off) of another thread. Taking care of your HEALTH is vitaly important. Having experienced extreme health issues I can tell you this: if you don't have your health, you truly have nothing, because if your health incapacitates you, then you can DO nothing. Please take CARE of you! I know self-care has become a catch phrase but it's not the (sometimes) self-involved care I'm talking about. Mainly, if you are SICK in ANY way, please don't "push through" it - that is helpful to NO ONE. Instead, ALLOW your body to REST and HEAL. Who here has trouble truly RESTING, as in, even if you're not sleeping, you know you need to be STILL, to heal? Here: sometimes. My husband has a hard time with this ALL the time. I think we all do occasionally. But as I've had to remind myself, and others: when you're sick, doing nothing IS something. What's up today? Here: I need to get a packing list together for my trip this weekend and plan my son's lessons ( and I need to remember to include math!) Any field trips today? Here: not today. Talk to me! πŸ“£
  11. I've done a cursory reading of this thread. Mostly your comments, OP. Discussed a little bit with my husband. Here's our two cents: let her come home. Let her take a slower pace academically, rest, and HEAL. AP classes only really count in high school, and maybe towards some college scholarships. But in life? There is SO much more to life than having taken (and/or doing crazily well) in AP classes in high school. I think the greatest education you can give her right now is the lesson that it is MORE important to REST in order to HEAL, than to push through the pain and illness, which will only prove to be a detriment in the future. Those who look to her as leader now, she can tell them she's taking time to heal, and THAT is the greatest way she can lead them at this time.
  12. Makes me think of my sister-in-law who took her life last year. She was a highly successful doctor, who had helped SO many people. But a very unwise method of correction from one of the "powers that be" in a job that was only a few months new to my SIL, and she couldn't bear the brunt of it, evidently. It was a shock to all of us.
  13. I took about a 45 minute nap today and that helped. Feeling 75% better? AND the biology book I had on order arrived today! πŸ‘ I realize that, to some, a biology book is not that exciting but this one I've had my eye on (Devotional Biology) because, when I read the description it really resonated with me! We will probably be doing a small co-op, starting at my house, this October. Will be interesting! Now to find a microscope...
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