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  1. scrapbookbuzz

    Here Comes the Rain Again Teachers Lounge 2-21-2019

    Oi! I don't know how to get rid of that super big emoji! Not even sure how that happened!
  2. scrapbookbuzz

    Here Comes the Rain Again Teachers Lounge 2-21-2019

    Margaret, I think yours sounds the most adventurous out of all of ours! I guess stay away from avalanche points, huh? Bummer about the alpine guys!
  3. scrapbookbuzz

    Here Comes the Rain Again Teachers Lounge 2-21-2019

    HomeAgain, I understand what you mean about dh being a better cook. Mine is a much better short-order breakfast cook than I can ever hope to be. So when it comes to cooking eggs and omelettes and such, I let him do that! Jean, I get it about "doing the next thing."
  4. scrapbookbuzz

    Here Comes the Rain Again Teachers Lounge 2-21-2019

    It was an interesting trip to the store this morning in the cold and rain, and necessary! Glad we have food stuffs. Now to go put the chuck roast (grass-fed beef) in the Crockpot with some potatoes, onions, carrots, and celery for dinner! I may do a rub on the chuck roast first. I did that before and it was lovely! What's for dinner at YOUR house tonight?
  5. Good morning and welcome to the Lounge! Today's theme stems from the fact that we're getting more rain! Since we live in the desert this is a GOOD thing! However, it's a bit chilly as our low temps this week are in the 30s and highs are in the mid-50s. But we'll take the rain. Promises of a beautiful spring! What's the weather like where YOU are? Here: see above. What's for breakfast? Here: I'm going to head to the store soon so I'm going to grab a cinnamon roll. Today seems to be starting out as one of those days where you blink and a half hour has gone by. And in that time, you have no clue what you even got done, if anything. Any plans for the weekend? Here: I know there are but I just don't remember them at the moment! Talk to me!
  6. scrapbookbuzz

    The Wednesday Workout Teachers Lounge 2-13-2019

    Jean, snow is always good for a workout! 🙂
  7. Howdy, all! Thanks for your patience while I open up the lounge! We currently have nachos for refreshments, along with coffee, loose leaf tea, and water to drink. Today's theme stems from the fact that ds and I have mostly started a workout routine. He and I work out at a gym twice a week, and I hike with the dog once or twice a week. We just started last week, so give us some time to establish a habit! Anything new in your world this week? Here: see above. What's for lunch? Here: me, nachos with pica de gallo. DS had personal pan pizza. DD was on her own. Anyone else like to hike? Here: just me and the dog, and not nearly often enough! Talk to me!
  8. Good morning/afternoon, all! Welcome to the Lounge! Today's theme stems from the fact that I've been encouraging my dd20 to look for a job. She's been applying here and there and finally has a job interview! Woohoo! It is this Thursday! So, send her all your prayers, good thoughts, and vibes. She stated on her application that she's available full-time. Personally, I hope they'll offer part-time to start. Not sure how my Aspie dd will do jumping into full-time from the get go! It's all a learning experience, though! Any of your kiddos seeking their first job? ⏰Here: see above. I'm just so happy she finally landed an interview! What's on your schedule this week besides school? Here: thinking about taking the kids to see a movie sometime this week. My BFF sent us movie gift cards to use for Christmas and we still have some money left on them to use. What's your weather like this week? Here: even though I live in the desert🏜️, it's getting into the 30s❄️ at night and we're lucky to hit 70 in the afternoon.🌞 Talk to me!
  9. scrapbookbuzz

    s/o measles- skepticism and lifestyles

    Personally, I question everything. It doesn't mean I avoid everything with questionable ingredients. If I did that, that's ALL I would be doing and not getting anything else done. You're right,though, in that many people will question ONE thing and yet not question others - with equally questionable ingredients.
  10. scrapbookbuzz

    Dr Hive: strep? Stomach bug? UPDATE!

    As for pneumonia, maybe, maybe not. Before you actually make an appointment to see the doctor, call the nurse line and see what they say.
  11. scrapbookbuzz

    The Rainy Monday Teachers Lounge 2-4-2019

    Jean, why are you stressed? Come relax in the Lounge for a bit and put your feet up.
  12. scrapbookbuzz

    Dr Hive: strep? Stomach bug? UPDATE!

    I don't think a doctor is warranted quite yet. Today he says his throat hurts "but not as bad?" Has his fever broken or spiked at all? Actually sounds like he might be on the upswing. Personally, I would just keep an eye on him, make sure he can stay hydrated (due to the previous vomiting), let him rest, and make sure his fever doesn't spike. If symptoms get worse over the next day or two, with or without a spike in temp, then perhaps I would call the doctor (or nurse line) for some instruction. That's my two cents. 😉
  13. Good morning and welcome to the Lounge! Today's theme comes from the fact that it is truly a rainy Monday here in the Northern Sonoran desert. We'll take the rain! It means our desert plants, many of which are actually edible and/or medicinal, can bloom to full capacity. Makes for a beautiful spring! What's your weather like today? Here: see above. What's on your calendar for this week? Here: school (for ds AND me), dd is helping out with childcare at church mid-week, plus I need to get some paperwork done and sent in. What was for breakfast today? Here: sausage, peppers, and onions. While I was cooking the sausage (pork), I got to thinking about how true pork does not brown unless something is added to it, such as dextrose (a corn derivative) or cornstarch. Pork itself does not naturally brown. And then later, as my husband was serving himself some of it, he asked if it was turkey sausage. When I said it was pork, he said, "It looks awfully light." Yes, because pork does not brown. And that's your mini culinary science lesson for the day. 😉 Talk to me!
  14. scrapbookbuzz

    The Drama of Teen BOYS Teachers Lounge 2-1-2019

    Arcadia, I agree that homemade soup is always better and better for you! kbutton, you really know how to live it up! wherestoto, 🤫
  15. scrapbookbuzz

    The Drama of Teen BOYS Teachers Lounge 2-1-2019

    On the way out the door to said drama class, I remembered that toddlers don't get strangled because they're cute. So I said to my 20yo dd, "Why aren't teens cute?" She didn't know either! LOL Ah, well. One day, probably long in the future, but ONE day, he will call me, probably while dealing with his own teen, and say, "Mom, I'm sorry. And thank you." I rest in the hope of that!