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  1. I think we benefitted from being OCONUS/overseas. There were people pushing me to put braces on DD much earlier too and that would also have been a mistake. She just got them last year and will only have an 18 month course of treatment. She, too, needed oral surgery but it was to remove extra teeth and wisdom teeth. I really think the push to use ortho super early, when kids are still growing, is a boondoggle. It's especially bad for boys because they keep growing into their early 20s. We've been told to wait until age 18-19 depending on anticipated adult height.
  2. Look for the old styles/colors and all caps Pyrex logo. Avocado yellow, harvest gold, and country blue patterns, opal (white), turquoise, pink, bluebell and green milk glass.
  3. My DS inherited this problem (runs in my family) and I have consulted multiple dentists, orthos, and oral surgeons. The consensus view was to wait until he is at or near maturity and do oral surgery to lengthen the jaw. Anything done before growth is complete will be undone by further growth. Doing ortho before surgery is slapping a fancy dress on a cow. It’s not gonna work and be a waste of money. Does the surgery suck, yes, but it is one/done and fully covered followed by 12-18 months in braces. Braces for 4-5 years that might still result in surgery isn’t what anyone we’ve spoken to recomme
  4. What blast emails are you receiving? From whom/what? Maybe set an email rule to send them straight to the junk mail bin? It sounds like the messages you’re receiving are completely contradictory.
  5. Huh? I thought people were dropping like flies from drug ODs? Are you ok?
  6. Florida is closer and Disneyworld would happily accept your business.
  7. I have no idea. I was confused by the poster who said her state was totally open but drug ODs were increasing. I have no idea what state that was/could be. I don't think it's possible to have a fully open state unless you're going to force people to...what exactly? Shop? Patronize restaurants and movie theaters? Will door knockers show up to force people from their homes for socialization time? I really don't understand what was implied in that post and there hasn't been any further clarification. I'm gonna assume it was just blowing smoke.
  8. I haven’t finished reading through the whole thread yet, but has anyone managed to explain why overdose/despair deaths are rising in a state with a fully open economy?
  9. My vintage opal brownie dish makes the best brownies that never, ever stick. Perfect size. My kids fight over who takes it when I die, lol.
  10. You can always find vintage Pyrex on EBay. I love my vintage pie plates and baking dishes. They heat evenly and have survived 50+ years of regular use.
  11. I met this woman during a semi work-related trip overseas. She seemed very nice just naive and kinda oblivious. Everything I’ve seen since confirms my first impressions.
  12. I have *1* person on my FB feed who posts this stuff. She declared she would stop posting political stuff when FB started adding warnings to the things she shared. There was, previously, a lot of child trafficking stuff. The rabbit hole is deep.
  13. My DH actually likes poblanos, anchos, Jalapeños, Serranos and Cubanelles but hates green bell peppers. I sub them all the time without issue.
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