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  1. Yep. DD passed with self-study alone and has PE/DE this semester but good luck finding a behind the road driving class right now, blind or not (which is required for under 18s). Although, yes, it’s ridiculous that blind students have to pass the written drivers test.
  2. We’re getting kind of far afield here. I didn’t raise daddy issues or say the OP was hiding hers. I am focused only on what I can control. I’m going to disengage now so as not to derail the thread.
  3. Of course Dad is responsible for his fair share but that has nothing to do with whether or not I’m hiding my issues from my kids. My DH is often unavailable so making sure the kids know my personal needs and limitations has always been important. I needed them to recognize my limits. It’s not like it was born of forethought but necessity. I do agree about the boundaries tho. My post was in response to the idea that there’s no way to prevent kids from seeing us as unfeeling objects that exist to meet their needs.
  4. It’s also a sign that maybe Mom has swallowed too much over the years and coddled too much. Many moms subsume their humanness to their ‘Mom-ness’ and that, too, is a problem. Kids don’t see you or know you for who you are if you’re always catering to their needs and not reminding them that you have feelings too.
  5. Yeah, I totally think this is a leadership and governance issue.
  6. I learned this frOm ‘The Crown’, lol.
  7. I think this is broadly true. The clinic where I received my shot (Portsmouth) was set up before my more affluent suburban area’s clinic was. My friend, who lives in Virginia Beach, also got her shot a week or two before me. I think so much of the decisions about clinic locations and access are based on the priorities and preferences of state leaders, especially governors. If access is lacking, I’d look there first. I have no issues insuring my kids get the vax soon, not just so they can go back to school to minimize my risk while DH is away...again, but because I’m tired of feeling like I’m r
  8. We are in a suburban area but vaccines are available in both local pharmacies and local health departments. It may depend on whether and if state officials chose to partner, broadly, with local government and private groups. Within 4 days of my initial dose, I was contacted to schedule dose #2. My DD is already on the list so she can receive a dose in case we send her to a summer camp (and b/c we’re driving to FL this summer).
  9. I’m in VA and I got an emailed record with a number associated with my specific vaccine administration. With that number you can pull up my name, DOB, the administrator, and the vaccine lot number.
  10. Totally agree. I would just add that I could see myself having a VERY difficult time doing this if I wasn’t intentionally and actively finding ways to work on it now (with small things like hair, makeup, clothes and even *gasp* choice of major). When my kiddo leaves here, she probably won’t be coming back for anything but vacation and ‘down time’. I want her to *want* to visit. 🥺 This sucks. Especially when I know more/better and have to say NOTHING.
  11. I remember that episode! DD was a em fan. 😂 I also worked in PR then and knew about the issue. It frequently got real news coverage as a cheap/easy stunt.
  12. No worries. I have a socially precocious teen so I’ve been practicing this myself...a lot. I have to back off after a disagreement and return when I’m calm and fortified, prepared to listen and offer nothing more than nods of affirmation. It doesn’t matter whether I actually agree. The consequences, or not, aren’t mine to bear. It really matters whether my teen feels good talking to me so the lines of communication stay open.
  13. I’m sorry you’re feeling left out and more emotionally distant from them. If it helps at all, that separation is normal and healthy. They were trying to solve the problem on their own and in their own way. Their solutions may not match yours. Your advice may not be welcomed. It’s all, still, ok. My advice is to give them some space. The drama you describe is pretty common for that age and stage. Hearing about a trip a week later vs the day after isn’t gonna kill you however disappointing it may be. The healthy relationship you want may start with just giving them the space and grace you want f
  14. Yep. We’re military tho so carrying our vital records and keeping them all together is something we’ve always done. We’ve needed them to check-in to on- and off-base health clinics, schools and daycares, for ID verification, etc. I have a single accordion folder with all of our birth certificates, social security cards, eye exam records, orders, passports, school records/transcripts/test scores, and vaccination records.
  15. Sounds good. I do appreciate that you recognize this is a conversation and not a silencing. I find that refreshing. 😎
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