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  1. You might also consider a book of poems/short stories by Langston Hughes or Countee Cullen. There are some great compilations out there.
  2. My adult friends/relatives have expressed similar sentiments. If I didn’t ask my kiddo from time to time, I’d never know. 99% of the time, she’s just busy living life.
  3. The Hate U Give is written from the perspective of the female protagonist. There’s also One Crazy Summer and The Watsons Go to Birmingham. DS also devoured every ‘Who Was...’ book he could get his hands on. They’re simple and quick reads but cover so many different people including musicians, athletes, inventors, and civil rights heroes. I was an especially intense reader so I also read more intense things like The Women of Brewster Place, The Bluest Eye and I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Maybe give the student some of the tame ones and get some suggestions from her parents as to what they’re comfortable with. My parents never limited my scope.
  4. We don’t. It’s a day of loss and gain. We do birthdays only.
  5. The ASVAB is a basic skills, mechanical thinking test. The language skills required are relatively light. It favors mathematical thinkers and tinkerers.
  6. DH did a recruiter stint. taking ADHD meds is disqualifying in some cases but not all. Still, A LOT of people never take meds. Having a 504 or IEP can be disqualifying too depending on the required accommodations but, again, a lot of people refuse and/or never receive those accommodations. Successfully passing the ASVAB and presenting without extreme distractability is generally accepted.
  7. Some, not all. As we’ve seen here, test scores and achievement can be completely divorced from EF issues and many people are never diagnosed with anything disqualifying.
  8. Some kids need to study. The smartest students do not. DH didn’t. As people have said here, book smarts and EF can be wildly different. DH has worked with many walking encyclopedias/autodidacts.
  9. Again, not what I said. My version of scaffolding and yours are not the same but, yes, I did say that there were things I was not willing to regularly do for a child that DH and I deem college ready. College ready for us includes EF skills and/or self-advocacy.
  10. The weed outs re:grades and test scores don’t affect EF. The weed outs at boot camp are usually physical/mental in nature. People don’t get a choice about whether or when to eat/study/shower/shave.
  11. It happens all.the.time and perhaps skews my view on the issue. We have people flying and repairing planes, responsible for onboard nuclear reactors, at 18-24 and they are not disqualified for EF deficits. They are screened by test scores and grades. There are incredibly bright but scattered people who thrive in this structured environment.
  12. What Maize said. Also, “Talk to my mom” is not a good look either. You can pass mom’s contact info to the Ombudsman or family group but that’s about it. Spouses are counseled not to call too. You might be surprised how many parents call the command. Sometimes, yes, it is a needy/controlling parent. Mostly they are well-meaning but unwelcome.
  13. This is the military perspective as well. Parental calls re:pay, housing, vacations, etc. will earn you a talking to from a superior and a lot of snickering from peers.
  14. True story. I had an odor issue with my roommate. It was so bad I slept on the couch for six months. Some sorority chicks moved her in with us before Christmas. We bought her a gift basket of hygiene products for the holidays. Turns out her parents had cut her off because she moved to heathen Los Angeles for college. She cried. The smell was gone. You can actually develop relationships with the people you live with in college, talk to them, and form support systems that way too.
  15. To the bolded, that is exactly what some have described/said/implied. Taking on tasks, not teaching or referring or facilitating, but literally doing things to prevent failure. It’s not even to prevent academic failure per se but unpleasant grooming and dietary consequences too...and not for pubescent people but the 18-24yos.
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