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  1. I’ve been aware of this movement for a while now but I see quite a bit of overlap with other rage-filled movements of people who want to lash out at minorities and immigrants. The entitlement mentality is a scourge.
  2. My oldest makes her own money writing scripts for Roblox. 30-50 bucks a month paid in amazon gift cards. The only thing I provide is lunch money. I have never paid for chores. That’s just the price of living as a family.
  3. I seriously love this job. I did get lucky (but, no joke, accepted and applied every tip known to man and woman) and am fully booked. I have about 35 slots/classes open each week, M-Sa, 7-10a and fill over 90%. I should be in the comma club next month. I’m excited to see what my final Mar. total will be.☺️
  4. YEP!! Just started with VIP Kid. 30 days in and I’ve made $500 teaching 45, 30 min. English classes.
  5. Hmph. I had a ton of purchases and returns when we were renovating our bathrooms. Somethings were accidentally shipped to the wrong address, some things arrived damaged or were ultimately not needed. I spend a ton on Amazon so I guess maybe my volume and dollar amounts are high enough to make up for it?
  6. I thought the op was questioning the HS and NCAAs culpability and knowledge, not the students’.
  7. Yes, however, these students matriculated so final transcripts were submitted and eligibility certs were received. The min. SAT/ACT is low enough (when combined with HS grades) that the certification was easily obtained. The fact that the college coaches (who were in on it) did not do due diligence has nothing to do with the admissions app. The admissions app is a separate process with the coaches flagging those apps of the athletes they want. The NCAA eligibility is essentially verified by a letter, not a transcript or rehash of test scores. The admissions dept receives those separately. The HS could well have submitted the test results not knowing they were fraudulently obtained. They could also have verified the lower scores and the student would still have been deemed eligible.
  8. The requirements to secure NCAA eligibility are VERY low. These students met the minimums for eligibility. NCAA doesn’t certify grades or test scores only eligibility. If you submit into that meets their minimums, you’re done. These kids’ test scores weren’t totally uneducated low, just not high enough for regular admission. The NCAA isn’t a good check/verification tool for the college application. These high schools could easily certify eligibility for college athletic participation without co-signing the student’s athletic performance/merit.
  9. Many atheletes are actually unable to attend classes regularly due to practice and travel schedules. At USC, athletes have a whole fleet of tutors at the ready to make sure any missed class time is covered. I had many football players in my social circle as a student b/c I was a football trainer in HS (one of our OLs ended up at Stanford and became a Dr) and one of my roommates was dating a starting running back. There were many times, in my major, when a professor announced at the first class that he expected them to be stupid and fail. There are a lot of assumptions made about athletes. Some athletes are less than than stellar students. Many are not.
  10. IJS. The risks of stranger mass-shootings to which you refer HAVE gone up according to the FBIs own limited data collection. That's not a meme. That's not a falsehood. That's not misleading. Those are facts. While the risk to any one individual may be small, the risks are real and growing in terms of frequency and fatalities.
  11. Why in heaven’s name would you strip out incidents of family and workplace violence and even gang violence in counting mass shooting cases and victims? Are the people less dead? Were the guns less present? Are the body counts smaller? I agree with you that the definition of mass shootings is in dispute but it seems to me folks want to carve out exceptions to minimize the perception of risk. There are lots of people on this board with testimonies of good relationships gone bad, stable coworkers who lose their -ish, kids who develop mental health challenges, etc. you’ve got a lot of ifs in there as guarantors of safety that are unreliable at best.
  12. There are actually studies that show this very thing. Wealthy people do, on average, tend to be more dishonest and lacking in empathy and compassion. That's not a dig, I just distinctly remember reading this :
  13. It's essentially receiving stolen property, that seat that belonged to the university.
  14. Maybe something like this? The bottoms come in several different cuts and you can ruche the sides for a less matronly look.
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