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  1. Our Tribe of Many! Check out the vlogs when they went to Kenya.
  2. Saucony's Omni 16 are the only shoes I can wear. They are hard to come by, but you might want to try other Saucony stability shoes. I also tried these, and they really felt like walking on a cloud, but were a bit too narrow for me, although they come wider. You might want to check out other OrthoFeet shoes as well.
  3. In the front of my WWS 2 teacher book there is a section that explains how to accelerate Level One with an older student. It might have it in WWS 1 teacher book as well; I just don't have it anymore. However, I don't think there would be any harm in not accelerating and taking your time through it. My kids are 14 and 16 and we are just beginning WWS 2. I think that the material is perfectly suited to where they are right now, and I consider them to be decent writers. I plan to cut out the poetry and literary analysis portions, as we have covered that material in other curriculum.
  4. You might want to take some Black Cohosh to see if your symptoms are in any way menopause related. I would get hot flashes along with panic attacks right after my hysterectomy. After taking black cohosh for a week or two, my symptoms were much better. The hot flashes were very mild and the panic went away. I also have anxiety, not related to menopause, so I understand how difficult it is. Maybe just focus on one day at a time. Don't think about your vacation as a whole with all that you want to do and experience. Try not to put too much thought or planning into it. Just take it day by day, allowing yourself to go by whim. If you don't feel like doing something on a particular day, change plans. Do whatever you feel like, eat whatever or wherever you like, stay in the hotel room all day ordering room service, etc. Be foot loose and fancy free! Give yourself room to breathe.
  5. aaplank

    S/O Spanking?

    OMG this is my experience as well! Over 30 years later and I'm still sickened. I developed an ulcer in the 3rd grade from being at that school. I was terrified of getting hit with the principal's paddle. He had drilled holes into it to make it hurt more. The teachers had paddles hanging from their blackboards to threaten us to behave.
  6. My mom has a Kardia. The app is free with the purchase of the device.
  7. You can take my advice or leave it, but I hope the best for you. 1. Do not have him fill out that form for the psychologist. 2. Check out Leslie Vernick's website.
  8. My kids have done asynchronous Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Geometry with Mr. D. I don't know anything about Thinkwell, but what sold me on Mr. D is the twice weekly live help sessions that you can access if your kid needs support or has any questions. My kids do feel a connection to Mr. D. just from listening to him so much, and he sends the class emails to tell them various things, like where they should be in their lessons to finish by June 1. A few times a year he has the kids enter a drawing for Amazon gift cards. Mr. D is also accessible through email and I have emailed him several times with questions and I have gotten a very quick response back.
  9. Is it possible that you are in a passive aggressive relationship with "crazy making" behavior? If you are, then dealing with those relational dynamics would help you sort out what steps you need to take for your mental health. Here is an article that just scratches the surface of this issue, but there are plenty more resources out there if you feel like this is what you are dealing with.
  10. Your feedback is so helpful! Thank you! I don't know anyone IRL that has had this issue It's good to know that my pain is normal and I'm not being dramatic. If you don't feel comfortable answering, or would rather pm me, I understand, but I don't understand why the doctor would place a long term stent and not do surgery? Is it okay to just live with a blocked ureter? Do you have complications from it?
  11. A few weeks ago I was having a lot of pain in my right kidney and after several tests and procedures it was determined that I have hydronephrosis and hydroureter due to a stricture of the UPJ. They put in a stent to drain the backup in my kidney, and it has relieved the hydronephrosis, but it has been more painful and problematic than I thought. I can't do more than lay around all day. Is this normal? I'm seeing a surgeon tomorrow who will be discussing the pyeloplasty procedure. Does anyone have any BTDT advice or specific questions I could ask? There might be a little snafu for having the procedure because I have a pretty significant ventral wall hernia about 4 inches above my belly button. I think they need to access this area in order to do the laparoscopic surgery? I would appreciate any help, prayers or advice you can give. Thanks Amy
  12. I mixed mine with Mott's apple juice for Toddler's which is basically watered down apple juice. I've learned my lesson from a previous prep, not to mix it with something I like to drink because I will never be able to drink it again. I also kept it room temperature. That much cold liquid going in my system in a relatively short amount of time made me feel sick. So I recommend a watered down juice that you don't like and keep it at room temperature.
  13. Would you recommend listening to these lectures prior to reading the Iliad and the Odyssey or as you're reading them? Would it be easy to figure out how to pace the lectures with the book chapters? Thanks for your help.
  14. I use the Moisturizing Cream that comes in the short, squat jar.
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