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  1. i've used brown rice syrup as a low fructose sweetener, but it hardly sweetens things enough for me.
  2. Seton doesn't write the tests, they just sell them.
  3. Memoria Press also has Form Review books that highlight the major topics as a quick review. Maybe you could start with the Second Form Review book and see how it goes..
  4. I tried a bio-identical cream and after a few days, I developed very severe uterine cramping. I had to stop using it.
  5. I just sent my first order of some pdf curriculum to Family Nest Printing. The turn around time is 1-2 weeks. I thought they were pretty affordable. If you sign up to their newsletter you can get 10% off your first order. I believe they are a homeschooling family of 6 kids. Here's the link:
  6. I'm sorry for your pain. I will pray.
  7. Thank you so much for posting this! I'm sharing it with my FPIES Facebook groups.
  8. This is such terrible news! I'm so upset! It's already so difficult and nerve-wracking trying to feed my daughter. I see corn isn't mentioned, but it's a growing problem for many, and even in trace amounts.
  9. I love Secret Slob too! She has a printable that helps tie the whole Flylady plan together. If you go to one of her recent "Plan with Me" videos on her YouTube channel she'll have the link in her description box. I added bathrooms to my Weekly Home Blessing. When you're keeping up with everything like routines, zone cleaning, swish and swipes, hot spots, it doesn't take that long. I have my whole family help with the Weekly Home Blessing so we get it all done in 1 hour. We change sheets, empty trash, dust all rooms, vacuum all floors, mop everywhere that needs it and clean bathrooms. Nothing is done thoroughly, because that's where the zone cleaning comes in, but if you do a Weekly Home Blessing, the house stays in pretty good condition.
  10. My kids liked Kim Sorgius' junior Bible studies at that age. Very well done! Their two favorite studies were Developing a Quiet Time and Content.
  11. We are doing several Great Courses video lecture series through Kanopy, which is another streaming service using your library card. We've really like the Ancient History, a Global Perspective and Frank Cardulla's Chemistry one.
  12. Yes! I totally forgot about that! I walked home a mile every day in 1st grade and memorized all the houses that had one in their window.
  13. I've never had Zofran make me sleepy. I've taken it in pill form many times and was on a continual Zofran pump for 2 pregnancies. You can put the pill under your tongue for the fastest relief.
  14. I was purchasing only produce sold in bags, but now I'm not sure if that's a good idea after reading this disturbing report. Part of me hopes that this is fake news. Teens purposely coughing all over produce.
  15. As a fellow Ohioan, I'm also very grateful for Governor DeWine's and Amy Acton's leadership.
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