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  1. This link should take you to several different studies. Some trials show there is insignificant benefit, however when you look at the amount of Magnesium (40 mg) that was tested, it doesn't surprise me. That is such a minuscule dose. When I use the lotion, I use quite a bit. When I use the spray, I spray the bottoms of my feet and my whole torso. I have used Magnesium transdermally and orally, sometimes in combination with each other if I'm having a flare up. I find that Inam much more apt to keep up with taking it daily if I use it transdermally Epsom salt baths are another good and easy way to get Magnesium into your system Hope that helps!
  2. I would suggest a Magnesium oil spray or lotion, as some studies have shown that Magnesium is better absorbed transdermally. I use Life-flo lotion, but I also recommend Ancient Minerals products.
  3. We used Route 66 this year. Yes, you need the TM to teach the information and help fill out some of the blanks in the student workbook. Think of it as little mini lectures along with scripture study. The TM also has extra information, tests and quizzes. After Route 66, the other Bible studies for MS and HS are less teacher intensive. The students are expected to work imdependently for 4 days and the 5th day is a discussion. Route 66 is well worth the time and effort, and while the TM is big and bulky, it really adds to the study.
  4. You can make a gravy of sorts. Melt 1/4 c butter in sauté pan. Add 1/4 c flour, stirrring constantly. Cook for 1 min. Add 2 c. of your beef stock, stirring constantly with a whisk. Cook until thickened. You could add your chopped mushrooms at this point., or just throw them into the crockpot along with the gravy
  5. The Flylady has you do vacuuming and mopping on the same day during the "Weekly Home Blessing Hour", I agree that vacuuming and mopping should go hand in hand.
  6. Have you tried the Duck brand? I find it that it works well.
  7. I pray you get the rest and strength you need. I also hope that you can really live it up this summer to make up for lost time this school year. I'm juggling caring for my mother (lots of medical needs, doctor appointments, etc with little to no help) and taking care of and homeschooling 2 teens. Sometimes I just have to put my kids and me first. It's definitely exhausting!
  8. I use it all the time because I have to. My daughter has severe allergies to many foods and cannot eat any commercially made bread. I got a bread maker that has a gluten free cycle and I make bread for her every week. With a lot of practice, I have perfected a sandwich bread that I can cut into very thin, even pieces. You have to have the right bread knife to do this though.
  9. My son has started using this instead of Flonase, and it has really worked! I didn't like the fact that he was taking Flonase every day for a long period of time. I didn't have much hope that this could replace Flonase, but I figured it might help him take it less. Now, he only has to take Xlear every few days.
  10. I have used Vital and Great Lakes, and prefer Great Lakes. I mix collagen into a strong flavored juice or smoothie and drink it every day. It helps with my chronic inflammation, joint pain and tendinitis. I use the gelatin more sparingly in my cooking because it needs to be mixed with something hot. The pork has a milder flavor than the beef.
  11. We have done self-paced Mr. D for Algebra 1 and Geometry and I think it might be a good fit for what you're looking for. There is immediate feedback on tests and quizzes and as a parent, it is very easy to keep track of their progress. This year the tutoring sessions have been at 4 pm and 8 pm, which have been difficult with various after school activities.
  12. The last time I checked, I was surprised by the number of schools that accepted the CLT scores in lieu of the ACT or SAT. The CLT website shows over 150 schools that accept it.
  13. My sister received a lot of help from going regularly to Overeater's Anonymous. From what I understand, the meeting definitely focused on the psychological aspect of weight loss rather than just diet tips and tricks.
  14. We bought a Lunchbots because my daughter watched a bunch of YouTube videos of bento box ideas and this is the one that was used. At first, I was appalled by the price, but now I think it was money well spent. With food allergies, we can't eat out anywhere, and this makes packing food more enjoyable. Here's a link to the Bento Box videos if you're interested.
  15. I think for ease of use, and to make it less teacher intensive for you, I think you should go with SWI instead of one of the theme books. I don't think that you need the TWWS if you decide to use SWI. IEW has archived webinars about each writing unit on their website that you could watch for free if you feel like you need to understand the program better as your daughter is using SWI. As far as whether to choose SWI A or B, I would suggest starting with B because of her age. However if you find that it's too advanced, IEW will let you switch to A at no extra cost. I don't know if you've seen their curriculum pathway, but I think it's pretty helpful.
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