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  1. 1. Columbus State has been very easy to work with as a homeschooler; they have been very welcoming. Their advisor is very knowledgeable about CCP and homeschooling. I like that my kids have to go through the advisor first and the advisor actually enrolls them in the class, which takes the worry off my shoulders that we're doing something wrong. We have only received positive professional treatment from the staff at Columbus State. We've also utilized the writing center which has been so helpful with academic papers. 2. All classes at Columbus State are online this year due to Covid.
  2. Natalie Hoffman is an amazing woman with an incredible life story. She has traveled a dark and lonely road and has come through the other side victorious. I highly recommend her message.
  3. My kids are doing CCP through Columbus State and it's been a good experience. Columbus State has a well established CCP program with great resources. My kids were given advisors that specifically handle CCP students. That said my sophomore was given 4 credits and my junior was given 8 credits, which accounted for 1 and 2 classes. I don't know how much a freshman would get, but there is always the option of paying for additional hours at a discounted rate. Because of Covid, Ohio has extended the CCP application deadline to May 1.
  4. Maybe this will give you a few ideas "5 Books About World War II In China | BOOKGLOW" http://www.bookglow.net/5-books-about-world-war-ii-in-china/
  5. We did Positive Action for Christ's Route 66 curriculum which is a pretty good survey of the Bible. It's supposed to be for middle school, but we did it in 8th and 9th grade and it was just right. You do need the teacher's manual, which you can get as a download. You can modify it to make it work best for your kids, as it's written for a group of kids like a Sunday school. Each kid should have their own workbook and you can print out tests and other worksheets from the teacher download. Their other high school Bible studies are pretty good too and more independent. https://pos
  6. Here is another book recommendation written by a woman with stage 4 colon cancer. I can't recommend it highly enough. Processes through so many emotions without Pollyanna optimism nor bitter hopelessness. Everything Happens for a Reason and Other Lies I've Loved https://www.amazon.com/Everything-Happens-Reason-Other-Loved/dp/0399592067
  7. Have you ever thought about talking to a spiritual director? You don't have to be any specific religion or have any deistic belief at all. There are some spiritual directors that are trained to help guide you as you sort through your deepest thoughts, beliefs, longings, all within a neutral point of view. I talked with a spiritual director for a year as I was going through a sort of existential crisis and it helped me process so much of what I didn't even know was inside. Once I was able to acknowledge the spiritual aspect of my pain, I was able to move forward.
  8. Male cardinal for me. Each member of my family saw a different bird and seemed to really enjoy this new tradition. We also saw a beautiful red breasted nuthatch. I've never seen one before, as it's usually not in my neck of the woods.
  9. See if you can get an abdominal CT scan. It will show more. Last year when I was in severe pain I had an ultrasound of my kidney, which showed nothing. Later, an abdominal CT scan showed a uretal stricture that wasn't allowing my kidney to drain. Definitely keep pursuing until you find the source of your pain. I'm so sorry you are having to go through this.
  10. Love this idea! Thanks! I will post my bird on Friday. How do you go about finding more information about what you bird symbolizes for the year?
  11. Yes, I would take her to the ER, but definitely give the oral surgeon a call as well. I'm so sorry for your poor daughter. Praying that she can quickly get the help she needs.
  12. I've never been able to get used to them. I get prescription readers which have worked better for me than the cheap over-the-counter ones.
  13. I make my own evaporated non-dairy milk which becomes thick and creamy when you reduce by half or more. Bring the rice milk to a gentle, rolling boil. Stir every one in a while so the bottom of the pot doesn't burn or form a crust. Boil until the milk is thick enough for your liking.
  14. I have been doing online counseling for the past few weeks for the first time. I was very surprised to learn that my insurance covers the entire cost- no copay nor does it apply to my deductible. I had to choose the provider that my Insurance company provided, Amwell. We don't have the greatest insurance. I just had an endoscopy and I had to pay $1500. out of pocket. However, they pay for online counseling at 100%! Not in-person counseling. Then my high deductible would kick in. I figured that I might as well get good use out of it since we pay so much for premiums and get little
  15. I find most of Elizabeth Berg's books very soothing. Some of my favorites are "Year of Pleasures", "Art of Mending", "Ordinary Life", "Open House"
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