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  1. My ds is enrolling in a new college for CCP and he is required to do either an in-person Math Accuplacer test or an at home (with a webcam on) math placement test through CANVAS? Does anyone know the difference between the two? He has taken the English Accuplacer so he's familiar with the set-up and there are practice tests online that he can run through before the test. However, I am not crazy about him taking it in person right now if he doesn't have to. I've looked online for some information about the CANVAS test, but can't really find anything. Thanks for your help.
  2. These are my favorites: The Next Right Thing Every Little Thing NPR's Life Kit Modern Mrs. Darcy and or What Should I Read Next? The Moth 10 Things to Tell You
  3. I used it for 3 months. My first box was great. The next two were not. The produce wasn't bad, but the packaging was terrible. I had a whole carton of eggs dump out and I had smashed eggs all over everything. I called customer service and while they refunded the cost of the eggs, there wasn't an apology or any sense of it being a big deal. I spent at least an hour cleaning up the mess. The next box had smashed products again, like someone had thrown my box down a flight of steps. Several products were ruined. I didn't even bother with customer service. I just cancelled my subscription.
  4. Do you mind if I ask why? That's pretty much the only brand I buy. Thanks.
  5. I'm going down the rabbit hole of fermentation. Recently, I started making water kefir and have had such success, I want to ferment all the things! Ginger bugs, garlic, pickled veggies, yogurt!
  6. We are in a similar situation. My son got into an Exercise Science program at the local tech school. It is a big deal for him as he wants to pursue physical therapy and will help him get into a competitive PTA program after he graduates. Due to the nature of the program, basically it's a gym, there is more risk involved. My daughter has significant health issues as do I. We have basically been on lockdown from the beginning. We agonized about sending my son to school because of the risks. There were no easy answers and we're still taking it one day at a time. I've talked to all the school administration and begged them to please let there be a way for him to do the program remotely, but because it is a lab program, it is impossible. So we made the decision to have him go, but he has to be quarantined at home. When he comes home from school, he strips down and leaves all his contaminated clothes in a hamper in the garage. He Lysol sprays his bookbag and shoes. He immediately takes a shower. He must wear a mask at all times when he is walking through the house, but we have him stay in his bedroom and eat off paper plates and disposable silverware. We talk to each other through video chat. It's a horrible way to live. Sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy trying to manage it all. I miss him so much, even though he's in the house every day. The only thing that is keeping me going now that he is thriving at school. He loves it, and is taking on leadership roles and getting many opportunities there that I can't provide for him with homeschooling. With the variants, I'm just not sure if all our safety measures are good enough, so I don't know what we are going to do. I don't have anywhere he can go to live so that he can continue to go to school. I know it's a tough decision for your family. I hope you find the wisdom and strength you need to navigate all the ins and outs of your decision. There are just no good answers.
  7. I recommend Dr. Daniel Amen's book Healing A.D.D. as well as his website. Lots of information about the different types of A.D.D., treatment options, supplements and optimal diets.
  8. I'm coming from a Christian point of view, and I think that it it very providential. I was assigned a helper role in a co op class that used the American history curriculum. There were so many instances where I had to bite my tongue from yelling out at the arrogant point of view. I found it incredibly offensive, even as a conservative Christian.
  9. 1. Columbus State has been very easy to work with as a homeschooler; they have been very welcoming. Their advisor is very knowledgeable about CCP and homeschooling. I like that my kids have to go through the advisor first and the advisor actually enrolls them in the class, which takes the worry off my shoulders that we're doing something wrong. We have only received positive professional treatment from the staff at Columbus State. We've also utilized the writing center which has been so helpful with academic papers. 2. All classes at Columbus State are online this year due to Covid. 3. The first class they took was Composition 1, which is pretty much the prerequisite for all other classes. I would not recommend that professor because the workload was insane! I was an English minor in college and never had that much work. It wasn't overly challenging, just a lot of unnecessary work, which I attribute to the professor, not Columbus State. The writing center allows you to upload your paper and get written feedback. That was extremely helpful. Also, for a research project my students had to call and set up virtual appointments with the reference librarian and they were phenomenal with helping them find the resources and actually helping them use the research databases at CSCC.
  10. Natalie Hoffman is an amazing woman with an incredible life story. She has traveled a dark and lonely road and has come through the other side victorious. I highly recommend her message.
  11. My kids are doing CCP through Columbus State and it's been a good experience. Columbus State has a well established CCP program with great resources. My kids were given advisors that specifically handle CCP students. That said my sophomore was given 4 credits and my junior was given 8 credits, which accounted for 1 and 2 classes. I don't know how much a freshman would get, but there is always the option of paying for additional hours at a discounted rate. Because of Covid, Ohio has extended the CCP application deadline to May 1.
  12. Maybe this will give you a few ideas "5 Books About World War II In China | BOOKGLOW" http://www.bookglow.net/5-books-about-world-war-ii-in-china/
  13. We did Positive Action for Christ's Route 66 curriculum which is a pretty good survey of the Bible. It's supposed to be for middle school, but we did it in 8th and 9th grade and it was just right. You do need the teacher's manual, which you can get as a download. You can modify it to make it work best for your kids, as it's written for a group of kids like a Sunday school. Each kid should have their own workbook and you can print out tests and other worksheets from the teacher download. Their other high school Bible studies are pretty good too and more independent. https://positiveaction.org/store/group/route-66
  14. Here is another book recommendation written by a woman with stage 4 colon cancer. I can't recommend it highly enough. Processes through so many emotions without Pollyanna optimism nor bitter hopelessness. Everything Happens for a Reason and Other Lies I've Loved https://www.amazon.com/Everything-Happens-Reason-Other-Loved/dp/0399592067
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