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  1. Yes! I totally forgot about that! I walked home a mile every day in 1st grade and memorized all the houses that had one in their window.
  2. I've never had Zofran make me sleepy. I've taken it in pill form many times and was on a continual Zofran pump for 2 pregnancies. You can put the pill under your tongue for the fastest relief.
  3. I was purchasing only produce sold in bags, but now I'm not sure if that's a good idea after reading this disturbing report. Part of me hopes that this is fake news. Teens purposely coughing all over produce.
  4. As a fellow Ohioan, I'm also very grateful for Governor DeWine's and Amy Acton's leadership.
  5. %1%24s If this study is accurate and the Coronavirus is viable in the air for up to 3 hours, than social distancing should be more than just not shaking hands or touching. I think as much as possible, everyone needs to stay home!
  6. Black Cohosh was recommended by my doctor. It really helped me. It took about 2 weeks to take full effect. I took it for 2 years after my hysterectomy, and my hot flashes were brutal. However, you aren't supposed to take Black Cohosh long term.
  7. aaplank


    Well said. How sadly true this is in my own life.
  8. I'm fortunate that my daughter is ahead of where she needs to be in math and can handle the workload. She takes tough honors science courses alongside her brother and is able to do well. She hates math, but is able to do it. She also likes science, especially labs, and is able to produce thorough, well-written lab reports. My son encourages her in the math portions and she helps edit his lab reports. It's definitely a symbiotic relationship. 😉 Even though they are 2 years apart in age, I've assigned them as being a grade level apart. There really won't be much difference in their science sequence, other than that my daughter has the freedom to have one year of a more specialized science. She might be doing an internship at a zoo her senior year and take a required dual enrollment Biochemistry class along with it.
  9. I used WWS 1 with my 8th and 9th graders. I think that it would be a great fit for what you are looking for, especially for writing in other subject areas.
  10. Go on a fantastic vacation and make lots of good memories! It sounds like you've been very responsible with money all along, even with the car debt. I'd say it's time to be frivolous.
  11. My 16ds and 14dd also do all their subjects together except for math. They enjoy learning together and help each other along the way. My son excels in math and my daughter excels in reading and writing. They use their strengths to help when needed, even before asking me.
  12. Each chapter that has a map in the Study & Teaching Guide has specific instructions with what you are supposed to do with the map. Most of it involves tracing over and then drawing the map and labeling by heart. Even though I think it's a great exercise, we just don't have that kind of time, with the other supplements we are adding to the book. What I did was order the pdfs of the maps and printed them for both of my kids. After they've read the chapter, they follow the instructions in the study guide for tracing, but just go over the lines directly on the printed map. I have them color and highlight the different areas that they're supposed to label. I'm not sure it's all that useful, but it does help to give a geographical context to the chapter. We use the study guide pretty loosely and use it more as a discussion tool. We've supplemented the readings and maps with a Great Courses series, "History of the Ancient World, a Global Perspective" taught by Aldrete and we do the ancient history lessons from Reading Like a Historian.
  13. Master Books Chemistry is very light. There is still some math and an experiment every lesson. It is very basic, but well organized.
  14. When I first started homeschooling, the group that we were apart of was deeply entrenched in this ideology. When I started to realize how destructive it was I began to pull away from the group. I put my kids in a small private school for a year. We were ostracized from the community and lost all the supposed friends we had. When we started homeschooling again we had to find a new community, one that didn't have this mindset. I'm glad we were able to remove ourselves from that environment because I think it would have been so toxic for my kids and would have warped their view of the world. A close friend's son, who grew up in this environment, broke off his engagement because his fiance wasn't sure she wanted to homeschool their future children. I understand your venting, OP. It's hard for others to understand if they've never experienced a homeschooling subculture like this.
  15. I agree with you, however Florastor is different and can be taken with antibiotics. If you go to their website it explains that Florastor is a type of yeast that is not killed off by antibiotics.
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