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  1. We rented DS’s brass instrument (recommended by the teacher) from a music shop for the first year and then purchased a new one for the second year b/c DS decided to stick with it. I chose option two for that reason. It was great having a trombone accessible during the covid year b/c I was able to find him a private tutor online to maintain his skills between formal classes.
  2. Following. My DS is still in the middle of it. He comes home moody nearly everyday (and they ran out of pizza for lunch today so that wasn't good either). I have to catch him in the golden hour between school and dinner for discussion because after he hits the bed around 6/7, he's out for the night. He hasn't grown much in the upward direction this year but he's filled out A TON. Trapezius muscles...check. Delts...check. Very broad and defined in the chest now. We have him in adult medium shirts and a mens 10.5 shoe. His whole wardrobe has turned over in the last year. DS can nearly grow a full beard! As for food... DS claims to never be hungry but it's become a joke because he orders and eats salads and then polishes off everything everyone else ordered but can't finish. A full 8oz ribeye with veggies and a baked potato would be no problem for him. He would wash it down with a bowl of cereal.
  3. The bigger issue to me (rage du jour issues will happen) is the way the turfers leapt over the substantiated harm done to 500 kids in the district (their stories were read into the record) to prioritize a perception of risk/concern that hadn’t manifested in any real way. It’s the kids that they’re hurting. Multiply that over a whole bunch of suburban districts. I cannot imagine what kind of world they think they’re creating long-term but those resentments are likely to linger. Short term gain, long term pain.
  4. Southlake is not far from where the principal in the district OP mentioned works so it kinda gives you a feel for the zeitgeist. (In case anyone wondered why/how these things are related).
  5. Yeah, you have to hear it with your own ears in the voices of the people living it. I did see this too. The world has gone mad. No one cares that there are actual kids being hurt by these crusaders everyday...and they're largely not in private schools. If this principal loses his job, I expect he'll sue for discrimination (justified). Were he in nearly any other federal circuit, he might have a chance. Not in the 5th. It's what I have repeatedly said, in military surveys and publicly, I will NEVER move my children to one of these places. EVER. Millington is VERY near DHs and my family and we have repeatedly turned it down. Fortunately, I was able to redirect DDs attention away from FAMU with a tour of some Maryland HBCUs, lol. I have told them that I will not tell them what to do (and I will not) but I ABSOLUTELY will tell them when their academic experiences and freedom may be jeopardized by local sentiments.
  6. Yep. All of that. Seriously enraging. It just made me fume about how many other kids that is happening to/has happened to.
  7. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to trigger anyone. While I think this podcast is indicative of some larger trends, I'm mostly horrified by the impact on kids caught in the crossfire. So many of the kids are impressive.
  8. Same. My own child had a similar experience after being accused of theft in MS..which was untrue... but I digress. It was after that that we started regularly emphasizing our NO TALKING WITHOUT Mom/Dad/Attorney rule. Two adults talking to a child, without a parent, suggesting a pre-determined narrative. The pressure kids are under to just agree and move things along is so intense.
  9. Reporting is reporting, right, it always has a slant. I’m not really interested in debating the small bits of commentary but discussing the actual audio from the adults involved, particularly, the school principal. Regardless of what is going on in the community, his job is to oversee the education and well being of all of the students and it’s clear his own slant is interfering with that task. FOR THOSE WHO HAVE LISTENED/are listening, what is your take?
  10. Ok, who (like me) listened to the most recent episode of Southlake? I’ll start a new thread b/c I cannot understand how people can defend this.
  11. Couldn’t agree more.
  12. Intimate partner/domestic violence and child abuse is a scourge. Period. It doesn’t seem to get the same attention with all victims tho and, IMHO, that’s absolutely worth considering. I’m not suggesting that this woman’s killer shouldn’t be found or investigated. Every family deserves justice. We need to take all victims and forms of abuse more seriously and support all families like this. We don’t. I don’t think that’s a personal flaw but a systemic one in terms of which lives are publicized or not (valued/discounted) for reasons of relative wealth/poverty, race, social status, etc. It’s both sad and entirely predictable. This case just isn’t that special.
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/ny-mom-destini-smothers-crusade-for-justice-20210705-w65l657cqfcmzbn3qzlhhvgtn4-story.html%3foutputType=amp Female victim…check. Intimate partner last seen with victim…check. Suspicious partner behavior…check. Reported missing by parents…check. Suspect not talking to police…check. Suspect gone missing…check. If sleuthing is your calling, there are lots of families that need answers.
  14. I have. It was all over the news. If I remember correctly, legislation was even proposed and named after her.
  15. I have nothing but passing interest in this case. It's always sad when lives are taken by others. There are thousands of people everyday who are missing that get ZERO attention. It continues to baffle me why some become a national cause celebre. I hope her killer is brought to justice.
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