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  1. I'm sorry it's rough right now but I hope you feel as good as I did on the other side of it.
  2. Part of it is looking at the people around you tho, especially family. I take my cues from them about what normal aging will be like for me and extrapolate from there.
  3. I’m too young to stop dying my hair. 🤣There’d be a mismatch in the opposite direction b/c I don’t have many wrinkles and I don’t expect to either. I’m giving my inner kindergartener free reign with color. At 90, my grandma had salt and pepper hair, mostly pepper. My mom is nearly seventy and she has salt and pepper hair too, mostly pepper just like her sisters. I have no expectation that I’ll end up with a head full of silver hair. Adding a box of color du jour gives me a balayage look for cheap. I do like cheap...and spunky. I certainly support her message of self acceptance. Her look may not
  4. Where’s Idina Menzel when you need her.
  5. Same!! 🤣 It’s never occurred to me or anyone I know to use dermal fillers. Must be the extra meat on the bones.☺️
  6. This was the same thought I had. Also agree that after a certain age, extra weight helps, both for men and women.
  7. Better=no one dies or is visibly maimed? I'm not sure that's better either. There’s harm that goes unseen too. The harm the ‘comply at all costs’ faction promotes and presupposes is 'better' denies the never-ending harm to psyche and self worth done by constantly denying people the right to be fully feeling human beings with intrinsic worth, dignity, and deserving of respect, free from fear. Being servile comes at a cost too-- even without incarceration or physical harm. That yessir, massa, crap creates real rage, especially when the action being taken or the stop itself is unjust.
  8. This is hilarious. The woman at the front of an angry mob, visibly breaking the law, actively climbing through a broken window, attacking Congress, was no threat? I really do need to stop now. Stuff like this reveals all to clearly how the perception of risk/threat is based more on appearance than behavior. 🤣
  9. The threat was posed by the mob she was leading toward the duly elected senators in the hallway directly behind the officer who shot. You can also hear the insurrectionists on the video shout ‘gun’ before the shooting occurred. Their violence was clearly established by their behavior and the way they wielded their improvised and real weapons. It was a lawless mob seeking to attack high value protectees. Not gonna win that one. Ever.
  10. You stick with that. I’m moving on to the systemic issues these ongoing incidents represent. They are, by far, the more significant threat to me/mine. I have no desire to argue the merits of stopping people for swinging air fresheners.
  11. No, I am not referring to him and I wasn’t referring only to him. We’ve seen Asian people assaulted this year, Ahmad Arbury was killed this way in the last year or so. A SC active duty military guy was just caught on camera shoving some guy down the street this week too. I don’t think it’s especially useful to hyper focus on the culpability of each and every victim when clear patterns exist that are more important WRT preventing these deadly incidents in the first place. I don’t rightly know all of what Mr. Wright was accused of doing. Truthfully, I refuse to watch another amateur snuff f
  12. On the off chance this would be the case, I signed DS up on the state waiting list last week. I’m cautiously optimistic. I really would like to go see my Dad this summer.
  13. I'm no expert. I've just read many of the proposals out there and agree with most of it. Things like-- Eliminating or circumscribing qualified immunity which grants LEOs immunity for nearly everything done in the line of duty Eliminating or scaling back 'officer bill of rights' laws that allow LEOs to wait days or weeks before providing a statement about what happened Shift enforcement of minor civil or municipal infractions to a separate entity, like 'meter maids' Shift responses to mental health/vagrancy issues to a separate entity like social workers Impose pen
  14. Pretextual stops is one of those expansions in discretion that SCOTUS has facilitated, ignoring evidence that they inevitably lead to more interactions with people in poverty (who may have less well-maintained vehicles or lack the funds to pay for annual registrations, taxes and inspections) and obvious PoC. One of the findings after Mike Brown/Ferguson was the way the city was abusing its own citizens through tickets for minor/paperwork infractions like jaywalking, subsequent fines, warrants, and court fees. Those interactions created/create distrust which, yeah, increases the risk of escalat
  15. Yeah, instead of telling LT. Nazario, “I’m sorry *SIR*, we mistakenly thought you were driving without a license plate or temp. tag but we see that you have one. Have a nice night.” They approached his car with guns drawn, sprayed him with pepper spray, and then had the unmitigated gall to threaten his military career for their illegal acts. The LT is lucky to be alive and all the comments are about how the victim was somehow, someway, in the wrong.
  16. On a happy note, Cariol Horne was finally vindicated this week so some minds are being changed. There may yet be hope of rolling back the expansions of LEO rights SCOTUS has supported for way too long. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/13/nyregion/cariol-horne-police-chokehold.html
  17. She was trained on the difference between the two weapons and trained on where to keep them on her person to prevent confusion. She was obviously scared shitless by a handcuffed man. You can hear the panic in her voice. She made a deadly mistake and there should be consequences like any other deadly mistake. I don’t really care what she intended, at minimum, she was negligent.
  18. Nope. I’m simply observing the tendency to give the benefit of positive speculation to LEOs at every turn. When Ashlii Babbitt was killed I was among many to say there was no way the officer would even be charged. The actions were easily justified by the threat posed. This? Not so much. Fair is fair.
  19. You’re not a scared black man either but there’s plenty of speculation about what they should know and do when they’re terrified and calling out for their mamas.
  20. For those unaware of how and why it became standard practice for LEOs in the US to be trained on the difference between tasers and guns, and how the two have been differentiated in terms of color for years, look up the case of Oscar Grant. This ‘accident’ defense was used in the trial of his killer too. It worked then. It may or may not now. This week, we saw footage that LAPD fought for two years to hide. They literally picked up, handcuffed and charged a man with resisting when he was detained while taking out his trash. They admitted on body cam that they didn’t even have a description
  21. Yes, facts do matter. Accusations are not convictions and unless/until this dead man is convicted of those crimes they’re irrelevant. Not even Chauvin’s checkered past is being admitted as evidence. It’s irrelevant as to whether he committed the offense for which he is on trial.
  22. Perfect victims don’t exist. A 12yo boy was shot and killed in a public park and that was excused too. LT. Nazario was pulled over and pepper sprayed for a crime he didn’t commit and the body cam shows they knew it before drawing their weapons and approaching the car. People who want to find excuses will do so because they don’t fundamentally believe we are human and have any rights they are bound to respect.
  23. Trained professionals are supposed to be better than civilians not the same as. Medical professionals who ‘accidentally’ cut off the wrong limb suffer consequences. They aren’t excused, reflexively defended, or rehired. The standards for trained professional actions should be higher not lower. Lt. Nazario was assaulted less than 30 miles from my house. Gallows humor is all I have left. I have an almost 17yo child who is ready to start ‘going out’ in a car driven by her 18yo ‘friend’. That’s what’s on my mind right now. They are KIDS who are newly licensed and they will freak out and pani
  24. We will be getting out more, still masked tho. Gonna see some campuses, maybe fly to visit my dad (aging, poor health). We’re leveraging our visit to make sure he gets the vax. The only one here who hasn’t had a first dose is DS.
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