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  1. I am not, nor will I ever be, a vegan or vegetarian but I subscribe to a vegan-friendly meal service and get about 9 meals/mo. The spice levels in the recipes are woefully inadequate for my taste buds but I’m loving the ideas and my DD is eating all of my leftovers!!! 🤦🏽‍♀️ I also feel better with more veg and whole grains in my diet first thing in the morning. I care mostly about flavor and buy slow growth or aged meat/poultry products for the same reason—they taste better. It’s ok and perfectly reasonable to value the flavor, texture, and presentation of your food. Not sure why that’s contr
  2. DH is getting a replacement for a Mars Attacks action figure that we lost many moves ago. It alternately says gibberish and “We come in peace!” He’s in the middle of a long deployment and this is a movie we both love. It will bring him joy.
  3. Turns out the make ahead worked beautifully! Great crust on top/bottom and still fluffy, not too dense. I will definitely do this again. I am glad I let it come to room temp tho as it reduced the cooking time.
  4. With my dressing the top is nice and toasted as well as the bottom. We don’t like a really wet dressing, it’s more steamed and fluffy. I like to see the chunks of bread and veg in it. When I combine it the day of, I bake it in an oval casserole dish, a little smaller than 9x13, covered for about 25 minutes then uncover it for another 15-20 until it’s golden brown on top. I also put it on the lower rack b/c I like a bit of crust to form on the bottom too. This years experiment with prepping is TBD but I’m hopeful. We made a much smaller amount, only 8x8 and I am bringing it back to room temp th
  5. Ha! Missed the memo! When we were in Bahrain, I just subbed oregano.
  6. Today is my big prep day too. DONE: - once-baked potatoes ready for round two. - sweet potato pie - dressing ready for baking - Mac n’ cheese ready for baking - chicken is marinating - tomato bisque for DD who just had her braces tightened. 😬 - steak sandwich for DS (microwave ready) - Tom Kha Gai broth, for dinner, is simmering. Tomorrow, just final bakes, blanched and sautéed green beans, and my bestie is making garlic shrimp. THE KITCHEN IS NOW CLOSED!
  7. This has been our go to for years. I just discovered a slow growth chicken co. 6 weeks ago and decided to go with that. We’ve always hated big commercial turkeys.
  8. You can sub oregano for marjoram in your own seasoning if you have it, or just omit it! If it’s scarce in local stores, check the ethnic section for Badia packets. You can also sub a bit of celery seed for celery to good effect. This is a good base recipe. https://www.cookingclassy.com/stuffing-recipe/
  9. Pretty much the same as mine. It’s all eyeballed. Sometimes I switch it up and use cubed sourdough and potato bread with the cornbread, like this year. I had old bread I needed to get rid of. Sometimes I add sausage and apples. I use 1/2 and 1/2 and broth instead of soup (same-same) and fresh herbs. You really can do this! 💪🏽 Just make sure your cornbread is nice and dry.
  10. I have matzo meal on hand to make soup with our chicken bones from dinner, lol. Waste not, want not.
  11. YOU CAN DO IT!! I have no idea if this is true I’m just providing moral support. ☺️ What do you usually put in it?
  12. Thanks. I dried the cornbread and bread cubes really well in the oven the day before and didn’t use a TON of broth in the liquid. I’m gonna try it with a gentle toss and wrap for tomorrow. Hopefully it works. We only have a small 8x8 amount so I don’t want to ruin it. Lol.
  13. 2-3 Rib roast. Super tasty and tons of iron.
  14. I usually do my dressing day of but I’m wondering if I can do everything but the final bake today. Will I still get that lovely, buttery crunch on top if I add the broth and eggs today and put the baking dish in the fridge? Anyone do this?
  15. I would smoke/BBQ the turkey, theme park style. It’s so flavorful and the process alone will be memorable and fun. https://thewoksoflife.com/smoked-turkey-legs-disney-copycat-recipe/ sometimes the best plan isn’t to make your odd ingredients fit your traditions but to embrace the difference and make the most of what it can do/be. We’ve made these and they are amazing. To make gravy w/out drippings, you can use any kind of fat to toss some peas, carrots, onions and garlic then roast (30-45 minutes) until carmelized. I would purée the mess out of ‘em then add and them to a toasted roux of f
  16. Text alerts are turned off on my phone. I hate the constant pinging. If I happen to be looking or in a conversation I respond quickly but I've been known to go hours or days before responding.
  17. This has been my experience with friends/family in flyover states. The state moved quickly with little kids and gave a little more grace with older kids who had established parental relationships.
  18. Given what you’re saying about the evidence, it is HIGHLY unlikely that it lasts several years. In the states I’m familiar with, 18 months is the outside of what’s allowed as far as languishing in care for kids under 5.
  19. Totally depends on the case, number of witnesses, and willingness of the bio parent to fight. I wouldn’t expect more than two weeks tho, tops, and that’s in an iffy situation. By the time you get to this point, the record is often overwhelming. My friends’ hearings were over in 1-2 days.
  20. ETA: I thought of one more! I keep a bag of frozen peas and carrots on hand to toss into fried rice. I could probably use frozen corn to make corn fritters too but I've never tried. I usually use canned.
  21. We roast frozen PETITE green beans (the long, skinny ones) with a strip of bacon wrapped around 'em. We drizzle on scratch Catalina dressing and sprinkle with garlic( fresh or powder) and pepper. When baked, these little bean bundles are VERY tasty. Those and edamame are the only frozen veggies we eat tho. I usually boil the edamame in salted water and toss with soy sauce, sesame oil, chili sauce, fresh garlic and a smidge of sugar.
  22. Godspeed to your friend. Prayers for her family. This disease is so random and cruel.
  23. Indeed. In legal education, opposition to journeymen legal personnel, think Physician assistant level, is fierce and lead by bar associations that want to maintain high barriers to entry. It’s profitable to have an exclusive skill set/certification/credential. We have multiple systemic issues.
  24. It’s a function of trying to maintain a lean healthcare system based on profit and just in time service delivery. There’s insufficient slack in times of crisis. This has long been an issue WRT rural healthcare because professionals with huge debt loads can’t afford to practice in rural areas and pay their loans off. We have a similar supply/demand issue WRT legal education.
  25. It depends? I *love* GOOD food. I cook GOOD food. I consider my son agnostic on food (he’s on the spectrum tho) but my daughter is a lover. Both are slim and trim. I am a good cook so it’s not the food, it’s just preference. That’s ok. I always note it when my agnostic child mentions a certain dish tho. Most recently it was black garlic chicken...a riff on chicken piccata. Both of my peeps enjoy food but they may appear indifferent depending on what is served.
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