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  1. This. There was a notorious bully who was my senior (but not line manager) and he once started yelling at me in a meeting with other senior people because I disagreed with him on a particular proposal and started telling him why. Raising his voice was a tactic he used a lot and it seems his colleagues had got used to and let him get away with it. I just sat and stared at him as if I was watching the spectacle of the century. Once he was done, I continued giving him a quizzical look, waited at least 5 seconds and then said, "as I was saying..". He never yelled where I was nearby again. I just think to myself, "you're no relation of mine and I don't care how you behave". Don't engage in his game. If he's doing this to the children, I would escalate.
  2. Laughing emoji at the irony, but sad for you too.
  3. We live in South Africa and it's www.rovos.com. We're looking at the Pretoria to Vicoria Falls journey and will stay on to enjoy Zimbabwe. It has been a lifelong dream to do it, but we could never justify the cost.
  4. We've always saved for "one day". With dh's health issues (which aren't yet over an recovery will be long), we've realised how important it is to enjoy the moment. Splurge!
  5. Well....It was this past December and I sat next to DH's bedside in high care in hospital while he was delirius. During a more lucid moment around that time he told me that he loved me 95% of the time. I pried a bit and asked him about the other 5% and he answered that then I really annoy him (in more flowery language)!! He had major surgery to cut out oesophagal cancer and has been in hospital for 10 weeks due to a string of complications. We are going to use the dread disease insurance payout to go on a luxury train trip with dear friends.
  6. Oh, and then there's the That one went here as well! And our sheep's brain dissection for science. We had a 'history club' and a 'science club' with friends where we rotated presenting the lessons of the week. My one friend was big on the gory stuff.
  7. We have those too!! Ours is a softcover set printed in 1993. We also have a softcover Young Scientist set from 1994! Both sets are in pristine condition. They were on a fantastic special and I bought them for DD's first birthday in 1999. My mother in law thought I was completely crazy, and I reckoned Dd wouldn't remember what she got for her first birthday.
  8. ....the bin of Story of the World 1 crafts that we did more than 15 years ago! We've got a large chest containing 50-pocket display files for each year of homeschooling as well. Originally created for potential audits by the Department of Education, I just can't bring myself to throw those out either - the kids will have to do it themselves! All of our old curriculum has been sold or donated. We also have a few bins of quality picture and read-aloud books. I'm so sentimental about those. What are the things you are hanging on to?
  9. Big big hugs to you Laura4321. It never becomes easier, you just get more used to the hole in your heart.
  10. Yup, we still fed punch cards on a mainframe! PC's became available in a computer laboratory in my final year of university. Only the most affluent students had their own. We had to book time. In my first job, we also had shared computers. The first cellphones that looked like bricks also became available around that time. Film to digital cameras were a revolution! At my wedding we had disposable film cameras. Chatgpt has been amazing to produce essay outlines for the Advanced Certificate program in Financial Coaching that I've just completed!!
  11. Congratulations on your birthday!
  12. The most important thing for me is that whatever is there is current and up to date. Rather have too little, than out of date information on the website and on social media,
  13. I love this idea. Foodies have a good deal in common to keep the conversation flowing! My sister belongs to a "round the world" dinner club. There are 12 members in the group that meet on the last Saturday of each month. Some are couples and others single (she's a widow). A member of the club hosts and provides the main dish. Then two others do a starter and a dessert each. Own drinks as some are teetotalers. They choose a different type of cuisine every month. There may be acquaintances whom you think might enjoy this and the opportunityto get to know each other better. You could start with a smaller group. I have an acquaintance who grew up in Hong Kong and has a Chinese mother and English father. She hosts a pop-up restaurant offering Asian food at her home. Hers is now a business after she got divorced, and she bought her new house specifically with this in mind as she hosts once per week at least, but when she started it was a creative outlet and for fun. At that time she only charged for ingredients. She has 'regulars' with whom she has become good friends. Conversation over dinner allows one to get to know others. It took a long time for it to happen, but I've made a good friend through book club. We started meeting for coffee and having heart to heart chats. Our club meets once per month and we have one founding member who hogs the conversation and holds court, so that hindered a lot of one-on-one interaction.
  14. Non Destructive Testing of materials is also a good field if you're prepared to travel. There are different specialisations such as weld testing, allow castings, aeronautics, etc. One can take courses here for just one specialisation and grow from there, or also diploma courses that cover more than one testing specialisation.
  15. You really have been through the wringer. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend and for the unsettling situation for your children and for all the house worries and car stress on top of it. Wishing you a totally uneventful remainder of 2024.
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