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  1. I'm delighted to read this MedicMom! Thanks for the update.
  2. I"ve also been wondering. Thinking of you MedicMom.
  3. I couldn't leave a child who will be traumatized by me not being there either, whatever their age. My sister actually developed a stutter for 3 years after she was left at my aunt's house when she was 3. Assuming that this is what it is about, maybe the conversation with dh has to be around how to rekindle intimacy and desire while you stay at home?
  4. Have you tried historic fiction? Phillipa Gregory is easy to read.
  5. One of my favourite things is a relaxing Sunday afternoon on the couch with twaddle in hand. Mostly crime fiction. I discovered the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child quite late, and was able to read all of the books in the series within a few months. I was really sad when I came to the last one! I don't think there's a sentence longer than 15 words. All are brisk and to the point. Reacher is an intriguing hero who beats up bad guys and there's enough of a plotline to keep one going - real mind candy. I also enjoy Jo Nesbo (Harry Hole detective series), Tess Gerritsen Rizzoli and Isles series (a policewoman and femaie pathologist) and South African writer Deon Meyer.
  6. We have a dress like this that my sisters and cousins handed between us for our girls - it was bought for smart for the first granddaughter and then got handed down between 5 cousins! The youngest wore it for a play dress. Each has a picture in it at around age 2. And this was over 3 continents!!
  7. When we got married we didn't have a washing machine, so told the parents and parents-in-law that if anyone asked to tell them cash towards the washing machine would be welcome. It wasn't written down anywhere though. We did get enough to buy the machine.
  8. I always thought it was tacky to leave the price-tag on a gift, never mind handing over the receipt. And it also assumes that everyone has the means to buy items off a registry - and doesn't that become a game of one-upmanship?
  9. I can't imagine being friends with anyone that entitled and consumer orientated. Totally tacky.
  10. Thinking of you, your family and community Melissa. I can only imagine the stress you're under.
  11. My best friend moved away 11 years ago to live in Australia. We would schedule a once a month Skype and coffee date. These days its not scheduled, but we still talk via WhatsApp every 2 months or so - and then its for an hour or more. We text in between talking. I may send her a photograph of something in our lives, or a link to a podcast, or whatever I think might be of interest to her, and she does the same. The texts might lead to talking if we have time, often while we are each doing our own chores. We are 9 hours apart. I've seen her twice in real life in the 11 years and am really looking forward to seeing her again in May. We will spend a week together. With her it was easy to maintain the contact. My sisters both live overseas. With the one I have regular WhatsApp text chats and we also talk about once a month. I may send a text in the morning and she only answers in the afternoon, but it feels like a lingering conversation. With my other sister its much harder. I know what's going on in her life mainly via Facebook, but she doesn't really respond to texts often. We have just spent a wonderful Christmas together and reconnected, so that was great. IRL I have social interactions via the children's sport and at work, but I have also felt lonely as there was not a close connection with anyone. I finally made a new friend about 1.5 years ago with whom I really connect.
  12. My aunt had a double mastectomy and what I learned from her is that you should allow yourself the time to grieve and mourn for the old you that you've lost. Grief takes time. You don't have to make immediate decisions and if you still feel after a year that you want to restore that part of your identity, then it will be the time to make the decision.
  13. Thank you for posting this. I knew there were different cultural regions, but this really explains it well.
  14. I actually learned a lot from the fact that people were so bothered by the response - even after all these years of reading the boards! In my culture (South African, grew up in Afrikaans community) it is perfectly acceptable to give a straight answer to a straight question. There is always a grain of truth in a stereotype. Ask any comedian.
  15. I have been working on a project with colleagues from the USA and Germany. I'm not sure if its national culture or the specific corporate culture of the individuals that I"m observing. Not necessarily offensive, but I have found that the American confidence and 'can-do' attitude does lead to team members not admitting when there are problems on the project. They report things as 'all good' when they should be raising red flags on budget and timelines. On the other hand, the Germans point out every possible hurdle!
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