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  1. I grew up near Cape Town, South Africa. Living 20 min drive from the ocean Mountains all around with fynbos vegetation Vineyards Winter rain (but I do remember student days with all of my shoes in a row, drying in front of the heater) Public transport (bus stop across the road, with a bus to school and the train station - although I don't know how safe the trains are any more) and of course, family and lifelong friends.
  2. I prefer stainless steel bowls with a silicone base, handle and spout like this. Even when I do want to keep something I decant into a flat, square glass container with lid as the mixing bowls take up too much space in the fridge.
  3. If your'e using charity you don't need it may be taking from someone else who is truly in trouble and does need it. That angers me.
  4. Yup, in the far corner of the garden, or behind the shed 🙂
  5. Check in: 9th day without coffee. Day 3-4 I had a dull headache and was feeling sluggish, but my energy levels are back to normal now. I drink rooibos tea (nothing added) or hot water instead. Cooked Oatmeal for breakfast, a fruit for morning and afternoon snacks, and the majority of my plate for lunch and dinner has been vegetables. This is the path I took on my walk this morning. It's a wide fire break through the bush. We get frost in winter, so the veld is completely dry and the trees are bare. In a few weeks the summer rains will start and everything will be transfor
  6. Thanks for the welcome Everyone. Apologies for the delayed response, we've had power outages. I'm glad I was warned about the caffeine withdrawal 'flu'. I"m feeling it today - day 3 of cold turkey and I have a dull headache and feel rather lethargic. Hopefully it passes quickly. My morning walk was great. We normally have a last cold spell in Spring and this is probably it. I enjoy walking when the air is crisp.
  7. Joining in for the first time. We have been working from home since March, and have now been told we'll only go back to the office in January, so the excuse that all the bad habits formed are only temporary no longer holds. My goals are 1) a half-hour daily walk - it works best for me if I do this first thing before starting work in the morning 2) no coffee at home - I went cold turkey yesterday, down from 6-8 cups per day. Drinking hot water or rooibos tea instead. 3) no refined carbs
  8. I think hamburger is the same as minced beef? Next time you can try a South African recipe, called Bobotie. Ingredients 500g lean minced beef (about a pound) 2 onions, finely chopped 1 large clove garlic, crushed 1 carrot, grated 30ml (2T) oil 2 slices bread 250ml (1cup) milk 2 eggs 15ml (1T) mild curry powder 5ml (1t) turmeric 5ml (1t) ground cinnamon 2,5ml (1/2t) ground coriander 10ml (2t) salt 2,5ml (1/2t) pepper 30ml (2T) wine or vinegar or lemon juice 125ml (1/2cup) seedless raisi
  9. You're having a healthy response to disappointment. It's completely OK to feel that and good that you can name and acknowledge it.
  10. Such happy news - enjoy being Mimi!
  11. I'm glad you could find a compromise that worked for you.
  12. That must have been the hardest thing ever. Well done for speaking the truth and doing the right thing.
  13. My daughter's university started in February and mid-March they were all sent home. The 2nd semester was delayed and is now also virtual. Only a handful of students are allowed back on campus and in residences - medical students doing practicals in State hospitals (they need them!), final year students that need laboratory access, etc - and then under very strict conditions. My daughter moved into an apartment with a friend and since we have a contract for the year, we're still paying for an empty place. They'll only go back for the new academic year starting in February (hopefully!)
  14. Add a bottle of Delheim wine from South Africa 🙂 We had bans on the sale of alcohol which has just been lifted - it has been brutal on the wine and restaurant industries. The rationale was that alcohol related injuries and disease takes up hospital beds. There was also a completely nonsensical ban on tobacco sales.
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