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  1. That seems odd to me too. Or is it standard practice to give blood work results in person? I guess something was seriously wrong, then the dr would see it on the blood reports.
  2. Melissa, how did it go with your son during the night?
  3. The best venison I've had has been a Springbok venison potje. It cooked for at least 8 hours and was served on a safari trip. The food was excellent, but the setting even better. The hosts set a wonderful long-table on a hill overlooking the bush. Just amazing. The potjie lid is only lifted towards the end of the cooking time to reduce the liquid if required. Any slow-cooking stew recipe will work. In our area there is an annual potjie-kos (potjie-food) competition at the local school fair where people try all kinds of recipes from venison, beef, lamb and chicken to lasagne. My hus
  4. My sister in Ireland is turning 50 this year and for the last four years she's been talking about my other sister, her and I getting together for a sister's vacation for her birthday. We've been saving for a cruise on a Cunard ship as none of our spouses is interested in cruising. Normally, we'd be making the bookings for November by now and have everything arranged, but who knows what this year holds? When we do get together we'll have a heightened appreciation for how lucky we are to be able to do so.
  5. I hope its nothing more serious than the antibiotics causing the black blood. I'd still urge him to make an earlier appointment if he can.
  6. People drink it like regular tea, adding dairy or other milk, sugar, honey, etc. I mostly have it plain, but sometimes add a bit of lemon juice. My elder daughter likes to add honey. Younger likes a flavoured rooibos with watermelon & mint.
  7. That makes sense - I guess its a cultural thing and what people are used to. We use mostly teabags straight into a mug too, but I do have small tins of leaf tea and strainers for when we get 'fancy' and take out the tea set with dainty cups and saucers. I have an elderly neighbour who only ever drinks leaf tea from a teacup. To her, a tea bag in a mug is just not civilised! She's also very particular about warming the cup before pouring the tea. She's quite prepared to drink instant coffee though, so go figure! The decision-tree for offering drinks to visitors usually goes "hot
  8. I love that you use a Potjie!! A lamb potjie that takes a few hours to cook over the fire is just the best.
  9. Welcome back Melissa Louise / Stella! Glad that you're feeling good enough to post again!
  10. That's why I keep reading after so many years. I have met one other board member irl about 10 years ago.
  11. I'd quit my job and travel in luxury and style for at least a year - and then I'd decide what to do with the rest of my retirement.
  12. Alzheimers is the most horrid disease. No advise other than just being there for your friend. I can just imagine how hard this is on them.
  13. So sorry for the loss of your Mom Heart. What a terrible time for you.
  14. Dh and I survived the company retrenchments and both still have jobs. We and our close family are all still healthy We had a 'bonus year' with uni dd at home - she did extremely well academically this year. Managed a trip to see my father and stepmom just before we've again had to go into lockdown. Realised the importance of relationships with family and friends.
  15. It honestly has never occurred to me that people wouldn't have one! An electric kettle is probably the very first appliance anyone here buys. I just googled it and one theory is that the voltage in the USA is less than half of that in the UK (and here in South Africa) - 100-107 Volts vs 220-240Volt, so an electric kettle takes longer to boil, thus the efficiency of an electric kettle over stovetop is not as marked.
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