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  1. I'm 50 and I have one good friend with whom we've discussed it 1-1 yes, but not in any kind of group situation. This friend is someone I trust 100% and I know she keeps confidences. Even though there are many things we do not agree on, I can't think of a topic we haven't discussed. This same friend did recently have an experience where she was invited to a Saturday morning knitting group, and there in the restaurant they were all sitting with their knitting, the conversation turned to the problems menopausal women experience - she's very open-minded, but was quite shocked at how detailed and personal it got - especially in that setting!
  2. I also cannot go barefoot - and living in a sunny climate I took my shoes off the minute I got home. I am pain-free now, but as soon as I've tried going barefoot again, I wake up in pain the next morning. I have good walking shoes and for work, I wear a South African brand of shoes called Green Cross. I mostly wear flats, but do have an inch heal for dressier days.
  3. Quitting my job would be a rather drastic move. The bad habits are part of the patterns that I need to break. I have chopped up vegetables and have them ready in the fridge to pack for work this week. Together with a protein to make a salad. I am looking ahead a few weeks and need to find strategies that will make the diet a longer-term lifestyle change this time.
  4. I do have a work colleague who will cheerlead and will be stern if I ask her to be. She is doing very well on her own diet at the moment. As far as routines go, I've fallen into some bad habits like going to the work canteen for lunch. It is a very small one that doesn't even have salads, so not the best of choices. I need to plan for the week ahead.
  5. I do have willpower in other areas of my life and I was indeed hoping the psychologist would help me to understand why I'm self sabotaging as far as dieting goes. How does one address the biological mess then?
  6. I find the low carb, high fat works the best for me. I have tried an intentional cheat day, but I think that is where the mind games come in. I've cheated now, so I may as well cheat again kind of thinking.
  7. I will last on a new diet for maximum of a month, and then I start losing will-power. I'm wondering if seeing a therapist to get to the route of my bad eating habits will help. Has anyone done this? Did it help? What did you learn?
  8. I would at the least ask for a meeting with the evaluator to ask for clarification. He needs to be able to substantiate his decision.
  9. After all these years on the board, something about the USA surprises me again! Here in South Africa it is the norm to get paid monthly. The only people I know who get paid more frequently would be 'piece' work, like babysitting or manual labourers who get hired for the day.
  10. I added to my message to say that I'm sending mixed message to my girls. Be there for your kids vs Stay independent. I guess the answer is in making career choices that allow one to keep working part time and to always have an independent income.
  11. Given the possibility of abuse, would you ever encourage your daughter to be a stay-at-home-mom? Because of the power-shift in the relationship resulting from financial dependence, it immediately puts the woman on the back-foot. I feel like I'm sending mixed messages to my girls. Be there for your kids one day vs Stay independent. How does she balance this?
  12. I have a desk job, so I see my emails every day and usually run errands after work. At night or over a weekend, I email myself from my phone and come morning make a to-do list for the day.
  13. Could you add an insert in the invites that are going to the far away family and relatives with a short note/letter and a few more pictures - something along the lines of a Christmas letter?
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