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  1. We are into week 3 of a 5 week lockdown. My daughters miss their horseriding. They both ride three or four times a week and not having that outlet is catching up with them. Both are in a funk. Other school and university activities, not so much.
  2. Here in South Africa we are halfway through a 5 week lockdown. You can leave the house to go to the supermarket for food and general groceries and medicine. We were in a drugstore yesterday and they are able to sell hair care products, but not hair driers for example. At every shop entrance there is a person spraying hand sanitizer on shopper's hands. Workers are constantly washing down trollies and baskets. Inside the shop we noticed that the assistants have switched from masks to face shields. At first the message here was to save masks for essential workers, but last night the health minister advised everyone to start wearing masks when out. Cars and busses are allowed half of their registered capacity. It seems to be working to flatten the curve. So far 25 deaths in a population of 60 million. We are fortunate that testing for HIV and TB are already established, so now widespread Covid 19 testing is being rolled out, The scary bit is that they will be using cellphone technology to trace contacts of infected people. That opens the door to law enforcement having access to these records going forward.
  3. You deserve a break Murphy!
  4. Thank you for giving us this great update!
  5. Good on you for seeing the blessing even though you're in pain and incapacitated. May you recover well from the operation.
  6. Got to call with both of my sisters in the UK today. Also got to chat with Dd who is away at University. Dh and Dd are bonding playing video games - I need to remember that this is a good thing! LOL!
  7. I'm 51 and for the first time in my life sprang for a Diva Cut this week - the hairdresser cut my hair dry and washed and conditioned after. It has made a HUGE difference to how my hair shapes my face. A lot shorter than I"m used to, but really pretty. I have fine hair that tends to frizz. I learned to re-use the water that comes off from rinsing the conditioner and to really work it in strand by strand while the hair is wet through. This helps with clumping. Then to apply curl cream with 'praying hands' to not break the clumps. She started off diffuse drying from the top down with cold air to seal the cuticles and held my hair in a towel in what she called the 'hammock' position. Only when the ends were dry did she turn up the heat and diffuse in the normal way (pushing the curls up with the difusser). She only pushed her fingers in when my hair was completely dry.
  8. And those of us in different time zones!!
  9. Thanks everyone. I think we'll just replace the bathtub in a a regular surround that we have.
  10. We have a plumbing problem which means removing the bath and breaking into the wall. This is South Africa, so the walls are brick not wood as I've seen on US housing shows. This is a great opportunity to remodel and I'm looking at a new bath. I love the look of a standalone bath, but I'm wondering how practical it would be to have one with curved sides in the corner of a bathroom? How would one clean around it? Anyone with experience of this?
  11. The maturity of the children, and more importantly the response time of an adult should there be a crisis is the deciding factor for me. Younger dd was around 12 when we left her alone for that long, but I knew our neighbours would be home and could be over within minutes.
  12. I'm delighted to read this MedicMom! Thanks for the update.
  13. I"ve also been wondering. Thinking of you MedicMom.
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