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  1. There are many elderly in my country (South Africa) who's children have emigrated, so they don't have their day to day help. They rely on their friends and the community and then go into assisted living facilities.
  2. Congratulations!! You're an inspiration and absolutely deserve to celebrate as much as you possibly can!!!
  3. I know of only one other South African boardie over the years - maybe there are more lurking?
  4. Thank you Susan for making these boards possible! They have enriched my life in so many ways, not just for our children's homeschooling journey, which is also now finished, but also through the wonderful discussions and different points of view I've been able to read over the years.
  5. I joined the old boards in about 2003 - before we started homeschooling. I even managed to be the first on the board flip once or twice! A major achievement at the time LOL! My oldest daughter was homeschooled all the way and is 21 now and in her third year at university. I was always more of a lurker than an active participant, but have been reading a few times a week for all these years! ETA: We would not have successfully homeschooled without the WTM and these boards. There was so little information available in South Africa 15+ years ago and I new one other homeschooler in our area. All of the insight and information and confidence that it was possible came from these boards. Thank you!!
  6. So sorry to hear that Kidshappen. Would it help writing this down for the doctor to read instead of just telling her?
  7. If the shelves are able to slide out, then defrosting won't be a problem, but if they're built in, then defrosting might be easier with wire shelves. If it has drawers, then the wire is sturdier than plastic.
  8. Thank you for this article! My 16yo daughter was diagnosed yesterday. I'm on a very steep learning curve and this does explain a lot.
  9. If my girls do choose to homeschool their future children, they'll make their own decisions on what to use. I expect that we'll downsize long before that happens, so there won't be much storage space for stuff. I've kept one smallish container of favourite picture books and two of early readers and children's books - for sentiment's sake. All of our curriculum have been donated or sold, but I do still have two containers of South African children's fiction that I just can't get myself to get rid of yet. Many are out of print and I scoured 2nd hand shops for years. They're not in our way yet, so I'm hanging on to them.
  10. Congratulations! May you have many happy years in the new house.
  11. When I'm organised I make frittata ahead of time - usually with onion, spinach, tomatoe, mushrooms I sometimes add bacon or leftover meat or chicken. I sprinkle cheese on top. When I'm not so organised I have Greek yoghurt with frozen berries and mixed seeds, Seed crackers with cheese, or keto bread and cheese or cold meat.
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