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  1. My girls do horseback riding. The rosettes they get are not as bulky as trophees, but still added up to a large storage container full each. Last year they went through their own container and they kept only the highest achievements. We then donated the ones they didn't want back to where they came from. Even though the schools league now uses different colours, they were happy to have them and gave out the old ones. We found it really fun to win back 'one of our own'. The club they ride for did the same. Where there was advertising, or the year, on the ribbon, we just cut it off - without spoiling the appearance. Or in the case of the club, they put on fresh center stickers. Easier to do than prying off a name, though. Thankfully most events do floating trophees, so we get to give them back after a year!
  2. This sounds like a lovely twist on the regular pass the parcel!
  3. Yes, its like pass the parcel. We have done it with a bought 'pass the burssel sprout" before and the family loved it This year, I want to try an eco-friendly version. So putting small items into socks first, and then maybe facecloths, dish-towels and scarves as it gets bigger. I'll pin it all together with safety pins. So when the music stops, the person holding the ball will pull off one layer and find their gift inside - obviously the layer is then also a gift (or will be handed to Mom in the case of a dish towel!)
  4. This. You are an example to aspire to.
  5. It's such a joy to hear that you benefitted from them!
  6. My youngest started regular school this year (grade 9) and I just gave away the original set! I'm also giving away and selling off the library I collected over the last 20 years. It was a satisfying hobby to scour 2nd hand shops and back in the day I did a lot of bookmooch too. All good memories!
  7. For the sake of the friendship, I'd let it go too. She tried her best to make it right with you.
  8. Alone for the day, yes, but not alone at night. Is there a lift option such as Uber that your son could take to SIL's or a friend's house?
  9. We live out of town, so people call ahead. I have one friend whom I drop into about twice a month - I call 5 to 10 min ahead and its usually late afternoon. She'll tell me if she's busy or wants family time, and has told me often that she appreciates my visits. On occasion I've kept her company while she does a chore. I take her house as it comes - it is always 'lived in', sometimes messy, but never dirty.
  10. All the best to the both of you and wishing him a speedy recovery!
  11. My daughter is at university and they have dances which I think are unique to a predominantly Afrikaans community in South Africa. These are called "sokkie", which translates to 'socks', and its a very simple kind of shuffling, two-step ballroom dance. The students go to the dances as couples, but also in groups. It is more common for the men to ask the women to dance and often one gets asked by a stranger. As many teenagers do, my daughter has had some insecurities about her appearance, wondering whether she'd be invited to dance. It has been an eye-opener for her to realize that a cheerful demeanor and friendly confidence was way more important than the effort she's put into her appearance. On Friday night she went at the last minute with a group of friends, wearing her most comfortable hoody, with her hair in a ponytail, but she was in a fun, happy mood. She danced all night!
  12. I'm 50 and I have one good friend with whom we've discussed it 1-1 yes, but not in any kind of group situation. This friend is someone I trust 100% and I know she keeps confidences. Even though there are many things we do not agree on, I can't think of a topic we haven't discussed. This same friend did recently have an experience where she was invited to a Saturday morning knitting group, and there in the restaurant they were all sitting with their knitting, the conversation turned to the problems menopausal women experience - she's very open-minded, but was quite shocked at how detailed and personal it got - especially in that setting!
  13. I also cannot go barefoot - and living in a sunny climate I took my shoes off the minute I got home. I am pain-free now, but as soon as I've tried going barefoot again, I wake up in pain the next morning. I have good walking shoes and for work, I wear a South African brand of shoes called Green Cross. I mostly wear flats, but do have an inch heal for dressier days.
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