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  1. Daughter had an idea.... Wonderland Woodworking...?
  2. One more from someone else was Bookish Creations. I liked that one, but would that sound too limited to just bookshelves or is it general enough since things that hold books would also hold other things?
  3. Someone suggested "over the ledge" but is that too vague or would anyone make the connection? We live in a mountain area so the phrase "over the edge" is common.
  4. I am SO not creative or original with names. Looking for a name for a business that specializes in unusual shelving. Bookshelves, wall shelves, storage shelves. Custom made and interesting. Thanks!
  5. I use mine for one purpose only: shredding chicken. I despise dealing with meat (except for eating it!) I love things with shredded chicken but by the time I was done shredding I no longer wanted to eat or even look at the chicken ever again. Discovering that you could shred chicken in a KA was a miracle! That said, I did buy it on craigslist so I didn't have to justify paying too much. Right now we have the space for items that aren't used all the time. That might change and the KA would have to go. But just a few days ago I dragged the thing out to shred chicken, and thought, "I'
  6. i use generic K-cups, but no refillable. I've done the things you suggested. I also did them on the last Keurig that broke. The only thing that I don't do is use distilled water to fill.
  7. I love my Keurig. I usually only have one cup of coffee each day, and I like to try different coffees, so it's perfect for me. BUT, I have had three of them die after about 2-3 years of ownership with the exact same problem. It stops after sucking up the water and stops there, without spitting out the coffee. If I keep unplugging it, it will eventually spit it out. As much as I love it I can't see spending that amount on another to die. Is there an alternative that might be better made? Maybe that even uses Kcups?
  8. My first job out of high school was at a call center where we took Swiss Colony orders. We had other clients too, but I mainly remember the Swiss Colony because taking the orders made me hungry!
  9. I just bought a box of these and they are SO GOOD! Very rich, good quality, where you only eat one (or two!) at a time.
  10. February and we regret it! Every year, trying to find something fun to do for our anniversary when the weather is usually cold and wet! We don't have the money to travel somewhere warm! My daughter was thinking of a December wedding, but I told her to think about celebrating every year in the winter. So many more options when the weather is good! She picked June instead.
  11. Thanks for that recommendation, I will check it out. Desert Blossom, I share your pain. We had to put my mom in a nursing home earlier this year (she was starting fires and uncooperative). My dad had been taking care of her but he had to have serious back surgery. My sister who lives close has back/health issues as well. I live out of state. Right now I'm going home about 1 week every 6 weeks or so, it's as much as I can manage. My dad and my sister see mom in the nursing home almost every day, and get to bring her home for visit several days a week. When I'm home I encourage my si
  12. Just recently listened to a short audiobook The Way She Spoke dealing with the murder of women in Mexico. It was horrifying and led me to research more. I lived in Texas for years and have family there, and I never knew it was that bad. It did make me understand why someone (especially female) fleeing from Honduras or Guatemala might not want to stay in Mexico and instead try to get to the U.S. Some of the stories I read don't reflect too well on law enforcement there. https://www.audible.com/pd/the-way-she-spoke-Audiobook/B07VCLVXRN?qid=1573264799&sr=1-1&pf_rd_p=e81b7c27-6880-4
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