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  1. Following, still on the bed search myself! DH just went skiing for the weekend and returned home to say the murphy bed he slept on was more comfortable than our bed. 😕 Our pillowtop mattress is about 3-4 years old and has craters. I don't think I'd want pillowtop again, but what else is there even? Seems like they all have it.
  2. If I ordered something from a child, I would take food out of my own mouth before I did not pay what I owed to a child. Even if I screwed up, who would screw over an order from a little kid and family member? I'm so sorry, that's just wrong. Did they know in the back of their minds that you would cover it so it would get paid anyway? I would be tempted to tell them you won't cover it.
  3. Quoting for truth! And the man you mentioned, most don't recognize that category until they have one, or someone close to them does. I also have reached the realization that "they are who they are". You can guide, and mitigate, as much as you can. But that's all. DD is polar opposite from me. Stella I think mentioned sharing books, etc. I often read two books a week. I LOVE books, and words. All kinds. From the time DD was small and I would read to her, she would push the book from my hand and get mad. Yep, I continued exposing, but she still hates reading to this day. MY child? My child hates reading? *sigh* Apparently so. OP, another thing I noticed is that consistency and determination, even over the course of years, sometimes pays off. Certain things I thought DD would never come around to, she eventually did. Over years. Not weeks, not months...but years. Does that suck? Yes indeed. But at least it happened, so there's that. Hang in there.
  4. Agree, the choice of words OP used made me feel sad. So much judgement in those words.
  5. DD was a toddler and was walking around the living area (fully carpeted) holding a snow globe. She headed past DH toward the kitchen. "Don't let her go in the kitchen!" "Why?" Crash. Snow globe explosion. And yes, they do explode. When DD was about 10, she wanted to help carry groceries out of Walmart. She took a bag that had eggs in it. I see her walking rather carelessly, and say, "Be careful that bag has - " Bag hits the ground. Sometimes you're just half a second behind.... It's so hard to stay ahead of them!
  6. I think that's important. When I was present, DH would often look to me or defer to me for things that I KNEW he could figure out for himself. I purposely did the grocery-shopping thing on a regular basis so he was home alone with her often enough as an infant. It would be easy for some women to "enable" that behavior by always responding how to do something, etc. But then again, I trusted him that he was an adult, competent person who could figure it out and would not do anything that would harm her. Maybe some women don't feel that way? Dunno... I had no younger siblings, never babysat, never even held other people's kids. If I could figure it out, so could he.
  7. When we were looking at helping DD establish credit, a lot of sites said to add the young person as an authorized user on your account. We wanted to get her an American Express card for emergencies/doctor visits/etc., so we did that. (We already had an account.) But now, on her credit report, it doesn't really say that's not all her account, but it does say the maximum balance, like one month we had a trip and charged $2500. You pay Amex off each month, it was just for convenience. BUT, that looks bad on her report as a debt for a student with low income to have a maximum amount charged of $2500. She only has that American Express account and an account for her student loans that she has made no payments on yet. She has no negative account activity. Her rating varies between 680 and 700. Should we remove her from the American Express account, so that our debt doesn't show up for her? But then how does that fit in with the advice to add them as an authorized user as a good way for them to build credit?
  8. DH says yes. He loves that movie.
  9. Hmm. I've only ever returned clothing and shoes also. It didn't occur to me it might be the type of item involved.
  10. Here's one of the articles
  11. I read an article that said Amazon is terminating some accounts for excessive returns. But some people said they had 2 or 3 returns in 6 months, which does not seem that excessive. Other people said they always gave reasons for their returns, and then got a somewhat threatening email asking why do you have so many returns? When you order clothes or shoes online, why would it be unusual to have a few returns? Doesn't that just go along with ordering shoes or clothes online? For example, I recently bought some lounge sets for my mom. Sometimes she is a small, sometimes an XS. So I bought both so I could see them and then return one. Seems ridiculous they would expect differently in an online environment.
  12. Granola bar is not equal to a hunk of raw meat. I think you're fine. My MIL is vegan.
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