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  1. We love Jim Gaffigan, he's hilarious!
  2. I absolutely ADORE the chicken story! My closest friend lives in another state, and we once wished we were in the same state so we could park a chicken in front of people's houses.
  3. I am so sorry. Wishing you extra strength and courage.
  4. goldberry

    Cultural Appropriation

    I agree with your general concept here except that freedom also includes the right for individuals to express their opinions. What you are calling "mob like outrage" is people expressing their opinion or dislike of a behavior. It only gets labeled like you are labeling it when it is an opinion disagreed with. Is the pro-life movement "mob like outrage"? Or is it exactly what you are referring to, people expressing their disapproval through social means? You make a distinction of mean vs illegal. Someone has the freedom to be mean, and I also have the freedom to say I think that's mean and express my disapproval. It goes both ways. People seem to view their own expression of disapproval as freedom of speech, and other people's expression as mob outrage. Writing blogs, comments, articles, organizing groups and protesting, etc, is done on both sides of a position. Something does not have to be illegal for people to have the freedom to take a position on it. Why does that freedom only apply to some positions, but for other positions it's mob outrage? Editing to add, social pressure has been very useful in changing society, from racism to misogyny. It's a valid form of expression. It can be positive as well as negative.
  5. goldberry

    Cultural Appropriation

    Wonderful summation. I don't get mad about or offended by the *idea* of cultural appropriation. I don't think the idea on its own is silly or ridiculous snowflake talk. Some accusations absolutely are. But it's a valid question to give consideration as our society becomes more and more multicultural, how to honor and borrow and appreciate without stealing or mocking. It's not about "always being afraid of offending someone". It's about taking .5 seconds to consider our choices and the implications they might have on other people. Oh, and tacos=yummy, but Panda Express=gross. That's all I have to say on THAT subject! 😊
  6. goldberry

    Weird Hand infection

    Just keep an eye on it. I had a friend with a small cut who ended up with a very nasty staph infection that took months to get rid of.
  7. No advice, but I think it's awesome you are trying to help. I hate the idea of doggies left alone all day.
  8. goldberry

    Flu shot reactions questions

    That's a long time for a headache. DH has a bad reaction to flu shots so he stopped getting them. I waver back and forth. I didn't get them for a long time, but after being down for two weeks and miserable with the flu one year, I started getting them for awhile. DD gets them at college though, because it goes through the college like wildfire. FAR more likely to get it, at least at her school. It's like living in a virus lab.
  9. Stand your ground on the puppy. Whatever disapproval you might face now will be temporary, but the ongoing dealing with a puppy you did not want to deal with will last much longer!
  10. Someone showed up to my friend's daughter's wedding this summer in cutoff shorts and a tank top. Everyone else was in suits and dresses/slacks. Then she spent A LOT of time on the dance floor...
  11. goldberry

    (Blank) put/shoved/placed/hid a (blank) in (blank).

    I gave DD vitamins everyday, that apparently she did not like taking. When we moved and it was time to move her bed which was up against a wall, we discovered maybe hundreds of vitamins that she had dropped in the crevice between her bed and the wall. 😐 Vitamins are expensive darn it!! She swore that happened "when she was littler" but I dunno...
  12. goldberry

    s/o What is sexual assault

    Can you clarify this? Are you saying that females should not report these things or try to stop them? What's the alternative?
  13. goldberry

    s/o What is sexual assault

    I'll delete this later, but... ... I wanted to share this because it's so easy to think that because there is no violence there is little impact.
  14. goldberry

    s/o What is sexual assault

    I have never heard anyone say that having sex and then later changing their mind equals sexual assault. Unless you are referring to deciding to have sex but then saying no at some point during the encounter? I hope you would agree that it is okay to change your mind and either leave or stop during the encounter. Regarding the line between coercion and convincing...power balance comes into play there, and well as implied negative consequences for refusing, as well as physical intimidation. I have honestly never heard a woman say that men can't be assaulted, although I'm sure there are some out there. I have heard men say or imply that, and I think it's disgusting. If both parties are equally incapacitated then I agree both are equally responsible. However, a man (or anyone) can't claim he was "equally incapacitated" when he is fully functioning and the other party is either unconscious or close to unconsciousness. That seems more common in these cases than "equally incapacitated". Something I've been thinking about is the idea that although something might not be criminal, or prosecutable, it can still be WRONG as well as traumatizing. The idea that well, if it was really bad it would have been reported or prosecuted, or the man found guilty... that's just not true. Many things, like butt-grabbing, may not be reportable or prosecutable. But neither should it just be accepted as part of life for women. I'm glad we are seeing a change there.
  15. goldberry

    s/o What is sexual assault

    Isn't that part of the discussion though, whether how a person *feels* changes the status of what happens? That Facebook story was great. No, I don't consider ass grabbing equivalent to full on rape. But it seems to easy too blow it off, and then guys just keep doing it, or worse. As others have noted, it's part of a culture that assumes male right to access women's bodies. People demeaned Swift for taking it to court, but she said at the time she was tired of that kind of behavior being accepted or blown off. It makes a statement as a society what we choose to accept as normal, or just annoying.
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