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  1. goldberry

    Difficult bosses.

    I hate bosses like that. I am fortunate to have a wonderful boss who does the exact opposite. To be honest, that is why I have remained with that company rather than pursue other options. Sometimes money does not make up for the way you are treated emotionally. ((hugs))
  2. goldberry

    Is requiring this "to be fine" reasonable?

    I would compromise by taking taser/pepper spray/bear spay as an option. If that makes him feel better I don't think it's too much to ask.
  3. goldberry

    Kids movies I hate

    Dumbo and Fox & Hound both make me big-ugly-cry. DD is all excited about the live action Dumbo coming out. Nope. Just seeing the trailer almost had me sobbing. For some reason Bambi never bothered me.
  4. goldberry

    Frustrated in my job search

    DD is in college, studying for your job (high school science teacher). Although she is considering middle school also and has been told middle school kids are a better group. Your post is discouraging! Sorry you are so fed up!
  5. goldberry

    Workers Comp Questions

    The boss did file it, we received a workers comp claim form in the mail. We can pay the bill if necessary, but it will not count toward deductibles or anything because it has been rejected. $109 is not crazy, but like I said, we just happen to have a lot of other medical bills which we legitimately owe, so I'm hoping at least this one we may not owe! We will have the clinic refile it with workers comp and see what happens.
  6. goldberry

    Workers Comp Questions

    The technical wording is "life or limb threatening" which the injury was not. However in practice, workers comp has not had a problem with someone who had a nasty cut for example going to the nearest urgent care even though it was not limb threatening. In my practical experience, an external injury (like a cut or burn) treated within the first few hours or so usually causes no issues. Honestly I'm not sure if DD told the clinic it happened at work? They have her on file there and they may not have asked. Also DD gets very scattered under stress. It was just her and a coworker there, and when the blisters started coworker said "you should go to the clinic". It was also very painful obviously and she wanted to get something to put on it. The boss was not contacted until after the fact. It's not a disaster, the bill was $109. But we have a lot of medical bills right now, and every bit is adding up. They billed regular insurance and of course regular insurance rejected it on the basis of it happening at work. Her boss said they probably aren't going to pay it since it wasn't an approved provider. DD is going to go ahead and give the clinic the workers comp info and see what happens. Adding: It did blister a large portion of her hand. It was a hot water spill. Edited initial post after convo with DD that it is her boss saying they likely won't pay.
  7. goldberry

    Aggressive men

    She does not have to apologize for the way she feels and there is nothing wrong with it. But *choosing* to adapt because it's her child and she is trying to understand where he is coming from is not the same as "women shoving down their own needs". It's no different from your kid, even your daughter, really liking something you don't like, such a snakes, and so you try to get over your initial reaction so you can bond with your daughter. If you can't or don't want to, fine. That should be accepted. But it's not like she is being a doormat if she tries to have understanding about it. Nor is she perpetuating negative male behavior.
  8. goldberry

    Aggressive men

    Also thinking about the husband of a friend who was in the military, and apparently they were really big into slapping each other on the butts? Like football players I guess? as a form of affection. After he retired, he started slapping my friend AND HER DAUGHTER on the butt sometimes! and in public! The guy honestly was clueless. He was really just missing this form of affection among his friends. Yes, he stopped after discussion.
  9. goldberry

    Aggressive men

    I have definitely seen this behavior as show of affection. It made me think though about how when we were first married, I would often go to "play punch" my husband and he would massively tense up. He didn't *say* anything but it was so clear he felt uncomfortable and was not perceiving it as affectionate. Of course I stopped. Later we talked about how he was bullied in school and other guys would punch him randomly, not play, but hard. I would think that a husband or son might not be so good at reading those subtle cues. The flip side is if it is the son's need for an alternate form of affection, it would be great to adapt to that *if possible*. It's still not wrong to just say "stop it", but given the case of an adolescent boy with no bad intentions, I would probably at least try to adapt.
  10. goldberry

    Workers Comp Questions

    I'm sort of familiar with workers comp since I have been an HR contact for it previously. My understanding is that if the initial injury requires immediate treatment you are allowed to go the closest facility. Then any followup treatment usually has to be with an approved provider. DD had a burn at her college workplace that gave her blisters on on her hand. She went to the campus clinic when the blisters started appearing, within an hour of the injury. The company Her boss is giving her problems saying she should have gone to another facility. (She also didn't have a car.) She hadn't even filed a report at that time. I know blistering is not life threatening, but still wouldn't you think that should receive immediate attention for a burn? Edited after DD clarifying it was her boss, not the company.
  11. goldberry

    Thanks!!! Bissell Crosswave = Magic

    Wondering if it is worth getting the pet one over the regular one? We have two kitties, no dogs.
  12. goldberry

    Thanks!!! Bissell Crosswave = Magic

    I just talked to DH about this again last night, based on that thread! I want one. I think we are going to pull the trigger. Thanks for posting!
  13. goldberry

    She did it -- mommy brag inside

    So happy for you and your DD! 😊 You have every right to brag and be proud!
  14. goldberry

    What's your house salad?

    spinach, dried cranberries, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, vinagrette dressing
  15. I've often wondered what it is that makes people more susceptible to this sort of thing. It seems to be a personality leaning coupled with certain circumstances that trigger it. But people without that "leaning" will respond totally differently.
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