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  1. Just recently listened to a short audiobook The Way She Spoke dealing with the murder of women in Mexico. It was horrifying and led me to research more. I lived in Texas for years and have family there, and I never knew it was that bad. It did make me understand why someone (especially female) fleeing from Honduras or Guatemala might not want to stay in Mexico and instead try to get to the U.S. Some of the stories I read don't reflect too well on law enforcement there. I also read an article though from an expert in anti-corruption tactics that said Mexico has refused to adopt many of the common practices that have been used to fight corruption in other areas including Columbia. I can't find it now of course! This is a good article on the topic: “What we saw in Culiacán was the parallel state showing itself,” said Edgardo Buscaglia, an expert on organized crime at Columbia University. Buscaglia broadly agreed with López Obrador’s critique of his predecessors, but argued that fighting poverty can not alone end criminality: many countries far poorer than Mexico suffer far less from organized crime. Instead, the government must start with a concerted strategy to dismantle the entrenched political and business interests which protect – and profit from – organized crime, he said. “What López Obrador needs is not a security strategy,” he said. “What he needs is an anti-mafia strategy.”
  2. I wore this dress but in a dark purple available at the time. The dress on the model looks very tight. I got my usual size and it fit very nicely, not tight like the photo, but still form fitting so it didn't look like a sack. Dress was super comfy and stretchy for all the moving around I was doing all day. Oh, also the neckline looked really nice in pictures.
  3. They ended up routing power to keep the tunnel open. I'm not familiar with the area, but friend said it used to be the Devil's slide pass and they closed the pass when they opened the tunnel. Looking on the map, it appears to be 1 that goes through the tunnel. It's between Montara and Pacifica. Edited: Looking at it more, their only alternate route is driving south to Half Moon Bay and then cutting over to 280, then heading north again to San Francisco.
  4. My friend lives in Montara, on the other side of a tunnel to San Francisco. The tunnel will be closed because without electricity they can't clear the exhaust. Her husband can't get to work. The tunnel has no generators? Seriously?
  5. I like Tombow brush pens. I'm highly amateur, but just enjoy the colors and movement. I've done traditional calligraphy with pointed pen nibs, but I think the brush pens because of their large size and big movements make it easier to learn the stroke concept of light pressure up and heavier pressure down. These have a brush tip on one end and a thin tip on the other. They are also water blendable.
  6. The Winternight Trilogy by Katherine Arden. Based very deeply in Russian folklore. The author's writing is so beautiful and poetic to me. Worth getting the audio also for the pronounciation. For reference, I love Lord of the Rings, but Game of Thrones was a *little* too much realism for me.
  7. I was thinking the exact same thing! I have it on my shelf but haven't opened it again.
  8. Margaret we were just out today also! So beautiful! We're south of you I think.
  9. This is us too. I'm more emotional about it but DH keeps me on track. OP you did the right thing.
  10. I don't know what policies my local district has, because I was never involved there. An incident a couple of years ago at the high school seems very similar to some of the accounts in this book. A friend of mine had a son who was being seriously bullied by a boy. This boy was a generally disruptive and oppositional student. He had cases of bringing nazi crap to school, and never received any punishment although he even did it more than once. My friend talked to the principal about the bullying and received no help. Was in fact told that "this boy has rights also, you know." Eventually boy starts a fight with another student (not my friend's son). Breaks this boys face, literally. The victim was in the hospital for several weeks. The bully was suspended for TWO WEEKS, then allowed to return to the same school. How does that happen? The answer given to my friend was that "the boy has the same rights to an education as anyone else" and "we don't just write him off because he made a mistake." Fortunately my friend was in a position to move her kids to another school. We live rural and so it involved almost an hour drive each way to do so. It's easy to see why not all parents can do that. Just an aside regarding the racism issue, I live in the whitest county on the planet. No diversity at all here. And pretty solidly Republican as well.
  11. The book also discusses that it wasn't just even the regulations, that the school district was going beyond the regulations because of the "culture" created, that the kids were always right and were the poor, misdirected ones, because it played well in the community. This was being applied equally regardless of race. But was good for no one obviously. People were told that this or that "wasn't allowed" but were given inaccurate information. Even the people running the programs didn't know what their own regulations were. It was a total s***show to be honest. To be honest I kind of wondered why parents weren't more involved. But that's my homeschool bias showing! 🙂 Seriously though, where was the accountability?
  12. I don't know what the answer is. I would think better accountability would be part of it. Who is monitoring these programs to see if they were being implemented fairly, if they are actually working. The school districts implementing these drastic disciplinary policies are monitoring themselves and reporting on themselves. OF COURSE they are going to fudge the numbers and be most interested in making themselves look good. Broward was bragging about how there was NO bullying, NO vandalism, etc. Of course there was, it was just not getting reported. They also looked very "cutting edge" about it. The author uses the word "woke". That grated on me a bit, because I don't think being woke is a bad thing. But he's right in the way it was being used by the district. I agree with something the author of the book mentioned, that changes should be closely monitored by independent agencies or committees (ideally within the community), and also re-evaluated regularly to see the results, rather than doing something for years that isn't really working.
  13. Oh gosh no, I hope that is not even implied. That's why this is hard to address I think. It's sensitive and can easily be twisted. But it's important enough to discuss I think. How do you address a legitimate problem of unequal discipline of minorities, but at the same time make sure that kids are protected from violent kids with severe behavioral problems (of any ethnicity)? And then the added problem of how to really help those kids themselves while accomplishing all that...
  14. My understanding is the impetus for newest policy trends was the inequality in discipline for minorities. That's where that comes in. The OUTCOME on the other hand, is that violent youth in general (white or minority) are not able to be properly addressed because of the restrictions on the discipline process. The thread has also addressed the rich white kid with lawyered up parents. Obviously Nikolus Cruz was not a minority. I know this is a sensitive topic, so I want to be as clear as possible in addressing what my personal concerns are, and I hope I am doing that!
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