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  1. I am so so sorry. I have family that are deniers. How frustrating that must be for you. ((hugs))
  2. DD is vaccinated and her college is requiring masks on campus, but allowing religious/philisophical exemptions. She is not wearing her mask anywhere else though, and her peer group has resumed social gatherings, parties, etc. 😳 I'm having a hard time with it. I know the odds are good that if she gets it, it will be mild. But still...
  3. So sorry but glad to hear that both you and your parents are vaccinated. Hopefully it will be allergies. Part of getting vaccinated was being able to re-engage in life, so don't feel too bad. I've been doing things outside without a mask, but still using a mask for indoor shopping, etc. No indoor restaurants for me since I would not be able to keep a mask on. But otherwise, I've been traveling, etc. I'm going to see my vaccinated 90yo dad in Texas on Monday, and will be flying. I don't remove my mask on the plane or at the airport. Fingers crossed for you!
  4. My BIL just had surgery for hiatal hernia last week due to very similar symptoms. He is very active and his exercise has been disrupted for the last two years with heart palpitations and breathing problems. After having all kind of heart tests, etc. they finally pinned it down to the hiatal hernia. Really strange, I never knew it could cause those symptoms.
  5. This happened over the weekend in my state. ☹️ Jefferson County Public Health executive director Dawn Comstock said medical staff working at a mobile vaccine clinic in neighboring Gilpin County, about 30 miles (48 kilometers) northwest of Denver, were yelled at and threatened by people passing by, the Denver Post reported. “Additional cars drove by screaming obscenities at vaccine staff and throwing garbage at them,” Comstock said. “I will not put the hard-working public health staff in harm’s way.” Comstock said that a driver ran over and destroyed signs put up around the vaccine clinic’s tent. In a separate incident that day, someone threw an unidentified liquid at a nurse working a different mobile clinic in front of a restaurant. https://www.outtherecolorado.com/news/colorado-county-covid-vaccine-workers-harassed-over-holiday/article_d38abefc-10e7-11ec-9a9c-c7c7beeb858f.html?fbclid=IwAR3D90XVnEN0x0_c3gXPkW9nXvR01ruoA7ZWmK_53EBadBFlRG3jbwZxy1E
  6. I saw someone point out that the left could enact a similar law regarding guns, encouraging fellow citizens to sue each other. This law would set a terrible, terrible precedent. The people of Texas should be angry at seeing their tax dollars used to defend it.
  7. Daughter had an idea.... Wonderland Woodworking...?
  8. One more from someone else was Bookish Creations. I liked that one, but would that sound too limited to just bookshelves or is it general enough since things that hold books would also hold other things?
  9. Someone suggested "over the ledge" but is that too vague or would anyone make the connection? We live in a mountain area so the phrase "over the edge" is common.
  10. I am SO not creative or original with names. Looking for a name for a business that specializes in unusual shelving. Bookshelves, wall shelves, storage shelves. Custom made and interesting. Thanks!
  11. I use mine for one purpose only: shredding chicken. I despise dealing with meat (except for eating it!) I love things with shredded chicken but by the time I was done shredding I no longer wanted to eat or even look at the chicken ever again. Discovering that you could shred chicken in a KA was a miracle! That said, I did buy it on craigslist so I didn't have to justify paying too much. Right now we have the space for items that aren't used all the time. That might change and the KA would have to go. But just a few days ago I dragged the thing out to shred chicken, and thought, "I'm so glad I got this!".
  12. i use generic K-cups, but no refillable. I've done the things you suggested. I also did them on the last Keurig that broke. The only thing that I don't do is use distilled water to fill.
  13. I love my Keurig. I usually only have one cup of coffee each day, and I like to try different coffees, so it's perfect for me. BUT, I have had three of them die after about 2-3 years of ownership with the exact same problem. It stops after sucking up the water and stops there, without spitting out the coffee. If I keep unplugging it, it will eventually spit it out. As much as I love it I can't see spending that amount on another to die. Is there an alternative that might be better made? Maybe that even uses Kcups?
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