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  1. It's the End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine*) *...well, for the time being, anyway.
  2. Eventually, you find an apple supplier. After making you fill out a bunch of paperwork, they let you have an apple and you eat it. You are never informed about how much an apple costs, not even a ballpark figure. A couple of weeks later, the bill for the apple comes in the mail. $1000...
  3. Sigh... As developments are getting worse and worse, I'm seriously considering taking ds5 out of public kindergarten soon. There are no confirmed cases in my state, but there are some in adjoining states. It really stinks, because 1) he loves it and would be very sad to stop going, 2) I don't have a problem with his teachers or his school, 3) I'm busy enough with the other kids and this just means more daily work/complications/fights between siblings, and 4) there's definitely an anti-homeschooling stigma here that will probably rear its ugly head as I go through notification, and many have a presumption that children are removed from school to skirt the truancy laws. The last point is the worst one, because it rings somewhat true in this case... I have zero confidence that they'll close down the schools before an immediate crisis forces them to. We have asthmatics in our family -- not severe, but it's there. I can't isolate us completely, but school exposure is one thing that I can change. I'm going to have to talk to his teacher in person and explain how it's nothing personal, and it's not that I'm dissatisfied with her work. This whole situation fills me with dread!
  4. Did a quick search, but I didn't see it mentioned in this thread that the CDC had updated its COVID-19 situation summary today with significant changes.
  5. Also a traditional-leaning Catholic mom to 4 boys, open to questions...
  6. Also confirming transmission before symptoms appear. Meanwhile, airports continue to check for fevers and wave people through who are possibly asymptomatic, yet contagious...
  7. My heart goes out to you and your family. Praying that you will find peace.
  8. If you don't object to new/little known music, some of Free Music Archive was saved to before transferring ownership (the FMA website has not been fully functional for some time). is clunky and hard to search, though. Click on an album to see your download options. Whenever (if ever...) FMA is back up and running, you'll have access to nearly 10x as many tracks with much better search/filtering options.
  9. You could buy him The Muppet Show seasons 1, 2 and 3 on DVD. We really love them. The later seasons haven't been released, so it would fit your theme of 3's...
  10. I was mainly calculating his grade from the homework and the two forms of chapter tests (one in the book, one loose) that were included in the course, but based on the feedback here I will definitely add a participation grade. I'm also interested in giving him the option of a creative final project. There aren't really quizzes in this course. The last chapter ends in two review tests that I was going to give the same weight as the other tests. There weren't notes from the publisher on other ideas of things to do, and it was frustrating to plan the course at first because there was no suggested schedule and a lack of guidance in general. When ds started struggling, I added in duolingo practice and online resources (mainly videos) to help with grammar concepts. I'd like to thank everyone for responding (graciously!) -- sometimes I still feel like a newbie even though I suppose I'm a veteran homeschooler by now. My own limited experiences with foreign language classes were not very good, and my dh actually continued taking advanced French courses in college as electives, but neither of us could recognize that we were approaching this course the wrong way with ds. Getting away from our specific situation, I still feel like the original question of offering extra credit hasn't really been answered. Is it ethical when it is offered on the fly, at the end of a course as a response to low grades, with the intention of raising the course grade?
  11. I didn't know that about Breaking the Barrier. Ds was fed up with his Spanish I experience and wanted to try something else in a different format, so this was just one of the options I gave him to choose from. When he was struggling toward the beginning, we offered to change courses, but he wanted to stick with this one over the alternatives. We started in mid-May and have been working on it pretty intensively, because the goal (his as well as mine) was to be "done with languages" by the spring semester. Things are a little odd this year because he is taking DE classes and I have had to shift some of our at-home courses to accommodate. We will be close, but I see we'll still have a couple of weeks to finish after our winter break.
  12. By "fluency," I mean on a Spanish II level. I don't think I'm communicating very well here about his current abilities or my expectations. I probably sound like a drill sargeant about this grade, but it's really just a check-the-box course as ds' future plans don't involve going to a university. He took Spanish I through BJU Press last year (completely independent of me) and struggled as well, but ended the year with a B-. We engaged a tutor through italki for 10+ lessons towards the end of the school year, but that experience didn't help ds much. Can you please tell me what the goal of Spanish II is if it's not being able to read, write, and speak on a Spanish II level? I don't think he would get by very well if he were magically plopped down into a Spanish-speaking country at this moment (I just asked him his opinion, and he vehemently agreed).
  13. Google is acquiring Fitbit, too. It will add people's historical and real-time fitness records to the trove of healthcare data it already has.
  14. He has been working for about 20 minutes on Duolingo every other day to try and reinforce his knowledge; I suppose I could give him participation credit for that, but I think it is more on the Spanish I level than Spanish II.
  15. I'm just grading homework and tests; there is no participation grade. I give 1/2 credit on questions when I can. I grade work that is intended for practice -- otherwise there would only be the chapter tests. I don't mark down for late work, but that hasn't been an issue. Yes, there are low point value assignments where full points are taken off. In terms of speaking and writing Spanish with fluency, I think the grade is pretty accurate. In terms of the daily effort he's putting into it, I'd honestly put him at a B level.
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