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  1. Have you ever read "A Problem from Hell": America and the Age of Genocide by Samantha Power? I don't feel that America's response to genocide today differs all that much from our typical response in the past. I mull over the problem of genocide a lot, and as it continues to occur fairly often, generally unimpeded, I've grown quite cynical about attempts to stop one in progress. Condemnations, resolutions, peace talks, cease fires, embargoes all have limited value, especially when the offending country has no intention to honor its promises. Force (war) has better potential to stop a genocide, but how does one avoid perpetual war to stop genocides from occurring all over this planet? I hate to entertain the thought that genocide may be some cyclical tendency of human nature, but it sure is hard to avoid coming to that conclusion sometimes. This list is sobering (and it is not even current) Possibly too political... but in the situation I believe you are alluding to with the theoretical U.S. president, the government of the other country has already been committing genocide with impunity since at least 2014, despite many overtures by other countries to restrain it.
  2. From an old T-shirt, I sewed a little garment for my stuffed Alien Facehugger. I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the Halloween thread. This wasn't for Halloween but for a local PopCon. Naked: Clothed:
  3. Are there any other parishes nearby with different Mass times that would work better for you?
  4. Helen Keller: The Story of My Life (1-2 passing mentions of deaths of people she knew) Everyday Fashions of the Twenties/Thirties/Forties/Fifties As Pictured in Sears Catalogs (Dover series) -- She might also like the Dover Fashion & Costume coloring books or paper dolls.
  5. Yes, this, although drugs/alcohol were not prevalent in my experiences. Some HS sleepovers were sold to my parents as girls-only when they were co-ed with sex involved. Some of the truth-or-dare dares at the younger sleepovers were actually pretty dangerous. It's a wonder that no one was hurt. No adults anywhere... Starting about 4th grade, sleepovers had much more heavily occult games than "light-as-a-feather." After being taught by others, I learned to lead the games myself. I don't want to get into specifics because it's going to be treated with skepticism, but enough very bad experiences have led me to believe that such games are physically, mentally, and spiritually dangerous. My oldest watched/played very graphic rated-M video games at 8 or 9 years old, at the aforementioned relative's house. He'd be the first to admit that it made a negative impact on him. All of these things could happen in any unsupervised environment. Sleepovers seem/seemed to be the best opportunity for my kids (or young me) to have many hours of completely unsupervised time with peers.
  6. Privacy or lack thereof. I used to get so angry at my mom, because she would randomly clean my room while I was gone during the school day. Family members would burst into bedrooms without knocking. I felt like I couldn't keep any secrets. Social restrictions. I have a no-sleepover rule because of all the trouble I got into or witnessed at sleepovers when I was growing up. The kids resented me for it when they were younger. I once thought that sleepovers would be ok at a close relative's house which was supposedly well-supervised, but in time, bits and pieces of what went down have come out, and I kick myself for letting them go. In my childhood, my mom used to be very reluctant to let neighborhood kids into our house because it wasn't clean enough for company, which made me feel limited socially.
  7. Channel thy inner Yosemite Sam. "Ratsom, fratsom, bratsom, patsom, ratten, picken, frippallitten!"
  8. I don't know if DS5 is AL or not, but here's a funny story from today... DS: Today we watched another Ms. Frizzle video (Magic School Bus). It was about the food chain. A fish eats little lobsters, then that fish is eaten by another fish, then that fish is eaten by another fish... Me: ...then a person eats the fish? DS: No, Mom. People are in the middle of the food chain. A fish ate the whole school bus!
  9. Oh yes, I love singing a half-***ed parody I just conjured up to poke fun at the absurdity of the situation -- they act like they hate it, but they're stifling big smiles! I'm surprised no one has said, "Go to bed." That's much worse than "wake up." "You poor thing..." "You need to shower." "If I look busy, it means I am." "You need to wait. Around here everyone waits."
  10. I had a lot of trouble with polyethelene glycol for my first colonoscopy many years ago. The second procedure (a couple of years ago) was with Prepopik (I refused to try the PEG experience again) -- and it worked the way it was supposed to. Anesthesia was fine both times. My biggest problem with the more recent colonoscopy was getting moderately dehydrated due to the prep and the no-liquids-for-x-hours rules.
  11. We are always low on tables. DH uses sawhorses with a sturdy broken-down (flat) appliance box on top which I'll cover with a plastic tablecloth or large beach towels. A sheet of plywood would work just as well. We have put the flat boxes on top of our bigger rubbermaid bins, too. You can lay a clean tarp on the grass and stage stuff there, though it's hard for folks who have trouble bending down. Instead of pricing every little thing, I prefer to group items and make one price for all of one category, like all the books together with one sign: paperbacks 50c, hard covers 1.00. Nicer stuff that's probably worth more gets bunched with not-as-nice stuff, but that little bit of lost money is worth the convenience for me. When there are a lot of these categories, I'll keep a list of all of them at the "checkout table" to help keep me from getting confused. Have plastic bags or boxes for customers' convenience if they buy too much to easily carry. I like to keep a notebook with a running total of the sales, to match against the cash at the end. I always keep a calculator nearby, just in case. Decide beforehand which items are absolutely firm on price and make sure your DH knows. Writing "FIRM" on the item price helps, but not always...
  12. What Wondrous Love Is This Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord) Jesus Christ is Risen Today Unless a Grain of Wheat (Hurd) Shepherd Me, O God (Haugen) The Cry of the Poor (Foley) Give Me Jesus How Great Thou Art Ave Maria (Schubert) Tantum Ergo Sacramentum O Come O Come Emmanuel Coventry Carol Wir Christenleut (Bach) What Child is This Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming O Holy Night Requiem (Mozart) especially Kyrie eleison and Lacrimosa Louange à l'immortalité de Jésus (Messiaen)
  13. Play parachute (if siblings like to play along - not so fun alone!) Insect net + cage, or one of those Butterfly Garden rear-your-own-butterflies kits
  14. I am certain that love is objectively real, not merely a biochemical phenomenon. Love exists in all reaches of the universe, where there are sentient beings or no sentient beings, in some way, in some dimension. By extension, I am certain that right (in accordance with love) and wrong (contrary to love) are also objectively real. I am certain that I have a free will, and I own my choices. I am certain that I am not perfect. I am certain that I will suffer in this life in some way, and I will die, and it will be personal and lonely like the experience of labor. I am certain that there is something in music that rises and transcends this existence.
  15. you let people come to your home, or do you always meet in a public place? I'm gearing up to sell through Facebook for the first time. Trying to weigh the safety risks in having strangers come to the door vs. the time and gas-wastage of meeting elsewhere. It's 4 miles (one-way) to the closest meeting spot I would call open, public, and safe.
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