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  1. Felt coffee cozies in their favorite characters, like this: https://www.starwars.com/news/diy-yoda-coffee-cup-cozy My teen sons like plush toys, even in their old age! This is a great pattern that is still in print https://www.simplicity.com/simplicity-storefront-catalog/patterns/crafts/stuffed-animals/simplicity-pattern-8715-stuffed-dragons/ And I know this is crazy ambitious, but it's so amazing and I just love it, and all of us are into costumes/cosplay. https://somethingdelightful.com/m2015 Here's the whole McCall's cosplay line: https://somethingdelightful.com/mccalls/cosplay-
  2. It's not that... What I typed might be construed as profanity!
  3. I'm a little concerned that my result might violate the terms of use.
  4. Warning: adult content From the BC Centre for Disease Control at this link http://www.bccdc.ca/health-info/diseases-conditions/covid-19/prevention-risks/covid-19-and-sex Go down a little more than halfway, "Steps to protect yourself[...]". I especially enjoy the second-to-last bullet point. Don't think it will work for DH and I, though.
  5. I think you need more information to make these comparisons. Take Ebola for example. The CDC reports that for those 11,316 deaths, there were 28,639 cases in total. https://www.cdc.gov/vhf/ebola/history/2014-2016-outbreak/cost-of-ebola.html The case fatality rate (# people who died / total # of diagnosed or probable cases) from those figures is nearly 0.4, meaning 40 of every 100 people infected would be expected to die. So Ebola as an uncontrolled worldwide epidemic could be mindbogglingly bad compared to Covid-19. Nobody knows how many people have been infected with Covid-19 to com
  6. Is your dh willing to take questions? 1) Are furnace (and/or vacuum) hepa filters coated with chemicals which may cause health issues when inhaled? 2) When furnace (and/or vacuum) hepa filters are cut, is it possible that the fibers at the cut edges are small and friable and could end up inhaled into the lungs, risking health issues?
  7. Yes, see page 5 of this thread about 3/4 of the way down.
  8. I'm worried that the number of non-covid-caused deaths this situation will ultimately be responsible for has the potential to outpace the projected number of covid-caused deaths. Many medical, dental etc. practices are leveraged to pay for office space and equipment... How much does it take for them to go under? When you suddenly need a doctor or a dentist, can you find one?
  9. Anyone else feeling a little nervous that their own governor will be inspired to roll out similar restrictions? I'm seriously tempted to run out and grab the soil and mulch we need within the next few days instead of waiting. Dh made a funny joke - maybe they're gradually moving toward shutting down all the hardware store type supplies, because everyone is going to try and tackle those long-waiting home improvement projects, hurt themselves, and need to go to the hospital... Let's ban the sale of power tools, stepladders, box cutters...
  10. Yeah, but that 50/50 chance is under "normal" disease conditions, right? I'm reading that 80%+ of coronavirus patients on ventilators are dying. There is speculation that ventilators are actually harming those patients instead of helping. https://apnews.com/8ccd325c2be9bf454c2128dcb7bd616d Honestly, I don't understand the push for great quantities of ventilators (seems it is constantly on the news) if they are ineffective, at best, for 8 out of 10 critically ill covid19 patients.
  11. Yes, adding the binding was my last step. I also meant to say that this pattern has another plus in that it requires less material for the body of the mask than any other pattern I've seen so far, with no need to worry about one-way designs. You can get a full (woman's) mask piece out of a 9.5 x 5.5 inch scrap of fabric. I only had an 11 x 11 inch square of the Green Bay Packer fabric left (directional), so it was perfect.
  12. So, I decided to try the "winning design" from Pen's video here, the University of Florida Prototype 2 https://anest.ufl.edu/clinical-divisions/mask-alternative/#prototype2 This is meant to be made from two layers of a specific medical fabric, with darts sewn to the outside, unfinished edges, and ties unturned. In my version, I sewed three layers of cotton fabric with the darts sewn to the inside and added a binding. I turned the ties and did not put yarn in them. I left two small openings in the binding to allow the insertion of a removable wire (on the inside), but next time I would
  13. I'm kind of upset because not one of my spinach seeds has sprouted (it's going on 3 weeks?). This is the first time I've gotten 0% germination from a packet of seeds bought new for the season. Wah. I'm just going to have to plant some more lettuce and kohlrabi in its stead. Supposedly, kohlrabi leaves can be roasted like kale to make chips, and I have a serious addiction to kale chips.
  14. When I'm looking at the type of pattern with a seam running down the center front, I wonder whether it's a more compromised design than the one-piece pleated mask. There is a lot of concern about making sure fabrics are thick, have a tight weave, etc. However, on the submicroscopic level, I imagine that cutting pieces and piecing them together leaves many gaps in the center seam, large holes punched by the needle/pulled open by the sewing thread, with these weaknesses occurring directly in front of the mouth and nose...
  15. It's the End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine*) *...well, for the time being, anyway.
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