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  1. Someone keeps calling and tells me my Google Business listing is about to expire and to contact them quickly or else I will lose my listing and my customers won't be able to find me. Now if I actually had a business and a business listing and customers (none of which I have), I might care but as it stands, it's pretty annoying to hear from them every other day (and I'm on all the do not call lists). I feel your pain.
  2. what about an angel food cake with fresh berries
  3. I was reading the usatoday article (which was on their front page) and didn't link it since I was really just wanting to understand how a vaccine after the fact would be consider useful. I didn't even realize their was a link within my quote. I've added the usatoday link to hopefully make it more clear.
  4. I was just reading an article on USAToday ( and this quote confused me. "Unvaccinated people living in designated ZIP codes who may have been exposed to measles will be required to receive the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine to protect others from the ongoing outbreak, the mayor said." If I'm reading this correctly, New York has decided if you possibly have been exposed you are required to get the vaccine. But if you have already been exposed then either you are incubating (which at that point how is the vaccine helpful, is the vaccine really going to stop the disease from developing after the fact?) or you didn't catch it which means you aren't going to spread it (so you are no greater risk than any other unvaxxed person). I get the goal is to vax everyone possible but the logic just doesn't make sense to me linking the vaccine requirement to possible exposure. Am I missing something? Further in the article "In February, the department expanded vaccination recommendations for providers serving the Orthodox Jewish community to include an early, extra dose of the vaccine for children ages 6 months to 11 months who live in Williamsburg and Borough Park." So has any testing been done on the safety of administering it earlier? I would think a population who is hesitant/resistant to vaccination already is going to be even less likely to follow the nonstandard practice of earlier vaccination. I know New York is trying to take precautions to keep this from spreading but their orders just don't make sense to me.
  5. My college didn't go that late but I would have gladly taken that over 7,8 or even 9 AM tests any day. In college I much preferred if the day didn't start till noon or later. 10:00 PM-1:00 AM was/is my most productive period of the day. I would happily have taken exams then too if it were an option. But I'm a night owl and always have been and realistically always will be. But I'm sure as much as I hated all those pre-lunch classes, there are just as many morning people who hated the after supper classes that were my favorite.
  6. Actually it sounds normal to me. 25 years ago I went in to have my gallbladder taken out laproscopic. Due to complications, they had to open me up. Even back then it was billed as 2 different surgeries (and that was even for the same problem). It sucks because then you have to pay more but it does sounds normal to me.
  7. Um, Yeah I actually need a lot more than 2 to get from one sale to the next. If we our home(which is all but a few days a year), it's a minimum of 2 loads a day with most days being 3 loads and my baking days are 4 load days.
  8. I don't know if the limits are the same at all Costco's but our limit was 5 (I'm certain on that because I bought 5).
  9. Have you always used finish tabs with this dishwasher? If so and the cleaning has deteriorated, I would check the spray arms in your dishwasher. Mine have clogged several times over the year making me thinking the dishwasher was dying but when I cleaned out the bits of food that occasionally get stuck in there, it was like I had a new dishwasher again.
  10. I haven't tried the cascade ones but do use the finish all in one tabs (which are currently on sale at Costco). I don't use rinse aid but I find they do a much better job than the kirkland ones.
  11. I hated reading as a kid. It wasn't that I wasn't good at, I could read fine, my comprehension scores were always high. I just hated sitting still that long and focussing on things things that weren't of any interest to me. To this day the idea of sitting down and reading fiction (especially "great literature") is something akin to torture. "I" can't figure out why anyone would want to waste their time sitting around reading made up stuff. So I'm pretty much on the opposite end of the reading spectrum from you. And it's okay not everyone has to like reading. It doesn't equate to being uneducated. I actually love to research topics of interest to me and I follow lots of rabbit trails while looking up something on the internet so I do learn lots of things but I don't like long pieces, books are out, I can't remember the last time I even set foot in the library or a book store. So this is just my reassurance that even though your boys don't find joy in it like you do, they will be just fine. I certainly haven't been hindered in the slightest by my lack of desire to read books.
  12. We are upgrading some things in our bathroom and I'm confused on light selection. We currently have a very basic light bar with 6 of the incadescent globe bulbs. However there is no wattage listed on the bulbs and I don't have clue what I used. We want to replace the light fixture with an LED light bar but can't figure out what brightness I need. This is the single light source in a bathroom with no windows so it needs to be bright but I don't want to blind anyone either. I've seen charts comparing different watt lightbulbs to lumens but since I don't know my starting watt it's not helping much. Also I don't know if lighting has a straight line multipling effect. AKA if one lightbulb is worth say 800 lumens (supposed equivalent of a 60 watt bulb) is 6 going to be worth 4800 lumens or will some of the brightness effect be canceled out by so many lightbulbs in close proximity to each other? The LED fixures I've seen so far are all single lightbulbs and none of them come anywhere near 4800 lumens. So if anyone is knowledgeable about this or knows any good websites for calculating amount of lighting per square foot or anything else that might give me some education on the topic I would appreciate it.
  13. This is a bit out of the box but could you knock out the back wall of the closet and make it a bedroom for ds6. It would have two exit points but the doors could be closed so he could sleep. You would have to get some freestanding storage for your clothes unless you have a hall closet.
  14. Oscar Meyer used to have a plant a few miles from us. They parked weinermobiles there all time. We even saw 5 parked there at once. As a result we saw them with some regularity and even so, my kids still SCREAM "Weinermobile" every time they see one. Be glad it was parked so you could get a picture, it's always harder when all you get is a fleeting glimpse as it races down the highway.
  15. We've been in our house 20 years and in that time added 5 kids and with them came the need for lots more and bigger dishes/pans. Last fall I got so tired of running all over the place gathering baking supplies (they were stored in 3 different areas) and I went through and rearranged everything in the kitchen. My silverware and utensils had been in the same spots for 20 years and I MOVED them. I am thrilled with the results, the flow of things is so much better, things are stored close to where I use them, baking supplies are in one spot etc. Since I do 99% of the cooking, I figured I earned the right to arrange things how they worked for me. However, the rest of my family is not thrilled. After 6 months they are still going to the wrong drawer for silverware and grumbling because I MOVED them. It's so easy to get in a rut and so freeing when you really take the time to reevaluate.
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