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  1. We have multiple Moto's in this house. I think the oldest running one is 4-5 years old now. I don't even bother looking at other brands now because I know I can find some kind of moto that meets my needs with a modest price tag.
  2. I run my dishwasher on average 3 times a day, I clean the filter every few months when I think about it. My previous dishwasher had the food grinder so I was worried about not having that feature because I knew cleaning something regularly was not going to happen. So I'm happy to say having the manual filter is a non-issue for us.
  3. That's exactly what I did when I went dishwasher shopping (and refrigerator shopping too for that matter). It made me realize quite quickly, which brand/models were options and which weren't. Also saved a lot of surprises later if you had it installed and THEN realized your dishes don't fit well.
  4. I'm in the very happy with my Bosch 800 camp. I don't wash ANY dishes by hand (my very sensative to soap just makes it not worth the effort) and every last dish I own/use fits in the dishwasher. That includes a 5 gallon canning pot, half of sheet pans, xlarge casserole pans, 12x15 electric frying pans, any assortment of pots and pans you can think of. Obviously it doesn't all fit at one time, but between the adjustable racks and tins everything fits in some manner or other. Actually the biggest issue I have is my fiesta cereal bowls. They nest too tightly in the upper rack for the water to really get in there. So I either alternate the large bowl and small bowl or I just skip a tin between the 2 large bowls. But really that's the only item I have issues with. It also cleans very well (unless the sprayer arms get clogged but once I learned how to clean them out it solved all my problems - seems corn kernels are a problem and since I don't believe in prewashing, once or twice a year, I end up cleaning corn out of the spray arms). I've had mine for 3 or 4 years now and it's still going strong.
  5. Oh, those are the ones that make it worth dealing with the PITA's. I once was giving away an old mattress and box spring. They were a little musty from being unused in the basement but still serviceable. This young couple wanted it and their only question was were the springs poking out of the mattress. NO! - they were on their way to get it. Apparently that was the state of their current bed and they were so grateful that even mustiness was in improvement to them.
  6. Yeah sometimes people act like they are so entitled, you just wish you had never crossed paths with them. Go ahead and contact the the $300+ offer. You don't owe her anything. I once offered something on freecycle on Saturday morning and mentioned I wanted it gone that weekend. Offered it to the first responder (which was within a minute of my post) and heard nothing back. After several hours of no response, I moved on to the next person and had it out of my house that day. 8 days later the original person responds they would like to come for the item. I told them it was already gone and they were furious and said something about I couldn't expect someone to sit around all day waiting for an email response and since I had offered it to them, I shouldn't have given it to someone else. I was nice but in my head I was thinking, you managed to sit around and be watching freecycle close enough that you spotted and responded to my post in under 1 minute but couldn't be bothered to check back even 5 minutes later (because I had already responded by then) and thought I "owed" it to you to wait 8 days for an item I clearly stated I wanted gone the past weekend. So just move on and don't give the crazy lady another thought.
  7. I'm the complete opposite, I can't imagine why anyone would want hardwood or tile, it's cold and so uncomfortable to stand on. Also all the homes filled with neutral toned everything drive my bonkers. Give me color, any color please! Anyways the color/flooring issues was the number one reason we chose to build 20 years ago. I wasn't going to live with tan, beige, cream, off white anything for even one day. We are redoing a lot of stuff in the house because it's simply warn out. The "designers" keep telling me to make everything match as much as possible, neutral tones, etc. I've learned to just ignore all of them because I will never be happy with their suggestions and we are doing this for us not for resale so I'm going to enjoy how things look. If I ever want to resell, I'll have to hope there is someone else with non traditional ideas of how to decorate or I'll have to move out first. But I've got blue, green, and pink rooms (with more than one room in each color but different shades of each) and it just makes me happy to have lots of color.
  8. Well the kids broke the drawer front off one of the drawers in the bathroom vanity of our upstairs bathroom. Since at some point in time past they had flooded the cabinet under the sink when I hadn't noticed it was so bowed that you could no longer stand up bottles of stuff there, we decided to replace the vanity. Well since we the vanity was out, it made sense to replace the flooring (that we hated from day one but it was the only thing within our allowance at the store when we built and we didn't have to cash to upgrade). However, while hunting for the just right flooring we found the absolutely perfect one for the downstairs bathroom. So we had that one done too. The handyman who did the flooring also did some fixes to the drywall down there but we no longer had matching paint so I repainted the bathroom. Then the shower curtain and rings didn't work so I had to replace those too. Then we discovered we could get a quartz countertop remnant at a very reasonable price so ended up replacing the countertop in the upstairs bathroom and since we had to have a plumber come in to reconnect anyways, we decided to go ahead and get a new faucet. When removing the old cabinet we discovered how completely corroded the toilet paper holder was so we replaced that too. We needed new towels anyways so we bought new ones to go with the new colors. I had hoped to keep the paint in the upstairs bathroom since I just repainted it 2 years ago but alas it doesn't work as well as I thought so I've got to redo that too. The shower curtain is off too so that is the works for replacement. Of course the rugs didn't work with the colors changes in both bathrooms so we had to get new ones there. However, the new flooring is awesome and it makes me smile every time I walk in there and realizing what a difference that one thing made, we are trying to replace the flooring in the kitchen (exact same stuff/pattern as the bathroom but a different color). However, we have an open concept space for the kitchen/dining room/living room. So whatever flooring I put in the kitchen/dining room has to look okay with carpet that is 20+ year old builder's cheapy grade that has endured 6 kids, you can guess how it looks). So even though we can't afford new carpet for the living room/hallway/stairs area right now, I need some idea of what will go in there so it can coordinate. In the midst of all that, our refrigerator died. The delivery people gauged the wall. I can't repair it because the paint manufacturer is no longer in business (it's okay I needed to repaint anyways after 20 years, I just took the cash and called it good). But I can't repaint until I know the carpet color. Plus the area is huge (and I have sponged a second color on top of the base, I love it even now but it's a ton of work). So as soon as I figure out the carpet colors, I have to repaint what amounts to almost half of our house because of the open concept and there is no way to just paint a part of it. So yeah, that darn mouse and his cookie! Oh yeah, and DH told me he loathes the light fixtures in the bathroom and he wants me to replace them as soon as possible (why he didn't say anything for the last 20 years is beyond me).
  9. I had been wondering if they made an offer. It sounded encouraging but then I didn't see anything so figured either I missed it or it fell through. Glad to hear it worked out.
  10. We had the cabinet, countertop and flooring replaced in the upstairs bathroom. I had hoped the existing paint (which was done 2 years ago) would work but the colors just don't excite me. So repainting is in order for that room (1 day project it's a small bathroom). We had 2 people out today to measure for new flooring in the kitchen. living room, hallway and stairs. Found out there is a spot in the kitchen by the patio door that needs to be cut down and replaced from the subfloor up before we can replace the flooring in there. I don't know if the carpet for the other areas in the budget but I need to know the colors because I'm repainting the walls in that area after the delivery people for a fridge gauged the wall (it needed repainting anyways but I had been ignoring but the gauge is pretty obvious). The area is huge with 12 foot cathedral ceilings, area over stairs etc. I paint it a solid color and then sponge roll another color over it. It looks awesome and I've had so many compliments over the years the only problem is that it is at least a week long project by the time I do all the taping, painting the base color, retaping and painting the second color. Then the exterior doors need painting and the wood trim around the small door leaving the garage and all the supports for the front door overhang need scraping and repainting. There are many more projects but that's what I'm hoping to accomplish yet this year. I'm not really enthused about any of it. If we get to carpet, I know it will mean we move everything and rip up the old because anything else means it will cost more.
  11. I was going to suggest lasagna or a stuffed shells but I would suggest skipping the spinach. Spinach is a love or hate it ingredient and I know far more people who hate it than like it. Or I'd cook up some chicken or pork in advance and have shredded meat sandwiches. If you have a Costco the Kale Salad is a winner (even among my non salad eating dad will eat it). Another easier option is a baked potato bar.
  12. I've had a Gel Pro brand one for 5-7 years. I love that thing. It makes a huge difference when I have to stand in one place and work for a while. I just have a small one and move it around my kitchen to whatever area I'm working in. They are surprisingly heavy so I wouldn't buy a big one if I was going to be moving it much.
  13. I grew up eating a version with the name Honeymoon Salad that had lime jello powder mixed with cream cheese, then added boiling water, after it cooled add canned crushed pineapple and then cool whip. It was okay but I don't like lime so I adapted it. We have a version of it for every holiday. The most common is strawberry jello and sliced strawberries but I've done it with blackberry, peach, or raspberry jello and whatever fruit complements it. I do like the green salad with pistachio pudding but that always felt a bit closer to dessert than the jello based ones.
  14. It's not just FB that is the problem, it's news sites, blog pages, etc. Everyone seems to think they need video and/or music and I don't like either. I just want to read quietly in peace.
  15. I couldn't stand the Facebook ads anymore so I installed FB Purity. So much better. What annoys me most isn't exactly just ads but any page that has auto play video/sound. Drives me nuts. I just leave my sound muted because I got so tired of all the pages that tried to assault my hearing with their noise. I have enough noise in my house with the kids, I don't need my computer randomly blaring things at me.
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