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  1. all the ones I've used( which is a grand total of 3), won't let you check out for pickup until you have time slot. So have your cart ready and then submit the order once you see they have openings. For us, new openings are released at midnight so personally I'd try to stay up late to get that order in rather than trying to get up early and risk them all gone during the night.
  2. My son's university has over 40,000 students and they too are already talking about the fall semester being online. It's going to be ugly for DS, he has 4 classes left to graduate and 3 of them are science lab classes.
  3. costco is showing several varieties in stock for online ordering. I'd start there and save myself the hassle of running around places.
  4. We have one coming up next week. We've always done special homemade food of the birthday person's choice. This year we are planning on getting chick fil a. We haven't done any take out food since this started so that alone will make it special because we rarely eat out even during normal times. But that's all we have planned. Birthdays are very low key here. As an introvert, I've never been remotely interested is making big plans/parties for any event so my kids are used to this.
  5. I stocked much higher on food and household supplies than normal (and it was normal before for me to have at least a month or 2 of non perishable things around). Things new for this, 25 pound of white basmati rice. Normally I buy brown basmati in 25 pound bags through a food co-op but since I didn't know when the next order might happen, I went ahead and picked up the white from the grocery store. My kids are thrilled because they prefer white anyways. Also right before our state went on full lockdown, I tried to buy produce and nearly everything was gone so I bought a sprouting lid and a seed sampler pack. Our first batch was ready yesterday and even some of my pickiest veggie eaters really liked them. We got our first order delivery this week (after trying for 2 1/2 weeks we finally got an opening) so it's not as critical this week but it's nice to know that I can grow some fresh veggies if we can't get any from the store. We still have freezing temps overnight so it will be quite a while before we can do any growing outside. Otherwise, I just bought some clothes and shoes in early March for the kids for summer because I was concerned that the overseas products would be delayed, at the time I hadn't really considered that we would be in full lockdown so taking them out to try things on wasn't going to happen. I'm really glad i got them all set up for summer before this started.
  6. We've got a bit of a convoluted plan for ours. We were suppose to get new carpet in April/May but that is on hold till it's safe to have someone in the house again. So our plan for the stimulus money is to pay off DH's car. Then use the carpet money to have a friend/handyman to rebuild our deck (the boards where the railing attach have split and rotted so the railing is barely attached to our second story deck and with the kids spending so much time outside and running up and down the stairs, I'm worried they are going to fall off). Friend can rebuild it because we can keep social distancing because he will be outside and we will stay inside, it meets the requirements of the stay at home order since it's a safety issue. I will pay the hardware store the extra delivery fee to bring supplies to house so friend doesn't have to go in the store. Not perfect but the best I can come up with. Then the monthly car payment amount will go to replenish the carpet fund so we have the cash for the carpet when it's safe to do that project. So I will be helping the local economy with it by giving friend some work when otherwise he would have none plus I'm getting some maintenance done that needs to be addressed.
  7. we have att uverse. We pay a flat fee for up to a certain amount (but don't ask me what it is) and then we pay per some unit of measurement for overage. I know our plan amount is pretty low but we've never once hit the cap in 10ish years that we've had it. We have 3-6 devices on at all waking hours but we don't stream movies much at all so I suspect that is why we never hit our cap.
  8. I just wanted to comment on the oven versus the dehydrator. The oven takes FOREVER to dry. Mine oven actually timed off after 24 hours and my items still weren't dry. I've used one of those round dehydrators to get a feel for if we liked the results. It's okay for very small amounts but most things were a pain to remove from the hard plastic. To really make the most use of a dehydrator, you need ones with flexible mesh trays but of course those are more expensive and really only worth it if you plan to dehydrate a lot. I have a 9 tray Excalibur. It can hold 11 pineapples at a time, or about 1/3 of a bushel of apples, or 5 lbs of onions (somewhat variable depending on how you slice/chop them). So whether it's worth it will depends on what and how much you are hoping to dehydrate.
  9. I have to question the serrated bit. They sell a knife sharpener to use at home for the straight edge knives and I've used it when mine gets dull and it makes a huge improvement so you can definitely sharpen them at home. Also I don't doubt that some of the reps are heavy handed with sales techniques but the 3 different ones I've dealt with have been fine when I say I just need one knife right now. But I do agree most people really don't need the full set and you are much better picking just a few to meet your specific needs.
  10. Try this recipe. Hands down the best recipe I've found for fresh ground wheat bread. I used to have the stone mill (and got rid of it because I couldn't handle the noise, mess and slowness. I have a nutrigrain mill now). But no matter what I've used to grind it. This recipe has worked. I have a Bosch mixer, I've never tried kneading by hand.
  11. I have a few Cutco knives but not a full set. I have 4 styles and have found it meets all my needs. Cheese knife is the best, I have a bread knife, a small chef knife and a small knife (can't remember if it's called pairing or steak or what but I use if for all those small jobs of cleaning up produce). I've slowly thrown away all my Chicago Cutlery knifes that I received as wedding presents because they just don't compare. Plus Cutco can go in the dishwasher!
  12. Well for 5 of my 6 I used Zophran (and would have used it for the other but it's wasn't available then), even then I struggled with the all day nausea but that was still much better than all day puking. What consistently helped for me, were highly salty liquids (because solids were much harder to keep down and really I was just trying to stay hydrated). So for me, I drank a lot of fresh dill pickle juice (homemade crock pickles were best, the refrigerated was second best, I couldn't do any of the ones that were shelf stable). I threw away the pickles. The broth from Ramen noodles/instant noodles/rice noodle type things worked well (I threw out the noodles cause they were too heavy). Deli meat (I know, I know they say you shouldn't eat it but it was one of the few foods that would stay down and at some point the possible risk of that was signficantly less than the real risk of ending up in the ER for dehydration/malnutrition). YES to the swanson Turkey dinners, that highly processed heavily salted meat/gravy worked (although the potatoes were disgusting). Another really weird one was the frozen Bacardi Strawberry daiquiri mixes (made without alcohol obviously and I had to double the water but the sourness really helped settle my stomach). I did not do well on the unisom B6 combo. I would sleep about 20 hours a day and the 4 hours I was awake I was so incoherent that I couldn't even form complete sentences (hence the use of Zophran even with the risks). Sucking on jolly ranchers helped (especially the less sweet flavors). Just keeping something in my mouth at all times helped too.
  13. Here the introverts are struggling too but only because the extroverts are pressuring them to interact more. There's no happy medium here.
  14. I have struggled with the same dilemma. My 2DS works for my sister but our state is going into stay at home orders today so he can no longer justify being out. It's going to drive him crazy to be stuck home with his younger siblings and working for a grocery store would give him an out (plus they are offering really good money right now). But it then puts the whole family at greater risk. However eldest DS works in an essential industry (food testing) but they've sent home as many as possible so he's working in a space meant for 60 with only 20 there now. So we are still getting some exposure but it doesn't feel as risky as letting 2DS work at the grocery store which has a lot more public interaction. Just not sure which way to go with this either.
  15. Here's how things are going at my local store Right now the soonest you can do an order pickup around here is 2 weeks out. So many people want order pick up but they lack the staff to handle that many people. They are desperately looking for more workers and are now paying almost double per hour (currently around $20 an hour with as much overtime as you want and it's not a HCL area) what they were paying before coronavirus but even so they can't find enough help. As far as the hours, they are doing a through deep cleaning every single night. It's pretty hard to do that level of cleaning when there are people in the store because they are always where you want to clean. Also because the shelves are be emptied at a much higher rate, they are having to haul out a lot more pallets every night. When they set those pallets in the aisle, it becomes almost impossible for shoppers to get through. Of course the shoppers insist on reaching in to just grab that one thing but it really slows down their ability to get the shelves reloaded when every few minutes someone needs to grab something where you are working. So I'm sure the store would love to do more, but there is only so much they can do with the staff they have.
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