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  1. I could totally see this kid doing something like that. I made them write me a new sentence though. It took them all of 15 seconds because I insist they write legibly.
  2. I laughed so hard that everyone else wanted to know too and all laughed as well. My adult kids were like 'Mom, that is correct, you've got to give them credit". Kiddo knew what they were "suppose" to do but just didn't feel like it when they saw an easy out.
  3. Definitely a homeschooled kid. They've had the same instructions "Write a sentence with (current vocabulary word)" for the last 3-4 lessons so knew what they were "suppose" to do but since this is the first time a suggestion was made like that, they of course took full advantage of it.
  4. I made kiddo, write me a new sentence. Kiddo even admitted that they knew what they were suppose to do but it was much easier to use that one than to think of their own.
  5. It's actually not a writing curriculum at all. It's a reading program. (from Christian Light Education)
  6. In this same book, if gives instructions like "Write the meaning of this word. Use the dictionary for help." and I would say a definition copied exactly from the dictionary would be acceptable. So why would one write mean use your own words and one write mean it's okay to copy. It's also has many other directions where write blah blah blah and what they write is something given in the instructions since the point of the exercise is to figure out which one of the blah blah blah goes with the item. So in essence the directions are saying copying the correct word to the sentence it goes with
  7. I've seen that set of instructions before but never an example. I'm assuming that the writer of the curriculum thought students might not know how to put it into a sentence and was trying to give a gentle nudge and didn't think about the fact the some students would be like "AHA, I'll use that sentence".
  8. I don't grade per say. Kiddo does the assignment, I check the answers and we go through anything that is incorrect so kiddo can understand their mistakes. But I don't assign letter grades or percentages or anything like that. Way too much work!
  9. I totally agree about the ambiguity of the directions. I didn't write the material. This is my 5th kid to use this exact material and no one has given me a response like this before and it totally cracked me up because technically they weren't wrong even if it wasn't "in the spirit" of the assignment.
  10. Directions as written in the book: "Write a sentence using girth. You might want to write about the girth of a whale." Response as written by the student: "You might want to write about the girth of a whale." I can't decide if I should give credit for ingenuity or mark it wrong for not creating their own sentence. Either way we've had a very good laugh around here. ETA: This is for 7th grade and the student very much knows what girth means.
  11. Another option on the bathroom door, is the kind that slide into the wall. They don't require any swing space at all. My parents have one, and it works and slides much easier than I expected (I thought for sure it would get stuck/be hard to slide on the track but I can easily slide it with one finger).
  12. My eldest daughter went through several Algebra programs too, She did the best with Math U See but even that took us 2 years to get through. Hopefully the book you got will be the one that helps it all click for her.
  13. Those are great finds! I'm sure I've donated stuff that is worth reselling but I just can't bring myself to go through the hassle of taking pictures, listing, coordinating the sale, etc. So good job for not only being willing to go through that but also for knowing which items are worth bothering with.
  14. Ouch on the printer. But unfortunately sometimes you just don't have a choice about these things. Hopefully it has lots of nice bells and whistles and lasts a good long time for you.
  15. So far made a splurge purchase and bought the last three Sight and Sound DVD's that we didn't own. Was going to do it last fall and just never got around to doing it. We watched Noah on Sunday night and was reminded how good these are and went and purchased them before I forgot again. Sadly they don't have their newest production (Esther) out on DVD yet. We'd love to watch that one again. Picked up my new glasses that were replaced under warranty. They came with a 1 year warranty on the frame but nothing on the lenses. I had opted not to buy that part because I've never had problems
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