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  1. I'm with Quill. If it's prepackaged, I'm not likely to eat it. I actually really like potlucks but I've noticed as the years go by, more and more of what shows up is the packaged stuff and that has diminished my fun with them. I WANT to try your Aunt Edna's famous whatever recipe. I'm not interested in something for Hy-vee's Deli, I can buy that myself. But with food allergies, that is a whole different thing all together and I can understand why it would be frustrating for you.
  2. I have a star. It's from a beaded ornament kit I made when I was in college. It took over 40 hours to make this one item. My kids know that it will be on my tree until I die. It's this but mine is more gold colored. All my ornaments are also handmade (and mostly beaded) but none are as intricate as the star is.
  3. I've made a ring with the canned crescent rolls filled with chicken pot pie filling. I would expect you could do the same with breakfast burrito filling.
  4. Why not just cut up the cinnamon rolls into bites and bake them like a pull apart bread, or quarter them and bake them in muffin tins? Bagels and cream cheese? Mini Quiche (you know those boxes they sell at costco/Sam's, or mix up eggs, cheese and meat and bake in muffins tins)
  5. I pretty much treat turkey like I would chicken. Add mexican spices for a taco filling or stuff in in tortilla with cheese and pour over enchilada sauce. Make a chicken divan casserole (meat, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cream of what ever soup (I do a homemade variation), cheddar cheese, top with bread crumbs). Make a stir fry or fried rice.
  6. I keep wondering if the people who object to the use of jello salad because it's not a "salad" also have a problem with a fruit salad. I mean it's still a mixture of non vegetable foods. Miriam's Dictionary even includes a definition of salad as small pieces of food (such as pasta, meat, fruit, or vegetables) usually mixed with a dressing (such as mayonnaise) or set in gelatin or a usually incongruous mixture either of which would apply to jello salad. Anyways, I'm not fond of plain jello unless I'm sick (and then we usually drink it before it sets up because it's very soothing on sore throats). But for holidays, we always have a jello salad. The original version was called Honeymoon Salad and had lime jello, cream cream, canned pineapple and whip cream stirred together. I don't like lime so I've modified it to strawberry jello (or sometimes blackberry) and I usually use sugared strawberries in place of the pineapple (but this year I was out of strawberries so used frozen peaches in orange juice syrup). My sister who always says she doesn't like jello informed me she like the peach version better than the strawberry version. I laugh because despite her telling me every year that she doesn't like jello, she eats my jello salad every year knowing full well it's jello.
  7. Sounds like the oil change manager is trying to bluff his way out of this. If his "evidence" disappears that's his problem not yours. As far as the recall goes, ordinarily I would agree with you about putting all the information up front but in this case, I think pushing about the recall kind of muddies the water when you first need to focus on getting the oil issue resolved. I'd be really hesitant to have the new place even attempt new work until the first issue is resolved for fear that the old place would use that as an excuse for not taking ownership of their problem (aka, new place has also done work how can you prove that we - old place- really messed up and its not the new place's fault)
  8. Honestly, I think this is a battle that never gets "won" until the kids move out of the home. But this year I got myself a checklist and I've divided the main area of the home into 5 groups (excluding the kitchen). Each group pops up in my app once a week. I spend 15 minutes cleaning /decluttering something in that group and then I'm just done. 15 minutes doesn't get it perfectly clean but that short time frame means that I have no excuses for not fitting it in and for me cleaning consistently in an area 15 minutes each week still results in better long term results that sporadic "full" clean does. I have lots of other little items on my lists but none take more than 10-15 minutes. Seems I do better with tasks broken into really small pieces, it seems less overwhelming on how will I get all this work done and it's easy to slip a 10 minute task in between other things whereas if it were an hour task, I'd be like not enough time, I'll do it later but you know later never comes. Your math story is similar to mine. Started with Singapore, really strong math kid tried AOPS and hated it and we went in a different direction. Less strong math kids went from Singapore to Saxon and then we ended up with Math U See. I'm actually thinking of ditching Singapore (which makes me sad because I love the emphasis on mental math) for one of my youngers and go straight to Math U See. It's ok to switch things up if the current system isn't working. I know it takes time and energy to figure out the what next but trying to focus on improving one area at a time.
  9. I remember wanting something and when I couldn't find it, I realized I had purged and was momentarily wishing I hadn't. However, since the memory of missing it sticks out more than the item that was missed, clearly it wasn't a terrible loss to purge it the first time. But I truly can't think of any specific items that I have missed.
  10. cjzimmer1

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    Reading through this brings back the very raw, very hormonal emotions I had after my d&c. I've have multiple miscarriages but the d&c was the hardest. I think with the others the hormone levels dropped more evenly but with the d&c, your body gets the immediate message the pregnancy is over and those hormones just plummet. Which just totally reeks havoc on your emotions when you are already at the breaking point. You've been through a lot the last 3 weeks and right now, I think the changes are really clouding your judgement on things. Yes your husband made a mistake in not honoring your wishes about how to handle this but please don't forget your husband is grieving too. You feel it more accutely because it's your body and he might never say a word or show you an emotion but I promise you he feels it too. I always felt like my husband was unaffected by them but years later I learned the truth. He was trying to be strong and help me but when he first heard, he went out and cried too. I always thought he just didn't care but the truth was he was deeply hurt too but was afraid that showing that hurt would add to my sorrow. So maybe he was ignoring your wishes, or maybe this part of his way to process his own grief, maybe he needed to talk it out with someone who could just listen to him and his family was his safe place. It really doesn't sound like he was trying to hurt you, he apologized but I sense right now, you are too deep in grief (and that is totally understandable and normal) to see his side of things. I know it's very hard right now but you can get through this together.
  11. Pretty much every inch of the main table is filled. Those eating at the extra table come and grab their food first before most of the people sit down at the main table, than those at the main table do some passing around of the food unless a dish is too hot to pass. Then it's "can you put x on my plate" to whomever is sitting closet to the item that is too hot to pass. Somehow it always seems to work. The pie doesn't come to the table till later because that's not served till after everything has been cleaned up and leftovers put away from the meal.
  12. Excalibur is the way to go if you are serious about dehydrating. I've had the round ones and they are nice for dabbling but larger quantities they just don't perform like the Excalibur. Also the Excalibur has much better settings that allowed me to produce a better quality product (although I'll admit the round one I had was just a basic on/off no time/temp controls)
  13. Yep, I've had about 20 orders in the last couple of weeks (and during the rest of the year I can go months in between ordering anything) and not a single thing was a Christmas present. I've got a couple more waiting for tomorrow and then I'll be done (and still won't have bought a present but that's ok, most of my family gets homemade food items and my older kids get gift cards and the younger ones will get whatever i picked up throughout the year on clearance.) I hate shopping so it's nice to just get all the needed things at a good price and then not have to think about it for another year.
  14. The most recently remodeled Aldi's near me does pickup now. So they are definitely moving in that direction too.
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