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  1. That's describes my last 2 days well, always something that gets bumped to the next day. I spent over an hour today trying to figure out logistics to get DS's wisdom teeth removed. He's an adult so every phone call is this carefully orchestrated dance to get the information I need without them violating HIPPA. Finally got the details worked out about where he can go and get referral info sent. Call the oral surgery to schedule appointment to discover they closed at 4. I called at 4:01. Now that's on tomorrow's list. But I did learn it's going to be run through medical not dental. We sw
  2. My DD will be getting hers off before the end of summer. Every appointment since last fall, she flat out asks about his estimate for removal. She had a few weeks ago and he promised before end of summer but could be as early as July depending on how fast her teeth responded to the last tweak he was making. Don't you have to make a separate appointment for getting them off? All 3 of mine who've completed, we had the yes, you are done, but then you had to schedule another appointment for the removal since that was always much longer than the standard appointment slot. Anyways hoping she gets
  3. Not small, it's about 90 feet. I'm just using 3 foot tall rolls of black vinyl coated wire, with those green steel, pound in utility type posts and attach the fence with zipties. Nothing fancy but it gets the job done. Technically it doesn't meet the "standards" of our neighborhood set by the builder, but once the neighborhood was completed and governing was turned over to the people who live here, the rules seems to be forgotten. Pretty much every single person on the block has at least one "violation". But I always thought the rules were way too restrictive but I suspect it was done tha
  4. Today is just one of those days that is turning out to be anything but frugal! I bought some boards to put a second layer on one of my raised beds. 12 foot boards fit fine in my van, I've transported them many times. I don't know what happened today, they went in fine, back end closed fine. We stopped a couple of places before coming home and come out of a store to discover the front window has cracked where the boards are. It didn't look like they shifted at all but they must of have put pressure on the window somehow. So now I'll have to come up with the deductible to replace the fr
  5. I've had a couple of smaller banks but then the always got sold to bigger banks. Not that is it has been a problem with any of them. Before electronic payments were quite so easy, I decided to switch it to my credit union because it was much easier to do electronic payment in house than send them outside the institution. Since then' I've just kept the local credit for refinances. They have competitive rates, don't sell the loans, and both times, I've refinanced with them, I didn't have to pay for a new appraisal (other places were still telling me I needed it). So I'd start with your cre
  6. They only lasted 3 days. My kids would eat them everyday but I don't want to make them as often as they want to eat them. This was my attempt to actually have enough to make some egg salad after they made their first pass. Next time I'll just do a whole box (60 come in a box), since I know it works with that many and there was still plenty of room in my instapot (I have an 8 quart).
  7. yep, let it come to pressure (although I will admit that the batch of 40 cold eggs took a really long time to get to that point), 5 minutes on high pressure, 5 minutes of natural release, flip the pressure valve and move the eggs to ice water bath as soon as I can get the lid off.
  8. I always do them from cold. Never heard the room temp thing before. Yeah a few crack but I've never thought that was a problem as 9 times out of 10 we are peeling them immediately anyways. We did a huge batch last weekend for egg salad. There were 40 cold eggs in my instapot. I think there were 3 that cracked.
  9. I was going to suggest instapot too. I've tried so many other methods that failed, instapot is the only one that has worked consistently for me. I'd even be willing to go so far as saying if I did nothing but hard boil eggs with it, then the instapot is still worth buying. So while it doesn't help you today, just in case you were sitting on the fence about ever purchasing an instapot, it's one more thing it does amazingly well.
  10. Of the 8 pints of cherry tomatoes that they gave us in the school lunches on Tuesday, 2 pints worth were completely spoiled (as in molding and splitting skin) today. I knew they weren't great quality but this is right up there with the milk they gave us (to last a week) that was curdling within 3 days. Cleaned up the rest and made this orzo and roasted tomato dish based off a recipe my sister had gotten in one her meal delivery kits. Turned out really good considering I was totally improvising on ingredients and quantities plus it used up all 6 pints of remaining tomatoes because I doubt mo
  11. We have "an agent" but I'm not sure why. They don't do anything with claims, billing, or answering questions. All those things are routed directly to the insurance company. It kinda of irks me because what the point when they don't do anything for me but yet their name is listed on our policy (years ago we had an agent but the company has been bought out, the original agent retired and now we are left with this new "agent" who I've never talked to or even communicated with in the 6-7 years they've been listed on our paperwork).
  12. Picked up lunch boxes on Tuesday. The one time I wished for carrots there were none so I had to swing by the store to pick some up for soup that night and of course it's almost impossible to pick up just one thing. Kinda went over what I hoped to spend for March but it wasn't too bad. Each week there is 2 "bulk" vegetables in the lunch boxes, this week both were a pint of tomatoes so we've got 8 pints and they are already looking rough 2 days later. My sister was just telling me about a recipe she got with her meal delivery box that used roasted tomatoes. I was at her place yesterday and
  13. When I went last weekend, I was torn between get there when they open to make sure I get one, or go late in the hopes they might give me 2. I opted to go early. They were only suppose to go till 1 but later I saw them tell someone they ran out at 2. So I still don't know if they ever gave out extra but at least I know they have a pretty good supply. Next time, I might go a bit later and see what happens but it such a bummer to have made the trip and then not get anything.
  14. I grew up white bread and even as a kid was not very found of it. It was so mushy to me. On the rare occasions I got a whole wheat bread it was a treat. For a while I made all our bread so my kids were used to not only whole wheat but freshly baked whole wheat so given a choice that is what they would pick first. I don't have time to make bread often so I do buy it now, most of it is whole wheat but we love the $1 loves of everything bread from Walmart that is white. But they definitely prefer white tortillas to whole wheat. But overall we don't eat that many bread products so
  15. I absolutely agree with this statement. All those modifications mentioned above, yeah I've done them all, never would occur to me not to, use what you've got even if it's not how the recipe is written. But I've never written a recipe review in my life so at least I'm not misleading anyone.
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