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  1. I was going to use the $5 off but then saw that fi you sign up for text alerts, you can get 25% off 3 or more used books. I normally by from thrift books but Better World's prices were even better and the 25% off made it a really great deal.
  2. Well, I certainly wouldn't want to put your life in danger or anything, so we'll just keep it our little secret 🙂 .
  3. She can save a step and put the dried grapes right in the ziplock bag. They don't stick much but if they do, a gentle tap on the counter loosens them just fine. But yes frozen grapes are great. I have about 30 quart bags of them in the freezer right now.
  4. The only way I can eat squash is as a replacement for pumpkin. So I would use it for pumpkin pie, pumpkin bars, pumpkin bread etc.
  5. I'm using Chore Checklist. You can use pre entered items or create your own schedules. For repeating tasks you can decide to repeat say 7 days from date of completion or on a specific day a week. So for instance, garbage day, I want it to repeat every Tuesday even if I forgot to take it out or forgot to check it off last Tuesday. But on the other hand, if I got behind and my carpet was done 5 days late, I don't want it telling me to do it again in 2 days. Anyways it was really easy to set up since it doesn't have a ton of features which was a plus in my book.
  6. Even if you don't publish the book, at least make sure the recipes are written down so they can be passed on. My grandma always made this schaum torte for our birthday cakes and was one of my favorites. I'll admit to being a bit intimidated (and a bit lazy) about trying the recipe but just having it written in her handwriting is something I treasure even if I never actually make it. So definitely make sure to record it because you just never know who will be treasuring it later.
  7. So good to see you back. I was one of those who mentioned you in the other thread because I always remembered you posting about different desserts you made and had voting on which people prefer. And you shared this most wonderful flourless chocolate cake recipe that I'm still making today. Glad to hear you are doing well and thanks for checking in!
  8. I was out running errands in DH's car today and was so annoyed that car was in auto nag mode every 5 minutes because "fuel was low" and when I checked it still was estimating it had 40 miles of fuel left. Pfft, I can around town for at least another 20-25 miles before I have to think about filling up, I don't need the reminders but have no idea if there is a way to turn them off. I told DH I filled up just to make the car shut up. He laughed because he would have filled up long before it ever had a chance to start nagging. As far as simple improvements, I bought storage contain
  9. All the females here have long hair and DD 13 is exceptionally thick. DD13 can brush her own hair but it's hard and really prefers help. DD12 can't do her own yet. That spot at the base of the neck is just so hard to get taken care of. I currently have a frozen shoulder and I can't even take care of my own hair. So yeah, we do a lot of brushing each other's hair. None of my kids could have handled sole responsibility for hair at 8. For DD12, we have solved her problems by keeping it braided. A braid lasts her 2-3 days so she only needs someone to help on the days it needs to be redone.
  10. I never empty the whole thing at one time because I don't have anywhere to keep it all cold while I'm cleaning. So I will typically do the top shelf in the morning by moving everything to a lower shelf. Wait a few hours do another shelf. I finish the fridge in 2-3 days but I don't leave it open that long at any one time for the food to get warm or the temp in the fridge to drop too much. Now I don't do this process too often, maybe once a quarter. SHould do it more but it's just not a high priority unless something gets spilled.
  11. I bought square jars and lid labels and store them in alphabetical order in the same drawer as the silverware. It's a perfect fit around the silverware dividers so the jars can't move around and it's pretty hard not to put them away correctly because there just isn't many spots to choose from. Plus I love have everything laid out right in front of me. Spinning a rack on the counter always drove me nuts cause it was always facing the wrong direction for whatever I wanted next.
  12. We don't waste much and what we do tends to be stuff from garden that accumulates faster than I can take care of it. It has truly been years since I had anything fuzzy in my fridge. But I'm very good about repurposing/reinventing things as well as using what I have even if the "recipe"(which I use that term very lightly because in my world recipes are simply a list of suggestions) calls for something else. DS2 has been coming home from work with lots of cooked rice and leftover steak. So, I've been adding rice to chili. I wouldn't normally put rice in chili but hey it works. And the stea
  13. I have different issues but I too find reaching out to be one of the most taxing things I do. I mean it takes me days to work up the nerve to call the doctor/dentist/eye etc just to schedule an appointment. There is no rational reason for this to be difficult but it is. And when it comes to friends, for some reason it's even worse. I mean I want to talk to them, I like spending time with them but initiating is just so mentally taxing that sometimes it takes week or months to make the attempt. So yeah, I'm not intentially a jerk but I'm sure it doesn't feel that way to those who are always
  14. I've seen that too. One person on FB shared a photo that was supposed to show how "nasty"/germy masks were because of how discolored the mask was. However, the mask was very clearly covered with makeup. Skipping makeup would have solved their problem completely but of course then they wouldn't have "proof" about how terrible masks were.
  15. I have Roman shades that sound like what you mean above my sink. It's a pretty course material so quite easy to wipe off. Something like this but it's just a single panel over the sink. https://www.blinds.com/pla/bali-custom-tailored-roman-shade/505218?utm_medium=pla&width=16&height=20&utm_campaign=acq*sem*bc-g-pla-shades-romanSKU+(NEW)*Bali*****g*5052181620*c*NTM***9018947&utm_source=gog&utm_term=&utm_content=&mkwid=s-dc_pcrid_303134745839_pkw__pmt__slid__product_5052181620_pgrid_60713280176_ptaid_pla-910431211598_&pgrid=60713280176&ptaid=pla-910
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