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  1. a couple of my kids love custard so our plan is to make a pan of that to use up a bunch of those boxes(some of my kids don't drink cows milk but can consume it fine in other ways). We got 40 today and they take up so much room, I encouraged the one who could to drink extra today just so we could get everything in.
  2. After hearing so many talk about school lunches, I decided to give mine a try if for no other reason that it would be something different for me kids and honestly they were very excited to try it. I'm still not entirely sure if I was eligible. The overview for the program says for all students 18 and under but another page says for all students enrolled in (my school district name). So I live in the district but my kids aren't enrolled. But I signed up just to see what would happen (they did say you could just show up but it helps them to ensure they have enough if you register). So I ent
  3. If your vanity isn't huge, look into getting a remnant. We redid our bathroom last year and it turned out that we could get a remnant piece of quartz installed for only $150 more than the materials cost for a new cultured marble (I don't know what the labor would have been because we would have had to hire that part out separately). Our place had tons of pieces and sizes and they were all the same price. You just needed to pick a piece that was big enough for your project. I was curious about the quartz so we went and looked and I had no idea how affordable the remnants would be.
  4. I don't make lunch. I cook really large suppers and we eat leftovers for lunch. My suppers are so large that I cook about 5 of them most weeks and that covers all lunches and suppers for the rest of the week. When having lunch, everyone eats the lunch leftovers in the order they were served. So if it's Wednesday and we still have leftovers from Monday, people have to eat that before starting on Tuesday nights supper leftovers. It works really well. On the rare (like once or twice a year) that I get caught without enough leftovers, there is things like bread for grilled cheese or peanut b
  5. I have a child who is like this and I guess I view it completely different from you. That room is his space. He can do/keep it how ever he wants. As long as basic sanitary conditions are met (ie no leaving food/dirty dishes), he can do whatever he wants. If it bothers you, just keep the door closed. It feels like overstepping/overcontrolling to tell an adult child how they need store their clothes in their dresser.
  6. I wasn't planning on spending a lot on it. She's only here for a few days and I'm not sure when she will be here in the winter again. Since she was using a blanket in the summer, I figured it would be something she could use on any of her trips not just the winter ones. I expect they will drive around to look at snow even if she doesn't have the gear to walk in it. I have a spare heated mattress pad that I could put on her bed but in reality they stay awake as much as possible to maximize their time together so mostly she is sitting on the couch so I'm looking for something for that
  7. That's a good idea. And from what I've heard no she doesn't have a lot of really warm stuff. DS said they will probably just stay at the house most of the time because she doesn't have the clothes to go out and none of my DD's are close enough in size to really load her anything. My thought was she could just leave the blanket here till her next trip. She'd truly have no use for it there and I don't want to take up all her luggage space and she already has future trips in mind. When she came in the summer she used DS's tie blanket but it's so much colder now and he uses his now so
  8. I made the jello salad that my kids requested. (despite the bad rap that jello salads get, this one isn't too bad, jello, cream cheese, whipping cream and fruit). I went to make the pumpkin pies and discovered I don't have enough evaporated milk. Seriously with all the stock up I did of nearly everything we use, I missed this and now have to go to the store on the day before Thanksgiving. So not what I wanted. However since I have to go anyways, I'm going to buy some slider buns for our BBQ instead of making them so at least that makes my day a little easier and I'll probably pick up some
  9. I've made all my kids those tied double layered fleece blankets. And while they are warm, it's sometimes not enough for our very cold house in snow country. DS has a special friend who will be visiting in January (she's from Las Vegas) and I know she's going to be freezing. I would like to make her a blanket of her own for when she visits us but I feel like it needs to be warmer. I had thought about using three layers of fleece or trying to make some kind of insert or if there is another fabric that can be tied that might provide more warmth. But I really don't much about fabric or sewing
  10. My mom offered to cook turkey for all the family groups and drop it off to them. But she decided to skip stuffing. I told her the only reason to eat turkey was the stuffing so if she skipped that I didn't need the turkey (she lives 45 minutes away so it would be a bit of an effort to get it to me, plus I know how to make a turkey and my family is large enough to warrant a turkey myself). Knowing that no one who lives here is super fond of turkey, we are foregoing it all together. We ordered a bunch of meat from the a BBQ place and I will make our favorite Thanksgiving sides (albeit stuffin
  11. I haven't ever loaded a video before so I hope this works out. Edit: if anyone knows how to make this smaller, please let me know. Thanks! VID_20201124_090019214.mp4
  12. How's this one? It's so fun watching him run around the yard in his sweater and coat. It reminds of those videos of the tiny goats leaping around. It just snowed last night so I'm hoping to get a video of him bouncing through the snow today.
  13. And today 2 of the 3 no dog people, asked to hold him and even smiled while he sat on their lap! They're coming around much faster than I expected.
  14. Good to know. I didn't really know how much to expect to feed him and the rescue didn't really give me an guidance other than it was fine to just leave the food in his dish and let him eat whenever/how much he wanted. I think he ate about 3 tbsp of kibble plus a few treats that my daughter used when working on sitting with him. I kept thinking he wasn't eating much but didn't know if it's just because that was normal for such a small dog or he was still adjusting from the transport. He's got plenty of spunk right now but I will definitely keep an eye on him. I've got karo syrup on hand but
  15. He will be 9 weeks on Tuesday. He had a health check on Thursday to get his certificate to leave Texas and he weighed 4.7# then. We actually had our heart set on a little girl from his litter but she was adopted before we finished all the steps and this guy was the last one. But we were the first one to pick ours up today and so we got to see them all. Turns out the little girl was so much smaller than Joey and has really short legs. We have a split level house so there is lots of stairs. I would be surprised if the little girl would ever get tall enough to handle the stairs o
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