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  1. I don't make lunch. I cook really large suppers and we eat leftovers for lunch. My suppers are so large that I cook about 5 of them most weeks and that covers all lunches and suppers for the rest of the week. When having lunch, everyone eats the lunch leftovers in the order they were served. So if it's Wednesday and we still have leftovers from Monday, people have to eat that before starting on Tuesday nights supper leftovers. It works really well. On the rare (like once or twice a year) that I get caught without enough leftovers, there is things like bread for grilled cheese or peanut b
  2. I have a child who is like this and I guess I view it completely different from you. That room is his space. He can do/keep it how ever he wants. As long as basic sanitary conditions are met (ie no leaving food/dirty dishes), he can do whatever he wants. If it bothers you, just keep the door closed. It feels like overstepping/overcontrolling to tell an adult child how they need store their clothes in their dresser.
  3. I wasn't planning on spending a lot on it. She's only here for a few days and I'm not sure when she will be here in the winter again. Since she was using a blanket in the summer, I figured it would be something she could use on any of her trips not just the winter ones. I expect they will drive around to look at snow even if she doesn't have the gear to walk in it. I have a spare heated mattress pad that I could put on her bed but in reality they stay awake as much as possible to maximize their time together so mostly she is sitting on the couch so I'm looking for something for that
  4. That's a good idea. And from what I've heard no she doesn't have a lot of really warm stuff. DS said they will probably just stay at the house most of the time because she doesn't have the clothes to go out and none of my DD's are close enough in size to really load her anything. My thought was she could just leave the blanket here till her next trip. She'd truly have no use for it there and I don't want to take up all her luggage space and she already has future trips in mind. When she came in the summer she used DS's tie blanket but it's so much colder now and he uses his now so
  5. I made the jello salad that my kids requested. (despite the bad rap that jello salads get, this one isn't too bad, jello, cream cheese, whipping cream and fruit). I went to make the pumpkin pies and discovered I don't have enough evaporated milk. Seriously with all the stock up I did of nearly everything we use, I missed this and now have to go to the store on the day before Thanksgiving. So not what I wanted. However since I have to go anyways, I'm going to buy some slider buns for our BBQ instead of making them so at least that makes my day a little easier and I'll probably pick up some
  6. I've made all my kids those tied double layered fleece blankets. And while they are warm, it's sometimes not enough for our very cold house in snow country. DS has a special friend who will be visiting in January (she's from Las Vegas) and I know she's going to be freezing. I would like to make her a blanket of her own for when she visits us but I feel like it needs to be warmer. I had thought about using three layers of fleece or trying to make some kind of insert or if there is another fabric that can be tied that might provide more warmth. But I really don't much about fabric or sewing
  7. My mom offered to cook turkey for all the family groups and drop it off to them. But she decided to skip stuffing. I told her the only reason to eat turkey was the stuffing so if she skipped that I didn't need the turkey (she lives 45 minutes away so it would be a bit of an effort to get it to me, plus I know how to make a turkey and my family is large enough to warrant a turkey myself). Knowing that no one who lives here is super fond of turkey, we are foregoing it all together. We ordered a bunch of meat from the a BBQ place and I will make our favorite Thanksgiving sides (albeit stuffin
  8. I haven't ever loaded a video before so I hope this works out. Edit: if anyone knows how to make this smaller, please let me know. Thanks! VID_20201124_090019214.mp4
  9. How's this one? It's so fun watching him run around the yard in his sweater and coat. It reminds of those videos of the tiny goats leaping around. It just snowed last night so I'm hoping to get a video of him bouncing through the snow today.
  10. And today 2 of the 3 no dog people, asked to hold him and even smiled while he sat on their lap! They're coming around much faster than I expected.
  11. Good to know. I didn't really know how much to expect to feed him and the rescue didn't really give me an guidance other than it was fine to just leave the food in his dish and let him eat whenever/how much he wanted. I think he ate about 3 tbsp of kibble plus a few treats that my daughter used when working on sitting with him. I kept thinking he wasn't eating much but didn't know if it's just because that was normal for such a small dog or he was still adjusting from the transport. He's got plenty of spunk right now but I will definitely keep an eye on him. I've got karo syrup on hand but
  12. He will be 9 weeks on Tuesday. He had a health check on Thursday to get his certificate to leave Texas and he weighed 4.7# then. We actually had our heart set on a little girl from his litter but she was adopted before we finished all the steps and this guy was the last one. But we were the first one to pick ours up today and so we got to see them all. Turns out the little girl was so much smaller than Joey and has really short legs. We have a split level house so there is lots of stairs. I would be surprised if the little girl would ever get tall enough to handle the stairs o
  13. So this little guy joined our family today. He's a chihuahua/terrier/? mix. His name is Joey (yes my children have watched the otter way too much). Oldest 3 have pretty much ignored him which is totally fine. Although 2 of the 3 have already shared pictures with their friends which I do find a bit comical since they said they don't care about him. But the youngest 3 are are thrilled! He just arrived this morning from a long trip from Texas so he was pretty wiped out. He slept about 3 hours this afternoon and my youngers were literally sitting outside staring in the carrier, waiting for him
  14. I've always heard you shouldn't cook it from frozen but I don't have any scientific data for that. Depending on your risk level, I would wait another day or two and on Sunday stick it in a tub of water overnight and then in the Fridge on Monday (I'm assuming you will have a better handle on fridge space by then) or pull it out lay it on the counter on Monday and then in the fridge Monday night. Either way check it Tuesday night and see how thawed it is. Stick it water on Wednesday if more thawing needed.
  15. If you haven't grown your own sprouts, that's another thing I would consider. Very easy (as long as you remember to rinse them everyday) and fresh veggies in about 5 days. I never grew them before but started this spring when everything went crazy. I was glad I did because it was over 3 months before I could reliably find any kind of fresh lettuce/greens this spring. I let off for the summer because I had plenty of stuff from my garden but I'll be starting them up again shortly because they really did provide a nice fresh tasty treat during the long period of only having access to canned/f
  16. If you are looking to retain a bit more "tooth", I've found that frozen riced cauliflower stays much firmer than frozen cauliflower florets. I suspect because there is more of the stem in there but you don't notice it shopped up like that.
  17. I can't say I've gone out of my way to look for any glass products but about a month ago, my favorite size of pyrex was on sale so I bought 2 4 packs of it. They had a really good stash of them. I found them on the end cap so I didn't look any farther.
  18. I'm sorry your university so so unhelpful. I'm really surprised they don't have some kind of medical waiver/deferment. I remember needing my gallbladder removed when I was in college. It was only suppose to be an overnight stay and I was expected to return in a few days. I let all my profs know that I was scheduled for surgery and they all granted me a medical waiver. Complications kept me in the hospital for 6 days and I wasn't able to return for the rest of the semester. I just let them know when I was able and they all worked with me to get make up work done when I was able. Mine was
  19. Just another thought on this, I get that symptom when my Vitamin D is low. However, low for me is when my D gets below about 50 (which is still very much normal according to the standard norms). When I keep my D above 60 or so, I have no problems with staying asleep.
  20. I had to go look through credit card transactions to see the last time we went out to eat. 12/21/19 would have been the last time we had a sit down meal at a restaurant and of course back then it would have been inside the restaurant. We've gotten takeout pizza a couple of times since COVID started and we got Chick Fil A takeout for one of my DD's birthday but that's the extent of our eating out. I don't enjoy eating in restaurants because I feel like all I do is juggle kids needs (especially when they were younger), and making sure they are quiet enough to not disturb others etc that I ne
  21. My eldest is one of those "it's no big deal" people and I've talked till I'm blue in the face and am getting nowhere. The next time the subject comes up again, I'll be pointing out to him that if someone besides him brings it home, eldest could be potentially quarantined for the next 4 months and that would include not going to work since he can't do his job from home. (Yes that's the extreme version but with 8 people here, could be a possibility).
  22. We're still undecided what the family will do. Option one is a family gathering around the campfire which will necessitate a non traditional Thanksgiving meal. Option two is a traditional Thanksgiving meal where we meet up at one persons house outside just long enough to swap food (since we all make different parts of it) and then return to our own homes to eat. Option three we are ordering a special take out meal - we are thinking Mission BBQ because we've never been there and so many people here have been raving about it. Option four I just make something here which will definitely not be
  23. As buy times as eldest has bought parts you'd think the thought would have occurred to me to just go buy leaves for youngest and yet it never did, so thank you for those links! I will put eldest on the job of picking some parts for youngest. Eldest has pretty much every lego piece in the house categorized in his head no matter which child it belongs to so I run every lego decision past him, I don't have the spare brain power for that task.
  24. I totally understand. The internal speaker on my phone is broken so I can only hear phone calls if I put it on speakerphone. So it's a completely justifiable expense and I STILL have problems buying myself a new cell phone because I can make this one work (albeit I have to have every phone call on speaker phone). My husband keeps telling me just buy one already and I keep balking. Yeah, spending money on myself is way too hard. But I think YOU should spend money on yourself and get the treehouse because it is really nice.
  25. My oldest bought himself the treehouse. It is really nice. I would love to buy youngest one too (oldest DS is more a collector and doesn't allow anyone to touch his lego) because youngest loves making elaborate jungle scenes and all those leaves would keep him occupied for a good long time and he is driving all of us crazy lately. But alas it's so far outside our per kid budget that I'll just have to keep dreaming. Oldest has already been looking at the Colosseum but I doubt he'll get it. I think it's a bit more than even he is willing to spend. But it sure did look neat.
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