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  1. I'm close! Just a few more weeks. I have been juggling homeschooling and working full time for a few years now so it is more a relief than bittersweet. And we have been FAR from the cozy days of playing with wood blocks to work on spelling and doing "sun days" when the weather is nice for years now. At this point, I am more and administrator than educator. But it will still be the end of an era.
  2. We eat lots of fermented foods! I'm not a kombucha fan in general as it is too sweet for me. But I love condiment-type fermented foods. Fermented winter radishes are probably my favorite. They STINK to high heaven but taste amazing. I feel similarly about sauerkraut and fermented beets and turnips. I make all of these using the methods in the Nourishing Traditions cookbook. I'll use them as a condiment or sandwich topping on just about anything but we tend to eat them almost daily with breakfast eggs or bagels.
  3. I should probably stop reading these. Dd has her second Pfizer dose scheduled two days before her first final. I already tried to move the date but Pfizer is really limited in my area and the only site that has it has a four day window for all second doses (they only did a four day run on dose one as well). Dd is scheduled for day 2 of 4. Even if I could somehow get her switched to day 1, which so far has been unsuccessful, that would still be too close to finals to deal with a bad reaction. She had no reaction to the first dose. Fingers crossed. I am sure her professors would work with
  4. I gave a reading at a funeral in a coral dress. I have no idea if anyone took issue with it.....nor would I care. I had traveled there in a last-minute emergency overnight drive and did not have time to go shopping. I did the best I could with what I had available. I think my time was far better spent supporting other loved ones of the deceased than trolling the mall for something more "appropriate." It did not even occur to me that this would be a thing. I was too involved in that funeral to even notice/remember what others were wearing but the last one I attended locally had people in
  5. We have been trying to pare down the guest list. We are not going to invite anyone that is not local, so that took a good chunk off. That means no extended family but I think everyone will understand. And we have knocked off anyone local that we feel we have any chance of not offending. We are still at 150.....without any of dd's actual friends. I would guess 100-ish have a good chance of attending. Even with staggered attendance, I cannot see this being under the 25 person limit at any point. Our closest friends will stay the entire time even if I ask them not to. So, we have to choos
  6. It's really sad. Not tragic, but for sure sad.
  7. How are you going to do food service? That is another big question. I am of the opinion that a food table is not likely to be a source of spread but of course, I could be wrong. We did get a lead on an indoor option. It is very large so our group would be well under capacity, even if every guest came at the same time. I still don't like it. I feel much more comfortable outdoors. We have not eaten at an indoor restaurant (or outdoors, for that matter) at all since this all started, so I cannot imagine holding this event indoors. The irony is that we would be within the guidelines to
  8. That was our first thought but we were clearly too late to the game. All are reserved with waiting lists. I got on those lists but even if I lucked out, I probably wouldn't know until well after we would have to distribute invitations. But I think my concerns are the same, except at a pavilion it would be within the state guidelines even though nothing at all would be different for actual exposure between actual people. We have a large garage we would use the same as a pavilion.....not big enough for everyone in bad weather but big enough to shelter some things like food and musicians, if
  9. Dd is graduating! Yay! Dd has been homeschooled from day one and many people in our community have taken part in her education over the years. We had always hoped to celebrate with all of them. We had an elaborate graduation plan that we have been brainstorming for years. Dd is a musician and plays in several local bands and groups. Our plan was to rent out a local music venue/bar/restaurant, have a "real" graduation ceremony on stage, then open the stage for walk-up picking, sometimes with dd, sometimes not. Breaks in the music for people to speak if they want. Food, cash bar, etc....
  10. My dd took it cold due to a series of covid-related unknowns. I would not necessarily recommend it for all of the reasons stated above but in our case it worked out perfectly. Dd got the score she needed and did not waste time with prep or multiple tests. I am sure she would have done better, probably much better, had she prepped but in her particular circumstance, a higher score would not have changed anything. She was already admitted and had accepted admittance at the school she will attend. She only needed test scores for merit aid. Her score landed her the highest merit aid availabl
  11. What do you do with the buttermilk? Since it won't be cultured, I don't think it is useful as a levening agent.
  12. How does one make creme fraiche? This would also be appealing as our local stores don't carry it.
  13. Just make like normal? Do you keep them on the parchment or can they be tossed in a bag once frozen? Any thawing tips? This is the most appealing because 2 out of 3 of us are sensitive to dairy so we really can't eat creamy soups or ice cream. But the occasional dallop of whipped cream on pie is usually a risk worth taking.
  14. I hate wasting food. We are watching a friend's house while they have to spend some time in the hospital. She asked us to take anything perishable from the fridge and either take it ourselves or toss it. There is a recently-opened, nearly full, half gallon of organic heavy whipping cream. I buy a half pint once in a blue moon for a dessert and really have no idea what to do with this. Any ideas on what I can do with it? Can I freeze it? Or can I process it somehow and then freeze it? We don't generally consume dairy in large quantities so it has to be something I can portion out and pr
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