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  1. That is super generous. Like others have said, the reviews are a very big deal to AirBnB owners. Just one poor review can tank a place. Dh and I stayed in a place a couple of years ago during a very stressful week of moving someone out of their home and into assisted living. Within a few hours of checking in, we realized the place was teaming with big carpenter ants. We immediately notified the owners. Their solution was to provide us with a cheap vacuum cleaner. We had to vacuum the whole place every time we returned home and first thing in the morning. We were so busy and stressed ab
  2. I watched the movie. And I read the book when it first came out. My dh has roots in that area so it was interesting.....the book, that is. I did not like the movie. The book is a bit fuzzy in my memory but I thought along with his personal story he spoke a lot on why people make certain choices, policy, privilege, etc.... The movie was just his story and IMO not well done. I am curious what others thought.
  3. I homeschooled an only. She is graduating this year and I have no regrets. I had many of the same worries as you. I was home 100% when my dd was born and I decided pretty early on that working at least part time to keep my foot in the door was important. So I picked up a part-time job when dd was 3. It was not in my field. It was the type of job that I knew I could expand to full time if I ever needed to. I did that until dd was 15. At that point, she was mostly dual enrolled so I sought out full time employment. I also picked up the occasional bartending job to get us through so
  4. Mine never got into Legos which surprised me as dh and I both loved legos as kids and had a big stash all ready to go. Luckily, they never get "old" so we donated them all. My dd got an American Girl doll and she did dress it up and play with it a little but I think she was too old (10ish) when she got it. That was a bit sad because her great grandmother made her piles and piles of clothes and accessories. When I packed it all up, there were 6 Rubbermaid totes of it! Most never got "worn" even once. But I think it was more of a hobby for great grandmother. I did keep it all and will
  5. My state banned all "organized sports" with the assumption that sports must be indoors in winter and therefore should be banned. This means my senior is not skiing with her team in her last year of eligibility. This kid was skiing at the national level and was already grappling with the cancellation of all national racing. This is an outdoor sport where social distancing is nearly required to do the sport properly. Until the ban was put into place, they masked during their entire practices, shared no equipment, and maintained a minimum of 12 feet distance at all times. When people whine
  6. Absolutely! We live literally 1.5 miles for the venue. Had it been more than a 15 minute drive, I would not have sent dd. I fully expected her to walk back in the door within 30 minutes. I was so surprised, I made sure to pass campus on my run that morning to make sure our car was in the parking lot. This is the only site for a very large region so people travel from up to 4 hours away in one direction and 2 hours in another. I am sure anyone not local opted to stay home.
  7. Like others have said, the most unreasonable part about this is having a live holiday program at all! As far as clothing requirements, I personally find it unreasonable and a waste of time, money, and resources. Are the kids really any less cute singing their holiday song in their school uniform or regular dress clothes? No, they are not. I can wrap my head around standard all-black concert attire for older kids for a high-quality performance or costume specifics for a play (with PLENTY of heads up), but that is about as far as I go. I am luckily about done with this phase of my lif
  8. I think we have at least 100 command hooks all over ours! The previous owners were really into them then we added our own. Some are even on the exterior! We also have a set of stacking plastic drawers and live outside right next to the door once we are parked. It has all of the outdoor stuff we need like umbrellas, rain gear, shower flip flops, fire starters, picnic tablecloth/clips, flashlights, bug spray, sunscreen, etc..... This frees up storage space indoors and lessens the trips in and out. Just this summer we added shelving to some of the built-in cabinets. We used the p
  9. Our test center is still listed as on for tomorrow on the ACT website. It appears most, if not all, other sites in my state are cancelled and holding it would be against our current state mandate. Plus. I KNOW from asking the test site directly that they cancelled. Dd stopped prepping two weeks ago once I got in touch with the test site. So, now I guess we go through the motions of showing up in the morning since it is still officially "on" according to ACT?
  10. We have Corelle in ours and it has been fine for 17 years and still going! We even have wine glasses that have held up. I store them in old (clean) socks to protect then and contain any shards if one should break. We like the Turkish towels like Wet Cat. They dry super fast and take up little space. We have also used pack towels but they are oddly "sticky" to me and I don't like the way they feel. A foldable dish drying rack was probably my most exciting addition. I have a collapsable garden basket that gets much more use than I ever thought it would. I can load up things
  11. We have also had pretty good luck with USPS and our carrier and local office workers are great. But we had this happen to us once! We actually got an email saying the truck our package was on was in an accident and therefore packages might be delayed or destroyed. They even included details that the accident involved a fire. In our case it was FedEx. Our package did arrive, unscathed, and on time(!), but it made me think this must happen with some degree of regularity. We have a much bigger problem with UPS. We have not had a package delivered on time at all this year and they often
  12. OP here. I also ended up going with the Let's Make Art box. I think she will love it!
  13. Interesting responses so far. Is anyone, or has anyone, asked their teen to completely isolate from a significant other? We have been allowing unmasked interaction with dd's best friend and SO. Dd is 17. Her best friend's family has actually bubbled with us as they are also our best friends, so while still super risky IMO, we at least have a protocol and agreement with the other family. The SO is a bigger issue. He is in college locally (with all remote classes) but he shares a house with four other students (also all remote classes). I don't have a bead on what the housemates do or
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