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  1. My dd is dealing with both. She is a skier and is still skiing on her own but all team practices have ceased. She does occasionally see teammates on the trails and will "chat" from afar but it is not the same as training together. Her coaches have been sending out training plans and goal setting discussions. We do not allow dd to rollerski without coaches so if they go into dryland training season and still cannot train as a team, dd will be stuck running alone. The more painful thing is her music. She is in two bands and both have lost all of their gigs for the next few weeks. Luckily, she does not rely on this income to eat. Even some of the festivals into mid-summer have started to cancel. She auditioned for and was accepted to be a soloist in a classical festival and was VERY excited about it. I think it will be cancelled. I have not mentioned it yet. Meanwhile, she is plugging away on her own doing Skype lessons. One of her bands did a live stream gig and that went well but that was before shelter-in-place. Now even that is out of the question. She has a lot more free time right now so has been focussing on working with the instruments she is the least skilled at playing. As this progresses, she is looking more carefully into how to play music with others via video.
  2. Safe forever, probably. But the quality (flavor, texture, etc....) will probably noticeably decline by 3 months and on depending on type of freezer.
  3. We have the same issue with Physical Science. It is required in 9th grade locally but dd took it in 8th. I have left it off her transcript but did include foreign language and advanced math taken before high school. I did not factor those credits into her GPA but they do count in total credit load. I did leave the option to add Physical Science in during a time when we were considering early graduation. In that case, I was going to need a 4th science credit and would have used it. But in that case her 8th grade year would really have been her "9th grade" year so that would have been a different situation. All that to say that while Physical Science may not be typically considered "high school" level to many colleges, if it was indeed taken in high school, it can and should be listed and counted just like it would be in a B&M school transcript.
  4. Dd and I are doing this free Core Econ e-textbook: I really like that it ties basic economics concepts to current events. It makes for great discussion and helps dd understand what she hears on the news. I will be assigning 0.5 credits and that is about perfect for one semester, about one hour per day. There are projects at the end of each chapter that dd also does as assignments. The extra great bonus of this is that she is also learning some great Excel skills.
  5. We used this for our 8th grade pass through US History. I still have it, I think. That is an option.
  6. I did! Phew. But that was why I had DO as an option as we would have gone there if necessary.
  7. Last year for making a homeschool plan here too! I really cannot believe it. This is what we have so far: Math (1-2 credits): Calculus I and II (DE) or Derek Owens Calculus or homegrown Calculus or or or...... Physics (1 credit): Clover Creek or Derek Owens History (1 credit): US History (homegrown or online....need suggestions!!!!) Government (1 credit): US Government (DE) English (1 credit): Public Speaking or Creative Writing (DE) Elective (1-2 credits): Watercolor Painting, Self Defense, Music Theory, and/or Jazz Improv (all DE) A lot of our decisions are hinging on how dd feels at the end of her DE pre-calc class this semester. If she does well and feels good, she will take DE Calc I and II which means doing less electives. There is even a possibility she might take a consumer math or high school level stats class. I wish she had a better idea of her future study plans but they are currently all over the place so it is hard to decide the math vs. freedom balance. And the English and elective choices are partially dependent on course availability and schedule. If anyone has suggestions for a home or online US History class/spine, I am all ears. We need to check this box but dd is not super invested so I need something engaging but not time consuming.
  8. Thanks! I will put that out of my head for now.
  9. Dh is unexpectedly unemployed as of today. We are confident he will get another job eventually but it is likely that his salary will be much lower. Sigh. Dd is in 11th grade. I think I understand from what I can see online that her FAFSA will be based on our 2019 taxes? That its not likely to accurately represent our a actual income when she attends college. Is there anything we can do or is this just the way it is going to be?
  10. That's an interesting approach that I'd like to consider. Thanks for sharing!
  11. She will have many DE classes, including other classes from the same school as this PE class. I can certainly include it as .25 credit. What would you do about a grade? Keep it pass/fail and not include it in the GPA?
  12. We are mulling DE choices for next fall. Dd would very much like to take a PE class. Specifically self defense for women. I am all for this! The DE offering is the only viable way for dd to take a class like this locally. But based on other threads in this forum, I am concerned about how to include this on her high school transcript. I would prefer to not list it for the following reasons: 1. She has plenty of PE credits. 2. The course is only 0.5 semester college credits and has 30 contact hours making it difficult for me to assign the correct amount of credit. 3. The course is graded pass/fail, which again makes it difficult for me to assign the correct grade. But I have been cautioned that having anything on a DE transcript that does not also appear on her high school transcript could be a flag during admissions. Anyone run across something like this or have any advise?
  13. I'd think it would be a problem on the other end too. I would assume some juniors and seniors have significant others who are under 16. Dd went to prom last year with her boyfriend, who was a senior. She was 15. According to these rules, she would not have been allowed?
  14. I've been using a cooler for years. I don't have the kitchen space for any more gadgets and our picnic cooler, which already had, is the perfect size.
  15. Also, WTMA (non-AP) is on our list of potentials. Anyone have a review?
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