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  1. I'd say "me" because "you're talking to me." Also this:😉
  2. Did you accidentally sign up for auto ship after a previous order? I just received a power rotary tool that had my name/shipping address. No packing slip, not in my orders. However, it appears the label with my name was stuck over a different label/person. you have a doubled up label?
  3. My oldest had her ears pierced Sept. 8th and they're still healing (can be sore at times, but no redness or sign of infection). We had hers done at a professional body piercing studio, and she has surgical grade labret studs in. We were told not to take them out or switch them until January, which surprised me! We also still clean her ears at night with spray saline (from the studio) and q-tips, just gently cleaning around the piercing (the brochure said 1 month, but DD says they feel better when we do nightly). Maybe your piercings are still healing and need left alone?
  4. I'm loving this thread. I'm always looking for beef recipes that aren't spaghetti/burger/taco variations.
  5. We love this Korean Beef recipe with rice. Just add steamed broccoli/veg. These Beef Kofta Meatballs: Beef Baked Beans (great with cornbread!):
  6. Geez, I've dropped a small fortune on Amazon this month. But (!) I'm not a bargain shopper. I know what I need to get, and if the price is fairly competitive, I go ahead and hit purchase. I value being DONE with my Christmas shopping (which I am) over finding the best deals. (That said, I also shop eBay for hard-to-find things, books, or 2ndhand video game cartridges...)
  7. Yikes. I just booked our first airbnb for around Christmas. We usually stay in a hotel (the only one there) but it's gotten grungy and the area is sketchy. (This is not a pleasure vacay but a stay to visit my MIL, and the area is awful.) I'm desperately hoping that the airbnb will be an improvement.
  8. Well, I was going to say that I bought myself a 60-count box of Airheads for Christmas. 😛
  9. The older I get, the less I can handle the cold. I've been online browsing heavy-duty winter boots -- something I've never needed in NC! And I just added several cardigans and long-sleeves to my wardrobe -- and I'm usually a hard-core short sleeve wearer.
  10. Chiming in to say, I do like the black pair I bought. They're more trouser material than jean but that's cool cause I bought them for dressier stuff. That said, I'm hippy (with plenty of junk in the trunk) and I do have to shimmy a bit to get them up over my hips. Once up, they feel fine! Also, because of the shimmy issue, I bought the version of these jeans that are zip-up/button closure. (Everything else seemed to be the same.) They are sized MUCH smaller. Like unwearably right. So FYI...
  11. LOL. I love Crocs so much (I have 8 pairs - different types). I *just* bought a pair of fuzzy-lined ones yesterday before seeing this post. When my girls were little, their furry Crocs did stink -- but I can't remember if they wore socks. I bought this pair to be house shoes...unless I super love them, then who knows. 😛
  12. I loved HA when my girls were young. (Of course, all ours were thrift store or eBay finds, but the quality held up!) Lands End has some cute stuff. My girls liked the LE dress ("fit and flare," I think) with leggings.
  13. We tend to go for quick, dice games. Tenzi can be played with larger groups if you have the dice. Our set came with dice for 7 people.
  14. I love graphic tees. (I usually pair with jeans, though -- no leggings.) I just bought this top for DD for Christmas so I can't give real feedback yet, but I thought it was cute. (Didn't buy for me because it looks to have cuff at the waist and I'm hippy):
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