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  1. My mom gets something like this if she has too much sun exposure. She calls it sun poisoning and takes an allergy medicine for it.
  2. I haven't worn underwire in 20+ years. Around the house and for everyday wear, I wear a cotton bralette/cami/shelf bra (Hanes or FOTL). If I'm dressing more nicely/going out, I wear a Bali Comfort Revolution. I got it fairly cheaply at Kohls but Amazon has them as well.
  3. I never liked pimento cheese growing up, but lately my mom has been bringing the above brand on our camping vacations. We eat it on everything, lol: burgers, hotdogs and scooped onto plain potato chips. 😋 I never have it at home, though. Just as a camping indulgence. She did make it homemade, once, and left out the pimentos. I quite liked that but really...it was just cheese and mayo and such at that point. What's not to like?
  4. My girls have used long sleeved rashguards and boy shorts from Amazon for a few years now. They hated sunscreen when they were younger (still do), so they'd rather wear long sleeves than bother with lotioning up. The cheap Amazon swimwear generally lasts 1-2 summers...but at that price, that's no biggie.
  5. While I like these books, I would say that faith/Christianity is the whole focus of the series, lol. It weaves in and out of every new situation. (But they are sweet books!)
  6. I really liked Edenbrooke: A Proper Romance by Julianne Donaldson. I don't recall any overly Christian stuff but I think it's part of a series that's Regency-esque with no tea scenes.
  7. I have a few quirks -- I believe I'll start calling them foibles because I like the sound of that. (Here's one: if I'm out in public and someone walks by me, I'll often hold my breath because I don't want to breathe their air. I suppose it's a good thing I don't live in a crowded city...) 😐
  8. Well. You must be a very welcoming presence, for everyone to want to join you on your adventures! (It is rather rude to invite oneself. I've fussed at my kids for inviting themselves over to play at friends' houses.)
  9. No. I'd just try to expand his idea of boy anatomy beyond his external bits (because of the whole "cut it off" fixation). And I'm sure my view of gender does differ from yours. I wasn't trying to debate yours. I was just stating to the OP what I'd do if faced with her situation.
  10. I'm speaking of purely physical internal differences, since he seems fixated on his external body part. I'd show that girls have internal reproductive organs that are different than boys. That there are also differences in genetics/chromosomes and hormones.
  11. If my child were saying these things, at that age, I'd start by telling him that a p3nis doesn't make him a boy. I'd show some anatomy books, the difference between m/f, and explain that he's also a boy on the inside. Perhaps that would help with accepting this external *thing*. That said, I wouldn't rule out that prenatal hormone levels may have done *something*...but not that he's actually a girl. More so that brain development could have been affected. Also, the above is what I would do for a few years. If the issue persisted, then I'd change my approach (perhaps seeking counseli
  12. I had my girls at 26 and 28. I did delay, but I married very young (19). I chose to finish college and work off my scholarship obligations (4 years) to make things easier, financially.
  13. I've fallen down the tallow balm research rabbit hole this past week. Have you ever tried that?
  14. DD wants to start growing loofah! I didn't realize that they were like a squash (honestly, and this may sound stupid, lol, I thought they were an ocean thing-y). 😄
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