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  1. My DD uses Discord for a ongoing group discussion...
  2. DH had dozens with his lymphoma treatment. I'll be honest - he dreaded them. But (!!) they may offer anxiety meds beforehand, if needed. (Take them, no need to be tough!) As far as the physicality of it: it's a lot of pressure, low and deep in your hip/upper butt/lower back. DH was always bruised afterwards. There's a lot of pressure and a twisting motion (they're basically screwing into the pelvic bone). Dh had tolerable ones and he had very, very bad ones. 😞 But after a bad one or two, he had a lot of anxiety with them, so they may have not been physically painful, but he was hyped up/psyched himself out. They do knock kids out for them now. Tell your person to take pain relief and plan on taking it easy afterwards. They may feel sore/bruised. And you won't be allowed to bathe for 24 hours, iirc. (They'll have the site covered with a big bandage.)
  3. I think it sounds fabulous! The kids will be fine and you'll come back refreshed!
  4. I bought a new fake tree last year. There was nothing wrong with the old one except that it was a wide, space hog. My kids protested, but I went to Walmart and found a narrow/skinnier tree (same height). I love it - it has a few pine cones and flocked needles to look snowy. It's soooo pretty decorated (I do all white/silver/glass/gold ornaments).
  5. OP you are not alone. Like others, I just got to the point where I had to make the plans and buy the gifts. (To be honest, it helps...but not all the way.) My birthday always gets lost in the shuffle of Labor Day. And while we have extended family visit every year (who buy me a cake and bring me Starbucks gift cards) it's like DH/kids are let off the hook so they don't even have to make an effort.
  6. Gosh, now my kindle and library waiting lists are full. And I finally just caved and bought The Goblin Emperor since it's been recommended so much (here and other threads) and my library doesn't have it!
  7. I'm really struggling to narrow it down! I'm feeling pretty fond of The Giver since I just reread it recently. As far as fantasy, The Lumatere Chronicles trilogy (Melina Marchetta) just...speaks to me. Such a balance of despair and hope. But I don't recommend it often because it is so dark. I suppose my most often recommended book is The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom. Lovelovelove; I've read it at least dozen times.
  8. The only company I ever have is groups of college students, so I usually go for chili or spaghetti. Quick and easy to make in large quantities!
  9. I had severe road rash from a roller blading incident. I kept it slathered in neosporan and developed an allergy to it. So be on the lookout for puffy redness and itching. That was 20 years ago and I still can't use antibiotic ointments -- but now my reaction goes systemic/hives. Maybe use some Vaseline/CeraVe healing ointment/aquafor instead, to protect and keep it from sticking to the pads? My abrasion was mostly leg/thigh/butt and has healed to where you can't see it. With parts that would get sun exposure, that's a consideration. Once it's healed a bit, protect it from the sun.
  10. I rarely have to worry about it. The kids don't get food without permission -- I'm not strict about food at all, it's just habit for them. Dh...well, he's a late-night snacker BUT if he eats all of something (i.e. ice cream or special cereal I bought for the kids), he'll replace it, usually before I notice it's been eaten.
  11. I follow A Mighty Girl on FB, and they always share great book recommendations.
  12. I do stuff like that all the time, lol. I was trimming some pencil bushes and looked over at the ugly, giant azalea bush. It needed a trim, thing I know, all that's left is a stump. 😂 DH steps outside to see what I'm up to, then just walks back inside. (For the record, I was a straggly, hideous bush, and now it's leafed out all pouffy and cute!)
  13. alisoncooks


    My initial thought with the OP was: could the person be pregnant or miscarrying a pregnancy?
  14. I'm pretty certain I overuse all manner of fun, grammatical markings. I can't help myself.
  15. My children grew up going to the NC Zoo (we've always had annual passes). When they were little, they were so baffled by those Curious George books where he's at the zoo, and all the animals are in teensy cages and enclosures; where the lions are right beside giraffes beside penguins. 😛
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