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  1. Ha. I have no problem saying no, but I still wonder if I'm being selfish in my unwillingness to serve. (But then I decide that it's okay if I am.)
  2. Mastering Essential Math Skills was helpful for my oldest DD. Some concepts I thought there wasn't enough teaching, so I added videos from Khan and other sites. But the constant review really helped her and it was zero dread.
  3. I may be totally off, but this sort of reminds me of my first interaction with SIL (DH's sister). She just had to take us out for a "fancy dinner." So she took us to Red Lobster, ordered expensive food, and then when it was time to pay, needed DH to cover it. (At the time, DH was a grad student, cleaning toilets on campus to pay tuition and save money for our honeymoon. We would NEVER have chosen to eat out like that.) We continually heard, "I'm so embarrassed, I forgot my wallet, I'll pay you back ASAP!" Did she ever pay DH back? Nope. Did she intend to? I doubt it. And the kicker - she had DH leave a verrrry generous tip. I have no problem with people who don't have their mess together. I do have a problem when that mess spills over into my life. (ETA: and I mean "messes" of one's willful making. I am sympathetic toward life's other "messes.")
  4. Geez, they wouldn't be getting those cookies. I pay, I eats. Especially cookies.
  5. Well, my kids don't get an allowance and they don't have assigned chores (though they are asked to do things: bring up the trash can, get the mail, empty dryer, pick up sticks before DH mows). I generally pay for outings, but we don't do many with friends. If it were becoming a regular thing, maybe I'd give them a monthly budget and then they could plan accordingly. As far as other extra wants (books, cool clothes, art supplies), I tend to go with a "well, add it to your birthday/Easter basket/Christmas wish list." If they want it sooner and they have money from gifts, they can use that.
  6. UPDATE: Aunt Flo finally arrived, 8+ days late (which is terribly rude). The weird pms symptoms lasted all 8 days (the nausea and sensitivities to smells). I'll see how the next month goes, maybe this was just a glitch.
  7. I also wear Crocs indoors now that I'm dealing with some feet issues (though I prefer barefoot).
  8. I also order swimsuits from Amazon. I tend to order several that offer free returns, then keep my favorite. (Or keep a couple since the prices are usually cheaper.)
  9. That would frustrate me to no end. I have very little patience with people who don't do their job. I have deep sympathy for personal health problems, but being an adult sometimes means you must bow out when you can't uphold your end. I hope you get it straightened out ASAP. Installing cabinets isn't a hugely skilled job -- I'd look into hiring someone to get that done. You might can still host your Easter stuff!
  10. This may not be what you're looking for but Crash Course has a 4-part reproduction series. Part 3 includes info on contraceptives. Also, planned parenthood has pretty good details about contraceptives and effectiveness rates and etc. Both are very straightforward.
  11. I struggle with plantar fasciitis and I have bad knees (ACL repair in one). Keens have a supportive enough footbed for me. Also, on the cheap-o end, I have two pairs of Skechers that don't kill my feet. I wear them in the summer when I need support but want a comfy sandal. They are both this style:
  12. Ha! I recently got the Amazon recommendation for her new book, and the only reason I ever looked at her first book listing was because of your other thread. The second I saw this title and the poster name....I KNEW what was coming.
  13. I'd eat it. Pre-softened for sure (as someone who currently has a block of cream cheese sitting on the counter to use for dinner.)
  14. I don't cook breakfast (I eat a bar most mornings). My kids are light breakfast eaters and I'm pretty permissive when it comes to choices. So oldest eats: cereal, instant oatmeal, a banana, yogurt or banana bread, if I have it. Bread and butter or a spoon of pb are acceptable. Youngest might eat a box of Craisins, a handful of Goldfish or crackers, an apple. Most days she doesn't eat until around 10 because she's not hungry.
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