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  1. Also, at Disney, you see all shapes/sizes/colors/etc...and half of them are letting it all hang out, lol. You'll probably be safe wearing whatever is comfy. 😉 Re: rides and flashing. Other than the risk when stepping into and out of rides, most of them enclose the legs so (unlike hanging rides at other parks) your skirt should remain pretty contained/stable, should you go that route. (I totally butchered that sentence but you get the drift...)
  2. I wore Columbia Anytime capris and long shorts for our Disney trip.
  3. I also like the look of just shades. Very clean. My mom has a valance over her cellular blinds. If you like the sheers, I'd go with something in this set up:
  4. We do apples, sweet potatoes, balsamic vinegar and brown sugar. Yum! (Not too pretty because the balsamic turns everything brownish...)
  5. I asked my brother if he could get us a handbook and he said they'd not had them for a couple of years. Dd is just starting the class next week (30 hours of instruction). She won't be testing for a few months, at best. I'm not sure how the DMV appointments are running around here.
  6. Yes, the written test. I'll worry about the driving part when we get there, lol. My brother actually does driving tests for the DMV in a city 2 hrs away. I'm tempted to have her test there with him, not for nepotism but to increase her comfort level/reduce stranger anxiety. Or at least do some test runs with him!
  7. DD starts Driver's Ed next week (Zoom). I'm so nervous for her, lol. I don't remember being this nervous when *I* was getting my permit! (Part of my anxiety is that we realized last-minute that we could sign up NOW, so her class starts next week! No time to process.) I'm a natural text-taker. It's easy for me. DD is my opposite; bright but easily rattled and not comfortable with tests. I'm wondering what I can do to help her. Did you help you teen prepare or were you hands off? If you helped, what was your strategy? Feel free to share anything relevant. Ease my mind by tellin
  8. Yes! I always get my stomach wet washing dishes. Super annoying.
  9. I would think 12/13 would totally understand that's not allowed... I can't imagine my 12 yr old doing that! (TBH, I can't imagine my 7 yo niece doing that!) A little strange.
  10. I'd feel comfortable with that. I think everyone has been so cautious that it'll be hard to shift back to normal, mentally/emotionally. Given the precautions listed above, that seems reasonable.
  11. I've gotten to where I always bake my eggs. I could never remember the time/steps for boiling eggs, lol, so now I just use a muffin tin to hold and bake them.
  12. Mousse. Pour it over homemade biscuits. Over oatmeal. In my coffee. On a spoon and straight to my mouth...
  13. Mine have played a couple of years (they're almost 13 & 15). Our sessions run 3-5 hours, with most at 4. I don't think I could handle all day! And we don't do every weekend. Oldest DD plays with 3 different groups and between them, she plays 2-3x a month.
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