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  1. I've seen these advertised on my local/town FB page, but I couldn't find info about them. Thanks for the link!
  2. It's similar to an Austen movie, in terms of family-safe viewing. I also really enjoyed Belle ( but idk if it's free on streaming. I rented it from Prime.
  3. Have you watched Doctor Thorne? It's got Harry Richardson from Poldark, who's just adorable.
  4. These are comfy and fit my teen well. I like them as well, but dh finds them too tight. Tshirt material with ear loops. DD says she feels very anime in it (we got black).
  5. DD got hers pulled late March - the day our state started SIP. We'd moved it up a week to squeak it in.
  6. My kids watch a lot of stupid YouTube stuff. I don't get it. Lots of "try not to laugh" challenges and such.
  7. Definitely do a forum search. I know I've asked this (and chimed in on other threads) because of my dragon-obsessed DDs. @Lori D. has contributed her well-organized lists to many of those threads.
  8. And thanks to this thread, I have another pair of crocs heading my way. (A fashion sandal style for $19, with a $5 off coupon! Woot!) Now to see if I can sneak them in past DH, lol.
  9. I have two pairs of those Skechers sandals and like them a lot. (OP -- I'm a huge crocs fan so I'd say try other crocs variations. Maybe the flip flops with thick massage-y soles, not the thin-soled, fashion flip flops. They are not as comfy.)
  10. Just an update: I am enjoying the series, very much! The only downside is my native (rural NC) accent, which I have carefully and deliberately eliminated over the last 20 years, has come back full force. I blame the books.
  11. Yep. Funny thing is, half of these items I have no interest in buying...and yet I click links and look anyway.
  12. If you want cheap options, I've bought some fairly nice, plus-sized night wear on Amazon. I like the idea mentioned above, supportive yet attractive bra+diaphanous robe-y garment. Just be forewarned, if you order something cheap from overseas, you may have to sign for it upon delivery. And when your postman shows you the teensy envelope to sign for, and you say "but what is it??!" he'll read the import duties note that says "sexy pajamas." And that'll be awkward.
  13. I have acne prone, sensitive skin. I've tried the pricey ones (Elta MD, La Roche...), and I've tried pretty much every Neutrogena. The chemical ones burn, and most of the mineral ones are gross. For the last two years, I've been using Australian Gold botanical mineral sunscreen. Walmart used to carry it but I've been getting it at Ulta when they have BOGO-type specials. I use the tinted version. It does have a bit of slip (i.e. Like a silicone-y primer feel) but it dries fine and wears well under powder. I find my skin behaves better when I regularly use it (I'm guessing the topical zinc?). Who knows. Obviously ymmv, but this gets my vote!
  14. Everyone emerged a little more..."well-rounded" than prior.
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