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  1. alisoncooks

    Much older neighbor kid

    I agree with the previous posters. My kids (10 and 12) played with the neighbor kids daily until they moved (ages 3, 5, 7). My 10 year old especially enjoyed the 7 year old's company. However, my kids were simply playing; they would know better than talk about inappropriate things. (Haha, these little kids were the ones who told my youngest that there wasn't a Santa, so...)
  2. alisoncooks

    Doctor Who!!!!!!!

    This is what DH said. He stuck it out the entire season, but (with having a heavy-handed social justice focus) he felt it just lacked the fun aspect of DW.
  3. alisoncooks

    Spine for a One Year World History Course

    If you're looking for a lighter history, this is what we'll use next year for 8th. We're currently using the US History from the same publisher and like it. Very basic but great if you add extras or want to tie it in with another subject.
  4. alisoncooks

    The after lunch slump

    More coffee...
  5. alisoncooks

    S/o Getting Rid of it All

    Wow. I just bought an elliptical...wonder if I could fill that box up.... 😄
  6. alisoncooks

    Rice paper/spring rolls?

    Do you make these at home? I'm trying to find ways to eat more veggies, and this on my "lunch ideas" list. Do you have a favorite filling combination? Healthy (homemade or store bought) dipping sauce? Do you eat anything with it, as a side? (Fruit or steamed edamame or...?) Please share your favorites! Thanks. 🙂
  7. alisoncooks

    Kids movies I hate

    Paddington 2 is much better than the first Paddington!
  8. alisoncooks

    Kids movies I hate

    Yep -- I think this is what makes me dislike them so much! I know that's why I hate Lady & the Tramp --all those sad dogs at the pound, the crying bundle of puppies, etc. Nope. I just can't handle that.
  9. alisoncooks

    The Masked Singer

    We've watched the first 2 episodes. My kids like it, but I think it's just awful. Like, cringe-worthy awful. Idk. I still have to watch because the kids will, and I do want to see who the singers are...but I might just fast forward to the reveals.
  10. alisoncooks

    Kids movies I hate

    +1 to all these!
  11. alisoncooks

    A slightly different "would you eat this?"

    I'm weird about communal food touching. Our current church has shared communion -- the basket has large pieces of cracker that get broken by takers. I try to get up there near first so I can get mine before it gets germy, lol.
  12. alisoncooks

    Kids movies I hate

    Oh man! It's funny stuff -- we quote it all the time around here.
  13. alisoncooks

    Kids movies I hate

    We really enjoyed that one! Talking about animated movies we like: my absolute favorite is Megamind. I'll watch that any day. 😛
  14. alisoncooks

    Kids movies I hate

    I just asked my girls what animated movie I hate and they reminded me: The Lion King! Golly, I dislike that one (and my girls were/are obsessed with it).
  15. alisoncooks

    Kids movies I hate

    Ah, my DD10 and I both looove Nightmare Before Christmas! And we like Totoro and most of those Studio G movies, but NOT PONYO! Boy, is that one strange, lol. (But not Totoro or the cat bus...that's totally normal, haha.)
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