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  1. Whew. Third time's a charm. Furniture loaded up and taken away! One step closer to a decluttered home!
  2. I'd mount a cubby/bookshelf on top, and then paint it all a cohesive color. Similar to these:
  3. Vent ahead. Ugh, I know this has been discussed before, but what is wrong with people?! I've offered up a piece of furniture for free on my town's local FB exchange. I'm on my 3rd person. They each contact me with interest, set up a pick up time, and then they no show/ghost me. Why?! If you don't want it, don't contact me! Okay, rant over.
  4. We buy used iPods off eBay. We've had no problem with the ones we've gotten.
  5. We adored the Aesop's Fables reading/writing/thinking series from Royal Fireworks Press when DD was younger. (Ooh, and I'm just seeing they've come out with a dyslexia font version!) Anyway...DD is feeling like writing is a drudgery. Her older sister plugged happily away with EiW, but it isn't working for this working for this child, and we need a break. Maybe we'll come back to it later, but for now she needs something more fun and visual. A little drawing, a little grammar and mechanics, and little writing...all together. Is there anything like the above mentioned series, but for older students? DD is in sixth but isn't a strong or willing writer, so I'm open to elem. curriculum, as long as it isn't babyish.
  6. Following. I was all set to use CLE Bible 7 for next year (despite the KJV) but the more I look, the more I think it won't work for us. I'm considering some of the Kay Arthur books, maybe the three that go through John...
  7. Ditto with my dyslexic kiddos and the alphabet/days of the week/months of the year. They also (middle schoolers, mind you) cannot tie their shoes. Well, youngest somewhat learned a couple of months ago...but oldest, nope.
  8. Here's what I have so far, though I hesitate to share because DD will be working below grade level in a few subjects. (Perhaps it'll help others in the same boat...) Math: Alg. 1 (probably continue TT) English: EiW9/EiL9...probably Science: she's not ready for high school bio, so we'll maybe do the 1-yr survey from Masterbooks History: CLE's Western Civ (technically a middle school course but it fits where she is) + Khan Foreign Language: Duolingo + ULAT Health/PE: PE at the YMCA (approx 70 hrs/yr so ~0.5 credit) + half of a health book maybe art
  9. I've unfollowed most of my FB friends, lol. I mostly just get my daily fix of cat videos and BBC One comedy shorts. (Even for my immediate family, I don't always like or comment on their posts...)
  10. I'm currently neck-deep planning for my first high schooler. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, truthfully.
  11. I keep some books in a metal bucket thing. Came from Marshall's for under $10. ETA: I did put a foam pad in the bottom of the pail because it can be noisy when a book gets dropped in.
  12. Interestingly enough, neither switch beside it operated the fireplace. Both are for lights/fans. We did find an electrical wire inside the wall there, but Dad capped it and boxed it off. (Then later we realized we should've made an outlet at the back of that bottom shelf!! It could've been handy! Ah, hindsight.)
  13. So far so good. Oldest still is very sniffly/stuffy but no fevers or anything. ---------------- Are we safe to go to church tomorrow? Are we out of the red or could we still be sketchy?
  14. Nothing specific -- just whatever my library had available as an ebook. I read a fair bit of Elizabeth Hoyt (def *not* "clean"). As far as clean romance, I really enjoyed Edenbrooke:A Proper Romance by Julianne Donaldson.
  15. +1 Also, for me, we sacrifice a second income so I can homeschool. This means we can't afford the extras that my kids' peers participate in. It's a trade-off, but we decided it was worth it. (And I'd definitely hard pass on helping another family get those extras.)
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