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  1. Great Courses (now Wondrium) has a digital filmmaking course. You could pair that with some hands on work...?
  2. Oh dear. I hate all these decisions. We had COVID in June, and the kids and I got our first vaccination doses last week. I'm torn whether or not to get the second dose on schedule, wait a longer period (6-8 weeks, which was my initial thought), or skip it altogether (at least for the two of us who had a positive test). At this point, I feel that no matter our choice, it'll be the wrong one.
  3. My 13 and 15 yr olds had the shot just last week. I was worried about side effects because we had COVID in June. They had sore arms, mayyyyybe a little tired, but that's it.
  4. The kids in our youth group have group chats on discord. (My 13 yr old has an iPad, so she FaceTimes her friends from church or they do art side-by-side while video chatting.)
  5. Oh my word, yes! So much of this. I think it's the masses of new homeschoolers, who aren't willing to put in the time to research. (Aren't willing or don't realize that that is PART OF THE JOB!) I seriously wonder about the future of homeschooling, after some of the interactions I've had.
  6. Or a felt/wool moc or Birkenstock clogs... (I'm in total Autumn Shoe Mode. Please ignore me if you're looking for something different, lol.)
  7. You could always go high top so you can wear socks. Converse or something like these: https://www.rocketdog.com/products/jazzin-olive-tie-dye-high-top-sneaker?gclid=CjwKCAjwp_GJBhBmEiwALWBQkz2-MIEi_L7EUjjbzIqo2eROdvfTtNM30bdx9J_664L6MyfEl_QuBRoC6t4QAvD_BwE I'm also quite partial to a chukka (sometimes called a driving moc). These or these. (Above $50, but once you find a look you like, then it's easier to find something similar in a budget...)
  8. Yes. Nothing annoys me more than online buying/selling. I recently sold some used curriculum. Buyer was upset because *I should have told her* what other items she needed to make the program complete. (I had a detailed listing and photos of what I was selling.) Um...whatever. Do your research (like everyone else) and know what you're buying. Also, I get so many that ask "is it available" and then immediately message "nevermind, I don't want it." Like...okay? Thanks for that waste of time.
  9. I wouldn't try to tint it myself. If you bought it at a home improvement store, you can probably take it back in and explain what happened. They won't charge more to tint it. That's included in the price of the product.
  10. Nicely done. Tupperware tidying and keeping kitty! My DH brought home a large quantity of leftover cake from a meeting so, ya know...cake!
  11. I have family (in laws) like that. We don't have a close relationship (holidays only). We limit phone/online contact (they want to chat for hours about their woes, they hint at needing financial assistance, they lie). In our case, the person desperately wants contact, but once we allow even a little, they grasp and grab and take and require us to be harsh to maintain boundaries. So they get nothing.
  12. My 13 yr old lives in longer mesh shorts and cat tshirts. And Crocs. She wears the same to church. (In winter, shorts are replaced with stretchy fake jeans.) We're pretty low-key.
  13. We sing in the car. We sing at church. I tend to make up little songs throughout the week (take a song tune and sub in my own weirdo lyrics). We don't necessarily have an organized singing time every day. (Mine are teens.)
  14. Oh my. I know drama sucks but...she wanted to play the martyr and got called out for being false. That's kinda on her. Not that your DH made the wisest choice 😉 (sometimes we do hold our tongue to preserve the peace)...but she was asking for that one.
  15. My kids don't really play games where they choose teams. That's where we (in my childhood) always used "one potato, two potato" or "bubble gum, bubble gum in a dish" or "engine engine number nine." I remember Miss Mary Mack. And "The Lady with the Alligator Purse." https://nancymusic.com/SOM/2017/lady-with-the-alligator-purse.pdf I tried to teach a few of these to my kids when they were little...but so many of the rhymes are so violent, lol, and I had sensitive kids. 😄
  16. I totally get it. Both my girls were verrrry late readers. It's a joy to see the payoff.
  17. I just cleaned mine, lol, so it'll sound better than it typically is. Lamp and alarm clock. Kindle. Phone charger. IKEA wooden tool caddy (holds lotion, mason jar of pens, several notebooks, Bible, chapstick, a set of yoga toes) -- this way I can keep a crap ton of stuff handy but...contained. 😉 A stack of photographs that I need to deal with.
  18. My girls are in 8th and 10th, and we've always homeschooled. DH mentioned it before oldest was school-aged, and I was like NOT HAPPENING! 😂 But then when it was time to send her to kindergarten, I just couldn't do it. She was too little to be in school alllll day. (She did do a 2x/week preschool, which we loved.). We've been homeschooling ever since.
  19. Yep. Heavy on the 80s hip hop, with a little country line dancing thrown in. 😂 Looks like good workout! Whew!
  20. Idk what this is....but it looks like how most little kids danced in the 80s.
  21. My younger used TTRS but thought it was boring. Older used https://www.typingclub.com/. I thought it was good.
  22. Final plan in place (below) -- with a frenzied last minute history change that I spent the last two days scheduling! Unchanged: TT Geometry and Friendly Biology (with supplements) Settled on: Sharon Watson Lit, EiW10 w/ scoring Changes: ASL university (ASL 1), U.S. History using the "A Little History of..." book (with its accompanying "Exploration Handbook") plus Crash Course (with accompanying note-taking handouts) plus documentaries, movies, and historical fiction. Fairly lite but I think it'll be fun.
  23. Oh wow! I'm currently going through a Sherlock Holmes kick, so now I wanna scrap everything and do detective literature this year!!
  24. Wow. How very spoiled and entitled. I think DIL needs to value YOUR self-care as highly as she does her own. Also, I think her expectations are a little high -- most of us (when we have/had littles) get self-care by hiding in the bathroom and eating secret chocolate. It's just the reality of that stage of life.
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