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  1. DH wants to invest in some of those emergency food kits. We do have a grill...dependent on propane. All our house is electric. We don't have storage (no pantry, no garage), so something like a kit that can be stacked in the back of a closet and ignored for a couple of years sounds attractive. Buying and storing normal food sounds great, but only if you have the space to cycle it (use/replace)...
  2. I just ordered a pastry cutter, dough/bowl scraper, and a zester. I can't tell you how excited I am to not cut in butter with two knives, plus to no longer mince fresh ginger by hand. I have no idea why it's taken this long to take the plunge...🤔 ETA: full disclosure - I have been (re)binging Great British Baking Show these past two weeks.
  3. And from what I've heard, many school systems are charging for this service. So you're doing public school AT the public school, but now you're paying a fee for it. (And I realize the supervising adults must be paid, etc, but I'd bristle at paying for an education that's subpar to what was previously free...)
  4. Ah, I need to introduce my kids to part 1 & 2 in preparation! I (often) sing the "Every party has a pooper..." song to my girls, lol.
  5. Yes, to the chiles! My grocery orders have been hit or miss, usually with a substitute brand.
  6. Last week, the radio station I listen to (klove) said there were shortages of paper towels and canned tomatoes.
  7. If I had a list like that every day, I'd be overwhelmed. It's not a lot...but it looks like a lot. He should totally be paying his bills and making calls re: his car. Those are nice reminders -- I still have to remind DH stuff like that. No biggie -- I'm more organized/time-aware than he is. If your DS is the main user of a specific bathroom, he should absolutely be responsible for cleaning it...but I wouldn't say WHEN. Just require it weekly, but give him the freedom to schedule it. And of course he should clean up after himself (stove, counters, etc). But I'd expect that of every
  8. Yes, the change in dynamics would frustrate/annoy me. Because if something is working well for me, almost on autopilot, to make changes creates more work/mental energy. I have had a similar situation here, but literally in the kitchen, lol. DH works with a university and has been home since March. (SINCE MARCH, PEOPLE!! 😣) Anyway, he's gotten into YouTube food channels and wants to make things. Well, fine, but I've been doing this for our family for 20 years. It's a (fairly) well-oiled machine -- I don't want to change and adapt! Sigh. All to say - I hear ya.
  9. Makes sense. I'm trying to plan in advance for potential holiday travel. Every year we end up eating junk, and I'm thinking something similar to a picnic loaf (but simpler) would be nicer than Happy Meals. Like a charcuterie to go...
  10. Thanks! I was able to see it, though not any reviews (which stinks cause I like to read the recipe reviews). 🙂 So the recipe calls for a bland beer. Any suggestions? I couldn't tell you one beer from the next.
  11. Thanks! Maybe I'll just look for a beer bread recipe that I can add the cheese and stuff to... (The one I get at the bakery has cheddar on top and chunks of cream cheese inside...so good!)
  12. Thanks for the feedback. I've subbed for wine in regular cooking recipes (stews and such) but I wasn't sure about the bread. I've never in my life purchased alcohol, lol, so I wouldn't have a clue what to even get. I'll probably experiment without first, and see how it turns out. I was planning on green and black olives and cheddar...which are pretty loud flavors. What about beer in bread? My fave loaf at the bakery is a beer & cheese loaf. Does beer provide more than just flavor -- or does the carbonation have a job?
  13. Stumbled across this recipe: https://www.thebossykitchen.com/savory-quick-bread-with-cheese-and-olives/. It looks tasty and I'm thinking it might come in handy for travel meals. The question: it calls for white wine in the ingredients. I don't drink and I hate buying things just for one recipe. What is the purpose of the wine here...and what would you sub for it?
  14. My DH is also a t-cell lymphoma survivor. It does make things like this feel more loaded. My DD has had two ultrasound guided FNAs in the last year (most recent one was last week). The numbing agent does burn going in. My DD did have some pressure/pain during the procedure (but her biopsy was in a less fleshy area -- thyroid). She was also sore for the next day or so but nothing major.
  15. Quick and easy reference: How you feel and where you are, that is when you use ESTAR. ETA: ah, apparently there's a 2nd verse for SER. https://carla.umn.edu/strategies/sp_grammar/strategies/form/serandestar/whentouseestar.html
  16. LOL. Our tooth fairy was super cheap. She left 25¢ to 50¢ per tooth. First tooth got a dollar, iirc. Same for last.
  17. Well, yes, I did call them "boot sock things." The link the OP posted referred to something quite like this.
  18. Ah, now I get you. I have seen the boot sock things inside tall boots. They are cute. I've not seen them without the tall boots (which is what I envisioned from the OP). Those you posted are cute!
  19. We're around college/grad students all the time, and are in a university town, but I haven't seen any leg warmers. But...it's just now cooling down. Maybe they'll come out this fall?
  20. Just rewatched all of Call the Midwife, and now I'm reworking through GBBaking Show. Umbrella Academy was a few weeks ago. I watched Eurovision (movie) last night. I think Derry Girls is next.
  21. Yikes. You don't even want to know. No allergies here, though. (FWIW, washing mine requires a trip to the laundromat. The kids blankets --twin-- get washed more frequently...but still not necessarily...frequently.)
  22. I'm struggling to find info on Visual Link Spanish. Their website seems to indicate that it is only for Windows computers? We have a Mac...
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