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  1. My DH has had a 20% paycut, but not reduced hours. 😞
  2. This is so true. My nutrition is not good, but my diet keeps me thin. This is a must for me - I don't feel deprived with what I'm eating. I enjoy everything I eat, which helps so much!
  3. Hmm...my biggest motivations to keep the weight off are that I really like my clothes and don't want too outgrow them, I enjoy the confidence I feel at this weight, and I like the way I feel in my own body at this weight if that makes sense. Someone here wrote about "thin privilege" a long time ago. I had never heard that term before, but it stuck with me and it's something I think about a lot and appreciate in my smaller body. It's hard sometimes and I gain weight when we travel, during the holidays, or when my adult kids are home, but I always go back to my normal exercise/eating routine
  4. I realize that this isn't anything special to many people, but I really love my laundry room. I grew up without a washer/dryer and, even after having them for my entire life, I still can't believe that not only do I have these in my home but I actually have a nice room for them! It's like I have to pinch myself. And...it's the only room that pretty much belongs exclusively to me. 🙂 ETA - like @rebcoola, I love my Speed Queen washer, too! I also love my enclosed patio, but it's not heated so we don't get to use it much.
  5. No BTDT, but I wanted to say I'm sorry for your son's distress! Poor guy. 😞
  6. I'm impressed that you planned ahead like that!
  7. We did $1 per tooth. My kids are 18-29 now. I think I'd still do $1/tooth, though.
  8. My dad took me to see the movie when I was a kid and I hadn't read the book yet. I cried so hard the whole way home. I'm sure he wished he didn't take me to see that movie!
  9. I agree with sending a card along with the offer to help. It can never hurt and they will appreciate the kind thoughts. I also agree with sending a gift card for food or something to help with housekeeping, shopping, etc. if you want to do that. I'm so sorry - that is very sad.
  10. Based on the replies, I am definitely not going with leg warmers! I've bought many warm items in the past - electric throws, warm scarves, warm socks, fleece-lined leggings, etc. I'm running out of ideas! I give them gift cards for their birthdays, so I hate to do that at Christmas, too. But I don't want to give them things that make them silently groan either (looks like the leg warmers would cause that!). Thanks so much for the help everyone! 🙂
  11. Nope, just more modern! https://www.amazon.com/Lucky-staryuan-Women-Warmer-style/dp/B01N0HJ5TZ/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=leg+warmers&qid=1600559515&sr=8-5 Looks like this is not a gift idea for the girls!
  12. I'm always looking for gift ideas for my sons' girlfriends. A friend of mine recommended some nice warm leg warmers for me because I'm always freezing and I was wondering if they would make good gifts for the girlfriends. They are in their 20s and also always cold.
  13. It's been an absolutely horrible year for us overall, but the restrictions from the pandemic have made my dd's transition to college life so much easier. She's an extreme introvert with social anxiety and all of the restrictions have made her transition to college so much easier. She is getting used to college life without all the stress of large groups everywhere. Even in the spring, the change to everything being moved online made what was a very hectic semester much quieter and manageable for her.
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