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  1. Congratulations! Nashville looks like a wonderful city - I have several friends who live in the area. I hope he loves it! My ds2 leased an apartment six hours away on a Friday and moved to his new apartment on Saturday or Sunday (I forgot which) and started his new job on Monday. Yes, living with young adults can be...fun. 😛
  2. I had my oldest at 23 (married at 19). I had fertility issues and was told to have kids young before my fertility got worse. We went through infertility treatments to get pregnant for my first two pregnancies (twins when I was 26). Then, 8 years after my twins were born...surprise! Found out I was pregnant. I would have done things differently if I knew then what I know now. Our plan at the time was to have the kids early and then spend our 40s and 50s alone together since we were raising the kids in our 20s. But you know how plans go... no regrets since my kids wouldn't be here if we
  3. We started in 8th grade but dd was taking mostly high school level courses that we were counting as high school credit. I used the forums here and facebook groups a lot along with my own research on what to do about outsourcing and curriculum. We didn't use outsourcing for that first year but I did use it the following year for things I found I couldn't teach as well at home as I hoped to (literature and composition) and for things I didn't feel capable of (science labs and foreign language conversation). Other than those things, just spending a lot of time researching our options really ga
  4. Hope you are so happy there! 🙂
  5. What a wonderful update! I'm so happy for them! Great time and special memories! 🙂
  6. Congratulations! 11 years is a very long time!
  7. My father died alone at home and did not have an autopsy. I actually would have liked one because I don't know how he died, but was told we'd have to pay for it ourselves and we decided it wasn't worth the expense since it wouldn't change anything. He lived out of state and I could tell his health was declining but didn't know what was going on and was actually going to talk to him a few days after he died about coming down to visit to check on him.
  8. I'm late too and think he looks perfect! Hope they have so much fun!
  9. I think it sounds like fun but some people (like me) don't have any baby pictures of themselves. 😞 Still, I think it would be fun to guess others! I think my SIL's party had a name that tune type of game for nursery rhymes/songs but I can't remember the details.
  10. I would also hate games - both as a guest or the mom-to-be. It's one of the things I dread about attending showers.
  11. I'm sorry for all the questions and taking over the thread! What size Rao's? I see it comes in 24 and 32 oz. Is there a reason why you use that brand? Do you add extra cheese or just have the cheese in the raviolis? Maybe you should make this for me so I can see exactly how it's done! 🙂
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