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  1. Our school district just announced they are closed tomorrow. All the staff got their 2nd dose on Saturday and so many called off due to side effects that they don't have enough substitutes for tomorrow. I don't know why they vaccinated them all the same day knowing this was likely to happen. Of course, the anti-Covid vaccine people love this saying how no one should allow this into their body if it makes you that sick...
  2. nm - should have been in personal covid vaccine thread
  3. @stephanier.1765 that just doesn't sound right. Do you have a follow-up with a doctor? Did they give you any idea of when you should feel better? I agree that you should have been given stronger pain relief. 😞 Of course you are scared - you are in pain and helpless and don't even know why.
  4. Our experience has been that some professors aren't teaching , but others are really working hard and making online learning work. It all depends on the instructor. Even before the pandemic, my kids have had some good online classes as well as bad ones.
  5. I'm so sorry, @stephanier.1765! That must have been terrifying for you and you must be so miserable now. I hope you feel better soon - you have been through way too much in the past year. 😞
  6. I'm really glad to learn this. I just would assume that applying for a position when you don't meet all the requirements listed would be a waste of everyone's time. Definitely something to consider in the future for dd!
  7. I have seen reviews for male professors where there are comments about their attractiveness (only in a positive way - like he's a hottie or something like that).
  8. Wow, that is very interesting. I would just assume a job seeker would pass on job descriptions where they don't meet all the required criteria figuring there would be too much competition with other applicants who would be good fits. Good for your dd! I'll have to remember that for mine. 🙂
  9. I think that's where she really did well on her interview. She said that as soon as she realized she didn't have the experience/skills they were looking for, she started coming up with examples of how she could learn things quickly and apply that new knowledge to her work. I was impressed that she did that since she's very shy and inexperienced with interviews. She was so nervous, too!
  10. I agree with everything @RootAnnposted. My dd will sometimes leave reviews and she tries to be balanced and fair. There was one professor who was very crude during class and it bothered her to the point where she was uncomfortable in class (she's very conservative), but most students seemed to enjoy his humor and she mentioned that in her review just so potential students would be aware of that. Dd had a professor last semester who did absolutely nothing, but he has good reviews so maybe he was better before online learning. His tests were all multiple choice and poorly worded. The
  11. Thank you everyone! We are thrilled for her. It's an amazing opportunity and she is so happy and relieved! 🙂
  12. I don't understand - how would students not know if they learned something? It seems obvious to me that they'll know whether or not they learned material from the beginning to the end of the semester.
  13. especially if you sort by class. Like it was said above, sometimes the lower levels get worse reviews and upper levels with more serious students get better ones.
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