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  1. Kassia

    Has anyone worked a factory job?

    I did it as a temp job when I was in college (this was about 28 years ago). It was fine. I have a high tolerance for boredom, though. 😛
  2. Thank you. I appreciate all advice - that's why I posted! I have suggested meds many times and she knows they are an option but she is vehemently against taking anything (or seeing anyone) at this point. But this is a good reminder that I should regularly offer the option in case she ever changes her mind but doesn't know how to bring it up.
  3. Kassia

    Prayers needed and a praise...

    Wonderful news about your DH, but I am so sorry about your FIL.
  4. Kassia

    my ex, my son's father, died today

    I'm so sorry!
  5. You should absolutely get Chinese food! I always just get pork fried rice or mushu (mooshoo? I don't know how to spell it and am too lazy to look it up) pork. Enjoy!
  6. Yes, this is why my son who works in cybersecurity remotely can't ever work from our house. We have terrible internet/cell phone connections here. It's really unfortunate because he has the freedom to work from anywhere he wants to (right now he's on a trip with friends) but he can't do it here.
  7. Ugh - one thing after another. BTDT - it's so hard on us moms! Hope it all works out.
  8. I agree about the low paid adjuncts ( I feel bad for them!) but I do think the student should receive feedback for completed assignments.
  9. Kassia

    Prayers appreciated (loss)

    How awful! I am so sorry.
  10. My ds works in cybersecurity and telecommutes.
  11. Kassia

    Empty Nest Blues

    Also sending hugs. That is overwhelming - too much at once and then adding on sleep and hormone issues. Tough tough tough. Be kind to yourself!
  12. Kassia

    Footwear fashion for men

    My Aspie adult ds wears shorts with white crew socks and any color sneakers. Sometimes the shoes are grey, now they are white. He's happy and doesn't care so I don't say anything.
  13. My dd is taking Oceanography as an extra science just in case she needs it. She doesn't like science but has no idea where she's applying to college yet so we thought she should take one more science to make sure she's not missing anything. I was really torn about it because she has no interest in the subject and I'd rather her spend her time on a class she enjoys and would get more use out of, but she felt better getting another science checked off.
  14. Kassia

    RNY: Surgery Update

    You look beautiful and so happy! Thanks for the update and pics!
  15. He's the department head! She's planning on submitting an assignment tomorrow so we'll see if she gets anything back.
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