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  1. A friend of mine is very thoughtful and generous, and she has done something truly priceless for my daughter. It cost her nothing financially but she has invested a lot of time into it and she has a demanding career, a young child, and aging parents who require a lot of her time, so her time is really precious. I'd like to give her a thank you gift but am kind of clueless as to what I can give. I don't do any crafts so I can't make her anything. My daughter doesn't either. One thought I had is to give her a Visa gift card for her to use to go out for dinner alone with her husband while I watch her child. I know they don't get much couple time. I haven't seen her son in a long time so I don't know if he'd be comfortable with that but he is a pretty social and outgoing kid so I think he'd be ok. She has many interests and hobbies (quilting, reading, she loves Troll beads but I've bought those as gifts for her in the past, working out) but I don't know what to buy for her specifically and I wanted to give her something more personal than a gift card (even though my only idea for now is a Visa gift card). I also thought of giving her a shirt or something from the college my daughter plans on attending next year (she's a high school senior). Any ideas?
  2. I've used Yak Trax a lot and like them but you need to be on ice/snow - no bare pavement. I have had issues with them breaking but I used them to run so walking may be different. If you get them, be sure to dry them off after use so they don't rust.
  3. I have these too and love them - partly because they don't slip.
  4. I was wondering if it was Raynaud's but didn't want you to risk not being seen. I have Raynaud's and get chilblains on my fingertips that make them very tender. I wear fingerless gloves in the house and keep my hands covered outdoors all fall/winter/spring. Holding a cup of hot tea helps, too! Have a wonderful trip and keep those hands warm!
  5. I found out yesterday that people sell plastic grocery bags on ebay! I thought it was a joke - I saw a lot of Walmart plastic grocery bags. I guess people buy them for crafts?
  6. Dd applied to one school and was accepted - UT Dallas. She is NMSF and hoping to advance to finalist. UT Dallas is 1200 miles away and she's my youngest and only one at home so this is going to be a big adjustment for us! I never thought she'd go so far away (she's an introvert with social anxiety) but we visited campus and she's happy with her decision. Fingers crossed that she doesn't change her mind.
  7. I agree. Alfie Kohn also addresses this in his book, "The Myth of the Spoiled Child."
  8. I would do the same then check reviews - google, tripadvisor, and yelp - plus check out the menu for prices and selection.
  9. I wouldn't expect you to be there. As long as she knows you're thinking of her, that should be enough. I'm sorry for everything you've been through and for her loss as well.
  10. We used Conceptual Academy. The course was new when we used it four years ago so there were some issues. I don't know how it is now.
  11. We used this too, and paid for the online curriculum/quizzes/lectures.
  12. This is funny to me because I replied earlier that I am not a good judge of good character and I would also say that I'm not a good driver! I'm not terrible but I wouldn't say I'm good either.
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