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  1. This is pretty much what caused the woman to pick a fight with me at Walmart. She was behind me in a long line to check out and I was trying to fix my phone, which somehow got all locked up. She was irritated that I was on my phone and told me I should "check my phone AFTER" I check out. I was stunned because I wasn't holding anyone up. The cashier was slow and the person ahead of me hadn't even started checking out yet.
  2. I had a woman try to pick a fight with me while I was in line at Walmart the other day. Unbelievable.
  3. Not a mystery code, but APPLE30 should work for 30% off
  4. We got this set for my son last year and he's very happy with it. I am pretty sure this brand sells items individually.
  5. Kassia

    City of Tulsa offers cash to move there

    My son received $1,000 for moving to Kokomo, IN when he graduated from college and started his first job. I don't know if it came from the employer or the city, though. $10,000 is a lot of money!
  6. Kassia

    Best Nighttime Decongestant for Adult?

    I learned this the hard way many years ago when DH was out of the country for work and I had the worst head cold of my life. Four kids at home (one sick), Valentine's Day blizzard meaning lots of shoveling, horrible head cold, and I couldn't sleep because of the Sudafed but didn't know at the time that was the cause.
  7. Glad you are calling and hope it's nothing.
  8. Looking for recommendations for the best nighttime decongestant for adults. Thank you!
  9. Kassia

    College Visit Reports Thread

    Thank you SO much! I appreciate your response and it makes me feel a lot better about Temple. I was going to rule it out because it made me nervous.
  10. Kassia

    College Visit Reports Thread

    What's your opinion about safety issues in the Philadelphia area? My dd is passionate about circus, and Philadelphia has so many circus opportunities for her but I don't know if it's safe for her to leave campus and go to the places alone. We were looking at Temple as well as some other schools but I am worried about her driving or taking public transportation. Not sure if Uber would be safer? We live in a semi-rural area with so little crime so this would be very new to my dd.
  11. We do this with our kids, too. My husband will make up clever certificates with the amount we are giving and personalize it for each kid with their interests, ages (if it's a birthday), what he thinks they will use the money towards, or just something silly. They get a kick out of the certificates and it's more personal than just giving them cash or check.
  12. I just read that there are gaming magazines. Would that be something he would enjoy?
  13. Special running gear? Does he run in the cold (I was thinking about cold weather running stuff)? New running socks, a cool water bottle to bring to TKD? Coupons for fun outings (experience gifts)?
  14. My dd never wants anything but she seems to like personalized items - like ornaments and photo gifts. She's really tough to buy for. ETA: She also really likes dark chocolate with a high cocoa content so we get that for her as a treat.
  15. Kassia

    Ways mom talks to baby JAWM

    That's a good point. Once, when my SIL was a new mom she said something really disturbing to me that I'll never forget but she was a great mom (she died when my niece was 13 from cancer) and I think she was just so tired and frazzled at the time and venting her frustration.
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