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  1. Kassia

    vent warning . . .

    My mother is like this. We've been estranged for a long time and I have almost no family photos. Years ago, she tried to bribe my oldest ds into having a relationship with her by telling him she'd give him pictures of me and my dad (he's deceased). I told ds it wasn't worth it but I sure would love to have those pictures.
  2. Mine haven't except that I've become even pickier than I already was.
  3. Do you think it will matter at all if it's not on her transcript? She has good stats and I am pretty sure she'll be NMSF.
  4. Was this the course you used? And a weird question - are the lectures available in Spanish? Dd is much more open to extra work if she can practice her Spanish listening skills at the same time.
  5. I agree about the difference between personal finance and economics. She was going to take micro next year.
  6. I feel exactly the same way about economics but also that I would rather her study something that interests her instead of taking another class she dreads. She's thinking of computer and/or cognitive science and would like to take something like an upper level psych class or criminal justice (she's a DE student). That's actually a good idea. She's a DE student and very busy with work and activities but maybe I can get her to read a good basic economics book during a break just so she gets an overview at least.
  7. Kassia

    Appointment time

    I hope you can start and, if not, that the agents are understanding about your concussion. Please try not to worry and let you brain heal.
  8. We are planning senior year. Dd's schedule is pretty tight with what she wants/needs to take. One course she has no interest in is economics. I've always felt that economics is an important class to take before graduating high school. Dd would prefer to take something different and she won't need economics for college. So I'm torn between pushing her to take economics because I think she should (kind of like eating your vegetables) or letting her choose something she'd have more interest in. Either way I feel guilty because I'm either pushing her to take a class she doesn't want or I'm telling her it's ok to not take a class I think is important.
  9. Sending many positive thoughts and wishes for you, Arcadia. I'm sorry you have to go through this.
  10. Kassia

    Hernia surgery questions...

    This is the group
  11. Kassia

    Hernia surgery questions...

    Are you on facebook? There is bowel resection group that is very helpful and may have answers for you.
  12. Yes she's applying as a freshman and will actually graduate from ps high school so I won't be making the transcript. We enrolled her in ps this year to get funding for DE since ps students receive tuition and books for free but homeschool students don't.
  13. Kassia

    chemistry virtual labs

    Have you looked at late nite labs?
  14. What a beautiful baby!
  15. That's a good point. I wasn't even thinking about applications. She's already so busy with work, volunteer, and other activities. Plus she gets overwhelmed easily, which is why she prefers to take summer classes so she has fewer to focus on during the school year.