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  1. Kassia

    Argh! Oven Mitts -- do you have a favorite?

    Not mitts but we LOVE Ove Gloves in my family.
  2. Kassia

    Nurse practitioners

    We've had the same experiences.
  3. Kassia

    Great edible gifts you can send by mail?

    We used Golden State Fruit and were very happy with them. We got my in-laws the fruit of the month club for a year. They were happy with the customer service and products.
  4. I haven't counted, but my dd will also graduate with a high amount of high school credits as well as 80-90 DE credits from our CC.
  5. Our CC has sciences with labs listed as two courses, but the lab isn't worth any credits - only the lecture. This is what I do. Our ps only puts the course even if the lab is a separate class (for ex: "AP Physics" or "Physics H" but no lab is listed).
  6. Thanks. That's good to know. We are looking at UK because of the merit aid but I have been wary of it for dd.
  7. Kassia

    Baking and serving plate for nachos?

    This probably sounds stupid, but I've never made nachos. Do you use a recipe? I love them and would love to make them at home.
  8. Kassia

    Introducing our granddaughter, Emma Claire

    She is precious! Congratulations!
  9. Kassia

    How much notice do you like for a party?

    The earlier the better for me - never too early!
  10. Kassia

    Establishing Credit

    Our kids started by being authorized users on our credit cards.
  11. Kassia

    I'm sick and can't sleep

    Ugh. I'm sorry you're still so miserable!
  12. Kassia

    Back Exercises

    I recommend this DVD. Maybe your library has it. There are also a lot of good exercises by physical therapists on youtube. But I agree with the PP to check with your doctor first just to be safe.
  13. Kassia

    shoes for exercise?

    A problem with running shoes is that they are not designed for lateral movements. So, if you are going to use them for activities other than running, you might be better off with crosstrainers or other shoes. A friend of mine found that her daughters' cheer shoes actually were great for her issues because they were so cushioned.
  14. Kassia

    shoes for exercise?

    Also, maybe try inserts? I've never tried these, but I've heard a lot of recommendations for them (including my friend's brother who is a podiatrist) - Superfeet green insoles.
  15. Kassia

    shoes for exercise?

    I don't think you need running shoes for what you're doing. Have you looked at cross trainers? That might be best.
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