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  1. Thank you! For son #2 did you send in a separate homeschool transcript or just the ps transcript? Our ps transcript will have the homeschool courses/grades on it so I don't see a need to send a separate homeschool transcript.
  2. When my daughter was younger she had a friend with a golf cart. I didn't allow her to go on it. The family had a steep driveway and just that alone made me nervous - maybe even more than driving on the road. I don't like it and don't think it's safe. ETA - I think the girls were around 9 years old at the time.
  3. I have two kids (now adults) with jaw issues. Both had two rounds of braces and both will still require major jaw surgery that probably includes another round of braces. I feel terrible about it. My other two kids didn't have jaw issues and one round of braces was all they needed and they had great results (my two with jaw issues did not).
  4. Ice cream, cereal, chocolate, diet soda, cheese, and peanut butter.
  5. Re: wisdom teeth My kids didn't have them removed as kids but my oldest was told several years ago he should get them out before they started causing problems and while he had good dental insurance so he did and his other molars ended up shifting after the wisdom teeth were removed, which caused big gaps that caused all kinds of problems for him. He regrets having them out now. My other two sons (in their 20s now) have been told they need theirs out - one keeps getting cavities in his. I had mine removed as an adult and everything was fine.
  6. Did your kids end up attending UT Dallas? We just visited there a few weeks ago and it's dd's top choice now. We live in OH so I'm nervous about the distance (1200 miles). And the school is getting much more popular and seems like it is admitting more students than there is room for. But I like the school a lot and feel like it's a good fit for my dd.
  7. Dd was homeschooled for 9th and 10th grade but we enrolled her in ps for 11th and 12th grade so she could get funding for dual enrollment (DE is only fully funded for ps students here). So she will graduate from ps. When she fills out college applications and a question asks for other high schools attended, I assume we should put homeschool and the dates she was homeschooled? I'm pretty sure that's what we should do but I was hoping someone else has done this and could share their experience. Thank you!
  8. We used Oak Meadow for health. One of the books we read for that course was Spark, which we liked a lot.
  9. Me too! Ps students get funding for up to 30 credits a year plus textbooks. Homeschool students receive funding for 4-12 credits a year (seniors get 12, juniors get 8, everyone else gets 4) and have to pay for textbooks. It's so unfair.
  10. We're not homeschooling anymore. Our state (Ohio) has free DE for public school students but not for homeschool students so we enrolled dd in ps for junior and senior year.
  11. Wishing you a successful surgery and quick recovery!
  12. Thanks so much everyone! Dd decided to pass on physics and do environmental science with a lab instead. The instructor looks good and the times work for her. 🙂
  13. Dd is a rising senior who really doesn't want to take physics w/lab next year for a number of reasons. She took biology w/lab at home, then elementary chemistry with lab at the community college. She's a full time DE student. Her top college choice likes to see 3 sciences with labs but I'm not sure what other science options there are for her. Many of the classes at the CC list labs but I don't know if they are *real* labs. For example, dd took Ocean Science there last year and it was an online class with a lab but there was no lab work involved. Any ideas? Or should I tell her to just take the physics and get it done? Dd doesn't like any science but she's very strong in math so I think physics would be fine for her but the class time isn't good for her and the professor is known to be a nice guy but not a good teacher with confusing tests.
  14. We also sent our kids with foods like saltines, jello cups, and applesauce cups in case they got sick and wanted/needed foods easy on their stomachs. Do you know why?
  15. Thank you! This is what I keep reading - that the calculus based is actually easier if the math isn't an issue.
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