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  1. @RootAnn thank you so much! This is all new to me. 🙂
  2. Sorry if I'm being dense here. I looked up her score report and it says this next to her NMSC Selection index: Eligibility Information You meet entry requirements for the 2020 National Merit Scholarship Program and your Selection Index score will be considered among 1.6 million program entrants. If your Selection Index places you among the 50,000 high scorers who qualify for National Merit Scholarship Program recognition, you will be notified next September when qualifying Selection Index scores will be made available. I assume this message is for all PSAT test takers and not just ones who are eligible?
  3. Thank you! Dd is DE full time but enrolled at our ps this year for the DE funding (homeschool students get almost nothing). Her score was 224 so I am confident she's ok but it would be nice to get a letter.
  4. Is cognitive science available as an undergraduate major? We've been considering Miami but my dd is wary of it because of the party/preppy reputation.
  5. I'm sorry, too. That is an awful thing to do and so pointless.
  6. I've never seen this either. Interesting. My three sons are all engineers and all had to take linear algebra but DH, also an engineer, never took it. So, maybe it's a newer requirement? Here, Calc 2 is a prereq for Linear Algebra and Differential Equations. DH always says Diff Eq is Calc 4 but I don't know. Ds3 took Diff Eq without Calc 3 and said some Calc 3 knowledge was assumed and he had to figure it out. He took Linear Algebra and was fine. Dd will take linear algebra next year with only calc 2 background and I'm hoping she'll be ok.
  7. Thanks. They said they only work with Eyeconic.
  8. Does anyone know if it would be less expensive to purchase glasses online or at the optometrist's office with vision insurance? I've never purchased glasses before - do the online places take insurance?
  9. When my kids were little I wanted to be near them and wanted the master BR ups. Now that they are older I'd prefer it downstairs and would like that when we buy our next home.
  10. We do things like little bottles of Purell, travel size items like shampoo, deodorant, body wash (my kids travel a lot), there's a liquid soap they love that I give them, toothbrushes...really anything I'd put in a stocking.
  11. I've read that Uncrustables are okay because they are prepackaged.
  12. The EOB just showed the two surgeries - no breakdown. And the billing office had the same info as the EOB. But I'm not paying it until I see an itemized bill.
  13. They won't give me a breakdown of charges but I suspect that's what happened - I was charged double for everything involved with the surgery (operating room, recovery room, nursing care) because I had a second incision on the same hand.
  14. No, my problem is that I didn't get a bargain. Maybe I wasn't clear in my original post but I was charged separately for each procedure. So, even though I had expenses for one surgery (operating room, nursing care, etc.) I was charged for two.
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