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  1. I agree that you should get checked out. Pain that severe can be a symptom of something dangerous. I'm sorry about everything you've been through!
  2. I really had no idea this was so common! This is what DH and I keep telling her. She's swamped with school and work right now and I feel bad about this extra stress on her. I wish she'd just listen to us but I don't want to nag her and cause additional stress. When she asked in the first place, she never thought it would be an issue. The professor did ask her to email the info to him, which she did right away.
  3. UPDATE - she sent one reminder and already got a nice response. The other professor is more intimidating to her (I don't know why) and she's obsessing about how to handle it. DH and I keep telling her to send him an email but she's thinking of going to see him on Monday even though that would be more awkward than sending a message.
  4. She refuses treatment. I have asked her multiple times and she won't do it (stubborn teen). She does know we will get help for her if she ever wants it and is aware of mental health services at the college she will attend in the fall. She's been doing DE for 4 years now and does pretty well interacting with professors. It's hard for her and she obsesses about it and has to spend a lot of time preparing, but she does it.
  5. For the summer program, she asked six months in advance. For the scholarship, it was only 2 1/2 weeks (the application came out on a Friday and she asked the following Monday). She just sent a reminder to one of the professors for the scholarship and is thinking about whether to email the other one or try to see him in his office on Monday. I think she should email to give him more time (she needs it by Wednesday), but she's hesitant to do it because he's not good with email. She has to turn in those letters with her scholarship application so they have to be given to her. For the research program, they have to be submitted by email and only one has been done. Dd and I understand that professors are very busy. One of her professors that she asked for the scholarship letter is actually dean of two regional campuses and has a demanding personal life (she's actually a good friend of mine and doing independent study with dd). The other is a department head at the community college.
  6. Thank you! She is in one of their classes presently and the other two were very recent. The only one who actually got it done was a professor she had a while back. This is all so unexpected.
  7. It is such a hassle and unfair that students are so dependent on others to get these opportunities. Thank you, Lori! She did send links for the information when she originally asked for the letters. I told her to email the professors and ask them if they need more information to complete the letters, but she is uncomfortable with the whole situation at this point. I will show her your template, but I think it is too direct for her. She is so passive and worried about coming across as demanding, which makes this even harder for her.
  8. I don't know if this belongs here or on the high school board... Dd is a senior in high school. She does DE full time and needed letters of recommendation for a scholarship and a summer research program. She asked four professors to write the letters for her; they all think highly of her with two of them practically gushing over what a great student she is/was. Out of the four professors, only one has written a letter and that was her weakest choice (she needed a science teacher, but this one didn't know her all that well other than she was at the top of her class and a good student). The letters are due at the end of the week. Dd is very passive, introverted, has social anxiety, and easily intimidated. She is in tears now because she doesn't want to contact the professors again to give them gentle reminders but is afraid that they will remember after the due date and ask her why she didn't say anything. I feel so bad for her. It was already very hard for her to meet with them to ask for the letters and now she's "in a pickle" (her words). Does this happen often or did she just have very bad luck?
  9. I've had this one for a long time and have been very happy with it. My adult sons bought their own, too.
  10. I have a high school senior going off to college either in May or August. Would you start getting dorm supplies now?
  11. We used it for physical science and had a similar experience as @SusanC We liked the course, it was a good fit for us, and Mr. Suchocki was very responsive but there were problems with the quizzes sometimes and there were some other issues as well. We used it the very first year it was offered and it wasn't even complete yet when we started, so maybe they've fixed a lot of those issues since then (four years ago). My daughter also loved the Hewitt videos.
  12. I'm so sorry. Sending you big hugs and positive thoughts.
  13. A friend of mine does this as a career and has been successful. I don't know much about it, but this is her website with a little information about her background and what she does. It is a true passion for her and I'm thrilled that she can make a living doing what she loves.
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