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  1. My very small office now has Covid (I work from home in another state, so wasn’t even exposed). There are 5 people in my office...the person who brought it into the office worked on the Monday before Christmas and didn’t go in the rest of the week (planned time off for the holidays). He had no symptoms until Christmas Eve night. By Christmas night he knew he was sick and he had a rapid test the next day (Saturday) and tested positive. He called the other members of my office and they all tested that same day (no symptoms for any of them). Two tested positive and two tested negative.
  2. I’m tentatively planning a beach vacation for the summer. We would drive, which makes me feel a bit better about it. I am making sure any deposits we make are refundable as we get closer, however I’m trying to be optimistic that by summer things may have improved.
  3. Sure! There is a Bible Recap reading plan in the YouVersion Bible app. Each day I would read the section for the day and then listen to the podcast for the day. That’s it! There is also a Facebook group (not run by the group that does the Bible recap) called At the Table: A Bible Discussion Group. They follow The Bible Recap and discuss it, which I also found helpful. I just read there...I never participated. ETA: I read from my own Bible, but I would occasionally listen to the Bible app. I did check off each day in the app though, because I like checking things off. 😉
  4. I started Bible Recap last year and loved it. Honestly, I just had trouble sticking with it every day (my problem, not a problem with the plan) and I intend to try it again in 2021. I’ve never heard of Bible Project before. Off to look it up now.
  5. I’m so sorry. Prayers for all of you as you deal with this. Do you care to share what your doctor friend told you?
  6. We love our air fryer! The kids make onion rings, French fries, chicken nuggets, etc. I love to cook chicken tenders, wings, and roasted veggies. I have the standard drawer type and would like to replace it with something bigger. I am looking at replacing both my air fryer and toaster oven (I posted yesterday about this). Not sure which one I’m going to get yet.
  7. I can’t seem to find that anywhere. Maybe sold out due to Christmas?
  8. We have (and love!) a standard air fryer with a drawer, but I would like to get something bigger. As I was browsing at Walmart and Amazon, I noticed that there are air fryers that look more like toaster ovens. The descriptions say they air fry, bake, dehydrate, toast, and broil. We have a small kitchen and if I could get rid of our current toaster oven and replace with a new air fryer, it would be great. Thoughts? Specific recommendations?
  9. I actually love gift-giving, but I stink at coming up with good gift ideas, which stresses me out. We have a very small pool of people that we exchange gifts with, but my brother makes significantly more than dh and I do (and I mean a lot more), and it took me a while to be okay with the fact that my gifts for our parents just won’t match his. It’s okay though and my parents appreciate my gifts as well. Because I really do love gift giving, my goal for 2021 is to listen and write down gift ideas through the year. This way I’m not so stressed out two weeks before Christmas trying to t
  10. Graeter’s ice cream is my very favorite. They became super popular several years ago when Oprah mentioned them in her magazine (I think?... or maybe on her show?). Anyway, it is super yummy and the flavors with chocolate chunks are wonderful (my fave is strawberry chip, but it is seasonal - May and June, I think).
  11. Along the same line...we ordered takeout from an Asian restaurant. We normally have dinner at my parents and since that wasn’t happening, I decided I didn’t want to cook. It was yummy, easy, and fun...and we have leftovers for tomorrow!
  12. My dh goes by a nickname that is part of our last name (for example, if our last name was Wilson, dh nickname would be Will - so Will Wilson). We met in college and I didn’t think anything of it. But when we got married and he started his career, it drove me crazy. For a while, he went by his given first name, which is such a nice name. But it just stopped, so he continues to go by his nickname. I wonder if others are the same?
  13. My son needed help With trigonometry, so I posted on Facebook and received several local recommendations. Ds has had two tutoring sessions and is already doing better in trig!
  14. Double and triple check that the therapist you try is in-network for your insurance plan. My situation...back in the summer, I received an email from my insurance that they were covering 100% any telehealth appointment for mental health through the end of September. I have always struggled with anxiety but it was bad during the summer, partially due to my dh’s unemployment. Free counseling sounded amazing so I gave it a try. After one appointment, I decided that I didn’t really care for telehealth personally and just dropped the idea of seeing a therapist. Imagine my surprise when I
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