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  1. Just Kate

    Clothes shopping for tweens

    My 11 yo dd likes Aeropostale and also the junior dept at JC Penney. Sometimes we shop at Rue 21 as well. She really likes Hollister and American Eagle but they are $$$ for us, so I save them for a good sale or good coupons.
  2. Just Kate

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    I forgot about their wraps! I think they have one which is actually low-ish carb. Oh well, I’ll remember that for next time. Thanks!!
  3. Just Kate

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    I’ve done decently well this week (so far!), with the exception of last night. Ds had a basketball game that was two hours away. We left at 4pm and didn’t get home until 11pm. I stopped at a Chic-fil-a on the way home for the boys and because it was late and we wanted to get home, I ran through the drive thru. Of course I was hungry so I got chicken tenders and fries. If we had been sitting down, I would have gotten a salad (and used little dressing), but chicken tenders and fries were way easier to eat in the car. So I know I need to be better at planning. How do you handle times like these? What are your “throw in the car” foods that prevent you from eating fast food? I will be taking ds to a basketball tournament next week that lasts for three days (we will stay out of town in a hotel). I imagine we will primarily be eating at restaurants with the team, but I need to think of some food to bring along to keep me mostly on-plan.
  4. Just Kate

    talk to me about air fryers

    Quicker than the oven for sure. I believe they cook in less than 10 minutes.
  5. Just Kate

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    Yes, you’re suggestions do help. Thank you so much!!!
  6. Just Kate

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    Thank you! Any tips on getting there? I have been at this for so long, but I just keep losing and gaining the same 10lbs! I feel so much better when eating healthy, but it is so much work. I want to make it the default, and I believe it is probably a mind over matter thing, but how do I actually get there? (I know you don’t have the answers for me...just putting my thoughts out there)
  7. Just Kate

    talk to me about air fryers

    We have one (can’t remember the brand). Dh uses it more than I do, as he has to work away from home a lot and stays in a hotel. He takes the air fryer so he can eat healthy in a hotel. He makes lots of meat in it. One time, he even cooked a steak and said it was good (not as good as grilling, but still good!). I’ve made lots of veggies in the air fryer. Both Brussels Sprouts and broccoli have been favorites (toss in some olive oil and sprinkle with salt and garlic powder...yum!). I think it would work great with French fries, using sliced potatoes.
  8. Just Kate

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    Todag is my first “official” weigh-in day (I put official in quotes because I weigh myself almost every day, but I try to focus on how I’m doing on a weekly basis). I’m down 2.2 lbs for my first week. I actually had a better weigh-in yesterday (Super Bowl Sunday!), but I definitely ate off plan last night and I imagine that I’ve got a bunch of water retention today. My goal is to get to the place where I can enjoy a fun party (I honestly don’t go to many) or just a few fun holiday foods, and then immediately get back to healthy eating. What normally happens is that I eat one thing that isn’t good for me, then another and thing I know I’m back to my old, very unhealthy ways. So I allowed myself to eat at the super bowl party last night, but today I am back to healthy eating. I can do this!!!
  9. Just Kate

    Legwear for a winter wedding (as a guest)

    I thought so too (and I am always behind the times a bit!!!). I actually thought that black sheer hose is making a comeback???
  10. Just Kate

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    Today is day number three of no sugar and I’M SO HUNGRY! Sorry to yell, but honestly I just want to eat. I have eaten a fair amount of food today, but I am still hungry. I’m trying to drink a lot of water too, but I am wanting to munch. Because I’ve done this before, I know it’s normal. But it’s just not fun.
  11. Just Kate

    Do you use a money management app?

    I tried to use Dave Ramsey’s Every Dollar app for a few years, but I just couldn’t get it to do what I needed in for my budget. I tried Mint as well (just for a few months) and found that for me, it was better at tracking than budgeting. I am now using YNAB (stands for You Need a Budget) and I love it. If you search some online, you should be able to find a 2 or even 3 month free trial - it is a one month free trial on the website. Dh and I are finally on the same page with our budget after years of trying and we are doing a much better job of saving money than we have in the past. I know I sound like I YNAB informercial, but I really can’t say enough how much I love it!!! ETA: YNAB does have an annual fee, but when we did the trial (two month) we could already see how we had been wasting money and that we would easily save that amount (I think $68 a year?) by using this system.
  12. Just Kate

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    It’s nightand I’m almost ready for bed. I really really want to eat something, but I’ve done so well today so I think I won’t. I had my normal breakfast which is coffee with heavy whipping cream and collagen. I know I should eat breakfast, but I hate eggs and just can’t find anything that is healthy for me that I also enjoy. I had an early lunch of leftovers - pan fried chicken tenders with broccoli and topped with homemade Alfredo sauce. Yum! This is a favorite of mine. I had a turkey sandwich on sprouted bread as a mid afternoon snack. Kind of a big “snack”, but it was really the perfect thing for me this afternoon. For dinner I had a bowl of very light taco soup (it is a THM recipe and is low fat and low carb, probably also low calorie). It has ground beef, onions, spices, blended cauliflower and blended okra! It is different...pretty good. For my dessert I had a mug of hot chocolate made with almond milk and water (a teaspoon of heavy whipping cream), cocoa, and a stevia blend. Yummy and hot the spot. Now if I can keep myself from going to the fridge and eating shredded cheese before bed (not sure why, but I’m craving cheese!). Good night everyone!!
  13. Just Kate

    Share your better eating books here!

    My favorite is Trim Healthy Table. The first three chapters explain the Trim Healthy Mama Plan, while the rest of the book includes recipes. FYI...THM uses both low-carb and low fat (with a limited amount of healthy carb) recipes. I enjoy eating low-carb, but it’s like my body needs some carbs (brown rice, fruit, sweet potato, and sprouted grains), so THM works well for me.
  14. Just Kate

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    I did pretty well today. When I first try cutting sugar out of my diet (I’ve done this many times, sadly), I tend to eat more fat and not the very best foods. For lunch I had a pizza that I made on a low-carb tortilla, with strawberries on the side. Then for dinner I had pan fried chicken tenders and roasted broccoli, topped with homemade Alfredo sauce. Yup, a pretty heavy day, but it’s like I need these heavy foods as I am transitioning to no sugar (or little sugar). I need to do some planning and prepping for the rest of the week.
  15. Just Kate

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    I’d like to join in! I really struggle with my eating and could definitely use some accountability. I’ve been doing THM on and off for over five years now. I really like this way of eating and my body responds very well to it. However, I just can’t seem to stick with it long-term. I enjoy the food and when I get in my groove, things go great. But then life gets busy and I find myself picking up pizza for dinner and then from there, I’m munching on chips straight out of the bag because I’m stressed. Sigh... I don’t have a ton to lose. Initially, if I could lose 15 lbs I would be happy. Ultimately I’d like to lose 25 lbs. But I know I need to kick sugar and eat better for my health. Diabetes runs in my family and I would like to prevent it if I can. Also, I feel so cruddy when I eat poorly and I know I’m not settting a good example for my kids. Today is day #1 for me (again!). I weighed myself this morning and dh is picking up the Kroger clicklist order that I made last night. Lots of meat and chips. Looking forward to making this happen!!!