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  1. Yes, I would. My ds (16) just got a job working fast food. He did not do great during the months that school was closed and I believe that he needs this job for his mental health. We do live in an area with few cases, but honestly, even if we lived in another area I think I would let ds work if he wanted to. Our immediate family is not high-risk and again, I know ds needs this for his mental/emotional well being.
  2. The Office Parks and Rec Gilmore Girls
  3. OP here. We looked at the house again today and decided to pass. A friend who is a contractor and flips houses came with us. Also our realtor (who is a friend) had her husband stop by as he is also a general contractor. We determined that there is just too much work that needs to be done based on what they are asking for it. The house needs new windows (and there are many). It needs new flooring in some areas. The bathrooms are really bad (but maybe we could live with them?). It has not been kept up at all. Our friend who flips houses said he worries that we would have to put way too much into the house and we would end up never getting our money out of it. I don’t think it is our forever home, so resell value is something we need to think about. I am a little disappointed, as I was imagining all the cool things I would do with the home. But it just isn’t meant to be, which is okay.
  4. Thank you!! I really appreciate your perspective. If we decide that the structure of this house is good, we may make an offer. I am excited/nervous. I have only ever made one offer on a house before, and it was accepted and that was that (20 years ago!). Dh and I were kids and had no idea what we were doing. We still aren’t sure, but I am certainly more aware of mistakes that can be made and that makes me nervous.
  5. Thank you! I guess I need to start looking and learning. Whether we end up with this particular house or another, I will likely need to figure out what style I like and how I want to decorate and do things. Our living in a rental has been a negative thing (super long story), so finally deciding to bite the bullet and purchase a home is a thrill for me. I love that interest rates are so low (I was told 2.87% today!) but hate that the market is so bare and that it moves so quickly. Dh starts his new job at over-the-road trucking at the end of July, so it would be so great if we could make an offer now and get this thing moving. But I want to make a good decision. A move in ready house is enticing. But it will be small. So I need to decide what I’m willing to do.
  6. One concern is that I’m not great at decorating and/or choosing items for a home. I want to be though. I have this “idea” of me DIY-ing all of these things, of creating a beautiful home on a budget. But I really don’t know how to! I’m not even sure what exactly I like! Is there any hope for me???
  7. Our current rental home is just small. The kids prefer to go to their friends’ houses, simply because there is more room. Add in that dh has worked in the oil field for 10 years, so he is typically working away from home. These past several months of quarantine with ALL of us here make our house feel especially small.
  8. The house has five bedrooms (wow!!!), three full bathrooms, a kitchen (which has been updated), dining room, living room, and a sunroom. (All of this is just so so so much more room then we have now, so wow!!). I think we would need to re-carpet the two bedrooms that have carpeting and maybe paint all five bedrooms prior to moving in. I think I could live with the dated bathrooms, but I would want to look at doing some simple updating right away (lighting maybe?). There is no way we can afford a house this size that is move in ready. I really want a house big enough to entertain and so my kids can comfortably have their friends over (they are 16 and 12). I work from home so one of those bedrooms will be my office.
  9. Lol! I’m not really handy either but I want to be (does that count?). I like the idea of being handy...but, I have a lot to learn.
  10. After renting a house that I don’t really like for over 6 years, dh and I are finally in a position to purchase. We live in a rural area where the market is very very tight. Typically, offers are made by day three that the house is on the market (many in day 1) and that is it. We also live in an area with low inventory, so not many houses on the market. Long story, but we had been planning to buy this summer but then COVID happened and dh lost his job. I thought that was that and we’d have to wait for a year plus, but we amazingly got approved on my income only (dh has a new job but we can’t include his income. He will be in the mortgage though). This all just happened today (yippee!) and we went to look at our first house today. It is quirky (not your typical style) and will need work. The work needed is basically cosmetic - new carpet and paint in two bedrooms, all three bathrooms need to be updated, need new light fixtures throughout the house. But the house is BIG (to us). We currently live in about a 1,600 square foot house and this house is over 2,600 square foot with a full basement that can be finished. Our current (rented) home is so small. But looking at other homes in our price range...we would be looking at similar size to what we live in now if the house were move in ready with no needed work. What do you think? Would you buy a house that needs work? Dh‘s new job will be over the road trucking, so I will take on much of the work myself. We do have a good friend who flips houses for a living who plans to look at this house with us tomorrow to give us his opinion on the “bones” of the house. Basically, we want to confirm that this house is solid but just needs cosmetic work. And for those of you who have put work I to do I figure out what this work might cost? The three bathrooms are very dated. The house was built in 1985 and I assume the bathrooms are the original from when the house was built. None of them are very large, but would require new vanity and shower (at least). Maybe new flooring too? So for those of you who have more experience, in a market like ours, would you consider a fixer upper?
  11. Ricky Martin - I was a huge Menudo fan!!! My bff and I would dream about who we would marry someday and my dream was to marry Ricky Martin. He was a cutie back then!!!
  12. I’m sorry. Been there, done that. Just remember, you will work through your disagreement and things will be better again. (((hugs)))
  13. I really need to buy new underwear and it would be great if I could find some on amazon. Any suggestions? I prefer seamless and not itchy. Thanks!
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