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  1. Ds is 15 years old and we are working on cleaning out his room. He still has LEGO sets (mainly Star Wars and a very cool Harry Potter set) that he wants to get rid of. He was never super into legos, he just built each set once and displayed them in his room, so they aren’t as meaningful to him. However, I am feeling nostalgic and not so ready for him to get rid of them. What says the Hive? Should I pack them up and keep them for a while or just let him get rid of them? The set that I’m most sad about is the big Harry Potter set that is no longer made. Ds bought it with all of his birthday money from eBay several years ago. He was so excited about that set. (On another note...letting my kids grow up is hard!)
  2. I just saw a breaking news article that this woman is dead. Details are not yet available. ETA: added link to news story
  3. I’m also struggling with Easter baskets this year. Ds (15) does not like candy at all and he is into super-healthy eating these days. So candy and food treats are out! I just ordered two pair of basketball socks from amazon and I plan to also order new phone chargers. I will add in a iTunes gift card (probably) and maybe some basketball cards. That’s all I’ve got! Dd (11) is easier, as she loves Candy. But since her brother is getting some non-candy items, I will need to do the same for her.
  4. I think I will make a low-carb carrot cake and some low-carb chocolate cupcakes that my ds loves.
  5. I couldnt find the vacuum locally (at a decent price) so I ordered it from Amazon. It will arrive on Wednesday and I can’t wait!!!
  6. @Ktgrok thank you SO much for that thorough review! Many of the things that you mentioned have been frustrations to me with my current vacuum (items getting stuck and having to dig - ewww!). I am going to search for this vacuum locally to see if I can find it for a decent price (I want it today!!) and if not, I will place my amazon order. Than you thank you thank you!!!
  7. We desperately need to replace our Dyson vacuum. It is pretty old and just not doing a great job. I was looking at replacing it with a Shark. Any pros/cons? Any other suggestions?
  8. I voted! Super easy and quick. I hope he wins!!
  9. I just listened to Believe, which is about the Larry Nassar case and it was very well done. Explained how he got away with sexual assault for so many years. Sad but informative.
  10. Tonight - fend for yourself (I roasted a bunch of veggies and had them with leftover chicken and Alfredo sauce) Monday - chicken Parmesan, Brussels sprouts, probably some type of pasta for the kids Tuesday - I think I will throw some chicken and salsa in the crockpot for chicken tacos, some type of mexi-cauli rice (anyone have a good recipe?) Wednesday - picking dh up from the airport, so we will probably stop for chipotle or something on the way home Thursday - I’m out of town all day for work, so do will likely grill either chicken or steak with maybe a salad in the side? Friday - not sure I really wish I could find a low-carb pizza crust that I like. It would be fun to have a Friday pizza night.
  11. The second season is amazing. Curtis Flowers has been tried for the same crime 6 times. His case was actually just heard by the Supreme Court and some think that the attention that this podcast gave his situation is part of the reason why. Definitely listed in this one!
  12. Anyone have a favorite password manager? Do and I need to get all of our passwords straightened out (and shared). Would love to have a password manager that we could both use, that isn’t too super expensive. Thanks!
  13. My ds got these from amazon: http://[Updated Version] Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones IKANZI iPX7 Waterproof 72H Cycle Play Time, 2200mAh Bluetooth 5.0 Auto Pairing Wireless Earphones Bluetooth Headset with Charging Case (Black) Looks like they are $55 now, but when we purchased them there was a coupon available that made them under $50. He’s only had them for a month, but he uses them a lot (especially while shooting basketball and working out) and so far, so good!
  14. I had a plantar’s wart on the side of my foot a few years ago. I noticed a bump on my foot and it hurt like crazy. I initially thought it was a corn. I actually went to my PCP who diagnosed a corn as well. I ended up at a podiatrist and had to have surgery to remove it! I was in a boot for over a month as my foot healed. It was crazy. But man did that wart hurt. I would have never imagined that was what it was. OP, I would definitely try to see a podiatrist I wasted a lot of time with my PCP on this and wish I would have just gone straight to a specialist. Good luck!
  15. I have an app on my iPhone called Fakespot. It works within Amazon and is used to analyze reviews. In your examples above, the first got an F (meaning Fakespot found the reviews to appear to be bogus), the second wasn’t able to be analyzed, and the third got a B (meaning that the reviews appear to be fairly accurate). I love this app and really really hope it’s accurate!
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