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  1. We are planning to have a fairly normal summer. Dd18 is going to be working to help pay for college expenses next year and is going to 1 week long camp. Ds13 is going to 1 or 2 week long camps (one is just our church, so people that have been together a lot already). He’s also taking a summer English class he needs. Dd5 and I will be going to the church camp with ds. We are hoping to take a family vacation before dd18 goes to college, probably late summer. If you’re curious, we are not vaxxed. Dh had an appointment to get it yesterday, but he has bronchitis, so his doctor told him t
  2. Ok, now I’m jealous. We live in a great neighborhood for walking or riding bikes, but to go anywhere outside of the neighborhood, you have to take a 2 lane road with no shoulder. It’s very dangerous to walk or ride along. I really wish they would put in sidewalks.
  3. Do you e pest your dad to be able to transfer from a wheelchair to a shower chair with or without assistance? My parents put in a shower with the pan and my dad was able to use it for a long time while suffering from Parkinson’s. He had a lot of mobility issues from it. By the time he couldn’t transfer, he was bed-bound and hospice helped bath him in the bed.
  4. I hate how so much land is being bought up to cram housing in. The property behind us was farmland, but the farmer died and his kids sold the land to a developer. There is an area that becomes a small pond when we get a lot of rain and there are a few geese that love it. They tore up the land and cut down all the trees along the edges of the property. When the geese came back after the winter, they seemed a bit confused by the change. For us the change means 4 2-story townhouses along my back chain link fence. Now that it’s warmer, I can’t wait to get some trees growing to preserve some
  5. I don’t have any great ideas that haven’t been mentioned, but since mom isn’t there, I highly recommend putting reheating instructions on anything you take. Having to guess the best way to heat food won’t help their stress.
  6. If the relative just got the 1st one a week ago, they should not be getting the second next week. They are supposed to be given a month apart.
  7. Like someone said, the anti-vaxxers are very vocal, so they feel like the majority. However, I think they are less than 50% here. I base that on the fact that whenever anyone asks for pediatrician recommendations, a lot of people use the very big peds practice that has a policy that kids must be vaxxed to be a part of their practice. I personally avoided that practice on purpose because while, we do vax, I do not want my kids to get the gardisil vax.
  8. My oldest graduates this year, but I will be starting over in the fall as my youngest starts K. My emotions are all over as we reach endings, but also have a lot of firsts coming up in our family.
  9. I have all our medical vax records.....somewhere. Dd18 needs proof of vax for college next year. The ones she needs to show are from when she was a baby! We were military at the time, so she got them from the base pediatrician. We aren’t military anymore, so no way to get the records from them. I took her to get established with a new doc a few weeks ago (she hasn’t had one since 5th grade) and get an updated tetanus and meningitis vax. They tried to look in the state system and the records are not there. Titers would cost $700, so I’m still searching for the missing records. At least
  10. I’m a book junkie, so I struggle to get rid of books. This includes curriculum. I have gotten rid of books and curriculum that I hated, but I have kept the rest. It has paid off for us because dd4 was born when ds was 8. Dd4 starts kindergarten in the fall and all I have to buy are a few consumables. And while we aren’t expecting any more babies, oldest dd is 18, so I will probably hang on to some of it for future grands. Curriculum itself is about 3 shelves, which is not much in my house.
  11. While I would normally say no to a yard sale, if your neighborhood is doing a lot of advertising, it might be worth it. They usually get way more people to come by than going it alone. Just make sure your items have prices on them. If there’s no price, I don’t buy at yard sales.
  12. I grew up on white bread, but I don’t mind whole wheat. The rest of my family won’t touch whole wheat bread. I realize whole wheat would be healthier, but if they won’t eat it, there’s no point in buying it.
  13. We are waiting, but at the moment we don’t qualify to get it anyways. We haven’t had the virus either. Dd18 starts college in the fall and is seriously considering getting the J&J vaccine before she goes to avoid getting sick or quarantined if it gets bad again. We’ve talked about the pros and cons of the new vaccines, so I feel good about letting her make the decision for herself.
  14. Just candy would make my 13yo ds happy. However, he’s also getting a T-shirt, a small game, and some little card organizer things for his electronics.
  15. We’ve used vrbo also. Once for a condo on the beach and once for a cabin in the mountains. We were very pleased with both.
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