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  1. I read this interesting article about Indonesia’s decision to vaccinate people age 18-59 before the elderly. The idea is that because so many families have older relatives living with them, it will keep those who are working outside the home from bringing it home to those vulnerable family members. Do you think that is a better policy than vaccinating the elderly first? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-55620356
  2. COVID glows?!? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Sorry you are having to deal with such rude people. Thank you for your hard work.
  3. I’m trying to start gathering ideas for my ds who will be in 9th next year. He really likes computers and tech stuff. He finds most of school boring and pointless, so I am trying to find something he will take an interest in. He likes Minecraft and ran his own server for a few months last summer. Currently he’s a moderator on a server run by some friends. They chat a lot on Discord, which has been a big social outlet this past year when other activities were canceled. He has learned a teeny bit of Java so that he can make his own mods. He has used a Raspberry Pi with dh. I wa
  4. I don’t know if I’d call my feelings anxiety, but definitely frustration. Mainly because it’s so very hard to get to the truth on almost anything that’s happened in the last year. It’s to the point that even if we are told the truth, it’s hard to trust that it is the truth. I think that has made everything infinitely worse on nearly every big topic. It’s hard to see a way forward when we don’t necessarily know the causes of so many major events.
  5. If they won’t wear an Apple Watch or similar device, you can get Alexa or similar to put in each room. Then he can just say “Alexa, call 911” or “Alexa, call (adult child or neighbor)”. Of course, that assumes he is still conscious.
  6. We bought 2 of these shoe storage organizers. Shoes used to be everywhere. We put this across from the bottom of our stairs, right by the front door. Now shoes go right in it when removed, instead of all over the floor. And I’m not constantly looking for my 4yo’s shoes. https://www.amazon.com/ClosetMaid-8983-Stackable-15-Unit-Organizer/dp/B002IT6E6A/ref=sr_1_10?crid=1EX6BAVMA44EB&dchild=1&keywords=shoe+organizer&qid=1610132130&sprefix=Shoe+%2Caps%2C192&sr=8-10
  7. We had a queen for many years and did fuss about space sometimes. We bought a king a few years ago with a memory foam mattress and it’s been so much better. Worth the upgrade.
  8. Following. Part of our ducts came apart under the house last winter. The guy who fixed it said it had mold in it. He tried to take pictures, but the lighting was bad, so I couldn’t see. (He was an older guy near retirement. I don’t know if he knew how to use the camera on his phone well.). He said ours are fiberglass, so they can’t be cleaned. Unfortunately, we can’t afford to replace them yet. I would love to know if there’s something we can do for them in the meantime.
  9. Have you tried teaching her to swallow pills by using something small like TicTacs? They don’t taste nasty, so if it doesn’t go down and starts to dissolve, it’s ok. And she can practice with several until she’s comfortable with it. Then try the pill again. That’s how I taught my oldest who absolutely did not want to swallow pills, but was past the age of liquid everything.
  10. I have been wanting to try IF again now that Christmas (with all its yummy treats) is over. I tried it before but I wasn’t very successful. I was fasting from about 6pm (whenever dinner was done) to 9am. I never was able to give up breakfast completely. I have never craved cereal so much! So even though I was fasting, I was still getting the same amount of calories. I didn’t gain weight, but I didn’t lose it either. I am thinking that I might do better if I eat cereal at or near lunchtime (usually 11am) and skip lunch.
  11. Giving her a break when you can would be a blessing to her. Take her out to lunch or dinner if her dh can stay with her mom. Offer to stay with her mom so she and her family can go out for a while. Even just going by and visiting with her would be good. Of course I’m assuming these can be done safely with COVID precautions. You could also order dinner to be delivered so she doesn’t have to cook occasionally.
  12. Buy a cottage on the beach and never leave it.
  13. Jambalaya. Buy the Zatarain’s mix. Cut up precooked, smoked sausage to cook with it. Top with shredded cheese if desired. Salsa chicken nachos. Put a couple chicken breasts in the crockpot (I use frozen without thawing). Mix together a jar of salsa, small container of sour cream, and a taco seasoning packet and pour it on the chicken. Cook on high about 4 hours. Shred chicken (it should be falling apart, so it doesn’t take long) and mix back in. Serve over tortilla chips, with optional shredded cheese. Seriously, if you are having health problems or not, there’s no shame
  14. How do you make burger bowls? Might be something my family would like.
  15. Agreeing with everyone. The thing that bugs me most is when people say you can do high school before lunch each day. No. High school is more like 5-6 hours, some days more. And sometimes you can’t make school fun. Sometimes your kids needs to suck it up and do the subjects they hate.
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