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  1. Are they not calling everyone who has appointments to tell them they are closed? My 2 older kids have ortho appointments in 3 weeks and I figured they would call and cancel and maybe attempt to reschedule.
  2. We go on neighborhood walks almost daily and/or play outside in our yard. The first week that things were starting to close, all three kids had eye appointments made months ago that we went to. My 3yo hasn’t been anywhere else since, except for a trip to pick up food in the drive-through. I’ve allowed my older kids to go get groceries once or twice, but I usually go alone. I have been going out every 3-4 days because there always seems to be something we need, like for more milk or a TP hunt. Dh was overseas until about a week ago and is on 14 day self quarantine mandated by his employer. He hasn’t been anywhere.
  3. Grocery stores here have been busy. Depending on when you go, you may or may not find everything you need. On the weekends, it looks like a going out of business sale with so many empty shelves. If you go during the week, they have most everything except paper products. They might not have your favorite brand, but they will have plenty. If you want TP or paper towels, you have to go early in the day. I went as senior shopping was ending a few days ago and was able to get a big pack of TP.
  4. I don’t know about other countries, but I feel like Americans will not put up with it for too long. Not to be Debi Downer, I foresee 1 of these scenarios playing out. 1. I think the new date of April 30 to continue staying at home is going to be about the limit. Americans in general don’t like being told what to do. There’s going to come a point where a lot of people say that is it, I’m going to go out regardless, because it’s my right to do so. 2. Too many people won’t be able to get the basic necessities they need, due to job loss or shortages. Looting and/or rioting takes place until the government is forced to reopen things. There’s no way this lasts much into May IMHO.
  5. I have seriously been tempted lately to get a goat. Besides the lawn problem I have flowerbeds overrun with English ivy. Nothing kills that stuff. I tried 2 rounds of roundup last spring and the nasty stuff just laughed at me.
  6. How would you go about using roundup on such a large area? Is there a middle ground between ripping it out by hand and massive amounts of chemicals?
  7. My oldest has complained before that the weeds don’t feel good when barefoot. Grass just makes it look so much more inviting.
  8. This is me. I have no idea what any of them are called.
  9. I have no idea what kind of grass we have. It’s not the kind that most people around here have that’s slower growing and turns very brown in the winter. I don’t like that kind, but I’d be happy with anything that was not weeds at this point.
  10. Our backyard is full of weeds. There is very little grass. I’ve done weed and feed on it before, but it didn’t do much. Part of the yard is very shady and part gets a lot of sun. We don’t have the money to pay someone to rip everything out and put down new sod. We are on a half-acre lot, so this is a lot of space. It has the potential to be a wonderful yard, but the weeds make us avoid it. What’s the best thing to do on a budget? We are in N AL if that makes a difference.
  11. We are doing regular schoolwork, but I’ve tried to work things out so they get at least an afternoon off a week. My 17yo’s closest friends live in other states, so I’ve allowed some extra chat time with them. 12yo ds has been playing extra Minecraft. We don’t normally allow play on servers, but some people we know set one up for kids during this extra at home time, so we are letting him play there. Not much has changed for my 3yo except that she’s not being dragged to all of her siblings’ activities.
  12. Go to church. Eat in a restaurant. Go shopping, even if I don’t buy anything. Go to the library.
  13. Not trying at home. Youngest is 3. If one of us gets it, we will all get it.
  14. I think proximity is a big factor. Right now 17yo dd is trying to decide between her dream school, that will cost $$ after scholarships that is 3 hours away and a very good local college she could live at home and go to for very little after scholarships. What she ends up doing is going to make a big impact on launching her into adulthood. If she’s 3hours away, she will be independent from us in her day to day life very quickly. If she’s still living here, it will take a lot more time.
  15. I keep hearing concerns about fresh fruits and vegetables during this time of coved-19 concern. Are you still buying and eating them, or are you only buying frozen or canned? How likely are you to be infected by fresh?
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