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  1. Following. I’ll be in the same situation in a few years. My kids are 16, 12, and 3. In some ways I’m looking forward to it being just me and littlest dd. Not having so many different activities and schedules to juggle sounds relaxing.
  2. I ordered some pants for ds the Sunday before Thanksgiving, in the store at a Old Navy because there was a good sale, but they didn’t have his size. I realize that Thanksgiving is a holiday, but UPS said I would have them by the end of the day Saturday. I was ok with that because ds needed them for Sunday. They got transferred to USPS eventually and didn’t arrive until Tuesday. I was a bit annoyed at the delay, especially because they said we would have them by Saturday. It’s not the end of the world, but it seems like there should be some consequence when they don’t do what they promised.
  3. Thanks for sharing. My celiac dd was wanting rolls this week also.
  4. The only actor I cannot take is Jim Carrey. I can’t stand the constant potty-humor. The only movie of his I like is The Truman Show, probably because it wasn’t all about stupid potty-humor.
  5. How difficult and messy is it to make caramels? That is one of the things my 16yo is interested in making. Do you wrap each individual piece, or is there a way to keep them from sticking?
  6. What is your favorite homemade holiday food treat to receive as a gift? We have a few couples we would like to give a small, homemade treat to as a Christmas/“thanks for all you do during the year” gift. We are tying to decide what to make this year and wondered what would be most appreciated. If you have a link to a favorite recipe, please include it. Thanks!
  7. It’s frustrating that those in the anti-vax camp keep saying that measles is not so bad. Tell that to the families of those 24 dead children. 😢
  8. For a fun mystery, how about The Escape Book? My 16yo is begging for it this year. It’s basically an escape room in a book.
  9. I’m surprised he didn’t have a bigger reaction to the dog food. My Celiac dd would been in the bathroom very sick with vomiting and diarrhea. She camps a couple times a year with AHG. We have been blessed with leaders who either were well-versed in GF foods/cooking or gave us the menu beforehand so I could send GF alternatives. I always send extra food. Something about being outside just makes you hungrier.
  10. DS (12yo) is in 7th grade. I’ve known he wasn’t super solid in math, but thought the repetition in Saxon would shore it up. I was wrong. I put him in Alg 1/2 (pre-algebra) this year. I’ve been making him take the tests. His grades are usually in the 60-65% range. I thought, wrongly again, that his grades would improve as he got used to the kind of math. He is mathematically minded, but the holes in his learning are holding him back. I’ve finally faced the fact that I’ve let him slip through the cracks and I need to fix it. I just don’t know how. I don’t know how to identify exactly what he needs to focus on. How can I determine what he’s got vs what he doesn’t? Any suggestions for curriculum or other resources do you suggest?
  11. Now we know. “Big Brother’s“ name is actually Google.
  12. If your dad ends up needing home health, adult daycare, specialized medical equipment, or other medical needs not covered by his insurance, check with the VA. They paid for so much for my dad in his last 2 years suffering with Parkinson’s. They also reimbursed my mom for his cremation they had prepaid for, as well as a memorial stone/marker at the local veterans cemetery (his ashes will be scattered, so nothing to bury).
  13. We saw this a lot when we lived in N VA. They are often males accompanied by a cute, but bundled up female. I always found them amusing.
  14. I love the look of Converse and had 2 pairs I wore all the time in high school. I want another pair, but every time I try them on, they are so uncomfortable. ☹️
  15. I love the sound of waves at the beach, but absolutely cannot sleep with it as my white noise. I will lay there listening for the next wave and never sleep. My preference is constantly moving water, like a babbling brook or waterfall.
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