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  1. Besides a lot of the things others have mentioned, I like a library with good events/special activities. One of the best my oldest attended was a class for 12-16 year olds on doing research at the library. It met once a week for 4 weeks. The person leading it taught them about all the different resources that were available, where to find them, and how to use them. It was geared mainly to homeschool students, but would be a benefit to any kids that age. Some others we like are a monthly LEGO club for 8-12 year olds, weekly preschool story time, and Harry Potter day (I think it was for Harry’s birthday).
  2. Um, everything? 😊 Seriously though, I have thought about this and I pretty much plan to keep everything I don’t hate. Of course with a 16yo and a 3yo, I hope to have grandkids before my youngest graduates in 15 years.
  3. I prefer the master upstairs because, in every 2 story house we looked at, if the master was downstairs, it opened to the living rom or other common area where everyone could easily see inside if the door wasn’t closed. I don’t want guests to see my unmade bed and clutter. I need more privacy for my bedroom.
  4. If it is confirmed to be Celiac Disease, besides new foods, there are some kitchen things that will need to be changed to avoid cross-contamination. To start with, you can’t use a toaster for regular and gf bread. My celiac dd has her own toaster, with “GF” written on it to avoid confusion when guests are here. No wooden cutting boards or wooden spoons, unless you have 2 so one can be only for GF. The porous nature of wooden kitchen items make it extremely hard to remove all gluten. if it turns out to be celiac disease, feel free to pm me if you have questions. My dd has been GF for 14 years.
  5. We've never limited time in their rooms, but they are there a lot. They chose to do most of their independent schoolwork there, mainly because it’s quiet. With an almost 3yo in the house, working in any common room would be difficult. Dd16 likes to read and write, so she spends a good chunk of her free time in her room. Ds11 craves anything with a screen (trying to limit it), so he doesn’t spend a ton of free time in his room.
  6. I’ve never heard of that. How does it work? Does it run continuously, do you turn it on every evening, or what?
  7. Unless you have tons of stuff or huge furniture, I would think 1600 sg ft would be fine. We lived in a 3 bed, 2.5 bath townhouse with 1450 sg ft for 4.5years with 2 young-ish kids. It was a little tight, but that was mainly because it was supposed to be a temp place, so we had lots of stuff we didn’t want to get rid of in anticipation of moving somewhere larger.
  8. If you don’t think he/she is anti-homeschool, I would try talking to his main special ed teacher. That’s the person who can probably give you the most info on how you can make things work out.
  9. The Betty Crocker GF brownie mix is good. My DH won’t touch any GF baked foods, except these brownies because they taste like “regular” brownies.
  10. Depending on the recipe, you could make regular lasagna, just with GF lasagna noodles. They are easier than the regular ones, because you don’t have to cook them before you assemble the lasagna. Put them in dry and they soften in the oven.
  11. You could make a roast with potatoes, carrots, etc. Just use single-ingredient seasonings, like onion powder, garlic, pepper, etc. You could make a gluten free cornbread to go with it or buy GF rolls (look in the frozen section at your grocery store).
  12. Ds11 has a 4 night cam in June. Dd16 has 2 back to back camps in July. While dd16 is gone, ds11 and dd3 have VBS at church. We will go to Dh’s parents’ for a few days while his far away brother’s family is there. I’d like to go see my brother and his family (there’s a new niece I want to hug on), but they are 9+ hours away. Trying to convince DH to make it into a vacation plus see family trip. I hope to spend some time with my nearby friends that I just don’t get to see when we are so busy during the school year.
  13. In my world the forgotten “to do” would be something like buy toilet paper. If something doesn’t make it on the list, it won’t happen. Sigh.
  14. Before I went to college, my mom took me to our local back and helped me get a checking account and a Visa card. She had to co-sign for it. She never used them, even though she could. It wasn’t tied to any of her other accounts. I didn’t use it a lot (especially since online shopping wasn’t a big thing yet😉). By the time I needed to do anything that would need a credit check, I had something, even if it wasn’t much, to show decent credit.
  15. I knew some of the correct story. Probably because I have lived much of my adult life in AL, some of it in Montgomery. There’s a woman I know who used to ride the bus in Montgomery at the time of the bus boycott. It’s a shame that we have not gotten a lot further in improving race relations since that time.
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