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  1. My dad’s first home was a lighthouse. His dad was the Coast Guard maintenance guy for it. We’ve driven by it, but unfortunately it was moved inland and is now a private residence, so we can’t tour it. I wish I could buy it.
  2. Please take your kids to trick or treat at this house. We need to know more about these people. 🎃😜
  3. I just thought of another thing our pest control guy did. He put a bait box outside by the A/C. For some reason, that’s often the area they enter from. Every time he comes for our quarterly service, he checks it and adds more bait if needed. Pets can’t get to the bait, so it’s safe to use around them.
  4. We have a farm behind us, which has led to several pest problems, including mice. We finally hired professionals to deal with them. The guy who came first used the awful sticky traps, but that didn’t do much. He came back with rat traps. He said sometimes that’s what it takes to catch them. If you need them gone quickly (mine were getting in the kitchen 🤢), rat traps might be worth getting.
  5. OK, educate me. How exactly did the electric grid cause the fires? If it’s that easy for it to spark a fire, I would think it would be a more common thing to hear of fires starting that way. Besides those with medical needs and those without A/C to stay cool, wouldn’t several days without power cause an economic problem? Wouldn’t businesses be closed, tourism and other industries shut down? What about people who can’t pay the bills because they can’t work? I would think the local and state governments would be upset about this. Or am I totally missing something?
  6. A 15 month old has a very short attention span. There’s no way that a toddler would sit there long enough for the baby to finish a bottle. Maybe the toddler “helps” a lot, but he/she is probably holding the bottle for very short time while a parent feeds the baby.
  7. My dh got the new one. The interest rate on it is very high. He wasn’t going to get it when he saw that, but if he got it, he was able to get a discount on his new iPhone. He plans to only use it for the discount if we have the money to pay it off right away.
  8. I’ll also say that Lifeprint is great. I haven’t tried it yet, but Rocket Languages has ASL. My dd is using their Spanish this year and so far it’s a good program. I know ASL would be different, but hopefully it would be a good program too.
  9. My kids have had taped up glasses sooooo many times! Sometimes for months until it was time to see the eye doctor and get a new pair.
  10. I’ve cooked them in the crockpot lots of times. You don’t have to completely thaw it, but you will have to do it enough to get the gravy packet out. My favorite way to cook it is putting a bit of salt and pepper on it, then cut up some apples and celery to put inside the cavity and around it in the pot. It always comes out super tender and flavorful.
  11. I’m short, but my oldest 2 are tall. Here’s my trick to get long enough jeans - buy the bootcut styles. When I took ds shopping for jeans a weeks ago, I wasn’t sure what to do. He’s too thin for men’s sizes, but too tall for the regular boy’s sizes. He’s been wearing a size 16 in shorts, but I knew the size 16 would be too short for jeans. I had him try on the size 16 in boot cut. He asked me to buy 2. Success! At least until the next growth spurt, which is probably scheduled for next week.
  12. This is the first time my dd has taken an AP class. She’s taking it through the Potter's School. We had to call for help with setting up her account because it wouldn’t take homeschool as a choice. Got that dealt with. She has a join code for the class. She was able to enter that to enroll in the class with CB. Now we are trying to figure out how to sign up to take the test. I finally found the page that listed schools near us that offer AP classes, but now what? Do you call the school and get permission to take it with them or can you just pick a place like signing up for the ACT? And what happens when it’s test time and they forgot dd was coming be it’s been 9 months since we talked? I feel so lost trying to figure this out and that deadline to sign up is not helping.
  13. A local news station did a story about milk prices in our area (N AL). Just comparing Walmarts, they found milk over $3 a gallon on one side of town and $1.20 on the other side. They gave the reason as greater competition in the area with cheaper milk. The one with cheaper milk has a Target, Kroger, and Andi within a few miles that sold cheaper milk. Without being from here, you might think one area was more ritzy than the other, but that’s not the case. They are very similar. Interestingly, the new Publix that opened half a mile from the cheaper Walmart several months ago is still selling milk for over $3 a gallon. It’s the closest grocery store to me and I refuse to shop there. We go through 4 gallons a week. I’m not paying that much.
  14. Lots of good advice here. I’ll add a few more. Vinegar - it must be distilled to be ok. BBQ sauce, ketchup, etc. need to be checked. Wooden spoons, cutting boards, etc. are a big no-no. Since they are so porous it’s nearly impossible to get all the gluten off of them. If you just can’t live without them, have one for gf and one not. Things that are hard to wash well, like waffle irons, get 1 for gf, 1 for not. Label them. Also label the peanut butter, jelly, spreadable butter, anything that you need 2 of to avoid contamination. It may help for a while to label everything that you buy. At least for a month or 2 until you and your family are better at avoiding cross-contamination and you know what is ok to eat.
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