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  1. In my county there are 3 separate public school systems. Near the end of the summer the heads of the 3 systems had a big news conference and announced that they had all agreed to do virtual school for all students for the entire 1sr 9 weeks of school. That would have put students going back in person mid-October. Every one of they started back in person by mid-September. I never did hear the reason, but I would guess that a lot of parents and students were pushing for it.
  2. We do $2 for the first tooth, and $1 for the rest. However, my older 2 both had “shark teeth” and ended up getting 4 baby teeth pulled to make room as their 1st lost teeth. So they got $8 the first time.
  3. I’ve always had thin hair, but it has gotten worse in the last few years. I tried one of the keratin shampoos and it did nothing. On a whim, and because it was on sale, I tried the Aussie mega volume shampoo. I noticed a difference the first time I used it. Dd17 used some on a trip and couldn’t believe how much thicker her hair felt. She’s not much of a girlie-girl, so I knew it was a significant difference. It’s the only kind we use now.
  4. Yes, this is the one connected to the Mayflower. I have her name and her parents’ names, but that as far back as I have right now.
  5. This is what I would do. A couple years ago we had squirrels in our attic. Took the pest control guy several visits to get them all out and patch up the hole so no more could get in. It was more than we could have handled on our own.
  6. The recommendation I’ve heard from health officials and universities is to leave the student at the university. As much as you want to be there to take care of your child, if all/most of the Covid positive students go home, that will greatly further the spread to other communities. I know some universities are doing a better job than others at caring for sick and quarantined students. Maybe talking to someone at the school will help you feel better about letting her stay if she’s sick.
  7. For some reason, I thought it was on you to prove you qualified for DAR. I will definitely look into their records. How far is from the American Revolution back to the Mayflower? How many generations? Is it possible that the Mayflower records, which I found to about 5 generations on several websites, will connect to a person who fought in the revolution?
  8. I know that my family’s genealogy can be traced back to the pilgrims on the Mayflower. A long-deceased great-grandmother in this genealogical path was a member of Daughters of the American Revolution. My mom had a book that had all the names back to the one who crossed on the Mayflower. She gave it to me years ago, but it got lost in a move. I would like have this info again, because I find it interesting, but I’m not sure where to start. Mom doesn’t remember the name of the person on the Mayflower (I sent her the passenger list). I don’t have time for major genealogy study. I’m not ev
  9. My dream house would be on the beach, with a big, covered back deck to watch the waves. I’d be content with a small cottage on the beach, but since we are dreaming, I also want a big library with plenty of comfy chairs. Also, my dream house comes with a chef and a housekeeper.
  10. My 17yo dd only uses her desk for occasion Zoom calls. She does her schoolwork and zoom chats with long distance friends from her bed. My 13yo ds works some on his bed and some at his desk, mainly because it’s easier for some of the computer based curriculum. They also have desk space in what is technically the formal dining room, but with a 4yo in the house, it’s not quiet enough.
  11. Just a warning to those using unglazed stoneware. They are not recommended for gluten-free cooking, unless you have dedicated gluten/gluten-free dishes. The problem is that gluten is sticky and it’s pretty much impossible to absolutely get it all out of stoneware, even if it looks clean. Same for wooden kitchen tools.
  12. Not a huge urban city, but Huntsville, AL has a lot of fun things to do, plus the US Space and Rocket Center. Since Covid happened, they haven’t had nearly as many for space camp, so they just announced new mission experiences. They are things you normally could only do if you were at space camp, but now anyone can come for the day to do them.
  13. Another vote for no. My parents let me watch Poltergeist as a kid. More than once. Much of it was terrifying to me at that young age, but I was not mature enough to understand that I really didn’t need to watch it. On our honeymoon, dh and I spent a day in Gatlinburg. Dh talked me into going to the big haunted house. Big waste of money. After the first room, I didn’t open my eyes until got to the end. I held onto dh and 2 20yo-ish girls who went through with us, held onto me. Never doing that again. Oddly enough, the ski lift up the mountain terrified dh, but I loved it.
  14. We are traveling out of state in a few weeks. Is there anywhere that you can get info on each state about Covid status for each state we’ll pass through? Things like mask orders, are restaurants (especially fast food) open for inside dining, etc. Something to save time instead trying to find the latest info on several state websites.
  15. I cook at lunch on Sunday, so my family knows that Sunday night is “whatever you can find.” There are plenty of choices, but I’m not making them.
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