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  1. I would send something. The kids will remember that your family sent a gift every year. That can make them be more willing to have a relationship with your family later. As a bonus, your sister may not even realize where you got her address from.
  2. I used to use Flonase and Zyrtec. When I was pregnant/nursing my doctor told me I could use nasocort (sp?). It was a game changer. My allergies always included a lot of post nasal drip. I could wake up at 2am and feel the post nasal drip starting to cause a sore throat. I would use the Nasocort, go back to sleep, and wake up with it all dried up. Flonase doesn’t do squat in comparison.
  3. OP, I am in full agreement on the dislike of Walmart. I hate going there. Also, it’s not always cheaper. Do you have a Kroger? I know you said you don’t want to deal with coupons, but with Kroger you can us their app or website to add e-coupons to your account. No paper to forget or lose. They have some that are exclusive to their curbside pickup or delivery that are really good. I haven’t used the delivery, but I have used the pickup several times and really liked it.
  4. I don’t know where all of you live, but it was in the news here in N AL back in the spring that the pollen and allergies would be much worse this year. Everyone has been fighting allergies. I think it may be getting better now that we are into summer months.
  5. Could he take the DA job in the old town, work there for a few years to gain experience, then look for a similar job in a better climate? Maybe if he sees it as temporary, he would be more receptive to the idea.
  6. If you like ebooks, check out They have many different genres, without the filth.
  7. I bought plane tickets once and didn’t realize until later that I had made a mistake typing my name. It wasn’t too far off, only 1 or 2 letters. I called the airline because I was worried about it. They said it wouldn’t be a problem. Thankfully it wasn’t.
  8. Don’t burn weeds if there is poison ivy! The bad stuff (I forget what it’s called) gets into the air and you can breathe it in. You do not want that in your lungs.
  9. Other. I prefer DVD’s. It’s just easier to open a cabinet and see what we have. However, Dh prefers digital. He usually is the one to buy movies, so anything bought in the last several years is from iTunes.
  10. Get the license plate if it happens again. I would have worried they were looking for a house or car to break into. If you or a neighbor have a break-in, that at least will give the police a suspect.
  11. Sorry for the sad topic, but I’m struggling to deal with this and could use some thoughts, especially from those who have experienced this. My dad is dying from Parkinson’s. He is in hospice care and getting worse quickly. My mom has already made arrangements for him to be cremated and plans to have his ashes scattered soon after. She has legit reasons for wanting this and, although it’s not my preference at all, it is what she needs. When he passes, the funeral home will take his body and we will have a memorial service at a church without the body. Because I live 6 hours away and can’t go without taking at least 2 of my kids, I probably will not be going there before he passes. I’m ok with that, except that I feel like the way my mom has things planned out, I will struggle with closure. I feel like I won’t get to say goodbye. I feel like it will be more like he went away or just disappeared from our lives. Have any of you dealt with this type of situation? How did you handle it?
  12. DH was traveling for work with some coworkers on 9/11, so I had no way to reach him. We got our first cell phone after that. I still have that phone number. DH got a new one when we got a 2nd phone. We moved several states away 10 years ago, then to another part of the state where we got the first phones. Never changed numbers. When dd and ds got phones, they got the same area code that we have, even though it’s not local.
  13. I don’t think it matters what your age is, the last few weeks of pregnancy are miserable! However, it was worse with my youngest and I was about the same age you are. I didn’t have restless legs, but I had a horrid time trying to sleep. Up nearly every hour like you. When baby was born, it was better, but with a baby who didn’t sleep well, I was still exhausted.
  14. Try They have all kinds of dresses and you can customize the length, neck, and sleeves to your liking. My dd (16yo) and I both have dresses from them that we love.
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