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  1. IIRC but could be wrong, isn't Williams on your list? If so, feel free to PM me re maths there. DD is at Williams.
  2. I think the problem would likely be in how many courses are being offered each term, and whether there are enough courses being offered so that time conflicts are minimised. One of mine is at a small liberal arts school and takes a language. Because the department is small, the courses she needs are only offered in one time slot each semester, making it easy for conflicts to arise with other classes. Also whether professors are going to be on leave -- if one of four is away for a semester or year, that's a significant percentage of the department. It might be worth checking also whether the professors are tenured and less likely to leave permanently. If you can look at the course catalog for the last few years, that should give you a sense of whether there will be enough classes offered at the level your DS needs.
  3. The following have an average of above 50 per cent receiving merit aid: Case Western, Creighton, Gustavus Adolphus College, Augustana, Clark, Grinnell, St. Olaf. Average merit aid is between 16K and 23K, but obviously an average doesn't really tell the whole story. Macalaster is around 40 per cent, with an average of 15K, and Carleton is 11 per cent, around 4.5K. Here's an interesting spreadsheet that lists this for you: If you're considering St. Andrew's, then I would suggest adding Edinburgh and if you really want cloudy and overcast and cheap but good, one of the university colleges in NL.
  4. saw

    "Getting a job" woes

    I'd be tempted to ask them why they refuse to recognize the value in unpaid labor, and whether they recognize the unduly disparate impact this rule has on women who are more likely to stay home to raise children? I would hint that this attitude is discriminatory. But then again I am grumpy today.
  5. saw

    Ivy League Interviews- What to Wear

    I interview for an Ivy and my kids have had Ivy interviews. I've seen kids dress quite casually and some formally. My own preference is in between, so a chinos and button-down shirt for DS and skirt/sweater or nice dress for DDs. As an interviewer, I like to see that the student is taking the interview seriously (and so like them to look neat and a little bit dressed up -- no jeans) but I would hate for a student to get too stressed about it.
  6. saw

    RA experiences?

    LOL ... DD just told me that the RAs get free jackets saying they're RAs. The jackets for this year just arrived this week, even though RAs have been doing their jobs since September.
  7. If hearing hasn't been tested (but if she's seeing a SLP I assume it has?), I would suggest checking that. One of mine displayed similar sorts of behaviour for a while, alongside significant unilateral hearing loss, and the ENT told us that some of the sensory-seeking behaviour (no personal space) was typical of some kids with hearing loss. Also OT.
  8. saw

    RA experiences?

    I have to say I haven't been thrilled by DD's experience as an RA -- it takes time, requires her to be responsible for a bunch of freshmen, and provides no financial or other compensation other than the cv value. The school is a full-need met school, so I imagine that's why the school won't pay, but it still seems wrong to me to expect this level of effort from a student on behalf of the school without compensation. I was absolutely livid when she was put into a tiny room with no closet, while freshmen around her had decent rooms. Also, she hasn't been able to room with friends and there's been a bit of friction in the RA group for her dorm, which has made the social experience fairly negative. Here's hoping the cv value makes it worth it.
  9. saw

    RA experiences?

    DD is an RA in a freshman dorm this year and, last year, was in an upperclassman dorm in a similar capacity. I think the RA has been a bit of a disappointment as it has involved a lot of training and takes quite a bit of time, but has limited upside. She's responsible for weekly meetings and for coordinating activities, which she likes generally. In terms of downside, she had to be on campus quite early in the school year, meaning that she had quite literally less than a week truly off from school over the summer, between classes, jobs and internships. There was a lot of training! There's no pay or any sort of discounted fees, so it's done just because you like it or because it looks good on your cv. Initially she didn't even get a decent room -- the room was tiny and didn't have a closet or a place to hang clothes (I made her complain and she got a decent room as a result). I think the view is that RAs at her school do quite a lot of work but don't get a lot of benefits for the work they do. I'm sure this varies considerably from school to school, though. One thing I was concerned about was liability for the freshmen, in terms of alcohol and drug use and so on, but RAs at her school at least have no liability for freshman bad behaviour.
  10. saw

    Does anyone know anything about Pre-med?

    DD1 is a premed junior at a college that has one of the highest rates of med school acceptance. She's majoring in comp lit, with minors in Chinese, chemistry and possibly classics. Apparently it if starts with a c, she'll major in it. The advice she's been given is that, in addition to doing well in premed classes, med schools like to see students who have studied social sciences/humanities and also like students who are proficient in languages such as Spanish and Chinese. She's done research and had an internship at a hospital. According to the premed advisor, she's on the right track. What I've gathered is that it is helpful to be at a school with a higher than average rate of acceptance to med school, good premed advising and opportunities for internships/research. Since DD1 is at the start of the process, however, probably best to check this advice with people who have btdt!
  11. There's also family surnames as first names. Elder DS has a surname for his first name, as do several other uncles/cousins. Its started a few generations ago when the mother's maiden name was given to her second son, and then the name became frequently used in our family. I've seen this naming convention elsewhere too.
  12. saw

    Pinewood derby help

    Is your goal to go for speed or design? DSs and I managed fine for a few years with a basic saw and a drill, but the goal was having the fastest not funkiest car.
  13. I'm impressed by your DCs who are getting in their applications! DS got his early in, and seems to have decided that there's absolutely not rush, whatsoever, and he can take his sweet time to complete the apps for the other 14 or so schools on his list. No rush. Plenty of time over the Christmas holidays. It's not even like he would definitely attend his early if he were accepted because he has a list of schools he would nonetheless apply to. His sisters have been telling him that this is a terrible approach; I've told him this. But he's at boarding school, school does pretty much zero to help other than send materials, and my ability to force him to sit down to do the apps is limited because of distance. But he'll be home this weekend ....
  14. You may have seen this already, but Cialfo does a web extension that pulls all the essay requirements for any college if you just type in the college name. We did a search then copy and paste for each college DS is applying to into a main document so they're all together. It's free and IME accurate. So much easier than going through the Common App or the college websites.
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