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  1. I hope to get a lot accomplished this weekend. Today's plans: Laundry Sheets Work in classroom-done Put in a grocery order Order MIL groceries as well Cook Stuffed bell pepper rings Clean the bathrooms Deep clean in the hallway Pay a bill Start cleaning out the file cabinet Grade papers and enter grades Clean the stove and oven racks
  2. Good morning! Out of school today for MLK day. I have a lot to do: Laundry-done Google Classroom Some school paperwork Cook-the freezer is nearly empty of frozen lunches-done- made 4 things Wash my hair Work on some deep cleaning in the hall Clean the bathrooms-done Clean the floors-done Pay a bill Start cleaning out the file cabinet Work outside if it warms up enough Work in my son's room Work in my room Start deep cleaning the car Call my parents-done Make a grocery order-done
  3. I move a lot during sleep and also before going to sleep.
  4. Not goofy, but sobering. My uncle used to say when you put your boots on in the morning, you don't know who's going to pull them off that night.
  5. I can't wait to be able to go shopping and go out to eat. Also, a trip to the beach when I don't have to bring all the food from home and eat every meal in the cottage. I really look forward to dh and i both getting the vaccine.
  6. We will probably go to the beach, rent a cottage or somewhere we can do our own cooking. We will probably take all our food with us, as there is one store on the island and it is always busy. I will probably be vaccinated by then, but dh may not be.
  7. I found out last night that a cousin of mine passed away mid December from strokes related to covid. She was in her 60s I think.
  8. Very glad to see you back and in a better place. You have been missed.
  9. Good morning! I hope to get a lot done today. Here's the plan: Change the sheets Exercise More coffee Some shredding Clean bathrooms Cook several meals-the freezer is looking bare Clean the floors-outsourced to ds Put up weekly lessons in google classroom I know there is more, I just cannot remember it.
  10. We don't get a choice. Guidelines are put into place by the PTB.
  11. So, do I just go to youtube and start exercising with the videos there, or what? How do I actually get started?
  12. Praying for your daughter and the other HCW.
  13. I like to cook several pounds of ground beef at a time in my soup pot. I put about 2 cups of water in the bottom to keep it from sticking. Drain it when browned and freeze in a gallon ziploc. When I need ground beef for any meal, I just microwave until I can break off a big enough piece for what I need. The whole bag doesn't thaw and I've never had any ill effects from doing this. I know some people prefer to put it in smaller bags and use the whole thing at once, but the gallons work better for me. For cooked chicken, I boil and de-bone 2 chickens, and put the meat in a gallon bag, usin
  14. Happy New Year!! Here's hoping it's a better year. So far today I have had some coffee, put up math and science lessons on Google Classroom for next week (I have some worksheets to scan and upload, but they aren't available right now.),and folded clothes. Now I need to: Finish coffee Organize in two bedrooms Continue wall prep for painting Continue deep cleaning hallway Finish cleaning bathrooms Exercise
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