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  1. There is, and I haven't filled it out yet because I didn't want to write something I would regret. I will probably go to the website tomorrow and fill it out. Thanks to you and your dh for understanding.
  2. I do sing in class-I even dance along with Jack Hartmann. But being made to do it with my peers listening as punishment was over the line.
  3. Best wishes to you and quick healing to your Dh.
  4. I'm a first grade teacher, and today was Professional Development. It was on Zoom, and the afternoon session was a different Zoom session. I started trying to get online about 5 minutes before time to start and the computer message read "Class has not started-page refreshes every 5 seconds" or something like that. I watched the page refresh and finally decided to try a new tab. This time I was able to get in and get Zoom going. When it started up, I heard a teacher singing the first part of "The Wheels on the Bus". Then the instructor started in on me about being late, and that I would have to
  5. I have the same problem and no answers.
  6. My parents, my sister, her son, and his family. That's it.
  7. Church AM and PM Declutter and organize some Grocery pickup for MIL Work in classroom No cooking today-I cooked a ton yesterday
  8. I've already been to the school and worked in my classroom and bought some groceries. Part of my order didn't go through, so I still need to order more. Also order MIL groceries. Cook
  9. Looks like he is cooking after all. Which one of you called him and chewed him out?
  10. I have another-I need to lose weight in the worst kind of way. I have lost 14 pounds, but in the last week or two I have really struggled. Well, struggled is not the right word. I have given in to temptation too many times. Today I stopped at Albertson's to buy salads for lunches and picked up ice cream treats to eat on the way home. Two Packages. I ate one package and part of the second, but managed to throw away the biggest portion of the second package. Why do I sabotage myself like this????
  11. I'm embarrassed to say that my son is lazy. I know he is looking for a job, but I need a little more help around here. He was supposed to cook dinner for dh tonight, but he is "so sleepy". I'm pretty fed up. How did I end up with a lazy kid?
  12. Church AM and PM Work in classrooms Grocery pickup for MIL
  13. I got a job teaching first grade, and I love it. I am finally working with a team, and I like it a lot better than my other teaching positions. Ds graduated from college. I have started losing weight. Fourteen pounds off!! These are three huge things to me. Thanks OP, I really needed to look on the bright side.
  14. Work in my classroom, both physical and virtual. Cook Laundry Shave. My. Legs.
  15. I like to add a little horseradish to potato salad and deviled eggs.
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