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  1. I just finished Edenbrook, and will start America Offline (1-4) today.
  2. Good morning!! I've been out of town-my parents were both taken to the hospital with pneumonia on Monday. I came home today for a short break and to be with dh, and will be going back tomorrow to stay the weekend with them. Plans today: Bible and prayer exercise download an audible book-done laundry-done cook go to mil's house to get out what I want-someone signed a contract to buy it-done groceries-done mail and shred deposit some checks-done maybe weed in the flower garden-it's beautiful out there today get my suitcase organized-done
  3. Good morning! Napped yesterday, so there are some repeats today. Plans include: coffee doctor appt take care of some business at the credit union groceries cook laundry finish kitchen floor find the paint for front door call parents and ds exercise read Bible and prayer clean out school bag
  4. Good morning, everyone!! Supposed to rain most of the day here. Plans include: laundry-done finish cleaning and waxing the kitchen floor read exercise coffee-done church-done cook -done mail and shred list an item for sale-done call my parents-done clean out my school bag clean out dh's car
  5. We aren't into Super Bowl, but tomorrow we are having pancit and spring rolls from a friend from the Phillipines. Can't wait.
  6. Good morning, tackling friends!! It's supposed to rain all weekend here, but there's plenty to do inside!! call my parents and text ds-done laundry-done clean a free standing cabinet we brought from mil's house-done deep clean and wax the kitchen floor download a Kindle book and read or go to the library clean out the refrigerator-done Bible and prayer exercise cook (pork chops) list something for sale-done clean the bathrooms-done shower/wash hair/moisturize
  7. Probably won't do a lot tonight, but I just wanted to join in to say I'm on Winter Break, so let the cleaning, cooking, and resting begin.
  8. Yes, and when you add in all the over contract hours and the atrocious behavior, it really becomes nearly unbearable.
  9. Trust me, teachers in non tested grades who don't receive the bonuses think it's unfair as well, especially when we see the big checks on FB of our fellow teachers-sometimes over $10,000 each. Stuff like this is why teachers are leaving.
  10. Good morning!! Today will mostly be doing what I didn't get done yesterday. church-done coffee-done stop at the store and pick up tortillas for tomorrow-done check on my parents-done-they are both sick-I sent a walmart order to them, and didn't have to talk him into it work on the kitchen floor clean and move a piece of furniture in the kitchen laundry clean out the refrigerator read exercise clean the kitchen mail and shred
  11. @mom31257I'm so sorry. I hope you are able to do something today that brings sweet memories of your mother.
  12. Lots to do here today. It's supposed to rain all weekend, so most of my work will be inside. coffee-done some schoolwork-done Amazon order-done shower and moisturize Bible/prayer read clean the bathrooms-done laundry find something quick to cook Monday-done decided on tacos list some things for sale-done wegovy shot-done exercise clean the kitchen-done deep clean the kitchen floor work on the back porch -done go through a box dh brought from mil's house-done talk dh into changing a Dr appt so I can go with him clean out my purse-done fill rx bottle-done
  13. I am not familiar with All toilet paper, but I am from a Georgia Pacific paper mill town and Angel Soft is made from pine.
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