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  1. Good morning everyone. Today's plan: Continue coffee Finish time log and phone log for principal-😞 Send the above to the principal Protein breakfast Read The Fatburn Fix Dust Buy the paint for the exterior doors Continue deep clean in kitchen Weed a wheelbarrow load Bible study tonight Menu planning-yay more cooking Text ds Whatever else gets done
  2. I'm in love with this thread, and it comes at a good time. Let the indulgencing begin.
  3. Supposed to rain again today. My plan for today: Exercise-done Weed between rainstorms-done Dinner (hamburgers)-done Dust furniture Laundry Burn some boxes-done Clean the floors under furniture Continue deep cleaning kitchen-done Read Fatburn book-done Plant pineapple top that I hope has rooted enough Nightly devotions and maybe zoom Bible study
  4. The sun is shining right now, but it's supposed to storm. Today I need to: continue coffee and eat breakfast/lunch-done figure out dinner-breakfast for dinner -done send thank you letter-done email my principal-done call my parents-done clean floors-done dust read Fatburn book-done exercise-done start prepping door finish unpacking from visiting parents-done put in a grocery order-done
  5. Small town in Texas here and I am seeing fewer masks all the time. I am one of two people who have a mask on at school.
  6. Good morning, everyone. It's a beautiful sunny day. My plans: More coffee-done Pack for weekend visit to parents. Cook for dh who will stay here and work. Beans/ham are cooking now, I will make a chicken casserole, and put together a couple meal type salads. I already have quite a few leftovers, but he takes 3/4 bowls of food for a 12 hour shift. Sigh...good thing I like to cook. Clean the floors Finish school work-done Send a thank you for yesterday's interview Kitchen deep clean Whatever else gets done
  7. Good morning all. My plans for today: Interview for a job-done Call parents and my sister Take food to mil-done Dinner? Clean floors Finish some school work Weed Clean bathrooms Pick up prescriptions-done Exercise-done Deep clean in kitchen-did a little
  8. I have to go to the school today. I will be grading papers all day. After 3- cook dinner clean floors hopefully talk to a friend that had surgery clean bathrooms dust fold laundry read
  9. AM church-done PM church Wash my new canisters-still on the porch Read Exercise Weed Cook dinner
  10. We had a pretty bad rainstorm and a tornado touched down not far away. No one hurt I don't think. We have hummingbirds and bluebirds-I always enjoy watching them. Dh and I at lunch and dinner out on the front porch. A couple kids live next door and I heard them a few times.
  11. Good morning everyone. It's supposed to start raining here in a little while. My plans for today: coffee/breakfast-done plan dinner-done work on online job applications (write a cover letter-ugh)-done call parents of students who didn't turn in work yesterday-done Honestly, if I get this done, I will be happy. Those job applications are staring me in the face.
  12. Good morning everyone. Not supposed to rain today as I originally thought. Today I plan to: exercise weed clean the floors salmon for dinner dust the furniture laundry read apply for more jobs
  13. Call parents about packet and chromebook return-done Interview for teaching position-done Get documents ready for interview-done Cook dinner-maybe pancakes-done Weed Exercise Prepare exterior door for painting What else?
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