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  1. Question for those who shred a lot of stuff-do you find your shredder lasts longer if you break up the shredding over several days. Like shred a certain number of pieces per day? I would love to join you all, but it will have to wait til summer.
  2. I would urge you to have allergy testing. When I keep my allergies under control, I do not get sinus infections-honestly have not had one in years.
  3. I spent a good while vegging this morning, but I just came off an eight day straight work binge. I told dh that the answer to any question that begins with the words, "Do you want to go..." is No. change the sheets-done put away Christmas-done meal plan-done reboot dishwasher-done cook dinner-done clean the bathrooms-will move to tomorrow exercise clean the floors-will move to tomorrow work on mail-done I'm sure there's more
  4. (((Scarlett's friend))) my heart aches for her I am having good results from Taltz. I hope she can find help.
  5. Basically, I just want a step counter with a good battery. It needs to sync with an android 7.0. Wait, will my phone do this for me?
  6. I don't need bells and whistles, just an activity tracker. Do you have one you love?
  7. I'm glad you posted this-I was just thinking about checking into Fitbit to motivate my movement. What other choices are available?
  8. I teach 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade math and reading, and my degree is in General Studies. I'm certified to teach PreK through 6th grade in Texas, as well as Special Education 1-12.
  9. I do not assign homework for my students at all. I teach math and reading resource and my students would never get the work brought back. I've tried it and it just doesn't work. As for teachers working over breaks-oh yes, as well as many weekends throughout the year.
  10. Best of luck to you-prayers and hugs
  11. Call my mom for her birthday Clean the bathrooms Clean the floors Work in my classroom Fill up car with gas Dollar Store with coupon Rueben soup for dinner
  12. I have had neither a pedicure or manicure-also in my fifties. I have heard of people our age getting them though.
  13. My word for the year is Restore. Specifics goals are daily devotions, healthy eating, and exercise. I also love the idea of 52 challenges. I work over a lot in my classroom, but some of the challenges could involve my time there. I am putting things in place so that hopefully I won't spend as much time there next year.
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