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  1. I hope to get a lot done today. So far, i've had coffee, finished cleaning the bathrooms, and caught up on laundry, did some shredding. The rest of the day, I hope to: Clean the floors Dust Do a lot of work on the flower garden Cook A little shopping Bank statement Whittle down a pile of paper-there were several piles that I combined Take care of the mail Lesson plans posted
  2. His doctor recommended the vaccine, but with new information appearing almost daily, his doctor may not have been aware of the lack of good protection. We will discuss it with him at the next visit. I We may have to continue the vigilance. If we have to-then we will. I just wish more people would get vaccinated. We live on the border of two counties-one is 17% vaxxed and the other is 6%.
  3. Dh has CLL and I noticed that he didn't have much response to the vaccine. I was sick with both doses. He ran a little fever with the first dose, none at all with the second dose.
  4. Perimeter for parameter Filth for fifth Aymazon for Amazon Salmon for sammon birfday for birthday Speaking of syllables-my mother can say the word "Bye" with 2 syllables. LOL
  5. Not long ago, I was in the teacher's lounge lamenting that the Keurig wasn't working. When I got back to my classroom and opened up Facebook, there was an ad for a Keurig. The weird thing is that I didn't have my phone with me in the lounge.
  6. I love Fit Flops-I wear them year round.
  7. Good morning everyone!! I didn't finish yesterday's plan either, mom31257. So today's plan is as follows: More coffee-done Church AM-done Church PM-about to leave Go by the school to pick up some math work-the lesson plans I have do not really make sense without seeing the book-done Finish posting next week's work to Google Classroom Clean the floors Go through the mail/shred Work outside-done Get a few groceries -done Make assembly line salads-done Wash masks Cook-done
  8. Good morning. The sun is shining, and I think the rain has passed through. I slept in this morning, and I'm just now on my first cup of coffee. Today's plan include: Coffee-done Order Mother's Day gift Clean the floors Clean the bathrooms-done Cook- fried chicken wings-done Work outside-done Wash the sheets and remake the beds Go through the mail Shred-done Get caught up on noom Grade papers-done Put next week's work in Google Classroom Transport grades from Classroom-done
  9. I'm another old timer from when the board flipped, but I can't remember if I posted then or just lurked. I learned about WTM through VegSource. I learned about VS through a fellow homeschooler who used it to buy curricula. If just one of those pieces had not fallen into place, I might never have found this wonderful place and all you wonderful people. I started homeschooling Ds when he was around 8. He went to a Christian school some in the high school years and has now graduated from college with a degree in Computer Information Systems. I used to spend a lot of time on some of the other
  10. Always use my finger for moisturizing my face. Also to apply my psoriasis cream.
  11. Texas Proud-I am in the same situation as you in that my friends will for the most part not be vaccinating. Dh has had one shot, I have had both. After Dh has had both, I will start doing some of the things I haven't done in over a year. And I would love to come to the Shakespeare Festival. Dh and I have been several times and love it.
  12. It sounds as though many board members have knowledge that hopefully will allay your fears. I hope you have peace until you get a definite answer.
  13. That's great-i want to look into it again.
  14. My prayers go out to each of you, Amy and The Reader!! I hope you both have a good day! Today's plans will be working inside because it's supposed to rain all day. I have so much more to do in the flower bed, but it can't be helped. I was glad to visit family-they're much more important. Today's plan: Cook dinner-canned venison/potatoes and other veg. More coffee and maybe a nap Put away the luggage Continue working on mail, shredding, one bedroom, and file cabinet Possibly put the primer coat on one wall Wipe down some cabinets Google Classroom
  15. Good morning!! Today I have had some coffee, ate some toast, and washed a load of clothes. Plans for today include: Pack for trip to visit family-done, I think Continue weeding/working in flower garden-have to keep coming inside to rest Take pictures to show my parents and sister-done Take a picture of the black hose Dh installed in the flower bed as a downspout so my sister can help me brainstorm how to hide it-done More coffee-done Finish the laundry-done Work in bedroom-done and I found my tray decorations that have been missing since after Christmas
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