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  1. Good morning everyone!! I have already: Dusted Had a cup of coffee Cooked breakfast and prepared lunch for DH Emptied the dishwasher Still to do: More coffee Brunch-I am trying intermittent fasting/bulletproof coffee Plan dinner Work in bedroom Work in kitchen Make some phone calls-my insurance, FIL insurance, MIL Continue going through the mail School videos- I was going through them without any trouble, but the Bullying one always stumps me, so I need to go back through it so I can pass the test Check on the amazon account for expired card Laundry Go buy a shower curtain liner that I forgot a couple days ago Whatever else gets done!!
  2. Now I know why my psoriasis cleared up when I had Covid.
  3. I use The New York Times They used to print total cases, but now it's new cases per day.
  4. Thanks everyone!! I was able to get some up with water, dish soap, and a scrubby. There are drops and smears. The drops, I can just pick off with my fingernail. I can't wait to try these suggestions as well.
  5. I've been using water based paint in my bedroom, and even though I've tried to be careful, I have some to clean off the floor? What works to get it off? The floor is vinyl planks.
  6. Good morning everyone!! Today's plan: Coffee-done Mammogram-done Work on the bedroom-done Pick up some groceries-done Make tuna salad for lunch Make salads Dinner-pork chops maybe-done Make some phone calls for MIL (FIL law passed away Tuesday, so taking care of business)-done Work in kitchen Clean the floors Buy a new shower curtain liner Whatever I am forgetting
  7. My mom had both eyes done this summer. She had a little trouble with the IV for the second one, but no trouble from the surgeries at all.
  8. Yes, I have wondered as well. Take care, Dreamergirl.
  9. Good morning everyone!! Today's plan: Make phone calls Work in bedroom More coffee and maybe a short nap Clean the floors Clean the bathrooms Laundry Check on father in law Whatever else gets done
  10. Good morning everyone!! Today's plan: More coffee-done Breakfast-done Several hours of professional development-done Work in bedroom-hopefully while professional development is going on (virtual math conference)-done Work in kitchen-done Clean the floors Clean the bathrooms Cook dinner if DS doesn't-done Shop for new clothes, shoes, and hair accessories-done Reschedule my mammogram Pay the trash bill
  11. Two from my uncle who has passed on- he was as country as cornbread. "When a man puts his boots on of a morning, he don't ever know who's going to take them off at night." His wife was a great cook and made awesome biscuits. Uncle would say, "A man that wants toast, don't want much."
  12. @ScoutSo sorry for your struggles and glad you are seeing a counselor. @mom31257Safe travels Got home from vacation yesterday evening and have laundry almost done. Today's plan: Church AM-done Church PM Set up some PD stuff on the computer-online conference starts tomorrow-done Finish laundry-done Continue to work on Edu training modules so I won't have to do them instead of getting my classroom ready Cook two meal I need to eat breakfast -done More coffee-done Work in bedroom Work in kitchen Clean the floors Call the hotel we stayed in to see if they found the items I left
  13. @mom31257Happy Travels- enjoy the lake house!!
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