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  1. I am praying for you, Margaret. Morning meds, Breakfast, coffee, figure out my life ( that means figure out how to manage getting better when my rheumatologist told me I am living with just my nose above water, not even threading water and that really is the truth. And I am so tired) And I have to do it quickly since it is benefit choosing time. Hunt down elusive, incompetent neurologist special scheduler (which probably means getting out in this frigid cold) get an ice scraper call doctors, coumadin clinic, dentist, check lab results, call all sorts of service people pay lawn man take midday meds RELAX go to Wed night poker/apocrypha/Bible study group dinner at home call my dh who is on a trip until late Friday night
  2. HI all. Get dressed and ready to go in 30 minutes including non eating meds Drive to Starbucks for breakfast takeout and coffee Drive or be driven to Nashville and monitor weather and traffic Go to doctor's appointment Visit something? We visited the Frist- Eric Carle exhibition, Native American women artists (with works from hundreds of years ago to current, and a small exhibit of 2 Brazilian twin artists Lunch somewhere (probably Sopapillas because my son wants that) Keep in contact with youngest who probably suffered a stress fracture from walking too much (She is feeling better) Drive home or be driven home (this is most likely) take daughter to orthopedic clinic if she hasn't been and we are on time to do it DIDN;t Need this, Yeah dinner. ????? watch series with family or by myself
  3. We never host that many. At most, we have had seven, I believe. But because we have small numbers, we still buy 12-14- 16 pound turkeys.
  4. Yes, this. Keep yourself safe and your family. We usually have much less fire problem here since our average rainfall is around 140 cm. That means that things grow very fast and there is a lot of vegetation.. But then we get drought years or seasons and we also get high winds at times and then careless or criminal people.
  5. We do not start any kind of Christmas decorating until after Thanksgiving. We get trees rather late---- I hope this year we can get a freshly cut one from a Christmas Tree Farm around here. But we decorate with Poinsettias and other Christmas decorations earlier.
  6. I got my kids checking accounts even before they had jobs so that they could gave debit cards and pay for stuff without me squats having be there. My oldest still has a joint savings with me, my middle has s checking account with me and my youngest has both with me. Since mine are all grown ups now, they all have there own separate accounts too but this is still the easiest way for us to pay each other for expenses.
  7. This just made me laugh so hard. I don;t usually say it but I sure know what you mean I think the divide between ADHD and ASD can be blurry at times. I am an analytical ADHD person and not ASD because I do read people well, if I am paying attention, that is. I have looked at the requirements and I do not fit them. But I can definitely relate to being oneself.
  8. I did this test some time ago and got a high score, though I don't recall what exactly it was. I have brain fog issues now so I was surprised I still did well at this.
  9. I can visualize but find it a completely ineffective exercise anyway when someone else is telling me to do it.
  10. Breakfast, coffee, meds (done) Go to pulmonologist appointment do laundry take care of pets
  11. Yes, I met a woman who was diagnosed in her 30's.
  12. I had not heard about that one. My family had a short vacation years ago that included Porto Penasco. I am horrified and have known in general what is happening.
  13. We just got back from a cruise from England that had a number of special needs people on it--- people like your children along with lots of independent people traveling that used wheelchairs, scooters, canes, were blind, etc. Everyone seemed to have a good time.
  14. I do think the effect was different with younger people. I was younger when I read it but it didn't affect me as much as two other things--- The Mad magazine poster of a heroin junkie I saw as a young kid (and so did my dh. We both had older sibling(s) who got Mad Magazine). And then "THat was Then, This is Now" which was an admittedly fictional book.
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