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  1. My R Gov said that people don't have common sense and that she blames the unvaccinated for our surge. ANd she urged people to get vaccinated. This was yesterday.
  2. Local news where we get info from our local hospitals.
  3. The SEC said this too= college games.
  4. I had one doctor bug me about my dd1s weight. Told me I had to put cream in cereal, change what juice she drank etc. She was at 10% weight and at 75% height. Well she was born weighing little (as were all three of mine) and she remained skinny for years as did all three. So was I until after my second child when I started going on steroids more regularly. I decided not to worry about it and other doctors didn't care either because she did grow and didn't go down much in weight percentage.
  5. When I was looking over the terms, it said that sports can be blacked out regionally, etc.
  6. I know my dh never, ever uses his work phone for anything except work- or stupid texts from workers.
  7. Oh I have had those problems. I need to remember to go to the store with dh next time so I can get cleaning and laundry supplies. He does well with getting extra food but never gets extra or even regular cleaning stuff.
  8. Well my privacy disappeared when my civil service record and my dh's was hacked twice by a foreign government and since that included my ss number, birthdate, birthplace, etc, that govt could have found out lots about me.
  9. Look, this is a church that won't let most of the priest get married. (Exception is Eastern Catholic priests who can get married but can't become bishops). I don't know but being on Grinder is sort of being on Tinder for hetrosexuals and I don't like anyone I know being on either.
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