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  1. Get everyone involved. I was in the hospital for 7 days in mid March and that was bad enough for early morning waking. I got released to home and home health. Can you bd released to home and home health?
  2. Hi all! Done Cleaned and re bandaged smaller wound Ordered a lot of things on Amazon Watched 2 church services Talked w dd2 To do Figure out dinner Maybe photograph last remaining clothes to give away Get caught up w medical emails and downloads Maybe taxes
  3. I thought what Katy said is exactly what you should do
  4. Good morning! We had or are having the same storms here. I just woke up st 7:45 and have s headache, which is rare for me nowadays. Work on taxes Virtual seminars on AS Go to orchestra playing Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band. I hope my headache goes away soon or at least before tomorrow. I get my second vaccine shot tomorrow.
  5. When dh put the winter comforter into the dry cleaners, he responded to when does he need it - he said, next fall. The owner gave him a ticket that it would be ready this last Wednesday. We went there today and it wasn;t ready. Still haven't figured out dinner. We have to go to Publix to turn in and get my prescription and pick up the one they called in so we can buy dinner there.
  6. Good morning! Put away laundry that is done Start rest of my laundry and dry it Home Health Nurse visit Coumadin Clinic visit Pick up Dry Cleaned winter comforter Pick up hold book at library Pick up prescriptions at doctor;s or have an appt there Figure out dinner
  7. It doesn't make any difference to me. People also called me Red, M (my real name is M Christina) and also my dh called ( calls) me Tina too. I just don't like Chrissy or Christy=I would not respond to those. And the Tina that my dh called (calls?), I never even noticed for the longest time.
  8. Sorted laundry and will have dh take downstairs after dinner- then I will pre-spray the top clothes that are stained and wash all the clothes/ Eat leftovers for dinner and add veggie to it go outside for a bit work on taxes for an hour tonight read Outliers
  9. About the rheumatologist visit, there was both good news and not so good news. She has left her cell phone number with my wound doctor and wants to hear whether a) he thinks I have any infection (he told us on Tuesday that I didn't but she wants word from him and b) whether he saw any evidence of vasculitis or another autoimmune skin. As long as the answer to a) is no, she will start me back on more of my arthritis medications. If answer to b is yes, she will do more aggressive treatment like also increasing steroids. If answer to b is no, we will start back but she will want the wound doc
  10. Day has gone much better Speech clinic Bible Study done Lunch done Sort of good visit with my rheumatologist - will explain later Now counseling
  11. Well, it hasn't started well. I used 7 test strips and still didn't get my INR.. I have a call in to coumadin clinic as to what now? I assume an appt but what about testing at home? (They just called, appt tomorrow afternoon and I am supposed to bring equipment) Finish putting away clothes If I ever feel better, start normal laundry Decide on dinner plans Work on taxes I never seem to have time to get to ?
  12. what are you referring to on this board? People who have relatives or neighbors who are Q followers or ????
  13. I hope you have a really nice trip to Chattanooga, Amy, Done home visit with OT for evaluation called nurse advocate to help with confusion over Ot and PT insurance stuff Quarantine Book club to do Eat lunch Nurse will come and change bandages prep for dinner- figure it out hang up and put away all those clothes, I didn\t do it yesterday Find who sells sterlite containers with green tops (I have some of these and they are the right size and I need more) Work on taxes Dinner Chronic Illness Support Group onlin watch somethin
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