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  1. TravelingChris

    What is wrong with people? :::rant::: But justified.

    We have never taken home anything And we do stay in nice places. The last place we stayed in had Christmas decorations (it was in earlier Dec). I can't even think how that would be okay at all. We have stayed at a lot of places. Some places did have prices up for things if they were taken. I had no desire ever to take anything and even if there was something l liked and wanted, so what? It isn;t mine to take.
  2. TravelingChris

    Weather Whine - feel free to join in

    Gloomy once again. It has been cloudy or rainy the entire winter and I am tired of the dark Not that I would appreciate the heat without a/c or snow or extreme cold in some of the other places mentioned here, though, either.
  3. TravelingChris

    Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

    I am late checking in here. It is another miserable rainy day and very dark. And yes, I did my full light spectrum already but still feel crummy (I am one of the arthritic people (RA) who does feel awful with rain usually). morning meds breakfast lunch and midday meds cook dinner maybe do a load of laundry in late afternoon talk to dh about cruise and then call AAA continue figuring out how much dd will need to pay in taxes and self employment tax
  4. TravelingChris

    homeschool retirement

    Well for me, so far there is nothing. My health is not good and until it gets better, I cannot be doing what I wanted to be doing which is volunteering for lots of organizations (or even one at this point).
  5. TravelingChris

    Opinions/Experiences with Singulair: Update last post

    I have GAD and am on Singulair for asthma. No side effects at all for me.
  6. TravelingChris

    Dr Hive, this is reasonable, yes ?

    Oh I am so sorry, Stella
  7. I have experience moving from low cost to high cost several times and with the worse case, have not had housing costs. (Military). But almost everything else cost much more, including groceries, kid's activities, taxes, car insurance, gas costs, clothing (that was one I didn't expect), etc, etc. It was difficult at that time. When we did the move from low cost to high cost in 2009, it was less problematic since my dh made do much more money by then. Currently my youngest goes to school in a slightly higher cost city (Memphis). She says the food costs are higher, movies cost more and yes, clothing does too.
  8. TravelingChris

    Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

    Good morning breakfast (done) medicines (done) gas the complimentary car (done) pick up my car (done) return library book (done) Prescriptions and groceries (done kinda) PT (doing) lunch or at least a snack wait for ADT pack plan weekend trip make dinner do second set of exercises
  9. I am one who doesn't approve of my congressman and voted for his opponent in the primary. One of the main contentions that the primary opponent stressed was how the current congressman relishes government shutdowns.
  10. TravelingChris

    Curious-where do you donate your stuff?

    Purple Heart takes donations from my porch- if I remember to put them out there. They take magazines, too. Other times, I take to Salvation Army (I don't have a problem with them and easiest drop off with receipt/). Salvation Army also picks up furniture. Winter coats I give to a local feeding station/ food give away group that also gives away winter coats and gear. Once the library was collecting coats, socks, etc for the homeless who take advantage of the library and then we donated there.
  11. TravelingChris

    Why do people make comments about other’s weight?

    I was flustered last time someone noticed I lost weight. People were complimenting me but I lose weight due to illness and I gain due to medications. I only compliment someone who I know is trying to lose weight.
  12. TravelingChris

    They Shall Not Grow Old movie - rating/age?

    Yes, dh and I just saw it too. Very powerful movie. We stayed for the after-section too.
  13. I do since we do itemize and will still itemize.
  14. TravelingChris

    Can I take Christmas down tomorrow?

    Normally, I leave it on until Jan 6, since that is the 12th day of Christmas. But go ahead since you are moving.
  15. TravelingChris

    Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

    Morning Meds PT eval appointment Get book from Church Laundry - almost done- need to take out of dryer return library book (not done- drove to base and had to turn around in BK lot because I realized I had no book in car) They Shall Not Grow Old ADT setup furniture problems hotel reservation cruise discussion make dinner watch Isle of Dogs (again) or Man in the High Castle
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