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  1. Not just the elderly. Those of us with arthritis in our feet are also afraid of dogs knocking us over.
  2. This is my story too. My youngest is dyslexic. People often disbelieve her because she actually likes to read. It does take her significantly longer and she still reads like a typical dyslexic, especially when tired=== bark vs dark or transposing letters but the difference between her and my s-i-l who never got phonics, never got any special help is truly amazing. ANd it makes me sad and mad. oh, and she wasn't a fluent reader until she was 10 which would have been 4th grade. She did read before but she read her first book without pictures at all then.
  3. A few thoughts-- first of all, just because you take a loved one to supposedly a great medical center doesn't mean they do not misdiagnose. Our family is not the only family that has that happened to and so even though Mclean said no depression, no bipolar, no schizophrenia, etc, doesn't mean that is so. Secondly, i want to stress that neither the military nor going to foreign lands is a good idea. You do not have to go to Latin America to get in trouble. Forget about the pot, even. Threats or perceived threats are not taken lightly either in the military nor in foreign countries. The minute he turns 18, he loses all leniency via school principals, etc. You are overheard in a store threatening to kill or online, law enforcement may drop in. I was reading about this man who was recruited as a white supremacist and now 15 years later, is teaching people how to spot recruitment and ways to combat it. He said that 2 factors are needed (and these factors hold true whether it is recruiting for white supremacists, islamic terrorists, or anarchists, doesn;'t matter who) isolation (loneliness) and lack of purpose. I know that made a huge difference in my son's life. Once he had a purpose, his depression became so much better and with the purpose, he made lots of friends too.
  4. We have never canceled yet. We are always buying travel insurance too. We had hoped that when dh retired from the USAF, that we would be able to take a vacation to celebrate that before he started work. That didn't happen because the circumstances were such that he started working again two or three days after he could. My girls and I were travelling at that time or shortly after but that wasn't a vacation, rather a visit to a renowned clinic to attempt to help my one daughter. Dh, youngest dd, and I did go on a nice vacation slightly more than six months later. Another time, we had a vacation planned to go to college reunion with our youngest and have her visit Chicago too (she never had been except airport transfers and holdovers). it happened that i was hospitalized only about two weeks before we went. Dh was very worried about going but everything turned out fine and I will be always so thankful we went because my youngest got to meet one of our dearest friends in college and she just died last year (blood clot during routine surgery). Her mother, who is also our friend, planned a wake a few months later. it was three days before a trip we were taking (first group tour) to Greece. i wanted to go but dh rightly told me I couldn't because it would be too exhausting for me. He was absolutely right.
  5. And not even wealth is needed to make a difference in IQ. Cause there are plenty of people with high IQ whose families were poor or like my husband's lower working class. But the differences that I have noticed is that the parents are highly intelligent ( though may have other personality aspects or circumstances that keep them from better employment, like my in-laws.) I always laughed at those claims about breastfeeding and IQ. We are plenty happy with the IQs we ended up with. Immunity and gut bacteria are the real issues. I do not know and no one knows if my family's fantastic awful luck w autoimmune issues have to do w/ no breastfeeding or maybe intergenerational curse of extreme hardships( yes, there are a number of good studies that are seeming to statistically making a connection) or overuse of antibiotics or too many infections or little green men or ,,,,,,,
  6. Thank you. I was so happy that overall I was not chastised in the hospitals or by health professionals. My youngest is 22 so I have been concerned that it is an even more popular option now. I could not brestfeed because of health and medications reasons. I was not breastfeed as a baby because I was not able to suckle due to hard cleft palate and my mom was a breastfeeding advocate. My daughter's both will have health and medications issues that probably will preclude breastfeeding too.
  7. I am so happy that rheumatologist okayed me to go up to 8mg Medrol (equal to 15mg Prednisone).
  8. What field for your DS? And is he employed in your area and is it a college in your area? One reason I am super happy my youngest decided to go to a LAC in a city four hours from here, versus the ones that were in distant cities (where she got accepted to), is that more people have heard of that college locally than of the other two. It won;t hurt that she also has classes from the local university too.
  9. The fact that people are hiring right away was why my dh and I told our youngest that she can graduate, come home, destress for a bit, and then look for work. Everyone here is desperate for workers/
  10. Good morning! Coffee, breakfast Medicines, Pets fed Buy tickets to art/music weekend show investigate and cancel certain charges call rheumatologist set up doctor/test log put away laundry one load laundry evening out
  11. Actually, since you are going in May, if you are staying near the beach, be prepared it is not warm in May. I was so surprised when we moved to coastal LA area in mid May and how cool and foggy it was usually in the morning and also got quite cool in the evening (sea fog on your car). More inland, it can be quite hot. But close to the Pacific Ocean is a very different climate.
  12. We have free vaccine clinics here in this state and I would guess probably in MS too which is why those two states have such very high immunization rates. They aren't just in one place in the county either. Before school starts, they set up in different parts of town in different days. It is done by the health department and they take whatever insurance you may have but if you don't have it, your kids still get immunized (I have never used it so have no idea about the adults.)
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