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  1. As to us, dh and are travelling next weekend to a state park at the shore. We are staying at the hotel but wint be eating inside restaurants. We will get food to go or eat outside. We plan to go to the beach early morning and right before dusk. Otherwise we will be going on walks, biking and taking a boat trip or kayaking. In late August, we are going on a big road trip to areas that are not hot spots. What op describes would be a hard no for me.
  2. Hand washing does nothing. Almost all transmission is airborne. In my view, a lot of doctors and medical personnel don't know much.
  3. Good morning! We keep having thunderstorms and I keep having migraine equivalents happening. This is everyday and yesterday, it happened three times including in the evening so I forgot my meds, etc. did breakfast and meds- dh made coffee cause I was out of it still asked for return ordered more items for our csa tomorrow lunch and more meds online stuff and watching stuff to do call plant place and find out terms of gift certificate ( it is for 100 dollars but I do not want to spend it all now) YES I can spend only part of it now go to that plant place or another (another day) go to grocery store bake and bake more (DD and her bf are coming over now to bake with me) watch Netflix read plan study Bible study do my part for dinner- we had a can of soup for dinner last night apparently since I couldn't communicate what dinner was or help in any way watch something together
  4. Hi everyone! I forgot to take my bedtime meds so woke up after 3 hours and here I am, I have taken them now. Coffee, breakfast, meds final prep before maids show up = yesterday was fun (not) w/ regards to cleaning services. As all of you know, I am disabled with lupus, asthma, RA, Sjogren;s, AS, neuropathy, vision issues,. hearing issues, etc. I can't clean very well cause of the above and get exhausted very easily-- for years, we have depended on cleaning services with then our family and now dh and I just doing minor cleaning between services and cleaning after meals. My previous cleaner closed his business last July. At this point, my highly allergic daughter was living here gull time and while I tried to get cleaners, I was unsuccessful. She moved out in February and then COVID restrictions came in and this last Monday, she came (many hours late) and then cleaned very well but only three rooms and one bathroom. She was supposed to come Tuesday but had a dog emergency. Then she was supposed to come yesterday early morning. I came to find out about 1:45pm that she was on her way to KY because her grandfather died Wednesday and she was so frazzled, she forgot to text or call me. She did give me two names of cleaners but the one who had an opening couldn't get any helper to come in and so she offered to do the rest of the house for 500 which was way too much. The other was all booked. So were all the services I was reaching after 4 pm yesterday. I finally found one who will come in, deep clean most of the public rooms in the house plus my master bed and bath for 306. We will see how good it will be but I really needded the house very clean because dd2"s boyfriend is definitely coming for dinner Sunday night and may be sleeping over in our guest room stating tomorrow night. All that just put some much stress on me. go to base and deliver expired medications to pharmacy and spend my 20 dollar exchange reward card and go to commissary pick up m pl;ant order bake bread do my work study Devotional Bible study put PT and other events on calendar\ call ortho center and find out where and when my steroid shots will be given (has to be at hospital or surgery center) revise packing list vacation planning dinner will be steak, green beans and potatoes do something fun and plan weekend
  5. Good morning Shower Cook breakfast and take meds Finish prepping for cleaners Physical/Aquatic therapy evaluation Get lunch out for dh and me and bring home Dermatology call for prescription pick up prescription (have to pick up on Tuesday) call both psych and neuro and try to reschedule (have to call psych next week but neuro put me on waiting list) figure out dinner Bible study tonight watch something with dh or play games
  6. Thanks for this suggestion. I dye my hair not only for the color to cover the white but also to make my hair fuller, I have gigantic bruises on the rest of my body--- think blood thinners, falls and stumbles a lot, bumps into things- etc and you can get the picture-- currently my right leg below the knee is all kinds of gross purple bruises because I fell 11 days ago. Because the rest of my body really s*cks but my face and hair are sort of okay-- I have balding too due to both medications and autoimmune- but I try to mostly cover that up. I just think it is very important for your self esteem to keep up appearances if that is important to you.
  7. Yes, I was seeing the flooding on the internet. I am so sorry about what you all are going through
  8. Good Morning! It is 4 am and I have been awake since 2 am. I did fall asleep at around 8 pm so I did get 6 hours sleep which is pretty good but I really need to figure out how to stay up and not fall asleep so early. I am going on a weekend trip with dh in two weekends and I hate having to hang out in the bathroom because I am awake and he is asleep. Normally now, I try to get suites because of my sleeping issues but the hotel was already very expensive so I didn't want to spend even more. Done= programmed automatic coffee making, prepared slow cook steel cut oatmeal which is cooking too. Also did an Amazon order and a plant order from the Botanical garden which I will pick up on Friday. To do breakfast and meds call orthopedic center and find out if I really am having telemed appointment and why since my doctor said this appointment I would come in (I really need a shot for pain relief) deliver in person labs to neurologist and then call later for EMG results or make an appointment with the neurologist call to reschedule psychiatrist to earlier date finish planning weekend trip plan at least 2 days of long trip read books get food order stay up and watch something with dh
  9. I only make homemade and mine are perfect. I think I use a recipe on back of either the Hershey or the Baker's chocolate is the one I use.
  10. I cleaned my bedroom, fed the birds, watched 2 teaching company classes, put away groceries, put away laundry. Now I am going to make soup.
  11. BTW, if anybody wants to know, Bealls is having a sale on the Columbia shirts- Tamiani II including. I just bought a bunch of new colors online.
  12. We have visited it twice since Mt Helen blew up. Fascinating place.
  13. I got three kids into good colleges with good scholarships and who were all ready to learn. Yes, I got some advice from the high school board- but I also did a lot of things on my own. Like I never kept complete lists of all the materials the kids read or learned from--- it was just too much of a hassle and none of the colleges wanted it anyway. No one questioned that we had done enough in home school or through other programs. My kids test scores correlated with their grades both at home and with other programs be it CC or a University like with my youngest. My youngest went to a school that at that time (and maybe still does) supposedly required an SAT II in math or science. She didn't do one. She was burnt out from tests --- all her tests were 1.5 times the regular test time because she is dyslexic and reads slower because of that. Anyway, they admitted her and she graduated last year with an over 3.0 average which was fantastic considering how often she was sick in college and how many times she had incompletes that she had to later complete, etc. We had no interest in having a typical high school at home-- we studied more history, more science, more literature, etc.
  14. Dh joined the USAF soon after graduating and after we were married and both my mom and dad were dead. So we spent 27.5 years moving around- never near his family with the closest being about 5 hours away. And when we did live there, we didn't visit anyway. We couldn't stay at his father's house (his mom died 23 years ago) and his father wasn't all that interested in our family. We didn't care for his brothers much/ My sister died too and my brother travels to see us usually at least once a year. No other family.
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