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  1. Sunday School and Church=done relax Birthday dinner at Korean Restaurant Top Golf Plan for upcoming vacation
  2. Also there is a new biologic out for bad eczema too. My eczema became worse when all my other autoimmune diseases became worse=late perimenopause and now menopause. All of a sudden, I became allergic to dyes or perfumes in Tide--- now I use the allergenic type fine.
  3. It is so funny but the two of my kids who went in different ways, both of them have come back a lot to our views. Because somehow, they decided at college, that we had differing views than we had. Then, after college, out of that pressure, and seeing what some policies would actually do, they have come back around. Like my son got crashed into a woman who has a long history of not following the law. Boy, did his opinion change about law enforcement. Now he is more upset that these people can keep disobeying the law and hurting others with zero consequences. My daughter got super upset when she found out how difficult it is in some states for the poor to defend themselves- be it old people who are robbed consistently or battered women escaping from stalker ex- boyfriends or barely making it shop owners of various kinds who keep getting robbed.
  4. `My daughter's team was supposed to go a number of years ago. This was a senior level high school team and two of the families owned businesses that they ran (restaurants), needed the kids to work, and so the team didn't go even though the Global Finals were in the next state. It really bothered my dd a lot that she couldn't go because all the other kids couldn't go.
  5. Those were still around in the 90s in Ohio.
  6. We are at a state park in northeast Georgia and my youngest is in Atlanta for DragonCon. She left Thursday and we were even talking about in Wednesday evening about how all three of us need to keep an eye on Dorian this Labor Day weekend because it could speed up and grow bigger. It did get much bigger. We aren't in the cones yet but who knows by Sat evening. And or doesn't have to be s hurricane for any of us to cut short our mini vacations. Just lots of rain predicted or Tornado forecasts starting to happen. As a child, I personally saw his horrific hurricanes or remnants are in the mountains. Cars and houses floating by the state park where my family had rented a cabin. I think the river was the Jsmes but I may be mistaken. Also thank you so much for posting this. It is super helpful in many ways for planning g for tornados Finally but most importantly many prayers and good luck wishes to all in the path of this monster.
  7. Good morning! Posting from phone because computer had been updating for hours Time husband's Hibiclex scrub Get ready to go to hospital - collect meds, medical devices, reading material and feed and take out dog Take rest of morning meds after getting to hospital Tall to anesthesiologist Wait for dh's hand surgery to be done Care for husband Pick up my script Laundry Pack for trip Get dog ready for dog sitting Make dinner
  8. Good morning! Coumadin Clinic done SPanish class I couldn't do because I am supposed to be helping my dd help prevent suicide of SIL but I am waiting for text or call when they have left for his neuropsych appointment Sleep medicine appointment rescheduled local pharmacy scripts ordered call Express Scripts again because they can't upgrade shipping at the same time you place order did order new New Balance shoes in process of washing sheets for dh's surgery tomorrow morning fold towels I washed for his surgery tomorrow go with my other dd to her biologic injection at the allergists help that dd with any and all remaining pre-work paperwork and selections plan trip for this weekend. I only found out that dh was having hand surgery this week on Sunday and only read restrictions to his movements, etc this Monday. Yesterday turned into hell with SIL and the horrendous mental health situation in this country dinner?????? relax some how but I have to be up by 4 am tomorrow so I don't think I can relax all that much.
  9. Another musician that went in a completely different direction is "Skunk" Baxter who was a member of Steely Dan and then Doobie Brothers. SInce the mid 80's, he self taught himself physics and other knowledge and has been a missile defense consultant. This wikipedia page only tells about his missile defense stuff until 2005 but my dh saw him at a big space and missile defense wargame type thing in 2010 or 2011.
  10. I am not a housewife.d. I am disabled and wish very much I could volunteer a lot. That was my original plan after homeschooling because I did need to still care for my health and working 40 hours with limited leave is impossible with the amount of medical care I require. But now I can't even volunteer very much but I am not a lazy bum. I help a lot of people on the internet who are newly diagnosed with one of my conditions, or who need some education, and I help my three adult children who are all 2E, and I help my dh with his medical needs, battle bureaucracies and idiotic companies (this takes hours and hours a month), plan trips and vacations, and yes, do some volunteering work at church mostly but sometimes other places if I go with someone. Large parts of the month,depending on the month and whether my dh is gone I cannot drive. All times of the month, I do not have the energy or capability to do what healthy people can do. Again, I am not lazy and all the women I know who do not work but don't have children at home aren't lazy either. Volunteering, helping care for family members, heloing a spouse with their business or work (I have done plenty of that too), etc, etc.
  11. When we lived in Belgium, we bought some house hold outdoor type work equipment and they were so much cheaper there - things like ladders and a lawn mower. But the lawn mower was one that had was being sold in US too and the English language part of the brochure had all the warnings required in the US including not using the lawn mower to trim your hedges and other totally ridiculous things. Oh and the reason things like ladders, lawn mowers and chain saws were so much cheaper is that in Belgium and I think in almost all European countries, loser pays the court costs and you will not win a case by doing something idiotic with your lawn mower or using your ladder incorrectly. Falling off a ladder would not win a lawsuit unless the new ladder steps suddenly broke while holding a person within the recommended weight limit. I wish we had that system in the US. And I am very happy my state hasn't gone along with idiotic cancer warnings on everything.
  12. And the whole thing about coffee causing cancer is because of bad science experiments. What we do know is that it helps with memory and fatigue, including Alzheimer patients, reduces chances of getting type 2 diabetes, and a number of other good side effects.
  13. Good morning! I have so much, much, much to do and it is stressing me out. Dh has hand surgery on Thursday, Friday we are off on a mini vacation, Thursday and is off to Dragoncon. Next Tuesday, dd is starting her first actual job and she has major health issues and I have to help her figure out how she will continue to get the biologic that keeps her from going constantly to ERs because she has severe asthma. I also have helping her figure out and still have to help her more with how much she needs to withhold on both state and federal taxes because that is complicated too. Arrange dog care Get glasses to stop falling off (eye center) pick up dry cleaning lots of pharmacy issues--- one done, two not done dh totally dropped the ball on his surgery so I am about to fill out his patient history for his 3om appointment at pre-admission. He told me this morning that surgery is four days away and why am I freaking out. I wasn't but he never bothered to look at his patient folder. So he doesn't even know he won't be able to lift more than 5 lbs in his right hand for some time possibly go with him to pre-admit appt make dinner
  14. Yes, when I first moved here, I didn't use bottled water,. We have super hard water here and kidney stones are incredibly common. I got a few very tiny ones (I saw them in my toilet) and then I felt better, That was the final straw to using bottled water---one cat already had a problem, my daughter's teacher had a very bad problem, etc, etc,. I even normally give my dog bottled water.
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