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  1. Dh and I both hate mayonnaise and so do our kids. I won't eat bell peppers or any hot spicy stuff.
  2. ood afternoon! Or not so good after all. Fitbit tells me I slept enough and well. But I neglected to take my bedtime meds last night and I feel very weak today. I used up way too much energy yesterday- before going to the hair stylist, I ran around the house and up and down looking for my purse. The hair stylist had opened a hair salon in this reclaimed factory area wh8ch has been turned into restaurants, stores, office space and gathering areas where musicians play atc5imes. But it is still having some construction and while I had been there lots of times, I had no idea where the shop was and found out the map 8nstalle by the parking lot was wrong. I got there finally after running. Done breakfast and lunch and meds got a phone call from rheumatologist's office that Accredo wants my pharmacy card info, except I don't have one since we are a retired military family and our ,military ID IS my only card both medical and pharmaceutical stuff. After stupid conversation w first person, I asked for supervisor and she was great Home aides came and did more cleaning Nurse came and took my INR and helped w medicine boxes To do get dh to move various items in kitchen so I can use while dh 8s gone. Say goodbye to him OT person comes Laundry Make sure I take my later meds and set alarms for morning
  3. Good morning! Yesterday I wasn't very productive. Today, I have to be. To do weigh myself, take Enbrel, get dressed and ready Breakfast and take all the morning meds Find out which aide or aides are coming and greet them at 8 or a little earlier Do laundry prep Do lunch prep because aide(s) are leaving at 12 and dh is driving me to my hair stylist appt, Do laundry w/dh's help Make appointments Contact deacons or new group at church re ride to appointments Plan my weekend
  4. A lot of independent motels or hotels, plus B&Bs, and short term rental properties too use booking,com. We have use it in US, and overseas. Never any issues.
  5. Just read the ad to my dh. He says it sounds like a perfect ad - for a slave. And that would include behavior more common to street walkers than office assistants.
  6. What a cutie! I wish I didn't develop an allergy to cats about 5 years ago. Glad you are enjoying him.
  7. Good morning! We're having a really nice day here too! The storms passed around us and all of our children. Found out last night that dh Still didn't get his visa. He was up early this morning and it still hadn't Been issued. So now he's been on the phone to having to change his reservations, Plus I told him to call the consulate.And get them involved after all, he is going there on a joint government program w them and meeting w their government officials. I really dislike that he won't have a rest day probably and just have a relatively shor5 flight from h3re to Dallas, 9 hour layover, 17 hour flight to Sydney, and then another flight to Adelaide. At least he sleeps on planes and chairs. TO DO make apps Try to finish charity donation tax stuff PT evaluation Some organizing and cleaning Laundry Get dh to move various kitchen items into my reach Do my OT exercises 3 x 3 Really unsure of a lot of what I will be doing today. Our breakfast is already quite delayed though I are a Reese's egg and a leftover Polish kotlet (a sort of burger- like item but ground meat mixed w egg, bread crumbs, dried minced onion, parsley, etc and fried. They are also very tasty cold, too)
  8. Good morning! Super busy day today because it's the last day before my dh leaves tomorrow for the airport at eleven. Also I have to get ready for the potentially bad weather tonight. Good news is my DD1 is out of the hospital. She will have her doctor's appointment on Thursday and baby still on Sunday or Monday. To do Hopefully pt evaluation Ultrasound( multiple) appointment Set up medical alert system Keep up with my medicine which is getting hard - monitorinf Asthma &BP Call some charities that haven't given us a end of year's statement and one that is double billing Find out the status of my Enbrel order Pick up dh's med plus get lots of waters, etc Get kitchen items rearranged for my needs find out my INR and instructions Check next door neighbor for good cheap or free tables Research neighboring Co. Mystery for ds Conserve Energy - first day w no Medrol
  9. Real up and down day. A newbie at the cancer center where my hemotologist's office is neglected to put in the changes of dates for both the lab and multiple ultrasounds from April 8th to the first lie we requested and also change the follow up w the hemotologist after dh come back from Australia. The computers had crashed that day and she promised to put the changed dates later. Done Ot evaluation Lots of paperwork concerning health, taxes, etc did get the lab tests and they rescheduled the ultrasounds for tomorrow Picked up meds from1 pharmacy Made allergy appt Made home aide (s) appt for Thursday where I will also have one aide drop me off at my hair stylist Made a complaint about bad website feature to alarm company ( you haveto tap by month from April 2024 back to whenever you were born- over 600 clicks for me which I refused to do Keeping track of dd2 who fell at Kohl's today where she was returning Amazon gifts she didn't need. OB told her or go to ER at the Women and Children's hospital. She is now in the labor area having contractions. IF they stop, she can go home. That is what we are praying for because she is still on blood thinners. To do Eat dinner Put away things Relax - Sat and Sunday were grueling days.
  10. Praying! And yes, adult children and mental health issues area really hard combo.
  11. Let's put it this way- many large scale Russian weapons are overhyped and that was true in the Cold War era and is true today. But they are very good w poisons and I am not sure what type of weapon they used but something weird is going on.
  12. Specifically, old cats not eating go into rapid kidney failure and that is apparently a very painful death for humans so also for cats, I believe. We have had to put down a few. Our second to last one was because he stopped eating after already being old and rather frail at that point. He was a 16 year.Siamese
  13. Happy Easter! Yesterday I did a lot and that included a nurse visit doing intake who us a homeschooling mom and was looking into buying a certain WTM book and also asked about Clasical Conversation. She has at least 3 she's h9meschooling including a high schooler. I showed her the WTM website and the all the forums cause she was asking me about some curriculum I didn't know about. I also told her that CC was way to rigid for me and not right at all for my youngest who was the only one the right age to possibly do it. done boiled 4 more eggs since 4 cracked veteran found out that we are moving Easter celebration to ds's house since both oldest and youngest were repairing their cars yesterday together and while changing brakes pads on ds's van, a bolt broke and they are still trying to fix today. Filled plastic eggs for grandson's Easter egg hunt To do gget all medications and supplies together for going Get rest of candy for adults and gkids not there Get changed into nice dress Help dh pack up Maybe take a nap??!?
  14. No. Because I have never eaten a taco because I hate hot spiciness and whst orhers consider mildly hot is still way to hot for me. OTOH. gyros are completely efible for me as a person whose body rebels against hot foot always and too acidy good a lot of times.
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