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  1. Yep, because they startted these vaccine trials so early, there weren't enough tests available to keep testing the subjects to see if they have COVID asymptomatically. But, as it is, neither dh nor I have had any test to check whether we have ever had it asymtomatically and rwhy would you? Unless you are a professional or college athlete where they seem to test all the time, the rest of us can't get tested without cost unless we have symptoms or exposure.
  2. Where is this soap sold? Like in laundry section or hand soaps or ??????
  3. Personally, here, I have seen the one private school I do know most about has had the best response. They haven't had big outbreak and the education, even while it had to be online last spring was so far superior to what the public school was offering,. If I had kids that needed to go to school next year, my first choice would be based on the educational value. Over here, that would be one of a few private schools. It isn't that the local high school is so lacking- it normally isn't. But what has happened since last Spring- with the shutdown and then online and then this year so far w
  4. I said they have all these medications at the hospital. I could not remember what the name of that specific steroid was. They were answering a question from a reporter about what medications were being used at our local hospital.
  5. Yeah, large gatherings for no good reason bother me, especially indoors, crowded and no masking.
  6. I know that my hospital group says they do have monoclonal antibodies, Reverstavir and also the steroid. I know that one thing I will get my dh if he gets it is blood thinning medications since so many of the issues involve blood clots.
  7. We'll be looking to see him on Forged and Fired,.
  8. My state held back doses for the second dose and was told they are behind but realistically, we probably aren't since everyone who got a first dose has a second dose in storage.
  9. I am so sorry for your loss
  10. Good morning! Don't have anything planned. Will see what I will do. Plan dinner Have dh cook dinner rest, rest, rest
  11. We don't take down Christmas until after January 6, Three Kings Day and the last day of Christmas (12 days of Christmas).
  12. In 2020, we traveled in Feb to Atlanta. In early March to Mobile and Wetumpka Al (before Covid shutdowns, etc). Then in June, to a state park in Gulf Shores, Al every we stayed at the Lodge but did everything safely- didn't go to pool, which was capped but still- but went to isolated Beach in evenings and one early morning, ate mostly in our room or one restaurant where we were one of two of three groups in a massive room, and spent our time doing things st least 10 ft away from people if not much much more and that included one round of mini golf masked. Then in late Aug, we started
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