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  1. I have had regular painful migraines. I had hemiplegic migraines which were like strokes when I was in college. In late perimenopause, I developed abdominal migraines. Now I get fogginess, etc Now my one daughter gets both painful migraines and also vestibular migraines that happen with flashing lights like strobe lights but other types of flashing too like light through trees.
  2. I belong to a conservative, pro life PC-USA church and yes, we are the biggest and most conservative church in our Synod.
  3. Hopefully sleep Coffee, breakfast, meds Drive to Nashville go to Amish furniture store eat lunch at New Mexican restaurant go to rheumatology appt drive home dinner????? watch Netflix
  4. I would love it. Lots of people kinda know my name because I have a Polish last name and that is different from everyone else, except my dh who has another Polish last name. Both dh and I are completely awful at remembering names. So yes, I would love to get to know more people's names. One big problem for me is that so many people look alike. My church is medium sized. Another issue I have in my church is that it is a combination of very long time members (25 years,. 50 years, even 60 some years) and those of us who are much newer. (10 years or less). Some, and more than just a few, long time women members seem to think you should know who are family members of them or other pertinent facts. For the most part, I have no idea- particularly since these women have girls who changed their names upon marriage or sometimes, they have children who have different last names due to divorce and remarriage of the older parent. The children I am talking about are adults too but people expect me and every other new person to be familiar with the family trees. i need visual family trees to make connections.
  5. breakfast, meds pack up car go to Botanical Garden lunch stop somewhere interresting on the way home watch Sunday service later buy food prepare for trip to Nashville on Monday (rheumatologist and furniture shopping)
  6. Good day, everyone Finish seeing the High Museum of Art Lunch See Centennial plaza A few stores Dinner Watch Joker, maybe,?????
  7. Good morning! shower coffee, meds pack ------I was way too tired last night since I had to take so much meds to combat high bp breakfast on the road Go to museum swimming dinner out watch Joker
  8. Dinner made and cleaned up after. Laundry in dryer. Still need to pack too.
  9. I have done a lot, more than I intended since I also cleaned a bathroom. About to go put load of laundry into dryer, then cook dinner. Then I will pack after dinner -- hopefully, since I had to take lots of meds to lower my bp-- both bp and double dose muscle relaxant and more pain meds because that was a big driving point of the higher bp and then one pill of my antihistamine/chill out pill/bp lowering med. I think the fact that I am not taking the muscle relaxant round the clock is raising the bp because one of its side effects is to lower bp. I would have thought iced tea, being mostly water, would not raise it as much as coffee, but apparently, it raised it more. As to drama here- dd had to come home from work early because some idiot put an entire orange into the disposal and stopped up the sink. DD had no idea what was in the disposal so she turned it on to clear the sink. She is deathly allergic to citrus, had to take her Benadryls, and was told to go home because she looked horrible. DS, on the other hand, got really angry that his roommate, barely cleaned the apartment they were vacating and he had to do more than 25 hours of cleaning versus a few for the roommate.
  10. Good morning! I started a list at home but forgot to post. Rainy and 40s here now. Done Med setup, coffee, breakfast Co umadin appointment To do Thursday morning Bible study (done) PT Lunch w dh Car wash laundry Pack Send details of trip to kids Check that orthopedic clinic got records Check in for rheumatology appt that is Monday Dinner
  11. And what the h is their problem??? Since yesterday afternoon, when they released results of 61 or 62% of precincts, they have only gone up to 71% today at almost 11am CT. Unbelievably unorganized and stupid.
  12. Coffee, meds, Breakfast meeting CLass (got this wrong, class not held this week) Dentist Hair Appt Bible study laundry early dinner Poker and Apocrypha
  13. Certainly much more liberal than my state though much more mixed like my city
  14. Yeah, no. Just no. That is why there are speciasts who are software test engineers. The random person testing should only be done after that engineer has done her or his job. Random users are supposed to check for user errors and very obscure situations but first you check for all the coding errors, etc.
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