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  1. I was in a Publix earlier this week and a lot of canned products were missing but I don't know what since it wasn't what I was looking for.
  2. And I want votes counted. And we do declare Presidents who didn't get the most votes elected--- we have an electoral college. Popular vote nationwide for President means nada.
  3. But the point is that a lot is spread by surfaces unlike COVID where none is. Also flu people are more likely to be coughing, sneezing etc, and that does spread it,
  4. I am not sure what your point is about Madison County. There were not a lot of votes for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson here. Madison County has no one even running as a Dem in any local races at all. This is not a hotbed of Dems. Yes, this area is not typical Republican but it sure is Republican. Most Republicans just don't vote straight ticket but that doesn't mean we don't vote Republican. I don't think I have ever checked the straight party box in any election. And I don't even know where you are getting the idea that the majority is Dem in the country. It is evenly split with a sizea
  5. I have a problem with anyone not counting ballots. I have lived in a place where my voting district ballots were mysteriously misplaced until found the next day and there were a lot of errors in that election (NM). The way ballot counting is done is without the counters knowing who voted how. I don't see how anyone would know who is voting which way and be able to discount ballots because of that. As it is, in the NYC primary,, 25% of the ballots weren't counted and I don't think NYC is a hotbed of Republicans denying Dems the vote. This was Dems denying Dems. In fact, i in my sta
  6. I understood it to mean mass mail in ballots that were instituted without purging of people who have moved, died, etc. Not the established ones like in WA and not absentee ones. Also I believe he meant he is going to win. The question asked will you transfer power if you win, tie or lose? If he wins, he doesn't transfer power.
  7. https://www.heritage.org/voterfraud/search?state=NY I just chose NY, You can go to the site and chose any state you want.
  8. I have no idea--- there are so many jurisdictions and offices in CA. But as a former military absentee voter, I found it very distasteful.
  9. Trump has no power over any vote or any counting. All this is hysteria. I don't know anyone preparing for a coup or a civil war. What I do know is that plenty of people are very concerned about increasing lawlessness that arises out of nothing- a lot of times. Like suddenly we see fires being set over some supposed injustice somewhere else long ago. The fact that these often roving rioters are going around to different cities is causing a lot of concern. It really has little to do with current politics except for Kamala Harris who contributes to a fund to get the rioters out of jail. Bu
  10. Well that is what they claimed. However, the problem is that not only do we vote for the President every four years, we are also voting for US reps every 2 years and all sorts of other offices and issues. It is BS to stop counting votes.
  11. NO, I certainly do not agree that a coup is occuring.
  12. We did not have a spike with Labor Day and overall we have had less cases happening here.
  13. You people are nuts. And Dan Rather is discredited,. He tried to throw an election and got kicked out of CBS news as a result. His ballot remarks refer to the mass mail in ballots that no one requested and that are super suspect. We are having a regular election. The only crazy rhetoric I am hearing is from the left about how they aren't going to accept an election, aren't going to accept grand juries, aren't going to accept Supreme Court decisions, etc.
  14. CA stopped counting votes in 2016. They are probably not the only state either.
  15. CA never counted military ballots in 16 and many other absentee ballots.
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