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  1. Basically, the military was sort of a salaried post. In all the jobs my husband had for his 27.5 years in, except one, he averaged about 60 hours a week. That one job was less than 40 or at least seemed like less than 40 since long lunches with the boss and lots of drinking were expected as were good relations with Nato staff and allies, where even more dining and drinking happened. Now my dh can't work more than 40 weeks average per week ( he fills one time card per month so one week could be 30 and another 50). In this job, weekends and holidays don't count toward vacation days. But sickness, taking care of me, and vacation days are all personal days. If he was sick more than something like 4 days in a row, he starts getting short term disability. He hasn't been sick that long.
  2. Good morning! Today will be a busy day. Breakfast, dog, fishes, coffee, finish morning meds and fix night med mixup call. email, text re: school supply donation drive call base veterinarian go to base - gas, expired med disposal, credit union, xchange, library , etc (may have to leave this til tomorrow) start calling where my raincoat is Furniture arriving plan dinners for next few days go to class Maybe go to meeting re: school supplies go to presentation about birds
  3. We first gave our kids debit cards. But then we gave them CC\s that were on our accounts when they were travelling away from us and may have needed to get a hotel in an emergency. None of them misused the cards. But ymmv. My kids aren't average children in a number of ways- most importantly, not following the crowds and respectful of our money. Depending on what your child will be doing and how you handle finances in your family, debit and/or CC can be the way to go. If only driving around the same town/city as you, I do not really see a need for a CC unless your family is one that puts everything on CC, then pays off each month in order to get points that revert to money or goods.
  4. We have that law too, 6 months. And my daughter did wait. And after that, she was super strict about enforcing the seatbelt law (which, for some weird AL? deep South? Appalachian? or whatever reason, a number of folks here and their children are not used to wearing seat belts--- and it really shows in the death rates of automobile accidents). She often preferred to be driving rather than another teen because she was (and is) very cautious but also not a timid driver (which is also dangerous). The speeding thing is a different animal. Unsafe speeds for the circumstances is what we go by. That can mean safe speed can be under, at or over the speed limit, depending on conditions, traffic, etc. And of course, responsibility if one is speeding and caught.
  5. I know that in a recent thread, someone mentioned a website, I think, with lists of online therapists. Tricare changed their way of looking up therapists (or any medical personnel) and it is too hard for me. TIA
  6. Good morning. I hope Juliet is doing well and your health isn't suffering, Jean Breakfast, meds, fish, dog, coffee, done dog walking done (unsuccessfully) Botanical Garden water and food shopping some type of dinner Go to see Judge Jackie, Disorder in the Court
  7. Beautiful day today! Meds, coffee, breakfast school supply donation project emails call about overpayment by VA to dd's school (left message) file Tricare Supplementstrip planning dog playing decide on dinner and evening plans probably a dozen other things too
  8. Good morning! I have done a lot already-- recycling out, arduous calculations of what is going on with dd's college account fund, tried dealing w/ one stupid issue but they are having company day, figured out where my Cimzia shipment is and am tracking now, finally getting neurologist appointment referral done (by my rheumatologist, since computer/fax problems/overwork on my concierge end and hospital system end, breakfast, and meds too write and send sympathy cards finish school supply list and send get my book club book buy a pie NO (decided to make mini pies) go to class NO (too much stuff to do and class was probably canceled) make dinner (in the process) go to Storm Spotter training (if not canceled since we are in enhanced risk of severe thunderstorms and tornados at that time) if have any energy, start actually planning trip in Oct
  9. I have an great room that serves as an entry way and entry way. From the living room area, you can't see the dining room since it is around the corner but there is no door between dining room and great room. There is a pocket door between kitchen and dining room, and no door, but partial wall between great room and kitchen. There is a sunroom off of the great room. Our family room is downstairs and is a much smaller open concept room, with a another kitchen that has an eat-in area ( while we do use the fridge that was left, we only use the second dishwasher rarely, and had the electrical oven disconnected when we moved in because we had to use the last remaining electricity for the washer and dryer.
  10. Good morning! Dreary day again here and the wind is supposed to get bad. coffee, get dressed, groomed, (meds are done) house chores prep for doctor visit call health advisor figure out when some appointments are call Amish Furniture and get my order delivery day set up can I say it again, Express Scripts ( but they make it so easy for you😄😄😄😄) make and bake pie make dinner Pay extra travel insurance at AAA figure out Senior week payment, talk w/bursar at dd's school birds trip stuff school supply donation work
  11. Human factors engineering or rather the lack of it has led to many, many disasters, I remember reading a book with many chapters on different issues in about 2008/
  12. I live in Southeast Huntsville just down the street from the Jones farm.  He is Dr. George Waite and his practice is called Cove Dental.  He is on 4 mile Road just behind the Valley Bend Giant strip Mall and near the intersection of Cecil Ashburn and Bailey Cove Road/Carl T JOnes Road.

  13. BTW, my daughter's robotics class project is to try to make the patient robots more user friendly and less intimidating. She is particularly focused on not having to touch the robot. not only for people who do not like them, but also for all of us who are disabled or born without two long arms, etc.
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