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  1. Good morning! I am going back to sleep in a few minutes. Make breakfast and do kitchen clearing Take my Dupixent Call Imaging Center and TOC and get xrays, mri????? pay eye clinic figure out what is wrong with my tooth call dental insurance and find out why my claim wasn\t paid put on to do list to figure out if we should get another dental insurance or if we should have 2 insurances call other providers and pay what I need to pay them or tell them to file claims with Tticare Supplement Online speech aphasia clinic Online Lupus Zoom meeting???? Plan dinners for this week Make Cobb Salad for tonight's dinner Figure out what we are watching considering we finished Tiger King last night Put away rest of laundry Do partial fall-- summer swap of clothes reconfigure thermostat (NEST) to both heat and cool since Thursday to Friday, our temps are going down to mid 40s,
  2. I really hope it works out. We are also in a very tight market here. DD2 and DSIL saw a listing for a townhome that looked pretty much perfect--- in a city nearby where DSIL, who does have student loans, would get 5K from that city for three years because he chose to live in that city and is in a STEM occupation. The house went on the market on Friday and there was supposed to be an open house on Saturday. They saw it Friday late afternoon and offered 10K or so over on a 165K home. By Sat morning, the owners had 3 offers before the open house-- and they held the open house- and accepted their offer Sat afternoon after or late in the open house. They and we were so surprised they got this home- because while yes, it is a townhome and is small with a small yard, it is in great shape and in a very nice development where crime is low, people are friendly, and people tend to stay there a long time so openings are rare. Also , there is no HOA- which was one of their requirements. But why were were so surprised is that they are doing a starter FHA loan- which takes longer than a commercial loan to get done. Praying that it all works out for you.
  3. I made pork meatloaf and spaghetti. Now we are watching tiger king.
  4. Super, super, super unlikely. The father abducted the mother and killed her and then went to Rock Creek Park and killed himself. First of all, that is typical behavior of males killing entire family and then themselves. Those perps don't sell as anyone into child trafficking. Those murder-suicides have nothing to do w trafficking. Kids sold into trafficking are sold by addicts and/or child abusers who want other children. Not by men murdering their families and then themselves. Also,child trafficking, especially of very young children, is quite rare. Most trafficking is teens when get themselves into the problem and can't get out.
  5. Fax did go through to Rheumatology records. Going to start making dinner now.
  6. SKL--- I am sorry you are having such awful bureaucracy. And same to you ScoutTN. I finally got through to a human at my neurologist and she is sending fax today- now- to the right place with right doctor's name. About to fax over records request to my rheumatologist. And I have to answer her question too and ask another.
  7. Dermatology appt for both dh and me went fine, except I found out my deep purple lower left leg will always be deep purple unless I walk upside down on my hands, my dermatologist said. Plus the thing that looks like a bruise on my upper chest is not a bruise, it is a cyst that probably was infected and because of my autoimmune diseases, turned purple looking. He says to keep an eye out for it and if it starts feeling palpable, I should come back sooner than a year. But no new skin cancer at least and he thought my dh was super lucky because he has hardly any moles at all or freckles at all and he is almost as light as me. I just really hate how ugly I am becoming because of my diseases. I did mail dd2's care package. Going to call Mayo next.
  8. I hate having RA and AS and Lupus and Sjogrens, etc. I was picking up a cup of mocha and dropped it- mocha everywhere. So I decided I did need to take more steroid. It really wore me out all the cleaning I had to do. Getting ready now to go to dermatologist appt. I did make a very tasty omelet for lunch for us, and also scheduled heating inspection and bought our Symphony concert tickets for the year--- I had to call since trying to do it online when you need disabled access seating is very difficult.
  9. I don't like trampolines and especially for elderly people who probably have weaker bones. But Alzheimer's is a different thing- you aren't trying to keep them so safe but rather keep them happy. Someone like me- who has full faculties, no even if I did have a good body. But I can very easily see the situation like a PP described where the Alzheimer patient obsesses over the trampoline and the caretaker decides to do it safely rather than the way she was trying to do it.
  10. Kind of like the Murtaugh family in the Carolina's. I think there was a thread on that one too. Some of the family was murdered a few months ago. Then it turned out that there were two suspicious deaths possibly linked to this family that happened within the last five or ten years. Then Dad, who wasn't killed, was shot but survived. Then the gunman was caught who shot the Dad and Dad has now confessed to arranging his own shooting so that his surviving son could get a 5 million dollar life insurance policy--so Dad is now under arrest and probably covered up his sons' or his own running down of a pedestrian and the boating accident death too.
  11. No, and I don't remember this story. I do remember the Renisha Rudd-- but she isn't missing as much as her body is missing just as Gabby wasn't missing, her body was missing.
  12. I want to give more information why my choice was the best one and I will go with each of my children in turn. For my son, he was the only one who ever went to school and that was for most of the first grade---with the school's permission, we left to travel with dh to Montgomery, AL for his military leaders course that Capts in the USAF do ((canlt remember exact name)) and took the two kids we had then and that was our first taste of homeschooling. Well, when ds was attending school, he was having meltdown every afternoon after school because even with ADHD meds, keeping him on a rigid schedule without enough movement interspersed was just not a good thing. He is ADHD, OD, and has bad anxiety but is super smart. That combo did not work well for school and did not work well in college, particularly either. He is my one kid who is a one or two classes shy of a degree. My second couldn't spell, was severe ADHD, and had vision issues that needed lots of remediation. Again, very smart but other issues, including the health issues she developed in her high school years, made it best for her to be at home. She did go to college but developed a strange seizure disorder and after she fell and hit her head on a sink and then collapsed onto the almost unused college building bathroom, we went and got her spring break of freshman year and thought we would get it under control and have her finish the year. It was not under control at all and no one figured it out for years so she finished online at Arizona state and my bad speller is has been a text editor (and much more nowadays because she is recruiting, working on proposals, etc) for the last five years. And yes, homeschooling and homeschool debate is what got her to the point she could excel in this. My third is dyslexic, inattentive ADHD, and very sensitive to sound, light, etc. She was my sickly child too and had many medical issues. With the amount of time she had to go to medical facilities, and especially in high school, where she became deadly allergic to citrus fruits-especially the smell of citrus- just for her health she needed to be home. But the remarkable thing is that because I homeschooled her, I didn't rush reading. I knew she was dyslexic long before we got her assessment in high school. So yes, she read a little bit and copied work, etc. But because I didn't stress or push her, when she was 10, she decided to read the first Harry Potter book. It took her a very long time and she needed to read it three times to really get it well but she did that and has been reading regular books ever since. Oh and I was able to give her a very good education without requiring lots of reading too. OTOH, we have the example of my dd1's husband-he went to public school, is dyslexic, and reads as little as possible. He believes his education was very poor and is determined that if they have kids they will be either homeschooled or go to a good private school. He doesn't want public school because of social issues in it-----he had sexual harassment by girls when he was in middle and high school- like girls throwing tampons on him, grabbing and rubbing on him without his permission, etc, etc, etc.===He was a football player and he really did not appreciate the unwanted attention by females acting bizarely. He wants a more controlled environment for any child he has plus much better education--oh, and I know that garbage like his stories also happen in private schools but with more staffing per student less garbage can happen if school has better standards.
  13. Good morning! I think today will be a day to really try to manage my pain. It hurt so badly when I tried to get out of bed this morning at 6am because I accidentally had set an alarm on my phone that I couldn't help but scream. I know dh was asleep but I kept trying to get off the bed and my spine was so very stiff that it was super difficult and when I did finally have my feet reach the floor- the pain rose to a 10 and I couldn't help it but scream. I have taken pain meds and am waiting for them to work. Shower Make coffee and breakfast get ready for betterhelp counseling Betterhelp counseling Call Mayo and see if the referral has come Call physicians who haven\t filed and hospital which hasn\t filed and home health agency that never sent me charges get a sleep doctor appt get a pain ortho doctor appt go to dermatologist in the afternoon pack dd2's care package senddd2's care package make dinner watch Tiger King with dh (I already saw but am rewatching with him--- Carole Baskin was in town last week)
  14. I don't regret it at all. I thought I would have a second life as a volunteer most of the time after homeschooling. I can hardly do any volunteering now due to my disabilities. I am so happy to that at least I homeschooled my children and they learned more than they would have if I didn't.
  15. So we have had a little t if flooding around here. We went to a Vietnamese Restaurant for lunch w dd1 and dsil. Then she and I went to Publix and did shopping. Now taking a rest Soon I will do laundry. Not sure whats for dinner.
  16. Good morning! Super stiff today and waiting for pain meds to kick in. (oh they kicked in and are gone now, have to do more muscle relaxant and probably more steroid today too). Just got startled by weather alarm going off _ flash flood warning. We are going to get 2 inches in the next hour. The only thing personally I worry about is more erosion on part of our front yard that exposed tree roots when a gigantic flash flood happened along with last year where we got almost all our normal rainfall of in Jan and Feb. That was around 7:30am or so. Our interstate in town is closed from near us to miles away due to flooding- glad we just did online church and weren;t planning to go out Online Sunday School done Online Church Done Laundry started in between Sunday School and Church didn\t get done between SS and church because we decided to watch rain on front porch rocking chairs and drink coffee, will do soon figure out food for next few days not sure what else
  17. Good morning! Super stiff today and waiting for pain meds to kick in. Just got startled by weather alarm going off _ flash flood warning. We are going to get 2 inches in the next hour. The only thing personally I worry about is more erosion on part of our front yard that exposed tree roots when a gigantic flash flood happened along with last year where we got almost all our normal rainfall of in Jan and Feb. Online Sunday School Online Church Laundry started in between Sunday School and Church figure out food for next few days not sure what else
  18. The last speaker was so annoying. He kept talking about chronic pain as if everyone with chronic pain has fibromyalgia and not AS or RA or Lupus or any other disease. And he was so very close minded too. But the other two sessions were really good. And then we went to the AF birthday party. Now we are home. And about to watch more college football.
  19. My house won't. I am on a hill and it can't flood, just wash away but that is very unlikely.
  20. Hobby Lobby done It is raining here too, Moocow. We are in a flash flood watch for the entire area and some counties have had flash flood warning too.
  21. Good morning! Woke up at 5am in a lot of pain and hardly able to get out of bed but I am doing well now so very happy. I need to make b & B reservations this morning Not sure about breakfast- here or go out Hobby Lobby this morning too- hopefully Virtual Spondylotis Patient Conference Laundry Keep up with football AIr Force birthday celebration
  22. Thanks for the reminder. I need to put out the fall fake arrangements and put away the summer.
  23. OMG. I had the rant about the CDC at my doctor's this week. In 2018, there was a study presented at the American College of Rheumatology conference that showed that people with RA on biologics or high doses of steroids, should get high dose flu vaccine. My rheumatologist and primary and pharmacist all agree on that for me. But I am not 65 and CDC says only 65 and older should get the vaccine. And I am positive it isn't just RA people who should get high dose flu vaccine- organ transplant, all the others who are suppressing their immune system, people with AIDS, etc. Then I went on to say that I know Lupus patients in their 20s and30s who have gotten repeated bouts of Shingles but again, CDC has age limits on that vaccine that doesn't cover them. And now they came out with 3rd shot recommendations, again only with the magic age of 65--like when you are 64 and a half, you are fine and healthy but when the day you turn 65, you are completely vulnerable to everything. And of course, all the garbage the CDC has said about COVID- don't wear masks, do wear masks, wear 2 masks, don't wear masks, do wear masks-- and on and on. And the mandatory 2 week quarantine garbage, especially for fully vaccinated just means people don't get tested, because if you are vaccinated, you are only likely to spread in days 1 and 2, not day 10 or 14. I am so sorry about this mess with educational needs,. I know that my future ddil can't work because of this continued mess here too with the school district of her 2 children, (plus she is very pregnant too). Yeah- worksheets for all the kids who need actual teachers or tutors or someone to help. OTOH, the smart kids also suffer, They may not need help but those worksheets may be totally useless to them and it would be better if they read a good book.
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