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  1. Good morning! Woke up at 5am in a lot of pain and hardly able to get out of bed but I am doing well now so very happy. I need to make b & B reservations this morning Not sure about breakfast- here or go out Hobby Lobby this morning too- hopefully Virtual Spondylotis Patient Conference Laundry Keep up with football AIr Force birthday celebration
  2. Thanks for the reminder. I need to put out the fall fake arrangements and put away the summer.
  3. OMG. I had the rant about the CDC at my doctor's this week. In 2018, there was a study presented at the American College of Rheumatology conference that showed that people with RA on biologics or high doses of steroids, should get high dose flu vaccine. My rheumatologist and primary and pharmacist all agree on that for me. But I am not 65 and CDC says only 65 and older should get the vaccine. And I am positive it isn't just RA people who should get high dose flu vaccine- organ transplant, all the others who are suppressing their immune system, people with AIDS, etc. Then I went on to say that I know Lupus patients in their 20s and30s who have gotten repeated bouts of Shingles but again, CDC has age limits on that vaccine that doesn't cover them. And now they came out with 3rd shot recommendations, again only with the magic age of 65--like when you are 64 and a half, you are fine and healthy but when the day you turn 65, you are completely vulnerable to everything. And of course, all the garbage the CDC has said about COVID- don't wear masks, do wear masks, wear 2 masks, don't wear masks, do wear masks-- and on and on. And the mandatory 2 week quarantine garbage, especially for fully vaccinated just means people don't get tested, because if you are vaccinated, you are only likely to spread in days 1 and 2, not day 10 or 14. I am so sorry about this mess with educational needs,. I know that my future ddil can't work because of this continued mess here too with the school district of her 2 children, (plus she is very pregnant too). Yeah- worksheets for all the kids who need actual teachers or tutors or someone to help. OTOH, the smart kids also suffer, They may not need help but those worksheets may be totally useless to them and it would be better if they read a good book.
  4. Hi everybody! Didn't have the best sleep last night. I think I slept long enough but I woke up at 2 something in very bad back pain and had a very hard time getting out of bed to go to the bathroom and then take pain meds and the forgotten bedtime meds. I went back to sleep and then at 5:30 something I woke up again and had very bad, very painful GERD. I have been having that happen on and off ever since I went on vacation and drank the super dark coffee (I did add a lot of cream). And then I went into the Western Art Museum with a water bottle which they refused to let me have, saying their were water fountains. I didn't tell them it is an ADA thing and hadn't remembered to just put it in my purse. That really started the very bad GERD. I had it under control and it wasn't like this for over 20 years, Now I have to think about making an appointment with my gastro doctor. Take a shower and style my hair as best I can Make and eat breakfast Put weekly medical box together and take medicines Get ready for cleaning service Call my orthopedic pain doctor for an appt= he only does shots and things like that- not my prescriptions Call my sleep doctor and find out about when dentists are there to make sleep apnea dental things Call my gastro doctor for an appt call the business offices of a number of medical providers who haven't submitted claims to tricare supplement figure out where we are staying for football game in Nov figure out if we are going to Coastal Bird Fair and if so, when Ask dh about his leave status figure out when we are going on train trip and who is going w./ us-- probably a day trip but not sure Make East Asian style dinner-got the meal kit from Fresh Market yesterday
  5. Congratulations!! All the photos are great! Both you and your daughter look beautiful as does the venue. Dd2 and DSIL got married legally yesterday but they are waiting for their ceremony and celebration till sometime later when COVID is better (It is bad in here)>
  6. Congratulations to them. My anniversary was Tuesday and my dd2 and her fiance had the notary sign their marriage application on Wednesday so that is their official marriage date. (Here in Alabama everyone now has to have a notary sign the marriage certificate and then you have to get it to the probate judge within a month for that person to record the marriage).
  7. I love that one because it's originally building actually has a great theme- Tennessee River- from its start as a small streams to a big river with lakes, to part of the Mississippi to part of the Gulf. I also love the aquarium in Albuquerque because it also has this theme mainly- except with the Rio Grande. If there are any other similar aquariums anywhere- I would love to know about them.
  8. I am on Gralise (slow release gabapentin--I cannot do the regular forms at all), and amitriptyline to help with nerve pain plus 5% Lidocaine patches, 5% Lidociane cream, Voltaren generic ointment, and Norcos=-I can't take NSAIDS initially because of esophageal spasms and now also because of blood thinners.
  9. The only time I ever spend an hour is at Publix if I am also waiting on a prescription or shot.
  10. I live in the very humid South-usually very near rain totals to qualify for temperate rain forest and my house is very hard to dehumidify adequately. I may need all these things in a week- except peppers, avocados, cilantro, and limes (allergic to limes, cilantro-I never ever use since it taste like soap to me, neither dh nor I like avocados and I don't use any pepper product except paprika- all others are either too bitter and nasty((bell)), or way too spicy for me- I hardly make any saliva and heat is very painful to me). But I cannot by any berry, except dried or frozen and expect it to last more than maybe if I am super lucky-4 days. Same with mushrooms.
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