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  1. I'm so saddened by this. I grew up about a mile from where this took place and am now out in the 'burbs, but it is awful to see the injustice and pain in a place that is home. Waking up to news of many more fires and looting spread out over the city: large businesses, small businesses, apartments being built. Such devastation and so much hurt. “A riot is the language of the unheard.” MLK "King’s point, though subtle, is clear. He does not support violent tactics, including riots, but he argues that the way to stop citizens from rioting is to acknowledge and fix the con
  2. I've been sewing for friends/family. I got some cutting templates from Martellinotions.com They are selling them really reasonable to help the cause and shipping free in case anyone is interested. For both styles (pleated and curved), I have switched to sewing the top and bottom with right sides together, then turning and using 1/2 inch double fold bias tape ties along the sides (36 inches long). I had a spool from an old project but will have to make some shortly as it goes fast. This way when I sew the tie closed, I attach it to the side of the mask in one step. I did have to modify my
  3. Definitely not a waste of time. That seems pretty high. We live in a pretty big metro area but when we did doors it cost only a few hundred dollars more than we could buy the materials for at Menards.
  4. We hiked to the bottom via the south Kaibab trail, that took about 5 hours. We spent the night at Phantom Ranch and hiked out via the Bright Angel trail the next day, that took 11 hours. We were not as physically prepared as we could have been, but we didn't secure our final spots and know we were for sure going until 2 days before. Mindset is super important when attempting this. I would not attempt this in one day with kids. Getting permits to camp is the tricky part. If you are flexible and have a few days to spend there, you can attempt to get walk up permits. The girls
  5. No, I haven't, I'll have to look into that!
  6. Here are a few from the past couple of days. As I stamp down the page, I modify the stamp, removing those extra bits. The tile looking stamp is carved on a small square and I just rotated as I stamped it. The bubble is just a tiny carve off of a leftover bit. My youngest dd (11) is also doing some carving too, she is having fun with it. I have a set of speedball lino cutters and have mostly been carving on dollar store erasers before I move onto my speedycarve rubber. For some fun insipiration, check out the hashtag CarveDecember on Instagram. It is a stamp carving challenge started by J
  7. I am doing a bit of stamp carving lately, I like it because it is quick and I can feel like I got something done. I want to use the stamps in a mixed media fashion. I also have done some dabbling in zentangle as well. I have some other projects I need to get to as well. *Clean up/figure out what needs repair on a roll top desk we took from my parent's house. It will be turned into a quilting/crafting desk. *Cut up flannel shirts of my dad's as well as ties to sew into memory quilts.
  8. youngest got paint pens and air dry clay...a hit. She also got an American Girl doll dress form and book with projects to sew for AG dolls...hit oldest got a weighted blanket and some drawing and charcoal pencils...hit both got new prismacolor pencils, RPG figure painting set and figures...hit
  9. I like the idea of finalizing shopping early. Maybe that will be my Thanksgiving weekend goal next year. That would leave the rest of December for other activities. Even though I shop mostly online, it still takes a bit of time to find deals, etc. I really like how much we simplified gatherings. I coordinated both sides and sent out a text saying I was providing a main dish, potatoes and a veggie and everyone else was responsible for filling in whatever else they wanted...beverages, desserts, appetizers, etc. It worked well and we chose easy dishes/make ahead main dishes, so super easy t
  10. We are making Swedish meatballs, creamed corn and mashed potatoes for one meal. Beef Wellington, brussel sprouts with bacon and mashed potatoes for another meal we are hosting. Not sure yet what we will make on actual Christmas Eve and day yet, as it is just the 4 of us and much more low key. Usually Christmas involves an egg bake or something and foods like appetizer foods all day.
  11. Add me to the club. We usually make plans to be camping or out of town to avoid having to visit others, so we've somewhat turned it around, but I do get sad thinking about it.
  12. I've been working on compiling all of the girls special things into one space. They each have binders of birthday cards so they can actually look at them. They have a moment file box and documents folder box. Feels good to go through everything and Purge the randomness.
  13. Love the hair! Tell him way to be brave and amazing!
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