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  1. Add me to the club. We usually make plans to be camping or out of town to avoid having to visit others, so we've somewhat turned it around, but I do get sad thinking about it.
  2. What a fantastic experience! Thanks for sharing it with us!
  3. I've been working on compiling all of the girls special things into one space. They each have binders of birthday cards so they can actually look at them. They have a moment file box and documents folder box. Feels good to go through everything and Purge the randomness.
  4. Love the hair! Tell him way to be brave and amazing!
  5. Aldi GF Mac and cheese like the Velveeta shells and cheese is good Veggie straws, potato chips and corn based chips are often GF. We get donuts in the freezer section, I can't remember the brand though, they are yummy microwaved for about 30 seconds. Udi muffins are a yummy treat As a buttermilk replacement I just sour some milk with apple cider vinegar and let it sit for about 5 minutes before using. We like the Almond crackers and 6 grain crackers, both from Costco. Popcorn is a frequent snack, I pop my own on the stove most of the time. Did he rock his blue hair?
  6. Snyder's GF pretzels are the best. One of my favorite breads is in the yellow bag Schrar I make GF bread in my bread machine now using Pamela's flour I buy on Amazon. 25lb bag for around$53. We eat rice in place of bread a lot of times (burgers and hotdogs, etc) I'd love to hear other people's favorite recipes too
  7. I do keys in the same spot (at home=drawer, on the go= same pocket in my purse). If I buy a replacement for something we are almost out of, I stash it in the basement and put a garage sale dot sticker on the almost empty one in the kitchen (peanut butter, mustard, etc.) I started working on trying recipes that are quick to make yet healthy, hoping to work up to about 40-50 choices depending on mood, groceries and weather. I have Google Keep lists for groceries, Costco and Target/Walmart. I shared them with the girls and DH so anyone can add as needed. I sometimes call out to someone to add something when I am cooking instead of having to wait until I can wash my hands and do it. DH took over laundry when I picked up Full Time subbing suddenly for a maternity leave. He does it all on Sunday. I hang up my winter gear when coming in and my purse has a home in the closet. I have a file folder for each month. They hold items needed for that month/the calendar (only 2months are displayed at a time). I have a file folder for tax documents to collect as they come in. I have a checklist written inside so I can make sure I have everything before we go.
  8. The Rocketbook is on my wishlist. I love the idea of combining handwriting with digital.
  9. We also got our pictures hung back on the wall (post remodel in 2016). Our kitchen and upstairs bathroom will only need minor attention as they got a pretty good overhaul with each of their recent remodels. I watched The Magic of Tidying Up first episode with the girls then told them to go Kon Marie their desk space. I managed to sort and make a spreadsheet of homeschool items to sell as we are currently on sabbatical. We may pick it up again for dd1 when she enters 9th grade...we'll see, so for now I want it gone. One bigger task is to build shelves to fit our storage room better to maximize space. Hubby is happy to help, or I may tackle it, but that's probably a couple of weeks away. Once that is done, I can finish a couple of hotspots that are waiting for those shelves (piles of backpacking gear, so not excess)
  10. We stayed at Red Feather Lodge and then hiked to Phantom Ranch for a night last May. If you are hikers, hike the South Kaibab trail to ooh ahh point for sunrise. You may need Krampons for your boots.
  11. I delivered 4bags of hand me downs to a friend and a truckload to Goodwill. DH did his clothes, I need to do mine still.
  12. If it's just endoscopy then you are probably good to go. I am awake for all my endoscopies and they don't touch my hair.
  13. I can't think of any reason not to. Nail polish interferes with pulse ox readings which is why that is a no go.
  14. Weekends are themed, but medieval attire is worn every weekend too.
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