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  1. I remember reading her story of how she met her DH on a old blog of hers (that was linked here). I believe most of it is in the book Black Heels and Tractor Wheels. She kept me entertained when my girls were littles and I wasn't even quite homeschooling yet. It was probably 10 or so years ago when I joined.
  2. I feel so accomplished. I finished a huge chunk of grading I had procrastinated on. (5th grade Social Studies-FT distance class). I have a little more checking up to do on math and ELA, so I hope I can get it all to a more manageable level by the end of the week.
  3. Due to an extremely busy fall. (Me starting FT work with less than 1 weeks notice and mom on hospice) we started doing Every Plate meal boxes. The girls (12 and 14 both cook/help prep a couple of times a week. Having everything pre-packaged with (relatively) clear directions has improved their skills tremendously. We can choose from about 15 meals/week. We get 4 meals a week with servings for 4. The portion sizes are nice too. At some point, we will stop the service and rely on their recipes, but for now our personal chaos hasn't settled enough for that. Whomever is cooking, chooses what
  4. We went out snowshoeing again yesterday. It was much easier because the trail had been used in the past 2 days. We brought down our pace by 10 minutes a mile. Fresh powder is hard work!
  5. We broke in our new snowshoes on a 4 1/2 mile walk at a local park in 3 inches of fresh powder.
  6. Here is a link to my nativities. This first colorful cardboard one is a duplicate of one DH's grandparents had. The other one is one I purchased at half off since I worked at the local Christian bookstore. A big investment for a college student, but I love it. It is HUGE, it fills up our 4' TV console (that DH made!). I finally have a nice place to display it. https://photos.app.goo.gl/gt3FKfzTQpDGjTkB8
  7. This thread has given me a few ideas. My mom passed in September and she has loads of jewelry. Including lots of beaded necklaces. I was thinking of donating some to a women's shelter, but might have to be creative with some of the items first. I love the Christmas tree idea as well as the beaded icicles. I have lots of rings as well so I will have to seek out an idea for those.
  8. These are my 2. I almost bought the Peanuts one to add to my collection. The top one is a cardboard nativity...DH's gramma and gramps have an identical one. I just loved how it looked. The bottom one I bought when I was in college working at the local Christian bookstore. I just loved the clean lines and minimal look. It is HUGE, however. We finally have a nice place to display it. DH built the entertainment center console, I made sure our TV would be mounted to the wall so the nativity could be displayed. The angel is probably 15 inches tall or so.
  9. Yes, I haven't been able to give them up yet.
  10. We purchased Lightning Kayaks. They are a pedal drive fishing kayak. They will be coming out with a 2 foot shorter one soon (will be cheaper). They are local in MN, but do have dealers in a few states too. We were intrigued by being able to alternate pedaling and paddling.
  11. Williams Sonoma has some deals this time of year. I use my chef's knife and short chef's knife the most personally...but if I only had 2, I'd need a parking knife too. I like my Wusthof classic. The blade runs the full length of the handle. https://www.williams-sonoma.com/m/products/wusthof-gourmet-2-piece-chef-utility-knife-set/?pkey=cknife-sets
  12. I'm sorry for your loss. My mom passed a few weeks ago and there was definitely an aspect of relief mixed in, especially since there was so much physical hardship beforehand.
  13. I saw that the other day. I am currently teaching 5th grade for a charter school, so we watch most days.
  14. I'm so saddened by this. I grew up about a mile from where this took place and am now out in the 'burbs, but it is awful to see the injustice and pain in a place that is home. Waking up to news of many more fires and looting spread out over the city: large businesses, small businesses, apartments being built. Such devastation and so much hurt. “A riot is the language of the unheard.” MLK "King’s point, though subtle, is clear. He does not support violent tactics, including riots, but he argues that the way to stop citizens from rioting is to acknowledge and fix the con
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