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  1. BTDT. It really stinks big time. You are doing the right thing for your family.
  2. We have US mobile. They are on the Verizon network around here. Around $20/month
  3. I drank a lot of water and gatorade the day of my shot...maybe it helped.
  4. I had zero side effects except for a sore arm.
  5. Echoing the others. I wish you well in this next chapter.
  6. I'm sorry, Dawn. My mom had several falls. She had an underlying neurological condition but it definitely got worse towards the end of life. After each fall it was considered a qualifying event and she could obtain more physical therapy. My mom was in assisted living, They do require the fall alert buttons, but she never pushed it after she fell. They always found her during their regular check-ins. We tried to get her to be proactive and push it before she needed to get up, but her memory was such that that didn't happen. After seeing your latest update, I would definitely be returning to the ER.
  7. This is what I do too. Walmart even sells it as "sleep aid".
  8. Dug and moved lots of dirt for a dry creek bed. We will place rocks in it tomorrow.
  9. Agreeing that ceiling hugging is the way to go.
  10. This is more of what I am thinking...some way to disguise everything a bit. Either pots/fake rocks to cover the covers, etc. I just need inspiration!
  11. The drainfield is all grass and not changing. This is over the tanks.
  12. I have 5 areas that I need attention. I need some inspiration and would love to see pictures of your similar spaces. Here's what we currently have: Area 1-front of the house. We took out some windows and I need to fill in the space with either a taller plant/tree or a hardscape feature. The hosta and day lilies will be split and moved to area 2. I plan to move in some sun loving perennials from area 4 up here. Area 2-pine trees. This space is 32 x 60, I will be bringing in dirt. This area will have hosta, and day lilies as well as some lily of the valley and ferns from area 3. I may try to plant grass or make a path through the space. All of the bigger boulders and rocks can be moved to any area. Area 3-behind the house. The ferns, and shade plants will all get moved under the pine trees. This space needs a patio and fire pit added. Area 4-sun perennials. These will all get pulled out. Whatever doesn't get used in other areas will go. Area 5-septic system. I am looking to primarily hardscape this area with rock/minimal plants.
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