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  1. You are very welcome 🙂 I'm glad I could help; I habitually use normal objects for odd purposes, so I'm rather used to thinking out of the box like that (I have a napkin holder for my mail, a bread box on its side for my teas & coffee stuff, etc....)
  2. Finished school with DS Slept much, some migraine improvement dinner is smelling yummy in the crockpot, and lunch was leftover soup printing the 2nd grade stuff now and finishing that up, then will fold laundry
  3. Are you looking for storage, or display? I can't see the Pottery Barn one, and can't tell from the other if you want "something I can place on the table, with the placemats in it, so that we can quickly grab them and it looks cute while doing its job" or if you just/mainly want "someplace for the placemats to live when not in use, function over style is fine". If it's the former, I am no help, as I have no idea (maybe a cute hat box/storage box from someplace like Michael's or Hobby Lobby??), if it's function, then would they fit in a vertical file folder thing? Like a magazine rack, fil
  4. okay, figured out what to do for 2nd grade, minus the math (I did find what I will use, just too migraine-brain to completely sort it right now) and science is going to need tweaking, but I have it decided on. Going to bed to hopefully kick the migraine to the curb. I can tell the medicine is working, now it's time for sleep to hopefully do the rest.
  5. (((hugs, Selkie)))) I'm sorry to hear about your FIL; even expected, loss is still hard. Prayers for your family as everyone grieves.
  6. 'morning. Still working on the "good" part of that.... I need to: ...probably nap, b/c migraine ...prep for 2nd grade tomorrow (finish figuring out the plan, print the stuff, file the stuff) ...fold laundry, see if any needs washing ...start the crockpot for dinner (it only has to go 4 hrs so can be started at lunch) ...school with DS -- study for biology test, finish history, do math, do language arts ...lunch? ...dinner ...after dinner -- maybe TV, maybe not, depends on kids studying and such (ds19 has 2 tests tomorrow) ...anything else I'm forgetting
  7. Note: this also requires a spouse who doesn't just randomly buy all the on sale meat they find, just because it's on sale, with no regard to what's in the freezer already, what isn't, and what space exists to store the on sale, super great deal meat. "yes, dear, you did great! That totally IS a great deal, thank you!....now, help me make room for it all, please, because we were pretty well stocked as it is......"
  8. DH got DS's car all taken apart and discovered that the hose/tube/thing that carries the water from the windshield to the back windshield (for the window wash stuff) run beneath all of that, and now he wonders if perhaps that is what busted/leaked (he has not gone under the hood yet to see if that is empty or full), because the underneath was just FULL of water, yet the seats, door, windows, etc. were never wet, which would seem like it couldn't have really come from the rain (plus, the water was originally mainly on one side of the floor board, coincidentally the side with the tube). So
  9. I have no idea on brands or anything, because I tend to do the same thing -- grab all the ones in my price range/either side of my side range, try them ALL on, sit down, bend over, stand up, lean down to pick stuff up off the floor, etc, and keep what fits, put back/return the rest. BUT, a tip that generally works (try it at home with jeans that fit/pants that fit first, just in case) is that you can take the pair of jeans, and wrap the closed waistband around your neck. The ends should touch but not overlap. If so, it should fit your waist. (so, literally, hold it out in front of you, p
  10. Praying, Margaret. Done working with the 4 yr old, and I think both grandmas are good with the proposed schedule/syllabus. (grandma & great-grandma) DH is taking apart the inside of DS's car, as it had way more water than we thought; he's drying it out, then will work on figuring out how the water is getting in Started a load of laundry Got the food set up for the D-n-D kids (how *do* you properly abbreviate that? DnD? DND? D&D?....) next up: print/grade/file all the stuff.
  11. Hi! Go tutor/teach the 4 yr old come home, put out lunch for the kids/DnD go run errands with DH print all my stuff for Monday classes, file, organize fold laundry, wash one more load SEW tonight gotta run!
  12. Tweaked and re-printed the stuff for the 4 yr old for tomorrow, and finished biology with DS15. Need to gather the specific materials for tomorrow and them I am done and DH & I are hanging out as the kids are doing various "their own thing"s Oh, and got the bed picked up for my sister, and it's in the garage.
  13. That is exactly our current set-up. DH is working from home, so he has half the dining table covered with his "office." I'm teaching 3 co-op classes (in person) and tutoring the 4 yr old (in person) and have my laptop set up across from DH and a crate/wheeled cart in a corner with my stuff. (plus shelves upon shelves upon shelves in the bedroom). It's getting there, as far as organized-ish, but I think the absolute visual clutter of having it on my dining table (which is the front room of the house, which is the one area I ever (used to) decorate for holidays, which I now can't....) is g
  14. Did History with DS (and he did math) That took gobs longer than I thought, so bumped Language Arts down in the week (we get through gobs of it, in short amounts of time, so this is fine) Heard from DS19 that oh, yes, D&D is tomorrow after all, okay? (at 4:45 pm) Ran to the grocery store for the requisite drinks, chips, buns (b/c the drinks need time to get cold) and DH will run in the morning for rotisserie chicken to toss in the crockpot with BBQ sauce for sandwiches for them Stopped by Michael's to return some items and grab a couple little tidbits Need to do Bi
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