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  1. Without reading the thread first --- --yes, Brazil has a similar holiday surrounding that same segment of the population, if I'm understanding the holiday correctly (it was explained to me when we first moved there, and my Portuguese wasn't super fantastic, so I could be off base there.....but it's semi-related) --as far as objections go.....as a Texan, it just makes me sad. It's been a thing/holiday here for a long time, and I've always felt shame over it. Which isn't to say it shouldn't be acknowledged -- it should, and I'm glad it is. At the same time, I feel like it's taking our
  2. Popping in to say Hi, and that I'll be mostly not around all this coming week -- we are heading out to NM for the week for some cooler temps, down time, etc. Today was FULL of errands/getting ready, and squeezing in celebrating DH with the boys for Father's Day. anyway, just wanted to say Hi, and let you all know I'll be MIA for a bit 🙂
  3. Wrapped the gift, swapped the laundry, done for the night and the guys voted "board game" -- have a good weekend everyone!
  4. Finished the table topper and got it on the table - yay! Played some Stardew Valley with DH for a bit while the kids D&D'ed & oldest napped Got laundry put away, and a load in the dryer and another in the wash; will wait till this evening to switch b/c we're still in conservation mode I think??? (I did the other one early, trying to stay in non-peak hours, even though the whole thing is ridiculously annoying) Dinner is taken care of (crockpot, from D&D food) I did not tackle the book shelf.....maybe tonight if the guys video game instead of movie night. Or maybe
  5. my thoughts exactly, LOL! No wonder I couldn't think of any examples......they are all things that seem normal to me. Oops.
  6. TheReader


    Wanda Vision continues to improve, hang with it. And yes, it's so weird the streaming services that drop once/week. Gah. DH is a pro at subscribing, unsubscribing, resubscribing, etc. so he waits until we have either lots of different once/week shows (like with Apple TV) or until the whole thing is released (we did the first season of Mandolorian that way) to minimize our time subscribed/maximize our usage of whichever service. (I keep waiting for the services to wise up to this, but so far they all seem fine with a month or two on, three or four months off, a month or two on, etc...)
  7. Put laundry in the washer, sent an email I needed to send, grabbing laundry that needs folding and going to do that/watch TV while waiting on D&D kids to arrive.
  8. That sounds like an amazing birthday! Happy birthday to him!
  9. TheReader


    I'm really enjoying it so much. Very curious to see where it's going, but loving the ride to get there.
  10. Good morning! Today is an easy day: ....coffee ....food in crockpot (done) for D&D/dinner ....D&D day with the old gang (so, one here, 2 on the internet/Zoom/Google Meet/whatever) ....figure out/find/do binding on the table topper ....finish up laundry, maybe do my packing for our trip next week ....maybe play some video games with DH .....anything else that gets done (hmm, today would be good to declutter the book shelf, maybe....???? Ugh. Don't want to. Need to. We shall see) .....veg out/find a movie or something for tonight (trying to talk them into Young Guns
  11. Oh, that's so much closer!!! Hooray for that! (and enjoy Loki! We watched last night - I think it's my favorite so far of the Marvel shows that have been on Disney+).
  12. Home. Tired. We had so much fun, though. So much fun. One of the moms who went is new to the area/the church, and our two children are becoming good friends, so it was nice to really get to visit with her. And the driving was fine, and I did good (yay!) and actually feel pretty confident now, so that's good. DH has chicken thawing for dinner, and did laundry!! because he's just that awesome for the most part. Had a snack, having some more water, then going to veg out.
  13. Will it be closer or farther for her to the new house? I'm so glad she gets a visit to her "home" one more time, too! Enjoy! And praying for the moving help Weds. My day today: ....coffee ....drive as one of the driving parents on a museum trip some kids from youth group planned (DS included) ....hope I don't get lost, get stressed in traffic, etc. -- I really did not think through this when I agreed to be a driver, LOL! I need to look at the route, etc. (I'll have my google maps, but still....) ....museum trip all day ....laundry when home ....dinner??? I need to put DH
  14. @mom31257 -- Amy, how neat about the post office box!!! That's very cool. I love little things like that!
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