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  1. Finally checking in; I was busy this morning! Got done: ...trip to Lowe's with DH for wood for a project (he's done with that now too) ...coffee/computer time ...finally called and researched sewing machine prices and can get what I want for *significantly* less elsewhere (but still local), so doing that this week ...researched more on the machine I'll be getting....I am SO EXCITED!!! (upgrading from a Janome Memory Craft 3500, that I got used 5-ish yrs ago, to a Janome Skyline S6......HUGE upgrade for me! So excited!!!) (and not paying MSRP) ...SEWED the parts for the mystery
  2. Happy 18th, Readinmom's DD! I finished school with DS; his spelling is suffering, which reminds me we've majorly slacked off on Barton now that his reading is so much better....oops. Time to pull that back out. Got printables/activities planned for all the classes, still need to actually print/load but that can also happen Sat/Sun, and I really want to sew......still, thinking maybe I'll do all the school junk today/now so I can sew uninterrupted all day tomorrow.....??? Went with DH to drop off a package, grab some stuff from the grocery store that he'd forgotten (plus this o
  3. Home from tutoring -- they had no power, so we sat with curtains open for light. Luckily it's cool temps. Four yr old was squirrely today, but hilarious -- *she* was tired of school, so we had the stuffies help us (her idea). Spikey the dinosaur and Olaf the teddy bear (who is only named Olaf, and isn't really Olaf), cut, glued, played ABC bingo, did puzzles, did rhyming pages, matching first letters (they are very good at that), etc. because the 4 yr old was too tired to do school. I happily played along. She cracks me up! (and yes, this is one of many reasons why I keep standing firm on no,
  4. Awww, happy engagement anniversary, Amy! How fun! My day consists of: ...coffee ...tutor the 4 yr old ...call the other quilt shop about the other sewing machine so I can compare notes ....call the life insurance guy and find out what's going on ....do school with DS ....finish prepping my printables (get bag loaded even...?) ....SEW guilt free the rest of the day/evening/weekend ....lunch is leftovers ....dinner is pizza ordered-in ....TV tonight is Wanda-Vision, then back to sewing ...laundry is still in good shape, so nothing to do there Happy Weekend!
  5. Got today's school done with DS Found his missing Biology work, sent that in, after which DH announced he's really not fond of the Biology class and could we drop him, and he (DH) will take over teaching DS Biology....? Texted my mom, who I now need to call have *still* not done my prep work (well, some but not all), so need to do that, but as it's dinner(ish) time, punting that till tomorrow, which means my sewing time will get punted further till Saturday; luckily there is no D&D this week, and football is not until Sunday (the game we care about, anyway)
  6. took a nap got the homework charts for DS, including found out some stuff he was missing for Biology; I feel bad, b/c he asked me about those very items, and I said, "what, no, surely we turned those in? those are from unit 6....." (we hadn't; I guess these were things he was supposed to have scanned in that we never did. oops). helping oldest DS figure out the library card access thing for his class/videos for one of his classes; he had it all sorted except selecting the "local library" emailed the biology teacher to let her know I'd dig out the missing papers, and that it w
  7. graded papers started my "prep for printables" but Word & my laptop are not getting along again -- may need to break down and buy the current version :sigh: went grocery shopping, put away groceries, ate lunch/fed kids lunch got everyone started on school taking a nap, letting the computer rest, will resume work after that (cannot do the school prep w/o letting the computer rest due to the word issue anyway)
  8. also researched the one sewing machine, and man, it sounds good. Need to call the other place, see what they have/offer, and compare. Dh is ready to go to the store, so will do other stuff after that. Oh, and,ha, the thing I was forgetting?? School. You know, with my own kid. Oops. So, also that. sewing will likely wait till tomorrow.....
  9. Scout, that happens a lot at our house, too! (the boy eating the food) Got the meal plan and grocery list made. Finished the coffee. Checked on the cat, who was behaving like a lunatic. Not sure what's up, but nothing seems amiss, so.....? Tackling the real stuff now (and eating breakfast....) before going to the store.....
  10. This is a good point, and I do that, as well. I also learned from small business owner friends, leave good reviews on Google as it actually impacts their search results, not just in google but on google maps, too; they are more likely to display places with good reviews (for instance, if you search "restaurant near me" or what have you). I had no idea about that!
  11. ugh. I'm sorry that happened to you. I left one once on a large chain (location specific) where DH and I went in to shop for new wedding bands.....the salesgirl helping us went to get rings to show us, someone else came back with them, said she had to take her break and asked him to fill in......then she returned to the floor to help other customers. It was weird and we left, figuring if they didn't want to serve us/assist us, we didn't want to give them our business.
  12. Good Morning, all! Today I need to: ...follow up on the life insurance thing; the guy never wrote back :sigh: ...have more coffee ...grade papers, finish prepping printables for next week ...prep/print everything for the 4 yr old tomorrow ...meal plan for the week ...grocery shop ...cut/sew sashing strips for the current project ...call the not-so-close quilt shop and ask about sewing machines -- DH is pitching in so I can upgrade ...research the machine(s) that I'm thinking about and see which one I want (depending on price difference, etc.) ...lunch -- leftovers
  13. DH fixed my printer/changed the cartridge, so I printed all the things and loaded my bag for tomorrow. Found a new-to-me site that I joined with TONS of great coloring pages/notebooking pages for members, which my 2nd graders LOVE for their history stuff -- keeps their hands busy, coloring a picture of the historical character while I read to them. So, joined that, and printed Charles I & Charles II coloring sheets. Dinner is ready, I got progress done on my sewing, checked the mail & had a check waiting for me (and a sweet/sad note that this family may be moving and so their so
  14. jeans are dry, hung up, and mine are put away; the boys all need to go and collect their clean clothes from the laundry room sheets are in the dryer, which concludes laundry -- other than what people have on their bodies, there is not a stitch of dirty laundry in this house. This is a momentous occasion, unlikely to be maintained or duplicated any time soon...... I got some sewing done, enough to be a good stopping point -- framed out some panel pieces into quilt blocks, for an improv throw I'm making need to track down DH and get my printer fixed so I can print and load my bag
  15. had lunch took a nap DH finished biology with DS I finished history with DS moved laundry from washer to dryer and new ones to the washer folded that laundry when it finished, put mine away, put the washer stuff into the dryer, put sheets in the wash both older boys are up and working on school; oldest slept a LOT today; I really need him to keep a sleep journal and list what day he takes his medicine (to see if the days he's sleeping all the time are the day after the medicine, now that it's every 4th day....) download/have DS fill out form for library card
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