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  1. Well, I packed my clothes; pressed the strip sets to be cut into subsets; prepped the fabric for the mini project. Got DS up so we can leave on time. Eating breakfast. I will shift "cut the subsets" to tonight, while DH figures out dinner. Hitting the road shortly; prayers for safe travels and a good final exam for DS much appreciated.
  2. Oh, I actually totally get that, but was commenting based on the parts of the "uproar" I'd seen about a 116 lb woman spending a year to get to 112 lbs; my thought/reaction was that it wasn't odd that someone (whether thin & fit, or thin & unfit) would buy a bike, precisely because thin isn't always fit (and the flip, but since it was a thin woman in the commercial...). I do assume she already had *some* level of fitness, because, Peloton. It just doesn't seem like the beginner level "Hey, I get tired walking the easy mile to the corner store at the front of my neighborhood; I should get in shape" kind of purchase. It seems to me more like the "I'm already relatively fit, and I want to step up my game, train better, etc." kind of thing. But, yes, I completely get thin does not equal fit; I fall in that category myself.
  3. Myblessings, praying your water pressure issue is easy/cheap to fix! Selkie, yay!!! on the puppies! How exciting! Yesterday, I finished making the strip sets, skipped the nap and went to the store -- Kohls has this amazing sweater. I bought one a while back, realized it's basically the best sweater ever created, and I really wanted more, and now I had the cash to get more. So, I went. None (in any color) in my size. Waaah!! I did find a very on sale perfect flannel shirt, so that was fun. Came home, DH said "have you checked on line??" ummm, no, because my brain doesn't go there for clothes. But this, buying a known item, just in a different color....duh. He's checking if there's anything else we need, so we can hit the free shipping amount, and if not, said he'll order me two colors instead of just one. Yay!!! Finished the laundry, and have DH, DS14, and DS18 all packed. This morning, I need to: -pack my clothes -cut the strip sets into the subsets -prep some fabric for a mini project (just a fast cut & fuse thing) for our trip -if there's any leftover time, start sewing the subsets into the diamonds for the quilt/wall hanging, but if I at least get the subsets cut then I'm good on the schedule for that Then late morning, drive DS22 up to take his last final; we'll drive up, eat a quick lunch, I'll hang out while he finals, then we'll drive back. Once back, have DS22 pack. Finish the mini project. Assume/hope DH has figured out something for dinner. Probably watch some Merlin, which we're trying to finish before it leaves Netflix. We're taking it with us so we can finish it up (it says "here until Dec 15th" so my understanding is we have to be finished by the 14th, as the 15th it will be gone; we have I think 6 episodes left.....). If there's any more time after *that*, work on the subsets/diamonds. Go to bed early, b/c we're leaving o-dark-thirty. I'll check back in this evening if I have the chance, otherwise, see you guys next week!
  4. thanks; this is something I'll look into. DH hasn't said anything about Spotify being a problem, but I'll ask. For the car, his car has bluetooth so he just connects the phone over the audio system in the car, via bluetooth, and listens that way (and mostly in the car he listens to things he has downloaded, but also uses Amazon & Spotify that way with no problem).
  5. I am not sure; I read an article a while ago about it disappearing; we don't still have iTunes on any of our computers (we've moved/changed computers a lot since we first had it), but do still have 2 iPods with music on them. I have no idea if we can still access iTunes right now, or it's already gone, and once it's gone, how to interface the iPod to the computer. I do know the article said there would still be a way to use your music, maybe it would migrate to the new Music app on iPhone? Or something? But not sure about cross-device stuff, etc.
  6. Thanks, Scout! Jean, get warm! I hate feeling cold inside. I folded the dryer laundry, put the washer laundry in the dryer, finished my lunch. Going to put away the laundry all together, so saving that for later. Heading up to sew the remaining 3 strip sets, then will nap before doing the cutting/sewing which is kind of trickier. DH has a work dinner out tonight, so I have all evening to sew and pack, and with less laundry than expected, I'm doing good on time and can afford the nap.
  7. Sewed one more strip set. Took a call from my mom; talked to her; talked to my DH about the phone call info. Laundry into dryer, next load into washer, and it all fit so that's it. Heading to cycle that over now. Heated up lunch things for the boys; it's cold, rainy, and gross; they deserve a hot meal. Eating my own lunch, folding the dryer clothes, putting the washer clothes into the dryer, and either napping or sewing. We shall see. Remembered I wanted to check weather for our destination, so we know how to pack; doing that now.
  8. That's an idea; he usually listens to his phone music while in the car, but has been saying he'd like something for listening at home.
  9. Been absent for a while because, life. Today though I need the accountability or I will sit on my rear and do nothing. Which can't happen, so, posting, and getting busy. Done so far: -started one load of laundry -hung up one load of laundry, for kids to come collect from laundry room -all the emails, web surfing, etc. -coffee (need to make more) -ate food -did dishes (w/DH) -woke up oldest, who is home studying for finals. Found out he had been up till 6:30 a.m. studying "last night". Felt bad for waking him up at 11. Oops. 😞 To do: -looks like 2 more loads of laundry -- they need to get washed, dried, put away -pack for a weekend trip (and make kids pack) -make sure DS finishes studying -sew 5 more strip sets, subcut into the diamond strips, sew those into diamonds (for a commissioned wall hanging quilt) -feed the children in between all those things (or make sure they feed themselves) -research things to do on our weekend trip -figure out things to get for assorted relatives that still need Christmas gifts that we haven't even thought of yet
  10. Yes, I would use his account to set it up. Thank you! My teen should be able to help me figure it out.
  11. Is it easy to do? Hard to do? Easy for a non-Spotify user to figure out? (hmm, probably I can ask my teen, actually.....) It's good to know they have the option as well so I can use whichever has most of the music! Thank you!
  12. Before there was an uproar, I thought it silly that she was vlogging the whole thing. And scared about getting on a bike.....I mean, if you are spending $2K on a stationary bike, I assume you are fit enough to not be nervous about the idea. So that always seemed silly to me. And then that she gave the vlog to her husband as his gift a year later......equally silly. Maybe more silly, honestly. So it always seemed cheesy to me. Not horrible that he got her an exercise bike, and not even especially odd that she was thin/fit already (again, I don't think of a Peloton as a thing you get to try to lose weight, but a thing an already fitness buff might get to have a more challenging/convenient/weather proof at home work out....), both of which I've seen as reasons to be outraged since the uproar. A cheesy, silly ad, though....yes.
  13. thank you!!! Yes, he has the Amazon music app. I'll print this out and see if I can do this. Yay!!!
  14. oh, and then, last time we got cell phones, they did some kind of monster credit check where they called a number and had us answer verification questions. Only, it was things like "which of these three addresses did you once live at" and a person with an accent was asking them, and we've moved like 15 times in 22 yrs of marriage, and DH got some of them wrong so they decided he wasn't actually himself. Ha! He kept having the person repeat herself, still couldn't understand the questions/wording, some of the info actually *was* wrong (but they had it down as correct, so....) and ended up having to start all over with me as the name on the account and hope I could answer the questions correctly. All just to get cell phones.
  15. oh, ugh. We had something like that once; moved into a rental on a Friday. We'd called and arranged the utilities to be turned on. The landlord had arranged them to be turned off. The utility companies didn't, apparently, keep turn off and turn on info by address or date or anything that made sense, and so, when we showed up at the house with nothing on, and went to check on it (water, in particular, through the city) we were told since it had already been turned off, we had to wait until the next business day to turn it on. Which meant Monday. With a pregnant me and 2 small kids. Somehow, they'd not coordinated our request to turn on, and the owner's request to turn off, and all of it being one address and all on the same date, and so we ended up in some odd thing where it was no longer just pushing a button or something. We spent the weekend in a hotel (and luckily we did, as the electric ended up being the same problem, because of course they didn't coordinate their off/on business either).
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