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  1. Good morning, all! Leah, praying for your baby dd; that must be frightening! And also dealing with the fire issues, correct? Prayers! So far today I have: ...had to go searching for our "indoor only" kitty who sometime yesterday, we aren't sure when, snuck out out of the house. We didn't realize until this morning when she didn't ever come downstairs for breakfast. She's normally in our room with the dogs at 6:30 waking us up, so when I still hadn't seen her by 9, and we looked in every nook & cranny in the house, out I went to search. After doing thorough searches in both vacant back yards on either side of us, I walked the cul de sac and there she was, 3 doors down, happily curled up on our neighbor's cushioned patio sofa. She is safely back home and I'm sure will be watched much more closely in the days to come. Other than that excitement, I have: ....finished DS15's science homework with him DH and DS22 off to their things on time ....had coffee ....eating "breakfast" now ...tried (but failed) to secure the one vacant fence/gate so it will stop blowing in the wind; DH will have to deal with it, and meanwhile, our dog is going to go bonkers barking at it (we have a cold front, and wind advisory all day, with gusts up to 40 mph.....going to be an annoyingly long day of dog barks.....) To do: ....take DS15 to co-op, pick up DS22, pick up DS15, come home ....check in with the mom of a couple of my kids from K/1st, possibly go meet up with her ....laundry, which was nice & caught up last week and is way behind this week. :sigh: ....DS15 to youth group, DH & I shopping (grocery & jeans for him) ....dinner -- took out some pre-cooked (by us) brisket from the freezer, will turn that into....something ....whatever there's time for after picking up DS, either Lego Masters or just DH and I veg out on the couch ....anything else that gets done (I"d like to sew if I have time between everything else)
  2. Home from the 110 mile trip, and have good news! DS is discharged from the PHP (5 days/week program) to the IOP (3 days/week program) *and* the IOP ends at 12 instead of 1, so I can get him, drive to fencing, drive home, which cuts......I don't know how much, but some......from the driving. Instead of A to B to C to B to A, it's A to B to C to A. And instead of being in opposite directions, it's one big loop, which is gobs better. Or, feels gobs better. AND, DS said he's feeling like he could drive himself, and we feel like maybe he is right, and so that would also be good. Plus we have a good plan for the meds, so, also good. Yay! DH suggested IHOP for free pancakes for dinner, so yay!! I still need to do science with DS15, and make the boys put up their clothes, but otherwise I think this is mostly it. The big boys put up the trash can and recycle bin from the street, so that's good.
  3. I just went and read about this; I'm so sorry! Sounds very scary, but I'm glad it's not worse than it was, and I'm so glad you're all safe.
  4. Okay, called and got the appointment. Finally. (I just skipped the part where I remind the receptionist that he was in the hospital, so there was no need for the part where she says she has to talk to the doctor about when to bring him in and she'll call me back, only she never does.....problem solved). Called the billing department of the bill we got; it's a place that outsources medical doctors to various facilities. Apparently, DS was seen by one guy the day after he arrived, seen by another part way through (he did see someone when he hit his head one day...), and seen by another the day he started the PHP program. Which makes me wonder if he'll have to see someone tomorrow when he "starts" the IOP program, and we'll be hit with another bill for that. Which then makes me wonder -- how does it work, when you are getting bills that you know are going to exceed your max OOP for the person for the year. Do you pay them in order received? By order of when services were provided? Does the insurance automatically say "this one falls under deductible...." ?? We haven't been getting EOBs lately, so I think I need to call and request paper EOBs for all of this so we make sure we pay the right people, the right amounts. (although, interestingly, several people have said that once you hit the max OOP, that means no co-pays for that person, and no Rx costs for that person, either.....I had NO IDEA that was the case, and thought it only applied to things that would normally be under the deductible......I need to verify. That's kind of awesome, if so....). Now I'm going to I think eat something and/or take a nap.....I have one hour to sleep, so debating if that's enough time.....I think I'll regret it if I don't, so.......yea, nap time.
  5. Morning! Yesterday was my at-work day, plus we had our open house for next year's classes, so a LONG day for me. Out of the house from 7:30 am to 9:30 pm (part of that was standing in the parking lot after the open house talking with a friend for 45 minutes, but still......). The open house went very well! Four interested K families, and a 2nd grader, and confirmation that one of my current 1st graders plans to move up to 2nd as well (along with 2 others I already knew of). Assuming some current K move up to 1st, this is off to a good start! We have 2 more open house days later in the spring, so I feel pretty good. Today I have a headache, but took meds and they're helping. I may take a nap, not sure. So, to do: ....(already done -- sent emails to families w/the homework for the week, updated the homework pages) ....(already done -- cancel, again, DS's mistake ortho appt that was made???) ....(just done -- talk to DS's doctor about meds and such) a doctor's office that billed for DS's hospital stay and find out who they are??? There's no doctor's name on it, just a facility, which we don't recognize (and the dates are odd) ....carry up laundry that's been sitting for a week waiting on kids to put away homework with DS ....fencing lesson for DS (and the ensuing 110 miles of A to B to C to B to A driving) ....pick up DS from therapy, talk to them about stepping down from PHP to IOP and how that works (apparently, it's not consecutive days, so either MWF or T/TH/Sat, so that kind of sucks, unless we determine DS can drive himself on Mondays....) and get the appt with DS's psychiatrist who keeps blowing me off, b/c now it's time for her to follow the meds ....nap??? ....dinner....???
  6. Finished printing & organizing all of my school stuff for Monday. Yay!! Printed my handouts for the open house Monday; about to go check if I remembered to print double-sided or not (I hope so, but if not, oh well). I am done for the night, and this leaves only packing my open house stuff on Sunday, which is easy (and half will be in my bag anyway for school). Also put DS's clothes in the dryer for him (this the 19 yr old), helped DH bathe/dry the dogs after one rolled in something dead outside (yuck), had dinner (DH made spaghetti) and watched Lego Masters all together (we really enjoy it). Now I am sitting back and watching Grey's Anatomy and.....something else later...? Or go to bed? Don't know, but I am done with my list. Feels good.
  7. Fun surprise visit from your DS, Selkie! What a treat! I did school with DS; whew. DH has agreed to cook dinner (yay!), and they are upstairs video gaming, so I am going to print my stuff for Monday while I watch recorded TV shows. That will finish off my list, so yay!
  8. Okay, finished my handouts for the open house. Whew! Finished my school prep for Monday's classes. Whew! Need to actually print & organize....debating on now or Sunday......will probably do this now/after I eat something, so Sunday is less rushed. Maybe. Have not done school with DS; need to get him down here and see what the heck he has to do for his history class and work on it. See above, though; eating something first. Took a nap (long) and the migraine seems mostly gone-ish. Whew! But I slept through lunch and still haven't eaten anything and so I must eat food. Then will decide, school with DS or print my school stuff. I think school with DS, then I can print my school stuff tonight while I watch TV while the boys video game. That seems reasonable.
  9. Good morning! So far, I have: ...pick up DS from DH, b/c DS has an upset stomach, got halfway to therapy and asked to turn around/come home ....called therapy place to tell them he wasn't coming in ....finished (yay!!!) the 2nd Grade handout for open house on Monday -- all 3 are ready to print and go, now ....took headache meds b/c I feel the start of a migraine, which is (this time) the monthly migraine; hopefully I caught it early enough to knock it out Still to do: ....probably more coffee prep for my current classes for Monday with DS -- history work due Monday, postpone the rest b/c migraine ....definitely a nap at some point, b/c migraine ....dinner....??? we went out last night, so now I have to cook tonight....maybe the spaghetti originally planned for yesterday? Lego Masters, b/c we never did last night ....relax/go to bed early probably, depending on how the migraine goes....
  10. Okay, the first grade one was easy once I had the format; done. The second grade one will take some time as I haven't finished those lesson plans yet. Ha! Will work on that tomorrow. Heading to dinner now....
  11. I think I finished the Kindergarten hand out for the open house. Egads. But I think this is the one I'll stick with from now on, so that's good. And now that I have the format, the 1st and 2nd grade ones will be easier. I think. Ha. I also did pick up DS, buy the cake & card, and DH is home early enough we're going out tonight (so no spaghetti, yay!) and will come home, eat cake, watch Lego Masters, done. Tomorrow (tonight??) I'll do the 1st and 2nd grade hand outs (handouts?) along with the other school prep.
  12. One thing you may ask about is whether you will have the option to receive your pay divided into the 10 months that you are actually working (or however many months) vs divided equally over all 12 months of the year so that you still receive a paycheck during the summer month(s) that you are not actually working. I know that some schools offer this, but don't know if it's an automatic, a choice, something they bring up, something you have to ask for, etc. I would see if you can access an online school calendar for the students/families and identify which breaks have "teacher workdays" in them (or staff workdays, etc.) so you get a feel for when your breaks will be that don't count as vacation time (I'd assume, but certainly ask to be sure, that the 2 "vacation days" per year means 2 days you can take off for things you need, that aren't already scheduled days off for the staff of the school. So, Christmas break is Christmas break....but say you want to take off the Monday after Easter for some reason, you can use your vacation day for that (just as an example, and I'm purely guessing). Congrats on getting the interview! It sounds fun!
  13. we have a cat that eats toilet paper (she'll come and ask for one sheet a weird), and a dog who eats the empty toilet paper rolls (he also comes and asks for one every day, dismayed that we don't go through toilet paper that fast.....). We've adopted a "moderation is key" attitude, but of course, these are adult animals that are trained(ish), not puppies. The Kongs are good ideas, and maybe he'd also like crinkly chew toys (to mimic the sound of eating paper)? Or that would reinforce it, maybe...? Good luck! I'm glad we're (well) out of the puppy stage at my house. (though we still do keep bathrooms closed at all times, and our bedroom closed if we leave the house, b/c the other dog gets into stuff when left alone, so.....).
  14. Good morning! Today is DS*15*'s bday-- can't believe he's 15! Wow. How did we get here? So, today's list.... prep for Monday -- review what did/didn't get sent home to do since we had class cancelled this past week and figure out what needs to be done this coming week ....hand-out prep for Monday's Open House -- review/revise the hand-outs I made last year (prior to actually teaching these 2 classes) and make sure they still tell/say what I want them to say ....pick up DS22 from therapy; talk to the doctor today?? ....try and figure out the neuropsych stuff...?? I'm thinking maybe the doctor who suggested it doesn't "get" what neuropsych is/does, &/or didn't communicate well what he thinks DS needs ....go get a cake & cards for DS/Bday Boy -- he wants chocolate strawberry something ....give DS the day off school since it's his bday ....SEW ....dinner tonight...will ask DS, but probably spaghetti; tomorrow is his actual bday dinner (out) at his favorite Brazilian food place, but I'd still like to make today's dinner something he loves Lego Masters after dinner
  15. I got nothing done on the thing I remembered I needed to do, but did have some good chat time with my boys, finished cutting the pieces for the quilt, and sewed one block. Yay! Dropped off DS at youth group, figured out his plans for his bday tomorrow, ate "dinner" (cereal, etc.). Leaving shortly to pick him up, then DH and I will watch some TV when we get home.
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