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  1. Late joining in today (and all week, most likely) was VBS Day One. Yawn. DH predicted, and I will grudgingly admit he was right, that at the end of it I would feel it had been a good tired. I admit it, I had fun, it was a good day. I did come home and take a nap today, though. Tomorrow will be even crazier -- tonight we pick up niece/nephew (which does mean dinner out, so that's good) and they'll be with us the rest of the week. Tomorrow I get to pick up a neighbor at the airport after I get back from VBS; their flights got all messed up, and they were going to Uber (it's an hour drive). I volunteered to go instead; dh thinks I'm a little nuts, which I am, but just paying it forward. And this neighbor is the sort who'd do the same for us if needed. Anyway, I have: ....VBS day 1 -- done ....not enough coffee -- done (thinking one more cup to wake up from the nap, if there's still some left....) ...napped Now need to..... ....toss VBS shirts in wash, b/c new children's leader wants VBS helpers wearing the one shirt every single day ...fold the 3 loads of laundry still sitting from the weekend ...tidy up downstairs/dining table so we can all eat in there while niece/nephew are here some kind of snack with protein, not just carbs ...pick up niece/nephew; dinner out
  2. I don't know if it's on Netflix or Hulu, but I find Shark Tank works really well for this. You need to pay attention when they pitch the product, and then you can just listen while they go back & forth about it.
  3. Migraining again, but had to pop in and tell y'all -- I got the blasted houses done. Well, the pink ones on the turquoise hills. I do not feel as though I've added enough for it to count as my round on the round robin, despite it taking a very much lot of time and effort. Letting it sit while I ponder what else I can do -- there is literally none of the background fabric left to do anything with, which is why I went this route in the first place (I added a tiny bit of width on of background, then tucked in the turquoise hills on three sides in the valleys of the pink hills, then added the pink little houses onto the turquoise hills). I do have turquoise little houses I can add to the pink hills, and may do that next. I may then, if I still have time, add details such as doors/windows (the owner of this one likes embroidery and likes to do embroidery, so everyone's been leaving things relatively plain, but I am less certain that my little house shapes look as house-ish as I thought they would). I will *probably* add a narrow final border in one of the accent colors (the pink or turquoise) just to do a little more. Trying to add the photo -- this shows one side and part of the bottom; the bottom actually has 2 turquoise hills, the opposite side has one. It just makes so little impact for the work that went into it....I don't think I'm done, even though I'm done with this part. And not sure adding the turquoise houses to the pink hills will be any more impactful, or just make it look cluttered/busy. Argh. Anyway, if you find the little turquoise hill(s) and the little pink shapes, that's what's been taking me forever. Roughly an hour per little house, which is absurd.
  4. Also, can I just say something.....since joining in on this daily check-in, I've managed to get & stay caught up on laundry. No one has run out of undies, or jeans, or socks, or anything, in all the time I've been checking in with y'all. And we've even washed sheets & towels on a regular basis during this time (which I slacked at big time in the past; we never had a big enough break in "real laundry" to be able to do sheets....). So -- thank you! From me and my family, who are grateful to have had a steady supply of clean clothes lately!
  5. Pink, I hope you get some quality time with your DH before he has to head back out! Woke up with a headache again, so have taken meds and am drinking coffee and about to start sewing. I have got to get these dumb houses on, and preferably at a faster pace than 1 per hour. They aren't large, it's ridiculous it is taking so long. Hoping I can make some good progress before the meds make me sleepy, &/or that they kick in w/o making me sleepy at all. Other than that.....I should fold the now 2 loads of laundry and wash the 1 more load that's waiting. Also figure out dinner; DH & I were (semi) invited out with a friend of his; he isn't firm if that's happening or not, so I need to find out and then plan something I can make the boys, or have them have a cereal night, or......something. The friend's son who was going to maybe stay the night tonight, isn't, so that at least takes cleaning up off the list for today.
  6. Well. Hand sewing applique takes a lot longer than I imagined, particularly when using decorative stitches, and doing it for someone else so it has to be really, really good vs when sewing for me and it just has to not fall apart in the wash. Possibly sewing in front of the TV is not a great idea, either. Ha! Two & a half episodes of ER.......two houses sewn on. Two. Then I had a headache, so took meds and went to "take a nap" -- slept for 3 hours. Yikes. Tomorrow I will sew upstairs with just music, no TV, and see how that goes. I have at a minimum 9 more little houses that must get sewn on, and I'd like to add more than that, but....egads. Time is going to run out on me if I'm not careful/diligent. I did not fold any of the laundry. I did get the load from the wash put into the dryer, cooked dinner, DH did dishes, animal care done, and now we're watching Merlin as a family.
  7. Figured out dinner plans -- going to put together a salad with spinach, baby bella mushrooms, blue cheese, bacon, green beans.....I think it'll be tasty. I hope. Family will balk at it being "meatless" (they will not consider the bacon enough meat) but I will have DH cut up the leftover chicken wing meat from earlier this week and he can add that to his/theirs if they fuss. Ate food, and I think maybe I need to track down info on the TMJ specialist/dentist/dude I found once but never went to.....I'm terrified he's going to say I need surgery, which I don't want and have no idea how that could even work (hard to teach Kindergartners, even once/week, with a jaw wired shut, right?). But it's gotten really bad (I actually know it's dislocated, and has been for.....a while.....but still. Ugh. I really don't want to deal with this), and is painful pretty much all the time, now. Phooey. Going to finally go up and start laundry and start sewing houses. I need to press the little houses, pin them on, and hand sew. In the interest of symmetry I'm going to do the pink houses on the aqua hills on all 3 sides first, then assuming I have time, I'll go back and add aqua houses on the pink hills. (gosh, this must be confusing so far, LOL! soon!) Also, just volunteered to be a landing place for a friend's young adult son for tomorrow night, so I need to clean up between now & then in case they don't find somewhere closer to the venue where they'll be. Okay, no more stalling.
  8. Thinking of you today, Jean, as you make your appointments. Deep breaths; it will be okay. Call the across town one when you leave the first one and let them know you are on the way and will be there as soon as traffic permits; that should grant you some understanding/flexibility if you end up running late. My day today: sew the houses on. Then I will take pics for y'all (it won't make sense prior to that). Yesterday I got through 5 or 6 episodes of ER while just sewing closed the turning hole (to turn them right side out) on the 27!! little houses..... Other than that, I need to plan dinner, do laundry (fold one load from the dryer, wash at least one load), and put away my school stuff that's still in the dining room. DH is working from home this morning, then has meeting/lunch out, then will be back, so.....we'll see what I'm able to get done.
  9. Scout, happy bday to your ds, too! What a good day for birthdays! Y'all!!!! I finished making the little houses to applique on!!! Whew! I made 27 of them, little reversible house shapes, very simple at the moment but starting tomorrow I can applique them on, and add details with embroidery to make them look more "house"ish. They're pink on one side, aqua on the other, b/c I need some of each color but not sure how many....this way, I can decide as I'm going which side to use. Also called the insurance co. finally to get a quote; the rest of it is up to DH, so my part is done. Yay! Started a load of laundry and sorted what else is waiting; technically still am caught up, as the other 2 baskets are just barely at full. Will go put that in the dryer in a bit. Decided on dinner -- DH texted with news that a nearby city is showing Raiders of the Lost Ark on their movie theater tonight; original plan was to grab something on the way. That morphed into that I would make my meatball cups instead (DH doesn't like them, but is all about free). Then DH realized have to buy the tix online, $10 each, etc, so I suggested we could always rent this movie at home somewhere instead (turns out, Netflix has it), so we're doing that. Meatball cups, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and DH suggested for a "movie snack" we also go buy several flavors of Pringles to stack and mix up. (why? no idea.....). So that's decided and planned. Easy-peasy. And now....resting.
  10. Happy Birthday to your DS, Selkie! Enjoy the day! Today is sew, sew, sew. A friend may remind me that we decided to start going to ladies bible study....I will decline, b/c I have GOT to work on this quilt. Between sewing, I also need to start some laundry, decide on something for dinner, and finish reading a book I started earlier this week. Mostly, though, sew. I need to make gobs of little houses to applique onto the border; today's plan is "get the houses made" and then spend the remainder of this week and however much more time is needed after to actually put them on the quilt. I do have a plan for some simple, fast to make, but still cute, houses so that helps. Grabbing breakfast and then getting to work...
  11. Chris, sorry to hear about your doctor; that is sad. 😞 I hope you're able to get your other tests and all done. I got *all* the hills added to the quilt!!! Finally. And before taking DS to fencing!!! So, yay! I now need to make & add little houses.....right now, I am sitting. Spent the morning hand sewing the hills; went to fencing; went to the grocery store for the few things we were low on; put away those groceries. Checked an email for DH. Now, sitting, having a snack, relaxing for a minute (or 20....) and then will go up and think about little fabric houses. Realized though at fencing that with VBS next week and DH's fishing trip the week after, that's 2 classes of fencing DS will miss....need to look at the calendar and see if there's an alternate day/time that works those weeks so he can still get 4 for this set of 30 days. Oops. But grateful they let you come any 4 times in your 30 days, you're not stuck to your specific class time. Okay, vegging out for a bit. I'll try and get a pic in a while too, to show y'all the quilt.
  12. SKL & Margaret, sorry for the folks not doing their jobs/freaking out/etc. and making your jobs more difficult. 😞 Stuff like that is so annoying. (and now I'm hoping I wrote an appropriate letter when I did the rec. letter for a friend for Eagle....he made it, so I guess so?! Yikes.) I got one hill done. Going to be slow going, but not hard. Just tedious. Took a break to eat some food. Grabbing some tea and getting back to it. If I can get at least all of one side done before we leave for fencing, that would be good. I'm undoing blind stitches on the hills that are already on the border, trimming my "hills" pieces to fit into the "valley" space, blind stitching mine on, then blind stitching the lifted up "valley" back over my inserted hill. I'll try and get a pic later to show y'all. Okay, back to work. :yawn:
  13. Happy Birthday, Mr. Jean! The flourless chocolate cake sounds yummy! Scout, I do hope your ds has a better day at camp today/tonight. Poor guy; this is his first time, right? Pink, good luck getting all your things done! I am feeling much better today, and got all the house chores done yesterday despite the migraine/sleeping, so today is work on quilt, take DS to fencing, work on quilt. That.Is.All. Well, ha, figure out something for dinner. I'll pull out some ground beef and DH & I can run to the grocery store and get stuff for the corn salad and turn this into taco tuesday. So, coffee/blogs/emails, then quilt stuff until lunch.
  14. Laundry is folded/on hangers, and will have DH & kids put away when they return from neighbor dog care. Neighbor dog who was coming over for play dates is now relegated to stay at her house, b/c turns out, she's not spayed and is (of course) in heat. Neighbors have hard floors, so we are wiping/mopping up messes; we have carpet. Doggie stays at her house; sorry pooch. Dinner is in the oven. Need to check w/DH if he wants the BBQ sauce baked on or not. We don't have the stuff for the corn salad tonight, so doing mashed potatoes (hmm, if we have enough milk....) for the side. Will have DH do the mashing. He volunteered. ❤️ With the house chores done, now I can, if the boys pick to play video games vs. all of us watch TV together, work on putting the hills on the quilt this evening. As a sit on the couch activity, that should work. I am up to Season 7 of's fun to watch it again, notice details I had forgotten, reflect on parts I's like visiting with old friends.
  15. Selkie, thank you! Printed them off. Those look like fabulous recipes!! That corn salad.....YUM! I'll have to see if I can find the hibiscus stuff to make the tea; thank you for the tips on the acid level and such!
  16. Thanks; I'm sorry you're dealing with it too. On the one hand, it's nice mine are hormonal b/c it's only once/month (though lasting anywhere from 1 to 4 days, in that "blooming and fading" you describe); if they were random and triggered by who-knows-what and potentially more frequent......oye. No fun. I'm up, snacking, must fold/put away the laundry, and if I am still awake after that I will bring the quilt down and work on it. The part I'm on right now isn't too "thinky" and it's all hand work at this point so no noise, so.....could be doable.
  17. and, got hit with the seeming beginnings of a migraine. Took meds, went to bed, slept for 2.5 hrs, got up, ate lunch, did the dishes, got DH out the door for work (he's doing this half home/half at work thing while they repair their offices), and feeling soooo sleepy. Seems as though maybe the meds caught the migraine early enough to avoid the pain part (hopefully avoid and not just delay/rebound later) but never ever ever does it manage to avoid the "must sleep" aspect. :sigh: So, no quilt work just now, and heading back to bed. With any luck I'll be functional by evening and can sew tonight. Tomorrow DS has fencing, so a choppy day. Weds. a friend wants me going to ladies bible study with her, so a choppy day. Thurs/Fri will be at home days. Weekends never manage anything, b/c DH is home. Next week will manage nothing, b/c VBS. Week after will manage nothing b/c we have a Tues all day fishing trip, Thurs is a holiday (DH home), Fri DH is home and we're going out of town to get BBQ (Texans: going to Austin for Franklin BBQ), and that Saturday (7/6) the quilt is due. I have GOT to get moving.....but it won't be today. Ah, the joys of hormonal (so once a month) migraines....
  18. Ummm, these sound delicious! Recipes? Pretty please? Or you just wing it...?
  19. We have good coverage with our current company, and we've been with them for decades and love them. When we added our first teen driver, we searched quotes from all over, then called our company (not even a dedicated agent, just the customer service number) and asked what they could do to work with us and perhaps get us a better rate, as we didn't want to leave but if their price was going to stay so much higher than everyone else's when we'd been customers for so very long, we wouldn't have a choice. They ended up switching us to a different type of plan and our rate actually went *down* which was very nice. (we weren't initially adding a car, and it did increase a little when we did that, but not a ton). One thing to check on, other than the coverage itself as far as limits, deductibles, etc, is also the little extras. For instance, our company has complimentary roadside assistance on all policies, which has come in very handy for me a time or two. I had a blow out once, DH was out of town on business, the boys were in class, and while I could probably have used the manual to figure out how to access the spare on my was very nice not needing to. It's also given us peace of mind with our son off at college, should he run into anything he can't handle while he's away. Then also, glass coverage, if you get a ding to the windshield, do they fix that, do they count it as a claim, how do they handle it? Just some things to think about.
  20. Well, I am up earlier than normal this Monday because I had to cancel an appt. for DS21. I may have mentioned it last week.....we were debating with him whether he was coming home from his camp job for this or not (he briefly wanted to not leave until "morning of" for the 8 am appt, 3.5 hrs away from where he is......). Well, he did try to come down last night, only to end up sitting, parked, on the highway/road home for 2+ hrs due to a bad wreck somewhere ahead of him. By the time things got moving again, it was so late, and he was still so far away, we had him turn around and go back to the camp for fear of him driving too tired (he hadn't left until 8:30, got stopped in traffic at 9:30, and things weren't moving till 11:30+ while he still had 2+ hrs to go....). As it was, he made it back to camp just after 1 am. As we were having stormy weather and flash flood warnings all night, as well, it just made sense to have him go back. SO, no appt. this morning after all. His dr. will be annoyed, but oh well. (and actually, bad wreck on the highway between me and the dr. anyway, so we'd have not been able to make it in, either, or not on time anyway....). dr's. appt. this morning. DH is working from home for the morning (still cleaning/repairing his offices from the previous week's flood), so coffee, computer stuff, emails, blogs, news, etc. Once I get going on my stuff this morning, it will be: on the round robin quilt. For real. ....put away laundry (3 loads waiting to be put up) dishes ....dinner -- wings; we took these out yesterday for DH for Father's Day only then they didn't thaw in time, so that's for tonight now.... Nothing else is pressing, so I really need to devote the day to serious progress on the Round Robin quilt. I'm losing next week for working on it due to VBS, and I'm losing a lot of the week after to various plans of DH's, so I have got to get moving and get it done. Y'all ask for pictures tomorrow & an update, okay? There need to be hills *and* some houses on this thing by the end of today......I just have to actually do it. Going for the 2nd cup of coffee, finishing up blogs and such, and then grabbing the sewing......
  21. Did the stuff in my last post except for folding clothes. So, that's put away DS21's stuff, put away the didn't sell books and the not planning to sell books, started laundry (now in dryer), had lunch, did the afternoon (had DS18 do) pet care, decided on dinner (pork chops with....something), AND finished scheduling the history book for next year. Heading out to buy father's day card for DH and bday gift for the kid's bday party tomorrow. And probably graduation cards if I can't find the 2 I bought early on, for the grad party we also have tomorrow. Which means, once I get home and fold (both loads of) laundry, I'll have done everything on the list except the hills/round robin quilt, which then means I will have to do that tonight while I watch TV and the boys play video games. But I did get a lot done, so that's pretty good.
  22. Well, the appraisal district said we missed the deadline, which I thought was this afternoon but was I guess this morning, so they will mail us an appointment time for our review board hearing. I'm glad the default is the review board and not them deciding to accept the "offer" on our behalf. Here's hoping we can work it out for DH to attend the thing; I really do not want to deal with that part. At all. Also, downloaded the presentation for DH's fruit tree class tomorrow morning; he's going to print from work b/c it is 130 pages!!! Egads. He figures, though, he's printed at least that much work stuff here at home, so should be fine. Ha. He's a manager, so he can get away with this. Went and did the morning pet care for the neighbor, and one of the kitties finally came out of hiding! Yay!! The other one has changed hiding spots, and we've not seen her since. We have, however, scooped the litter box twice and cleaned up cat puke once, and steadily refilled the food & water, so I assume both cats are still fine. (the neighbor said we'd never see the one, as they themselves rarely see her, so I am not actually concerned). Doing the downstairs tidying up now, in one of those "I'll be embarrassed later how fast that went, won't I?" moments.....why do I always procrastinate things that will inevitably end up taking such little time......? After the tidy I will eat, fold clothes, start laundry, and either send DS over to hang out with the kitty, or send him to take back the big dog (we bring over the big, young dog to hang out with our big, young dogs, so that the 2 elderly, tiny dogs can get some rest, and big, young dog can get some playtime; but we limit it, so that, one, she doesn't want to come over all the time once her people come home, and two, so our kitties don't totally hate us). Will check back in here after lunch, hopefully with most of the above done and done.
  23. Oh, I actually know this from experience! When we were in Brazil, the foods we imported/brought over in our luggage were: *Good salsa/picante sauce *ranch dressing *peanut butter The other thing I missed the most was cheddar cheese. Real cheddar. Or most good cheeses, for that matter. There were a few good cheeses in Brazil, but it took exploring to find, and $$$ to buy (like, DH sometimes would buy me this tiny thing of imported real cheddar cheese for a birthday gift...). In the beginning we missed more....root beer & Dr Pepper; good Mexican food.....eventually we came to enjoy Pepsi, and some ok Mexican places popped up. And of course we embraced the local food (and now we miss some of those things....there's one cheese from Brazil, this kind of cheese on a stick that you grilled, and it got this lovely golden crust on it, and was just soooo good......and it doesn't seem to exist anywhere outside of Brazil; even the fancy-shmancy Brazilian churrascarias here don't bring it over/have sad. So very sad.) Nowadays, I'd miss different things, I think.....still the good cheeses, and probably still the salsa....but depending where I was located/why I couldn't get the stuff anymore, for ex, I'd miss my good coffee, and I'd miss fresh fruits/veggies. (well, ha, I do miss mangoes....we technically have mangoes here, but they are not ever as good as the ones in Brazil). Oh, and we miss Brazilian was sold in big hunks that you cut yourself and was almost more ham-like than bacon-like, except it tasted bacony. I am sure if I knew exactly what it actually *was* we could likely get that cut at a butcher here, I just have no idea what it was/how to ask for it.
  24. Morning! I'm still caffeinating, so we're not quite to the "good" yet, LOL! (kidding; it's looking like a pretty good day actually) Yesterday, I did not: ...tidy/declutter downstairs -- DS21's stuff is still all over the dining room, where I emptied his tote to use for the booksale; my teaching prep stuff is all over the table; there's a box of "stuff we need to keep, not sell" in the living room, and a box of "didn't sell" in the dining/entry way....all of that needs to be put back where it belongs. Today. However, yesterday I did do: ....a load of laundry (needs to be folded) ...dishes (of course needs to be rebooted, b/c, people still eat stuff....) So today's list: ....respond to our property tax "offer" from the appraisal district that says we keep our value the same; DH says let's appeal, b/c we have nothing to lose. But he also said wait until today to do so (last day) so I hope that's not too late .....the above mentioned decluttering/tidying the insurance co. about bundling home & auto (ha, not actually that company, but the words do work here) ....finish scheduling the one history book for next year .....attach the now-fixed hills to the round robin quilt ....go buy a bday gift for a kid from my class this past year; party is tomorrow ...nail DH down on his father's day plans (he wants to go deep sea fishing; he has not passed me the link to purchase/reserve the trip for him.....) ....fold the above laundry and do one more load ....dinner.....??? ....maybe also tidy my sewing room; I have roughly 4 projects all over the 2 tables at the moment.... ....keep caffeinating until the coffee's gone...
  25. Fixed the binding! Yay!!! Will work on adding the hills tonight or tomorrow.
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