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  1. Our area (in a suburb of Houston), the local stores are doing the usual "buy a ham, get a free turkey" (the ham is the spiral cut, with glaze packets, at $2.45/lb); the free turkey can be up to a 14 lb turkey. If you buy a turkey, it's 64 cents/lb (these are different ones than the one you get free with the ham; I've not paid attention to the price per pound if you go over the 14 lbs for the free ones). We always do two of the "buy a ham/get a turkey" deals so that we have extra for later in the year/next year.
  2. I tend to stick with jeggings if I get leggings (gotta have those pockets) although I'll check some of these out that have been mentioned. The ones I have are from Target....I forget which brand/line, but I love them. I will add my vote for TeeTurtle shirts -- I own gobs. Their coffee ones are hilarious, tons of fun stuff. We saw them at a local ComicCon one year and the boys liked them, we promptly ordered more, and have been serial orderers ever since (the entire family gets at least one every Christmas). I don't think they have v-neck, just regular t-shirt neckline, but you can choose between ladies' cut and unisex (the ladies cut is obviously clingier but not terrible; if you get that version, size one size up as they are more like juniors sizing than womens sizing). I've had some of mine for probably 5 years cannot tell the age, that's how well they wear/hold up. My oldest shirt from them still looks as good as my newest shirt from them.
  3. I second the slippers, fuzzy socks, etc. There are some lovely aloe-infused lodge socks around this time of year; I bought some on clearance last year and as they ended up so cheap, bought several pair -- I practically live in them. They are amazing, and the aloe somehow makes it so that your feet don't get overly hot. You could select a few music, soothing sounds, etc. CDs and have the kids get that if you want something for them to give, even though it would duplicate your laptop. Or maybe some earbuds or headphones for listening through your laptop, if that wouldn't un-spa it too much...? A nice lotion to put on after the massage, whether for the whole body or just hands or feet...? Eye mask Semi-related, but maybe a water infuser pitcher or water bottle, for infused water?
  4. My youngest had therapy when he was younger, around 9-ish. (hmm, thinking....maybe he was 10/11 when he did this, actually......) The first few appointments we went in together completely until he, the therapist, and I were all comfortable with everyone. Then she'd have him back alone for a bit and then call me to join them and go over the coping mechanisms, techniques, etc. that she was teaching him, so that I knew what they were and we could help him turn to the right things at home. Sometimes she would start with me in there just a quick "any questions, concerns, anything you want covered?" check (5 mins maybe?), then time with him, then the last maybe 10-15 mins together again. Of course the amounts of time varied week to week, but that was the general set-up. When he started with her, though, he'd already been in speech therapy for a while (a few years) and we followed the same pattern -- time in together, time one-on-one, time back together. If you are comfortable with the therapist, I'd ask to have the first appointment a joint appointment and discuss in detail how you'd like it to work, how she'd like it to work, what are the options, etc and go from there. She should be willing to do that for you/with you, and then create a plan you all are comfortable with.
  5. My middle son wants snow. His thinking is, if it's going to be this cold *anyway*, at least we should have the snow to go with it. I am really not in favor. Of course, the year that our area actually had that huge snow, roughly 14 or 15 years ago, on Christmas.....? We had just moved further south than we are right now. Oldest DS, who was 7 at the time, said, "Maybe now that we've moved, it will snow!" We tried so hard to explain to him that we had even *less* chance of snow than before. He didn't believe us, and prayed for it to snow for Christmas. We prayed for God to soothe his heart and protect his faith when he, of course, would wake up to no snow. Because, south Texas. God apparently wanted to to teach us a lesson about childlike faith, and of course we woke up to around 9" of snow on the ground. The boys called it a flood of snow (we'd had an actual flood earlier that year.....maybe there's something to your MIL's theory??). They dubbed it the best Christmas gift ever, and DS said, "See, I *told* you it would snow....." We had a heck of a time convincing him that this was an utter anomaly and unlikely to happen again in his lifetime......
  6. DH was debating which plants to cover/bring in, which to ignore. Over the years, he's slowly just given up and let the freeze whittle out the weaker plants so we don't have to deal with that, and only plants stuff that can survive it now. Driving home from ds's school, we saw lots of people parked on the side of the road. Couldn't understand it...there wasn't ice, but they were stopped like there weird.
  7. I am in full agreement with you. It's crazy and I hate it. We had to run up to DS at college last night (he left his laptop cord here, Best Buy didn't have them, and Amazon couldn't get one there sooner than Thursday.....). Oh.My.Heck. All those kids who'd gone to class earlier in the day and were then running back to apartments in the post-cold-front temps. I wanted to scoop them all up and offer them all rides. Our favorite weather guy today asked for pics of the "ice halo" around the sun......who knew that was even a thing. I have on my softest, fuzziest, favoritest sweatshirt and fuzzy socks, heat on, blankets......and we have to run up to the other kid's college, pick him up, take him to a bday dinner for a friend, and return him to school either tonight or in the morning. :sigh: I'd so much rather just sit home and drink hot chocolate..... *for those reading, since Texan doesn't want to say the temps, I will say that the location of the school had a 20 degree drop in a 15 minute time span; it was not jacket weather before the drop. It dropped an additional lot after it got dark so then went from jacket weather to "really big jacket" weather, and wind-chills were below freezing (and it was raining/sleeting at the time too....)
  8. Well, Dh didn't actually mean it that way at all. Both of us have bouts of self doubt, self incriminating, wondering, what-iffing, "holy cow are they ever going to get their acts together", and "if we'd just done abc when they were doing xyz, maybe things would be different...." We take turns being the one to what if and cast doubt and blame vs. being the one talking the other down off the ledge and back to reality. This time it was just his turn to freak out, my turn to talk him down. Next time, it'll be reversed. I just took it harder, since he phrased it that way this time, as the stay-home, homeschooling parent. He fully meant we, and also doesn't actually believe that anyway; for a moment, I heard "me" in that we, and did believe it. But only for a moment; we chatted, it was fine. But I gotta say, learning to believe this, that they are who they are, and that they will one day grow up and survive this.....oof. I wish that were a one-time lesson, you heard it once and believed it forever, no matter what.
  9. Kind of. We normally alternate Thanksgiving -- one year it's with my sister & mom, the other year it's with DH's sister & mom (our dads both live too far to be included in the swap). This year is our year with my side of the family. Well, my sister (when I asked her) let me know that they are gathering at their oldest daughter's (shared with roomies) house. As we both have (mostly, except for my 14 yr old) grown-up kids this year, we sort of expected this and are fine with it. But it left me & my sister fighting over who took our mom......she ended up with us. So, DH suggested we invite his mom, too, since on the alternate year, SIL also goes to her in-laws (leaving their mom/her dh alone on Thanksgiving). We could have both moms, and they could entertain each other, and it would be.....I won't say lovely, but less awkward than having my mom solo. We did, but his mom already had plans. Waaah! So we invited friends to join us, and thus turned the awkward as heck thing into a probably still awkward but at least fun thing. I wasn't brave enough to totally bail (dh tried to convince the kids to travel instead/go on a vacation, but they all said "but, I want to be home for Thanksgiving....otherwise it's not Thanksgiving...."), so this is our compromise.
  10. so....ours, serious and not..... ....right now, the biggie is that we let oldest DS take tons of stuff at the community college during/after high school. He had no idea what he wanted to do (still really doesn't). He took a TON of stuff, a lot of which won't be used/applied to his degree. We found out when he eventually transferred into a 4-yr university that our state has a law against too many excess credit hours (which *includes* all attempted hours, not just completed hours. Which means if you drop due to a bad grade, then retake that class, it's now 6 hrs or 8 hrs instead of 3 or 4....). Once you exceed your degree plan by 30 hours or more, *including attempted hours* you may be charged out of state tuition. It is highly likely his final year will cost us/him double, thanks to this. (it does exclude stuff taken in high school, which saves him some, but it also includes full withdrawn semesters, even though those don't count as drops. It also includes drops/retakes. It is freaking ridiculous and is just one of many state laws we've learned about that make no sense and serve no purpose other than to penalize students/parents who are already paying more as it is.....). ....on a non-serious note, though, when youngest was around 5 or 6 or so, he asked us if Jesus was real or made up. This was at Christmas, and we were discussing the Christmas story, and he had no clue. That was awesome. (we are Christians, so, big time fail.....). ....same kid, same year, also then asked about Lent and the concept of giving things up for Lent. We don't actually practice that, but we explained the concept to him. He wanted to give up school. Ha. Fun times.... .....then of course, first sunburn of the year every year. :sigh: Youngest is soooo fair, and burns sooo easily (even more than me) and every year, first pool day of the year, I'd forget and he'd end up so red and so sore and I'd feel so bad......
  11. This is kind of how I feel lately.....kid #2 just went to college "away from home" (ha; he's home every weekend) and let's just say, neither boy is doing super great. DH said "We seriously did not prepare them to survive away from home....." Talk about a punch in the gut (he has no idea I took it the way I did, and he didn't mean it that way, but.....oof.) My oldest is coming out of a major depression and middle battling anxiety. When we finally took oldest for therapy, after he came in our room one night admitting to suicidal thoughts, he eventually blurted out "why on earth did you wait so long?!" (to get him help) No amount of reasoning through all of our explanations on that, no matter how logical/reasonable our actions had been all along, would convince him (or heck, me, after he said that) that we hadn't been deeply at fault. He is to a point now, a few years down the road from the original appointment, that we're starting to see the him that he was before this started.......I hope & pray you get there again soon with your dd. Hugs & prayers, in the meantime. It's so insanely hard. ....and now I'm crying too. We've spent the last few years feeling like we're scaling (and having the rope cut) the cliffs of insanity......this feels like Inigo lowering the rope. I know this was meant for Terabith, but......thank you a million thank yous.
  12. I tried to talk my hubby into this, but he insists that at 2 dogs and 2 cats, we are *full*. :sigh: He's right, I hope they are able to find homes for all.
  13. We have a cream we get in Brazil; it's a cream form of phenergan, the anti-nausea drug (usually given here as a suppository). I don't know why it's not available as a cream in the US, but it's sold OTC as a cream in Brazil as an anti-itch ointment, and it's fabulous. I make my DH bring tubes back whenever he travels down for work. We did not have any odd laughing that I remember from the dengue, but maybe the general delirium of being in bed for so long just makes you go a little loopy.....? Just everything hurt, then we had no energy, then the itching. It was awful (but our kids were also still really young, and just coping with that on top of the dengue was crazy, so....).
  14. When we had dengue (dh & I) in Brazil, it ended with a crazy itchiness like that. I don't think you have dengue, obviously, but I have had that virus-caused-itching type of itch before. It was awful. I would offer to send you some of our fantastic itch cream, but by the time it reached you, you'd likely be done with the itching (I hope). (well, and all my tubes are open at the moment, because we have gobs of it, but everyone just grabs one, opens it, uses a tiny bit, puts it all the extra tubes get opened all the time).
  15. I got a 57, and this is exactly how I managed to do as good as I did.
  16. I am nearly certain I'll score low on this. I'm curious, so going to do it and see if I'm right about myself.....
  17. I am the same way with movies, though. I once told DH I wanted to rewatch a movie. Didn't know the name of it. Described it to him as "the one with the grass, remember??" When that, surprisingly, did not immediately jog his memory I was able to elaborate with: "Yes, you had sharp grass. And an assassin. Or something. A girl assassin person. Remember? With the sharp grass????" He was able to figure it out from there (Aeon Flux), because that is one of his super powers, interpreting and understanding my vague references to things.
  18. well, by 'know the song' I mean "can kind of sing along on the radio, and can come up with enough of it when telling DH that he knows what song I mean. For example, if Nickleback ever comes, I was able to convince DH I do in fact "know" 5 of their songs. The conversation went like this: Okay, so, there's that drug song. Oh, also, umm, Eyes Wide Open. DH: Nope, that's (someone else I have no idea) Me; What, are you sure?! No, Nickelback sings that! DH: No, they don't. Look it up. Me: You are wrong; it's Nickelback. (looks it up) Oh, huh.....who knew..... DH: ummmm, me. Me: (resumes naming NIckleback songs) Okay, but, they sing....ummm, that one....about being a rock star...? YOu know? Also, ummm.....the one about Kim's the first girl I kissed, was so nervous that I nearly know??? DH: stifling laughter as he rolls his eyes and mumbles actual song titles under his breath Me: oh! and, ummm, that other one!! Remember? Ummm, shoot....Umm, the one about finding a person....somebody out there for know! That's 5, isn't it? DH: four, because you got one wrong. Me: Danggit. Okay, ummm....also that other one. With the girl, and the DJ, and don't mess with my know! DH: hmm, okay. Me: oh! Also, if today was your last day!!! See, that's *six!* I *definitely* get to go to Nickelback if they ever come!!! DH: (begrudgingly) Fine, yes, okay also, laughing, because.....this is really as good as it gets with me -- I still to this day confuse 2 songs that DH swears are nothing alike, and I swear sound so similar they MUST be by the same group (they are not). The two songs are referred to in our home as "The Seinfeld Song" and "Not the Seinfeld Song" because one was played in the final goodbye episode of Seinfeld (stops to think, hard, which one it was.....), "Time of Your Life" by (I have no idea). (but it's subtitled Good Riddance). The other one was, as you might guess, NOT played in the final episode of Seinfeld. "Closing Time." (by someone else, apparently). We've been having this conversation for decades now, and I still pause when either one comes on and ask DH "This IS the Seinfeld song, right??" (usually these days I am actually right, but it took a long time to get there....). As you can see, I use the term "knows the song" very loosely.......
  19. ah, yes, this. We've seen all kinds of artists, in all kinds of places, and this seems to be mostly accurate. Some standing at certain times/songs, but mostly sitting. Man, I wish we could afford all the concerts I'd like to go to.....DH says I'm addicted to concerts, LOL! We manage one or two a year.....DH has a rule that I have to know (be able to name, off the top of my head) 5 songs by the artist before we can consider it. I find this grossly unfair because, especially with new/popular/current stuff, I never know who sings what (I have an old-tech radio that doesn't tell me the name/title scrolling across like his does....). But probably he's right, because really, I'd go to anything. I'll tell him, "Oooh, I love them!!!" and then know roughly 1.5 songs they sing......he just laughs. :sigh:
  20. We do a Google Maps search of the area, look at how many stars each place gets, and look at the reviews specifically to choose from there. Trip Advisor works as well.
  21. Prayers/good thoughts for your DH; sounds scary. Hopefully they are able to take care of things. Sounds like good, fast progress with the house, though! Yay!
  22. LOL, maybe not black, then! Sage green would be lovely, I bet!
  23. oooh, paint colors! I always love blues personally. We have a super pale blue in the living room/main areas downstairs, and a kind of sea foam green in the dining room, with a dark green accent wall (like a teal-oceany green). Browns/tans/creams are good and you can do all kinds of accent colors that way. What colors do you wear a lot? For the dining room, what color are your dishes? And pick an accent color that works with any/all holiday decorating you might do in there (like, mine is pretty beachy, but my Christmas decor in there is also semi-beachy, so it works; if I went super traditional in there it wouldn't work). Choosing paint colors is the one fun part of moving for me.....
  24. (((hugs)))) I don't see the ages of your kids, but I found that timers set for regular breaks (even really short ones) helped, as did specific job break-downs like "get all the things out from under the bed; T, you pick up anything that's clothes, C, you pick up anything that's toys, then we will all pick up the trash." May be too late for that method today, but maybe for playroom day? We also did "okay, pick up all of the cars. Okay, now all of the super heroes. Okay, now all of the...." Which meant we went over and over and over the room, but it broke the job down into manageable chunks for them. Be sure you set a "mom break" timer, too, though, for some rest/time off.
  25. oh, man. Yes, moving is a huge pain. I really hope we don't have to do it again, ever.....(ha). One move I was pregnant, and there was some issue where the water couldn't get turned on until later, so we stayed in a motel for a weekend. Then the electric hand't been turned on as promised, so we had to wait a day. In Texas October, which is still summer (mostly). It was nuts. Then this last house purchase, they kept needing more and more and more documents......oof. I thought the paper chase would never end on that one. May you get a reasonable quote, be able to relax, and be able to destress.
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