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  1. Got middle DS going on his school stuff DH & youngest went for haircuts, so with everyone else busy, I played my solo videogame Oldest has class tonight, so cooking *very early* so he can eat, and hoping the weather isn't horrible on his drive to/from After we eat/Oldest leaves, youngest & I have one more history worksheet that I guess we forgot, so need to do that, then will be free time for everyone
  2. Oh, that's the coolest idea! What a fun and family-honoring way to decorate the office. ❤️
  3. I know that we were able to purchase a flood insurance policy with a start date of 30 days from the purchase date, during the middle of Harvey. You *should* be able to at least get a policy written/purchased, and if closing is set for at least 30 days out you should be able to set the policy to start then (I would think). But also - praying too that none of the storms veers your way, anyway, b/c the last thing y'all need is a storm to come through right before/after and have to deal with damage, etc, mid-sale.
  4. Took a nap, got up, ate lunch, made the "here is ALL your assignments, in order" sheet for middle DS, took another nap, feel lots better.
  5. Head is much better, going to take a nap and hopefully wake up all fine. DH said "aren't these supposed to be only when,......" Yes, yes they are. Were. Welcome to perimenopause, when everything goes wonky. (I am starting to wonder, as the last ones have all been Tuesdays, if wine on a Monday night is a bad combo; I have usually one glass of red wine at night, and while I drink *more* water on a Monday than a normal day, maybe the tiredness, not eating well, *something* interferes...???). Also, it's thundering, so could be a weather thing, although usually that hasn't in the past been a trigger. Have sent several work related emails and handled various parent texts, and DH dropped DS's stuff on my desk for me to work up a schedule to keep him on track, so napping and then will do that.
  6. Well, dang, I'm searching but they seem to have changed up the various extendable tables and I cannot find the exact one I have. Now, the ones they do have now look *very* similar and with a redesign so there's not a seam in the middle when unextended.....but only one of them seems to have multiple sizes to choose from anymore. (although that is also the most "furniturey" looking one). So the names I found were Laneberg (which goes from seating 4 to 6), Ekedalen (which has the multiple sizes to choose from and looks really nice), and Vangsta, which I *thought* might be the one I have, but doesn't seem to have more than one size anymore, and they all seem to have changed to a way that makes them extend differently (which seems an improvement, honestly). All 3 seem to come in the same colors (well, the white and the brown-black) of the Hemnes stuff (which I love love love). Sorry that's not as helpful as I thought it would be!
  7. So.....if she quits turning in the work for a week, so that she *is* doing that badly, will they take the time to even freaking check to see if there's a seat in regular chemistry??? Good grief. Or if you start turning in a log of how much time was spent....? or her other classes start suffering....? What on earth do they need to see, and when did a parent request stop being enough????
  8. I think you could do the tall bookshelves on that far wall in the last photo (where the white couch is in the corner), with a little couch/love seat/seating space between them. That *should* maybe from the looks of it also leave you room on one side or the other to add bookshelves as needed. Then, along the big long wall, you could put desks &/or a counter with stools, so that you could set up craft items for the littles, desk area for the bigs, kind of flex space for individual stuff. Keep the globe, the microscope, etc. there, I'd probably include a TV with DVD player that could be used for educational &/or entertainment times, and then that could also serve as desk space for kids that want to work on their own, but not isolated in their rooms. (It looks like it has lots of outlets there too which is awesome). Put up whatever posters, maps, etc. along that big wall and be able to change them out, a white board/bulletin board to keep track of the schedule(s), etc. In the middle of the room or where the gray couch is, put your big group table with chairs (depending if you need all the way around, or could do with 2 on one side and one on each end). You take one of the ends (the one facing towards the rest of the house) and kids around/beside you. It looks from the photos to be probably wide enough of a room that you could put it in the center of the room, but you'll have to play with that once there, of course. *if you don't already have a table, there's a good Ikea one that extends....it comes in colors that matches the Hemnes shelves pretty well and is a pretty well built one, that's what I have in my sewing room and it's awesome.....I'll track down the name if you need. There are various sizes, it's narrow enough and slim enough to not overpower a small room, but big enough to fit a family hanging out homeschooling On that short wall below the window you could put a little sectioned bench like for entryways to put the PreK stuff, have a little cushioned spot to sit by the window, have various board books, educational toys, etc. You could also put drawer units under the counter (if you go that route) or desks w/drawers on that long wall so you have storage for paper, math manipulatives, etc. I think it's a great room and should work well!
  9. Yes, that's the one I saw, too. It does require a separate headphones or speaker, though. *also not endorsing, as I also just stumbled on it while looking as a result of this thread
  10. My day today got rearranged thanks to my headache -- woke up with this weird, only really happened once before like this, headache where it's not a true migraine, but the whole front/top of my head hurts and lying down makes it hurt worse. Took all the meds, have been applying a cool washrag to my wrists (for some reason that helps??), sitting in comfy clothes and it's improving/improved enough I should be able to nap soon. Was supposed to go to my mom's today for a quilt-along check-in with her and my sister, but cancelled that the minute I woke up feeling like this (b/c even if the meds do their job, I need to absolutely stay home and rest/make sure the headache doesn't rebound/be able to go to bed if it does so that I'm fine by tomorrow for class). Fortunately, because I was supposed to be gone all day today, I did all of my prep last week for tomorrow, so I have nothing to do today but rest as needed. Fold towels, maybe, and figure out dinner, but otherwise nothing. Whew. Mom/sister rescheduled for Thursday.
  11. @SKL -- is the school not simply letting her make the switch??? that is insane. Why on earth....??? I'm so sorry they're being such jerks about it. Also, sorry about the headache. I woke up with one as well, but fortunately all I had to cancel was a get-together with my mom/sister. Feel better, and I hope you're able to get things done!
  12. Depending on what you mean by "no internet" I would think an Echo Dot would work; it will be able to stream the music, and doesn't have a screen so the kids won't be able to access things like YouTube or whatever, but they can ask Alexa questions and she'll find/read/tell the answer. So, something like that may work, if you don't mind Alexa listening in. Other things I found when I looked on Amazon were either screens, or required a separate headphones or speaker added to them (there is something called a Mighty which syncs up your playlists and lets you take them on the go w/o any internet or data required but it's not a speaker itself, so you need headphones or a bluetooth speaker to listen to it; at $109 itself, plus whatever headphones, it seems pricey to me vs. the $39 Dot, but if you want truly no internet, then maybe that is worth it to you....?)
  13. Ugh, I hope the insurance thing works out.
  14. Helped Oldest make his video; it's really good! (we just did the voice-over part) Heating up taco shells then will take up the D&D food and conclude my responsibilities, more or less, for the day
  15. Looked up how to dye jeans using Rit dye, there are some good tips and recipe combos for better colors -- will show DS and see what he thinks (not today, b/c D&D) (*he's dying some jeans dark brown for his RenFest costume....) Came up with what I *think* is a good plan for the quilt idea....on paper it looks like how I want it to look in my head. I think it will work. A multi-step process, but I think will be good. Oldest is eating some food, then we will do his filming.
  16. Good morning! So glad it's going well so far, Amy! My day today: ....coffee ....grocery run for D&D stuff -- DH actually said (as we had 3 things on the list and ended up spending $112.....) "for some reason, whenever I come with you, we end up buying a lot more....." Ummm, yes, dear, we do. (now, a large portion of that was the 25% off packs of meat for the freezer, but still....) ....cook D&D taco meat -- done, in the crockpot to stay warm ....pick up a Bday gift for a party tomorrow -- done ....help Oldest with a video/voice over thing he needs to film for a class ....try and semi-finalize some sketches of a quilt in my head into a final(ish) design plan ....maybe also sew some on it, if I get the plan figured out ....anything else I may research/figure out how to add an Xbox account. My plans to play my solo video game last night were foiled by the fact I use DH's log-in.....but you can't have it going on multiple Xboxes at a time. So when they got on their game, it kicked me off. Not a problem, I watched New Amsterdam instead, but if this is going to happen every time they play their games, and I want to play mine, then it defeats the purpose of me having my own game.....that I can't play on the many nights they play. So, maybe look into that. We'll see. They were explaining to me which games they play will cause that to happen, and which won't, so......maybe not. Happy Saturday, everyone!
  17. Have fun with your kiddos and the new gf, Amy! I hope it's going amazingly well!! I got jeans washed & into the dryer, whites into the wash, dinner was great -- we ate outside and then hung out and tossed the football around, and now DH and the guys are going to video game and I am either going to also video game or sew. Oh, I graded papers and filed all those so I am officially 99% ready for Monday (have to go over the supplies needed for science and pick those up at the store tomorrow as needed). Well, ha, and 99% ready for Wednesday, too (same situation). Yay!!! 'Night, all! SKL, have fun with the extra kiddo over for the game!
  18. Oh, (((Dawn))), I'm so sorry. Losing a pet is so, so, so, so hard sometimes.
  19. Praying, Katie! We had all kinds of weird stuff with ours when we bought; hopefully it's just a matter of providing all the documentation that things are all sorted now, etc..
  20. Pizza oven is repaired!! yay!!! here's hoping no more softness when heated. Played a ridiculous amount of video games while DH was gone and I was hanging out downstairs in case the repair guy needed anything. (started a solo farm on Stardew Valley; so addicting and fun!) Got a few more emails sent out that came in Woke up middle ds to make sure he's studying for his test Fed everyone else lunch
  21. emailed the lists, printed them, will file with the homework later on
  22. Finished the contact lists. I do not know why these always take me six million years to sit down and do, when they only take half an hour to actually finish. :sigh: Sending them out electronically, and will print copies for the folders for those w/o printers/prefer a hard copy/etc.
  23. Oh, ouch, Amy! Glad it's feeling better!
  24. Remembered I still need to make the contact sheet to share with the families, so doing that. Also need to work on compiling some stuff for one mom for her son, so may also work on that. The pizza oven guy is here and has the top off the oven and is starting the repair. So cool!
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