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  1. Did the stuff in my last post except for folding clothes. So, that's put away DS21's stuff, put away the didn't sell books and the not planning to sell books, started laundry (now in dryer), had lunch, did the afternoon (had DS18 do) pet care, decided on dinner (pork chops with....something), AND finished scheduling the history book for next year. Heading out to buy father's day card for DH and bday gift for the kid's bday party tomorrow. And probably graduation cards if I can't find the 2 I bought early on, for the grad party we also have tomorrow. Which means, once I get home and fold (both loads of) laundry, I'll have done everything on the list except the hills/round robin quilt, which then means I will have to do that tonight while I watch TV and the boys play video games. But I did get a lot done, so that's pretty good.
  2. Well, the appraisal district said we missed the deadline, which I thought was this afternoon but was I guess this morning, so they will mail us an appointment time for our review board hearing. I'm glad the default is the review board and not them deciding to accept the "offer" on our behalf. Here's hoping we can work it out for DH to attend the thing; I really do not want to deal with that part. At all. Also, downloaded the presentation for DH's fruit tree class tomorrow morning; he's going to print from work b/c it is 130 pages!!! Egads. He figures, though, he's printed at least that much work stuff here at home, so should be fine. Ha. He's a manager, so he can get away with this. Went and did the morning pet care for the neighbor, and one of the kitties finally came out of hiding! Yay!! The other one has changed hiding spots, and we've not seen her since. We have, however, scooped the litter box twice and cleaned up cat puke once, and steadily refilled the food & water, so I assume both cats are still fine. (the neighbor said we'd never see the one, as they themselves rarely see her, so I am not actually concerned). Doing the downstairs tidying up now, in one of those "I'll be embarrassed later how fast that went, won't I?" moments.....why do I always procrastinate things that will inevitably end up taking such little time......? After the tidy I will eat, fold clothes, start laundry, and either send DS over to hang out with the kitty, or send him to take back the big dog (we bring over the big, young dog to hang out with our big, young dogs, so that the 2 elderly, tiny dogs can get some rest, and big, young dog can get some playtime; but we limit it, so that, one, she doesn't want to come over all the time once her people come home, and two, so our kitties don't totally hate us). Will check back in here after lunch, hopefully with most of the above done and done.
  3. Oh, I actually know this from experience! When we were in Brazil, the foods we imported/brought over in our luggage were: *Good salsa/picante sauce *ranch dressing *peanut butter The other thing I missed the most was cheddar cheese. Real cheddar. Or most good cheeses, for that matter. There were a few good cheeses in Brazil, but it took exploring to find, and $$$ to buy (like, DH sometimes would buy me this tiny thing of imported real cheddar cheese for a birthday gift...). In the beginning we missed more....root beer & Dr Pepper; good Mexican food.....eventually we came to enjoy Pepsi, and some ok Mexican places popped up. And of course we embraced the local food (and now we miss some of those things....there's one cheese from Brazil, this kind of cheese on a stick that you grilled, and it got this lovely golden crust on it, and was just soooo good......and it doesn't seem to exist anywhere outside of Brazil; even the fancy-shmancy Brazilian churrascarias here don't bring it over/have sad. So very sad.) Nowadays, I'd miss different things, I think.....still the good cheeses, and probably still the salsa....but depending where I was located/why I couldn't get the stuff anymore, for ex, I'd miss my good coffee, and I'd miss fresh fruits/veggies. (well, ha, I do miss mangoes....we technically have mangoes here, but they are not ever as good as the ones in Brazil). Oh, and we miss Brazilian was sold in big hunks that you cut yourself and was almost more ham-like than bacon-like, except it tasted bacony. I am sure if I knew exactly what it actually *was* we could likely get that cut at a butcher here, I just have no idea what it was/how to ask for it.
  4. Morning! I'm still caffeinating, so we're not quite to the "good" yet, LOL! (kidding; it's looking like a pretty good day actually) Yesterday, I did not: ...tidy/declutter downstairs -- DS21's stuff is still all over the dining room, where I emptied his tote to use for the booksale; my teaching prep stuff is all over the table; there's a box of "stuff we need to keep, not sell" in the living room, and a box of "didn't sell" in the dining/entry way....all of that needs to be put back where it belongs. Today. However, yesterday I did do: ....a load of laundry (needs to be folded) ...dishes (of course needs to be rebooted, b/c, people still eat stuff....) So today's list: ....respond to our property tax "offer" from the appraisal district that says we keep our value the same; DH says let's appeal, b/c we have nothing to lose. But he also said wait until today to do so (last day) so I hope that's not too late .....the above mentioned decluttering/tidying the insurance co. about bundling home & auto (ha, not actually that company, but the words do work here) ....finish scheduling the one history book for next year .....attach the now-fixed hills to the round robin quilt ....go buy a bday gift for a kid from my class this past year; party is tomorrow ...nail DH down on his father's day plans (he wants to go deep sea fishing; he has not passed me the link to purchase/reserve the trip for him.....) ....fold the above laundry and do one more load ....dinner.....??? ....maybe also tidy my sewing room; I have roughly 4 projects all over the 2 tables at the moment.... ....keep caffeinating until the coffee's gone...
  5. Fixed the binding! Yay!!! Will work on adding the hills tonight or tomorrow.
  6. Took a nap Finally registered us for VBS Starting some laundry Midday dog care done (DS is finally doing that mostly on his own, and DH & he struck a bargain that DS will buy the family donuts to thank DH & I for helping out these first few days....)
  7. SKL, sometimes mad cooking skills or no, boxed mac & cheese is just the right thing. I am home from the ortho appt; very little waiting, so poor DS is stuck with early morning appts from here on out. But, his mouth feels fine, so DH gets his "Pick a Country" dinner tonight after all. Got some meds for a mildly irritating issue. Sent some emails, heard from DS21 about his appt next week and he will, thankfully, be able to keep it. Very glad we got ahold of him! Eating some food and then getting to work on....something. Probably the hills/quilt.
  8. Good Morning! Jean, I hope you're feeling better than yesterday and that the chiro appt helps. Selkie, 40s?! Yikes. We are appreciating our lows in the 70s...... Yesterday I did end up getting a good amount of school stuff done in the "after my friend date & before we take kids to youth group" period, so that was good. No work on the quilt yesterday, but the school stuff also has to be done, so that's fine. Today, I have.... ...DS14 to orthodontist-- we took the 9 a.m. appt in hopes of them not getting backed up before us this time; the last 2 times we've waited so long that I've contemplated walking out and rescheduling. DS is not super thrilled about the early appt, but he's normally up early anyway, so not a huge deal, really. And his brother will still be asleep, so it's not like he'll be missing anything fun here at home. And I am just so over waiting 45 mins for them to get to us (last time, I kid you not, they took 2 patients at the same time who were scheduled one after the other, giving one of them our slot, because it was a mother/son and "they were in a hurry") ...after the ortho, fix the binding on the hills ...trim & attach the hills ...keep working on school stuff (get the 1st grade history written into the plan book and activities chosen/time line dates & events picked & highlighted) ...lunch? ...dinner?? (DH wants to go out, today or tomorrow, but depends on DS14's mouth) ...put DS21's stuff back in the tote I emptied for the book sale and put it back in the garage Probably between working on the quilt and working on the school stuff, that will be the day.
  9. Home from my friend date; we ended up both buying a fun pattern for the same wall hanging, which is a collage style quilt, and so came to my house to go through my stash and pick fabrics for it/them. We will, at a later date, go buy the remainder of what we might need, and then at another later date, get together and work on the quilts together. Fun!! But, distracting and lasted much longer than I thought, so now my day is mostly gone. I did pick up DS18's watch from being repaired, so that is good. DH is home/working from home, so I will probably work on school stuff down here. Really the best way to fix the binding on the hills will be handwork, as will the rest of what I have to do after, so that will all be "sit in front of the TV" stuff, which thankfully I have all of tomorrow & Friday to do. Grabbing a late lunch/afternoon snack and working on school stuff now.
  10. Today I have a coffee/hang-out date with a friend, possibly stop at the fabric shop, and just mostly visit. But that's in the morning, so the afternoon will be unbroken. So, before the friend date: ...emails/blogs/etc. ...morning dog care Then, coffee date, and home to: ...check the binding on the hills; determine if it is really ok or needs to be redone ....depending on that, redo it first, and then begin appliqueing the hills to the border; that has to be done by hand - goal is finish adding the hills by the end of Friday ...clean off the table of stuff that isn't DH's ....start (again) organizing my school junk in the bedroom corner, so I know what kind/size of bookshelf I need ...boys to church tonight, so a cereal/"fend for yourself" night for dh & I ...try to encourage the boys to play video games after church so I can watch ER (or also, maybe use ER as my "sitting sewing on stuff by hand" companion) ....or convince DH to watch Blacklist instead of Life in Pieces
  11. Hugs, Harpymom! I hope it all turns out better than expected.
  12. Got the hills bound and will look it over in the morning to see if it's good or not; I was rushing, it may need to be redone. We shall see. If it was for me, I'd not bother, but it's for the round robin, so.....we'll see. Went to the movies, had dinner, finished all the animal care, picked up DH's dry cleaning, now going to veg out with the guys until bedtime. Probably DH and I will watch Life in Pieces.
  13. Took DS to fencing While there, took the history book that I'm using for the spine for my co-op classes next year, and did the scheduling for it; will still need to fine-tune, but the basics are done now Got home roughly 30 mins ahead of a fuel spill on the highway that would have had us stuck for hours, so, whew! Grateful for the timing of that! Had a snack, rested, vegged out, and now heading upstairs -- I need to cut the "hill strips" into the hill shape, attach a binding to the curved raw edge, then trim into appropriately sized sections. I *think* I can accomplish that before DH gets home & we head to the movie tonight; if so, then I can have the hills all on by the end of Monday at least, leaving me almost 3 weeks to add the rest of the applique bits. That's reasonable.
  14. With you on the "getting started is half the battle" bit. Why can't we (or at least, I) remember that for next time....?? Also feel your pain on the dinner issue. Hasn't happened super recently here, but....oof, growing boys/teens. Yowsa. They are sooo expensive to feed!
  15. midday dog care done strips sewn that will become the hills on the border of the quilt also, found a print in the fabric stash for this quilt that will make a nice "finishing it off" border (yet still allow for if the owner/maker of the quilt wants to continue the theme beyond the border); once I get all the rest done, will see if there's enough of it to actually do so. I like this plan, so I hope so; since there was so little background fabric left, I'm really only adding applique to the border before me (and this very narrow addition), so adding a finishing-it-off border will make me feel better (and still fits with the quilt). Eating a quick lunch, then dropping off one bit of curriculum that already "sold" (giving to a neighbor/friend who requested it), and heading to fencing
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