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  1. HomeAgain

    What is wrong with people? :::rant::: But justified.

    I see theft in this situation, too, but not the same. I see it as theft when you pay for a complete service and the provider doesn't complete the job. Dh had invasive knee surgery. The hospital forgot to give him any walking aids, or rather, completely omitted them because they figured his main clinic would take care of that. That left a 200lb man relying on me, someone literally half his size, to get in and out of the car, into our house, to the bathroom....until I could find something for him. If I could have grabbed a pair of crutches or a cane I certainly would have done that - his follow up doctor made sure we knew that the hospital screwed up on that point.
  2. HomeAgain

    What do you serve soup in?

    We have two different sized enameled cast iron dutch ovens. Actually, we have 'his' and 'hers'. 😄 Dh and I have each gravitated to our own style/size for dishes we make and since they're not dishwasher safe we know who gets to clean what.
  3. HomeAgain

    January Frugalistas

    16 days into our no-spend month: The kids and I went shopping and bought all the things we and/or we thought a young family might run out of first when they miss a payday: coffee diapers (specifically bigger sizes that come less to a package: 4, 5, 6s) wipes formula breastmilk bags laundry detergent milk & cereal (shelf stable parmalat milk) and so on. It was much appreciated when I got a chance to drop it off today at the food bank. Turns out, it was all top of their list items, too! I intentionally planned a "whatever" meal at home tonight because it was just going to be me and the 8yo here. Ha! I got home from my drop-off to find a non-working oven, dh home sick, and the oldest getting the evening off work because of a screw up in the schedule. So I have a whole house full and the meat for dinner tonight is still in the freezer. And it doesn't matter, because my oven isn't working anyway. *sigh* The repairman comes tomorrow. I'm hoping it's a quick fix. It's a rather nice stove and I'd hate to part with it (and have to replan next week) because we don't have it working.
  4. HomeAgain

    The after lunch slump

    I roll with it. At our previous homes, that was the customary rest in the day. It seems it's normal for most people. Here, I make myself a cup of tea, get a snack, and we all take a break for about half an hour or so. That gets me centered again to finish up the last bit of school, start on evening demands, and go again until about 8-8:30pm, when I take my next real relax break before bedtime.
  5. HomeAgain

    The Good And The Beautiful

    I've had that happen with other companies. They just aren't prompt about filling out the customs form or taking it to the post office. The one company I had it out with because in addition to waiting 3 weeks to ship, they charged me double the shipping! Their reasoning was that it was "overseas". It was an APO address, so it's not like I was even paying for international shipping. I hope things turn out well with TGTB. You may want to drop them a public note on their Facebook page with a specific timeline of order/email/etc. to speed up the process if they don't respond well to a second one.
  6. HomeAgain

    Best history supplement ever

    I wish my kid liked these. 😞 We ended up with Toobs and Haba blocks for major architecture achievements (coliseum, pyramid, etc.) They have been well played with, though! Same with the kinetic sand and mini molds I found to make other pieces of architecture like the Great Wall and Taj Mahal. They were only $2 for the set at Michaels!
  7. We just read. I picked books I thought he would like. After a while we gravitated to the Elson readers. It was a nice break before we started spelling and grammar and all the rest of language arts.
  8. HomeAgain

    How long will this phase last?

    How long do you spend at the table? What do you do sitting at the table? Do you want ideas on how to make the lessons active and incorporating the toddler into the work/play, too?
  9. HomeAgain

    Right Start Math still worth it?

    In your case, no. We're using Right Start. We're at the end of level E, and I have to say that while it presents math in an interesting manner that keeps the lessons interesting, I do NOT find it best for teaching various concepts. The many manipulatives can have a tendency to hinder, rather than aid, understanding if a student doesn't grasp the material already. One of the problems my kid faced was to use his abacus and the bead picture, and circle 1/8th of the hundred beads, first by setting them aside on the abacus and then in the picture. An eighth of a hundred is 12.5. A literal child, like mine, thought the entire exercise was stupid because you can't circle, or set aside, half a bead. I would probably, in your case, seek out something like Math U See, Shiller, or Miquon. The first and the last use single sets of blocks, Shiller uses Montessori materials.
  10. HomeAgain

    Probably Changing Math

    What are his ideas of what his math time should look like?
  11. When I had an extra 3yo, the main things he gravitated to were things I found on Timberdoodle: -logic type games -shape cards (where you put the shapes on them to make the pictures) -bambino luk -water painting (I had a large aquadoodle mat) -wedgits (I ended up getting the ones with squishy white diamonds because those tended to be thrown) -math blocks -poke a dot books Mostly, it was anything I put aside for schooltime only. 😄
  12. HomeAgain

    Is our day good? Any room for polishing?

    I forget how old yours is. I tend to critique my days by looking at a full week's schedule on Excel. I type in every piece of work for every subject, each in its own box. Then I start color coding: pink - passive. This is a read aloud, a video, or something that is not going to force my child to engage if he doesn't want to. yellow - seat work. Any worksheets, copywork, etc. green - active. This is p.e., games, science experiments.....things that my child has to participate in fully for it to work as intended. blue - enrichment. Things that don't fit into a neat box or subject title, but enhance his day. The goal for me is to have a mix of everything all day long for my 8yo. When I start to see a color like pink or yellow dominate a week or even a subject, I look more carefully at it. How can I present the material differently? Is this working as is? How long is a good amount of time for this before we move on to something else? I want to give my child an education at home that I feel better about than sending him to school, having it be more enriching and full for him. If I feel like it's going downhill, I start to really think about our plans and look up ways to teach concepts in more ways than I know already.
  13. HomeAgain

    3rd grade language arts

    @Elizabeth86, what are you guys doing this year for language arts? Most of what we do this year is a natural extension of last year's work. Even if we do change the particular program, what we do for the subject is still a natural progression of the work.
  14. I would have a back up plan if WWS proves to be overly ambitious. I think it's better suited for 7th or 8th, really, and I think it might be a big jump from WWE.
  15. HomeAgain

    Kids movies I hate

    YES! Youngest ds absolutely refused to watch any preschool show. He was 3 when we showed him an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and when Mickey couldn't figure out how to open the d@mn door because his handy-dandy mechanical hand thing failed, my kid turned to me and asked if we really had to keep watching this. A few months later we were in the states with cable tv, and I noticed every preschool show was exactly the same: mind numbing "problems", response-driven scripts ("Say...Backpack!"), and a really generic feel to it all. We skipped to old favorites like Fraggle Rock instead, and managed to add in a few cute new things like Odd Squad. And we used to buy the Marvel films. Now we don't even care. It's the same thing over and over. We check them out from the library.
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