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  1. No. Just no. This is not the forum I remember. This is not the forum where people behave badly and everyone is is told that saying "screw you" is not meant to offend. This is not the place where everyone stands silent and lets complete and total rudeness rule the board. This was not us. This is not where I need to be. It's been nice over the years, but this is no longer the place I thought it was, and I don't want any part of it. I think I'm done with the Well Trained Mind.
  2. Dh showed this to me this morning. He had the same reaction: "it says it's a take on Dear Theodosia from Hamilton. Huh. I might like Hamilton more than I thought." 😄 (he has bought me the LPs and digital collection and one of ds's pump up songs before hockey is My Shot, so I don't know where the man has been for the past two years) I love baby Yoda. More than that, I love the Mandalorian. It has been so long since we could have a family show. Everything is either insipid or has sexual innuendos/explicit language. There's no inbetween. We have been able to watch everything on Disney+
  3. We have seasonal repeats. This time of year we eat a lot more beef dishes and soups, so I'd say..........about every 3 weeks something repeats. Our proteins rotate weekly, though. HOWEVER, Tuesday is every week, so tacos are happening every week. 😄 They are not just tacos. We go through: gringo (ground beef and supermarket shells), ancho chicken, Korean inspired pork, shredded beef, chili-lime chicken. And since Tuesday is every week, nachos follow nearly every Wednesday. I take the leftovers from Tuesday, make a cheese sauce, open a can of refried beans, and make everyone their ow
  4. I gave ds a "snow day" today. 😄 He went out and played from the time he got up until he got hungry (about 2 hours later)...which gave me time to design lessons all around the current weather: -Christmas puzzles from Math Salamanders and snowflake symmetry lesson -a biopic on Snowflake Bentley. We'd done the children's book a while back. -we took our microscope out in the snow after covering the lens, let it get super cold, and then looked at snowflakes -make rock candy crystals Still up: -ds is working on first person narratives in English, so we put the book lessons on hold and
  5. See, this is the problem. Nobody cares if you do Santa or not or why. It got messy when you jumped in, rudely told everyone else they're doing something stupid, and then thought it's funny you touched a nerve by being rude. Then you double down calling it stupid and think you're better than everyone because you don't do it. So, yeah. Maybe now that the problem is spelled out you can see what the issue is.
  6. Santa does tie into the religious themes. It goes back to giving without expectations, and receiving just to receive. The magi didn't exactly bring gifts because they knew the holy family, kwim? They were curious little buggers who wanted to know why they saw a star. Random freaks who brought stupid baby gifts after chasing the family down. So, yeah, not sure why Santa makes you have such a strong opinion about it all, but sure. Santa is pure joy. It's giving a gift, not because it's practical and useful, but just to make someone happy without anything in return, not even a thank you.
  7. I woke up at 4:30 this morning expecting to clear the driveway for dh, but the band of snow got pushed back until about now. I'll shovel this afternoon when it stops. For the rest of today: -laundry -school -violin
  8. Katie, just an easy suggestion: create uniform shelves. Designate one type of basket to be toys and one type to be for the little school things: make both of them taller and not clear. Use a label or tag on each of the school baskets to help you keep track (or a ribbon to designate subject) Don't worry about the binders, they'll be fine, but if you have booklets put them in opaque magazine holders turned with the back out. You want to reduce the visual clutter to make it calmer but still have access to what you need. Open baskets give you access, but you don't have to see everything all
  9. It does sound like it might be heavy on the finances, and I wonder if you can't change some of the major things cheaper than moving would be.
  10. I'm here! We are at our end of year. I keep track of debt in a spreadsheet. Between ds's student loan and the mortgage, we paid off $1244.14 more than our goal, and about $4000 more than what the minimum would be. It means we'll more easily hit our goals for the next two years. November was okay. We stayed in budget on groceries and eating out (yay!). We also did all Christmas shopping so far without touching the savings we set aside for the holiday. And December is off to a good start. Dh and I spent $166 at the grocery store after planning out meals for the week and holiday baking
  11. We use elementary years as a broad overview of history. By the time we get into middle school, we do "dips". It's like a side by side history where we have a continual overview of light history, but we go deeper with other materials into certain events. Youngest ds starts 5th grade next year and Ancient history. While I have Human Odyssey vol. 1 to go through as a reader, we're going to be stopping periodically to go all in. I'm slowly training him to ask the unanswered questions of history: how do we know? Who can we talk to? What point of view is this written from and what is their b
  12. I would keep the preschool games that are well made and loved. Anything with a board that folds into quarters would be out, for example, because it won't hold up to time.
  13. In our house, Santa brings the one thing they really want. That's it. It's not a wow factor thing, it's a love factor thing. Santa's the one gift you don't have to say thank you for and just get to appreciate unconditional giving. This year ds9 wanted to ask for a snowboard, lol, and harped on that for a while before realizing it wouldn't be a gift of love. We have nowhere to snowboard here. It would sit in the garage. Now he wants a Lego kit. More doable, but his brother already took care of that. Santa may bring him the book he absolutely loved from his book club and wants a copy of
  14. And on the flip side, nobody has to defend or explain their family's dysfunction in anything other than what they want to share, especially in terms like this where you may be tempted to make others understand the severity and legitimize your use of the term.
  15. We have done this. For us, it looked like careful purchase of every book and curriculum. We ended up gravitating to programs like Creek Edge Press' task cards, where each index card holds a week's worth of work for a subject. There were no specific books or resources. It was "write a biography on this person" and "label on a map" and little projects. We used anything our library had and we could get on the internet. We also ended up with programs that reused materials from year to year, like Noeo. A few small books were added, but the spines (Usborne internet linked encyclopedia and
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