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  1. In our house, the tall people sits in the row in front of us at the front of the section or in front of/behind us with the emergency exit. They get the aisle seat and the window, or try to book two aisle seats in the middle of the plane The person who is a foot shorter sits with the kid, and doesn't care if we sit next to a stranger. Personally, I'd rather my husband not get off the plane with back issues from being scrunched in and the only way to do that is to split up sometimes.
  2. I would decline. Masking works best when those infected mask. When you have a very out and about, anti-vax, anti-mask family getting in the faces of other kids and in their personal space, it's not going to be safe for them even if they do wear a mask. Germs would be flowing freely right into their airspace. It's not a situation that would make me comfortable.
  3. The best cure for my oldest was being in charge of younger kids. He was a scout, and he ended up working at some of the camps. He'd come home from meetings and such so frazzled and frustrated with the way the younger teens were acting. When he realized he had acted the same darn way it was a humbling moment. 😄 Same kid was given my How To Talk So Kids Can Learn book as help to work with the scouts, and was horrified to see a lot of the material as familiar conversations he and I had had. Now, the youngest is 11yo, and the oldest is right there with a hunger games salute of solidarity to me when he sees the same behavior repeated.😁 He knows.
  4. 30-40 minutes. It's not for trying to be inefficient. We shop mostly the perimeter, go first thing in the morning, and stick to the list (which is written out in store order). But we don't have self check out, and the cashiers/baggers are encouraged to be chatty, so we end up standing in line for about 10-15 of those minutes.
  5. Afternoon! Today's list was: Help ds with editing his paper Tutor Get my background check done Laundry Make dinner Take ds to practice Work on my "cross-curricular' lesson plan. Y'all, it was really hard to come up with something that was short, could be presented online, and met the requirements. I've decided to do "simple machines in Ancient Egypt", where we'll look at a shaduf and possibly moving pyramid blocks, demonstrating the properties of each of the simple machines involved in the work. If I have enough time we'll do a tie in to a lesson on adjectives to describe different aspects, used later for a paragraph summarizing the material.
  6. For MEP, we found the copymasters to be extremely helpful for fine motor skills. But we ultimately switched to Gattegno because it's very oral/tactile, with minimal writing, and what writing there was we did in a centimeter graph paper notebook.
  7. Well, it's a no-go. Turns out when someone questioned the rink's COVID plan, they also realized they didn't freaking have one. And that ran through like wildfire, going over about just as well, so they shut the programs down tonight.
  8. Hmm....I'm going to have to mull this over. Since we use base ten blocks, I wonder if it's a difference that will require more steps than just a mental process would.
  9. That's similar to how I'm approaching it. With using the blocks/place value discs, we've been focusing on the specific vocabulary of multiplication. 3 x 10 is the same as 3 of the tens. When we have 10 of the tens, it's a new place value. We are slowly working toward the crossed bar approach where we create the stacks of 10 x 10 x 4 or what have you but it's just a step he's not quite to yet. He's still grouping physically. I have a feeling this specific kid is going to be hanging out with place value for a long while, until he gets really, really comfortable. Once he gets it, we can move that that multiple crossed bars, but there's probably going to be an intermediate step for him of literally bringing out trays and showing groups of trays of blocks/place value discs to be 2 of 10 of something. Feel free to correct me if I'm misunderstanding what you're saying.
  10. Happy Wednesday! Today: School Pack lunches Park meet up School Pack car for physical training and possibly skills* work Pack dinners Class on Zoom for me/take ds to PT at the same time Clean up from the day. *So, the skills work is a possible, not a probable. The rink most certainly omitted who the coaches would be for this, and many of us would rather be hung by our toenails than subject our children to one awful coach. They know this, and I have a feeling that's why the director left off that part. The awful man substituted for ds's coach during camp one day and I guess there were enough complaints and enough of us who refused that the original coach was back the next day. It's not fun to see numbers dwindle to a fraction. DS has a great skills coach that we pay through the nose for, but he hasn't set up his fall schedule yet and ds has a game on Saturday. So while it's still a no-go if this db is coaching, we're open to the possibility of anyone else this week.
  11. He understands the idea of multiplication, has most of his facts memorized, and can find an answer by breaking it into two sets of facts when he doesn't know (like if he can't remember 8x6, he knows (10x6)-(2x6) and can work that way). He can multiply up to 3 digits by 1 digits without problem, but place value trips him up. We're starting to move into 2 digits, and we're working on this in two ways currently, both heavy on the place value. The first is with an array of tokens. 643 x 14 means 4 of the stacks of 3 units 4 of the stacks of 4 tens 4 of the stacks of 6 hundreds AND 10 of the stacks of 3 units 10 of the stacks of 4 tens 10 of the stacks of 6 hundreds. We have a gridded worksheet to work each part of the problem separately and then as a stacked problem. This leads into the checkerboard, where we use the units on the colors for each place value and they can shift over to create a ten and slide in with the rest. Slowly this all becomes a way to do standard multiplication on paper, working from right to left. When we get to decimals, it'll be a really good tool to revisit. ----------- The other part is working on multiplication as area, but we can only do that with smaller numbers (tens, no hundreds). 14 x 13 is laid down on the outside of the cloth napkin, along the edges. The problem is then worked from the smallest to the biggest: 3 rows of 4 blocks. 3 rows of ten blocks. 10 of the 4s (or 4 of the tens), and 10 of the tens. Then added together. We use the same gridded worksheet to get the answers, and it's written out first as miniature area blocks and then as they progress, with the exact same worksheet from the other method. I want them to see it both ways and be comfortable with the area method for algebra, but know the standard algorithm. Right now we're still in the beginning stages for this one kid, really working on place value and groups. It's why I think the banking game will be fun. They'll have to take turns with each role and work on each multiplication step.
  12. IIRC, here it was 4-7 days before testing.
  13. Good morning! Yesterday was actually too busy, lol. Today: School Tutoring Dinner - crispy spicy tofu over rice and veggies Take ds to scouts Yesterday we got word that cases are running through our area again. It took one week of being back at school for an entire hockey team to be shut down. For us, the first week of practices on our team this year had two kids wearing masks. Last night had about half the team, so at least it's a trend in the right direction. We managed to avoid a team quarantine last year even with one parent testing positive. Why? Because we mitigated risk as much as possible. Coach kept the kids spread out. They didn't hang out in the rink. They were all masked, as were all the parents. The only 'close contacts' that week when it happened were myself and a nurse, both 6 feet away from the parent as we talked. We both quarantined and got tested. Just a rant. There is no mask mandate for unvaccinated, but I can't even hope the rink does the right thing and creates a policy. I have a feeling we're going to be seeing more shut downs.
  14. Dh does shift work and we actually enjoy it. Ds's school schedule is on the same days, but not the same hours. But, it means we get our errands done during the middle of the week, ds has someone here when I have outside commitments, and we alternate our family meals between lunch and dinner. For the days when dh goes in at 11 or 3, ds and I have a table upstairs to work from. It's not on the main level, which gives us each the space we need to do what we need to do. Dh gets some downtime without being around people all day, ds gets to work his best hours, and I still get my quiet time at night. The only problem is like right now, where I signed up for a Weds evening class, but ds's physical training schedule dropped 2 weeks later. So he has PT at the same time I have class on Zoom, which means I have to figure out how to do both and not drop my cell reception on the way to his PT. (FTR, his PT has never been on Wednesdays. I have a feeling they're trying to increase attendance at a skills clinic right after, and we refuse to let ds take part in anything with the skills coach) So, I have to juggle a little more during dh's workweek, but when he's home he takes on a lot here. He cooks 3 days a week, does the laundry, grocery shopping, the bigger yard projects I can't take care of...it's a schedule that's working for all of us, but it'll be nice when the house is paid off and we are both working just to hobby-work.
  15. Dinner here was supposed to be chicken and fregola sarda. 😄 I forgot we had run out. Chicken and orzo it is! For the rest of today: get in 7000 steps knit 5 rows school two loads of laundry violin tidying up the house
  16. I haven't seen it, but I've lived in two overlapping circles where MLM is everything. Military spouses use it as a way to be "working" while moving around a lot and living with a small income in the early years (there's a lot of LLRoe being bought and sold). Homeschool moms use it as a way to contribute while they're not working - but theirs are more in the vein of Usborne, oils, and CC. After reading the Poonique story years ago I realized a lot of what I felt was wrong was summed up right there. Like @prairiewindmomma mentioned, it's hard on relationships. There's never a real connection - people are friendly because they want something from you, not because they want to know you. Everyone in their lives are now just potential customers.
  17. I have a Surface Pro. It's fine for using for worksheets in Google docs, but other than that it doesn't matter which I'm on. Frankly, for classes that use Ebooks I prefer my desktop. It has a bigger screen so I can take notes and read at the same time (not a fan of the note taking feature embedded in the book).
  18. Mine has Messenger Kids (connected to parent's Facebook). He has a code to give out to friends/family, but I get to approve who he actually talks to and can monitor the messages. We were in a position last year where my kid was the only one from his old team on his new team. And with all the kids constantly spaced apart, always wearing masks, getting there 5 minutes before play and leaving 5 minutes after...they didn't know each other. They didn't even know what each other looked like. The parents started sharing pics of their kids on our message group, lol, and one of us managed to hit on the idea of using the MK app so our kids could talk and treat it like they would have the locker room. It has been absolutely great. Our kid created "rooms" where he has one for his old team, one for neighborhood friends, one for close friends..
  19. It's common here to find children's shoes in the walls, but our house is too new for that. 😄 I think I would stash a few coins, a lego man, and a house picture. Future generations would probably get a kick out of seeing an "ancient" toy that's still the same.
  20. Morning. This isn't a day I like being relived ad nauseum, so I'm staying away from Facebook today. On the list: grocery shopping take the trash and yard waste to the dump prep for school next week organize the garage family bike ride? Possibly, if we have time yard work evening fire with the neighbors I thought I posted this earlier but I guess I ran off before actually hitting the button. 😄 Grocery shopping is done, dh went to the dump while I was gone. Ds went on his own bike ride. We got yardwork done and the garage taken care of. It needed to be organized for winter, when we turn half into an exercise room. Grocery shopping wasn't easy. I needed meal plans for 5 days and build them around activities. It was finally decided that the one day will be ds cooking for himself before activity and having leftovers after. And that's the way it might be every week from now until November.
  21. You don't have to change course. So, I have a policy of splitting a math lesson between hands on and reinforcement. You can take a look at the lesson, figure out the objectives for it, and make most of it an activity. There are plenty of ideas online for teaching every concept. For example, the math lesson I am building right now is working on 3 things: -dividing shapes into fractions -dividing numbers to show a fraction of that whole number -identifying more/less than (comparing fractions) I took 3 sheets of construction paper and 1 sheet of white paper. The white paper went through the printer so I could have 1 inch squares on it. The construction paper was cut into squares, rectangles, circles and triangles. The first part of the lesson will be folding shapes/drawing lines and using chips to identify 1/4, 1/2, 1/3, 2/4, 3/4...and so on. The second part will be folding rectangles made from the inch graph paper and coloring/writing the number of squares colored over the number of total squares. The third part will be using the shapes to compare like shapes: 2 circles and comparing half to two-thirds, for example. This is easily a written lesson from one of their books. But it doesn't have to be. Another one I'm making is using flash cards they already have for multiplication. I'm printing out a multiplication chart with all the numbers mixed up. Each gets a chance to turn over a card and say the product/find it on the board. The first to get tic-tac-toe with their markers wins. Easy, quick way to work on math facts. All it takes is a few minutes for me to google a topic and then set it up in a way that works here. MEP puzzles are great, CSMP worksheets are fun, Education Unboxed has stuff along with MathForLove, Math Salamander and a ton of other places.
  22. I'm always open to ideas! Kid 2 is doing what he needs to, I think. He gets confused looking at a word problem, but when he reads it aloud or has it read to him, he can hear the vocabulary cues and take the next step of circling or underlining them and writing it out "in math". It's just the process now of interpreting what he's reading into the verbal (visual?) memory cues so he can picture it as he reads silently.
  23. Sometimes there's a difference between knowing something and having the strategies to apply it. I'm still working on the second. 🙂 My weekend right now is spent trying to figure out ways to teach strategies of long multiplication in micro-steps for one of "my" kids. Another one is working on math vocabulary and another is working on slowing down his brain to be able to verbalize what he is doing - (I know him, he's going to hit a wall of being unable to figure it out if he just "knows" the answer to the easy problems but not how he got there). I think we're going to play the Montessori banker's game next week because it'll work on all three of those skills if I add in some specifics.
  24. I can't say I've heard of her, but I think anyone who promotes math as something to think through is a good person to follow!
  25. Today's goals: finish up school with ds for the week tutoring dinner? No clue yet parent's meeting second dinner (ds has sports practice during the parents' meeting)
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