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  1. Hi Guys Trying to get a handle on what my daughter reads: the books with the Animals with the Big Eyes make alot of appearances at my house. I know reading should be a bit hard so that you have to stretch and guess the meanings of words to expand your vocab, and I get that my daughter likes to relax with downtime, but there would have to be some really rollicking good fun books that are pitched just a bit harder than her comfort level?(so she would be drawn along by the story and improve her vocab along the way) The book,by Elizabeth Wilson, seems a bit dated and slanted to American? HIstory. I live a bit remote out here in rural Australia and could possibly order some from my local bookstore, but Im after maybe an easily accessible list of books, that have stood the test of time. For a ten year old girl. Any suggestions welcome, thanks so much barb
  2. Thanks guys, I tested her using Melissas' test and she came out at Average.Even not paying attention and yelling at me the whole time!
  3. Hello from Australia I am new to this site, so its very nice to be here! I am so grateful for the resource that SWB has given to the world, its been holding my hand for a while now, and I finally made the plunge to take responsibility for my little girl. I bought alot of textbooks recommended from Amazon. Love Amazon. The books are amazing. Now down to the nuts and bolts. I didnt get a spelling program, and I cant figure out what level my daughter, 10, is at spelling wise. It was very hard to get any meaningful communication with her school last year, and I am not sure if she struggles with some of the bigger words in particular. But shes great at pretending/throwing a fit. If I could get a hook on where she is, I could then use one of the word lists on the internet and go from there. Theres not a lot in Australia, so I end up on the net alot, ordering things which is OK. ANY help appreciated. I enjoy reading the threads they are very helpful Sincerely Barb
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