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  1. Unless you are putting him into college next year, nothing your nine year old does now is going to be on his high school transcript. If you don't like your first choice, he has ample time to redo with another program . I've gone this route many times with my new 9th grader.
  2. Even if you bid $250, you could still lose by $2.50.
  3. At least it didn't happen during your oral presentation.
  4. Probably not a block. My then 4th grader took almost 2 years to do pre-alg. It took time for reading comprehension to catch up, Also it takes a while to move from the repetition of simple addition, multiplication, etc to being able to set up the formula.
  5. My 13 has just completed precalc, and is prepping for the June SAT. He missed SET last June, by one question and a harsh curve. Only using the College Board released tests for practice. a 3 of the 8 done so far. 1500 is within reach.
  6. All of these products are just marketing and packaging. I picked up somewhere just to buy the cheapest that you like.
  7. Almost all of the questions about free school lunch are "would you qualify for", not "do you get." Here is a link to determine if one would qualify:
  8. If at all possible and available, let her get her feet wet at the new school by going to summer school. Perhaps a class that requires writing.
  9. The 8th grader gets about 3 hours of hw per day. So, we afterschool Friday-Monday for about 1 1/2 hours. Up until a month ago, it was advanced math. Now, it is AP Chemistry. BTW, we miss a lot of Mondays because of hw.
  10. We started around 8 y.o with low stakes, no pressure tests. . Math Kangaroo for 3rd grade I think was the first. The early levels of Kangaroo are similar to Singapore Math and word problems.
  11. Funniest thing I've read in a while.
  12. I'm in So Cal. Nothing really surprises me when it comes to shorts. I've seen what could only be described as jean thongs. However, each of the last few times at the airport, I've seen admittedly attractive young women in low low hip huggers. I mean so low that a smooth mon's is openly visible. Another cm lower and things vertical would be showing. Now, that makes me wonder how they can go out like that. And, why at the airport?
  13. Get a U-haul one size bigger than you estimate that you possibly need. Have everything boxed and stacked before you pick the truck up. With some help, the loading ramp on the truck, and that short distance you will be loaded and unpacked in a few hours. With only a few miles to drive, even the largest truck will cost no more than $100. A bunch of small trucks, and vans, and then having to lift everything up, and strapping everything down, will take take more effort than you can imagine.
  14. Gotta go with your gut on this. My first job application after high school was for a clerk with county government. I got called in to take a typing test. Then nothing for nearly 2 years. Received a letter telling me where to report for work and starting pay. By then, I wasn't even in the state.
  15. I actually do not consider it a light sentence for the offense given the scant details in the news coverage.
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