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  1. The Stu has has the same admission situation that the UCs have. 40% of the UCs are asian. 60% of the Stu is asian. Mainly because admission is by a single test. Top 850 get in. Ongoing heated debate about increasing diversity. I think only a total of 25 Black and Hispanic students were offered admission last year. Remember this is a public school. The wealthy in NY go to private school for $60k, and a lot of the privates are ranked higher than the Stu. Admission to Stuyvesant involves passing the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test. Every March, the 800 to 850 applicants with the highest SHSAT scores out of the around 30,000 eighth- and ninth-graders who apply to Stuyvesant are accepted.[11] The school has a wide range of extracurricular activities,[12] including a theater competition called SING! and two student publications. Notable alumni include physicists Brian Greene and Lisa Randall, mathematician Paul Cohen, chemist Roald Hoffmann and genome researcher Eric Lander.
  2. My 9th grader is wrapping up Thinkwell Ap Chemistry. TW Honors Chemistry is the full 2 semester college course. The AP class is the college class with a few chapter, mostly near the end of the honor's class, omitted. I know several who did very well on the AP exam after using TW AP Chem as their primary prep. Never heard about being outdated for current exam. But, I would imagine that it is not the subject matter that is at issue. Probably, that TW quizzes and tests are nearly all multiple choice. AP Chem and AP Calc are shifting to more free response. We are planning to start AP prep with Princeton/Barron/5 Steps when now remote schooling ends for the summer. . I'll update after he does a couple of AP practice tests as to how well he was prepared with TW.
  3. Shark is the way to go. New for $150 to $200. compare the reviews. If you are not opposed to used, any vacuum (even Dyson) can be found used in the thrift for under $30. Replace the beater belt, or cut out he hair and they are as good as new.
  4. No. No. I will not deliver the punch line.
  5. He is wrapping up Thinkwell AP compatible Chemistry. I have no hesitation in recommending TW. We have used it for math from pre-calc thought college calc. Ap chem is our first TW science. We will continue with college physics 1. If you try TW, note that the honors class is the full college class. Ap compatible is almost the same class but omits things not on the AP exam.
  6. You might want to check the subject level of the biology class. Last summer, my 9th grader took a class described as preparation for AP biology. Well, the class turned out to be AP level, if not actually college level. It took the kid for a loop as to the amount of work it took, especially because he didn't have any chemistry background. After that class he started AP chem. He said AP chemistry is much easier because he got introduced to chem in the biology class.
  7. Well yesterday morning, I got a message that it was out for delivery, and a tracking number. Then early evening got a message that shipment is delayed.. Maybe it will come today.
  8. And free shipping. Thanks.
  9. I got the 9th grader a Switch when they first came out several years ago. It was sitting on a shelf all that time because there were no games that he played. Anyway, he sold it two weeks ago- to a college student- for $200 & a Disney pass. How was it possible for him to get more than I paid new. . In our area (So. Cal), seems the original Switch is more in demand by gamers than the new one. Something about features.
  10. Cal State Fullerton is the first to announce that Fall will open on-line.
  11. You can easily get away with cheap flat paint on interior walls, but exterior go high quality: Behr, Sherwin Williams, Dunn Edwards, etc, top level--not self priming. But more important than the paint, is the preparation. Use a painter that will sand, prime, patch and repair before rolling and brushing. Do not let any painter just spray. Painting over a crack just results in a painted crack that shows. . it is costly to go this way.. In my tract, i spent about 4 times what my neighbors paid. But, I've gone almost 20 years without repainting, while my neighbors have had to repaint several times.
  12. The 9th grader has a couple of more years to go before Questbridge. But, it is very legit program. I read somewhere about a year or 2 ago that there were around 200 QBers at Stanford.
  13. Good tip. The 9th grader is wrapping of TW calculus. I added TW free reviews for precalc, calc 1, and calc 2 for when we need them. It does not say how long they will stay open. But, it might be like there other classes. The clock does not start running until the class is opened and assigned to a student. We still have an unused geometry class in our account from 3 years ago. BTW, all high school math is available for free.
  14. My 9th grader is signed up to take ap chemistry at Northwestern CTD Summer program. So, far they have not cancelled. he is really looking forward to going. But, I am dreading the thought of putting on a plane to be away from home for 5 weeks.
  15. I've been playing with this recipe for homemade Katz Pastrami. I have not tired katz, but I have had Langer's and Canter's. Takes about 30 minutes of total labor spread over 4 days. I start with the packaged corned beef, and use the oven cooking method. I brushed it with liquid smoke before cooking. Must smoke or use liquid smoke for true authentic flavor. If you have a good countertop oven, you might want to bake outside. Your whole house will smell like a Jewish deli for a couple of days. Also, for younger eaters, and those whose can't take spicy, cut away some of the bark when serving. The spiciness is concentrated in the herb rub. A 3 pound piece of corned beef will turn in 4-6 thick sandwiches for less than the price of pastrami combo.
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