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  1. Clutch Prep has videos for specific textbooks. Pick your text from its list. Clutch Prep | Textbook-specific videos for college students
  2. My 9th grader went down an embankment last month. several scrapes on his right side, including his cheek. the cheek wound seems similar to your. A few of the other scrapes were much deeper, but we only worried about the cheek. Just kept it moist with an antibiotic ointment. Try not to let the scab dry up and fall off prematurely.. Falling off , bleeding, and rescabbing causes the deepest marks. When jis scab finally fell off the skin underneath was a nice healed pink--no bleeding. Then sunblock until skins gets close to normal. .
  3. My new 9th grader is mildly happy and mildly disappointed. He missed CTY SET last june by one question -5 Math =690. This time. -4=730. Verbal is the troubling side. All 8 college board practice tests, he got -6, or -7, but on the exam ,-12=660. Oh well. He has a few more years to.pick up the 60 to 70 points needed for 40 percentile of target schools. But, I think we will either stop taking June SAT test. or switch to ACT.
  4. My 9th grader got two inflatable SUPs last x-mas. I also got an inflatable kayak (two man) for me to provide on water support. I think we will carry them in the trunk whenever he finally has time to get on the water. BTW all are pretty good, but not top notch quality. I think the kayak is 40-50 deflated, and the paddle boards somewhat less.
  5. My 9th grader needed $200 at CTD_Northwestern last summer. All meals on campus were provided, as well as admissions for off campus trips. However, eating and snacking off campus was expensive. Admittedly, I indulge him, but I rather he not be the odd man out. But, your daughter will be with college students. I think there will be much more expenses than my kid's. With airport food as well, $200 case, and $200 debit will safely cover it, and any unanticipated supplies. Much more if the field trip costs aren't covered.
  6. Not a HSer or AP provider. I putting off my weekend chores. So, tried to get a handle on how such a major privacy breach is possible. From looking at the college Board Student AP registration procedures AND AP teachers procedures., I have a guess as to what is happening. HS testers are to place the homeschool code on the test form. The test proctor has the homeschool code. This keeps the HSer score from being included in the host schools results. New AP class registration is something different. Here are the procedures: from what I gather, the new AP class teacher is to obtain an access code by calling college board. I would assume college board would then provides a code for specifically for, lets say, 3and Me High. 3and me would then use that code to access only her student's scores, just as the regular schools would access only their students by using aunique access code. What is probably happening is that those of you who do not acquire an unique access code for your specific class, but instead use the generic state code are inadvertently joining your records with other HSers who also used the state code. In other word, your students are being lumped with all the other teachers who did not obtain their own code, but used the state's code. This could possibly explain the low number of HS students some mentioned in their state. this could all be crap. I am putting off my chores. ETA: Brigid's explanation is what I'm getting to: As an online teacher, I have an online provider code from the College Board that is a separate entry on bubble sheets--and is in addition to the school code that students enter. I get my students' scores based on my online provider code (that students enter on their bubble sheets) and then analytic reports a few weeks later. If my students enter a homeschool code for their school AND an online provider code, I'm betting their scores don't show up on the homeschooler educators report mentioned above. That may be why the AP exam numbers look low. I know PA Homeschoolers and other organizations teaching online have their own online provider code, too, so there are probably many more homeschooled students taking AP exams than are showing up on the homeschool educators report that 3andme--and others--are seeing.
  7. MAD to halt publication. My new 9th grader and I have spent the last 5 years sharing this part of my youth
  8. The good old days of tennis when those 16 y.o waifs were winning
  9. I don't quality, but maybe some of you do. Looks like a $90/ticket discount on 4-5 day park hoppers, restrictions apply.
  10. Mulch ado About Nothing.
  11. Depends a lot on your area as well. When I was that age I walked several miles, or rode a bike maybe tens miles, to wherever I wanted to go. Now, I don't allow the new 9th grader to walk much anywhere., and certainly not where he has to cross a busy intersection. Heck, I rarely walk across a busy intersection. A hit/run fatality seems to happen daily in Los Angeles County.
  12. I vote drop mainly because I find condensed summer math classes good for previewing and getting a jump on the matter, but not good for mastery.
  13. I have a couple of queen sized air mattresses that we set up in the tent when camping. if I stack them, they pass visually as a regular bed. Properly inflated, they are comfortable. Buy an electric pump. Just takes a couple of minutes to set up
  14. We gave on D.O. midway though Alg. 2. Weeks to get grades back, even after being requested to resubmit hw. eta: this was about 1 1/2 years ago.
  15. 99 ct store is where I generally go. But most dollars store carry the Awesome brand. Most of the Awesome products are great. Look up the reviews. I particularly like the grill and oven cleaner (99ct) for cleaning my car rims. eta: Also the Awesome Cleaning Vinegar is great. I poor about a 1/2 cup in the bottom of the air fryer bowl, and burned on pots. the pots just need light scrubbing.
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