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  1. I am close to the Bobcat Fire outside of los Angeles. Close enought to see the ring of fire, but too far away to have any threat of danger. Our yard, streets, plants and cars get covered with soot each night. Iam very surprised by the size of the particles. Some are like coarse Kosher salt. I've been keeping the 10th grader off the golf course because of the pollution.
  2. I got the washer and gas dryer in 1992. The washer has been replaced twice, and maybe a third time if the drain pump I am about to install does not stop the bottom leak. My friend owns a laundry and told me that there aren't any significnt mechicnal differnece in old and new dryers. She said to dump it when it needs any repair.
  3. I owned several different models of those round stackable trays type dehydrators. None of them produced good results. Then heard about the Excalibur 3400B, with 9 trays. It is one of the best home units, but it is expensive at $300. Decided to go with Magic Mill, a similar design to Excalibur but $100 cheaper. I am very happy with the Magic Mill. Funny, I was browsing Craiglist after I bought the Magic Mill, and saw many Excaliburs for under $100. The main advantages of the Excalibur/Magic Mill models are that they have fans for even heat circulation, temperature controls, and timers.
  4. I thought all schools have a murse. Though, the private religion affiliated school that my kid attended k-5 strongly preferred prayer over medicince. Still it has a health office. The lady running the office clearly had medical training but never referred to herself as a nurse. She would treat with otc medicines on parent's request.
  5. Gwyneth Paltrow has a healthy lifestyle brand. I heard a discussion of her candles on the radio yesterday. I had to look the candles up. That is all I'll say. Don't want to spoil the surprise. https://goop.com/staff/gwyneth-paltrow
  6. For a fun bit of musical exploration, you might try: https://www.npr.org/series/tiny-desk-concerts/ An NPR series of concerts by wide genre of top and and up and coming performers recorded in home studios, backyards, garages. I particularly enjoy Tash Sultana, a young Aussie with amazing instruments and vocals. She is also on youtube
  7. When I was growing up in Los Angeles, boys got a Daisy Red Ryder bb rifle, and/or a hunting knife, as a right of passage around 13 y.o. We played with those things on the streets, and tooks them on buses, to stores, everywhere we went. Never thought that anybody would react to them. We were hassled only once by the police. The officer took the bb magazine, but gave us back the rifle. Things have changes so much since then. I got the 10th grader a pretty decent pellet rifle a few x-mas ago. He has shown no interest in it. But even if he wanted to shoot it, I would have to take him somepla
  8. My comments re Amazon jobs regers to jobs with amazon fullfilment centers/ warhouses. https://www.amazon.jobs/en/. Not to independent delivery companies
  9. He can try Amazon Jobs. There are 4-5 hour shifts around the clock. Might be able to work a couple of shifts or fulltime depending on location. Online application is simple-- no resume or interview. A job in the warehouse/SORT CENTER is low pressure, but dusty. A job in a Fullfilment Center or a Shopper is very high pressure, but slightly better pay. Also the site list independent contract delivery companys. The delivery jobs are 12 hour shifts. During the on-line application process there is simple test: sorting items by requirements. A perfect or high score results in an immediate job
  10. I just got a couple of Anker power pads. They're great. https://www.amazon.com/Anker-Wireless-PowerWave-Upgraded-Fast-Charging/dp/B07THHQMHM
  11. Spent the day doing "data mining" on youtube. I watched this Sugar Hill Gang--Rapper's Delight video several times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcCK99wHrk0 Note this is the infancy of rap music-- very clean. What are your favorite music videos.
  12. The Dell workgroup B/W printers are the way to go- cheap on the generic toner too. A tip on buying: before my office downsized, we had one at every workstation. I got them all at Goodwill computer stores for $30-50 each. GW always has a few workstations on the shelf, but regulary will have 5 or 10 of the same model when a company donates after an upgrades or something. Grab as many as you can from these clusters because they generally work well. Test them thoroughly during your one week return period. If they work the one week, they will work 10 years. save hundreds.
  13. i ask because I went to Home Depot to get citrus fertilizer for a few plants in containers. I grabbed a 3lb bag of Vigoro for $7.00--more than enough for my limited use. it was right next to a giant bag of Vigoro. Didn't even consider buying that much. Started to walk away when I saw that the 20Lb bag of Vigoro was $10.00. As I go whoa, I see even a larger bag--40lbs- for $15.00. I grab the 20lb bag, and take the 3lb bag with me to the cashier thinking there was some kind of error . Now, I have 10 years of citrus food.
  14. Also, check the used car sites of the major car rental companies. A couple are selling inventory during bankruptcy..
  15. Dependency court is a stange beast. You will be surprised by the number of relatively minor issues that result in children being separated from parent for 6 months, as parents jump the hoops of counselling, etc, before children are returned. I am talking about children being separated because parent were fighting each other in front of children, spanking kids with a brush instead of open hand--stuff like that.. While the newspaper cases of repeated massive abuse don't get to dependency court at all. In California, mother and father will be appointed their own attorney, if they cannot a
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