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  1. Your explanation of how he does it reminded me of Dr, Arthur Benjamin- the Mathemagician, He is local for us. We see him perform around once a year. it never gets old. Your little guy might get a kick. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baxOXLN23GI
  2. I cannot imagine it being anything other than casual chat.. Heck, I had cashiers at the dollar stores apologize for giving a bunch of small bill's because the last few customers broke Benjamins.
  3. If the research academies are like the one at UCSB, the problem is probably not the lack of AP scores, The programs are designed to give high schoolers a taste of college. With all those DE credits, the summer programs might not benefit her.
  4. Best Buy has an Insignia 1.6 cup top load portable washer for $299. Pretty decent reviews.
  5. I grew up in So. Cal. As a teen, I used Sir and Ma'am a lot. Parents of friends and dates seemed really impressed, and the parents granted them more liberties because of my politeness. Professionally, I use the terms a lot in interactions with officals and their assistants,. I address clients by those terms because I am uncomfortable with calling them by their first names, and Mister and Mrs. seems even more formal. As to the 10th grader, I am not a stickler but he does use the terms regularly.
  6. Never been in the military, But have read over the years, several features on submarine food. Submarine food is supposedly the best in the military. A lot of White House chefs have come from sub duty.
  7. My 10th grader is about to start thinkwell honors physics. Tw's honors physics is calculus based, and equivalent to college physics 1. Tw does not college physics 2.
  8. the 10th grader took group tennis and golf lessons starting at age 4, and then private lessons from age 10. We dropped private tennis lessons last year, because, even though he was on the h.s team, he was not highly seeded on his team, and certainly was not going to play at any college level. We still have private golf lessons with a pga tour level coach, and my kid has great game. However, he has played very few competitions. Our goal is use golf as an admission plus, and walk on as an academic scholarship. So recruitment is not very important to us. Tennis and golf require great tourname
  9. I'm in So. Cal. It is a 15 minutes just door to freeway. Then .75 to 1.5 hours to travel 30 miles during peak traffic (rain could make it 2 hours). The rough part is having to wait 2- hours for the return trip because traffic makes its impractical to just drop him off and go back home. pre covid , we would do 4-5 of these type outings over every weekend..
  10. The 10 grader started out taking CTY math classes for grades 1-5, Then we discovered that all CTY math, above 6th grade, is Thinkwell, that can be purchased directly for under a $100/yr (with Homeschoolbuyers group disount). The CTY added value is that it is accredited, and there is an assigned instructor. The instructor does not really teach any lesson, but will assist with a specific issue. Then using TW on our own, we supplemented it with a group tutor for $15/week. btw, if you have already completed ab, CTY recommends just taking its "c" instead of bc. But the "c" class is only availab
  11. Don't over look the possibility of a learning disability. A couple of years ago, I helped a struggling community college student who finally sought an assessment after tutoring calculus, but failing his math exams. His college had a unit that provide free testing and support.
  12. I missed the whole interview. I am way too busy keeping up with the Kardashians.
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