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  1. CollegeBoard just announced exam policy change that will allow all testers to redo 10 questions from their SAT exam for a yet to be determined fee.
  2. "When perfect is the enemy of done". Only people I ever heard use something similar to this phrase are surgeons.
  3. Times have changed a lot. Back in the mid 70s, I was a jr. college student looking to build my ECs. On campus club day, i joined the chess club, something else, and then walked up to the Students for a Democratic Society table. I was looking at a brochures when one of them asked if I wanted to join. I said something flippant like maybe if I could be a vice president because I was trying to build up my ECs The guy at the table said okay. I actually put down on my transfer apps hat I was V.P of the campus SDS, as well as chess club (earned with a near expert rating). . Funny thing, it probably helped me a lot because I was mostly applying to highly selective schools in New England. Now, the 9th grader has decided that he wants a bigger challenge than the nationally ranked prep school he attends. He wants to go to a boarding school in New England. In his application he indicated his participation in a group that I think is too specific to his race, gender, politics, or religion. I told he had to find something else to write about. He went and signed up for biology club.
  4. Matters a lot in federal court. Early acceptance of responsibility , and cooperation, are big factors in downward sentencing departures. I am fascinated to see her defense play out. If Gordon Caplan, former of-chairman of one of the world's largest law firms , could not find a defense for his $75,000 test taking payment, I can't imagine the defense for her/their $500,000 payments.
  5. There are a lot of recipes for oven jerky and fruit rolls:
  6. I tried using my Cuisinart brick oven convention feature. the fan is not as powerful as a air fryer.. Also, while any mesh tray will work, it must be set over a drip tray. Air fryer are more convenient because the mesh sits inside the drip pot.
  7. This accident is waiting to happen. I grew up riding unicycles, but have not been on one in 40 years. Every year, I look at the one out in the garage, and think I am going to let the kid see me ride before I finally get rid of it. I probably only have a year or two left to give it a go.
  8. We flew in a day early to drop the new 9th grader off at CTD. Our plan was to try one of the famous Chicago steakhouses for a saturday dinner. We budgeted $200-250 for the meal. However, that morning I stumbled into a Mariano supermarket near the hotel. Not quite a Bristol Farms, but the comparison came to mind. walked around and surprised that if had so many special sections: craft beer bar, gelato counter, and fancy bakery, extensive salad and hot food bars. But i really liked the fresh meat counter. So, many cuts nicely displayed. But what caught my eye was a large grill behind the counter. When I asked if they actually cooked on the grill, the butcher told me that they cook almost anything for free. Later that day, we were all dragging and not up for going out for dinner. I remembered that market. We picked out two large rtib eyes, and a t-bone. While the steaks grilled, we went the beer bar and got a couple, and loaded up at the salad bar. Took our steaks to the dining area and grubbed-- condiments and plastic utensils provided included. Then finished with gelato. Everything came out to $45. Quirky, but that meals makes our list of top travel experiences. Marianos are all over Chicago area.
  9. my only 11th hour advice is to arrive at the site at least 1/2 hour early. plenty of time to settle in and calm down. good luck to her.
  10. Thanks, Lanny. I have few more years to go before I need this info for the 9th grader. But, interesting to know what to expect.
  11. We don't plan things with certain family members because their anxiety attack ruins the whole trip for the rest. Can't tell you how many times we spent good money or time getting somewhere, and to have the attack happen. We've gone to games beach, games, even hikes, where the crowds and jostling caused the attack, then we all have to end the adventure. Just taking them back to the car does not calm things. Now, we just say no to going with them if it involves a crowd.
  12. We only stay in business class hotels. Would only consider a luxury class independent. My hotel horror story happened a couple of years ago in the San Francisco bay area. i was doing a lot of travelling and hotelling this trip. I got to my hotel late at night. Found out that I had maxed my credit, and the hotel would not take a cash payment/deposit. The manager referred me to another hotel in the same chain that would take cash, but it would have been a 40 minute drive at 12:00 a.m. I just wanted to sleep a couple of hours and shower before morning meetings, so I stopped at the first independent I saw. They took cash and was 2/3 cheaper than my preferred hotel. the room was filthy; dirt matted carpets, strange stains on cushions, paper thin blankets. I was so scared of the bed that I ended up sleeping in the wooden chair at desk. Got of couple of hours of sleep, showered and got out there by 5;00 A.M.
  13. "winging and rocking are also good for sleep. They’re even making beds that mechanically rock now. " Strange, no mention of kids.
  14. "I find that’s at issue in all of these cases. It’s not basic care-taking for your child. It’s not getting your child food or clothing. It’s not even getting your child an education. It’s getting your child into a college that you call ‘exclusive" What bothers me most is that every one of these admissions caused the exclusion of an otherwise meritorious applicant. For the rejected student it could be ho hum, or life altering. I would punish years on that ground alone.
  15. You didn't mention who lead Alg 1. But, with both boys having the same issues, there was probably a weakness in the instruction, and grading. Probably, should not be using same instructor for alg 1 or 1.5. You say no funds for outsourcing. But if you purchased Thinkwell during a sale at homeschoolbuyer coop , both boys could take the class for a total of $70. They could watch the videos together or separately. replay as much as needed. Then they could each take a lesson quiz. no limit on lesson quizzes with instant grading The final chapter test can only be taken once, but there is no limit on the chapter practice tests. They could alternate these. Thinkwell is not a popular option on this board, but my 9th grader loves it. He has completed alg.1, alg 2, geom., precalc, and is now taking college calc. 1. ETA: he did not take TW geom.
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