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  1. We went to the Aquarium of the Smokies in Gatlinburg recently. It was fun and the penguins were adorable. They had tags with their names on them and you could buy art made by the penguins (each said which penguin made it) in the gift shop. There’s a couple different deals you can get that include the aquarium and one or more other attractions if you have time. I highly recommend the Skylift Park.
  2. Be careful not to bring anything too special. When my dad was in a similar place, my mom took him a quilt his mother had made. It went missing. They found it, but my mom had to go and talk to the people there before they would look for it. You can make a small photo book to give her with pictures of family that she can look at and show her caregivers. Get a simple one printed at somewhere like Walgreens. If it goes missing or gets damaged, you will have it saved on your account and can reprint easily. The one I did for my fil was less than $10.
  3. If it’s like the lock ins my kids go to, not many people will be sleeping, so they may be wearing the masks the whole time.
  4. In the homeschool circles I’m in there are a lot of people selling mom stuff. I refuse to buy any of it unless it’s a steep discount. They all need to “help support with the family income,” but then they turn around and buy the overpriced stuff from each other all the time. If they quit buying the overpriced stuff, they wouldn’t need to sell it to provide an income. They also don’t realize that a lot of the things they sell are not things people buy often in general. How many Pampered Chef gadgets or 31 bags does a person really need? If you are going to sell stuff primarily to friends and family, sell something that’s a consumable. Something that if they like it, they will use it up and come back to buy more.
  5. Thanks for all the ideas! I think I’m going to have to hit the stores so I can try some of these on.
  6. I love wearing sandals, but it’s that time of year when feet get too cold in them. I need some new shoes, but I don’t know what I want. I need something that I can do a fair bit of walking in, but I don’t want chunky sneakers. I like my generic Converse that are wearing out, but I want a change. Some casual flats would be great for a while, but eventually it will be so cold that I’ll want something I can wear socks with. I have boots I wear some in winter, but I don’t like them for everyday shoes. What is cute, comfy, looks good with jeans, and doesn’t scream “I’m over 40”? Bonus points if they are under $50.
  7. I’ve told my husband before that I prefer him to go on work trips rather than have to work nights. When he works evenings or nights it is so hard to keep everyone quiet so he can sleep. For us it’s usually been a short-term schedule change, so it wasn’t worth it to change our schedule to closer match his. I can’t imagine having a husband who works different shifts all the time.
  8. It’s a Walgreens brand we bought at their store. There may be better ones out there. We were on vacation and needed something quickly.
  9. Dh is getting ready to have some major sinus surgery and his ent was talking about sending him to an allergist. He said they have something new where you take some kind of drops at home instead of having to come in all the time for shots. Dh did shots many years ago and the time it took for them 2-3 times a week are one of the reasons he stopped. We are excited about the possibility of doing it at home. I don’t know more than that, but it might be worth looking in to.
  10. Dh’s back was hurting while we were out of town a few weeks ago, so we bought a heating pad with a massage function. I normally hate the way massagers feel. However, I have COVID and right now it’s the best thing ever for the backaches I’ve been having. I use it several times a day.
  11. I have lots of relatives, including my mom, that live between Slidell and Baton Rouge. My mom still has power and is doing ok, although a lot of people in her town have been without power for hours. Since Ida is moving fairly quickly, the hope is that there’s not too much trouble with flooding around there.
  12. My son plays on a server run by a family I know. They know all the players, including the real name that goes with each screen name. For short term playing, I think there’s a way to set something up where the players would all have to be on your WiFi. This is a good option for play dates. Don’t ask me how it works. My son talks about it all the time, but I don’t understand half of it.
  13. Sounds like it could be a great blessing to your sister. Get a lawyer.
  14. As frustrating as the wait is, the process of actually packing and moving everything is far, far worse in my book.
  15. Do you have any pictures of family (either over her life, or recent) that you could scan and have a photo book made? When my fil was in a nursing home for a time last year, I had one made with pictures of all the family members (he and mil, their sons and dils, and grandchildren). I edited them to put each person’s name, so he could show everyone who cared for him, since we could not visit. I had it printed at Walgreens, but there are lots of places to do it cheaply, especially if you don’t want a big, hard bound book.
  16. I was reading the comments on a local news article about the current hospital problems. One commenter made an interesting point. He said that part of the problem was that the hospitals now mandate the COVID vaccine, so some people are quitting or being fired, when last year they did the same work, but unvaccinated. While I totally understand the benefits of all hospital staff being vaccinated, wouldn’t this be a good time to be more lenient about it, in order to have enough staff to care for all of those in need?
  17. Zinc lozenges are the best thing for knocking out a sore throat. Eat a little before taking, even just a cracker or 2, so it doesn’t upset your stomach. Most of the time I can knock it out in 1-2 days, using only 1-2 a day. Since you have more than just the sore throat (I usually get it with post nasal drip from allergies), you may need more, just do what the package says. A side benefit is I also don’t usually get a bad cough with it.
  18. I don’t know anything about that cover, but what is the concern for transcripts? Since a cover isn’t required anymore, you can make your own, or pay a transcript service. A friend of mine that does them for our cover school started a business doing that. They look really professional. If you want to check it out, the website is www.homeschooltranscripts.net.
  19. Make sure if he does put it in his pocket, he’s careful in the bathroom. My dd once had a phone that didn’t fit great and it ended up in the toilet. Thankfully it was a cheap phone.
  20. Reminds me of the school system where my mom used to work. They knew who they wanted to hire, but they were required to post the job and interview a certain number of people. Not that that person was always the most qualified (often was not at all), but that person knew the right people, so that’s who they hired.
  21. Exactly what I came here to say.
  22. There’s a lot of veggies I wish I liked. And some I wish I had the nerve to try. I really wish I could like ranch dip, since so many people like it as a veggie dip. I have tried to like it, but nope. 🤢
  23. My 5yo dd is a leftie. She has done a little cutting with scissors, but will be doing more in her coop class this year. Is it better to buy her left-handed scissors or have her learn right handed since that’s what most scissors are?
  24. I’m in the same city, so gain. Although I do wish the growth would slow a bit. There’s a point where it’s just too big and crowded.
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