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  1. First of all--congratulations!!! As far as what to major in, one thing you might consider is why you are getting a college education. Is it mostly about vocational training or more about education in general? If it is vocational training, then majors like the first and last one on your list would be appropriate (are those even majors?), but if it is more about the education, then a major like psychology would probably be more satisfying.
  2. I recommend Scale by Geoffrey West for science or history. Also, The Ghost Map (which would be considerable easier than Scale) is excellent. For psychology or sociology, The Righteous Mind is definitely perspective changing. Also, if she's interested in philosophy, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance might fit into a few of those categories (fiction or memoir, for example).
  3. Is your husband using the email address given to him by the school or his personal email? Sometimes professors/schools have a policy that all correspondence must be using the school email addresses. I've not had stuff answered when I've forgotten and used the wrong address. To be clear, I'm talking about my own student email address and not the professor's address. It's also important to check the syllabus and any other directions for how the professor wants emails formatted. Sometimes they have an automatic sorting system that will get thwarted when the title of the email doesn't con
  4. Kids in school would have a teacher to explain things to them. I see nothing wrong with reading the text aloud with him, discussing, and, in the case of physics and chemistry, doing several problems together, that sort of thing.
  5. I call all chickens chickens unless I'm talking about some particular aspect of a rooster (such as its crowing at midnight). I never call hens hens.
  6. There was never a choice here. I just had the kid sit on my lap, and I held his arms to his sides. Once he was 11 or 12, though, I had his father do it because he had gotten too strong for me. Then, about a year later, he was fine.
  7. You're right. It was expensive but I was desperate. I used the manipulatives with his younger brother, and ended up selling the rest.
  8. Note that there are entire books written on how to tutor/teach writing without actually telling the student how to write. The idea is that if you give direct instruction, you are writing their paper for them and that's cheating. It infuriates me--though I will admit that I only know about this in theory as I've never been to a writing center (or taken a writing class as an actual adult).
  9. Every writing/English class that my kids have taken (in either high school or college) does what I call "teaching by assignment." They give writing assignments and expect the students to complete them with no instruction and no revision. I always wondered how schools dealt with teaching writing after I realized how very difficult it is to teach, and I found out that they deal with it by not doing any teaching at all.
  10. You should totally give a party for yourself! Congratulations!
  11. Math U See is conceptual and hands on and is really good for remediating issues with place value as well as more general spotty weaknesses. Have him take the placement test and place him where he scores. You can easily accelerate through the material he already knows (note that I would accelerate rather than skip). Anyway, I ended up doing MUS Beta-Zeta in about 6 months with a dyslexic kid who had hit a wall with Saxon 7/6. It worked like a charm.
  12. What would the ideal outcome of this be? For example, say we were to give an appropriate amount of money to the appropriate individuals right now. What would those individuals' lives look like five, ten, twenty years from now? What would the lives of their children be like? If we do this, would we magically stop having problems with race relations?
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