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  1. I am because I ❤️ E.D. Hirsch though I thought that he had said that Why Knowledge Matters would be his last book. I guess he got inspired.
  2. I would drop diagramming as a regular exercise. However, occasionally it is useful to diagram a sentence from the student's own writing usually to illustrate why it needs to be changed (problems with parallel structure were a frequent reason here).
  3. Does it correspond to times when adult children are in the house? Showers, lights left on at all hours, computers, etc.
  4. I was never able to teach anyone to plan ahead in the laundry department. When he's at home, the 18yo's current method is to wait until he has nothing to wear and then while still in his sleep clothes, to sit on the couch in the living room while the laundry is being done in the other room. That would be like 2+ hours, since he overloads the machines. And don't ask me when the sleep clothes ever get washed because I have no idea! Anyway, good luck!
  5. I'm not the best person to answer that. Ever since I read Elementary Mathematics for Teachers, I haven't needed a teacher's guide for elementary math.
  6. I have used both and both are good. However, the cluttered pages in MM caused my son to break down sobbing within about 10 minutes. Singapore is much more relaxing to the eye. Also, I prefer the modular structure of Singapore in that it allows for more or less practice as is appropriate for the student. It also encourages a "together" part of the lesson (textbook and activities) and as well as independent practice (workbook). And then the extras are also helpful for special situations--for example, more advanced word problems or extra practice for those who need it. MM is all bound up i
  7. We did a human/cultural geography course using the Teaching Company lectures as a spine and then added interesting nonfiction to go with it. It turned out to be a great course.
  8. I recommend using the concise version of Hakim. Read it aloud and discuss. Occasionally have her write about the important and/or interesting bits. You want her to get the big picture and, more important, to enjoy history. If you do these things, I promise that she will be far ahead of the game when and if she returns to school. Hakim concise: Volume A Volume B Volume C Volume D
  9. Pot plant = marijuana plant Potted plant = plant in a pot I'm from the west coast, where we know about pot plants!
  10. It is common for bright kids with learning disabilities to be missed until things get difficult enough that whatever they've been doing to compensate no longer works. This can happen in fourth grade, middle school, high school, or even college. Sometimes people don't find out they have a learning disability until their own child is diagnosed and they realize that they have the same difficulties--ask me how I know. It's great that she's asking for help as a lot of teens would be resistant. Definitely have her evaluated.
  11. I try to target an hour with the understanding that it may extend to 1.5 hours on occasion (this would be for both middle and high school aged students). That said, with my bonus students, I don't have control over how well they focus when they're working on homework and so I occasionally hear horror stories from their parents about things taking forever.
  12. I'm a very hands on teacher even with older teens, so it is not often that my students (my own sons and my bonus students) completely bomb a test (note that I am thinking mostly about math here) since I don't give tests until I'm fairly certain the student is ready for it. That said, it has happened. If there were multiple conceptual errors, I would reteach the material most likely using a different resource/approach and then retest using a different test. I believe this has happened only one time in 12 years of teaching at the high school level. Multiple silly errors would be a si
  13. Actual value? Laboratory value? Technically when one obtains numerical values in a laboratory setting, they are "rounded" due to the sensitivity of the instrument or assay being used.
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