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  1. No advice, but I have to know--does it work?
  2. Maybe someone else has already clarified this, but a 48% increase in diagnoses means that if 2 in 100 people are diagnosed with something, after the 48% increase, 3 in 100 people will be diagnosed. That said, I think that in order to be diagnosed with something like ASD, a person cannot just be quirky, they need to actually be disabled, meaning that they need to have significant impairment in their daily life. My son was erroneously diagnosed with Asperger's 13 years ago because the evaluator was focused on quirky. If you look at the rest of his developmental arc, it is blatantly obvious that he is nowhere on the spectrum and never has been.
  3. I didn't see this before responding, but if she has ADHD, then that is all the more reason to create a daily schedule (it's easier to do something every day and easier to enforce it) and stick to it. She will need you to provide the executive function to help her turn it into a habit, but once it becomes a habit, things should get better.
  4. Bathing daily was and is non-negotiable here and has been since they were babies. I would simply tell her that she must bathe every day and nothing else will happen until she does (as in no meals, rides, screen time, whatever).
  5. You might be interested in looking into the cognitive science of religion. What its researchers have found is that the human mind is predisposed to think in ways that essentially ensure that religion will develop.
  6. I voted other. As a younger person with small children, I wanted the master to be on the same floor as the other bedrooms. Now as a middle aged person with adult and soon-to-be-adult children, I would only consider a house with the master on the main floor.
  7. There are very few trig questions--like maybe 2 per test. This link might help:
  8. Ok, I'll have to defer to you on this, as I can't keep everyone's backstory straight.
  9. I didn't say that vocabulary was unimportant. What I said was that you need at least some of the vocabulary in order to converse about science--which seems to be what you are saying here. My understanding from the OP is that spelling was the biggest problem, not vocabulary recall.
  10. Science is not vocabulary. Yes, you need to learn at least some of the vocabulary of science in order to converse about it, but as a homeschooled high school student, your daughter should not devote hours each week to vocabulary. I would have her do a third science course, but I would make it discussion based. Pick a topic (or two or four) that you think will serve her well going forward. Read (aloud, if that works well for you and her), watch documentaries, and discuss. No flashcards.
  11. It will help with certain eye problems, particularly those where the eyes are not working together well. It will not cure dyslexia or ADHD. I have personally seen good results with VT.
  12. We had a 2010 Outback and loved it so much that we recently got a Crosstrek to replace it. We love the Crosstrek too.
  13. EKS


    Kids who live in my house get to live by my rules. That said, as they get older, the rules change to reflect greater freedom and responsibility. Honestly, the thing that changed most when the older one turned 18 was that dealing with doctors became a total pain.
  14. Any student who successfully teaches themselves a foreign language is extremely motivated, IMO.
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