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  1. So if he qualifies through the exam route, would they still consider his coursework? And can you be admitted by exam to any schools other than Riverside and Merced? I mean, in reality, not in principle.
  2. Yes, I remember this from back in the day as well (I graduated from UCSC in 1989). The information on the various websites seems contradictory to me.
  3. I don't understand why it takes kids 8-9 years to master arithmetic. Is it really that complicated? And this thing about algebra being "abstract" and that being some sort of developmental barrier. Really? So I don't see how getting to calculus in high school would be characterized as some sort of rushed experience. What I *do* think should be changed is the lack of statistics in the curriculum.
  4. Since he's homeschooled--officially, though he has taken a lot of classes at the public school--he won't have an official diploma. He is looking at UCSB and UCSC at the moment.
  5. Do you need a high school diploma to be admitted to the University of California? My son has all of the a-g requirements either through coursework at the local public high school or by exam, his GPA is above the required cutoff (just using his b&m coursework), and he has taken the SAT. We are out of state, if that makes a difference.
  6. EKS

    Singapore Standards 6 without a HIG

    I'd skip level 6 and move to a standard prealgebra such as Derek Owens (or AoPS prealgebra if that's your track or Jacobs Algebra if you want something a bit gentler).
  7. Assuming that you're not looking for living books to actually teach/learn chemistry (which I don't think is either wise or possible)... The Disappearing Spoon Uncle Tungsten Napoleon's Buttons
  8. EKS

    Life after Singapore Math - Xposted

    If he doesn't need a great big review of arithmetic (what most prealgebra programs do), I'd just start him in Jacobs Algebra. It has all of the algebra that is typically covered in prealgebra. You can go at half speed if you need to.
  9. So, what I'm about to say isn't in the standard parenting manual these days, but... I have a kid who had major meltdowns over math when he was 7yo or so. I just figured it was part of his sensory processing issues (yes, we did OT) and for quite a while, I took it in stride. Then one day, I had had enough. I informed him that his reaction to math was unacceptable and that it would stop right then and that I would be taking away his screen privileges for a month--and the month would start when the meltdowns stopped and stayed stopped. I think he had maybe one or two more meltdowns over math after that and then nothing ever again. So, if she were my kid, that is what I'd do. I'd also inform her that she's simply going to need to get over her "embarrassment" over math instruction. If she can just intuit the math or teach it to herself with very little effort, she is not working at an appropriate level. Period.
  10. It sounds like you're not a fan of student led conferences. Neither am I. I think that a parent-teacher conference should be between the parent and the teacher. I want to be able to talk about my student freely and not worry about what he hears.
  11. It sounds like pneumonia to me, including the thing about the throwing up (that was one of my son's symptoms). I'm glad you're taking him to urgent care.
  12. Mine has informed me that he just wants to have a relaxing senior year hanging out with his friends. So we have compromised on four classes at the high school and two at home. At the high school: AP Government, AP Environmental Studies, AP Computer Science, post-AP Statistics. At home: An interdisciplinary English/philosophy thing that focuses on ethics, values, quality, etc.
  13. Singapore Challenging Word Problems. If you want information about the bar model method as a teacher, there is a book called The Singapore Model Method for Learning Mathematics that might be helpful.
  14. EKS

    Sudden Jaw Pain

    Yes, TMJ can come on quickly. I use a hot water bottle on it as much as is practical for a few days until it goes away. Every time I tell anyone about this method, they look at me like I have four heads, but it works every time.
  15. We have that issue here as well. The only way I have used Derek Owens effectively is to sit with my son and either present the material myself (having watched the videos beforehand) or to watch with him and stop the video to have him think through the example problems on his own first before being shown on the video. The "reward" is that if he is able to do the example problem on his own with full understanding, we skip through the explanation.
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