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  1. Or the 60s, 70s, or 80s. The pot is not this kid's problem.
  2. I saw Dan Peters speak at a SENG conference several years back, and he was amazing!
  3. I don't know if this is a homeschool fail or just a parenting fail, but for the longest time my older son thought his middle name was Oscar. It isn't.
  4. I seriously don't understand why everyone loves this book. I couldn't stand it.
  5. No discussion. Early 50s.
  6. You can't necessarily tell what part of speech a word is without seeing it in the context of a sentence.
  7. Is the terrible reputation due to something the school does (or does not do) or to the student population? Low test scores do not equate to a bad school.
  8. Once a student gets beyond the basic phonics stage, REWARDS would be good, but I think the workbook has staples.
  9. Yes, it is still true. I just took the GRE last year. The math is a joke--mostly 8th grade level stuff. That said, most college graduates don't learn any math in college, and probably didn't do all that well in math in high school.
  10. Have you read The Coddling of the American Mind? It speaks to exactly this situation.
  11. No college ever *teaches* anything to mastery. Mastery is up to the student. And I agree that there should be alternative pathways to show competency, or even no pathway--just let people try (and fail if it works out that way).
  12. I take a low dose of atenolol to prevent SVT (periodic fast heartbeat). I have been on them since 2003. They work as advertised, and I haven't noticed any side effects.
  13. ETA: I realized that I didn't address your question exactly. With regard to your example of 1234 - 598, instead of doing a series of regroupings, what were you thinking she should do instead? That one could be done mentally by subtracting 600 and adding 2. Is that what you are thinking she should do? Original response: I have two kids who learned this way: Say you have 3007 - 2458 Instead of "borrowing" the ten from the adjacent zero, you borrow it from the 300. So make the 300 into 299 (all at once), and put the one (ten) in front of the 7 to make 17. So, 17 - 8 = 9 9 - 5 = 4 9 - 4 = 5 2 - 2 = 0 The answer is 549.
  14. It tells me that people have a tendency to forget things that they don't use. That said, I also think that schools should allow people to fail, as in, if you think you can succeed in a particular class without the prerequisites or with prerequisites taken a long time ago, then you should be allowed to try. Just don't expect any special treatment from the instructor.
  15. It is normal for people not to desire to do things that they find difficult or distasteful. That your son doesn't want to read is perfectly understandable. He likely will not want to read until it is enjoyable for him and it won't be enjoyable until he is a fluent reader. That said, the fact that you have dyslexia makes it more likely that he also has dyslexia (assuming that he is your biological child). That combined with possible vision issues (having uncorrected vision in early childhood can cause lingering problems) means that he may struggle more than expected with reading. I'd read the book Overcoming Dyslexia by Sally Shaywitz to see if anything resonates there. If he has dyslexia it means that he will need to be explicitly taught how to read using phonics and then have that instruction reinforced with daily practice, possibly for years. I'd start at the beginning using a program that is known to work for dyslexics and move through it at his pace. Do not expect him to enjoy it or want to do it at all. That said, you want him to associate reading with pleasure, so be sure to read aloud to him every day from books that he enjoys.
  16. I used the homework that was assigned as a springboard for my afterschooling. Since the school didn't teach writing, we talked about writing with any assignments that came home (and all writing assignments came home). Anything else I dealt with in a cuddle/hang out on the couch and talk sort of way. This included read alouds.
  17. Timed writing tests are idiotic. I assume that colleges know that. I wouldn't worry about it.
  18. I kept reviewing fractions, decimals, and percents for several years after my kids had officially finished arithmetic. I'd just keep doing a bit of review along with your other work in math. There's a reason why most people as adults have forgotten everything beyond the most basic elements of fractions, decimals, and percents. It's because of the jump in abstraction coupled with far less review than you get with whole number concepts and operations.
  19. That's weird. The CC here requires that you be a WA state resident who is over high school age and that you take the Accuplacer if you want to access math or English courses (and, by extension, courses that have those prerequisites). No GED (or high school diploma). The CC also serves as the trade school for the area. You can also get a high school diploma through the CCs here.
  20. I have had classes in grad school where there has been no feedback at all until the final grade posted. And one P/F class where I knew I had passed but but never got feedback on an essay that was supposed to be graded until five months after the class was over. Totally ridiculous, IMO. My son has a high school teacher who gives only scantron tests. All he has to do to grade them is send them through the machine. It takes him at least a month, and sometimes two, to do it.
  21. I'd do Secondary. They are very similar, but IIRC, Secondary takes things to a somewhat higher level and the passages are targeted to a more sophisticated audience.
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