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  1. TMI, but, is anyone seeing or hearing anything about post vaccine bleeding in women? I hadn’t connected the dots to the vaccine until I just read something suggesting there are many reports in VAERS. The info was from a vaccine contrarian but just wondered if anyone knew anything about that side effect?
  2. There’s just so much to deal with in a baseball game. The young teen ump hears thunder but all the parents and coaches insist it was just a truck and pressure him to keep the game going. One kid has a bat that isn’t approved and there is a big controversy. Time limit is running out to start a new inning and one team is stalling while the other is pressuring the ump to start the inning. One team demands to see the birth certificate of a big kid on the other team. Controversy over batting order being followed or not (that one is fun on a team with twins). Domestic dispute being carried over to t
  3. My ds has two weeks of pretty easy de left. He was doing DO Calculus and Thinkwell micro as well and he finished those up beginning of March. He wrecked his car a while back which means I have been driving him back and forth from de. Not a huge deal but we’ll both be ready for it to be done. I had warned him it would be best to take an easy last semester because he would be so over it and that was accurate. Like so many others his senior year was not what he planned. He is president of our state 4-H and that would, on a normal year, involve traveling the state for speaking engagements and
  4. That is good money and the flexibility of the schedule is a positive as he plays his own ball as a teen. So maybe you should let him pass on it now so he isn’t totally burned out by the time he is old enough to handle it better, work more, and make more money when he needs and/or wants it. Just a thought.
  5. Well- I have been the worker in the fast food situation with broken ice cream machine and busses pulling in continuously and I’ve spent many hours on the ballfield and I’d put my 15 yo in the fast food restaurant everytime. It’s very different to me but I’m glad some people prefer to ump. Someone needs to do it for sure and happy for the kid that has the personality to do that and get paid well.
  6. I would say the difference between dealing with the public in a fast food place or store is that the interaction is unlikely to last an hour. If a rude customer berates a 15 yo for an hour in another setting a manager will step in. And it is unlikely to have an entire group of people berating the lone drive thru guy. The scenario that scared me about my own ds umpiring was being physically confronted post game or having parents waiting for him at his car. Because I have seen that.
  7. My ds works in a grocery store. They hire 15 yos as baggers and treat them very age appropriately. It’s a good first job. Doesn’t pay as well as umpiring of course but it is more age appropriate. You said this your oldest child. We sometimes have a tendency to see our oldest children as older and more mature than they really are. Then we go in the opposite direction and can baby the baby of the family more than necessary. I suspect a lot of people telling you that 15 is too young for this have older kids now and see 15 yos as really young for that setting. My oldest is 22 now and I s
  8. I have been around baseball a lot on all different levels and I would never expect (or want) my 14 yo to umpire. 20 games sounds like a lot to me so I can only imagine how much it sounds like to a 14 yo. At one point my then 17 yo was looking into umpiring and I wasn’t crazy about it even at 17.
  9. My mom passed away when I was 37 yo. We visited every week and she was very involved with my kids but it was far from a perfect relationship. A couple years after she died I was speaking with another woman who had also lost her mom and the way she spoke about her mother was really impactful to me. She said "My mom was just always my biggest cheerleader." I loved my mom but I could not have said that. I've taken that and used that to inform my relationships with my adult kids. I have a 22 yo and a 20 yo who have lived out on their own since they were 18. It is hard to let go, especially when t
  10. I am surrounded by people that are screaming that the vaccine is way more deadly than Covid. That people that get the vaccines are idiots. I know someone who says she personally knows “lots of people” who have died from the vaccine. I know this isn’t true, rationally, but when enough people are screaming it, it can get in your head. It definitely got in mine. I still got it but I admit the anti vaxxers got in my head. I told Dh that if I died of the vaccine to make up some other reason because I would feel stupid. Haha- kind of. Sorry @TexasProudI get where you are coming f
  11. Also part of my vaccination experience- I went to Walmart like I did for my first shot. I was waiting next to an older man I had also seen my first time. He was so nervous. Nervous about the vaccine, nervous about still getting Covid. You could tell he was just really stressed and conflicted about even getting it. But he was there having gotten it and wearing his mask. Probably in his 70s. I have been nervous all along and while I was there my Dh was home in bed miserable from his second shot. The older man engaged me in small talk and I tried to commiserate and encourage him.
  12. Quoting myself here. Dh is now approaching 48 hrs post second Moderna. He is better today. He got up on time and got to work. He says he just feels really run down the way you do after you’ve been sick. So he had a pretty serious bout of fatigue/chills/fever/aches. He says he feels better but between y’all and me he looks like crap. Definitely had a rough go of it. Maybe this is what people mean when they say they got the flu from the flu shot. I guarantee there would be no more flu shots here if this was the reaction. I’m approaching 24 hours post shot with just some mild arm sorene
  13. For those worried that they did not have side effects I did not have any side effects at all with the first Moderna. A week later I had a mammogram recheck. I got cleared on the mammogram but my lymph nodes were reactive. I have to go back 8 weeks after the second shot to confirm it was just the vaccine causing it. Anyway- I figured that the fact that my lymph nodes were showing reactive on ultrasound was proof something was happening even though I didn’t have any side effects at all.
  14. Dh got second Moderna yesterday. Woke up with chills and aches around 5:00 am. Managed to get out of bed and shower around 8:30. He worked for a couple hours (works from home) and went back to bed around noon and is still there 3 hours later. So very uncomfortable with chills and body aches overnight. Today he is extremely fatigued. I got my second shot today around noon so I am waiting with a sense of impending doom. Hopefully Dh will bounce back before I go down.
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