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  1. Quick! Delete the thread because you know in a minute someone is coming in here to disagree!
  2. I have seen both for fungal issues and had a better experience and more effective treatment with the podiatrist.
  3. I’m 45 and I’m not sure when I knew. I’m going to embarrass myself and say it might have been in the last 15 years. I feel like we might have had some kind of lip synch battle or something in high school where this was done and I don’t remember any issue around it. But seriously, we were not the most educated bunch. But the strangest thing about all this is the very people who should know better (educated, upper class, politically motivated and savvy) are the people that have so many occasions to have dressed up this way. I can understand an ignorant Halloween costume or the like but how come these upper class people have so many events and parties that call for such antics? But just can’t imagine a life with that many social engagements that call for blackface that these people in the class of elites seem to have had.
  4. I bought a cheaper pair off Amazon- Bambody? I like them better than Thinx.
  5. My ds is in 11th grade. Hits- -Dual enrollment at the local private university (College Writing, Spanish I, Earth and Space Science). Older boys did plenty of de here so we knew what to expect. They had told him how much he would love going to college (and how much easier it would be) and they were right. He loves the independence and the classes are not difficult. He is in an actual lab class for the first time and he loves that. He is more academic than his older brothers so he comes home excited to tell me about classes so that is fun. He will do primarily de from here on out and hopefully the classes will become a bit more challenging. -Statistics with WTMA. This is just a one semester class and he will take stats de probably in the spring. This kid makes spreadsheets and crunches sports numbers for fun so this is right up his alley. He is interested in pursuing stats, data analytics, or something similar in college so it is a nice intro. Just fine, no complaints- -PreCal with WTMA. This is absolutely fine. No complaints but ds doesn't LOVE it. However, it is by far his most demanding class so I wouldn't expect to hear him raving about it. He has done a ton of online classes since 7th grade and the taste of de definitely has him ready to move on from them. But no complaints at all. We'll see- SAT prep with Khan Academy. He is putting in about 4-5 hours a week here because his other classes haven't been too demanding. He likes the format and says it helps. I like being ablel to log in and easily see his progress and what he has done. We'll see if it translates when he takes the test (Nov ?)
  6. My college ds was awarded a scholarship from his employer. He works for a minor league baseball team. The GM of his team chose him to apply and then the scholarship came from the league. He is going to write thank you notes to the GM and the league but I'm not sure what accepted practice is. Is this a hand written note card kind of thing or a professional letter (typed and in a business size envelope)? Seems like the personal notecard is too informal. Is it okay to write a typewritten letter and handle it as more of a professional correspondence? Thank you for your help. I feel like it is a dumb question but we are very etiquette challenged around here. Ds plans to continue his employment in the field after graduation so these are professional contacts that likely will come into play in the future.
  7. My dd is in a section of MS Science 1 and also loved it. I think you made a great choice for an intro to MPOA. 🙂
  8. As always there are a variety of opinions. The overwhelming regional preference where I am is one semester de = 1 credit. One of my boys is in college in GA and the other in FL and it seemed to be the accepted practice. Honestly, in no way is the College Writing class my 16 yo in worth a full credit in my opinion. I will require him to take another English in the spring. But it will be 2 credits because I follow regional custom. It’s just easier. My ds has three de courses at the local U and WTMA Pre Cal (AOPS). No doubt the WTMA is is hardest class yet it will be worth half the credit and won’t get weighted like his de classes. So, I can’t say it really is an accurate reflection of work done but as far as box checking and creating a transcript I stick with 1 semester de = 1 high school credit. My kids end up with a lot of credits because of this.
  9. I am in TN. If he has biology and chemistry I see no problem whatsoever with the de courses you mentioned. One of mine had physical science, biology, and chem and it never came up as an issue. De surely is better than a 9th grade physical science class. I am on my third ds through high school and moving to de and having some choice in coursework was huge in finishing off our homeschool years. I say go for it. (Standard disclaimer that my kids attend schools that are not super competitive. -Like top 50 public U and a regional LAC. So if you are thinking of the super competitive schools the answer might be different. I’m sure someone else will chime in.)
  10. Honestly, I have no one I could sell something like that to. I would speak with whoever is in charge and find out how much is expected in donation or how else I could contribute. But I simply couldn't sell those. If there was a minimum I had to sell I would buy them and give them away. That said, I also never wanted my kids selling any of that other stuff you mentioned so we just don't really do fundraisers -so I am likely coming at this for a different place. When my kids had a fundraiser it was primarily dh and I buying out the minimum. Sometimes we could ask one grandparent depending on the fundraiser. Pretty much for us, fundraisers were just an added expense that we had to figure in.
  11. My 11th grader is adjusting to the changes but it isn't necessarily more rigor. 9th and 10th grade he had 6-7 live online classes and attended a co-op. This year he has two online and three dual enrollment. The three de are not nearly as challenging as what he has done at home. He has Comp 1, Spanish 1, and Earth and Space Science with a lab. He is driving to the private university ten minutes away every morning for his 9:00 am classes. He is learning the college ropes administratively and how to deal with the requirements of the individual teachers as they vary and he is having his first experience with a lab class. He loves it but it isn't hard. In future semesters he can amp up the challenge level. He does have more unstructured time than he did in the past so he is studying for the PSAT and then will spend significant time in prep for the ACT in the spring. He has his eye on just two colleges and should be accepted and unless things change dramatically in automatic aid he should be able to afford. Knowing where he would like to go and having already secured a strong ACT in 10th grade have really taken the pressure off. He is a very good student and we could have chosen an AP path for him that would have been more intense but for various reasons it just didn't make sense for him or appeal to any of us.
  12. Ugh. It is hard getting a hold on the time management with outside classes for sure. My dd with MPOA is my baby (two off at college and an 11th grader in dual enrollment). I have said many times her schedule only works because she is an effectively an “only”. It is harder with more in the mix for sure. I hope you get settled in soon.
  13. My dd is in 6th grade and has been in a MP Core since K. I kind of remember mammals. We have never utilized all the quizzes, tests, etc. Most of it we did orally. Even in 6th grade she doesn't always do all the comprehension questions and we haven't done any quizzes yet this year. I also tend to let her take the tests open book as a review if we do them at all. So I am positive back when we did Mammals she did not do the book work as assigned. I have always been flexible with the MP science. We've enjoyed it and learned plenty but you don't need to be doing all the book work with it. My kids have done very little formal science before high school and then did fine with high school and whatever gen ed science courses they needed in college. I have no doubt they could have pursued higher level sciences if the interest was there.
  14. In the 1990s in Western NY we still had the Catholic schools dismissing early on Wednesdays so the public school kids could come to the school for CCD (religious education classes). I think the public schools let the Catholic kids out early but the rest of the school was in session. (Totally off topic- to this day I don't know of much that causes as much conflict in parishes with schools as when the public school kids use the Catholic school classrooms for CCD. I taught CCD in our last parish (although now it is in the evening) and we used the school classrooms. We were constantly accused of theft and destruction. Sometimes it even happened that we would be accused of things that happened in the classroom when we hadn't even met a particular week. Nothing brings out the Christian charity like letting those rotten public school kids use the desks that belonged to the tuition paying kids. LOL. I remember it when I was a kid and it is still a thing.)
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