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  1. Yeah I am thinking that it would have to really be the right family. I could use the money but not enough for the headaches that would come with problem clients.
  2. Schools here are set to start in five weeks. There has been no official announcement other than that they plan to return. However, parents and teachers are hearing all kinds of options floated including the part time option (alternating days or half days). Besides schools, pretty much everything is open so parents are returning to work and worried about childcare. I could easily open my home to a school aged child or two a couple times a week and provide general supervision for remote learning. We have excellent WiFi which many in the area do not. I have a 2800 sq foot home and just my 7th grade dd here during the day doing school. We don't go anywhere during the day and for occasional appointments my dh or older ds could help take dd. My dd is nearly 100% independent with her school and I honestly find myself wondering what I should/could be doing with myself. So it seems this is something that could work for me with the right family. Is anyone else considering this? I know I need to look into liability, etc. I wouldn't be looking to operate a big in home child care. More like providing emergency childcare for one family and getting paid for it. I know alot of families are stuck in the uncertainty of it all and if I could offer to be that safety net for a family that needs school for day care I think it could be a mutually beneficial relationship. Thoughts?
  3. I have two family members waiting for results. The first is dh who is having shoulder surgery tomorrow and had to get tested before his surgery. They told him 24-36 hours but it has been like 60 hours with no phone call. He was tested at the hospital with his other labs. He hasn't been sick so not really worried. Mostly want to make sure he can have his surgery. He did call the hosptial where the test was done and they didn't have results either. The other is my young teen niece. She is sick and went to the ER last night with what her mom thought might be pneumonia. She has asthma and has been hospitalized with pneumonia when she was younger and tends to get lots of respiratory gunk. She was told 24-48 hours for a result so she ignored calls from the other side of the country that were about 12 hours after the test. Now she is thinking the calls she ignored as spam were the lab with results. :( She has tried to call the number back but it doesn't go through and she has tried to google search the number and that didn't bring up any info. She's kind of going crazy now. So how did you get results? How long did it take? Who called? The lab, the hospital, your doctor's office? Did you hear from the health department if it was positive? (And...because I know how things go on this board...obviously my sister should have answered the phone. She obviously knows that was a mistake. So we don't need to have a bunch of posts about how stupid she was not to answer the phone. I'm pretty sure she has realized that by now!)
  4. In my state there are driving schools that after a short course will give the road test at the school in their cars. The student then takes the certificate that they passed the test to the DMV where they do the paperwork and get the license.
  5. So confusing is right. My brain hurts.
  6. I think if schools are in, trick or treating will go on as usual. I think if it was Halloween today we would have trick or treaters. My community is pretty much forging ahead doing as they please regardless of what the virus is doing. It would take an order from the governor to curb it I am sure. Then that would probably only decrease it, not eliminate it. Everyone is happy to tell everyone else that they should stay home or decline whatever event or opportunity but no one is willing to forgo something important to them. That's what I've observed during this thing. People are quick to shame someone else for doing something but then when it is their kid's birthday, no way are they skipping the party. I'm so over it. People where I live get really into Halloween (which shocked me when we moved here because it is super fundamentalist Christian). No way are people going to let this dang virus ruin Halloween.
  7. People are confusing what is legal with what is safe. We have had an uptick in cases here and we are currently under a guideline discouraging gatherings of more than 50 people. I keep hearing people dismiss concerns with statements like "if it is less than 50 it is fine" or "I don't know why they are saying it caused an outbreak because it was less than 50". I'm not even the most cautious and it is driving me crazy that people seem to think that just because there is not a law, that things are safe. And then there are people that just still don't believe it. I was talking to someone the other day who said of friend of hers says she has it but does not believe the friend. She thinks the friend is lying? This particular person straight up does not believe that people that test positive actually have it. She isn't referencing the asymptomatic people that get tested for some other reason and come up positive but have not been sick. She simply thinks "they" are lying and telling sick people that it is Covid. And that people that say they have Covid are lying. It makes my brain hurt. Sure some attention seekers are probably saying they have it. But a general conspiracy that all these people aren't really sick. ??? I keep hearing stories of people that went to church, went to parties, etc. after they tested positive. But I guess if you don't believe it, even after you test positive, then why stay home? So, yeah, we are screwed.
  8. I think colleges are going to be adaptable. Our flagship, which is the intended college for ds, normally has a nov 15 application deadline and will accept scores through the December sitting for their automatic scholarships. There is some language on their website right now that indicates that could be extended if the student could not test due to Covid. As frustrating as this situation is, I do feel like it will mostly work itself out. I think ACT will work to get students tested in the fall and I think colleges are going to be adaptable. But it is super frustrating! I actually think Ds will eventually get to test but I think the drama and that it kept getting postponed will likely yield a lower score than if he could have just taken it in April after his prep course. So I’m not saying everything is peachy, but I do think it will mostly work itself out.
  9. Ds just got an email that his July test is a go. It still feels like "I'll believe it when I see it" but for now his test center says they can meet the CDC guidelines. So ds is going to start prepping again. Hopefully it sticks and he can be done. Anyone else hear about the July test?
  10. My dd was dancing at two studios in the spring when things shut down. A really big one and a tiny one. The really big one shut down and tentatively plans to open in August when schools do. The small one reopened as soon as it was allowed in May and dd has been back three times a week since then. I have noticed on FB other studios having summer classes and small recitals. I really don't necessarily think it is safe. I think, in my area, people are assuming risk and trudging forward. Cases are rising yet I don't hear many rumbles about things shutting back down. Schools supposedly are still set to open beginning of August. I guess I kind of think alot of these things aren't "safe". People are just assessing risk and making decisions to go on or to sit it out individually. I think safety protocols are hard to keep up in the dance studio setting. When we first went back our owner and the one other teacher were wearing a mask. They aren't anymore. The teacher originally cut classes from an hour to 45 minutes and she would come out and clean the waiting area in between. She has let up on that and classes are back to an hour again. I think she is still trying to keep up with better cleaning. There is hand sanitizer everywhere and she cleans the barre after they use it, etc. But I think it is hard to stay vigilant. My dd only has two other girls at her level so classes are small and it is the same girls and teacher she is exposed to all the time. (I do understand those people are exposed to other people so the exposure isn't strictly limited). Her other studio she would have had class with probably 20 different girls over the course of the week and four or five teachers so this is more limited at least. All that to say I don't really feel like it is safe if you are being extremely cautious or you have contact with high risk folks. We are doing it but we also have a ds working almost full time in a busy grocery store and we accept that risk. We are making some choices to go on with life while seeing a risk. About an hour from me a dance studio had a summer camp they limited to ten campers to supposedly keep distance. Turns out one teacher tested positive and last I heard four of the ten campers had tested positive and others were still awaiting results. These were kids like maybe 8-10 yo. :( So I don't feel like I can say dance studios are necessarily safe at all. It is a risk we have assessed and are going forward with based on our personal circumstances.
  11. We just got a girl pup and we were brainstorming names but her name was already Maisy and we decided to just keep it. It's perfect :)
  12. My kids do significant de in high school. They go in 11th and 12th grade to a local Christian university. My three boys will have had 30-40 de hours each. Initially the goal was just to get some high school classes done (specifically foreign language) and to gain some independence and experience in a classroom. I didn't really fret about what would or would not transfer. My dc didn't know where they would go or what they would major in so I really considered de to accomplish high school goals and any credit was gravy. I have never cared about them getting the AA. I don't see how that benefits them and I don't want to have to follow anyone else's requirements as far as coursework. As time has gone on (boy #3 is a rising 12th grader and already has 19 credit hours) I have kept an eye more towards what and how courses will transfer to potential four year schools. Mine have really benefited from the hours they transferred in saving both time and money and aggravation with courses they don't really want to take in their actual college career. My rising 12th grader is taking intermediate level foreign language to meet a requirement he will have at his intended four year as well as literature and public speaking. He is anxious to focus more on his major classes when he actually goes. I do prefer my kids to still take the four years of college, just having all the de credits gives them more flexibility to double major or do an internship or even explore another interest. My oldest did some work he was going to need post grad during his fourth year while still on an awesome undergrad scholarship. My youngest plans to double major. Now that brings me to my middle child. Middle child hates school and doesn't want to spend the extra year he just wants to be done. His de credits meant he landed in some higher level classes at the university while he was still a freshman/sophomore. He struggled some. Now he is on track to graduate in December when he is only 20 yo. While graduating at 20 is fine for some kids, my ds really isn't ready. He really could use some more time in college to mature. So, it has been a mixed bag for him. He might have struggled less academically if he went in without all those credits and just took his basic freshman classes at the university. Or, he might have looked at how much coursework he had ahead of him and just quit. I don't know. De has benefited him in that he is getting done quickly but in the grand scheme I'm not sure it was best for him. But that is a whole different thread I'm afraid. But back to your original question- in my experience with de, homeschooling in two different cities, it was always a supplement to the high school education. Parents always kind of just pick what they want their kids to take (one class or many) without worrying about the A.A. I suppose I have probably known someone who has done it but the vast majority of families are just picking a class or two or five that they want to do de and not focusing on any kind of actual credential gained.
  13. I would if there was any semi compelling reason to but if there was zero to small problem waiting I would wait. My dd has had two follow up appointments during this and I have been comfortable with those. Just jumping in with my "I would" for balance in replies even though I don't have strong feelings or really good reasoning. I have been middle of the road I guess on closures and exposure. I am cautious but still doing some things while declining to do others. I'm less cautious than most on this board but more cautious than those I know in real life. Some of my reasoning, which surely isn't scientific, is that there are just so many unknowns with the future. This has kind of reminded me how little control we have even though we plan things out in life. So, we have chosen to continue on with some things and not others. If the timing was good otherwise (financial, etc.) I very well might do it. My dd is self conscious about her teeth and even that might be a good enough reason while we are all struggling to get through this time. I've come to a point in life where I think of how many unknowns the future will bring. I realize it is totally pessimistic but I do think things like "might as well do it now while Dad is employed" or "might as well do it now...two years from now we might be dealing with some kind of serious illness". Super dark but as I get older I do think of getting things wrapped up while dh and I are healthy and not dealing with cancer or whatever. It also seems important to mental health in our family to be moving forward at least on some things during this time. So, at least getting the braces dealt with would feel like progress. That is all rambling but I guess I have had enough go wrong in my life that if everything else was in a good place for it, I might do it not knowing what other than the pandemic would complicate it in the future. On a lighter note, there will be way less junk food eating opportunities during this. We have no trouble avoiding sugar, etc at home but once all the outside activities get rolling it is much harder. I think the pandemic is plenty good reason to wait. But, if you decided to go forward, I don't think you are crazy.
  14. It is Tennessee - but I haven’t had time to read the details yet so maybe I’m not understanding. I just read the headlines and it surprised me. But I’ll definitely be digging into it when I get a chance. The first headline I saw had the article behind a paywall so I am waiting for another source to report on it. This will impact us when ds goes in fall 2021. Crazy to announce mandating a vaccine that doesn’t even exist yet. ?!?!?!
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