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  1. I used the term significant other just because it is hard to keep saying boyfriend/girlfriend. I just used it as a catch all phrase for ease without getting into all the gender possibilities.
  2. I have seen this. My boys all dated throughout high school and I was nearly always the less permissive parent and the one having to say “no”. I am totally against encouraging or allowing sex while they are in high school while recognizing it is beyond my control. So I am realistic but I would not put my teens with their significant others in a hotel room. However, my kids have dated people whose parents did allow it. It was a combination of thought processes. One was that it was totally OK, another was that it was inevitable so why fight it, and some parents just thought their kids would never have sex even when given the opportunity. I had one parent say to me once (about letting teens share a bed) “they are committed to waiting for marriage. They both signed the pledge”. (I guess the pledge was something they signed at some abstinence program at school). So while this wasn’t something we were okay with for our kids I can’t say that those that are okay with it are all of the same mind. I feel like it is my responsibility to help my kids get to adulthood without the consequences of sexual relationships impacting their lives, while being available for support if they did make a choice with complications. I definitely felt relief when they got to adulthood and went off to college and this area of their lives was not my business anymore. For me the age for that is some combination of legal adulthood/moving out of my house/having other adult responsibilities etc. But the parents I least relate to are they ones who think their children would never have sex no matter the opportunity.
  3. I think this is a good explanation of what likely happened. Yes, the fact that the car started up is confusing. I do see how I could have drained the battery. I definitely see user error here but it is still a confusing and alarming scenario. Thanks!
  4. Oh yeah I agree. I was just wondering if it was a hybrid thing. I’m nervous to even try another hybrid at all. I figured if other people had a hard time adjusting or they were difficult to operate in general. But sounds like no one is reporting that.
  5. I have asked about it on here before and we finally bought a hybrid. My dd is starting an activity five days a week in the fall with a 30 mile commute and we really wanted the hybrid. After months of discussing and researching we bought a 2019 Kia Niro hybrid with 11,000 miles on it. I drove it the 30 miles to pick my dd up from camp and it was fine. On the way home it flashed the warning “Stop car and check regenerative brakes” then lost power. I was able to get on the shoulder on a busy highway. I was able to restart the car and 20 seconds later it happened again. Starting and stopping I was able to get off an exit and coast into a parking lot where I called dh and a tow truck. It’s in the shop now and hopefully they will look at it tomorrow and let us know what is wrong with it. I did use the Appleplay while the car was off for about ten minutes. I actually thought the car was on. So I guess I drained the battery.? I do feel like I did something wrong to cause all this. But I’m not sure what it was besides the ten minutes of the accessory mode being on when the car was off. So, if you have read this far, thanks! My question is - is a hybrid so complicated to drive that I broke my car the first time I drove it? Is it so persnickety that 10 minutes in accessory mode with the engine off drained my battery? If it is then I am not smart enough or careful enough ( and neither are the other drivers who live with me 😉) We can get out of the purchase. But what do I want now? Today was traumatic enough that now I don’t want the same model car at all and I don’t know if I want a hybrid. Dh thinks the reasons we wanted it still apply. But he wasn’t the one who was driving on a bridge over the Tennessee river when the car lost power. Anyone have any thoughts while we sort this mess out?
  6. Hello,

    I am a reporter looking for homeschooling parents who are navigating anti-vax and anti-science attitudes in their homeschool communities during the pandemic. I came across this thread that you responded to and I’d love to hear more from you about this experience. I know there are a myriad of reasons people homeschool and no two families are alike on it (I myself was homeschooled k-12), but it seems like we don’t often hear from parents like you on the topic. If you would like to speak with me, here is my email and phone:



    I’m on EST and available to talk this week from 10am-6pm. I hope we can connect!


  7. 32% with at least one dose. I don’t think it’s going to move. It has been around that with vaccines widely available for months. We are going about our business. There is no waiting for higher vaccination rates or better mitigation. This is as good as it is going to get and we are tired of watching everyone else live their lives as normal like they have since March 2020. We sat life out until we were vaccinated but we can’t keep waiting for other people to get it together.
  8. My girl dog looks best in pajamas. I figure pajamas are always appropriate for a homeschool dog 🙂
  9. We have, surprisingly, never run into dentists that were aggressive. Dh and I have each only ever had one cavity. Of the four kids I think the most any had was four and that was spread over the whole childhood. We are surely lucky to have good teeth. I wonder if the insurance has anything to do with it. We have always had dental insurance. Maybe the kind we had the dentists knew wouldn’t go for extras? I really have no idea. The only issue we have had is similar to another poster about the pediatric dentist making comments about staining. My 13 dd has braces. She has never had a cavity but since she got braces the dental hygienist makes a huge deal out of staining. The ortho says dd is doing a great job and some saliva just reacts to braces and then clean her up and it is no biggie. The pediatric hygienist brings out a big scary binder of rotten teeth to scare my dd. The hygienist refuses to believe dd is not drinking dark sodas and eating candy every day. Dd drinks only water and an occasional lemonade. She hates carbonation and wouldn’t drink a dark soda if you paid her. We aren’t anti- candy but we don’t keep it in the house. She eats it when it comes her way somehow. Definitely not a nightly habit. I stuck up for dd and told the hygienist that she only drinks water and the hygienist said “well lots of kids sneak it during the night and their parents don’t know.” So that is my bad dental story. A pediatric dentist accusing my already hygiene compulsive and truth telling dd of sneaking cokes in the middle of the night. And telling her that her teeth would be stained forever and there would be no treatment for it. That was the worst.
  10. I used to cover my few greys with a box from the store. It wasn’t fabulous but it was fine. Then I started getting a few more and I had a stylist I liked and trusted to do it so I’ve had it done professionally for about five years. Well, my stylist makes me text her several times before she’ll return my texts and it just isn’t worth it for me to chase her down. And I’m not super interested in finding someone new. I can get it cut a couple times a year anywhere (it’s curly and just scrunches up anyway). If my stylist was easier to work with I would keep going to her but I’m feeling it is not worth the effort or the expense to chase her down or to cultivate a relationship with someone new, who, it seems from the way people talk, I would also have to chase down. It’s just not that important to me I guess. My options are to just let it go (I did that for over a year due to Covid and I would consider it) or do something myself. I think I’d like to give it a shot myself and then if I don’t like it, just let it go. So, if I am going to do it myself, do y’all have any tips? Any product better than another? I have dark brown hair and would be just attempting to match it to cover grey. Not changing my whole hair color. At the moment my roots are just starting to come in grey so I’d do something soon before there are big chunks of grey to color. I’m okay if it isn’t perfect. Just cutting back on some of the grey would be an improvement. I’m almost 47 with three adult children so I can live with a little grey if my home job isn’t perfect 🙂
  11. Yes, Our return was already processed. I checked again and it didn't show up today. Interested to see.
  12. Has anyone had the credit show up in their bank account yet? Was it supposed to start today? (The 15th)? I don’t have it in my account. We attempted to opt out but I didn’t do it, just dh, so I think we didn’t really opt out. Doesn’t really matter. I’m just curious. We got all the stimulus payments on the first day they were supposed to be deposited so I wondered.
  13. I do agree with you! It is so annoying! And you can complain without sounding ungrateful.
  14. I can’t imagine ever doing that. I’m not a very forward person in general and am sensitive to bugging people about work off hours. That said, all our service people are either so busy they don’t return phone calls or just bad at that part of their business. It is about impossible to get anyone out to do stuff so I can see the desperation. Not saying your dh is bad about returning calls, at all. Just that it is a challenge. I’m sitting here and I see my hair stylist outside across the street. She has not returned my last text asking for an appointment. I am not going over there to ask her in person but it did cross my mind.
  15. I don’t have strong feelings either way but I did intend and want to opt out. The website was so difficult to navigate I gave up. Dh took over and after lots of frustration believed he had completed it. Now I’m seeing that because I didn’t also do it, we didn’t really opt out. I don’t know. I guess we’ll see if we get it in a few days. We are under the income limit but have gone from four kids down to just one left. The big kids aren’t even dependents anymore (not that it is a high $ value on the adult dependents). We went from four kids a couple years ago down to one, Dh has two jobs and that usually messes with the withholding some, and there is always a possibility of some kind of windfall or complication to the taxes. So I just preferred to have the entire credit available when we file. But it is no biggie. Which I guess is good because we couldn’t even figure it out.
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