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  1. I live in the red zone. As in, I had a piece delivered from Wayfair and I absolutely made sure to be home when it was delivered so none of my neighbors saw a package from Wayfair sitting on my porch. I wish I was kidding but I am not.
  2. Right. I said if the worker tests positive he would be back to work sooner than if he just served out the longest possible quarantine. I totally understand a negative test doesn’t mean he can’t still get it. My thinking being that if he is positive he might as well find out because it could shorten his quarantine.
  3. Oh yeah- I meant if he tested positive himself. We’ve had people in this situation be a bit relieved to have it because then they can get back to work sooner 🙁
  4. I might have missed it but has the worker been tested? Seems in most of these cases the fastest way out of quarantine is if the worker himself has tested positive.
  5. @katilacCobra Kai is one of the highlights of the past year for dh and me. Silly premise but such a good show!!
  6. Thanks @fourisenough. I'm pretty excited about this option. I was worried about how next year was going to work out and this seems like it will be a good fit. No idea what the workload is going to be like for the cottage school (I find it impossible to compare workload expectations with other people) so we won't know until we are into it how that is going to go. Blue Tent seems like it has enough flexibility to work into her schedule while still having a live teacher on the other side.
  7. Has anyone had math with Blue Tent? I had a son take an English class many years ago when they first started but I haven't had any Blue Tent experience since then. My dd will try a cottage school next year (for 8th grade) that meets two days a week and teaches everything but math so I need a class for her but scheduling will be tricky. Looks like the once a week meeting time for Blue Tent Algebra 1 will be workable. Currently my dd has a fantastic math teacher for prealgebra at MPOA and that will be her first choice but the scheduling likely won't work out. Any suggestions for an o
  8. Same. I was wondering if maybe it was something just available to current students (which we are not and never have been). My dd is going to a cottage school next year but she will need an algebra 1 class.
  9. Yes...pretty much. They are an updated style from the ones I bought a few years but the same basic concept. I've probably had mine for five years now and they have held up well to daily use.
  10. I don’t know about the best ever potholders but the best ones I have owned are Food Network brand from Kohl’s. They are cloth but have silicone on them. They don’t feel stiff and rubbery like a fully silicone one but they are really well padded and grippy. They also are in pretty colors 🙂 To me these were a splurge but I’m sure I bought them with typical Kohl’s coupons/sales and didn’t pay full price. I grew up using dishcloths and towels as potholders and then upgraded to fancy dollar store ones after I got married 😂 but those really didn’t provide protection at all and you had to move v
  11. I’ve been around here for at least 15 years I think and I have posted a lot but no one would know me from the chat board. On the College Board I’ve been really open about the colleges my kids have gone to and activities they are involved in so I would be more recognizable there.
  12. I have not. It did come with dividers for shoes but we took those out. I did search around a long time to find the deepest/widest one that would fit. Alot of cute storage benches really didn't have a whole lot of storage space. I found this one on Wayfair but I did alot of comparing online before I bought. There are only three of us now that use it so it hasn't yet become overrun and disorganized.
  13. My 12 yo dd is not a sandwich eater. She makes herself pasta- either homemade mac and cheese or a jarred sauce and salads. She also uses the precooked frozen chicken strips. She seasons them and puts them on a salad or in a bowl with veggies. She makes rice sometimes but usually just heats up some frozen veggies or makes a salad.
  14. Our current home has no coat closet. No place at all to drop a jacket or a purse that is out of the way. I'll walk my jacket upstairs to my bedroom closet but no one else in my family thinks that is reasonable. I am guilty of dropping my purse on the dining room table or a chair. Just before Christmas I bought a chest (like you would put at the end of a bed) and it is along a wall in my dining room. It stores jackets and my purse and doubled as extra seating when my kids were home over the holidays. It doesn't look out of place and it is actually serving the function of keeping jackets and bag
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