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  1. I am going to give the Walmart pickup a good try to see if I can adjust to that. I think what has held me back was just the adding everything to the order seemed overwhelming. At Aldi I really didn’t need a list. I could just walk through and grab what we needed as I saw it. Even dh did a pretty good job shopping this way. But once I have a routine with all our regular items saved as favorites I could see how it could really work well. A couple of questions. First, I’ve been adding favorites on the website. Should I get the app? Is that easier? Also, what about produce? I’ve been reluctant because I want to see what I am buying. Of course, I could always run in just for produce if necessary. Just wondered what luck all of you have had with that. I pretty much hate returning things so I can see myself highly aggravated trying to return ugly produce while the rest of my order is getting warm.
  2. Thank you. I had a Kroger in my previous city but I don’t have one now. I did find I could do well there with sales and coupons.
  3. We have not attended the events with our child or the parent sessions but dh did accompany both boys to their colleges and then find a place to work while they attended. He was available if they needed anything. Our big concern was making sure they got registered appropriately (registration was during orientation). We both have a skeptical opinion of advisors steering new students appropriately. Oldest did consult dh when the classes he was planning filled before he got in them. Oldest ds was just a one day deal. Second ds had two full days and had to stay in the dorm. If he was an experienced traveler we would have sent him alone but this was another chance for dh to fly with him, show him where to catch an Uber to campus, etc. I know this sounds bad but I just had no desire to attend any meetings, info sessions, etc. By the time my kids go to college I am ready to step away. I don’t want to join the parent association or attend the official parent weekends or any of that. I’m burned out on college visits and this feels like more of that. I am very involved with and supportive of my college kids. But I really don’t want to sit through another meeting for them ever. I might feel differently if so much info wasn’t available online. I am pretty good at digging for info online so I can answer most of my own questions quickly. My kids would always say after we took the generic college tours that they already knew all that info because their mom told them. LOL.
  4. Okay, I’ve been on the Walmart website creating a list of favorites so I’m getting excited about trying curbside pickup. Thanks everyone!
  5. I do need to check out the online ordering and pickup. I don’t know why I have been reluctant to do that. Maybe because I don’t write a list. At Aldi I could just walk through the store and grab what I needed because the store is so small and there are so few options. But if I could get organized the pickup could help me avoid the unpleasantness of the store and the impulse purchases.
  6. What grocery items do you order from Amazon? I have shopped almost exclusively at Aldi for at least ten years. However, after too many quality issues to ignore I’m giving up on Aldi. I think our specific location has some serious issues. It is silly but I feel like I have no idea how to grocery shop now. I really had a system at Aldi. I am unwilling to clip coupons and among our local choices I am pretty certain WalMart will be my cheapest option for most things. Going to WalMart is unpleasant and I would like to streamline my shopping there as much as possible. I was thinking that some items would be about the same from Amazon. If I could get a fair amount of our groceries delivered to the house running through Walmart for the perishables would be easier than shopping for everything there. But I am not generally brand loyal so maybe WalMart store brand will be cheaper. Hmm... For now I am taking my WalMart receipt and looking up prices on Amazon to compare. I’ll keep doing that and make a list of what I can get from Amazon for the same or cheaper. So far I have a handful of things on that list. Just wondering what grocery items people have found to be a good deal from Amazon. We don’t have pets and are only a household of four now. We don’t need huge quantities of things to store so I don’t want to buy in bulk.
  7. Dd is taking Middle School Science 1 with her next year. We are looking forward to it!
  8. The fabulous Dr. Dray! Thankfully she was consoled by the fact she has him for two classes next year 🙂
  9. My oldest ds has a large 4 yr scholarship that he was eligible for through my husband’s employer. His previous employer also had a scholarship program for dependents that included grandchildren of employees. So check into that if there are any special programs that your ds might be eligible for. That was competitive for ds, because it is a large company, but not so much as something national like the Coca Cola Scholarship. In a really unusual circumstance, the private school ds attends did not reduce their own financial aid offer based on this award so it made his private school very inexpensive. This is rare as explained above and most schools will not “stack” an outside scholarship on top of their own financial aid grant. My third ds has a good shot at this scholarship too but we are not looking at private schools for him because we will want to be able to apply this scholarship (if he wins it) to whatever he has left on his bill after scholarships and not just have a financial aid grant reduced. We did not bother with smaller one time $500 or $1000 scholarships. They just weren’t worth the time investment for us when time and emotional energy for college application season is finite. I can only agree with what the two posters above explained about costs. Our list is built from affordability first. Then we think about what other factors we want. My rising junior has a short list that we expect to be affordable (based on his current test scores and the current level of automatic merit aid offered). That list may get longer as he improves his test scores or may get shorter if the schools reduce their scholarships. On my third kid and having watched so many friends and acquaintances suffer through college admissions and financing disappointment and stress, I cringe when I hear someone ask a young teen where they want to go to college. I feel like the question should be “Have your parents figured out where you can afford to go to college?” Now perhaps your situation is that you can afford the schools on the list but you are just looking for scholarships as a bonus. But it is unclear if that is the situation.
  10. Not the same but we have a young man (20ish) who rides through our neighborhood on a golf cart with and very small infant on his lap. Baby in one arm, steering wheel in the other and not super slow either. It just upset me so much to see that. One little bump or baby wriggling loose. We have a busy neighborhood full of kids and pets and wildlife and the chance of something darting out in front of golf cart is high. I’m usually pretty “to each their own” about parenting decisions but this upset me so much. But other people in the neighborhood were thinking it was sweet so I guess I’m overreacting. ??? It is super cute the young guy taking baby out for a spin. IF nothing goes wrong. But people where I live are very lax about safety. (Seat belts optional, no bike helmets, little kids riding motorized little vehicles in the street unsupervised, etc..) So I’m kinda the crazy lady for requiring seat belts and supervising my dd riding her bike in the street with a helmet.
  11. UTK needs to rethink their marketing. We are a sports family. Saturdays are generally devoted to college football. Oldest ds is a college athlete and second ds works for a professional sports organization, has worked at his college athletic department and is pursuing a career in sports. Yet, both boys were totally turned off touring UTK. On separate occasions they toured and the emphasis was on sports and frats. They both walked away saying they weren’t picking a school based on sports and frats. (Oldest actually is president of his frat at his small private school 😂). So even kids that would enjoy that aspect of student life are looking for more substance in their education. Oldest did a tour of UTK at a 4-H event that was academically focused and he was much more impressed. Third ds is looking there and he is my nerdiest. It is weird but he is the one I am most comfortable with attending there. My older two might have found their friends among the football party crowd. But my nerdier one won’t get distracted by that (even though he will enjoy it). He is more likely to find his tribe in nerdier activities and for that reason I actually feel better about it as a choice for him. UTK has more to offer than football (hello...their football has been bad for a long time). We know lots of nerdy kids that go there. They definitely push that image though. Plus, my second ds toured on a July afternoon and was never even offered a water. They just have been really unimpressive in the general recruiting. There are some really strong departments there but you have to get past the SEC stuff and the poorly executed tours. Not saying your ds should consider UTK. Just making a general statement about our experience.
  12. In my family the first step is setting a budget. Even for families with a bigger budget than we have, I have not known many who didn't need to set a budget. Most schools are out of reach financially for my dc, so that limits the choices significantly right off the bat. Even if your budget is three times as high as mine you will still eliminate some schools due to cost. If cost isn't an issue then yay for you! This will be way more fun. But if you don't have unlimited funds I would sit down and figure out what you can/are willing to pay. As far as the other things (course descriptions, counselor's letter, etc) those are important to be thinking about but you may not need much of that, depending on where your dc apply. My oldest applied to ten schools and my second to six and we didn't need those. My oldest needed a couple short essays (like why do you want to come to this school?) for just two or three colleges. My second didn't need any of those. My second didn't do common app and really all he needed for his schools were his transcript and test scores. My third ds has a short list working (upcoming junior so no hurry) and so far one school does require course descriptions. Of course we aren't trying for highly competitive or prestigious schools and that is a factor for sure. Though my oldest did apply to some fairly selective LAC that didn't require much. It is fantastic to have kept up with course descriptions and pondering a counselor's letter and common app essays if you'll need them. But you might not so I would look into how much of that you really need before you get too deep. Of course if you really need them I would highly recommend doing anything possible over the summer. 🙂 It sounds like you have a list you are working from and know due dates so you probably should know which of those things you are going to need. But for anyone else lurking all of those things aren't always necessary. The "hope for merit or need based aid" comment above sets off the same alarm for me as it does for 8FilltheHeart. In our house hoping for it would be a disaster. We had to go find it and that determined our list of applications. My boys have had both merit and need based but they were not surprises because we had applied to the schools understanding what the likely offer would be. So, really the list of things to address this summer is entirely dependent on the list of schools your dc is applying to.
  13. Once I dropped first ds off I never wanted to go in his room again. It was a tiny room and I just had the impression, fair or unfair, that it was going to be a mess. We visited a few times and we would meet him outside. When he came home after freshman year I waited in the car while he and a friend loaded up. He really is a minimalist and it took maybe two trips so he didn’t need my help. That was the only time he came home. He’s moved himself from place to place since then. I have no specific reason or concern about what I might find I just had some gut feeling I’d just rather not and remember the room set up and clean like it was when I left. Lol.
  14. I am worried about UAH becoming even more popular and offering less merit between now and the time ds would go. We'll have to see how that goes. However, they could reduce merit substantially and it would probably be a good option still. We are only two hours from there and it might be a good fit for some other reasons besides cost. UAH is the leader in my mind for this ds, but my kids have a track record of NOT choosing my favorite. So I'll keep that to myself. He did take the initiative to schedule a visit for next month. So he is at least interested enough to visit. Was very surprised about the course description requirement and actually figured I would not worry myself too much about how awesome my descriptions are. I can't imagine with the test scores, etc, he has to back up his transcript it would be a big issue at a school that is not that difficult to get into.
  15. Thanks for pointing this out. My kids have never needed course descriptions but I expect my rising junior to strongly consider UAH. Thanks to this, I worked on his today. 🙂
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