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  1. First experience with the SAT here. Scores for the Nov test are scheduled to be released today. He logged in and saw that his scores are “pending” and should be available within a week. Is this normal? I realize I could dive into College Confidential and find and answer but I would probably come away in a panic about something. Haha. I’m not worried enough to head over there but thought someone here would know what is up with that message. Thanks.
  2. I won’t share my worst for fear of it being brought up in court someday. But suffice to say over 22 years of parenting I had a couple of lapses that could have ended badly. They didn’t thankfully. I’m a good mom and a made a couple big mistakes. It’s humbling.
  3. I did not order blankets this time but it is hard to resist. I’m of the mind that everyone can always use a new blanket. 🙂
  4. Well not the same but yesterday I declared myself a failure because my 16 yo calls me “dawg”. Like “thanks for lunch, dawg.” My 19 yo and 21 yo sons call me by my first name. Not to my face...usually...but sometimes. I am totally not the kind of mom you call by her first name. Or call “dawg”. I have much bigger and more serious failures but this is the one we were most recently discussing. (I am sure some will be horrified by my kids talking to me this way. I assure you it is playful and not horrid. But it is funny because I always was pretty authoritative and expected respect. And now they call me “dawg”)
  5. Yes to this. Taking a main hot dish is just more complicated in real life than it seems like it should be. I get why people end up with chips and salsa or dessert. Timing, temperature, and transportation are tough. Maybe potlucks are another casualty of people being so spread out as well as busy.
  6. No help on course descriptions as I have never done them. Are you sure you need that for de or are you just trying to get all your ducks in a row? It is great to get going on course descriptions. I just wanted to ask if you are sure you need them for de? I have not ever seen that as a requirement for de.
  7. Yep. I actually have chosen to just do it as an act of giving and take a bunch of food while not expecting to eat. So I do it when I am feeling charitable and skip it if I’m not.
  8. My dd once complained in front of our priest about not getting any food. Our priest said “well it is called potluck- not good luck”. Lol. It is hard not to be grumpy when I plan,shop, cook enough for 20 people and my family or four doesn’t eat.
  9. Potlucks at my church are usually a mess. First problem is there just is not enough food. That is compounded by the first people in line taking heaping scoops of everything on the table even with hundreds of people behind them. My old church used to have potlucks before Wednesday night classes. Even as a SAHM this just didn’t work at all. I remember telling one organizer that it isn’t that easy. It’s not like just bringing whatever I would be cooking for my family. My family didn’t get full hot meals on Wednesday nights. It was more of a grab a sandwich type of night. I do think most people do not cook big full meals for their families every night. Most people I know do a combination of take out/fast food/pick up from deli counter at grocery store/sandwiches/freezer meals/etc. For those people cooking a main dish that is potluck worthy takes a lot of effort. Physical and mental. We can all be judgmental about that but I am in the camp of charging and providing some sort of main dish (even pizza) and asking for people to bring chips and dessert kind of stuff.
  10. Our state mandates four hours per day for 180 days for K-12. Elementary school parents are always debating what can "count" to get to their four hours and 180 days. Parents of high schoolers are constantly assuring people how easy it is to get 4 hours a day in. No critical thinking about what they actually want their child learning or accomplishing or experiencing. It is what "counts". My high school ds, when declining an activity or outing citing schoolwork as his reason is constantly met with some variation of "Well, start at 8:00 and you'll be done at noon" or "This counts as PE" or "Why do you do so much? You only need to do four hours." I have never understood the focus on hours for little ones or big kids. These parents that say in one breath that the schools don't do anything and the state doesn't get to dictate how their kids are taught immediately latch on to the arbitrary state requirement of "4 hours". Makes my head hurt. That and the constant questions about why we might take a course that isn't required. "But they don't need that.", "That doesn't count", etc etc. I get so tired of people telling me that my child who is exceeding all standards is studying something that doesn't "count". I personally think there are all kinds of ways to accomplish the high school education that are perfectly acceptable. I have seen some great outcomes from approaches that I didn't really think were good at the time but were just fine, if not great. I am very open minded to lots of ways to do this and many acceptable outcomes. But it is not easy and it is not something that can be done without thought. I do tell people that come to me for encouragement that it is doable and there are lots of ways to do it. But you have to be invested and you have to actually DO it.
  11. Yes! I was thinking that I needed to make cookies for the UPS guy who will be delivering all these packages. But then I thought maybe he could just use some gloves from Kohl’s 😂 It is such a great sale. I have gotten a lot of Christmas done but also just did a lot of clothes shopping for my 11 yo dd. After last year I was waiting to see if they ran it again for lots of basics. I wear jeans from there so one of my orders was jeans and a shirt for $13. It is hard to pass up.
  12. My orders today have been along the lines of two juniors hoodies for my nieces' Christmas presents for a total of $12 shipped. Candles. Gloves. Socks.
  13. Anyone else doing the Kohl's deal today? It is $10 off $25 and you can stack it with 30% off and free shipping for cardholders. And you can use it multiple times. I have placed more orders than I care to admit on the holiday basics (pajamas/fuzzy socks/ hoodies/etc). There is also a $10 off home purchase and Kohl's cash if you are making a bigger purchase. I bought my sister an air fryer with the $10 off $25/$10 off home/30% off and then I am getting $15 in Kohl's cash back ($5 of it for picking it up in store). All of Kohl's sales gimmicks and inflated prices are annoying but then they run these kind of deals and I just can't quit them. LOL
  14. We had a couple houses turn on Christmas lights on Nov 1. It was a little jarring that day. But several people in the neighborhood were out working on them today. To each their own but there definitely is a trend toward earlier and earlier Christmas everything. It’s a whole quarter of the year now. I don’t mind, exactly, but there clearly has been a shift.
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