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  1. I have so many home improvement questions... I have rid my house of most wallpaper (hired that job out to a painting company). Now I’m on to the cheap 70s wood paneling. I have already painted it once so it is now a cream color and that was a good solution for awhile. But it needs to be repainted and we are getting ready to tear out the carpeting and replace with vinyl plank. We will be replacing a door off the room and trim. So, while we are at it, might as well deal with the paneling. We aren’t doing it ourselves so it is an expensive project to hire out. Replacing it with dry
  2. I have a large built in bookcase I want/need to paint. It’s an entire wall of my basement family room. Maybe 11 ft wide by 8 feet tall. Lots of shelves. We are redoing the room (which while technically a basement is one of those that is just set down half a story and you can see from the main area of my house. So, it is a casual family room space but I would still like it to look nice. The walls and floor will be neutral (boring!) tan or greige. I would like to do something more interesting with the bookcase. The first idea I am drawn to is to paint the back wall of the shelves in a
  3. Southeast no where near the border. I don’t know how long I have known this but it has been awhile. I thought it was common knowledge.
  4. We have had contractors working on our houses (which were really low end projects- nothing fancy) who really didn’t specify any preferences on anything except faucets which they requested we purchase Delta. When guys who weren’t picky about anything else, were picky about this, I listened.
  5. I am not interested in Flylady. I tried a couple times and it is just way too much for me. I know everyone says just delete what you don't want, etc. but Flylady just doesn't work for me. Years ago I used Motivated Moms as suggested here on the board. It was pre-smartphone days. I printed a list each week and kept it paperclipped to my school agenda and just marked things off as we went. It worked very well for that time in my life. I'm just now getting back to keeping my house in good order. We've done updates to the house and my life is calmer and I am enjoying keeping my house mor
  6. Well what was really briliant is I had trained dh to do it for me. I need to retrain 🙂
  7. We started filling up all our cars' gas tanks every Sunday. I use less than a tank a week so I only think about it on Sunday. I don't pass a gas station that is easy to stop at on my daily running so when I needed it I really had to think about when and where I would stop. We stopped this during the pandemic because we weren't driving much and we didn't go anyplace on Sundays so it wasn't like we were out an about. I am trying to get dh back into the habit, though. I also do the cleaning supplies in the bathrooms. I mentioned on a thread a couple weeks ago that I switched to more natural
  8. OP here with a mid term update. He was sitting pretty with As and Bs in all his classes after his first exams. The 76 on the first stats exam actually ended up as an 80. He had never even gotten out of the 60s last try so definitely an improvement. So he takes the second stats exam of the three he will have. He studies and thinks he is prepared and - he gets a 54. 🤬 So here we go down the final stretch of the semester. He feels good about all his other classes. His stats grade, and his graduation, will ride on the final exam in that class. Talk about stressful! Good g
  9. I have this issue. I have rejection issues steming back to childhood and family issues. I have had some absolutely wonderful friends in my life but for some reason I have serious insecurity in friendship. I have friends that I love so dearly and miss and think about everyday. Yet, I don't reach out because there is a nagging part of me that feels like they don't really want to hear from me, I am just bothering them, etc. I have a friend who has loved me really well. She sat with me while my mother died and got me through the funeral, etc. She LOVES me and I know it. It still takes some s
  10. Not no contact but low contact and no warm feelings. This parent is 700 miles away, in poor health, and is a hoarder with finances in shambles. I've posted before about what happens to her and her "estate". We would be willing to do a little. But her situation is so extreme that a little help will be as good as nothing. So some nights I lie awake all night wondering what happens. I'm sorry.
  11. Yes. The people working curbside are,at least sometimes, servers who were put on curbside instead of the floor. So a server that got stuck on curbside world hardly make anything all night if people didn’t tip. My son’s girlfriend worked at Chili’s and they kept putting her on curbside because she was so good at it but she was so frustrated because she was making nothing compared to the good tips she made on the floor.
  12. My kids have done business degrees. Oldest is accounting and he just started at a Big Four accounting firm. He never had any calculus at all. He took precalculus de at a cc and did a very basic de stats course his senior year. He didn't need to take any math in college. My second ds is a senior marketing major. His degree has been more math heavy than the accountant. He needed business calculus and two stats classes. He transferred in the business calc and first stats class from de. The second stats class has kicked his butt. More than once 😞 All that I can think would have helped him was
  13. Just updating because I discussed UAH scholarships unthread. Looks like they have adjusted again. My ds got a letter and he was granted another $2200. I went to the website and they had adjusted the out of state scholarships up a little at his ACT score. I still think he’ll end up at his first choice but if that doesn’t work out this would help a little at UAH.
  14. As time has gone on we have outsourced more and more. My oldest kids are 22 and 20 and I have a high school senior and a 7th grader still at home. The oldest kids had more homegrown courses and my younger kids have had more outsourcing. It is expensive, no doubt. Things that helped with the expenses- I was always looking for one more thing to round out a curriculum, one more supplement, one more experience, etc. So, I was spending more on homeschool courses than I should have been. Others don't have this problem but for me outsourcing is just done. I budget for the course and there are no
  15. I am so sorry. We live in an area that is heavily anti-mask but our Catholic church has taken a hard line. No entry without a mask and serious distancing. Usher meets you at the door and they seat you, and they dismiss you row by row to keep people from huddling up. It's a big change. But, I am so thankful for the hard line because there is no mask judgement. No one is going to make any assumptions about you as a person because you wear a mask other than that you wanted to attend church enough to wear one. I am sure some people feel like it is overkill but I was just telling someone yest
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