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  1. After years of seeing Dress Barn recommended I finally bought two dresses from there for weddings I had last month. I really was happy with them and planned to shop there again. Sorry folks. By the time I get on something that is popular is is a sure sign it is past its time 🙁
  2. I always considered myself extremely conservative but recently moved to a location so red that I am quite frequently the most liberal person in the room. It has been shocking and disorienting and I don't like it one bit. I don't know what I am but it is not this. I don't think I belong anywhere. I keep my mouth shut and vent to my dh and kids.
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    This makes sense to me. I don’t have any actual knowledge but my gut feeling was that it didn’t feel totally safe. We do not link it to accounts with significant amounts of money in them. I made sure of that. I guess we are operating with an amount of money that we are willing to gamble with for the convenience. But honestly we don’t keep a lot of money in any of our debit card linked accounts. Even though the bank will make you whole again when there is fraud it is a huge pain and it isn’t immediate. We like the convenience but definitely buyer beware.
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    I recently got it to pay the guy who mows my yard. I never know when he is going to do it and I just don’t keep cash on hand. My college guys use it a lot for splitting the cost of a pizza or an Uber or whatever. It works really well for them. No more of the slacker mooch guy saying he doesn’t have cash and he’ll pay you back. Venmo is expected on the spot.
  5. I don’t know about ASD but I do have a kid that is over 500 miles from home. How do you think your ds would roll with travel disruptions and inconveniences? My ds flew back to school last weekend. First flight was delayed several hours. He was able to schedule a later connection but that flight was also pushed back and didn’t take off until almost 2:00 am. We were looking for a hotel for him in case it got cancelled and they were all sold out. He did get off but landed around 3:30 am and then had to get an Uber, etc. He was supposed to be back at his apartment around 6:00 pm and it was almost 4:00 am before he made it. Alls well that ends well but it was a long and frustrating day. How will your ds handle that sort of thing? I will say a lot comes up with the distance. It is working out but it is a big pain and requires extra patience and resourcefulness beyond what would be required if he was a couple hours drive away. I really prefer for my kids to stay closer. The distance does complicate things. It just does. Not a deal breaker for us but it is a negative. I would not discount the complication of distance at all.
  6. My days like this aren’t always fantastic but I really don’t go for the going out to dinner thing. It seems like such a cop out. It’s Mother’s Day so she can’t cook and clean so we all get to go out to a nice dinner. ??? I really would rather they cook and clean up. That feels like a real service and not an excuse for everyone to splurge on going out. Especially because I handle the finances in our family- so I’m the one looking at the debit out of our account and thinking about making ends meet until payday. No thank you! That is not a treat for ME at all. I did get a card this year signed by all my kids (this is my 22nd mother’s day). My two college kids were in midweek so someone thought ahead enough to have a card signed while they were here. That is probably the first time that much thought went into it. It’s been two decades getting to that point. I did get our mailbox replaced. It has been duct taped since a hail storm 26 months ago. It took five minutes to fix and I had to wait over two years? But I am grateful. That is the extent of it and it is probably my best Mother’s Day yet. I’m sorry OP. I think alot more people struggle with this than care to admit it. Hugs to you.
  7. Yes! He actually had enough de credits that he is using his senior year to get in those extra credits he needs for the CPA and he has been speaking with CPA firms that pitch the support they have to help him pass the CPA. So that is definitely the plan. Thanks!
  8. My dh is in data analytics. He used to be a middle school math teacher. Big upgrade. My ds is an accounting major in college. He is finishing up junior year and has summer and fall internships/jobs lined up that pay a higher hourly rate than it looks like your dh makes. No idea what he will make when he graduates but I’m assuming it will be more than he is making before he has his degree. Of course I am sure he will not start at 80,000. I don’t know how many jobs start at 80,000, if that is what you are asking. Good luck. Career changes are scary. My dh was kind of forced into his from teaching and it is the best thing that could have happened, financially and otherwise.
  9. Just want to note that my two college kids so far who are neurotypical and honestly very mature and organized absolutely needed guidance through the college process. Heck, a lot of adults I know have zero idea where to start to find an affordable college that will meet the student’s needs. I am researching colleges right now for my current 10th grader. When finances are tight it is a gift a parent can give a child to help them build a list of affordable options and have frank discussions about money. Very few teens have the life experience to go into that unaided. So I don’t see a problem with helping your ds unless there is something about the ASD that makes that help a bad thing? If community college is an option everyone can feel good about them I guess it sounds fine to apply to five. But if going away to college is really the ideal I would be helping find some more that would be financially feasible. I know other people have different opinions but NPCs have been pretty spot on for the 15 colleges my dc have applied to so far. Between NPCs and published merit aid requirements I have yet to be surprised by how an offer came in. So it isn’t always a big mystery how finances will play out.
  10. From all you have posted about your dd’s experiences and interests and the colleges she is considering I don’t think this test is going to bring anything to enhance her application. Most schools won’t care and if there was a school that loved AP exams as validation one score from the govt exam isn’t going to impress them. Your dd is outside the box in the most fantastic way. I would make zero effort to make her look more like other candidates at all. If she wants to take it great, but I absolutely would not fool with it if you had things you would rather spend the time and money on.
  11. My 10th grader had a full slate of online classes. WTMA Government/Economics and History and Philosophy of Science and MPOA Chemistry, Geometry, High School Comp 1, Material Logic, Classical Rhetoric, and The Novel. We are at the point where ds is just getting through the work. He does a good job but he doesn’t just love anything he does. Likewise he is not a complainer so is unlikely to hate anything either. All the classes accomplished what we were going for which was solid academically but not necessarily honors or super rigorous. These classes hit that note for us. None overly cumbersome in work but all legitimate high school classes. That said we had one I would call a hit and that is the WTMA Govt/Econ. Ds adores the teacher and has had him previously. He would love anything with Mr. Caro. And one huge miss and that was Novel from MPOA. I really like MPOA and the class did accomplish the goal of ds reading several good books that are traditionally covered in high school. But there were lots of issues. I don’t want to get into a lot more on that here but it was a big disappointment. I actually feel so fondly about MPOA in general that it hurts me a bit to post that here but it is the kind of feedback I know is important. I can’t say I recommend that class even though I think MPOA is generally a very good option and I trust them enough to sign up even without a lot of reviews on a particular class or teacher. I still feel that way and will give MPOA lots of my money going forward. But this class had some issues.
  12. I actually have no problem with tech week for the older dancers. It is kind of crazy fun, the parents don’t need to stay the whole time, and it does make for a nice smooth production. Also, that is kind of a life skill, right? Juggling a really busy week and getting everything done, learning to prioritize, etc. I don’t hate that for my dd. But the is so hard on them. And just seems so not worth it. But I realize it isn’t about them- it is about getting all the cues and timing right. Some of the littles cry so much. I want to tell their moms it is okay to take them home and try again in a year or two. But that is the perspective of someone who has done the kid activities for 20 years and now has adult children in addition to my middle school dancer. I’m just an old lady to them 😂
  13. I know it can be this way. Dd danced when she was 5 at a similar size studio in our previous city. While the older dancers might have had longer tech week rehearsals, the young ones did not. They had one dress rehearsal Saturday and groups had times assigned. So the older kids in a lot of dances had a long day but the others just moved in and out. This studio has the venue for the entire week and everyone (even the 4 yos) had to be there at least a couple hours Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday night was just “older dancers” which was approximately 8yo and up. Still a lot for an 8yo who is in school. Recital Thurs- Sat so we are finally there!
  14. Yes! Dd has several quick changes this year with lots of costume parts to manage and though she was stressed a little she has loved organizing everything and managing those challenges and pulling it off. While not a dance mom at all I do see the benefits of participation. She does love it. And so we carry on 🙂
  15. Yes @Farrar That is exactly it- all the fuss over recital when the education isn’t there. And I’m the oddball that isn’t really in it for dance training. My dd gets a lot out of it but she doesn’t have the drive to pursue excellence and we aren’t looking for that. I do know of places in nearby medium sized cities that do a lot more education wise for the dollars I put in so I know it can be done. That’s what drives me nuts. I just want the uplifting, athletic, positive, fun experience (which I am willing to pay significantly for) without the hysteria. I will say I am not sure that the other parents are as aware as I am that is isn’t solid training. So maybe they all think they are getting something I am aware I am not. I’d just about rather pay for anything than costumes. Pay your teachers more, make studio improvements, book a better venue so tickets aren’t so tight, etc. I know it doesn’t have to be this way.
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