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  1. Yes, the rockets keep blowing up, but what they've done so far is amazing. Lots of failure, but still lots of progress!
  2. Our real estate market is still very hot. Houses are selling in days for more than the asking price and very few houses are available. I wonder how long it can last.
  3. It's unlikely he'll be able to get Medicaid if he still lives with you or you can add him to existing insurance, but you should also be aware that in many areas it's very, very hard to find medical providers who accept Medicaid for adults. Also, they will make it nearly impossible to get a surgery that's not required.
  4. Obviously, Covid has given me way too much time to ponder this. As I said, I'm in my mid 50's and only have one minor child left who will start (homeschool) high school next year. I left a job I loved to become a SAHM over 30 years ago and now I wonder what the next phase will be like. I don't want to ditch dh, although we've both changed a lot over the years and have spent a lot of time focused on different things in life. I'm ready for some changes and he likes things to just keep going as usual, so we'll have to navigate that. I'm looking at these people I know and their big changes and thi
  5. But don't you think most people make those choices in life like who they marry, their friend groups, their jobs, their church? Or maybe not? Do most people just stay in the area where they grew up or where they got their first job, marry the first person who comes along, go to the school encouraged by parents or friends, make friends with whoever happens to be their neighbors or parents at their kids' activities? So when one of those things changes for whatever reason, maybe just season of life, they see many options that didn't seem available to them before? We never planned to live our
  6. I'm glad you asked this. I have ancient plug in CO detectors and want to replace them, but I don't know if there's any important new features either.
  7. Yes, I could really use the money from selling some things, but I keep putting it off because people don't read the ad and make everything so much harder than it needs to be.
  8. mom2scouts


    Thanks for this helping me think through some of the reasons I'm seeing so much of this. There are others too (not all involving divorce) and I've been trying to make sense of it. I'm going to delete some things from these first as I've put out a lot of personal information.
  9. DH just left to pick up stuff he bought at auction from the outbuilding of an old farm. Hopefully it'll go right to the scrapyard and not into my garage!
  10. Yes, the OCD causes problems. They've been without a TV for the past year (but are still paying for cable) because she won't get a TV until she finds a TV stand that is the EXACT dimensions she wants for her small living room. Nobody makes that size stand, but it's what she needs for it to be right. She worries about how "filthy" her perfectly clean and uncluttered house is because she saw a speck of dust. It's annoying, but it will make cleaning out the house someday super easy.
  11. When dh's parents died, it took so much time to clean out their house. We all went through the paperwork, took just a few things, and then left everything else for an estate sale. My mom has OCD and immediately gets rid of anything she isn't using. Cleaning out my parents house will easily be done in a day.
  12. Ha! We should get our dh's together and they can compare their junk piles and overflowing email.
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