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  1. It is definitely hard to do both at the same time! I use zoodles for dishes when the sauce/meat is served over noodles, and I skip cheese on things like hamburgers and tacos. Wishing you the best of luck : )
  2. I don't think so. He browses HobbyLinc extensively. I'll pass it along. Thanks.
  3. I can't believe they are planning a party and giving you the bill! That seems really odd!
  4. My stuff is all put away! Helps that I didn't take out very much, and my adult daughter didn't want to go to a tank museum with the rest of the family, so she stayed behind and put it all away for me! I'll miss her when she leaves on Sunday. She also organized my closet. She offered to organize my pictures, but I don't think that will happen this trip. I'm not sure where she got her cleaning/organizing gene, but I'm more than happy to take advantage of it!
  5. Holy cow! Are they having someone walk it to your house?
  6. I think that is a problem with the postal service, not the store. The store mailed the item promptly, and then they probably gave themselves some leeway with the time it will take for the post office to deliver. I get the same kind of notifications from Amazon (don't have prime).
  7. I think you could just tell your DD that you want to make sure you didn't duplicate gifts with her BF -- which is totally true : ). I also think having his contact information might be nice to have in an emergency.
  8. I think I have a nut sensitivity, not an allergy. My sensitivity did not interfere with my breathing at all, it just caused mucus to collect in my throat. I could actually feel the mucus forming high up in my nose and dripping down the back of my throat, where sometimes it accumulated. Can you take a flashlight and look at the back of his throat to see if there is mucus there?
  9. I was having this problem and my doctor said it was allergies, but I'd never had seasonal allergies before. I finally realized that I had developed a nut sensitivity. Maybe he has developed a sensitivity to a food that he eats frequently?
  10. I hesitate to throw this out there because it might just be good for me : ). I have had osteoarthritis in my big toe for a long time, and I think I was getting some in my hip (there was pain, but don't know for sure if it was osteoarthritis). Anyway, I have Hashimoto's, so I decided to cut out gluten in particular, lowered my carbs in general, and reduced my added sugar intake, and it just so happened that I realized my toe is much much better, and my hip doesn't bother me anymore. Since I tend to make changes all at the same time, I never know what the real reason for the improvement is, but I'm guessing inflammation was reduced by doing all three of those things.
  11. I think the lowest dose is actually 0.025...that is the dose I started off with many moons ago.
  12. My dad was diagnosed with Type I diabetes after my oldest sister was born, so about age 24 or 25. ETA: It sounds like you have some autoimmune issues going on. Does anyone else in your family have AI issues? I have Hashimoto's, as do 3/4 of my sisters.
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