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  1. I'm not sure if this fits here...but it looks, at least on the surface, that Fort Benning did all the right things and still had an outbreak with its recruits. I would think they have reasonably tight control of the recruits such that there would be no leaving base, etc. Schools wouldn't have the luxury of isolating the students from family members and other outside influences. 8 days after quarantine and testing negative, 142 Fort Benning soldiers test positive for COVID-19 (Hoping I did the linking thing correctly...)
  2. The school district my dh works in just announced that they will be starting after Labor Day instead of their usual August start date.
  3. Maybe a northern white cedar?
  4. Praying for your dd and for your peace of mind. That sounds incredibly stressful.
  5. Me! I just graduated my fourth/last child on Saturday. I have been homeschooling for 21 years. I'm not sure what I will do next...
  6. About reinfection and asymptomatic carriers Sounds like maybe the COVID19 test can't distinguish between dead and live viruses? Also, this has already been reported somewhere in this thread, but maybe we don't really have asymptomatic spreaders? I think, in general, people are generally able to spread viruses before they feel sick, so this would be more of the same?
  7. How can 5 years' worth of safety and efficacy data make you more confident in a vaccine if there are QC issues? Maybe you would end up being injected with a vaccine that hadn't truly passed QC -- you could be one of the "unlucky" few who get that batch? I know you said the vaccine hadn't outright failed, but doesn't it worry you? If it was happening where you worked, then other places likely have similar problems...
  8. She does seem a little bit ignorant, but I don't think I would get rid of her on the basis of not having a flu shot. If you/your family get the flu shot, then you should be protected, right? And, the COVID 19 vaccination is still in the future, so it isn't as though she is causing any more risk than any other hcp right now. I have never had a flu shot, nor have I ever had the flu, and I doubt I would get the COVID 19 vaccination for a variety of reasons. It frustrates me to hear some people on this board call me selfish for not getting a flu vaccination. It seems like getting/not getting a flu vaccine is a personal choice. I am not anti-vax per se -- my family is vaccinated for all the childhood diseases, I just don't see a need to get a flu vaccine every year.
  9. LOL, I would be concerned for your daughter as well! My dd, who doesn't have misophonia, complained about the constant noise in the dorms -- people running down the halls, etc. (especially in the middle of the night!), and she was in an end room.
  10. Yeah, he has -0.75 in both the left and right eyes for cylinder.
  11. It looks like his last exam had him at 0.75, if it gets worse, then contact lenses aren't going to work for him? Or, he would need special contacts that would be much more expensive (which won't work for us parents, lol)?
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