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  1. I think we are going to have to agree to disagree. Yes, I too have an AI disease, and yes, I take care of my body to the best of my ability. I never intended to imply that everybody who is at high risk of COVID is because they were not taking good care of their bodies. Again, my tone must have not quite come through correctly. That thought was never on my radar. I was simply trying to say that I don't think the virus would be nearly as deadly if our society's health, in general, was better.
  2. Oh, for Pete's sake. I thought I was using correct grammar by saying "their" bodies. How else should I have phrased it? I guess I could have said "some of us"? You are nit-picking. I guess maybe tone is hard to read over the internet. And, MercyA said, Umm, that to me indicates she thinks I am being selfish. I'm sorry if you are offended on her behalf that I read that that way. I did not accuse her of calling me names -- I simply said that I don't call other people names.
  3. That was not my intent -- I didn't say that out of smugness. Yes, there are many people who have health issues beyond their control. Yes, there are many people who have poor immunity because they haven't chosen to take good care of their bodies. My commentary was more about the fact that the virus has swept though the U.S. and has been as deadly as it has been because many people's immune systems are compromised. No, I don't think we can solve these problems in the middle of a pandemic.
  4. Actually, I take offense that you think I am selfish for not wanting to have the vaccine. I am a Christian, and I am respectful of other people. I don't go out when I am sick, I have abided by the shelter-in-place requirements, I have masked in public, and I don't call people names for not believing the same way I do. I don't quite understand the logic that I need to have the vaccine to protect others. If those who wish to be vaccinated are vaccinated, they should have nothing to fear from me. It doesn't sound like anyone is being told that the vaccine is contraindicated for them? I don'
  5. Well, yes, but the vaccine involves purposely injecting myself, whereas the COVID might or might not happen.
  6. Okay, I didn't mean "party-line" as in political party. I meant the party-line as in this is what the American people are being pushed to believe through what I view as...propaganda (I can't think of a better word, and it doesn't quite convey what I mean...). Also, if you think my "party-line" response was offensive, have you seen the posts that call anyone who doesn't believe like everyone else about the pandemic "anti-intellectual and anti-science" among other things? Of the half a million Americans who have died of COVID, 40% have been over 80 years of age, and another 12% were 75-79 y
  7. I agree with this, but, sadly, it seems those who choose not to vaccinate are considered villains, and many people are behind the idea that those who choose not to vaccinate be excluded from society -- unable to travel, unable to shop, etc. That is no longer a choice. And, yes, I've heard all the rhetoric that we need to protect everyone by being vaccinated. I think we have purposely been kept in fear (media?) about the pandemic so that we aren't thinking straight as a society. I'm sure I'll receive a million party-line responses. I'm not particularly interested in a debate...And, I am not ant
  8. And, why, as a populace do we *need* it to be about race? And, I think you could make a compelling argument that it was a "hate" crime against women, so he would get the added years anyway.
  9. But, see, I think everyone is jumping to the "race" card way too quickly. My first thought was that it was a crime against women, and, like Katie says, it just so happens that this particular occupation has many Asian women working in it, just like the nail salons have many Asian women working in them. Even the perpetrator indicated that is wasn't racially motivated -- why can we not believe that?
  10. I think there has to be communication from the parent to the child that education is important. I do recognize, however, that the child has to buy into that philosophy as well.
  11. My dh is definitely on the bandwagon of letting students go toward vocational training in high school.
  12. My guess is there is a lot more to the story than is being told...
  13. https://wgxa.tv/news/nation-world/city-student-passes-3-classes-in-four-years-ranks-near-top-half-of-class-with-013-gpa I have some mixed feelings about this article. The mom knew her kid was failing classes, but assumed that he was doing okay because he kept getting promoted. She TOTALLY blames the school system, and doesn't seem to take any personal responsibility and doesn't seem to think her son is at fault at all. This is what kills my teacher husband -- the teacher is always to blame if the student fails, and my dh does a lot of parental contact (when the contact information is corr
  14. I do think minimum wage should go up some, maybe $10/hr, but I think that there should also be mandatory wage increases as an employee stays with the company (and proves to be a good employee, not one who is always calling out sick or something), not this piddly $0.10/hr increase after working for a year. And maybe that could max out at $15/hr or so after a few years.
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