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  1. The lab leak thing had nothing to do with the website. My point was that, in the beginning, Facebook "fact checked" any post that suggested the virus leaked out of the Wuhan lab, until the idea that it might have leaked from the lab gained traction and then Facebook said it would no longer "fact check" those kinds of posts. So, in the same way, they are "fact checking" many other posts because the posts don't agree with what the fact checkers want you to believe or what they believe is true, but it doesn't make everything contrary to the official narrative not true. Hmm, that was a convoluted sentence. Sorry.
  2. And that claim is what I am talking about -- I'm not sure "nearly all mainstream scientists" are on one side because I believe the views of many "mainstream scientists" are being suppressed. Why is there so much fear of having open discussions? Everything that doesn't line up the official narrative is considered propaganda rather than a talking point... I know you have strong opinions on this subject and you "know" you are right, so I'll bow out now.
  3. This is problematic -- only one side of the argument is considered correct and everything else is considered a conspiracy theory. So, when the lab leak theory became more likely, the "fact checkers" decided they would stop the fact checking about this particular "conspiracy theory." The premise of the video linked by Pen is that those who do not line up with the mainstream narrative are being suppressed. I don't think the views of the participants in the video are spreading propaganda or hate.
  4. I'm sorry that you had to deal with the mixed racial issue as you were growing up. But, even by your own admission, things are much different now than they were when you were growing up. I'm not sure that this is an issue that can be resolved by teaching a curriculum in the school.
  5. This is the part that is so maddening! I honestly believe natural immunity is better than vaccine-induced immunity. And for the 6 year old going to day camp, it seems the PCR test is not worth anything at all since the child can be exposed to COVID every night/evening.
  6. I'm with the others who would say you have natural immunity now that you've had COVID and I think you should feel free to unmask. I don't remember your whole story -- did anyone else in your family have COVID? I honestly feel natural COVID is as good or better than the vaccine. And, if you are tired of masks, maybe those who are unvaxxed are just as tired of masks and are ready to move on as well. I think we've lost sight of the fact that only those who are infected with the virus can spread the virus...
  7. I'm not saying I agree with them or that there is great risk, but you did ask, so I'm supplying that answer.... https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/americas-frontline-doctors-covid-vaccinated-can-shed-spike-protein-harming-unvaccinated
  8. I think the women's Tactical 5.11 pants have big enough pockets. I bought a couple pair for my outdoorsy girl. https://www.511tactical.com/womens.html Edited to add that I have seen them online at Academy Sports.
  9. I have a LiveStrong recumbent bicycle that I've had for quite a few years. I like it because it is quiet and it is easy to do HIIT with it.
  10. That typo made me laugh out loud : )
  11. I think we are going to have to agree to disagree. Yes, I too have an AI disease, and yes, I take care of my body to the best of my ability. I never intended to imply that everybody who is at high risk of COVID is because they were not taking good care of their bodies. Again, my tone must have not quite come through correctly. That thought was never on my radar. I was simply trying to say that I don't think the virus would be nearly as deadly if our society's health, in general, was better.
  12. Oh, for Pete's sake. I thought I was using correct grammar by saying "their" bodies. How else should I have phrased it? I guess I could have said "some of us"? You are nit-picking. I guess maybe tone is hard to read over the internet. And, MercyA said, Umm, that to me indicates she thinks I am being selfish. I'm sorry if you are offended on her behalf that I read that that way. I did not accuse her of calling me names -- I simply said that I don't call other people names.
  13. That was not my intent -- I didn't say that out of smugness. Yes, there are many people who have health issues beyond their control. Yes, there are many people who have poor immunity because they haven't chosen to take good care of their bodies. My commentary was more about the fact that the virus has swept though the U.S. and has been as deadly as it has been because many people's immune systems are compromised. No, I don't think we can solve these problems in the middle of a pandemic.
  14. Actually, I take offense that you think I am selfish for not wanting to have the vaccine. I am a Christian, and I am respectful of other people. I don't go out when I am sick, I have abided by the shelter-in-place requirements, I have masked in public, and I don't call people names for not believing the same way I do. I don't quite understand the logic that I need to have the vaccine to protect others. If those who wish to be vaccinated are vaccinated, they should have nothing to fear from me. It doesn't sound like anyone is being told that the vaccine is contraindicated for them? I don't want to inject something in my body that, to me, doesn't have the long-term safety record. I believe the body is wonderfully and fearfully made, and I'm hoping my body can fight COVID if I get it. If not, then I'll live (or die) with the consequences. I am vaccinated for all the usual things, as are my children (young adults). I have never had the flu vaccine, and I feel this vaccine would be similar to that since it looks like it will be around for a while. Do you feel everyone should be required to get the flu vaccine?
  15. Well, yes, but the vaccine involves purposely injecting myself, whereas the COVID might or might not happen.
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