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  1. We were just talking about this last night. A year ago, we were preparing to go to a big event and the next day was DS's birthday. The event was cancelled and my other DS fit in one more activity before everything was shut down. At the time we thought it would just be for a few weeks and here we are almost a year later still crossing things off the calendar.
  2. This is the textbook used by our local public school for German. In fact, I think a DS is in one of the pictures in a newer edition because he met the author when he was in Germany. If you can get the Teacher's Edition and have some German language background, it may work, but it is written as a public school textbook.
  3. While it is not at all official, you might want to go to Ohio Homeschooling Parents website and/or Facebook group. I believe the woman who runs it is married to an attorney and she is adamant about following the law exactly as written. When they temporarily removed the requirement to include assessment papers or test results with the 2020-21 Notice of Intent, I found out from that page.
  4. The project was only 4 minutes and was a PowerPoint. One student spent 3 minutes reading a slide about what she was going to tell us, never changed the slide or picture, and then never actually told us anything because by then she was out of time. For example, the student would show a slide that said, "There are mulitple causes of poverty in third world countries. In this presentation, I'm going to tell you about the causes of poverty in third world countries. Lots of third world countries have poverty and there are many causes. This is a picture of a poverty stricken country..." and by the ti
  5. Oh my, yes! DS is a senior doing dual enrollment at a state university. He had a final project assignment to make a 4 minute PowerPoint presentation on any topic related to the subject of the class. DS has unusual interests, so he immediately picked something that he had extensive knowledge about and it was something nobody else would do. He did the project completely on his own and I was quite proud of how well it turned out. They had to upload it and then comment on several other projects and, since I thought it would be interesting, I watched some of the other projects with him. There were
  6. Beltway isn't a common term here either. The highway around DC is the only one I've ever heard called the beltway. What a strange question for a math book. I think his answer is great because, unless he needs to visit DC, he doesn't need to know that the beltway goes around the city. 😄
  7. Where did you get this? This is NOT how the code reads! This is the exact wording of the code: (5) Assurance that home education will include the following, except that home education shall not be required to include any concept, topic, or practice that is in conflict with the sincerely held religious beliefs of the parent: (a) Language, reading, spelling, and writing: (b) Geography, history of the United States and Ohio; and national, state, and local government; (c) Mathematics; (d) Science; (e) Health; (f) Physical education; (g) Fine arts, including
  8. My DIL bought one to use in the baby's play area and she loves it.
  9. I barely leave the house, but other family members have a few in-person activities. DH goes out to some in-person work meetings because he sometimes needs to see the site and he also does grocery shopping. He is always masked outside the house. DD is doing dance. Our studio requires masks the entire time, cut all the classes in half, does temperature checks and hand sanitizing, has Zoom as an option for anyone with symptoms or who has traveled, and has put in a number of other precautions, so I feel like they're doing everything possible and she's desperate for some social activity. This week
  10. I loved making paper scrapbooks when it was popular and I'd love to get back to doing them. At some point I just became too busy with homeschooling and kid activities to do them and I put it aside. I joke that it's going to be my homeschool retirement activity. It's a craft, but it also puts together family memories, so it always felt like a fun craft that ended with something useful. With so many photos being stored online now, I think many of them will be lost or family members won't know where to find them, so I'd like to have at least some physical photo books.
  11. I was also thinking this is what my mom needs. She's 78 and still insists on shoveling her driveway. She spent 4 hours yesterday (!) shoveling because she needs to take lots of breaks and there was a layer of ice under the snow. If I lived closer, I could send my kids over to shovel.
  12. No, I had never heard of it until a few years ago and all of my kids were already too old.
  13. Wait, aren't you in Ohio? If so, we don't have any graduation requirements at all for homeschoolers! We have (intentionally) vague rules about having to complete certain subjects, but all of those subjects need to be covered during my child's education and don't necessarily have to all be done in high school. Even in public schools, there are students who won't have art or music or whatever in high school, but they did have them at some point. If I add a class in art or music or health, it's because I want my student to have that subject in high school, it's an interest of my student, or it's
  14. In some professions, math mistakes really are problems and are not only wrong, but they can cause people to DIE and professionals to lose their license forever. I don't want to drive over a bridge or go into a high rise building designed by an architect or engineer who doesn't think mistakes are a problem. Yes, students learn by making mistakes and working to correct them, but at some point they need to learn how to get the correct answer and it's not uncommon for those who are experts to have other experts check their work. I'll take the perfectionist engineer any day!
  15. I have used the Guest Hollow biology plan and then adapted it. I use the CK-12 online book and the workbook instead of the one on the Guest Hollow site and there is a newer one that seems to have more information. I use the labs (both virtual and live), the extra activities, and a few other books to add fun and reinforce the lesson. I think it's enough for a high school level course for a student who's probably not going to be a science major. It's actually way more biology than I got in high school!
  16. Well, to be fair, some do. DD LOVED fireworks when she was a toddler. She thought they were the best things ever.😄
  17. I know of 90 year olds who should be in the first tier who have no way of getting appointments. They keep opening it to more groups while people in higher risk are still trying to get the vaccine. It's a mess. I'll be surprised if dh and I can get it before summer.
  18. Yay! My parents finally got their first vaccine today! They are in the 80 year old range and one of them is very high risk. They don't use the internet/computers/smart phones at all and the only way to get a vaccine around here is by signing up online. My sister, DIL, and I have all been trying for weeks to get them appointments. We kept getting "no appointments available within 50 miles" of their location. We finally got an appointment scheduled for one of them and it was cancelled due to an error in the pharmacy's computer system that mistakenly allowed people to register for slots that didn
  19. Everytime I think about this video I start laughing. This is so funny. I showed my kids on youtube today and the comments there are hilarious.
  20. One of my adult kids moved to Florida a couple of years ago. He LOVES it there and is so happy with all the warm weather. I doubt he'll ever move back here.
  21. SOMEtimes Fall is gorgeous. This year, I have to admit, fall was beautiful. However, I've experienced enough cold, wet, brown leafed, cloudy falls to consider it "almost winter" season.
  22. No no, it's short summer, almost winter, winter, and still winter.😂
  23. When I had my first baby, my dh had a long commute to work and was gone many hours. I didn't live close to family and didn't know many people in my town. I'd put the baby in the stroller and walk all over and later go to the playground desperately hoping to encounter another adult who would talk to me. I'm an introvert, but I still remember how lonely I was for adult interaction.
  24. The sun is shining! THE SUN IS SHINING! It probably won't last long, but I might bundle up and go out on the porch just to see the sun.
  25. I came back to read this PSA again because I really need it today. It's 17 degrees and snowing with no sign of the sun. It's getting harder and harder to wake up with any kind of motivation to do anything at all. Today I want to give away half the stuff I own and move south near the beach or overlooking any kind of water. Actually, dh and I have started talking about moving somewhere warmer in a few years. I've been dealing with SAD every winter, but since I haven't left the house much in the past year it's tough.
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