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  1. I apologize for starting a redundant thread. I have searched the board, and the latest thread that has your tests that is coming up in my search results is from 2013. It was before the forum update, and your test downloads are not working. They are downloading a .ipb file----and I am not sure what program opens that file. However, I assume that "quite recently" means you have reposted these tests? If so, do you happen to remember what part of the forum the post was in? (I've searched "AOPS tests" and "Algebra Tests"...both with the forum search and google.)
  2. Hi Everyone, Two of my children are going through the AOPS Intro to Algebra book this year. I am trying to figure out something to use for tests. Does anyone have any ideas? I was thinking that I could use the end of chapter reviews as a test, however, I am having a very hard time estimating how long it would take to complete one of those reviews. Do you think the reviews have too many problems? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi Everyone, I could use some advice on what to do for science next year. About my kids: I will have a rising 6th Grade Child and a 7th Grade Child. I do not have to combine them, but I am considering it. My rising 6th grader does not like science at all, so I am trying to kindle interest and love for her. My rising 7th-grade child LOVES science. Both are good in math. They completed AOPS pre-algebra this year (5th and 6th grade), and will be taking AOPS Algebra next year. They also like to compete in mathcounts. What they did this year: This year we floundered in science big time. I feel like it was one of our worst years. My 5th-grade daughter did an online scratch course and then worked through many of the EEME kits. (We called it a STEM year.) She really enjoyed working through these electronics programs and the scratch course. She was also able to do it totally independently which means I wasn't a "bottleneck" to her getting science completed. My 7th-grade child wanted to try to do Physical science through Kolbe. We already owned the program and he thought he could do he sort of talked me into trying it. In hindsight, that was a mistake. It ended up being too difficult for him. He didn't fail it, but he was getting Bs and Cs on the tests, so I don't feel like things were being learned to mastery. I also had to help him with a lot of the math and unit conversions. He never really got significant figure no matter how many times I taught it to him. (And that is why he missed many of the problems on the tests/quizzes.) So, we dropped the program halfway through the year and tried RSO Biology II. I really disliked that program for many reasons. (It was too lab intensive for us so it wasn't getting completed on schedule, I found some errors in the text, and the tests hard to study for, etc. etc.) So we ended up dropping that program and he is now just doing nature study twice per week and focusing on math. (Insects by Memoria Press). Again, I feel like we just floundered all over the place with him. It wasn't his best science year, and that was mostly because we didn't stick to any one thing. A lot of it was my fault, and I really want to have a better year next year. 🙂 Next year: My rising 7th grade child has big dreams and is highly ambitious with science. 😉 He really wants to try the new Memoria Press Biology program which uses the Holt book and is intended for 9th graders. He has had good success with Memoria Press products in other subjects. And the program looks easy enough to teach. BUT, I am worried that we will have a repeat of our Kolbe Physical Science debacle....that the program will be too much for him, and then we will drop it and have wasted our time. On the other hand, he plans to try to take Clover Creek Physics next year (8th grade) assuming he completes AOPS Algebra with an A. So this might be a good year to take a beginners biology program while we wait for his math skills to advance. My daughter's FAVORITE science year (besides this year) was the year we did Exploration Education. She enjoyed the little box of supplies and doing all of the lab projects with her brother. The closest thing I have found to that is The Rainbow science. However, I keep hearing people say negative things about the program. Another program I am considering is some of the Novare texts. (But which ones?) Again, I cannot find very much information on these.
  4. Here is a "copy and paste" of my son's assignment checklist for First Form Latin Lesson 15. Just to give you an example of how I scheduled it. My son also has dyslexia, so we schedule an hour per day to work on it. He needs more practice and drill than most kids. He is also in 6th grade. He already completed Latina Christiana and 2 years of Song School Latin prior to this. (That made things A LOT easier for him.) This is based on a schedule posted on the Memoria Press forum by a lady named Jessica. I usually *LOVE* the lesson plans published by Memoria Press, but I found it lacking for First Form Latin. My son needs very specific instructions on his assignment checklist...or things can start to slip. I modified the plans posted online by adding a DVD Lesson and condensing everything into 4 days per week. We also added in a "Daily Spelling Practice" for the vocabulary. (Daily Spelling Practice is an activity that he does with Spelling Plus. We just also do it with Latin.) I added in Lingua Angelica because I think it helps to have some more "beauty" worked into the subject. This keeps things from becoming too tedious IMHO. This way you can hear the language being sung and spoken and prayed instead of just learning vocabulary and grammar all year. For recitation, we ignore the scheduled recitation in the teacher's guide and I have him quickly recite ALL grammar learned for the year plus the current lesson's vocab and saying. Grammar Questions are in the back of the student book as are the vocabulary drills. I actually made the grammar questions into flashcards for my son because reading through them wasn't working when it came to actually learning the questions/answers. Day 1: Day 2: Day 3: Day 4:
  5. Personally, I thnk the book is SO well written that you don't really need the online class. The solutions are really, really nice too. (I've never seen a math book with such nice solutions written out.) PLUS there are free online instructional videos for the Algebra book. PLUS there is a free practice program called Alcumus available. PLUS, if your child needs help solving one of the problems, there is a free online forum with loads of math geniuses waiting to show off their skills and give assistance. 🙂 My 2 cents---save your money and put it towards college....or one of the more difficult upper-level math classes.
  6. Oh yes, I won't compromise curriculum for a contest. But if we have time over the summer, I am trying to figure out how best to use it. We school year round. (Taking longer breaks off around Thanksgiving and Christmas and Easter than most we only take 2 weeks off every summer.) They are going to finish their pre-algebra book before the rest of their other subjects, and I am trying to figure out what to do once we finish. Does that make sense? They are doing well with speed and problem-solving. I would say that they miss most problems due to the lack of certain content knowledge. The second biggest problem is accuracy and making silly mistakes. (However, that is getting better since we switched to AOPS this year.) We also need to spend more time learning to use their calculator for the target round. 🙂
  7. Hello, I have two children who are finishing 5th and 6th grade this summer. (We school year round.) Both kids have become very interested in math competitions this year. They think they are very fun and enjoy the friendly-competition. I talked to them about their goals over the summer, and both kids said they would like to improve their AMC 8 and Mathcounts scores. (My rising 7th-grade son would love to make it to mathcounts state this year. My rising 6th-grade daughter says she just wants to beat her older brother. <insert weary laugh>) What they did this year: This year both kids worked through AOPS Pre-Algebra at home. They will finish this book in mid-July. I started out "teaching" the course to them myself. However, they quickly took off on their own and started to self-teach. (Which is scary to me since I worry about handing off such an important subject to kids this young! But they enjoy the independence.) To make sure they are REALLY understanding the material, I have had them also "master" (not just pass) every pre-algebra topic in Alcumus before I let them move ahead in the book. (Alcumus also does a nice job of reviewing topics previously mastered to make sure they are retaining the information.) If they have extra time in their day, they also work through previous mathcounts tests for extra mixed-review and practice. (They have worked through all of the past school and chapter level tests.) Their Goals: They've asked me for help improving their mathcounts scores, but I am not sure how to help them. I know they are a bit "behind" in math compared to some of the other mathletes competiting. So, I am really not sure what the best use of our time would be. My goals for them are to encourage them to keep working on difficult problems and learning math (obviously). (This is building a lot of virtue and work ethic.) Both kids tend to like to solve things in their heads and all of the emphasis on speed has not helped this problem. 🙂 They are also very sloppy in their work. So I think they also need some instruction on writing solutions to problems, showing work, writing neatly (or maybe learning LaTex since I suspect some form of dygraphia). Here are some options I am considering after we complete the AOPS Pre-Algebra book: Option 1: Start the AOPS Problem Solving 1 Book, then start AOPS Introduction to Algebra sometimes in September. Keep working on past Mathcounts tests as time allows. Option 2: Just start Introduction to Algebra in Mid July with the goal of getting through the introductory math book as soon as they are able. Insist that the kids write out a few solutions to select problems so they can prove they *know* how to show work. Keep working on past MathCounts tests as time allows. Option 3: Finish Pre-Algebra in Mid July. Then just start "spamming" past mathcounts tests full time for the rest of the summer until the AMC 8 test in November. This will allow them to get through all of the state and most national Mathcounts level tests. Option 4: Other (please reply) --------- For what it is worth, their Mathcounts coach does NOT like us using AOPS as our main curriculum. She says it takes too much time to get through the books. She tends to go quickly through easier math books (prentice hall, glencoe etc.), and then spend most of the time working on past mathcounts tests, going through missed problems, etc. etc. Her children do really well---so maybe I should listen to her! (I would except that my children LOVE AOPS videos and alcumus.)
  8. Hi Everyone, Our master bedroom bedding has seen better days! I am thinking about updating our room and would like it to look "Farmhouse" or "Fixer Upper" style. Everything needs to be done on a budget of course. 😉 Currently, our walls are painted "Heavenly Blue" by Glidden Paints---however, I am not against updating the walls or repainting. We have a four poster king size bed in dark wood and two matching nightstands. (I'll post a picture as soon as I clean up a bit!) Our carpet WAS white carpeting....but it is going on 15 years old and has seen better days. We would someday like to replace it with wood floors when we can afford it. We have three kids who like to lay on our bed and get toothpaste on it. (Seriously. They are always getting toothpaste on it! They usually brush their teeth in our master bathroom, and then run over and lay on our bed. I think it gets on their PJs and then onto our comforter!) We also have a 75lb Golden Retriever who is 1 year old. She is not technically allowed on the beds, but sometimes she gets past the gate and jumps up on our bed. So, long story short, I need a solution that can be easily laundered that I won't stress about. SO--I am actually considering getting an all-white comforter set so that I can bleach it / put it in the sun if it gets dirty. I am worried that light gray/cream might get stained and ruined too quickly. I love the look of linen, but I guess you can't bleach linen? (Is that correct?) Do you think that is practical / would look nice? Also, anyone want to help me shop? I would love to spend $150 (or less!) on the duvet cover / shams.
  9. I hope they feel better soon too!
  10. YES! I think you are right. Even now I feel the same. I remember when my kids were all babies and I wasn't getting any sleep. Just being able to sleep in one day was SUCH a gift. Even now, my youngest is 5 and the workload has gotten easier.
  11. Yes, I don't mind doing that. What I think made me most mad is when he said, "I already thought I'd given you a pretty nice day." It was after he uttered that phrase that I had to hold in tears all night. I *thought* I had gone into the day with pretty low expectations. I was NOT expecting breakfast in bed or a gift or going out to eat or anything. But the fact that he wasn't even aware of how little was done for me is what makes me so angry/sad. I've spent all morning trying to see things from his perspective. Did he do something that I didn't noice? From my perspective, he was the one who got a nap and a long shower and time outside. Also, dont' even get me started with Father's Day. Father's day will mean a thoughtful gift and then him disappearing all day to golf or do something for himself. Things are not equal and never will be equal (not just for me...I think for most mothers!). It is totally not fair, but perhaps that is life.
  12. I would tell them (before you start for church) that everyone is to be KIND and LOVING towards one another....even if they don't feel like it. Explain ahead of time that if they are unable to be kind, they will no longer be allowed to talk in the car. And there will be silence the entire ride to church.. Also, make sure everyone is getting enough sleep and food before church. That helps. 🙂
  13. Yes, I think I am going to try very hard to move towards that mindset. I don't want my kids to feel this way! You know? So I am going to try VERY hard to go into the day without any expectations. I think that would make everyone happier. Why put so much pressure on my husband and kids? Again, that is why I feel so silly for being upset.
  14. Oh, yea. I spoke up. I spent all morning leading the younger kids in our church in making gifts for their own mamas. (My youngest son was in the group. So I essentially helped him make my one and only gift for mother's day.) I had to go out and buy all of the supplies and come up with a homemade present. Which is fine. I was honestly glad that I could help make the day special for these other mamas. Then I came home and had to help all of my kids make a present for my mama. Then I took her out. (And that is always an emotionally draining task for me because my mom has a pretty severe traumatic brain injury.) So now I am exhausted from that experience..... Then, DH told me to help the kids make cards for his mama. Which I started to do....but then realized that he was outside playing fetch with the dog while I was in leading our kids in yet another craft project. (Which I had been doing all know?) So I spoke up and told him that it would be nice if HE helped make the card for his own mama. Especially since this was now the third time I helped the kids make someone else a homemade present on mother's day. He eventually came in but acted all shocked like he didn't realize that I might want his help with making HIS mama a present. After that, we went and visited his mom all day. Which is nice and something that we should have done. Again, I still was not feeling angry/sad. Then, I came home and DH made a box of Kraft mac and cheese which I ate on a paper plate. I know I should be thankful for him doing this. It was something... I am trying really hard to look at the thought behind the box of Kraft mac and cheese. The kids fought all evening while he napped on the couch and I had to deal with getting them to stop fighting. Again, I still wasn't upset or feeling neglected. I am a mom and don't expect that I get out of "mothering" for the entire day. After dinner, I had to get all of the kids into bed while he disappeared and took a shower. (And my kids do NOT go to bed easily. So the whole process takes forever.) I think this was the straw that finally broke the camel's back. When he got out of the shower, I told him that it might have been nice if he would have helped out with bedtime instead of just taking a really long shower--- It was mother's day after all. And he goes, "Well, I already thought I gave you a really nice day." And I was kind of like, "What?" I am not sure where this disconnect was. It was at that point that I got sort of sad. What exactly had been done for me this day? There was no card. No last minute grocery store flowers like the other husbands who have forgotten the day might buy. No breakfast or lunch. No act of service or doing anything for me. (Except for making a box of mac and cheese.) It really made me feel unappreciated...and angry at him. Which is silly because it is mother's day...not wife appreciation day. But the kids won't know to do anything for their mom unless someone sort of tells them. Right? I am trying hard today to forgive him, and just move on. I *know* it is some silly holiday. And I know that I shouldn't be feeling upset. But I really am angry. The house is currently TRASHED from the kids and him yesterday. (I didn't do all of the laundry and tidying and dishes that I normally do....and no one else did anything either.) Today I planned on deep cleaning and getting everything put right. (I have an entire DAYS worth of laundry.) But at this point, I feel so unappreciated that I am having trouble mustering the energy to do all of this catch-up cleaning.
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