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  1. I teach MLA because it seems to be the mostly widely used in all of their outside classes. (So far.). We have teachers requiring MLA in our speech and debate program, our composition classes, our literature classes, and our science classes (for research questions.). However, I also teach how to read and follow instructions. That basic life skill will teach you how to follow any type of style guide...including MLA. Because it isn't like you "learn" MLA and are good to go---it is always changing! So you have to learn to follow instructions.
  2. My son is taking a Latin class online. The quizzes/tests are typically graded by computer. Some questions are multiple choice and others are fill in the blank. My son typed the correct answer in the fill in the blank question, but he hit the space bar AFTER his word. (FYI...the answer was an English word not even a word in Latin.) He went back to check his work (and everything looked fine to him), but when he hit the submit button, the computer marked the question as wrong because of this space after the word. I felt this was unfair because it was really a technical/computer problem,
  3. This is probably a long shot... But question for those using the Maccaw version (iPad or book). Has anyone found a link that works for the untamed science videos that go with this book? I was planning on having my kids do the chapter mysteries...and supposedly there are videos that go with these. But I can't get the link to work on the author's site: http://www.millerandlevine.com/macaw/intro.html
  4. I love hearing about all of these plans! My plans are still not finalized because I seem to like to wait until the VERY last minute to figure everything out. (I actually hate to procrastinate. Science is just hard to plan for me.) I think we are going to use the Maccaw 2012 e-text version because we already own it. (I purchased it a long time ago.). Does everything think that version is up to date enough? I know a lot has been happening in the field of Biology. We are then going to use Experience Biology for the lectures and video based labs. (There are a LOT of labs!).
  5. Wow! that sounds like a REALLY fun year. I love your book books. I just finished My Family and Other Animals. It was very fun!
  6. ...if so, want to share what you are using? Which textbook version? I looked at the samples of the latest 2019 version, and it looks like it has a lot of REALLY good updates. Anyone using that this year and want to talk about what you are planning?
  7. Memoria Press Online has lit classes. (Fewer books read, but great depth.) Integritas Academy has lit combined with persuasive writing.
  8. Thanks so much! Have you ever used the punctuation class available on Grammar Revolution?
  9. Hi Everyone, Can anyone compare and contrast Grammar Revolution with Analytical Grammar? Thanks!
  10. Hi Everyone, I am attempting to put together course descriptions and records for high school. I am a TOTAL newbie and I really feel like I have no idea what I am doing. So please excuse me if I ask really basic questions. And don't be afraid to give me honest advice if I am doing something stupid. 😉. I would rather know. OK? When my kids were in middle school, I could change or add to classes and it wasn't really a big deal because I didn't have to be as concerned about documentation and grades. But it seems like things get a lot more complicated when they enter high sch
  11. I am trying to put together a comprehensive high school records document for my children. For the classes I teach at home, I have a course description, a list of textbooks/materials, and a table showing how the grade was calculated. However, If I outsource a class to an online provider, what specific records should I keep? For example, my son took Algebra with AOPS in 7th grade. Besides a grade report that I requested, I have no other records-- And I think they've been deleted.
  12. For some reason, it looks like Rainbow Resource is not going to carry this math program any longer. They have a few odds and ends, but it says it won't be restocked. Then I checked out Christian Books, and it is the same thing there too! What gives? Is the only place to purchase this Singapore Math's website?!
  13. Hi Everyone, Well, here are my plans for the year. I decided to do a biology year in keeping with TWTM way of teaching science. I used that method with my older kids and it seemed to work well. I also decided that *just* using the Mystery Science lessons meant that we would be missing out on some pretty basic biology information that I wanted my son to learn, so I incorporated a few elements of REAL Science Odyssey. (That is what I used with my older children.). So when you see the acronym FMN in my plans it stands for the "For My Notebook" information pages that come with RSO
  14. Has anyone ever planned a subject specific year with Mystery Science? For example, in the first year go through all of the life science videos. The second year go through all of the earth and space videos. etc. Or do you tend to just go by age and work up from there?
  15. Logic of English foundations IS amazing. My son and I love it very much. Concerning your second point (bolded above). I have been homeschooling for 10 years now. And this question that you are asking yourself will NEVER go away. Most homeschoolers are always waffling between feeling like they are doing too much or not enough. We never feel just right. It is like we are trapped in some sort of Goldilock's syndrome! So don't ever let it keep you up at nights. OK? 🙂 Trust me. I've wasted a lot of time over the years comparing my homeschool to others, and it was rarely fru
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