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  1. Can anyone please review Well Ordered Language? I am thinking about trying it out with my youngest child, however, I would love to read some reviews first. He has gone through Logic of English Foundations A-->D, but I am not sold on sticking with Logic of English past foundations. (Essentials just doesn't resonate with me for some reason.). I am considering switching him to First Language Lessons (tried and true), English Lessons through Literature....or possibly Well Ordered Language next year. I would especially love it if anyone could compare or contrast it with other gra
  2. I hope it works out well for you. The great thing about DO is that it goes month to month. You could always start the first month, see how he does with due dates and the video lectures...then decide if you want to switch or quit. One mom on this board (I am forgetting who)...told their DC that they would pay them the DO tuition fee for every month they finished early for the school year. That is one way to keep a kid motivated. My children are still not motivated to finish when I offer that....so I had to be mean and say, "Finish your work by Friday or work on the weekend." FWIW
  3. Is that time estimate accurate though? I haven't taken the class, but from what I am reading above, It sounds like some people find themselves spending 2 hours per day most days per week. If so, that might mean the time estimate is closer to 7-10 hours per week. Was anyone able to get the class work finished in just 5 hours per week? As a parent, it really irks me when the out of class time commitment is way more than what is advertised. We often use those estimates to make sure we aren't overloading our poor children with work. haha
  4. I disagree..or at least I think I do. Maybe I am confused with how you renamed things. 🙂 🙂 I have taken Algebra I, Algebra II, and Physical science, and all homework is scanned in by the student and graded by Derek Owens or TA . (the students are allowed to use their notes/book to do homework.). At the end of each chapter there is a closed book/closed note test. The test is proctored by the parent, scanned in by the student, and graded by Derek Owens. At the end of each semester there is a cumulative semester exam which is proctored by the parent, scanned in by the student, a
  5. I would email Derek Owens and ask him specifically. I know that my son was very well prepared for Algebra II after taking only a 1 semester class of Algebra through AOPS. (But, that class is like learning Algebra through a firehose....in a good way if there is such a thing. hahah) I just logged into DO algebra II class so I could look at the first couple of lectures / homework assignments / tests for you. Here is the syllabus if you want to follow along (https://www.derekowens.com/CourseSyllabuses2.aspx?Location=Online&Day=Monday&Year=2019-2020&Course=Algebra 2&Teache
  6. If you ever want an IEW online option, I cannot say enough good things about Jennifer Kimbrell's classes: https://writingwithjennifer.com Honestly,I'm almost afraid to share about it on this forum because class size is limited and I want to make sure and get my DD in her class again next year. However, I know that is selfish...so I will let you in on my secret. 😉 Mrs. Kimbrell has taken the IEW method and made it her own. She provides all her own curriculum and it is VERY good. The class is VERY well organized, and it has been the one thing to finally bump my daughter's writing up
  7. Well, with Derek Owen's classes there is only one option: pre-recorded videos. There is a local class, but there isn't an online live class. We normally prefer live classes for the social interaction, but the DO classes have worked out just fine. Actually, it is sort of nice that they aren't live because you can pause them for as long as you like and won't miss something important. You also don't have to wait on your classmates. (That used to frustrate me in math class.). There are videos and practice problems every single day. So, you get a lot more teacher interaction than
  8. If a student complete a course over the summer (using a full HS level textbook, etc.)---what grade does it count for? For example, my 8th grade son is set to complete Derek Owens High school physics over the summer. Would I count that as work completed in 9th grade on his transcript...or an early high school credit?
  9. Well, my son is near finishing DO Algebra 2...and I have nothing but good things to say. Maybe I can answer some specific questions?
  10. How is Hoffman Academy working out for older kids? I have a 7 year old, and I know it would be perfect for him. I am wondering if I could start my older kids too. Do you use the free or paid version? And do you think I could somehow beef up Hoffman Academy to count as a fine arts credit? My son is NOT artistic at all, and getting him to do any type of "fine arts" seems like pulling teeth. Also, do you plan to claim two English credits with separate lit and separate composition? Or combine them into one?
  11. Is it too early? I tend to pass these February days by planning for next year. Anyone want to pencil in their plans or ideas? Here are my DRAFT plans: Latin: 4th Form Latin (MPOA) Math: Finish Geometry, Start Pre-Calculus (Derek Owens or AOPS) English: Lit and Composition for Underclassman (Integritas Academy) Science: Clover Valley Chemistry History: Some type of American History (Maybe MPOA?) Classical / Christian Studies: Classical Studies II (MPOA) (Roman year) Elective or Extracurricular: ??? Covid has really made this difficu
  12. My advice? Do as much math as possible and make it a priority in your homeschool no matter what your student thinks they want to be when "they grow up". 🙂. Why? Well, let me ask you this: has your child ever changed their mind in the past? If so, there is a good chance they may change their mind in the future. Having a strong math background will give him options and choices. That is a good thing! He may be set on being a police officer or fire fighter NOW, but a lot can change in a few short years before graduation! And a lot can change throughout someone's life! I know many a
  13. I've used it with two students so far, and both were well prepared for AOPS Pre-Algebra after 5B. The only area where there were a few weaknesses were multiplying and dividing with negative numbers. I had to teach that a bit more before pre-algabra.
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