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  1. Well, I think he is pretty wonderful...but I am biased. 🙂 As a mama, it is amazing to watch these little children we raise grow into young adults.
  2. My son has completed Honors Algebra II with Derek Owen's this school year (8th grade). He is asking to sign up for an AOPS class this summer. (Intro to Algebra B). He says he would like to explore the subject in more depth and work some harder problems before moving on in math. He previously took Intro to Algebra A with AOPS...and I think he misses the high-speed competitive nature of the classes. I think he would like to do something similar with geometry next year*: Take honors geometry with Derek Owens during the school year, and then take it again with more depth with AOPS.
  3. Hello Everyone, I have a 7 year old who is finishing up first grade. We have used Logic of English Foundations for kindergarten and first grade. I LOVE the program, but I am not sure I am sold on how LOE teaches grammar and writing. (I used FLL and WWE combined with AAS/AAR for my older set of kids which worked well, but I much prefer LOE to AAR/AAS.). I was thinking of adding First Language Lessons or Writing With Ease (or maybe both?) to Logic of English Essentials for 2nd grade (and skipping the grammar parts of LOE). Do you think that will work? It is just making things m
  4. This is a WONDERFUL review! Thank you so very much for taking the time to share your experience. How easy do you feel the program is to use? What prep do you do? (Prep over summer, prep each week, etc.)?
  5. The best thing to do is read the book, watch the videos....and learn to read solutions for understanding/learning. (That last point is the HARDEST thing for many students to learn to do IMHO!). We tend to skip the problems in the book and go straight to Alcumus for practice. Why? WELL, Alcumus is adaptive and has very well written solutions. That means that if you need more practice in a particular area it will keep giving you problems until you have practiced it enough. It also adapts in difficulty level. Make sure your students know that it is OK to miss problems on Alcu
  6. Hello, My son is taking Derek Owens Honors Physics course this summer. The class includes 8 labs. Is this enough to call this a "lab science" on his transcript? It seems rather light to me. I am wondering if I should add in some more labs? FYI: My son will probably go into some STEM field in the future. This is also just his first introduction to Physics; he will take it again at a higher level before he graduates.
  7. I quickly scanned the responses, so sorry if this was already mentioned. BUT....Another thing to consider: Do not just calculate grades based on tests alone! Other factors can (and probably should) be considered in your grade calculations. Pull up any high school syllabus and you will see that they do not base the entire grade on test scores alone. We tend to do that in our homeschools because it is the only number we have to measure, and we can take things like homework and lab participation for granted becuse our kids just "have" to do it. Here is an example and as you
  8. My plans are still VERY rough, but here is what I have so far: 1) Math: Geometry with Derek Owens: https://derekowens.com 2) Composition: IEW Level 2 with Mrs. Kimbrell. (FANTASTIC online class btw!): https://writingwithjennifer.com 3) Literature: Memoria Press 8th Grade Lit Set (Wind in the Willows, Tom Sawyer, Treasure Island, As You Like It plus poetry and short stories at home but supplemented w/ Online Parent Moderator led student discussion group via https://www.vitabeata.org 4) Foreign Language: Honors French I via TPS. (not enrolled yet, my backup plan is Thi
  9. Hello! If you have tried Building Blocks of Science, could you please let me know your thoughts? Thanks!
  10. I never even thought of podcasts! Thanks for the great ideas.
  11. Did I miss the 2nd grade planning thread? If not, please reply below and let us all know what you are planning for second grade.
  12. I am so thankful for the SOTW audiobooks. Our family has been doing a bit of crisis schooling this year, and those audiobooks have made it possible for my first grader to still get some history exposure. Does anyone know of a similar resource for elementary science? Maybe even a series that a first grader could listen to while he plays? We have an audible subscription and a decent library.
  13. Ha! Based on your description, I think my daughter has this same teacher for literature.
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