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  1. This is a bit of a "spin-off" from the thread on notebooks and binders, which I am really enjoying! My oldest son is taking mostly online classes next year, and I am looking for a process for helping him learn to keep track of assignments, due dates, and other things he needs to do each day. Previously, we used homeschool planet, and I would copy and paste all of his assignments from each online class into one single checklist. This worked REALLY well because I could import in our digital calendar as a subscription, and even input in chores and reminders (read your bible, workout, feed the cat, etc.). This would let us know if he needed to "double up" and work ahead if he had a dentist appointment or something. And it also gave me one single place to check to see if he got his assignments done for the day instead of logging into many different online providers. (We have multiple children, so I end up having to check over 20 classes most days. I am sure many can relate.). Another benefit was that it was digital....meaning I could edit it on the fly when *I* happened to remember something I needed him to do and he wasn't around. In other words, it kept me from forgetting things too! (For example, I might notice that he is missing a bunch of similar types of problems in math and I can quickly add "review ch. 6 and reattempt missed problems" to his checklist before I forget.) The downside to this system is that *I* am doing all of the organizing and planning for him. For example, if he is assigned a mid-term essay or research project, I tend to break it down into smaller daily tasks and put them on his checklist. Same thing with quizzes. If I see a test is ahead, I will add daily study sessions. Basically, I am acting as his brain. I am debating how to handle things next year as he moves into high school. On one hand, we have a system that works. Maybe I shouldn't mess with it. On the other hand, perhaps I should be slowly handing these important executive functioning skills over to him. Perhaps I am doing too much for him and cheating him out of some important study skills that he will need prior to college. I've been looking at the "Order out of Chaos" planners online and wondering if we should try to transition to this type of thing. Or do I keep it simple and just have a list of subjects he must do each day and tell him to refer to the online class pages. (Why replicate work the teachers have already done? Right?) -- SO--my question is: If you have a high schooler who takes a lot of online/outside classes, how does your student keep track of assignments and due dates? I am especially interested in hearing from people who do not use a single provider. And I am especially interested in hearing from people who have kids who aren't naturally organized.
  2. Yes, this sweet mama would be mortified by the measure the belly thing. She doesn't like having much attention on herself, but we would still like to honor her...and fill her home with baby essentials. 🙂 Also a question: How did you pick the "best" drawing?
  3. Hi Everyone, I was given the honor of planning some baby shower games for a first time mother-to-be at our church. All of the women of our church have been invited, and I would guess there will be about 20 women there. Can you please help me plan some games that people would actually LIKE to play? I don't want anything gross or embarrassing. The mom to be is incredibly introverted, so nothing that might put her on the spot. I have never been to a traditional baby shower in my life! So I am not really sure what is protocol when it comes to games. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. 🙂
  4. They say things like, "My DD was able to graduate debt free by getting a "full ride"." And I've never asked what exactly that means! You have a good point.
  5. According to this news article, undergraduate college enrollment is down again...another 5% from last year: https://www.npr.org/2021/06/10/1005177324/spring-numbers-show-dramatic-drop-in-college-enrollment I imagine that this will have huge financial impacts on colleges across the country. I have a friend whose children were able to get full ride scholarships to the college of their choice. (Homeschool grads 15 years ago.). Do you think that is even possible for a student given the current state of high education?
  6. I am no help with your actual question, but can you tell me what your favoriting budgeting app is?
  7. I am sure this question has been answered previously, so please forgive me. My search skills are not yielding any results. I have my oldest enrolled in an AP Gov't class. (This will be his first AP test.). When should I attempt to schedule a test for 2022? And does anyone have any tips? (FWIW, I do not have much of a relationship with his assigned public school. It is very far away because our neighborhood was annexed by the city. We are in Columbus Public schools. Should I contact them first? Or try local private schools near me?)
  8. That is an excellent resource. However, I believe it requires a child to have a pretty good understanding of the parts of speech and how to identify what a word is doing in the sentence.
  9. I am trying to plan 2nd grade for my son. Despite my best intentions, we did not do much science in first grade. (My husband was battling cancer, so we had to stick with the basics in a lot of my younger son's subjects.). I am considering Generation Genius as a resource. (Hoping my 2nd grade son will not fight me too much!). However, I feel like the program may lack a bit of structure. I have sorted the lessons into categories (Biology, Geology, etc.). However, I feel the program lacks a bit of review and structure. Maybe it needs additional reading? Or review of some sort? If you are using this resource, what have you added to it? Thanks!
  10. Did you make your own AP Gov't Course? If so, would you mind sharing some of your favorite resources? Thanks!
  11. Well, I think he is pretty wonderful...but I am biased. 🙂 As a mama, it is amazing to watch these little children we raise grow into young adults.
  12. My son has completed Honors Algebra II with Derek Owen's this school year (8th grade). He is asking to sign up for an AOPS class this summer. (Intro to Algebra B). He says he would like to explore the subject in more depth and work some harder problems before moving on in math. He previously took Intro to Algebra A with AOPS...and I think he misses the high-speed competitive nature of the classes. I think he would like to do something similar with geometry next year*: Take honors geometry with Derek Owens during the school year, and then take it again with more depth with AOPS. *He skipped Geometry and took Algebra II straight after Algebra I (DO Algebra II covers trig which he needed for physics.). My questions are: Is his plan the best use of his time? Would it be better to just progress through math with Derek Owens and then move on to duel enrollment with a local college after calculus? And if I go ahead with his plan, how would I record this on his transcript? Combine both online classes into one Algebra 2 class? Leave it off of his transcript?
  13. Hello Everyone, I have a 7 year old who is finishing up first grade. We have used Logic of English Foundations for kindergarten and first grade. I LOVE the program, but I am not sure I am sold on how LOE teaches grammar and writing. (I used FLL and WWE combined with AAS/AAR for my older set of kids which worked well, but I much prefer LOE to AAR/AAS.). I was thinking of adding First Language Lessons or Writing With Ease (or maybe both?) to Logic of English Essentials for 2nd grade (and skipping the grammar parts of LOE). Do you think that will work? It is just making things more complicated than they need to be? It sure is nice being able to use only one book for ALL of language arts.
  14. This is a WONDERFUL review! Thank you so very much for taking the time to share your experience. How easy do you feel the program is to use? What prep do you do? (Prep over summer, prep each week, etc.)?
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