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  1. Thanks! I will look into those. Does anyone have any reviews on Write at Home or Lantern English? I am not familiar with either of these approaches.
  2. Help! This has been by far my most busy homeschooling year to date. Despite my best intentions, I have not been doing a very good job teaching writing (composition) this year to my 6th and 7th grade children. Our lessons have been sporadic and not consistent. And try as I might, I am just struggling to make things better in this particular area. I've been beating myself up about it for weeks now--however, I am realizing that that does absolutely nothing to make the problem better. Right? Right! SO--Instead, I am trying to be proactive and find a better solution. I am thinking that it might be best if I find a way to outsource this particular subject in this particular season of my life. Does anyone know of any online writing classes that start mid-year? My children really enjoy the IEW method, but at this point, I am willing to try new things! I have looked at the Brave Writer classes. Are there any other options I should explore?
  3. Math: Art of Problem Solving Intro to Algebra and Math Counts pre class Latin: Second Form Latin (MPOA) Spelling: Spelling Plus Grammar: Memoria Press English Grammar Recitation III Science: Novare Physical Science Literature: Memoria Press Literature Selections, Workbooks, and Tests History/Classical Studies: Famous Men of the Middle Ages (MPOA) Christian Studies: Memoria Press Christian Studies III Geography: Memoria Press Geography II and Memoria Press Geography I review Composition: Brave Writer Classes (but mostly just lots of writing through the curriculum) Electives/Gym: Competitive speech, fencing
  4. I started a thread about this topic many moons ago, but I still have questions about how to record classes taken at AOPS on a homeschool High School transcript. For the record, my son will probably have way more credits than he needs to graduate. So I guess my questions have more to do with how to name and list things on his transcript. (I am very much a noob!) Background: My 7th grade son is currently taking the AOPS Intro to Algebra A. The class is only a 16 week class, however, the course description says "Our Algebra sequence will likely not match up exactly with your school's. Most students who have completed a Prealgebra course are ready for this course. This course covers much of the algebra of a typical honors Algebra 1 course, some of the content of an honors Algebra 2 course, and some additional material not taught in most standard curricula. Visit our Recommendations page for help in choosing the right class. He is also taking an AOPS Mathcounts prep class in addition to this. (I will not list that on the transcript most likely.) --I am debating what I should call this course on the transcript: Honors Algebra I? Or Introduction to Algebra A? (Same as online course title?) (And what exactly does an "honors" level designation mean on the transcript? ) --How many credits would I award for this course? It is only 16 weeks long. However, I would say that my son has to spend an average of 12 hours per week on math plus the 1.5 hour instruction time. So after 16 weeks, that is about 216 hours worth of work. So could I award a full credit in math for this 16 week course? Or will it look like I am inflating his credits? He will probably take the Intro to Number Theory and Intro to Probability courses this year too. I am not sure if that changes any of the answers I will get to my questions.
  5. Yes, I think his diet REALLY needs cleaned up! Since he has recovered from the vomiting, he has been eating terribly! After he got better, we started feeding him anything he would eat. That meant lots of refined carbs and milk, and very little fruits and vegetables and protein. He is refusing foods he previously enjoyed....even bananas and apples. So that is making things difficult. Today I am going to try some smoothies.
  6. He hasn't been on antibiotics for years. So that isn't a direct concern.
  7. Hello Everyone, At the beginning of this month, my 6 year old son was sick with some type of virus that was causing him to throw up. After that, he started having weird light colored stools. We have taken him to the doctors and she did all of this blood work on him. His liver function = normal, kidney function = normal (he had kidney damage as a toddler), and CBC = normal. She suggested that I put him on a probiotic and give him digestive enzymes. The probiotic brands she recommended were cultural and florastor. Are there any other brands of probiotics that are better? I am looking at amazon right now and I am feeling very overwhelmed with the reviews and options. Anything else I should be looking into or trying? My friend is suggesting that I eliminate grains and dairy for awhile to see. The doctor didn't think I needed to do that. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi Everyone, My 11 year old daughter needs some book suggestions. She has nothing to read (and you all know how awful that feels!). She enjoys realistic fiction books. This is not my usual genre, so I am having problems thinking of suggestions. Some of her favorite books include the Tim Green football books (Unstoppable is her favorite, but she has read them all); she enjoyed all of the Andrew Clements's books; she loved Holes (but not so much the sequel); the Beverly Clearly books. She reads a tiny bit of fantasy, but usually doesn't like that much. (She has read over and over and over again the entire Harry Potter series and Percy Jackson all of the spin-offs.). Thanks in advance!
  9. I apologize for starting a redundant thread. I have searched the board, and the latest thread that has your tests that is coming up in my search results is from 2013. It was before the forum update, and your test downloads are not working. They are downloading a .ipb file----and I am not sure what program opens that file. However, I assume that "quite recently" means you have reposted these tests? If so, do you happen to remember what part of the forum the post was in? (I've searched "AOPS tests" and "Algebra Tests"...both with the forum search and google.)
  10. Hi Everyone, Two of my children are going through the AOPS Intro to Algebra book this year. I am trying to figure out something to use for tests. Does anyone have any ideas? I was thinking that I could use the end of chapter reviews as a test, however, I am having a very hard time estimating how long it would take to complete one of those reviews. Do you think the reviews have too many problems? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi Everyone, I could use some advice on what to do for science next year. About my kids: I will have a rising 6th Grade Child and a 7th Grade Child. I do not have to combine them, but I am considering it. My rising 6th grader does not like science at all, so I am trying to kindle interest and love for her. My rising 7th-grade child LOVES science. Both are good in math. They completed AOPS pre-algebra this year (5th and 6th grade), and will be taking AOPS Algebra next year. They also like to compete in mathcounts. What they did this year: This year we floundered in science big time. I feel like it was one of our worst years. My 5th-grade daughter did an online scratch course and then worked through many of the EEME kits. (We called it a STEM year.) She really enjoyed working through these electronics programs and the scratch course. She was also able to do it totally independently which means I wasn't a "bottleneck" to her getting science completed. My 7th-grade child wanted to try to do Physical science through Kolbe. We already owned the program and he thought he could do he sort of talked me into trying it. In hindsight, that was a mistake. It ended up being too difficult for him. He didn't fail it, but he was getting Bs and Cs on the tests, so I don't feel like things were being learned to mastery. I also had to help him with a lot of the math and unit conversions. He never really got significant figure no matter how many times I taught it to him. (And that is why he missed many of the problems on the tests/quizzes.) So, we dropped the program halfway through the year and tried RSO Biology II. I really disliked that program for many reasons. (It was too lab intensive for us so it wasn't getting completed on schedule, I found some errors in the text, and the tests hard to study for, etc. etc.) So we ended up dropping that program and he is now just doing nature study twice per week and focusing on math. (Insects by Memoria Press). Again, I feel like we just floundered all over the place with him. It wasn't his best science year, and that was mostly because we didn't stick to any one thing. A lot of it was my fault, and I really want to have a better year next year. 🙂 Next year: My rising 7th grade child has big dreams and is highly ambitious with science. 😉 He really wants to try the new Memoria Press Biology program which uses the Holt book and is intended for 9th graders. He has had good success with Memoria Press products in other subjects. And the program looks easy enough to teach. BUT, I am worried that we will have a repeat of our Kolbe Physical Science debacle....that the program will be too much for him, and then we will drop it and have wasted our time. On the other hand, he plans to try to take Clover Creek Physics next year (8th grade) assuming he completes AOPS Algebra with an A. So this might be a good year to take a beginners biology program while we wait for his math skills to advance. My daughter's FAVORITE science year (besides this year) was the year we did Exploration Education. She enjoyed the little box of supplies and doing all of the lab projects with her brother. The closest thing I have found to that is The Rainbow science. However, I keep hearing people say negative things about the program. Another program I am considering is some of the Novare texts. (But which ones?) Again, I cannot find very much information on these.
  12. Here is a "copy and paste" of my son's assignment checklist for First Form Latin Lesson 15. Just to give you an example of how I scheduled it. My son also has dyslexia, so we schedule an hour per day to work on it. He needs more practice and drill than most kids. He is also in 6th grade. He already completed Latina Christiana and 2 years of Song School Latin prior to this. (That made things A LOT easier for him.) This is based on a schedule posted on the Memoria Press forum by a lady named Jessica. I usually *LOVE* the lesson plans published by Memoria Press, but I found it lacking for First Form Latin. My son needs very specific instructions on his assignment checklist...or things can start to slip. I modified the plans posted online by adding a DVD Lesson and condensing everything into 4 days per week. We also added in a "Daily Spelling Practice" for the vocabulary. (Daily Spelling Practice is an activity that he does with Spelling Plus. We just also do it with Latin.) I added in Lingua Angelica because I think it helps to have some more "beauty" worked into the subject. This keeps things from becoming too tedious IMHO. This way you can hear the language being sung and spoken and prayed instead of just learning vocabulary and grammar all year. For recitation, we ignore the scheduled recitation in the teacher's guide and I have him quickly recite ALL grammar learned for the year plus the current lesson's vocab and saying. Grammar Questions are in the back of the student book as are the vocabulary drills. I actually made the grammar questions into flashcards for my son because reading through them wasn't working when it came to actually learning the questions/answers. Day 1: Day 2: Day 3: Day 4:
  13. Personally, I thnk the book is SO well written that you don't really need the online class. The solutions are really, really nice too. (I've never seen a math book with such nice solutions written out.) PLUS there are free online instructional videos for the Algebra book. PLUS there is a free practice program called Alcumus available. PLUS, if your child needs help solving one of the problems, there is a free online forum with loads of math geniuses waiting to show off their skills and give assistance. 🙂 My 2 cents---save your money and put it towards college....or one of the more difficult upper-level math classes.
  14. Oh yes, I won't compromise curriculum for a contest. But if we have time over the summer, I am trying to figure out how best to use it. We school year round. (Taking longer breaks off around Thanksgiving and Christmas and Easter than most we only take 2 weeks off every summer.) They are going to finish their pre-algebra book before the rest of their other subjects, and I am trying to figure out what to do once we finish. Does that make sense? They are doing well with speed and problem-solving. I would say that they miss most problems due to the lack of certain content knowledge. The second biggest problem is accuracy and making silly mistakes. (However, that is getting better since we switched to AOPS this year.) We also need to spend more time learning to use their calculator for the target round. 🙂
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