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  1. This is helpful, thanks! This was my approach too but our library is shut down now and only doing online reservations for hold pick ups, which complicates things. 😞
  2. We have. What do you need help with exactly? How old is the child? How familiar are you with the Montessori Method? Feel free to PM me.
  3. I have a 5 year old that is reading at a second grade level. We picked up OPGTR this summer to review and make sure there weren't any gaps. We're now at a point where the lessons are new information but with the "review two, one new" rhythm I'm finding it is taking us multiple days to complete a lesson (as I try to cap it at 20 minutes daily). Is this normal or am I possibly having her review too much material? And a question on blends. She blends really well but when she sounds out a word, either aloud or "in her head", she tends to not blend. So, for example, trumpet will be sounded out a
  4. Is there somewhere I can find what lessons in OPGTR roughly correspond with grade levels, Lexile score, or something similar?
  5. @joykm @janeway We've enjoyed the ones on germs, solar energy, and crystals. We also have the volcano math game which is fun. Looking forward to the human body, going green, soaring with flight, and secrets of space kits this year. Haven't started Mel Science yet but very excited for it.
  6. Thanks all - we're perfectly fine taking our time. The issue was more so finding materials that were a good fit and I think we've done that with OPGTR but I'm still interested in Classical Phonics and their supplements and was interested in some feedback regarding those.
  7. ... guess who’s back, back again ... apparently, I refuse to let this thread die. We sat with BOB books and Progressive Phonics for a bit. Revisited OPGTR and actually really into it this time around, though we’d be picking up more or less half way through the book. my plan now is to do some review using OPGTR to get her used to the flow. And use OPGTR with readers and maybe also Progressive Phonics. Possibly throw in some ETC. Currently a little over a quarter way through ETC 2 but starting to tire of the wacky illustrations. Was eyeing the FSR books from Memoria Press -
  8. Perhaps those of you that use Memoria Press can clarify something for me. What exactly is the difference between the Core Phonics books and the First Start Reading Books? From a glance, Core Phonics seems similar to Explode the Code. The First Start Reading are described as "The worktexts are about half letter presentation, blending, and reading practice and half writing practice". Are the First Start Reading books then just more of what's in Core Phonics + writing practice? Does this seem redundant?
  9. @Sarah0000 This is really helpful! She understands subtraction and can do double digit subtraction with the manipulatives. In the time since this post was written, she's breezed through Singapore Essentials B and we both enjoyed it. I'm considering putting her in Singapore level 1 but I've heard there's a learning curve to teaching it which is intimidating me a bit. Do you find it pretty open and go? Part of what drew me to MM was that it was a work text and seems pretty streamlined. My plan right now is to work through MM this summer and see if we like it but I was also considering just m
  10. @mathmarm This is really helpful, thank you!
  11. and... I'm back. We skipped ahead but PP is still not working out for us. We seem to have much more success with ETC and beginning readers, but I worry it's not comprehensive enough? Can anyone speak to this? If not, what other reading programs are similar to ETC but more comprehensive? I'm eyeing LOE but I worry it may be too involved. I'd like something scripted but streamlined. I tried 100 EZ Lessons and TOPGTR and they didn't work out for us either. Maybe I need to revisit them though, but she seems to do much better with purposeful or contextual reading.
  12. Hey, neighbor! I submitted applications with Visions, VV, Vista Oaks, CWEB, and Compass. VV and Vista Oaks waitlisted us and I still haven't heard from Visions or CWEB. Compass apparently can't cap enrollment as part of its charter agreement, it just hires out more educational specialists to fill the need, so my understanding is we're guaranteed a spot with them should I not hear back from the others. Do you use a charter? We moved from out of state in September so still getting acquainted with CCC and completely new to the charter system.
  13. @square_25 I've considered it, but I think the graphic novel format would not be a good fit for her right now. Maybe next year though.
  14. It's not that I do not want to use them, I just don't know if they'll be a good fit. I've read that RS is more spiral and thus harder to accelerate if needed. If you've used it, has that been your experience? I perhaps should've mentioned that another factor is my intention to move on to Beast Academy in a year or so. Would RS be a good fit if only to be used for a year or two or is it one of those curriculums that you need to use for a few years to really get the value out of (and by value, I mean educational, not financial)?
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