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  1. Thanks! Do you have a favorite you can recommend?
  2. Well, yes. That was a big issue with my first especially because she was the most difficult but with subsequent babies it was fine. He would take the older one(s) and I would do the baby. Like for bedtime, he would rather put the big kids to bed than deal with a cranky baby and I was happy to have that time to just snuggle the baby, go out for a walk etc.
  3. Yeah, pretty much! The gym issue is pretty much the only "con" on my pros/cons list about having another baby. The past several years working at home I either had all kids napping or 1 or 2 at school so at most I had one kid with me while I worked out. Next year we are homeschooling and I don't think any of the older kids will still be napping. I can have them do rest time but that is also my chance to get done all the other things
  4. I took 6 years off from teaching and just worked out at home. Now I teach at 5:30am (and only once a week) so the kids are still in bed and my husband is home. The other days I bring them or workout at home.
  5. Thanks for the encouragement! I wouldn't do it every day. I can tough it out through interruptions etc several days a week but it would be great to get two days at the gym. My husband doesn't do babies. They are pretty much all mine for the first year. But on the weekends he would watch the other kids if I could get the baby down for a nap or took the baby running with me.
  6. I was a fitness instructor before having kids, worked out at home for 6 years then joined the gym last school year. I still do half my workouts at home. I only teach one day a week and that is at 5:30 am so I don't bring the kids. I will not be teaching that early with a new baby so either I will take time off until the baby is sleeping well or switch to a later class.
  7. We will be doing pre K, K and 2nd grade math. Do I need the teacher's Manuals? Do I even need the textbook or can I get away with just the workbooks?
  8. So... I am giving this way too much thought but if my other kids are still in contact with the masses and then are all over the baby, what's the difference? We are doomed!
  9. Thanks, everyone! I am having some morning sickness now and had an ultrasound for dating purposes, everything looked good!
  10. Wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to explain all that! What got me started on this was my DD7 asked to listen to music while she wrote out her spelling words (assigned homework) the other day. I let her and she did a great job, quickly and with no fussing. Usually it is painful for all of us! I can't even compose a coherent email if music is on. I can't imagine actually being able to learn anything while listening to music, it is so distracting to me. But I thought perhaps there are people who learn better with music playing? None of the learning styles above fit spot on but she does seem very right-brain dominant as you described it. I don't know what an educational philosophy is supposed to look like but I want to nurture the whole child. I want more time to play outside, read, do crafts, teach life skills, chores and do extra-curriculars without being over-scheduled. I want to foster creativity, I think my DD is currently a square peg being shoved into a round hole. Academic rigor is important to me in the long run but right now I want to foster a love of learning and curiosity and not be rush rush rush all the time. Thanks again!
  11. Can someone recommend a book to help my understand my kids' learning styles and how to reach them? I am sure this has been discussed but the search feature was not working. They are currently ages 2-7 if that matters. Thank you!
  12. Thanks, ladies! I knew I could count on there being moms with many pregnancies here to compare! If this were my first I wouldn't be worried but this is not what I normally feel like at 6 weeks. I did just think of something though. I haven't really been having PMS symptoms since getting my period back after my 3rd so maybe I respond to the hormones differently now than I used to.
  13. This is my 4th and I will be 6 weeks tomorrow. I am concerned because I feel perfectly normal. With my other pregnancies I had sore breasts, cramping and bloating, was constipated and woke up constantly to pee. then around 6 weeks the nausea kicked in as well. This time around I had the cramping and constipation at first but that went away a few days ago, never had any breast pain. I am still not sleeping well but that could easily the the excitement/worry. So far no nausea. I know some people just don't experience much symptoms and "every pregnancy is different" but mine have all been pretty much the same. My friends who have had one pregnancy with no symptoms ended up miscarrying. Has anyone not had symptoms for one pregnancy and everything was fine?
  14. Are you saying just let things build up until he realizes how much needs to be done to maintain the house? Haha I have considered this many times but never had the guts to do it. It bothers me more than it bothers him. We don't have a lot of counter space so it's hard to cook if I don't do the dishes every meal. And we have family and/or friends over at least once a week so ....? Even when I have a stomach bug the first thing I do when I am able to stand up is do the dishes.
  15. Exactly! For the sake of his health and our budget I want him to bring a lunch from home. I already pack lunch for my 1 in school and prep veggies (sandwiches too if we will be out) for the rest of us so it isn't a huge deal to also do his. But that combined with cleaning up after dinner and doing the dishes takes a good 30 min.
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