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  1. I am looking for a typing program my 3rd grader could do mostly independently despite being behind in reading and not having much experience with technology. Free would be great but I don't want advertisements on the page so I understand I might need to purchase something. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for sharing! At this point I still have to watch even my oldest to make sure she is forming her letters correctly (un-learning bad habits from her years in school) and she is not reading well enough to do it on her own but we are getting there!
  3. Thanks, Wendy! I would love to be a fly on the wall in your house. It sounds like you have a great system. My only concern is it looks like you are always teaching during meals. When do you get to eat?!? haha! I think I will make a list of things I want each kid to work towards doing independently and tackle those along with our academics. For example, I am still putting my 4 yo's socks and velcro shoes on for him. I think it stems from always feeling rushed, not having the time to wait for him to do it himself. Clearly, putting some time and energy into teaching and requiring independence wou
  4. I have heard that someday it will happen. Someday I will teach the lesson (or they may even teach themselves) and they will scurry off and do their work. I will be available for questions but they won't need my undivided attention every second. Right now I am in the thick of it with an ADD 8 yr old, OCD 6 yr old, mischievous 4 yr old and needy 1 yr old and that feels like a dream. I know I am a long way off but do you have a game plan for how to get from point A to point B?
  5. Any chance you are in New Hampshire? I have a friend!
  6. My hair is fairly thick, a bit wavy and very poofy the first day I wash it. It always looks amazing when I am sick, shiny and perfectly voluminous. WHY?? Because I don't workout and thus don't wash it. The rest of the time it is like every hair is doing its own thing. I workout every day and sweat a lot so it should be washed, or at least rinsed, every day. Currently I wash every 2-3 days and just put it up in a messy bun (and not the cute kind). Anyone with similar hair (and sweat issues) try a "no poo" routine?
  7. We do most of our schooling one on one, and that works well for us, but I am finding that each kid has a lot of free time durnig the day when it is not their turn for school. Due to their ages and some possible learning differences they are not yet capable of me "getting them started" and continuing on their own. Same goes for chores or structured activities of any kind. I am not looking to change our curriculum, just looking for something supplemental they can do without me for 20 min. Any suggestions? Bonus if it is art/music/foreign language because that is where I am lacking.
  8. I feel like homeschooling is great for my school aged kids. They are thriving. But the toddler and baby don't get much attention and it is sucking the life out of me. The actual schooling is good but I feel like I can't keep up with everything and this introvert is so overstimulated. I miss just having my baby and toddler home, going to the gym, to storytime, getting things done in peace while they nap. Anyone feel like this?
  9. "Stalls" was probably a bad word to use. We would want full walls/doors etc.
  10. I can only imagine what my grandmother would say! One bathroom and 8 kids. They had a schedule posted on the door and you better not overrun your time 🙂
  11. Eh... yeah.... there are other weird things we want to do too.... like a hose off shower in the garage, massive mud room/coat closet, and lots of tiny nook/loft/attic bedrooms.
  12. We are dreaming of building a house and are thinking of doing something usual with the bathrooms. We thought it would work well for our family to have one bathroom for me to share with the girls and one for my husband to share with the boys. Another idea was to have more of a public locker room design where you have a couple toilet stalls, a couple shower stalls with dressing areas and a separate sink area so you can use all the parts and still have privacy. OR we could merge the ideas so the girls have one shower, one toilet and a large sink/mirror area that are all separate. Same for the boy
  13. Has anyone built a prefab? I am curious about ballpark cost to see if it is even worth meeting with a builder. Any other thoughts on the process would be helpful too, thanks!
  14. I am jumping into AAR and AAS with kids in 3rd, 1st and preK and am buying things used so it's kind of a mess. Does each kid need their own set of cards and tiles? Does my 3rd grader need cards from levels 1 and 2? Does each kid have one box of cards for spelling and one for reading? I welcome any other advice on jumping in late. Thank you!
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