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  1. I constantly get colds. Granted, I have young kids and one is currently in school and the other two regularly go to the childcare at our gym and are exposed to lots of other kids. But still.... We eat well, I am very strict with myself about sleep. I have maintained very high intensity workouts since high school sports but when I feel something coming on I do take a couple days off or just do something light like yoga or walking. I eat well. I take a women's multi, fish oil, and vitamin D. I tried probiotics sporadically but every time I took them I got an upset stomach. I make an elderberry and rosehip syrup that I take whenever I feel something coming on but should probably just take all the time. Any suggestions? Thanks!!
  2. Oh so is each subject separate? I haven't bought the curriculum yet and it sounded like the subjects were integrated so I wasn't sure if it was even possible to pick and choose.
  3. That sounds so cool! Is this advertised as an immersion class or did you happen to find a class in Spanish and sneak in your English speaking children? 🙂
  4. I am looking at My Father's World for K and 2nd grade. Can anyone give me an idea as to how the day is set up? Are certain subjects taught together? Which subjects could be separated out to do later in the day? Thank you!
  5. Can someone recommend a good Spanish curriculum for me to teach if I have no Spanish experience? So I need great CD/DVDs. I am drawn to Spanish because it is the foreign language my kids will most likely encounter in the US and because it should be easy to find other families to practice with and Spanish activities. Alternatively, we could do French as I took it in high school so at least I know a little. We also have my Dad and brother as resources. My Dad's first language as a child was French and my brother is fluent. He was adopted from Africa as a teen 3 years ago, I'm not sure if the African version of French is a little different. Thoughts on which to choose? My heart says French, my deceased grandmother would be so happy and practicing with uncle or Papa would be special, but my head says Spanish.
  6. The $1200 was for both kids' swimming and gymnastics, adding the third would only bring us to about $1800. But I get what you are saying, trying to choose sustainable activities. Good food for thought!
  7. Thank you for sharing! Good to know! I can see the before/after outings being an issue here too.
  8. Good to know! Right now she is in Level 1 and they list levels 1-3 then "pre-team" then "team" so it appears they don't even try to fake it. The lessons become longer and more frequent thus more expensive as they advance so we will probably drop it before we get to that point anyway.
  9. We are planning on homeschooling next year for 2nd, K and preK3. Our budget for all activities and curriculum is about $2800. From my brief research it looks like it will be about $1200/ yr for one kid to take music lessons so if the two older kids take lessons that will eat up most of our budget. Currently the older two are taking gymnastics during the school year and swimming lessons in the summer for about $1200 total for both kids, both sports. Swimming is a must, for safety reasons. There are certainly other sports they could do through the town that would be cheaper but I love that the gymnastics schedule is consistent the whole year, their classes are at the same time, and they are with the same bunch of kids the whole year so they develop friendships. Gymnastics is wonderful for physical development and my DS benefits from being pushed to overcome his fears. Then there is art, foreign language, science classes... so many other activities that we could add but I feel slightly better equipped to tackle those myself. So my questions are: Is it worth spending almost my entire budget on music lessons? Would you put both kids in lessons or just the older one so we can continue gymnastics? Other options?
  10. We are planning on homeschooling next year and using My Father's World. My oldest will be in 2nd but the I like the looks of the Biblical overview in the first grade program. The review certainly won't hurt her and the style is so different from what she is used to in B&M school that I don't think she will notice or mind. I am planning on starting in the summer and schooling year round with breaks as needed. We have younger kids too so we will end up purchasing the 1st grade program the following year anyway assuming we like the curriculum and homeschooling in general. So is there any harm in sort of repeating 1st grade?
  11. omishev

    Charlotte Mason style curriculum

    Thank you for the encouragement! I don't expect to love the school materials, but I would like to track with the topics they are learning. And YES! Just having them home on break we have gotten to do so many special things! Not the least of which was playing with siblings 🙂
  12. omishev

    Charlotte Mason style curriculum

    Thank you! I think it was probably one of your Babywise posts that originally got me started on the idea of living learning and once the switch flipped in my brain it was amazing how many opportunities arose during the day. We can usually get in a bit of world geography when we read our randomly-selected library books by locating any places mentioned in the book or where the author is from. Sometimes a little history back-story slides right in. Often times we can discuss ethical matters and emotions as well. Math word problem arise throughout the day and kids naturally have science questions. There are a million practical ways to practice handwriting or combine it with other subjects so it isn't deathly boring. I am trained as a scientist so I love the lab notebook and plan on giving the kids each a special notebook to record observations and experiments, ask questions, write down research notes related to our science and nature studies, most of which happen spontaneously. Telling Daddy about things we did or read during the day is a great exercise on so many levels. Not the least of which is providing us with some pleasant dinner conversation 🙂 They are in Christian school (generously funded by my parents), the school I attended and where both my parents have worked for 25 years so I know the place inside and out. They put a lot into curriculum development and I believe it is much better than the standard public school curriculum but we still have our reasons for wanting to homeschool. Point being, I will try to find a list of skills by grade so I can make sure to sneak those in as we go. I loved your example of the exclamation point, that is such an easy thing to organically weave into your day in a fun way and yet they kill it with worksheets.
  13. omishev

    Charlotte Mason style curriculum

    Thank you for sharing. Maybe I could order the curriculum used at their school and try to cover the same material in a little more CM way...?
  14. omishev

    Charlotte Mason style curriculum

    Would writing be easy to add on? Either with a supplemental curriculum or something I could just make up if I knew what the goals were for each grade Thank you for your input! I will check out those other curricula as well!
  15. We are hopefully going to be homeschooling next year. My kids will be in 2nd, K and preK. I don't know that much about the different styles but I took a couple online quizzes about which style of homeschooling we should try and both led me to Charlotte Mason. I know this site is focused on Classical so let me know if this post is out of line! So far I have looked at the websites for the actual Charlotte Mason curriculum and My Father's World. Does anyone have experience with either of these or are there others I should consider? I don't know how long we will homeschool so I want them to be able to jump back into regular school after a few years and still be on track. And we may transition into something more structured (if that's even the right word??) as the kids get older but I want to begin with something fairly loose.
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