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  1. I have used the SCM Arithmetic 1 for my daughter from 4.5 years on and off. You are encouraged to use manipulatives with it whatever you have to hand, once you get to place value you use bundles of sticks. I like it for its simplicity and the early introduction to Mental Arithmetic and the thorough way it taught 1 -100. However for me it supplemental my daughter would have been bored with the slow place and the formulaic pattern to each and every chapter. If you like the idea of doing maths outdoors and using natural items have a look at Wild Maths. For me its another supplemental maths
  2. Hello we are doing similar this year, we started in September when my daughter was 5.5 years old, to prepare us both for a Classical / Charlotte Mason first year. When I first read your post my first thought was that might be a bit too much for morning time especially on the memory work. Our 24 family ways I have found can take a bit more time than it looks it also suggests verses related to that weeks themes for memory work. For Bible we began with 101 Favourite stories from the Bible by Ura Miller, it is in included in one of the big box Christian curriculum companies but I
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